��������������������������������������������Ŀ �������������������������������������������Ŀ� ��How to use a fax modem with frontdoor 2.

20�� ��������������������������������������������‫ٳ‬ ���������������������������������������������� This document was prepared by: Mark Kerr @ 2:443/59, 2:443/60(fax) fidonet This is a functional setup for fd 2.20 and a supra v32bis faxmodem with 1.71 roms. Fossil is BNU 1.70 locked at 57600 BGFAX is 1.00beta5 XRobot is 3.01 for dos Zfax is 2.23 copyright copyright copyright copyright David Nugent B. J. Guillot Joaquim Homrighausen Zyxel Corporation

This setup will receive faxes using bgfax as a rearend, xrobot to create the netmail and zfax to view the fax. Any ideas for improvements, queries, modifications should be forwarded to the author via netmail for consideration.. ���������Ŀ �IMPORTANT� ����������� This setup works for me, however it is strongly recommended that you read fully the documentation for all the products involved!!!!!!!! ����������������������������������Ŀ �SETTING UP - the interesting bit..� ������������������������������������ I have set the received fax dir as d:\zfax\rcv bgfax is on the c: drive which is a ramdisk �������Ŀ �FDSETUP� ��������� MAILER/FAX RcvdFiles Recipient Print Printer D:\ZFAX\RCV\ Mark Kerr No (or Yes :-) d:\zfax\zfax.com 2 =F

MAILER/ERRORLEVELS Fax Received mail 254 200

Create BAT.file Yes EDITOR/FAX Viewer Automatic Remove d:\zfax\zfax.com 4 =F Yes No

MODEM/HARDWARE Serial port Locked port Maximum baudrate Reset modem to connect speed Lower DTR when busy Lower DTR to terminate call Toggle DTR before dialing Carrier detect mask (CDMASK) MODEM/CONNECT MESSAGES Fax FAX 2 Yes Fixed Yes Yes Yes Yes 128

MODEM/COMMAND STRINGS Escape code Return on-line Onhook Offhook Dial ��Prefix ��Suffix Delay Init-1 Init-2 Init-3 Down Reset +++ ~ATO| ATH0| ~ATH1| ATDT | 5 ATZ| AT+FAA=1+FCR=1| AT+FLID="Your Name Here....."+FDCC=1,5| ATH1| ATz|

MODEM/ANSWER CONTROL Manual answer Force answer Answer delay Enable LDFRS MODEM/FAX Internal No ����������������������������������������Ŀ �RELEVANT PORTIONS OF THE MAIN BATCH FILE� ������������������������������������������ if errorlevel 254 goto FAX Yes AT+FAA=1;A| 5 No

:FAX c:\bgfax.exe /FAX d:\zfax\rcv 2 z if errorlevel 4 call d:\zfax\rcv\doprint goto START �����������������������������������Ŀ �SAMPLE DOPRINT.BAT CREATED BY BGFAX� ������������������������������������� D:\ZFAX\RCV\EXEPRINT.BAT D:\ZFAX\RCV\FAX0004.ZFX ���������������Ŀ �MY EXEPRINT.BAT� ����������������� d:\fd\xrdos send /f%1 /r2:000/000 /n3 /mb+ Here /F%1 /r /n3 /mb+ I use XRobot 301 for dos to send me the notification of a fax uses the second part of bgfax's dofax.bat to find the file is your address is user number 3 in my fdsetup (called "FAX") sets the fax attach msg attribute

���������������������������������������������Ŀ �POSSIBLE EXEPRINT.BAT TO ALLOW FAX FORWARDING� ����������������������������������������������� d:\fd\xrdos send /f%1 /r2:000/000 /n3 /mb+ c:\bgfax /send %1 232 343 5566 this would announce the fax in your netmail folder, then attempt to forward the fax to 232 343 556 using the information in your bgfax.cnf file. ��������������Ŀ �MY SUPRA SETUP� ���������������� AT&V ACTIVE PROFILE: B1 E1 L3 M1 N1 Q0 T V1 W2 X4 Y0 S00:000 S01:000 S02:043 S03:013 S10:014 S11:048 S12:050 S18:000 S40:071 S46:138 S48:007 S95:003 ��������Ŀ � HISTORY� ���������� Updated 09/09/93 bgfax now supports fax transmission from the commandline (beta 5) adding a suitable command to your exeprint.bat should allow the received fax to be retransmitted/forwarded if you wish. Possible

%C1 %E1 %G1 \N3 &C1 &D2 &K3 &Q5 &R0 &S0 &X0 &Y0 S04:010 S05:008 S06:002 S07:050 S08:002 S09:000 S23:063 S25:005 S26:001 S36:007 S37:000 S38:020 S109:062 S110:002

uses could be if you are expecting an important an important fax and will not be at your machine but at another location with a suitable fax. The problem is all faxes received until your return would be forwarded, unless you modified or changed the batchfile remotely. This requires that you edit the bgfax.cnf file to suit your modem and set an environment variable to point at its location. Full details of this can be found in the bgfax documentation. Updated 25/8/93 bgfax now makes a doprint.bat which calls exeprint.bat with beta 02 dofax.bat exefax.bat Known Bugs xrobot doesn't recognize the $task$ in the fd logname.