Advanced NetWare Security Cracker Version 1.


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WHAT IS NETCRACK? NetCrack--the Advanced NetWare Security Cracker--is a software utility for use with networks operating under the Novell Advanced NetWare network operating system. The NET$OS.EXE file is patched so that the security information created with SYSCON is disabled. NetCrack is compatible with Advanced NetWare 86 and Advanced NetWare 286 Versions 1.00 through 2.15.

HOW DOES NETCRACK WORK? NETCRACK (TM) installs patches io the NET$OS.EXE file to disable use of the security information created with SYSCON. Security data is maintained in the files NET$BIND.SYS and NET$BVAL.SYS located in SYS:SYSTEM. NETCRACK will not damage the existing security files. The original security may be restored by invoking the original unpatched NET$OS.EXE. NETCRACK may be used to gain access to a fileserver when the SUPERVISOR password is unknown. It is necessary to have a copy of NET$OS.EXE from SYS:SYSTEM or to generate a new operating system with the correct driver set. This backup copy of NET$OS.EXE is the target file for the NETCRACK utility. To use NETCRACK, boot DOS on the fileserver. Execute NETCRACK. Select the CRACK option from the menu with the backup copy of NET$OS.EXE as the target. CHECKSUM the patched operating system. Then invoke the patched NET$OS.EXE from Drive A:. This will bring up NetWare. LOGIN as SUPERVISOR from any workstation. PASSWORD is not required. The NET$BIND.SYS and NET$BVAL.SYS files may be flagged Read/Write (RW) and deleted. Then invoke the original unpatched operating system, login as SUPERVISOR, and setup new security with SYSCON. If using NETGEN to create a backup operating system, the NET$OS.EX1 and NET$OS.EX2 files must be concatenated as

follows: COPY/B NET$OS.EX1+NET$OS.EX2 NET$OS.EXE If using NETGEN with high capacity diskettes, the target for NETCRACK. NET$OS.EX1 is

If you only have 360K diskette drives available, you may use the program SPLIT to split your patched NET$OS.EXE into two pieces which will fit on 360K diskettes. If you have any problems or questions, NBS Tech Support (713) 781-9268. please call BOB at

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