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RUNNING HEAD: Ecommerce Clothing Store

Men and Women Clothing Store

Jersey Shore boardwalk

Student Name

RUNNING HEAD: Ecommerce Clothing Store

Objective of the Report:

The biggest objective of taking Men and Women Clothing Store to Ecommerce is
because you can change your business with the use of it. Here you will come to know the
basic elements of e-commerce, the dissimilarities among traditional and electronic
business (Meyer & Taylor, 2000).
1. Thoroughly identified the advantages and disadvantages of taking your small business
online by performing a SWOT analysis; thoroughly included 2-4 items in each category.

The main reason to have the clothing business on Ecommerce is because it has the
biggest potential to give a free rein to enormous savings and business efficiencies.
However the practicalities remain indefinable. The ecommerce focus the way to handle
the change in the global planning and purchasing of transport as well as it contribute to
the supply chain as logistics. The key activator to E-business is defined as logistics. Well
there comes a question how benefits are enabled to ensure individual logistics and
transport companies or will it perish in the revolution of E-commerce. E-commerce is
the electronic business. Though which clothing business can enter to the power of
computers, the internet and shared software to deliver and get product specifications and
drawings, buying orders and receipts, bids, and other they of information related to data
that is required to be conversed to suppliers, the public, employees and most importantly
with customers. Below written is the SWOT analysis of Men and Women Clothing
business at Jersey Shore Boardwalk (Tuunainen, 2002).

SWOT Analysis:

RUNNING HEAD: Ecommerce Clothing Store


The huge advantage of the E-commerce clothing store will be Global location i.e.

boundary less

There will be no time constraints to it.

Biggest benefit is price and product comparison can be made easily.

It will be cost effective for the clothing store.

The clothing store can easily direct communicate with consumer and can

improved customer interaction.

Moreover an E-commerce site will allow the clothing store to have flexible target

market segmentation.

It will be simple and easier to exchange of details and information.

You will have a lower transaction cost and not only this you can easily do

arrangement of products.

Customers can experience faster buying procedure

Company dont require to have a physical set up

Transactions are made easily.

Availability of Niche products

Furthermore an advantage of low operating cost.


RUNNING HEAD: Ecommerce Clothing Store

Security is a big concern for every customer if they are buying online for

verification of their personal information like credit card and other related secured

There a chance of fake websites similar to our open and used our name.

Chances of fraud

Customers have fewer discounts offered and no chance of bargaining is available.

It might take long delivery timing.

If the quality is not maintained by the company related to the physical condition

of the clothing products will become the biggest disadvantage for the company.

If you are selling limited products in the clothing category or limited styles might

become weakness for your company.

There is a lack of personal services.

Might have a more shipping cost.

Customers get limited exposure and you get limited excess to advertising.

Hard to fulfill customers satisfaction (Awais & Samin, 2012).


For clothing store changing trends are the opportunity to bring in new design and

attract customers.

Can have global expansion.

Did you ever think that your clothing store can be available 24 hours and seven

days a week? Yes through e-commerce you can have high availability opportunity.

You can grow your business widely

RUNNING HEAD: Ecommerce Clothing Store

Moreover advertising is limited and have a cut down on local competition


The rivals are your competitors who are already in the online clothing business

and have win many hearts of online customers.

Change in law, regulations and environment.

The more innovation introduce in the clothing market might create threats for


The customer will have privacy concerns, fraud that may take place with the

parties and risk associated with the clothing business and customers (Wright, 2011).

2. Thoroughly explained how you will address each of the international commerce issues.
The most important and key issues related to the e-commerce clothing store dealing with
the international commerce issues are as follows:

The biggest of all issues is security concern.

Moreover supply chain towards streamlining of it.

Another is b2b commerce relevant issues and also some of the distinct issues with

the apparel.

Need of efficient back office and make to order system is the need of e-commerce

business especially for apparel store.

Measurement issues might create a big hurdle for online clothing store as every

consumer needs a piece of apparel that fit perfectly on her body and looks amazing is the
biggest requirement of all and such online store has to fulfill it otherwise no customer

RUNNING HEAD: Ecommerce Clothing Store

will be willing to revert back to your online store to shop more clothes (Tuunainen,

3. Thoroughly explained how you would overcome these complicating factors that come
with e-Commerce in order to comply with the law.

In order to comply with the law when your business is facing absence of tax laws are
related with your business. The following ways are written through which e-commerce
various tax implications are considered:

No fixed location for the internet in physical form.

Monitoring, prevent or electronic cash across the nest become difficult to handle.

No control over the traveling of cybercash using their networks.

For tax issues and purposes a verified address and identity of the location is


International tax laws may hurdle against certain encountered references with

legal issues and problems related to the technology.

There is a big hurdle in making the clothing ecommerce business successful due

to lack of comprehensive cyber laws.

4. Thoroughly described 2 online crimes prevalent in e-Commerce and what you would
do to prevent these crimes.


Credit cards frauds

RUNNING HEAD: Ecommerce Clothing Store

These are the biggest of all crimes going around the e-Commerce business.

Preventive majors:

Using address verification system in order to prevent credit card fraud.

Verify about any anonymous or suspicious email.

Need to know the purchaser IP address to follow up if any fraud is involved in

the transaction.

Keep interaction with the customer and verify customer billing address and

bank details related to the customer.

2. Blocking and Censorship:

Filters should be added to your website in order to stop blocking access to

control it.

Security needs to be more effective in order to provide protection to the


It is very important that an e-commerce website should comply with the

policy related to censorship and blocking to be followed accordingly.

RUNNING HEAD: Ecommerce Clothing Store

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