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Rush Limbaugh Echo for Today, 11/12/14

Opening: European Space Agency landed on a comet!

Seg#1: We used to be able to do that. We used to have a NASA.
Obama is transforming America. I reminded everybody that this was going to happenjust watch the
next two years. Obama is flooding the zone so people will not focus on just one thing. At the same
time he has an Agenda he wants to get done. He says Congress will not work with him. He met with
China to work with them on Global Warming. Watch Amnesty.
It has been three days since it was discovered (again) that the architect of Obamacare said three years
ago, We had to lie to the American people because they are so stupid they dont understand. Not a
syllable in the MainStreamMediait is mentioned only on talk radio and occasionally on FoxNews.
Obamacare transforms America. They lied every time they had to.
They had to lie to get Obamacare passed. Not mentioned in ABC, CBS, NBC, Wall Street Journal: a great
example of the challenge that we still face.
And except for Jeff Sessions, Republicans dont react either.
The fact that this statement is being hidden from the low-info voters (if they are not informed, you
really cant blame them for how they vote) we are lucky that one-third of the country was well enough
I didnt expect to see it on the front page of The New York Times or anywhere else. They are helping
The Regime transform America. The architect jokes and tells his fellow-Liberals, they had to flat-out lie
to fool the American people. Wheres the reaction?
In the old days, this was called a smoking gun and that has disappeared today. So we have POTUS
selling us out in China, chewing gum. He sells us out with Amnesty; and he wants to sell us out with Net
Neutrality. It is not media that uncovered facts about Obamacareit has been citizens.
Richard Weinstein in PA says he has more audio and video like the lies being covered up. Journalists
are flat-out ignoring and not investigating. The rule of The Regime has been one flat-out lie after
another. In-your-face with media supporting Obama every time.
Oct 4, 2013, at the Washington U. St. Louis ((Clip_ Jonathan_Gruber: The American voters were too
stupid to understand the benefits. [student laughter].)) Their view was that it was not fair that some
could afford a Cadillac Plan.
Heres the original clip on Jonathan Gruber, Architect. ((Clip))
Obamacare Architect on the Stupidity of the American Voter
It is arrogant and condescending. You are too stupid to be a good Liberal. They know they are governing
against the majority and the will of the people.
>>> Liberals know they have to lie to get away with it.

Rush adds what he is saying: The American people may figure out what we as Liberals are doing if we
tell them the truth, so we have to lie for the good of all.
Liberals in The Regime cant get their arms around the fact that theyve been rejected.
Seg#2: Tell a BIG Lie long enough so that it is accepted. Wheres Media?
This is a flagrant breach of trust. Richard Nixon cannot hold a candle to The Regime of Barack Obama.
Laughing acknowledgement that you dont matter. If they have to break the law or lie to you, so be it.
It wasnt that long ago that a comment on lying would have caused the public up to rise up in outrage.
Now, it doesnt cause a ripple and it isnt even reported.
>>> Jonathan Gruber is apologizing, but he doesnt mean it.
This is what Founding Fathers were fighting against;
This is why the Constitution was written the way that it is.
From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Auto-Safety"
The Homeland Security Department is hard at work with new security protocols to make you feel safe.
The latest improvement: a system that will notify state and local law enforcement officials whenever an
illegal immigrant with a serious criminal history is released in their jurisdictions.
The good bureaucrats at Immigration and Customs Enforcement are also considering adding
notifications to the victims of those illegals. Telling them that theyve been released from custody, and
are on the loose. Maybe back in the neighborhood again.
Republican Senator John Cornyn and Democrat Representative Beto ORourke wrote the acting ICE
director, asking for more detail, after senior ICE officials disclosed the new plans last month.
But, this is progress. During the 2013 budget year, ICE released over 36,000 immigrant criminals who
were facing deportation back into American neighborhoods. That included almost 200 involved in
murder cases, and over 400 with sexual assault convictions. Everyone of these criminal illegals had
finished their jail sentences, and faced deportation, and they should have been deported.
But now, thanks to improved Homeland Security protocols, there will be automated notifications. Like
this: Dear Law Enforcement: We just released some bad guys, convicted murderers and sexual
predators, illegal aliens in your town. They would be deported, but maybe not, depends on what
happens with amnesty. In the meantime, keep an eye on these bad guys in your neighborhood. We at
ICE appreciate you." Those notifications, they're going to keep you safe, folks. You can count on it. In
fact, I bet you feel safer, right now. Just knowing those notifications... when was the last time you paid
attention to a notification you got on phone? Don't you just swipe and delete those things? Well, lets
hope law enforcement doesn't swipe and delete theirs.
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...

Heritage: Homeland Security to Tell Local Cops When Immigrant Criminals Are Freed
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"Moms and dads, officers, enlisted people, you name it, they all are a cut above. It used to be that
Veterans Day as was as casually accepted as Columbus Day was. It was just nothing. But today it's a big
day. It's a bigger day than ever. There's a new-found awareness and appreciation for American military
"We have Obamacare. It was going to save the day. It was going to insure all the uninsured. It was going
to make sure that the previous existing condition people were covered. It was going to be magic, right?
Now, what are we talking about here? They're hoping to get 13 million people?"
"The federal government simply cannot demand that we buy things. It's right there in the Commerce
Clause in the Fourth Amendment. They cannot do it."
"If you're being warned not to have sex with attractive women, who are you being told to have sex
with? It opens the door for the feminists. Sorry, did I say that? Slap me. I just slapped myself. I'm sorry.
There. Slapped myself three times."
"If the American people were stupid, the Democrats would still run the Senate and maybe even the
House of Representatives."
"Massachusetts poverty rate is the highest since 1960. And you wonder why they elected a Republican
governor finally?"
"You really can't outsmart free markets for very long. Reality eventually sets in and the lies end up
uncovered. Markets work. Be they intellectual markets or economic markets, they work."
"The odds are the Republicans are going to hold the House in 2016, but the odds are not guaranteed
they're going to hold the Senate in 2016."
"The Democrats in the House and the Democrats in the Senate who voted for this Obamacare thing are
not victims of the administration lying to them. They knew exactly what this was! They were coconspirators in this."
"According to a new study in lab mice, smoking pot shrinks your brain, the front orbital cortex thing. The
only thing that shrank in mice were the brains. I don't know about other organs."
"AP Headline: 'In Party's Losses, Obama Sees an Opportunity.' Right. Now, when Republicans lose big in
midterm elections, do you ever remember a story talking about what a great opportunity it was for the
sitting Republican president? No, I didn't think so. I don't, either."
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