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One might legitimately inquire [to quote a former-SoS+, What difference, at this point, does it make?

[regarding many of the issues addressed post-election]. I can argue against the Dems regarding Photo-ID
and against fellow-Rs regarding Corbetts campaign by striking a See, I told ya so! posture, but how
would derivative bragging-rights legitimately translate into current concerns? More specifically, for
example, does it truly matter whether leadership elections yield a new crop of Conservatives who are
aligned with the TEA Party Movement whenin Harrisburg and in D.C.the Executive Branch will be
Dem-dominated? {Remember, appearing tomorrow @ 7 p.m. in Newtown, is Sharyl Attkisson [who has
described a sophisticated news-silencing process]; she also inquires Why Don't We Question Authority
Instead of Questioning Those Who Challenge It?}
Knowing whats afoot translates directly into a greater appreciation of what should be
done ASAP, particularly with regard to BHOs antics. For example, regarding global
warming, BHO would cut Americas emissions by 27% [noting that the USA is already
producing fewer emissions than in 2005] in return for the Chicoms targeting their peak
to have occurred by 2030; in the interim, this deal [touted predictably by the N.Y. Times
and the WaPo] would destroy the US economy while theirs would continued to grow.
{The Attachment summarizes some quotes from Rush Limbaugh, today; he was hot.}
Republican Dan Sullivan won the Alaska Senate race, ousting Dem-incumbent Mark Begich, according to
The Associated Press, which called the race for Sullivan after the first day of counting early and absentee
ballots; Begich is not conceding, but he trails Sullivan by just under 8,000 votes, with thousands of
ballots left to be counted. Meanwhile, while Landrieu doubled-down [as Dems still havent kicked-in
mega-ad-$], one of her main arguments for re-election was undercut when the GOP promised Cassidy
an energy committee seat. Thus, the GOP will have 54 seats in the next Senate and, as handicapping for
16 focuses on 10 states], it seems the Republican map may not look so bad after all; whereas the most
vulnerable Dems this year were up in very red states, the most endangered Republicans in 2016 will,
with the exception of Illinois, be defending seats in purple terrain.
BHO may have set the tone for petulant denial last week, but Pelosi *There was no
wave of approval for the Republicans; there was an ebb tide for us+ and extreme-lib
Katrina vanden Heuvel acknowledged the Republicans reckoning, but claimed this was
far from a mandate. On cue, the N.Y. Times lead editorial tried to explain-away these
results [recalling the most optimistic predictions were a swing to 55 GOP states, which
would have been exceeded if the GOP had won Virginia/Massachusetts as well] by
claiming there had been "The Worst Voter Turnout in 72 Years." Some WaPo Columnists
get it *Kathleen Parker sees a A mandate for trust after BHOs accumulated
obfuscations and Dana Milbank advises that BHO needs fewer cheerleaders (Go Team
Obama!) and more staff members who will challenge him].
Regarding POTUS-16, Dem-Candidates Spent At Least $700K To Fly In Clintons, while Clinton's age may
not be an issue. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz, to the libs, may be an army of one for, despite election gains, he
may place himself out on a limb if his fellow conservatives dont jump on board with the repeal or bust
movement; also, GOP governors are already running against the Republican Congress. None of these
data affect my viewpoint that a Cruz/Walker [in either order] Ticket would be successful, although Id
have no problem with Kasich/Pence in the gubernatorial-slot. I would predict, conceptually that the
semi-final/final model promulgated by Newt would again emerge, with the initial favorites being one
evangelical [Cruz, rather than Huckabee, Santorum, Carson], one governor [op. cit., ignoring Christie],
one Senator [Cruz, rather than Rubio, Paul], and one establishment-type [Portman, rather than Romney,

Ryan, Christie+. Most Rs want a muscular foreign-policy [eliminating the media-darling, Rand Paul], and
one could imagine the triad *Walker, Cruz, Portmanif he would risk his somewhat-safe seat] surviving
the initial month [through Florida].
Meanwhile, Gallup reported Republicans in Congress enjoy a 42% approval rating,
whereas BHO sits at a 39% approval rating [and his disapproval rating sits at a whopping
56%], a record low; a majority of Americans chose Republicans in Congress over Obama
[56-36%] to have more influence over the direction of the country. {Also, note how Ed
Gillespie showed Rs their future when he lost the battle but promises to win the war.
As Rush rails against the deceit that was employed to get ObamaDontCare passed [and the mediasilence regarding the tapes that document what dwarfs anything Nixon ever contemplated], it must be
appreciated that, because the SCOTUS agreed to hear King v. Burwell, it will decide a case that threatens
to undermine the basic architecture of Obamacareif it is decided on what the law actually says rather
than on what the Obama administration wishes it would say at any given moment. C.J. Roberts has to
decide whether the term "States" means what it meant on March 23, 2010, or does he need to
transform it, in his tax/penalty tradition. Excluding the Exchanges from non-participating states is how
they Wrote the Law. {Also, Efforts are being initiated [inter alia using 30-second ads] to push Chief
Justice John Roberts and the Court's eight associate justices to enact basic yet critical reforms to make
the Court more open and honest.}
Meanwhile, Clyburn still claims [without justification] that the GOP will try to impeach
Obama because These Republicans have decided that this president must have an
asterisk by his name after he leaves office."
This is the perspective of the National Jewish Democratic Coalition *equal-time+:
Dear NJDC Supporter,
I hope you saw the results of polling after the mid-term elections. Jewish Americans
voted for Democrats by more than a two-toone margin. That put us out of step with
much of the rest of America.
And I couldnt be prouder.
After all, thats why NJDC exists to sound the drumbeat of Jewish values and principles
that benefit all the citizens of our country. We do so as representatives to the
Democratic Party and its candidates and elected officials, and we do so on behalf of
those same candidates and elected officials whether Jewish or not who promote
those values and principles.
Now we need your help to continue that good work.
Representatives of the organization of Jewish Republicans are crowing about the help
they provided for victorious candidates. It was relatively easy to provide that help
they have one donor who provided four million dollars or more of his personal wealth to
fund the group. But despite this enormous cash advantage, they still lost the Jewish
vote by a margin of more than 2-1 (as they have every two years for decades). They

appeal to Jewish voters as better friends of Israel, but the facts dont back them up;
The United States and Israel enjoy the strongest commitments in history. When it
comes to the claims of Jewish Republicans, you know whats in that crock whether it
comes from a chicken or a bull.
Our sights are set on the horizon. We are out to protect the rights of all voters, the
equality of all people, the accessibility of health care, the education of all children, the
sustainability of both the economy and the environment. We are ready to carry the
standard for the overwhelming majority of you who are proudly Jewish, proudly
American and proudly Democrats.
We are ready for the next challengebut only if we have your support.
Please consider a gift today to help NJDC carry forward our message.
Rabbi Jack Moline
NJDC Executive Director
PS Our opponents yell loudly and flash a lot of cash. Dont let them get away with it.
Please give generously today so that NJDC can be more effective tomorrow!
DIANA WEST has warned that the GOP establishment may try to steal the election:
An awful lot of mischief can be accomplished in the lame duck session including
Republican establishment types passing a CR (continuing resolution) through the end
of FY 15 which ends on September 30th, 2015, thus neutering the newly elected
conservatives who will not take office until the beginning of January 2015. The lame
duck could then allow funding for Obamas Amnesty, continue funding for the
implementation of ObamaCare, pass the UN Arms Treaty, confirm Obamas appointees
to various departments, etc., and a host of other things Tea Party and Libertarian folks
are against.
We must hold Boehner and McConnells feet to the fire and only allow a CR until the
new chamber members are sworn in early in January. Then, a true (hopefully)
conservative majority will have a real chance to STOP OBAMA, which was the only true
reason they were elected in the first place.
If Boehner and McConnell have their way, this final chance for a Republican majority to
be relevant and truly shrink government, will disappear as will whatever is left of their
tattered reputation as the party of smaller, more representative government, and the
Republican party will be forever consigned to the dustbin of history, along with the
And, on the state-level, it was noted that scott-wagners allies are union-backed, recognizing that
turmoil may be the theme of todays maneuvering *per a reader who is in-the-know]:

Corman is the poster child for nepotism in Pennsylvania. The only reason he has that
seat is because his dad was the prior senator. Who was accused of using his seat to
enrich himself through big land deals with state and federal government. He's one of
the few pay-jackers left who wasn't held accountable by the voters. He's a petulant,
spoiled child whose entire career has been spent in the cocoon of the Republican Party.
He's made war on conservative candidates and openly supported weak Yes men pushed
by the establishment. Corman is an example of everything that is wrong with the
Republican Party nationally and in our state. [And so is Cawley, btw. Same dynamic,
same attitude as Corman.+
Electoral Results reflected, in general, a flip to conservatism: Corman Defeated Pileggi
for Majority Leader Post and Turzai is the New Speaker.
When monitoring the Comedy-Central-style media, John Oliver Is supposedly outdoing The Daily Show
and Colbert; Last Week is doing what media watchdogs (including the Peabody Awards) keep saying
that The Daily Show does, practicing real journalism in comedy form. In one reviewers opinion, it's
doing it better, and in a simpler, yet more ambitious, ultimately more useful way. If Stewart's show is
doing what might be called a reported feature, augmenting opinions with facts, Oliver's show is doing
something closer to pure reporting, or what the era of web journalism calls an 'explainer,' often without
a hook, or the barest wisp of a hook. ... I've watched every installment of Last Week since its debut.
Every time, I've come away feeling that I've truly learned something. In an increasingly degraded
journalistic landscape, that's an astonishing achievement." [One wonders what the baseline-level of
ignorance must be if such an educational experience can be acquired in that setting; I still think Colbert
is the best.]
The aforementioned was intended to conceptualize points made in the prior two Blast
e-mails; the focus hereafter is on Foreign Policy concerns, focused on the Middle East.
The goal is to articulate the major challenges facing America and Israel, and the way Ive
tried to convey these data [critique invited] is exposed, with an example thereof drawn
from an exchange that was held this-a.m. [and which promises to be reprised, often].
The opening salvo in Sundays Blast e-mail regarding how libs have to recognize how dangerous BHO
has been [and is likely to continue to be] was not intended to refer to all libs as a malignancy; the
author of this gambit [after he was retrieved @ the airport @ midnight, after the Iggles had won]
confirmed that the focus was those Jewish-libs who have infested the Jewish establishment such as
Alan Dershowitz [who told me on his radio show a few weeks ago that he will continue to support BHO
until Iran gets the bomb]. I reject his argumentwhich he screamed @ me during his appearance @
Penns University Museum earlier this yearthat [1]Jewish-Rs should appreciate him for ensuring
bipartisanship; and [2]he is closer to J-Street in this regard *opposing settlements of Jews in
Judea/Samaria] than he is to classical-Zionists. That he spoke @ an event which was themed on
attacking J-Street reflected the profundity of his displeasure with construction of homes that will be
built in Jerusalems Suburbs for both Jews and Arabs; he would have Jews self-impose limits on where
Jews can live [rendering jurisdictions controlled by Jews to be Judenrein], despite the failure of
negotiations due to the *predictable+ failure of Abbas *and the PA+ to proffer ANY counter-proposal to
the multiple concessions BB had proposed.
Renowned Harvard law professor and ardent Zionist Alan M. Dershowitz claimed the
national office of Amnesty International Suppressed [his] Free Speech when it

demanded that the Columbia chapter of Amnesty International disinvite me from

presenting a balanced view about human rights in the Middle East, focusing on the
Israeli-Arab-Palestinian issue; he regards himself as a moderate, as a supporter of the
two-state solution and an opponent of many of Israel's settlement decisions.
Dershowitz also feels Obama Must "Expose and Fire" Official Who Insulted Israeli PM,
whereas the ADL's Foxman Disagrees *saying, Case Closed+. Dershowitz made it clear
that the case is not closed regarding the Obama officials who personally attacked Israeli
BB as a "chickens-t" and a "coward." Dershowitz said Obama "must get to the bottom of
this, find out who the two people are who made those statements, expose them, and
fire them."
Dershowitz added that "Congress can have hearings to determine who those two senior
White House officials are who used those terrible words about PM Netanyahu."
Dershowitz made clear that Congress can and should compel testimony from
Administration officials and demand the identities of Netanyahu's ad-hominem critics,
and he also added that the President has a role to play whether Congress prods him or
not. In responding to this ugly personal attack against the Prime Minister of the Jewish
State of Israel, the White House spokesman's reply was weak and insulting by merely
calling, it "inappropriate," "counterproductive," and "not our position."
Also, in response to a barrage of questions by the press, the White House spokesman
Josh Earnest repeatedly avoided responding to whether the Obama Administration will
seek to identify the Administration officials who made those remarks, and whether the
President will fire them.
Surely, if these remarks were made against the PA's dictator/President Abbas, Turkey
leader Erdogan, or even Iran's leaders Rouhani or Khamenei, not to mention any other
leaders who are allies to America, the officials would have been exposed and fired.
The disgraceful language senior Obama officials used defame the Jewish State and its
Jewish Prime Minister. The Anti-Defamation League's Abe Foxman's duty was to exhibit
Jewish self-respect by making it clear that the episode is not over until President Obama
apologizes for these officials' words, identifies them, and fires them. If ADL's Foxman
would not exercise that duty, they had no right or authority to declare the case closed.
They are not the arbiters of the Jewish community. The ADL speaks only for themselves
and their supporters.
The President should be made to understand that he cannot get away with anything less
than an apology, and identifying and firing these officials, especially given the other ugly
name-calling that has been attributed to Obama's officials such as calling Prime Minister
Netanyahu, "obtuse, blustering, pompous, and aspergery." Obama even said to the
President of France through an unknown open microphone which recorded him
complaining, "I have to deal with Bibi every day."
The well-known economist and commentator Ben Stein is shocked that the Obama
administration has gotten away with all of this with no repercussions.

Vigorous efforts are being initiated by the Palestinian Arabs to foment a third Intifada against Israel:
Palestinian Terrorists Kill Israeli Woman, IDF Soldier Amid Calls for Third Intifada
Palestinian president accused Israel of igniting 'religious war' in Jerusalem
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the flash-point
Israel: Hateful Beliefs about Jews Are Ingrained into Palestinian Psyche
Netanyahu: Abbas Is Educating His People for Terrorism
Riots Seen Lacking Popular Support on Arab Street
The Muslim Brotherhood's leading global voice, Sheik Yusuf Qaradawi, called Muslims to
Arms against Israel and the Jews
Knife-Attacks have proven lethal:
Tight security after knife attacks
Stabbing attacks and random acts of Palestinian terror have brought the violence in
Gaza and the West Bank into the heart of Israel.
Man Stabbed by Palestinian in Tel Aviv Terror Attack
Two more Israelis were killed in attacks amid sustained Palestinian incitement
Palestinian Stabbed Israeli Soldier to Death in Tel Aviv
Palestinian Stabbed Israeli Woman to Death at Bus Stop
What They Didn't Tell You about Dalia
More Israelis Murdered by Palestinians in Past Month than Last Two Years
Car-Attacks have proven lethal:
Video: Arabs Attacked Israeli Car in Jerusalem
Palestinians Celebrated Car Jihad with Vile Cartoons
Al Quds University in Jerusalem Offered Exhibit Praising Shooting and Running over Jews
Gaza remains hostile:
Israeli Navy Thwarted Gaza Smugglers
Rebuild Gaza? Remove Its Rockets First
Top US General Dempsey: Israel Went to 'Extraordinary Lengths' to Protect Gaza
[UN Unveiled Panel to Probe Gaza War]
Israel is beefing-up defenses:
Following Spate of Vehicle Terror Attacks, IDF to Deploy Barricades across West Bank
Israel Raised Alert Level as Protests Surge
Remedies have been insufficient:
The Price of Restraint is Death
BB plans to revoke the citizenship of anyone who calls for the destruction of Israel
Ya'alon: Israel Will Act Decisively to End the Violence
The American [liberal] media [and BHO] relentlessly blame Israel:
Arabs kill Jews, then the US urges restraint
The problem is not with how Israel tells the story, but with how the Western world has
grown tired of Israel.
Israels New Intolerance - The countrys conservative President [allegedly] paid a price
for having spoken-up for civility [by David Remnick]

Israel Slammed UN for Silence on Terror Attacks

Americas Jewish Leaders dont stand Up for Israel
The New York Times Downplayed Palestinian Responsibility for Stabbings
A letter-to-the-editor by John R. Cohn, M.D., was prompted by a WSJ-piece [Putin Tries to Undo the
Tragedy of the Berlin Walls Fall] that he placed within a revealing context:
Much of the world has been understandably celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fall
of the Berlin Wall, which divided Berlin for 28 years. Ugly barbed wire and barricades
also divided Jerusalem for 19 years, until that city was reunified in 1967. Jerusalem, like
Berlin, prospered following unification. Yet, so many, including those from religious
traditions claiming reverence and love for Jerusalem, want to again divide that holy city,
based on cease fire lines between Jordan and Israel that were never recognized
international borders and were but a speck of time in the life of that 5000 year old city.
Jordan is being pressured but, in particular due to water-use agreements, is unlikely to threaten the
Peace Treaty, particularly after BB said no policy change has occurred on the Temple Mount. What
transpired two decades ago is worth recounting. Israel had already signed the Oslo Accords with the
Palestinian Arabs, and was, in theory, negotiating a final status agreement. The Wakf (Muslim Trust) on
the Temple Mount had been Jordanian, but Jordan was afraid that, were there to be a peace treaty
between Israel and the PA, it would be the PA that would be accorded priority on matters involving the
Mount. To preclude this eventuality, Jordan signed a peace treaty that acknowledged Jordans special
status on the Mount. In any case, To Counter the Rise of Islamic State as the polarization process
proceeds, Jordans Minister of Islamic Affairs, Hayel Dawood, ordered imams to preach moderate Islam
or else; this is a NEW JORDANIAN POLICY.
Iran remains the major concern:
Iran Nuclear Program More Advanced than Previously Believed
Iran Nuclear Threat Greater by Fivefold, Says Former Watchdog Chief
Iran's Uranium Stockpile Grows before Deadline for Nuclear Deal
We Must Prevent Iran from Developing Nuclear Weapons
Iran Built Syrian Missile Production Plants
Iran's Horrific Human-Rights Record
{The Rushdie Rules, 25 Years Later by Daniel Pipes}
U.S. Veterans Sue Big Banks for Facilitating Iranian Terrorism
US Veterans and Families Sue Six Banks Accused of Transferring funds to Finance Iran
Terror Groups
Veterans Accuse Iran of Funding the Killing of Hundreds of Americans in Iraq through
International Banks
Iran incessantly targets Israel:
Iran's Supreme Leader Calls for Annihilation of Israel on Eve of Nuclear Talks
Khamenei Tweeted Plan to End Israel
BB's statement in response to the Iranian leader's plan to eliminate Israel
Netanyahu: Palestinians, Iranian Leader Khamenei Calling for Israel's Destruction
BHO does nothing:

White House Wants Dtente with Iran

Transcript: Obama on Iran
Obama's Bet on Iran
No Agreement in Iran, U.S. Talks
Obama's Latest Outreach to Iran's Supreme Leader
Obama Doubts Iran Nuclear Deal as Oman Talks Go into Monday
BHOs apologists are out-in-force:
The Islamic Republic Conquered The Economist *which Id already determined to be libbiased] - Anatomy of a puff piece
Dem Think Tanks Secret Email: All Hands on Deck to Sell Iran Deal to Public
Foreign Policy: The Case for Writing to Khamenei - At Foreign Policy, Trita Parsi makes
the best case possible for President Barack Obama's recent letter to Iran's Ayatollah Ali
Khamenei. Parsi's argument proceeds on the assumption--we cannot know for sure,
since no one outside the White House has seen the text, apparently--that Obama was
offering to trade a nuclear deal for cooperation in fighting the Islamic State terror
organization. He mocks those, like John McCain, who object.
The GOP wants to do something:
Sen. Mark Kirk to Revitalize Bipartisan Iran Sanctions Bill
Newly victorious Republicans are preparing to thwart any Iran deal before it's made
A Major Dem-Donor [Haim Saban] said Israel Should 'Bomb the Daylights' Out Of Iran
The Alliance Tracker [November 11th Edition] elegantly elucidates the evolving coalitions that have
emerged to oppose the Islamic State.
Former ISIS Member Claimed Turkey Is Allied with the Jihadist Group
Turkey's support for Hamas agents who tried to topple Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian
Authority is putting Erdoan in a pickle.
As new corruption allegations swirl around Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan, how
long can his election mandate protect him?
In the UAE, the U.S. Has a Quiet, Potent Ally
Questions Raised about Support of Arab Allies against the Islamic State
The battle rages in Iraq:
U.S. Struck Convoy of Islamic State Leaders in Iraq
In Iraq, Islamic State Fighters Seize Sunni Tribesmen for Resisting Rule
US Airstrikes Target Islamic State Leaders in Iraq
Iraqi Officials Say the Islamic State Leader Wounded in Airstrike
Airstrikes against Islamic State Kill 15, Death of al-Baghdadi Not Known
Obama: Deployment of Additional Troops a 'New Phase' In Fight against the Islamic State
The Islamic State Allegedly Murdered Nine Journalists in Mosul, Iraq
The Islamic State is Unchecked
Iraqi Shiite Militias Grow Brutal in Anti-IS Fight
The battle rages in Syria:
Syrian Kurds Issue Womens' Rights Decree in Defiance of the Islamic State
U.S.-Led Syria Strikes Kill at least 860
Gunmen Kill 5 Nuclear Engineers in Syrian Capital

NBC's chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel, who is filing a series of reports this
week for NBC News programs from the Syrian town of Koban, a symbol of the U.S.-led
fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. "It continues to be the most dangerous, unpredictable
war I've covered," Engel tells TVNewser. "In this case, however, everyone on our team
felt the risk was worth the trip because what's happening in Koban is critical to
understanding the U.S. strategy in the war on ISIS. It is also an amazing story of people
standing up to a vicious enemy."
Islamism remains a global-threat:
Over 20k Soldiers Wounded in Afghan War Theater, 90% under Obama
Egyptian Jihadists Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis Confirmed Allegiance to the Islamic State
The Real War on Women: Boko Haram Converted Nigerian Schoolgirls to Islam, and then
Married them Off to Terrorists
Suicide Bomber Kills 48 Students in Suspected Boko Haram Attack in Nigeria
Islamists Infiltrating British Universities, Schools, and Even Scout Groups
In France, Muslims firebombed-kosher-restaurant-after-calling-diners dirty-Jews
Netanyahu to EU: To Recognize a Palestinian State without Demanding Equal
Recognition of the Jewish State Is Irresponsible
[76th Kristallnacht Commemoration Marred by Anti-Semitism in Europe]
Is Hizbullah Smuggling Weapons to Brazil?
Americas activities remain inconsistent and insufficient:
Ralph Peters on US Effort against the Islamic State: Obama a 'Strategic Flirt,' 'In Shambles'
Gohmert: Moderate Muslims Expressed Worries over Obama Aiding US Enemies
U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to the Islamic State
Palestinian Terrorist [Rasmieh Odeh], Convicted on Immigration Charge, Led Supporters:
'Yes We Can!' - She had been convicted and sentenced to life in prison in Israel over 40
years ago for her involvement in bombing a supermarket in 1969; she was convicted of
lying to immigration officials when she applied for residency and citizenship in the
United States. Rasmieh once worked for the Arab-American Action Network, founded
Rashid Khalidi, who was close to Barack and Michelle Obama in Chicago.
An errant drone strike in Yemen triggered a trail of secret meetings and U.S. cash. In late
November of last year, at a coffee shop across from the White House, a soft-spoken
Yemeni civil servant [Faisal bin Ali Jaber] held an unusual meeting with two of Obama's
national security aides, and quickly put them on the spot. Jaber raised a painful subject:
a CIA drone strike that had killed three suspected militants plus two innocent relatives.
On July 8, Jaber and a family member were invited to the headquarters of Yemen's
National Security Bureau, an agency that works closely with the CIA, where they were
given $100,000. {Also, a U.S. Drone Strike Killed Six Al-Qaeda Militants in Yemen.}
Russia is increasingly bellicose:
Putin Praised Nazi-Soviet WWII Pact as Poland Implements New Defense Plan
We Won the Cold War. Maybe.
NATO Intercepted More Russian Jets
Pope Francis Honors Role of John Paul II in Bringing Down Berlin Wall
How Reagan, Not Fate, Brought Down the Berlin Wall
Vivid memories of 'pure joy' on Berlin Wall anniversary
Winston Churchill Urged President Truman to Launch Nuclear Strike against USSR in 1947

NATO: Marked Russian troop cross into Ukraine

China is increasingly aggressive:
Europe Crushed by Importing Chinese Deflation
China Turned-Up Rhetoric against West
Tests New Stealth Jet during Obama Visit
China Flight Tests New Stealth Jet during Obama Visit
South Korea Fires Warning Shots at North Border Patrol