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The short-stay visa for business purposes (marked C/A) this type of short-stay

visa is issued to third-country nationals who wish to travel to Romania for economic or
commercial purposes, for contracts or negotiations, for training local employees or
checking the use and operation of goods acquired or sold under commercial and
industrial co-operation contracts, as well as to third-country nationals who are or will
become associates or shareholders of companies in Romania.

Supporting documents:
valid travel ticket to destination, or alternatively, the driving license, green card and
registration documents of the means of transport, in the case of vehicle drivers;
travel medical insurance;
an invitation from a company or public authority for participation in meetings,
conferences, fairs or congresses related to trade or industry, stating that the respective
company or public authority will cover the repatriation expenses, should the invited
third-country national not leave Romania before the expiry of their right of stay granted
through the visa or through any other documents attesting the purpose of the journey;
proof of financial means in amount of EUR 50/day for the entire period, but not less than
EUR 500 or the equivalent in convertible currency;
proof of accommodation.

Business - Invitations may be simultaneously issued for a maximum of 3 third-country

nationals, invited by companies with headquarters on the territory of Romania.
Invitations on behalf of the host company can be made only by persons who are
entitled, according to national legislation, to represent the institution or who are majority
shareholders of the company. The documents to be submitted for this purpose are the


registration certificate and the by-laws of the company issuing the invitation, in
original and in copy;
a certificate from the National Trade Register Office and, accordingly, a power of
attorney, on behalf of the company, naming the person entitled to make the
invitation in the name of the company ;
the identity card or residence permit of the person entitled to make the invitation;
copy of the travel document of the guest;
two photos of the guest, size 3 x 4 cm;
proof of ensuring accommodation for the third-country national throughout their
stay in Romania.

The company or natural person making the invitation must fill in two copies of the
invitation form, which are subsequently submitted for approval to the local units of the
Romanian Immigration Office.

The requests for the approval of the invitations will be processed within 60 days of their
In case of approval, one copy of the invitation will be returned to the inviting host, to be
forwarded to the third-country national invited, who, in their turn, will present the original
form to the diplomatic mission or the consular post of Romania, where the visa
application is lodged.