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Birth and Earl

SECTION I ALEPH Life of !ar " !other of Jesus

CHAPTER 1 Palestine. Birth of Mary, Joachim's feast. Mary is blessed by the ro hecy. Mary abides in the tem le. !s betrothed to Jose h.

riests. His

A"#"$T"$ Caesar rei%ned and Herod Anti as &as r'ler of Jer'salem. ( Three ro)inces com rised the land of Palistine* J'dea, and $amaria, and #alilee. + Joachim &as a master of the Je&ish la&, a man of &ealth, he li)ed in -a.areth of #alilee, and Anna, of the tribe of J'dah, &as his &ife. / To them &as born a child, a %oodly female child, and they &ere %lad, and Mary &as the name they %a)e the child. 0 Joachim made a feast in hono'r of the child, b't he in)ited not the rich, the hono'red and the %reat, he called the oor the halt and the lame, the blind, and to each one he %a)e a %ift of raiment,food or other needf'l thin%. 1 He said, The 2ord has %i)en me this &ealth, ! am his ste&ard by his %race, and if ! %i)e not to his children &hen in need, then he &ill ma3e this &ealth a c'rse. 4 -o&, &hen the child &as three years old her arents too3 her to Jer'salem, and in the tem le she recei)ed the blessin%s of the riests. 5 The hi%h riest &as a ro het and a seer, and &hen he sa& the child he said, 6 Behold, this child &ill be the mother of an hono'red ro het and a master of the la&, she shall abide &ithin this holy tem le of the 2ord. 17 And Mary did abide &ithin the tem le of the 2ord, and Hillel, chief of the $anhedrim, ta'%ht her all the rece ts of Je&s, and she deli%hted in the la& of #od. 11 8hen Mary reached the a%e of &omanhood she &as betrothed to Jose h, son of Jacob, and a car enter of -a.areth. 1( And Jose h &as an ' ri%ht man, and a de)oted Essenes. THE A9"AR!A- #:$PE2

$ECT!:- !! BETH Birth and !nfancy of the Harbin%er, and of Jes's

CHAPTER ( ;acharias and Eli.abeth. Pro hetic messa%es of #abriel to ;acharias, Eli.abeth and Mary. Birth of John. Pro hecy of ;acharias. -EAR Hebron in the hills of J'dah, ;acharias and Eli.abeth abode. ( They &ere de)ote and <'st, and e)ery day they read the 2a&, the Pro hets and the Psalms &hich told of one to come, stron% to redeem, and they &ere &aitin% for the 3in%. + -o&, ;acharias &as a riest, and in his t'rn he led the tem le ser)ice in Jer'salem. / !t came to ass as ;acharias stood before the 2ord and b'rned the incense in the Holy Place, that #abriel came and stood before his face. 0 And ;acharias &as afraid, he tho'%ht that some %reat e)il &as abo't to come ' on the Je&s. 1 B't #abriel said, : man of #od, fear not, ! brin% to yo' and all the &orld, a messa%e of %ood &ill, and eace on earth. 4 Behold, the Prince of Peace, the 3in% yo' see3, &ill ='ic3ly come. 5 >o'r &ife &ill bear to yo' a son, a holy son, of &hom the ro het &rote, 6 Behold, ! send Eli<ah 'nto yo' a%ain before the comin% of the 2ord, and he &ill le)el do&n the hills and fill the )alleys ' , and a)e the &ay for him &ho shall redeem. 17 ?rom the be%innin% of the a%e yo'r son has borne the name of John, the mercy of the 2ord, his name is John. 11 He &ill be hono'red in the si%ht of #od, and he &ill drin3 no &ine, and from his birth he &ill be filled &ith Holy Breath. 1( And #abriel stood before Eli.abeth as she &as in the silence of her home, and told her all the &ords that he had said to ;acharias in Jer'salem. 1+ 8hen he had done the ser)ice of his co'rse, the riest &ent home and &ith Eli.abeth re<oiced. 1/ ?i)e months assed by and #abriel came to Mary in her home in -a.areth and said, 10 Hail Mary, hail@ :nce blessed in the name of #od, t&ice blessed in the name of Holy Breath, thrice blessed in the name of Christ, for yo' are &orthy, and &ill bear a son &ho shall be called !mman'el. 11 His name is Jes's, for he sa)es his eo le from their sins. 14 8hen Jose h's daily tas3 &as done he came, and Mary told him all the &ords that #abriel s o3e to her, and they re<oiced, for they belie)ed that he, the man of #od, had s o3en &ords of tr'th. 15 And Mary &ent &ith haste to tell Eli.abeth abo't the romises of #abriel, to%ether they re<oiced. 16 And in the home of ;acharias and Eli.abeth did Mary tarry ninety days, then she ret'rned to -a.areth. (7 To ;acharias and Eli.abeth a son &as born, and ;acharias said, (1 Most blessed be the name of #od, for he has o ened ' the fo'nt of blessin%s for his eo le, !srael. (( His romises are )erified, for he has bro'%ht to ass the &ords &hich holy ro hets s o3e in olden times. (+ And ;acharias loo3ed ' on infant John, and said, (/ >o' shall be called the ro het of the Holy :ne, and yo' &ill %o before his face, and &ill re are his &ay. (0 And yo' &ill %i)e a 3no&led%e of sal)ation 'nto !srael, and yo' &ill reach the %os el of re entance and the blottin% o't of sins.

(1 Behold, for soon the Aay $tar from on hi%h &ill )isit 's, to li%ht the &ay for those &ho sit &ithin the dar3ness of the shado&B land, and %'ide o'r &ays to the feet of eace.

CHAPTER + Birth of Jes's. Masters hono'r the child. The she herds re<oice. ;acharias and Eli.abeth )isit Mary. Jes's is circ'mcised. THE time &as nearly d'e for Jes's to be born, and Mary lon%ed to see Eli.abeth, and she and Jose h t'rned their faces to&ard the J'dean hills. ( And &hen ' on their &ay they came to Bethlehem the day &as done, and they m'st tarry for the ni%ht. + B't Bethlehem &as thron%ed &ith eo le %oin% to Jer'salem, the inns and homes &ere filled &ith %'ests, and Jose h and his &ife co'ld find no lace to rest b't in a ca)e &here animals &ere 3e t, and there they sle t. / At midni%ht came a cry, a child is born in yonder ca)e amon% the beasts. And lo, the romised son of man &as born. 0 And stran%ers too3 the little one and &ra ed him in the dainty robes that Mary had re ared and laid him in a tro'%h from &hich the beasts of b'rden fed. 1 Three ersons clad in sno&&hite robes came in and stood before the child and said, 4 All stren%th, all &isdom and all lo)e be yo'r, !mman'el. 5 -o&, on the hills of Bethehem &ere many floc3s of shee &ith she herds %'ardin% them. 6 The she herds &ere de)o't, &ere men of rayer, and they &ere &aitin% for a stron% deli)erer to come. 17 And &hen the child of romise came, a man in sno&B&hite robe a eared to them, and they fell bac3 in fear. The man stood forth and said, 11 ?ear not@ behold ! brin% yo' <oyf'l ne&s. At midni%ht in a ca)e in Bethehem &as born the ro het and the 3in% that yo' ha)e lon% been &aitin% for. 1( And then the she herds all &ere %lad, they felt that all the hills &ere filled &ith messen%ers of li%ht, &ho said, 1+ All %lory be to #od on hi%h, eace, eace on earth, %ood &ill to men. 1/ And then the she herds came &ith haste to Bethlehem and to the ca)e, that they mi%ht see and hono'r him &hom men had called !mman'el. 10 -o&, &hen the mornin% came, a she herdess &hose home &as near, re ared a room for Mary, Jose h and the child, and here they tarried many days. 11 And Jose h sent a messen%er in haste to ;acharias and Eli.abeth to say, The child is born in Bethlehem. 14 And ;acharias and Eli.abeth too3 John and came to Bethlehem &ith &ords of cheer. 15 And Mary and Eli.abeth reco'nted all the &ondero's thin%s that had trans ired. The eo le <oined &ith them in raisin% #od. 16 Accordin% to the c'stom of the Je&s, the child &as circ'mcised, and &hen they as3ed, 8hat &ill yo' call the childC the mother said, His name is Jes's, as the man of #od declared.


Consecration of Jes's. Mary offers sacrifices. $imeon and Anna ro hesy. Anna is reb'3ed for &orshi in% the child. The family ret'rns to Bethlehem. -:8, Mary too3 her son, &hen he &as forty days of a%e, ' to the tem le in Jer'salem, and he &as consecrated by the riest. ( And then she offered 'rifyin% sacrifices for herself, accordin% to the c'stom of the Je&s, a lamb and t&o yo'n% t'rtle do)es. + A io's Je& named $imeon &as in the tem le ser)in% #od. / ?rom early yo'th he had been loo3in% for !mman'el to come, and he had rayed to #od that he mi%ht not de art 'ntil his eyes had seen Messiah in the flesh. 0 And &hen he sa& the infant Jes's he re<oiced and said, ! no& am ready to de art in eace, for ! ha)e seen the 3in%. 1 And then he too3 the enfant in his arms and said, Behold, this child &ill brin% a s&ord ' on my eo le, !srael, and all the &orld, b't he &ill brea3 the s&ord and then the nations &ill learn &ar no more. 4 The master's cross ! see ' on the forehead of this child, and he &ill con='er by this si%n. 5 And in the tem le &as a &ido&, fo'r and ei%hty years of a%e, and she de arted not, b't ni%ht and day she &orshi ed #od. 6 And &hen she sa& the infant Jes's she eDclaimed, Behold !mman'el@ Behold the si%net cross of the Messiah on his bro&@ 17 And then the &oman 3nelt to &orshi him, as #od &ith 's, !mman'el, b't one, a master, clothed in &hite, a eared and said, 11 #ood &oman, stay, ta3e heed to &hat yo' do, yo' may not &orshi man, this is idolatry. 1( This child is man, the son of man, and &orthy of all raise. >o' shall adore and &orshi #od, him only shall yo' ser)e. 1+ The &oman rose and bo&ed her head in than3f'lness and &orshi ed #od. 1/ And Mary too3 the infant Jes's and ret'rned to Bethlehem.

CHAPTER 0 Three ma%ian riests hono'r Jes's. Herod is alarmed. Calls a co'ncil of the Je&s. !s told that ro hets had foretold the comin% of a 3in%. Herod resol)es to 3ill the child. Mary and Jose h ta3e Jes's and flee into E%y t. BE>:-A the ri)er E' hrates the ma%ians li)ed, and they &ere &ise, co'ld read the lan%'a%e of the stars, and they di)ined that one, a master so'l, &as born, they sa& his star abo)e Jer'salem. ( And there &ere three amon% the ma%ian riests &ho lon%ed to see the master of the comin% a%e, and they too3 costly %ifts and hastened to the 8est in search of him, the ne&Bborn 3in%, that they mi%ht hono'r him. + And one too3 %old, the symbol of nobility, another myrrh, the symbol of dominion and of o&er, %'mBth's the other too3, the symbol of the &isdom of the sa%e. / -o& &hen the ma%ians reached Jer'salem the eo le &ere ama.ed, and &ondered &ho they &ere and &hy they came. 0 And &hen they as3ed, 8here is the child that has been born a 3in%C the )ery throne of Herod seemed to sha3e. 1 And Herod sent a co'rtier forth to brin% the ma%ians to his co'rt.

4 And &hen they came they as3ed a%ain, 8here is the ne& born 3in%C And then they said, 8hile yet beyond the E' hates &e sa& his star arise, and &e ha)e come to hono'r him. 5 And Herod blanched &ith fear. He tho'%ht, erha s, the riests &ere lottin% to restore the 3in%dom of the Je&s, and so he said &ithin himself, ! &ill 3no& more abo't this child that has been born a 3in%. 6 And so he told the ma%ian riests to tarry in the city for a &hile and he &o'ld tell them all abo't the 3in%. 17 He called in co'ncil all the Je&ish masters of the la& and as3ed, 8hat ha)e the Je&ish ro hets said concernin% s'ch a oneC 11 The Je&ish masters ans&ered him and said, The ro hets lon% a%o foretold that one &o'ld come to r'le the tribes of !srael, that this Messiah &o'ld be born in Bethlehem. 1( They said, The ro het Micah &rote, : Bethlehem J'dea, a little lace amon% the J'dean hills, yet o't of yo' &ill one come forth to r'le my eo le, !srael, yea, one &ho li)ed in olden times, in )ery ancient days. 1+ Then Herod called the ma%ian riests a%ain and told them &hat the masters of the Je&ish la& had said, and then he sent them on the &ay to Bethlehem. 1/ He said, #o search, and if yo' find the child that has been born a 3in%, ret'rn and tell me all, that ! may %o and hono'r him. 10 The ma%ians &ent their &ay and fo'nd the child &ith Mary in the she herd's home. 11 They hono'red him, besto&ed ' on him recio's %ifts and %a)e him %old, %'mB th's and myrrh. 14 These ma%ian riests co'ld read the hearts of men, they read the &ic3edness of Herod's heart, and 3ne& that he had s&orn to 3ill the ne& born 3in%. 15 And so they told the secret to the arents of the child, and bid them flee beyond the reach of harm. 16 And then the riests &ent on their home&ard &ay, they &ent not thro'%h Jer'salem. (7 And Jose h too3 the infant Jes's and his mother in the ni%ht and fled to E%y t land, and &ith Elih' and $alome in ancient ;oan they abode.

CHAPTER 1 Herod learns of the s' osed mission of John. The infants of Bethlehem are massacred by Herod's order. Eli.abeth esca es &ith John. Beca'se ;acharias cannot tell &here his son is hidden, he is m'rdered. Herod dies. -:8, &hen the ma%ian riests did not ret'rn to tell him of the child that had been born a 3in%, Ein% Herod &as enra%ed. ( And then his co'rtiers told him of another child in Bethlehem, one born to %o before and to re are the eo le to recei)e the 3in%. + This an%ered more and more the 3in%, he called his %'ards and bid them %o to Bethlehem and slay the infant John, as &ell as Jes's &ho &as born to be a 3in%. / He said, 2et no mista3e be made, and that yo' may be s're to slay these claimants to my throne, slay all the male children in the to&n not yet t&o years of a%e. 0 The %'ards &ent forth and did as Herod bade them do. 1 Eli.abeth 3ne& not that Herod so'%ht to slay her son, and she and John &ere yet in Bethlehem, b't &hen she 3ne&, she too3 the infant John and hastened to the hills.

4 The m'rdero's %'ards &ere near, they ressed ' on her hard, b't then she 3ne& the secret ca)es in all the hills, and into one she ran and hid herself and John 'ntil the %'ards &ere %one. 5 Their cr'el tas3 &as done, the %'ards ret'rned and told the story to the 3in%. 6 They said, 8e 3no& that &e ha)e slain the infant 3in%, b't John his harbin%er, &e co'ld not find. 17 The 3in% &as an%ry &ith his %'ards beca'se they failed to slay the infant John, He sent them to the to&er in chains. 11 And other %'ards &ere sent to ;acharias, father of the harbin%er, &hile he &as ser)in% in the Holy Place, to say, The Ein% demands that yo' shall tell &here is yo'r son. 1( B't ;acharias did not 3no&, and he re lied, ! am a minister of #od, a ser)ant in the Holy Place, ho& co'ld ! 3no& &here they ha)e ta3en himC 1+ And &hen the %'ards ret'rned and told the Ein% &hat ;acharias said, he &as enra%ed and said, 1/ My %'ards, %o bac3 and tell that &ily riest that he is in my hands, that if he does not tell the tr'th, does not re)eal the hidin% lace of John, his son, then he shall die. 10 The %'ards &ent bac3 and told the riest <'st &hat the 3in% had said. 11 And ;acharias said, ! can b't %i)e my life for tr'th, and if the 3in% does shed my blood the 2ord &ill sa)e my so'l. 14 The %'ards a%ain ret'rned and told the 3in% &hat ;acharias said. 15 -o&, ;acharias stood before the alter in the Holy Place en%a%ed in rayer. 16 A %'ard a roached and &ith a da%%er thr'st him thro'%h, he fell and died before the c'rtain of the sanct'ary of the 2ord. (7 And &hen the ho'r of sal'tation came, for ;acharias daily blessed the riests, he did not come. (1 And after &aitin% lon% the riests &ent to the Holy Place and fo'nd the body of the dead. (( And there &as %rief, dee %rief, in all the land. (+ -o& Herod sat ' on his throne, he did not seem to mo)e, his co'rtiers came, the 3in% &as dead. H!s sons rei%ned in his stead.

$ECT!:- !!! #!ME2 Ed'cation of Mary and Eli.abeth in ;oan

CHAPTER 4 Archela's rei%ns. Mary and Eli.abeth &ith their sons are in ;oan and are ta'%ht by Elih' and $alome. Elih''s introd'ctory lesson. Tells of an inter reter. THE son of Herod, Archela's, rei%ned in Jer'salem. He &as a selfish, cr'el 3in%, he 't to death all those &ho did not hono'r him. ( He called in co'ncil all the &isest men and as3ed abo't the infant claimant to his throne. + The co'ncil said that John and Jes's both &ere dead, then he &as satisfied. / -o& Jose h, Mary and their sons &ere do&n in E%y t in ;oan, and John &as &ith his mother in the J'dean Hills.

0 Elih' and $alome sent messen%ers in haste to find Eli.abeth and John. They fo'nd them and they bro'%ht them to ;oan. 1 -o&, Mary and Eli.abeth &ere mar)ellin% m'ch beca'se of their deli)erance. 4 Elih' said, !t is not stran%e, there are no ha enin%s, la& %o)erns all e)ents. 5 ?rom olden times it &as ordained that yo' sho'ld be &ith 's, and in this sacred school be ta'%ht. 6 Elih' and $alome too3 Mary and Eli.abeth o't to the sacred %ro)e near by &here they &ere &ont to teach. 17 Elih' said to Mary and Eli.abeth, >o' may esteem yo'rself thrice blest, for yo' are chosen mothers of lon% romised sons, 11 8ho are ordained to lay in solid roc3 a s're fo'ndation stone on &hich the tem le of the erfect man shall restBBa tem le that shall ne)er be destroyed. 1( 8e meas're time by cycle a%es, and the %ate to e)ery a%e &e deem a mile stone in the <o'rney of the race. 1+ An a%e has assed, the %ate 'nto another a%e flies o en at the to'ch of time. This is the re aration a%e of so'l, the 3in%dom of !mman'el, of #od in man, 1/ And these, yo'r sons, &ill be the first to tell the ne&s, and reach the %os el of %ood &ill to men, and eace on earth. 10 A mi%hty &or3 is theirs, for carnal men &ant not the li%ht, they lo)e the dar3, and &hen the li%ht shines in the dar3 they com rehend it not. 11 8e call these sons, Re)ealers of the 2i%ht, b't they m'st ha)e the li%ht before they can re)eal the li%ht. 14 And yo' m'st teach yo'r sons, and set their so'ls on fire &ith lo)e and holy .eal, and ma3e them concio's of their missions to the sons of men. 15 Teach them that #od and man are one, b't that thro'%h carnal tho'%hts and &ords and deeds, man tore himself a&ay from #od, debased himself. 16 Teach that the Holy Breath &o'ld ma3e them one a%ain, restorin% harmony and eace, (7 That na'%ht can ma3e them one b't 2o)e, that #od so lo)ed the &orld that he has clothed his son in flesh that man may com rehend. (1 The only $a)io'r of the &orld is lo)e, and Jes's, son of Mary, comes to manifest that lo)e to men. (( -o&, lo)e cannot manifest 'ntil its &ay has been re ared, and na'%ht can rend the roc3s and brin% do&n lofty hills and fill the )alleys ' , amd th's re are the &ay, b't 'rity. (+ B't 'rity in life men do not com rehend, and so, it, too, come in flesh. (/ And yo', Eli.abeth, are blest beca'se yo'r son is 'rity made flesh, and he shall a)e the &ay for lo)e. (0 This a%e &ill com rehend b't little of the &or3s of P'rity and 2o)e, b't not a &ord is lost, for in the Boo3 of #od's Remembrance a re%istry is made of e)ery tho'%ht, and &ord, and deed, (1 And &hen the &orld is ready to recei)e, lo, #od &ill sent a messen%er to o en ' the boo3 and co y from its sacred a%es all the messa%es of P'rity and 2o)e. (4 Then e)ery man of earth &ill read the &ords of life in lan%'a%e of his nati)e land, and men &ill see the li%ht, &al3 in the li%ht and be the li%ht. (5 And man a%ain &ill be at one &ith #od.

CHAPTER 5 Elih''s lessons. The 'nity of life. The t&o selfs. The de)il. 2o)e the sa)io'r of men. The Aa)id of the li%ht. #oliath of the dar3.

A#A!- Elih' met his ' ils in the sacred %ro)e and said, ( -o man li)es 'nto himself, for e)ery li)in% thin% is bo'nd by cords to e)ery other li)in% thin%. + Blest are the 're in heart, for they &ill lo)e and not demand lo)e in ret'rn. / They &ill not do to other men &hat they &o'ld not ha)e other men do 'nto them. 0 There are t&o selfs, the hi%her and the lo&er self. 1 The hi%her self is h'man s irit clothed &ith so'l, made in the form of #od. 4 The lo&er self, the carnal self, the body of desires,is a reflection of the hi%her self, distorted by the m'r3y ethers of the flesh. 5 The lo&er self is an ill'sion, and &ill ass a&ay, the hi%her self is #od in man, and &ill not ass a&ay. 6 The hi%her self is the embodiment of tr'th re)ersed, and so is falsehood manifest. 17 The hi%her self is <'stice, mercy, lo)e and ri%ht, the lo&er self is &hat the hi%her self is not. 11 The lo&er self breeds hatred, slander, le&dness, m'rders, theft, and e)erthin% that harms, the hi%her self is mother of the )irt'es and the harmonies of life. 1( The lo&er self is rich in romises, b't oor in blessedness and eace, it offers leas're, <oy and satisfyin% %ains, b't %i)es 'nrest and misery and death. 1+ !t %i)es men a les that are lo)ely to the eye and leasant to the smell, their cores are f'll of bitterness and %all. 1/ !f yo' &o'ld as3 me &hat to st'dy ! &o'ld say, yo'rsel)es, and &hen yo' &ill ha)e st'died them, and then &o'ld as3 me &hat to st'dy neDt, ! &o'ld re ly, yo'rsel)es. 10 He &ho 3no&s &ell his lo&er self, 3no&s the ill'sions of the &orld, 3no&s of the thin%s that ass a&ay, and he &ho 3no&s his hi%her self, 3no& #od, 3no&s &ell the thin%s that cannot ass a&ay. 11 Thrice blessed is the man &ho has made 'rity and lo)e his )ery o&n, he has been ransomed from the erils of the lo&er self and is himself his hi%her self. 14 Men see3 sal)ation from an e)il that they deem a li)in% monster of the nether &orld, and they ha)e %ods that are b't demons in dis%'ise, all o&erf'l, yet f'll of <ealo'sy and hate and l'st, 15 8hose fa)o'rs m'st be bo'%ht &ith costly sacrifice of fr'its, and of the li)es of birds, and animals, and h'man 3ind. 16 And yet these %ods ossess no ears to hear, no eyes to see, no heart to sym athise, no o&er to sa)e. (7 This e)il is myth, these %ods are made of air, clothed &ith shado&s of a tho'%ht. (1 The only de)il from &hich men m'st be redeemed is self, the lo&er self. !f man &o'ld find his de)il he m'st loo3 &ithin, his name is self. (( !f man &o'ld find his sa)io'r he m'st loo3 &ithin, and &hen the demon self has been dethroned the sa)io'r, 2o)e, &ill be eD'lted to the throne of o&er. (+ The Aa)id of the li%ht is P'rity, &ho slays the stron% #oliath of the dar3, and seats the sa)io'r, 2o)e, ' on the throne.

CHAPTER 6 $alome's lessons. The man and the &oman. Philoso hy of h'man moods. The tri'ne #od. The $e tonate. The #od Tao. $A2:ME ta'%ht the lesson of the day. $he said, All times are not ali3e. Today the &ords of man may ha)e the %reatest o&er, toBmorro& &omen teaches best. ( !n all the &ays of life the man and &oman sho'ld &al3 hand in hand, the one &itho't the other is b't half, each has a &or3 to do.

+ B't all thin%s teach, each has a time and a season for its o&n. The s'n, the moon ha)e lessons of their o&n for men, b't each one teaches at the a ointed time. / The lessons of the s'n fall do&n on h'man hearts li3e &ithered lea)es ' on a stream, if %i)en in the season of the moon and all the stars. 0 ToBday one &al3s in %loom, do&nhearted and o ressed, tomorro& that same one is filled &ith <oy. 1 ToBday the hea)ens seem f'll of blessedness and ho e, tomorro& ho e has fled, and e)ery lan and 'r ose comes to na'%ht. 4 ToBday one &ants to c'rse the )ery %ro'nd on &hich he treads, tomorro& he is f'll of lo)e and raise. 5 ToBday one hates and scorns and en)ies and is <ealo's of the child he lo)es, tomorro& he has risen abo)e his carnal self, and breathes forth %ladness and %oodB &ill. 6 A tho'sand times men &onder &hy these hei%hts and de ths, these li%ht hearts and these sad, are fo'nd in e)ery life. 17 They do not 3no& that there are teachers e)ery&here, each b'sy &ith a #odB a ointed tas3, and dri)in% home to h'man hearts the tr'th. 11 B't this is tr'e, and e)ery one recei)es the lessons that he needs. 1( And Mary said, ToBday ! am in eD'ltation %reat, my tho'%hts and all my life seem lifted ' , &hy am ! th's ins iredC 1+ $alome re lied, This is a day of eD'ltation, day of &orshi and of raise, a day &hen, in a meas're, &e may com rehend o'r ?atherB#od. 1/ Then let 's st'dy #od, the :ne, the Three, the $e)en. 10 Before the &orlds &ere formed all thin%s &ere :ne, <'st $ irit, "ni)ersal Breath. 11 And $ irit breathed, and that &hich &as not manifest became the ?ire and Tho'%ht of Hea)en, the ?atherB#od, the MotherB#od. 14 And &hen the ?ire and Tho'%ht of hea)en in 'nion breathed, their son, their only son, &as born. This son is 2o)e &hom men ha)e called the Christ. 15 Men call the Tho'%ht of hea)en the Holy Breath. 16 And &hen the Tri'ne #od breathed forth, lo, se)en $ irits stood before the throne. These are Elohim, creati)e s irits of the 'ni)erse. (7 And these are they &ho said, 2et 's ma3e man, and in their ima%e man &as made. (1 !n early a%es of the &orld the d&ellers in the farther East said, Tao is the name of "ni)ersal Breath, and in the ancient boo3s &e read, (( -o manifestin% form has Tao #reat, and yet he made and 3ee s the hea)ens and earth. (+ -o assion has o'r Tao #reat, and yet he ca'ses s'n and moon and all the stars to rise and set. (/ -o name has Tao #reat, and yet he ma3es all thin%s to %ro&, he brin%s in season both the seed time and the har)est time. (0 And Tao #reat &as :ne, the :ne became the T&o, the T&o became the Three, the Three e)ol)ed the $e)en, &hich filled the 'ni)erse &ith manifests. (1 And Tao #reat %i)es 'nto all, the e)il and the %ood, the rain, the de&, the s'nshine and the flo&ers, from his rich stores he feeds them all. (4 And in the same old boo3 &e read of man* He has a s irit 3nit to Tao #reat, a so'l &hich li)es &ithin the se)en Breaths of Tao #reat, a body of desires that s rin%s ' from the soil of flesh. (5 -o& s irit lo)es the 're, the %ood, the tr'e, the body of desires eDtols the selfish self, the so'l becomes the battle %ro'nd bet&een the t&o. (6 And blessed is the man &hose s irit is tri'm hant and &hose lo&er self is 'rified, &hose so'l is cleansed, becomin% fit to be the co'ncil chamber of the manifests of Tao #reat. +7 Th's closed the lesson of $alome.

CHAPTER 17 Elih''s lessons. The Brahmic reli%ion. 2ife of Abram. Je&ish sacred boo3s. The Persian reli%ion. E2!H" ta'%ht, he said, !n ancient times a eo le in the East &ere &orshi ers of #od, the :ne, &hom they called Brahm. ( Their la&s &ere <'st, they li)ed in eace, they sa& the li%ht &ithin, they &al3ed in &isdom's &ays. + B't riests &ith carnal aims arose, &ho chan%ed the la&s to s'it the carnal mind, bo'nd hea)y b'rdens on the oor, and scorned the r'les of ri%ht, and so the Brahms became corr' t. / B't in the dar3ness of the a%e a fe& %reat masters stood 'nmo)ed, they lo)ed the name of Brahm, they &ere %reat beacon li%hts before the &orld. 0 And they erser)ed in)iolate the &isdom of their holy Brahm, and yo' may read this &isdom in their sacred boo3s. 1 And in Chaldea, Brahm &as 3no&n. A io's Brahm named Terah li)ed in "r, his son &as so de)oted to the Brahmic faith that he &as called ABBrahm, and he &as set a art to be the father of the Hebre& race. 4 -o&, Terah too3 his &ife and sons and all his floc3s and herds to Haran in the 8est, here Terah died. 5 And Abram too3 the floc3s and herds, and &ith his 3indred <o'rneyed farther &est, 6 And &hen he reached the :a3s of Morah in the land of Canaan, he itched histents and there abode. 17 A famine s&e t the land and Abram too3 his 3indred and his floc3s and herds and came to E%y t, and in these fertile lains of ;oan itched his tent, and here abode. 11 And men still mar3 the lace &here Abrahm li)edBacross the lain. 1( >o' as3 &hy Abram came to E%y t landC This is the cradleBland of the initiate, all secret thin%s belon% to E%y t land, and this is &hy the masters come. 1+ !n ;oan Abram ta'%ht his science of the stars, and in that sacred tem le o)er there he learned the &isdom of the &ise. 1/ And &hen his lessons all &ere learned, he too3 his 3indred and his floc3s and herds and <o'rneyed bac3 to Canaan, and in the lains of Mamre itched his tent, and there he li)ed, and there he died. 10 And records of his life and &or3s and of his sons, and of the tribes of !srael, are &ell reser)ed in Je&ish sacred boo3s. 11 !n Persia Brahm &as 3no&n, and feared. Men sa& him as the :ne, the ca'seless Ca'se of all that is, and he &as sacred 'nto them, as Tao to the d&ellers of the farther East. 14 The eo le li)ed in eace, and <'stice r'led. 15 B't, as in other lands, in Persia riests arose imb'ed &ith self and self desires, &ho o'tra%ed ?orce, !ntelli%ence and 2o)e, 16 Reli%ion %re& corr' t, and birds and beasts and cree in% thin%s &ere set a art as %ods. (7 !n co'rse of time a lofty so'l, &hom men called ;arath'stra, came in flesh. (1 He sa& the ca'seless $ irit, hi%h and lifted ' , he sa& the &ea3ness of all man a ointed %ods. (( He s o3e and all of Persia heard, and &hen he said, :ne #od, one eo le and one shrine, the altars of the idols fell, and Persia &as redeemed. (+ B't men m'st see their #ods &ith h'man eyes, and ;arath'stra said,

(/ The %reatest of the $ irits standin% near the throne is the Ah'ra Ma.da, &ho manifests in bri%htness of the s'n. (0 And all the eo le sa& Ah'ra Ma.da in the s'n, and they fell do&n and &orshi ed him in tem les of the s'n. (1 And Persia is the ma%ian land &here li)e the riests &ho sa& the star arise to mar3 the lace &here Mary's son &as born, and &ere the first to %reet him as the Prince of Peace. (4 The rece ts and the la&s of ;arath'stra are reser)ed in the A)esta &hich yo' can read and ma3e yo'r o&n. (5 B't yo' m'st 3no& that &ords are na'%ht till they are made ali)e, 'ntil the lessons they contain become a art of head and heart. (6 -o& tr'th is one, b't no one 3no&s the tr'th 'ntil he is the tr'th. !t is recorded in an ancient boo3. +7 Tr'th is the lea)enin% o&er of #od, it can transm'te the all of life into itself, and &hen the all of life is tr'th, then man is tr'th.

CHAPTER 11 Elih''s lessons. B'ddhism and the rece ts of B'ddha. The mysteries of E%y t. A#A!- Elih' ta'%ht, he said, The !ndian riests became corr' t, Brahm &as for%otten in the streets, the ri%hts of men &ere tram led in the d'st. ( And the a mi%hty master came, a B'ddha of enli%htenment, &ho t'rned a&ay from &ealth and all the hono'rs of the &orld, and fo'nd the $ilence in the ='iet %ro)es and ca)es, and he &as blest. + He reached a %os el of the hi%her life, and ta'%ht man ho& to hono'r man. / He had no doctrine of the %ods to teach, he <'st 3ne& man, and so his creed &as <'stice, lo)e and ri%hteo'sness. 0 ! ='ote for yo' a fe& of many of the hel f'l &ords &hich B'ddha s o3e* 1 Hate is a cr'el &ord. !f men hate yo' re%ard it not, and yo' can t'rn the hate of men to lo)e and mercy and %ood&ill, and mercy is as lar%e as all the hea)ens. 4 And there is %ood eno'%h for all. 8ith %ood destroy the bad, &ith %enero's deeds ma3e a)arice ashamed, &ith tr'th ma3e strai%ht the croo3ed lines that error dra&s, for error is b't tr'th distorted, %one astray. 5 And ain &ill follo& him &ho s ea3s or acts &ith e)il tho'%hts, as does the &heel the foot of him &ho dra&s the cart. 6 He is a %reater man &ho con='ers self than he &ho 3ills a tho'sand men in &ar. 17 He is the noble man &ho is himself &hat he belie)es &hat other men sho'ld be. 11 Ret'rn to him &ho does yo' &ron% yo'r 'rest lo)e, and he &ill cease from doin% &ron%, for lo)e &ill 'rify the heart of him &ho is belo)ed as tr'ly as it 'rifies the heart of him &ho lo)es. 1( The &ords of B'ddha are recorded in the !ndian sacred boo3s, attend to them, for they are art of the instr'ctions of the Holy Breath. 1+ The land of E%y t is the land of secret thin%s. 1/ The mysteries of the a%es lie loc3Bbo'nd in o'r tem les and o'r shines. 10 The masters of all times and climes come here to learn, and &hen yo'r sons ha)e %ro&n to manhood they &ill finish all their st'dies in E%y tian schools. 11 B't ! ha)e said eno'%h. ToBmorro& at the risin% of the s'n &e meet a%ain.

CHAPTER 1( $alome's lessons. Prayer. Elih''s concl'din% lessons. $'ms ' co'rse of st'dy. The ' ils ret'rn to their homes. the three years'

-:8, &hen the mornin% s'n arose the masters and their ' ils all &ere in the sacred %ro)e. ( $alome &as the first to s ea3, she said, Behold the s'n@ !t manifests the o&er of #od &ho s ea3s to 's thro'%h s'n and moon and stars, + Thro'%h mo'ntain, hill and )ale, thro'%h flo&er, and lant and tree. / #od sin%s for 's thro'%h bird, and har sichord, and h'man )oice, he s ea3s to 's thro'%h &ind and rain and th'nder roll, &hy sho'ld &e not bo& do&n and &orshi at his feetC 0 #od s ea3s to hearts a art, and hearts a art m'st s ea3 to him, and this is rayer. 1 !t is not rayer to sho't at #od, to stand, or sit, or 3neel and tell him all abo't the sins of men. 4 !t is not rayer to tell the Holy :ne ho& %reat he is, ho& %ood he is, ho& stron% and ho& com assionate. 5 #od is not man to be bo'%ht ' by raise of man. 6 Prayer is the ardent &ish that e)ery &ay of life be li%ht, that e)ery act be cro&ned &ith %ood, that e)ery li)in% thin% be ros ered by o'r ministry. 17 A noble deed, a hel f'l &ord is rayer, a fer)ent, an effect'al rayer. 11 The fo'nt of rayer is in the heart, by tho'%ht, not &ords, the heart is carried ' to #od, &here it is blest, Then let 's ray. 1( They rayed, b't not a &ord &as said, b't in that holy $ilence e)ery heart &as blest. 1+ And then Elih' s o3e. He said to Mary and Eli.abeth, :'r &ords are said, yo' need not tarry lon%er here, the call has come, the &ay is clear, yo' may ret'rn 'nto yo'r nati)e land. 1/ A mi%hty &or3 is %i)en yo' to do, yo' shall direct the minds that &ill direct the &orld. 10 >o'r sons are set a art to lead men ' to ri%hteo's tho'%hts, and &ords, and deeds, 11 To ma3e men 3no& the sinf'lness of sin, to lead them from the adoration of the lo&er self, and all ill'si)e thin%s, and ma3e them conscio's of the self that li)es &ith Christ in #od. 14 !n re aration for their &or3 yo'r sons m'st &al3 in many thorny aths. 15 ?ierce trials and tem tations they &ill meet, li3e other men, their loads &ill not be li%ht, and they &ill &eary be, and faint. 16 And they &ill 3no& the an%s of h'n%er and of thirst, and &itho't ca'se they &ill be moc3ed, im risoned, sco'r%ed. (7 To many co'ntries they &ill %o, and at the feet of many masters they &ill sit, for they m'st learn li3e other men. (1 B't &e ha)e said eno'%h. The blessin%s of the Three and of the $e)en, &ho stand before the throne, &ill s'rely rest ' on yo' e)ermore. (( Th's closed the lessons of Elih' and $alome. Three years they ta'%ht their ' ils in the sacred %ro)e, and if their lessons all &ere &ritten in a boo3, lo, it &o'ld be a mi%hty boo3, of &hat they said &e ha)e the s'm. (+ -o&, Mary, Jose h and Eli.abeth &ith Jes's and his harbin%er, set forth ' on their home&ard &ay. They &ent not by Jer'salem, for Archela's rei%ned. (/ They <o'rneyed by the Bitter $ea, and &hen they reached En%edi hills they rested in the home of Josh'a, a near of 3in, and here Eli.abeth and John abode. (0 B't Jose h, Mary and their son &ent by the Jordan &ay, and after certain days they reached their home in -a.areth.

$ECT!:- !F AA2ETH Childhood and Early Ed'cation of John the Harbin%er

CHAPTER 1+ Eli.abeth in En%edi. Teaches her son. John becomes the ' il of Matheno, &ho re)eals to him the meanin% of sin and the la& of for%i)eness. E2!;ABETH &as blest, she s ent her time &ith John, and %a)e to him the lessons that Elih' and $alome had %i)en her. ( And John deli%hted in the &ilderness of his home and in the lessons that he learned. + -o& in the hills &ere many ca)es. The ca)e of Aa)id &as aBnear in &hich the Hermit of En%edi li)ed. / This hermit &as Matheno, riest of E%y t, master from the tem le of $a3ara. 0 8hen John &as se)en years of a%e Matheno too3 him to the &ilderness and in the ca)e of Aa)id they abode. 1 Matheno ta'%ht, and John &as thrilled &ith &hat the master said, and day by day Matheno o ened ' to him the mysteries of life. 4 John lo)ed the &ilderness, he lo)ed his master and his sim le fare. Their food &as fr'its, and n'ts, &ild honey and the carob bread. 5 Matheno &as an !srealite, and he attended all the Je&ish feasts. 6 8hen John &as nine years old Matheno too3 him to a %reat feast in Jer'salem. 17 The &ic3ed Archela's had been de osed and eDiled to a distant land beca'se of selfishness and cr'elty, and John &as not afraid. 11 John &as deli%hted &ith his )isit to Jer'salem. Matheno told him all abo't the ser)ice of the Je&s, the meanin% of their rites. 1( John co'ld not 'nderstand ho& sin co'ld be for%i)en by 3illin% animals and birds and b'rnin% them before the 2ord. 1+ Matheno said, The #od of hea)en and earth does not re='ire sacrifice. This c'stom &ith its cr'el rites &as borro&ed from the idol &orshi ers of other lands. 1/ -o sin &as e)er blotted o't by sacrifice of animal, of bird, or man. 10 $in is the r'shin% forth of man into fens of &ic3edness. !f one &o'ld %et a&ay from sin he m'st retrace his ste s, and find his &ay o't of the fens of &ic3edness. 11 Ret'rn and 'rify yo'r hearts by lo)e and ri%hteo'sness and yo' shall be for%i)en. 14 This is the b'rden of the messa%e that the harbin%er shall brin% to men. 15 8hat is for%i)enessC John in='ired. 16 Matheno said, !t is the ayin% ' of debts. A man &ho &ron%s another man can ne)er be for%i)en 'ntil he ri%hts the &ron%. (7 The Fedas says that none can ri%ht the &ron% b't him &ho does the &ron%. (1 John said, !f this be tr'e &here is the o&er to for%i)e eDce t the o&er that rests in man himselfC Can man for%i)e himselfC (( Matheno said, The door is &ide a<ar, yo' see the &ay of man's ret'rn to ri%ht, and the for%i)eness of his sins.

CHAPTER 1/ Matheno's lessons. The doctrine of 'ni)ersal la&. The o&er of man to choose and to attain. The benefits of anta%onisms. Ancient sacred boo3s. The lace of John and Jes's in the &orld's history. MATHE-: and his ' il, John, &ere tal3in% of the sacred boo3s of olden times, and of the %olden rece ts they contained, and John eDclaimed, ( These %olden rece ts are s'blime, &hat need ha)e &e of other sacred boo3sC + Matheno said, The $ irit of the Holy :ne ca'se e)ery thin% to come and %o in ro er time. / The s'n has his o&n time to set, the moon to rise, to &aD and &ane, the stars to come and %o, the rain to fall, the &inds to blo&, 0 The seed times and the har)est times to come, man to be born and man to die. 1 These mi%hty $ irits ca'se the nations to be born, they roc3 them in their cradles, n'rt'res them to %reatest o&er, and &hen their tas3s are done they &ra them in their &indin% sheets and lay them in their tombs. 4 E)ents are many in a nation's life, and in the life of man, that are not leasant for the time, b't in the end the tr'th a ears* &hate)er comes is for the best. 5 Man &as created for a noble art, b't he co'ld not be made a free man filled &ith &isdom, tr'th and mi%ht. 6 !f he &ere hed%ed abo't, confined in straits from &hich he co'ld not ass, then he &o'ld be a toy, a mere machine. 17 Creati)e s irits %a)e to man a &ill, and so he has the o&er to choose. 11 He may attain the %reatest hei%hts, or sin3 to dee est de ths, for &hat he &ills to %ain he has the o&er to %ain. 1( !f he desires stren%th he has the o&er to %ain that stren%th, b't he m'st o)ercome resistances to reach the %oal, no stren%th is e)er %ained in idleness. 1+ $o, in the &hirl of manyBsided conflicts man is laced &here he m'st stri)e to eDtricate himself. 1/ !n e)ery conflict man %ains stren%th, &ith e)ery con='est he attains to %reater hei%hts. 8ith e)ery day he finds ne& d'ties and ne& cares. 10 Man is not carried o)er dan%ero's its, nor hel ed to o)ercome his foes. He is himself his army, and his s&ord and shield, and he is ca tain of his hosts. 11 The Holy :nes <'st li%ht his &ay. Man ne)er has been left &itho't a beacon li%ht to %'ide. 14 And he has e)er had a li%hted lam in hand that he may see the dan%ero's roc3s, the t'rbid streams amd treachero's its. 15 And so the Holy :nes ha)e <'d%ed, &hen men ha)e needed added li%ht a master so'l has come to earth to %i)e the li%ht. 16 Before the Fedic days the &orld had many sacred boo3s to li%ht the &ay, and &hen man needed %reater li%ht the Fedas, the A)esta and the boo3s of Tao #reat a eared to sho& the &ay to %reater hei%hts. (7 And in the ro er lace the Hebre& Bible, &ith its 2a&, its Pro hets and its Psalms, a eared for man's enli%htenment. (1 B't years ha)e assed and men ha)e need of %reater li%ht. (( And no& the Aay $tar from on hi%h be%ins to shine, and Jes's is the fleshBmade messen%er to sho& that li%ht to men. (+ And yo', my ' il, yo' ha)e been ordained to harbin%er the comin% day. (/ B't yo' m'st 3ee that 'rity of heart yo' no& ossess, and yo' m'st li%ht yo'r lam directly from the coals that b'rn ' on the altar of the Holy :nes. (0 And then yo'r lam &ill be transm'ted to a bo'ndless flame, and yo' &ill be a li)in% torch &hose li%ht &ill shine &here)er man abides.

(1 B't in the a%es yet to come, man &ill attain to %reater hei%hts, and li%hts still more intense &ill come. (4 And then, at last, a mi%hty master so'l &ill come to earth to li%ht the &ay ' to the throne of erfect man.

CHAPTER 10 Aeath and b'rial of Eli.abeth. Matheno's lessons. The ministry of death. The mission of John. !nstit'tion of the rite of ba tism. Matheno ta3es John to E%y t, and laces him in the tem le at $a3ara, &here he remains ei%hteen years. 8HE- John &as t&el)e years old his mother died, and nei%hbo'rs laid her body in a tomb amon% her 3indred in the Hebron b'ryin% %ro'nd, and near to ;acharias' tomb. ( And John &as dee ly %rie)ed, he &e t. Matheno said, !t is not &ell to &ee beca'se of death. + Aeath is no enemy of man, it is a friend &ho, &hen the &or3 of life is done, <'st c'ts the cord that binds the h'man boat to earth, that it may sail on smoother seas. / -o lan%'a%e can describe a mother's &orth, and yo'rs &as tried and tr'e. B't she &as not called hence 'ntil her tas3s &ere done. 0 The calls of death are al&ays for the best, for &e are sol)in% roblems there as &ell as here, and one is s're to find himself &here he can sol)e his roblems best. 1 !t is b't selfishness that ma3es one &ish to call a%ain to earth de arted so'ls. 4 Then let yo'r mother rest in eace. J'st let her noble life be stren%th and ins iration 'nto yo'. 5 A crisis in yo'r life has come, and yo' m'st ha)e a clear conce tion of the &or3 that yo' are called to do. 6 The sa%es of the a%es call yo' harbin%er. The ro hets loo3 to yo' and say, He is Eli<ah come a%ain. 17 >o'r mission here is that of harbin%er, for yo' &ill %o before Messiah's face to a)e his &ay, and ma3e the eo le ready to recei)e their 3in%. 11 This readiness is 'rity of heart, none b't the 'rity in heart can reco%nise the 3in%. 1( To teach men to be 're in heart, yo' m'st yo'rself be 're in heart, and &ord, and deed. 1+ !n infancy the )o& for yo' &as made and yo' became a -a.arite. The ra.or shall not to'ch yo'r face nor head, and yo' shall taste not &ine nor fiery drin3s. 1/ Men need a attern for their li)es, they lo)e to follo&, not to lead. 10 The man &ho stands ' on the corners of the aths and oints the &ay, b't does not %o, is <'st a ointer, and a bloc3 of &ood can do the same. 11 The teacher treads the &ay, on e)ery s an of %ro'nd he lea)es his foot rints clearly c't, &hich all can see and be ass'red that he, their master &ent that &ay. 14 Men com rehend the inner life by &hat they see and do. They come to #od thro'%h ceremonies and forms. 15 And so &hen yo' &o'ld ma3e men 3no& that sins are &ashed a&ay by 'rity in life, a rite symbolic may be introd'ced. 16 !n &ater &ash the bodies of the eo le &ho &o'ld t'rn a&ay from sin and stri)e for 'rity in life. (7 This rite of cleansin% is a re aration rite and they &ho th's are cleansed com rise the Ch'rch of P'rity. (1 And yo' shall say, >o' men of !srael, hear, Reform and &ash, become the sons of 'rity, and yo' shall be for%i)en.

(( This rite of cleansin% and this ch'rch are b't symbolic of the cleansin% of the so'l by 'rity in life, and of the 3in%dom of the so'l, &hich does not come from o't&ard sho&, b't is the ch'rch &ithin. (+ -o&, yo' may ne)er oint the &ay and tell the m'ltit'des to do &hat yo' ha)e ne)er done, b't yo' m'st %o before and sho& the &ay. (/ >o' are to teach that men m'st &ash, so yo' m'st lead the &ay, yo'r body m'st be &ashed, symbolic of the cleansin% of the so'l. (0 John said, 8hy need ! &aitC May ! not %o at once and &ashC (1 Matheno said, 'Tis &ell, and then they &ent do&n to the Jordan ford, and east fo Jericho, <'st &here the hosts of !srael crossed &hen first they entered Canaan, they tarried for a time. (4 Matheno ta'%ht the harbin%er, and he eD lained to him the inner meanin% of the cleansin% rite and ho& to &ash himself and ho& to &ash the m'ltit'de. (5 And in the ri)er Jordan John &as &ashed, then they ret'rned 'nto the &ilderness. (6 -o& in En%edi's hills Matheno's &or3 &as done and he and John &ent do&n to E%y t. They rested not 'ntil they reached the tem le of $a3ara in the )alley of the -ile. +7 ?or many years Matheno &as a master in this tem le of the Brotherhood, and &hen he told abo't the life of John and of his mission to the sons of men, the hiero hant &ith <oy recei)ed the harbin%er and he &as called the Brother -a.arite. +1 ?or ei%hteen years John li)ed and &ro'%ht &ithin these tem le %ates, and here he con='ered self, became a master mind and learned the d'ties of the harbin%er.

$ECT!:- F HE Childhood and Early Ed'cation of Jes's

CHAPTER 11 The home of Jose h. Mary teaches her son. Jes's' %rand arents %i)e a feast in his hono'r. Jes's has a dream. His %randmother's inter retation. His birthday %ift. THE home of Jose h &as on Marmion 8ay in -a.areth, here Mary ta'%ht her son the lessons of Elih' and $alome. ( And Jes's %reatly lo)ed the Fedic and the A)esta, b't more than all he lo)ed to read the Psalms of Aa)id and the 'n%ent &ords of $olomon. + The Je&ish boo3s of ro hecy &ere his deli%ht, and &hen he reached his se)enth year he needed not the boo3s to read, for he had fiDed in memory e)ery &ord. / Joachim and his &ife, %rand arents of child Jes's, made a feast in hono'r of the child, and all their near of 3in &ere %'ests. 0 And Jes's stood before the %'ests and said, ! had a dream, and in my dream ! stood before a sea, ' on a sandy beach. 1 The &a)es ' on the sea &ere hi%h, a storm &as ra%in% on the dee . 4 $ome one %a)e me a &and. ! too3 the &and and to'ched the sand, and e)ery %rain of sand became a li)in% thin%, the beach &as all a mass of bea'ty and of son%. 5 ! to'ched the &aters at my feet, and they &ere chan%ed to trees, and flo&ers, and sin%in% birds, and e)ery thin% &as raisin% #od. 6 And some one s o3e, ! did not see the one &ho s o3e, ! heard the )oice, &hich said, There is no death.

17 #randmother Anna lo)ed the child, she laid her hand on Jes's' head and said, ! sa& yo' stand beside the sea, ! sa& yo' to'ch the sand and &a)es, ! sa& them t'rn to li)in% thin%s and then ! 3ne& the meanin% of the dream. 11 The sea of life rolls hi%h, the storms are %reat. The m'ltit'de of men are idle, listless, &aitin%, li3e dead sand ' on the beach. 1( >o'r &and is tr'th. 8ith this yo' to'ch the m'ltit'des, and e)ery man becomes a messen%er of holy li%ht and life. 1+ >o' to'ch the &a)es ' on the sea of life, their t'rmoils cease, the )ery &inds become a son% of raise. 1/ There is no death, beca'se the &and of tr'th can chan%e the dryest bones to li)in% thin%s, and brin% the lo)eliest flo&ers from sta%nant onds, and t'rn the most discordant notes to harmony and raise. 10 Joachim said, My son, today yo' ass the se)enth milestone fo yo'r &ay of life, for yo' are se)en years of a%e, and &e &ill %i)e to yo', as a remembrance of this day, &hate)er yo' desire, choose that &hich &ill afford yo' most deli%ht. 11 And Jes's said, ! do not &ant a %ift, for ! am satisfied. !f ! co'ld ma3e a m'ltit'de of children %lad ' on this day ! &o'ld be %reeatly leased. 14 -o&, there are many h'n%ry boys and %irls in -a.areth &ho &o'ld be leased to eat &ith 's this feast and share &ith 's the leas'res of this day. 15 The richest %ift that yo' can %i)e to me is yo'r ermission to %o o't and find these needy ones and brin% them here that they may feast &ith 's. 16 Joachim said, 'Tis &ell, %o o't and find the needy boys and %irls and brin% them here, &e &ill re are eno'%h for all. (7 And Jes's did not &ait, he ran, he entered e)ery din%y h't and cabin of the to&n, he did not &aste his &ords, he told his mission e)ery&here. (1 And in a little time one h'ndred and threeBscore of ha y, ra%%ed boys and %irls &ere follo&in% him ' Marmion 8ay. (( The %'ests made &ay, the ban='et hall &as filled &ith Jes's' %'ests, and Jes's and his mother hel ed to ser)e. (+ And there &as food eno'%h for all, and all &ere %lad, and so the birthday %ift of Jes's &as a cro&n of ri%hteo'sness.

CHAPTER 14 Jes's tal3s &ith the rabbi of the syna%o%'e of -a.areth. He criticies the narro&ness of Je&ish tho'%ht. -:8, Rabbi Barachia of the syna%o%'e of -a.areth, &as aid to Mary in the teachin% of her son. ( :ne mornin% after ser)ice in the syna%o%'e the rabbi said to Jes's as he sat in silent tho'%ht, 8hich is the %reatest of the Ten CommandsC + And Jes's said, ! do not see a %reatest of the Ten Commands. ! see a %olden cord that r'ns thro'%h all the Ten Commands that binds them fast and ma3es them one. / This cord is lo)e, and it belon%s to e)ery &ord of all the Ten Commands. 0 !f one is f'll of lo)e he can do nothin% else than &orshi #od, for #od is lo)e. 1 !f one is f'll of lo)e, he cannot 3ill, he cannot falsely testify, he cannot co)et, can do na'%ht b't hono'r #od and man. 4 !f one is f'll of lo)e he does not need commands of any 3ind. 5 And Rabbi Barachia said, >o'r &ords are seasoned &ith the salt of &isdom that is from abo)e. 8ho is the teacher &ho has o ened ' this tr'th to yo'.

6 And Jes's said, ! do not 3no& that any teacher o ens ' this tr'th for me. !t seems to me that tr'th &as ne)er sh't, that it &as al&ays o ened ' , for tr'th is one and it is e)ery&here. 17 And if &e o en ' the &indo&s of o'r minds the tr'th &ill enter in and ma3e herself at home, for tr'th can find her &ay thro'%h any cre)ice, any &indo&, any o en door. 11 The rabbi said, 8hat hand is stron% eno'%h to o en ' the &indo&s and the doors of mind so tr'th can enter inC 1( And Jes's said, !t seems to me that lo)e, the %olden cord that binds the Ten Commands in one, is stron% eno'%h to o en any h'man door so that the tr'th can enter in and ca'se the heart to 'nderstand. 1+ -o&, in the e)enin% Jes's and his mother sat alone, and Jes's said, 1/ The rabbi seems to thin3 that #od is artial in his treatment of the sons of men, that Je&s are fa)o'red and are blest abo)e all other men. 10 ! do not see ho& #od can ha)e his fa)o'rites and be <'st. 11 Are not $amaritans and #ree3s and Romans <'st as m'ch the children of the Holy :ne as are the Je&sC 14 ! thin3 the Je&s ha)e b'ilt a &all abo't themsel)es, and they see nothin% on the other side of it. 15 They do not 3no& that flo&ers are bloomin% o)er there, that so&in% times and rea in% times belon% to anybody b't the Je&s. 16 !t s'rely &o'ld be &ell if &e co'ld brea3 do&n these barriers do&n so that the Je&s mi%ht see that #od has other children that are <'st as %reatly blest. (7 ! &ant to %o from Je&ry land and meet my 3in in other co'ntries of my ?atherland.

CHAPTER 15 Jes's at a feast in Jer'salem. !s %rie)ed by the cr'elties of the sacrificers. A Hillel, &ho sym athises &ith him. He remains in the tem le a year. eals to

THE %reat feast of the Je&s &as on, and Jose h, Mary and their son, and many of their 3in, &ent to Jer'salem. The child &as ten years old. ( And Jes's &atched the b'tchers 3ill the lambs and birds and b'rn them on the altar in the name of #od. + H!s tender heart &as shoc3ed at this dis lay of cr'elty, he as3ed the ser)in% riest, 8hat is the 'r ose of this sla'%hter of the beasts and birdsC 8hy do yo' b'rn their flesh before the 2ordC / The riest re lied, This is o'r sacrifice for sin. #od has commanded 's to do these thin%s, and said that in these sacrifices all o'r sins are blotted o't. 0 And Jes's said, 8ill yo' be 3ind eno'%h to tell &hen #od roclaimed that sins are blotted o't by sacrifice of any 3indC 1 Aid not Aa)id say that #od re='ires a sacrifice for sinC that it is a sin itself to brin% before his face b'rnt offerin%s, as offerin%s for sinC Aid not !saiah say the sameC 4 The riest re lied, My child yo' are beside yo'rself. Ao yo' 3no& more abo't the la&s of #od than all the riests of !sraelC This is no lace for boys to sho& their &it. 5 B't Jes's heeded not his ta'nts, he &ent to Hillel, chief of the $anhedrim, and he said to him, 6 Rabboni, ! &o'ld li3e to tal3 &ith yo', ! am dist'rbed abo't this ser)ice of the ascal feast. ! tho'%ht the tem le &as the ho'se of #od &here lo)e and 3indness d&ell.

17 Ao yo' not hear the bleatin% of those lambs, the leadin% of those do)es that men are 3illin% o)er thereC Ao yo' not smell that a&f'l stench that comes from b'rnin% fleshC 11 Can man be 3ind and <'st, and still be filled &ith cr'eltyC 1( A #od that ta3es deli%ht in sacrifice, in blood and b'rnin% flesh, is not my ?atherB #od. 1+ ! &ant to find a #od of lo)e, and yo', my master, yo' are &ise, and s'rely yo' can tell me &here to find the #od of lo)e. 1/ B't Hillel co'ld not %i)e an ans&er to the child. His heart &as stirred &ith sym athy. He called the child to him, he laid his hand ' on his head and &e t. 10 He said, There is a #od of lo)e, and yo' shall come &ith me, and hand in hand &e &ill %o forth and find the #od of lo)e. 11 And Jes's said, 8hy need &e %oC ! tho'%ht that #od &as e)ery&here. Can &e not 'rify o'r hearts and dri)e o't cr'elty, and e)ery &ic3ed tho'%ht, and ma3e &ithin, a tem le &here the #od of lo)e can d&ellC 14 The master of the %reat $anhedrim felt as tho'%h he &as himself the child, and that before him stood Rabboni, master of the hi%her la&. 15 He said &ithin himself, This child is s'rely ro het sent from #od. 16 Then Hillel so'%ht the arents of the child, and as3ed that Jes's mi%ht abide &ith them, and learn the rece ts of the la&, and all the lessons of the tem le riests. (7 His arents %a)e consent, and Jes's did abide &ithin the holy tem le in Jer'salem, and Hillel ta'%ht him e)ery day. (1 And e)ery day the master learned from Jes's many lessons of the hi%her life. (( The child remained &ith Hillel in the tem le for a year, and then ret'rned 'nto his home in -a.areth, and there he &ro'%ht &ith Jose h as a car enter.

CHAPTER 16 Jes's at the a%e of t&el)e in the tem le. Ais 'tes &ith the doctors of the la&. Reads from a boo3 of ro hecy. By re='est of Hillel he inter rets the ro hecies. A#A!- the %reat feast in Jer'salem &as on, and Jose h, Mary and their son &ere there. THe child &as t&el)e years old. ( And there &ere Je&s and roselytes from many co'ntries in Jer'salem. + And Jes's sat amon% the riests and doctors in the tem le hall. / And Jes's o ened ' a boo3 of ro hecy and read* 0 8oe, &oe to Ariel, the to&n &here Aa)id d&elt@ ! &ill dismantle Ariel, and she shall %roan and &ee * 1 And ! &ill cam a%ainst her ro'nd abo't &ith hostile osts, 4 And ! &ill brin% her lo& and she shall s ea3 o't of the earth, &ith m'ffled )oice li3e a familiar s irit shall she s ea3, yea she shall only &his er forth her s eech, 5 And foes 'nn'mbered, li3e the %rains of d'st, shall come ' on her s'ddenly. 6 The 2ord of Hosts &ill )isit her &ith th'nder and &ith tem est, and &ith storm, &ith earth='a3e, and &ith de)o'rin% flames. 17 2o, all these eo le ha)e deserted me. They dra& to me &ith s eech, and &ith their li s they hono'r me, their hearts are far remo)ed from me, their fear for me is that ins ired by man. 11 And ! &ill breath ' on my eo le, !sreal, the &isdom of their &ise men shall be lost, the 'nderstandin% of their r'dent men shall not be fo'nd.

1( My eo le see3 to hide their co'nsel from the 2ord, so that their &or3s may not be seen. They fain &o'ld co)er ' their &or3s &ith dar3ness of the ni%ht, and say, 8ho sees 's no&C 8ho 3no&s 's no&C 1+ Poor, foolish men@ shall that &hich has been made say of its ma3er, He is na'%ht, ! made myselfC 1/ :r shall the ot s ea3 o't and say to him, &ho made the ot, >o' ha)e no s3ill, yo' do not 3no&C 10 B't this &ill not for e)er be, the time &ill come &hen 2ebanon &ill be a fr'itf'l field, and fr'itf'l fields &ill be transformed to %ro)es. 11 And on that day the deaf &ill hear the &ords of #od, the blind &ill read the Boo3 of #od's Remembrance. 14 And s'fferin% ones &ill be relie)ed, and they &ill ha)e ab'ndant <oy, and e)ery one that needs &ill be s' lied, and it &ill come to ass that all the foolish &ill be &ise. 15 The eo le &ill ret'rn and sanctify the Holy :ne, and in their heart of hearts, lo, they &ill re)erence him. 16 8hen Jes's had th's read he 't aside the boo3 and said, >o' masters of the la&, &ill yo' ma3e lain for 's the ro het's &ordsC (7 -o&, Hillel sat amon% the masters of the la&, and he stood forth and said, Perha s o'r yo'n% rabboni &ho has read the &ord &ill be inter reter. (1 And Jes's said, The Ariel of the ro het is o'r o&n Jer'salem. (( By selfishness and cr'elty this eo le has become a stench 'nto the Elohim. (+ The ro het sa& these days from far, and of these times he &rote. (/ :'r doctors, la&yers, riests and scribes o ress the oor, &hile they themsel)es in l'D'ry li)e. (0 The sacrifices and the offerin%s of !srael are b't abomination 'nto #od. They only sacrifice that #od re='ires is self. (1 Beca'se of this in<'stice and this cr'elty of man to man, the Holy :ne has s o3en of this common&ealth* (4 2o, ! &ill o)ert'rn, yes, ! &ill o)ert'rn, it shall be o)ert'rned, and it shall be no more 'ntil he comes &hose ri%ht it is and ! &ill %i)e it 'nto him. (5 !n all the &orld there is one la& of ri%ht, and he &ho brea3s that la& &ill s'ffer %rief, for #od is <'st. (6 And !srael has %one far astray, has not re%arded <'stice, nor the ri%hts of man, and #od demands that !srael shall reform, and t'rn a%ain to &ays of holiness. +7 And if o'r eo le &ill not hear the )oice of #od, lo, nations from afar &ill come and sac3 Jer'salem, and tear o'r tem le do&n, and ta3e o'r eo le ca ti)e into forei%n lands. +1 B't this &ill not for e)er be, tho'%h they be scattered far and &ide, and &ander here and there amon% the nations of the earth, li3e shee that ha)e no she herd %'ide. +( The time &ill come &hen #od &ill brin% a%ain the ca ti)e hosts, for !srael shall ret'rn and d&ell in eace. ++ And after many years o'r tem le o'r tem le shall be b'ilt a%ain, and one &hom #od &ill hono'r, one in &hom the 're in heart deli%hts &ill come and %lorify the ho'se of #od, and rei%n in ri%hteo'sness. +/ 8hen Jes's had th's said, he ste ed aside, and all the eo le &ere ama.ed and said, This s'rely is the Christ.


After the feast. The home&ard <o'rney. The missin% Jes's. The search for him. His arents find him in the tem le. He %oes &ith them to -a.areth. $ymbolic meanin% of car enter's tools. THE %reat feast of the asch &as ended and the -a.arenes &ere <o'rneyin% to&ards their homes. ( And they &ere in $amaria, and Mary said, 8here is my sonC -o one had seen the boy. + And Jose h so'%ht amon% their 3indred &ho &ere on their &ay to #alilee, b't they had seen him not. / Then Jose h, Mary, and a son of ;ebedee, ret'rned and so'%ht thro'%h all Jer'salem, b't they co'ld find him not. 0 And then they &ent ' to the tem le co'rts and as3ed the %'ards, Ha)e yo' seen Jes's, a fairBhaired boy, &ith dee bl'e eyes, t&el)e years of a%e, abo't these co'rtsC 1 The %'ards re lied, >es, he is in the tem le no& dis 'tin% &ith the doctors of the la&. 4 And they &ent in, and fo'nd him as the %'ards had said. 5 And Mary said, 8hy Jes's, &hy do yo' treat yo'r arents th'sC 2o, &e ha)e so'%ht t&o days for yo'. 8e feared that some %reat harm had o)erta3en yo'. 6 And Jes's said, Ao yo' not 3no& that ! m'st be abo't my ?ather's &or3C 17 B't he &ent ro'nd and ressed the hand of e)ery doctor of the la& and said, ! tr'st that &e may meet a%ain. 11 And then he &ent forth &ith his arents on their &ay to -a.areth, and &hen they reached their home he &ro'%ht &ith Jose h as a car enter. 1( :ne day as he &as brin%in% forth the tools for &or3 he said, 1+ These tools remind me of the ones &e handle in the &or3sho of the mind &here thin%s &ere made of tho'%ht and &here &e b'ild ' character. 1/ 8e 'se the s='are to meas're all o'r lines, to strai%hten o't the croo3ed laces of the &ay, and ma3e the corners of o'r cond'ct s='are. 10 8e 'se the com ass to dra& circles ro'nd o'r assions and desires to 3ee them in the bo'nds of ri%hteo'sness. 11 8e 'se the aDe to c't a&ay the 3notty, 'seless and 'n%ainly arts and ma3e the character symmetrical. 14 8e 'se the hammer to dri)e home the tr'th, and o'nd it in 'ntil it is a art of e)ery art. 15 8e 'se the lane to smooth the ro'%h, 'ne)en s'rfaces of <oint, and bloc3, and board that %o to b'ild the tem le for the tr'th. 16 The chisel, line, the l'mmet and the sa& all ha)e their 'ses in the &or3sho of the mind. (7 And then this ladder &ith its trinity of ste s, faith, ho e and lo)e, on it &e climb ' to the dome of 'rity in life. (1 And on the t&el)eBste ladder &e ascend 'ntil &e reach the innacle of that &hich life is s ent to b'ildBBthe Tem le of Perfected Man.

$ECT!:- F! FA" 2ife and 8or3s of Jes's in !ndia

CHAPTER (1 Ra)anna sees Jes's in the tem le and is ca ti)ated. Hillel tells him abo't the boy. Ra)anna finds Jes's in -a.areth and %i)es a feast in his hono'r. Ra)anna becomes atron of Jes's, and ta3es him to !ndia to st'dy the Brahmic reli%ion. A R:>A2 rince of !ndia, Ra)anna of :rissa in the so'th, &as at the Je&ish feast. ( Ra)anna &as a man of &ealth, and he &as <'st, and &ith a band of Brahmic riests so'%ht &isdom in the 8est. + 8hen Jes's stood amon% the Je&ish riests and read and s o3e, Ra)anna heard and &as ama.ed. / And &hen he as3ed &ho Jes's &as, from &hence he came and &hat he &as, chief Hillel said, 0 8e call this child the Aay $tar from on hi%h, for he has come to brin% to men a li%ht, the li%ht of life, to li%hten ' the &ay of men and to redeem his eo le, !srael. 1 And Hillel told Ra)anna all abo't the child, abo't the ro hecies concernin% him, abo't the &onders of the ni%ht &hen he &as born, abo't the )isit of the ma%ian riests, 4 Abo't the &ay in &hich he &as rotected from the &rath of e)il men, abo't his fli%ht to E%y tBland, and ho& he then &as ser)in% &ith his father as a car enter in -a.areth. 5 Ra)anna &as entranced, and as3ed to 3no& the &ay to -a.areth, that he mi%ht %o and hono'r s'ch a one as son of #od. 6 And &ith his %or%eo's train he <o'rneyed on the &ay and came to -a.areth of #alilee. 17 He fo'nd the ob<ect of his search en%a%ed in b'ildin% d&ellin%s for the sons of men. 11 And &hen he first sa& Jes's he &as climbin% ' a t&el)e ste ladder, and he carried in his hands a com ass, s='are and aDe. 1( Ra)anna said, All hail, most fa)o'red son of hea)en@ 1+ And at the inn Ra)anna made a feast for all the eo le of the to&n, and Jes's and his arents &ere hono'red %'ests. 1/ ?or certain days Ra)anna &as a %'est in Jose h's home on Marmion 8ay, he so'%ht to learn the secret of the &isdom of the son, b't it &as all to %reat for him. 10 And then he as3ed that he mi%ht be the atron of the child, mi%ht ta3e him to the East &here he co'ld learn the &isdom of the Brahms. 11 And Jes's lon%ed to %o that he mi%ht learn, and after many days his arents %a)e consent. 14 Then, &ith ro'd heart, Ra)anna &ith his train, be%an the <o'rney to&ards the risin% s'n, and after many days they crossed the $ind, and reached the ro)ince of :rissa, and the alace of the rince. 15 The Brahmic riests &ere %lad to &elcome home the rince, &ith fa)o'r they recei)ed the Je&ish boy. 16 And Jes's &as acce ted as a ' il in the tem le Ja%annath, and here learned the Fedas and the Manic la&s. (7 The Brahmic masters &ondered at the clear conce tions of the child, and often &ere ama.ed &hen he eD lained to them the meanin% of the la&s.

CHAPTER (( The friendshi of Jes's and 2amaas. Jes's eD lains to 2amaas the meanin% of tr'th, man, o&er, 'nderstandin%, &isdom, sal)ation and faith.

AM:-# the riests of Ja%annath &as one &ho lo)ed the Je&ish boy. 2amaas Bramas &as the name by &hich the riest &as 3no&n. ( :ne day as Jes's and 2amaas &al3ed alone in la.a Ja%annath, 2amaas said, My Je&ish master, &hat is tr'thC + And Jes's said, Tr'th is the only thin% that chan%es not. / !n all the &orld there are t&o thin%s, the one is tr'th, the other falsehood is, and tr'th is that &hich is, and falsehood that &hich seems to be. 0 -o& tr'th is a'%ht, and has no ca'se, and yet it is the ca'se of e)erythin%. 1 ?alsehood is na'%ht, and yet it is the manifest of a'%ht. 4 8hate)er has been made &ill be 'nmade, that &hich be%ins m'st end. 5 All thin%s that can be seen by h'man eyes are manifests of a'%ht, are na'%ht, and so m'st ass a&ay. 6 The thin%s &e see are b't refleDes <'st a earin%, &hile the ethers )ibrate so and so, and &hen conditions chan%e they disa ear. 17 The Holy Breath is tr'th, is that &hich &as, and is, and e)ermore shall be, it cannot chan%e nor ass a&ay. 11 2amaas said, >o' ans&er &ell, no&, &hat is manC 1( And Jes's said, Man is the tr'th and falsehood stran%ely miDed. 1+ Man is the Breath made flesh, so tr'th and falsehood are con<oined in him, and they stri)e, and na'%ht %oes do&n and man as tr'th abides. 1/ A%ain 2amaas as3ed, 8hat do yo' say of o&erC 10 And Jes's said, !t is a manifest, is the res'lt of force, it is b't na'%ht, it is ill'sion, nothin% more. ?orce chan%es not, b't o&er chan%es as the ethers chan%e. 11 ?orce is the &ill of #od and is omni otent, and o&er is that &ill in manifest, directed by the Breath. 14 There is o&er in the &inds, a o&er in the &a)es, a o&er in the li%htnin%'s stro3e, a o&er in the h'man arm, a o&er in the eye. 15 The ethers ca'se there o&ers to be, and tho'%ht of Elohim, of an%el, man, or other thin3in% thin%, directs the force, &hen it has done its &or3 the o&er is no more. 16 A%ain 2amaas as3ed, :f 'nderstandin% &hat ha)e yo' to sayC (7 And Jes's said, !t is the roc3 on &hich man b'ilds himself, it is the %nosis of the a'%ht and of the na'%ht, of falsehood and of tr'th. (1 !t is the 3no&led%e of the lo&er self, the sensin% of the o&ers of man himself. (( A%ain 2amaas as3ed, :f &isdom &hat ha)e yo' to sayC (+ And Jes's said, !t is the conscio'sness that man is a'%ht, that #od and man are one, (/ That na'%ht is na'%ht, that o&er is b't ill'sion, that hea)en and earth and hell are not abo)e, aro'nd, belo&, b't in, &hich in the li%ht of a'%ht becomes the na'%ht, and #od is all. (0 2amaas as3ed, Pray, &hat is faithC (1 And Jes's said, ?aith is the s'rety of the omni otence of #od and man, the certainty that man &ill reach the deific life. (4 $al)ation is a ladder reachin% from the heart of man to heart of #od. (5 !t has three ste s, Belief is first, and this is &hat man thin3s, erha s, is tr'th. (6 And faith is neDt, and this is &hat man 3no&s is tr'th. +7 ?r'ition is the last, and this is man himself, the tr'th. +1 Belief is lost in faith, and in fr'ition is lost, and man is sa)ed &hen he has reached deific life, &hen he and #od are one.


Jes's and 2amaas amon% the s'dras and )isyas. !n Benares. Jes's becomes a of "dra3a. The lessons of "dra3a.

' il

-:8, Jes's &ith his friend 2amaas &ent thro'%h all the re%ions of :rissa, and the )alley of the #an%es, see3in% &isdom from the s'dras and the )isyas and the masters. ( Benares of the #an%es &as a city rich in c'lt're and in learnin%, here the t&o rabbonis tarried many days. + And Jes's so'%ht to learn the Hind' art of healin%, and became the ' il of "dra3a, %reatest of the Hind' healers. / "dra3a ta'%ht the 'ses of the &aters, lants and earths, of heat and cold, s'nshine and shade, of li%ht and dar3. 0 He said, The la&s of nat're are the la&s of health, and he &ho li)es accordin% to these la&s is ne)er sic3. 1 Trans%ression of these la&s is sin, and he &ho sins is sic3. 4 He &ho obeys the la&s, maintains an e='ilibri'm in all his arts, and th's ins'res tr'e harmony, and harmony is health, &hile discord is disease. 5 That &hich rod'ces harmony in all the arts of man is medicine, ins'rin% health. 6 The body is a har sichord, and &hen its strin%s are too relaDed, or are too tense, the instr'ment is o't of t'ne, the man is sic3. 17 -o&, e)erythin% in nat're has been made to meet the &ants of man, so e)erythin% is fo'nd in medical arcanes. 11 And &hen the har sichord of man is o't of t'ne the )ast eD anse of nat're may be searched for remedy, there is a c're for e)ery ailment of the flesh. 1( :f co'rse the &ill of man is remedy s' reme, and by the )i%oro's eDercise of &ill, man &ay ma3e tense a chord that is relaDed, or may relaD one that is too tense, and th's may heal himself. 1+ 8hen man has reached the lace &here he has faith in #od, in nat're and himself, he 3no&s the 8ord of o&er, his &ord is balm for e)ery &o'nd, is c're for all the ills of life. 1/ The healer is the man &ho can ins ire faith. The ton%'e may s ea3 to h'man ears, b't so'ls are reached by so'ls that s ea3 to so'ls. 10 He is the forcef'l man &hose so'l is lar%e, and &ho can enter into so'ls, ins irin% ho e in those &ho ha)e no ho e, and faith in those &ho ha)e no faith in #od, in nat're, nor in man. 11 There is no 'ni)ersal balm for those &ho tread the common &al3s of life. 14 A tho'sand thin%s rod'ce inharmony and ma3e men sic3, a tho'sand thin%s may t'ne the har sichord, and ma3e men &ell. 15 That &hich is medicine for one is oison for another one, so one is healed by &hat &o'ld 3ill another one. 16 An herb may heal the one, a drin3 of &ater may restore another one, a mo'ntain bree.e may brin% to life one seemin% ast all hel , (7 A coal of fire, or bit of earth, may c're another one, and one may &ash in certain streams, or ools, and be made &hole. (1 The )irt'e from the hand or breath may heal a tho'sand more, b't lo)e is ='een. Tho'%ht, reinforced by lo)e, is #od's %reat so)erei%n balm. (( B't many of the bro3en chords in life, and discords that so )eD the so'l, are ca'sed by e)il s irits of the air that men see not, that lead men on thro'%h i%norance to brea3 the la&s of nat're and of #od. (+ These o&ers act li3e demons, and they s ea3, they rend the man, they dri)e him to des air. (/ B't he &ho is a healer, tr'e, is master of the so'l, and can, by force of &ill, control these e)il ones.

(0 $ome s irits of the air are master s irits and are stron%, too stron% for h'man o&er alone, b't man has hel ers in the hi%her realms that may be im ort'ned, and they &ill hel to dri)e the demons o't. (1 :f &hat this %reat hysician said, this is the s'm. And Jes's bo&ed his head in reco%nition of the &isdom of this master so'l, and &ent his &ay.

CHAPTER (/ The Brahmic doctrine of castes. Jes's re 'diates it and teaches h'man e='ality. The riests are offended and dri)e him from the tem le. He abides &ith the s'dras and teaches them. ?:"R years the Je&ish boy abode in tem le Ja%annath. ( :ne day he sat amon% the riests and said to them, Pray, tell me all abo't yo'r )ie&s of castes, &hy do yo' say that all men are not e='al in the si%ht of #odC + A master of their la&s stood forth and said, The Holy :ne &hom &e call Brahm, made men to s'it himself, and men sho'ld not com lain. / !n the be%innin% days of h'man life Brahm s o3e, and fo'r men stood before his face. 0 -o&, from the mo'th of Parabrahm the first man came, and he &as &hite, &as li3e the Brahm himself, a brahman he &as called. 1 And he &as hi%h and lifted ' , abo)e all &ant he stood, he had no need of toil. 4 And he &as called the riest of Brahm, the holy one to act for Brahm in all affairs of earth. 5 The second man &as red, and from the hand of Parabrahm he came, and he &as called shatriya. 6 And he &as made to be the 3in%, the r'ler and the &arrior, &hose hi%hest ordained d'ty &as rotection of the riest. 17 And from the inner arts of Parabrahm the third man came, and he &as called a )isya. 11 He &as a yello& man, and his it &as to till the soil, and 3ee the floc3s and herds. 1( And from the feet of Parabrahm the fo'rth man came, and he &as blac3, and he &as called the s'dras, one of lo& estate. 1+ The s'dras is the ser)ant of the race of men, he has no ri%hts that others need res ect, he may not hear the Fedas read, and it means death to him to loo3 into the face of riest, or 3in%, and na'%ht b't death can free him from his state of ser)it'de. 1/ And Jes's said, Then Parabrahm is not a #od of <'stice and of ri%ht, for &ith his o&n stron% hand he has eD'lted one and bro'%ht another lo&. 10 And Jes's said no more to them, b't loo3in% ' to hea)en he said, 11 My ?atherB#od, &ho &as, and is, and e)ermore shall be, &ho holds &ithin thy hands the scales of <'stice and of ri%ht, 14 8ho in the bo'ndlessness of lo)e has made all men to e='al be. The &hite, the blac3, the yello&, and the red can loo3 ' in thy face and say, :'r ?atherB#od. 15 Tho' ?ather of the h'man race, ! raise thy name. 16 And all the riests &ere an%ered by the &ords &hich Jes's s o3e, they r'shed ' on him, sei.ed him, and &o'ld ha)e done him harm. (7 B't then 2amaas raised his hand and said, >o' riests of Brahm, be&are@ yo' 3no& not &hat yo' do, &ait till yo' 3no& the #od this yo'th adores. (1 ! ha)e beheld this boy at rayer &hen li%ht abo)e the li%ht of the s'n s'rro'nded him. Be&are@ his #od may be more o&erf'l than Brahm.

(( !f Jes's s ea3s the tr'th, if he is ri%ht, yo' cannot force him to desist, if he is &ron% and yo' are ri%ht, his &ords come to na'%ht, for ri%ht is mi%ht, and in the end it &ill re)ail. (+ And then the riests refrained from doin% Jes's harm, b't one s o3e o't and said, (/ 8ithin this holy lace has not this rec3less yo'th done )iolence to ParabrahmC The la& is lain, it says, He &ho re)iles the name of Brahm shall die. (0 2amaas led for Jes's' life, and then the reists <'st sei.ed a sco'r%e of cords and dro)e him from the lace. (1 And Jes's &ent his &ay and fo'nd shelter &ith the blac3 and yello& men, the ser)ants and the tiller of the soil. (4 To them he first made 3no&n the %os el of e='ality, he told them of the Brotherhood of Man, the ?atherhood of #od. (5 The common eo le heard him &ith deli%ht, and learned to ray, :'r ?atherB #od &ho art in hea)en.

CHAPTER (0 Jes's teaches the s'dras and farmers. Realates a arable of a nobleman and his 'n<'st sons. Ma3es 3no&n the ossibilities of all men. 8HE- Jes's sa& the s'dras and the farmers in s'ch m'ltit'des dra& near to hear his &ords, he s o3e a arable to them, he said* ( A nobleman ossessed a %reat estate, he had fo'r sons, and he &o'ld ha)e them all %ro& stron% by standin% forth and ma3in% 'se of all the talents they ossessed. + And so he %a)e to each a share of his %reat &ealth, and bade them %o their &ay. / The eldest son &as f'll of self, he &as ambitio's, shre&d and ='ic3 of tho'%ht. 0 He said &ithin himself, ! am the oldest son, and these, my brothers, m'st be ser)ants at my feet. 1 And then he called his brothers forth, and one he made a ' et 3in%, %a)e him a s&ord and char%ed him to defend the &hole estate. 4 To one he %a)e the 'se of lands and flo&in% &ells, and floc3s and herds, and bade him till the soil, and tend the floc3s and herds and brin% to him the choicest of his %ains. 5 And to the other one he said, >o' are the yo'n%est son, the broad estate has been assi%ned, yo' ha)e no art nor lot in anythin% that is. 6 And he too3 a chain and bo'nd his brother to a na3ed roc3 ' on a desert lain, and said to him, 17 >o' ha)e been born a sla)e, yo' ha)e no ri%hts, and yo' m'st be contented &ith yo'r lot, for there is no release for yo' 'ntil yo' die and %o from hence. 11 -o&, after certain years the day of rec3onin% came, the nobleman called ' his sons to render their acco'nts. 1( And &hen he 3ne& that one, his eldest son, had sei.ed the &hole estate and made his brothers sla)es, 1+ He sei.ed him, tore his riestly robes a&ay and 't him in a rison cell, &here he &as forced to stay 'ntil he had atoned for all the &ron%s that he had done. 1/ And then, as tho'%h they &ere b't toys, he thre& in air the throne and armo'r of the ' et 3in%, he bro3e his s&ord, and 't him in a rison cell. 10 And then he called his farmer son and as3ed him &hy he had not resc'ed from his %allin% chains his brother on the desert lains. 11 And &hen the son made ans&er not, the father too3 'nto himself the floc3s and herds, the fields and flo&in% &ells,

14 And sent his farmer son to li)e o't on the desert sands, 'ntil he had atoned for all the &ron%s that he had done. 15 And then the father &ent and fo'nd his yo'n%est son in cr'el chains, &ith his o&n hands he bro3e the chains and bade his son to %o in eace. 16 -o&, &hen the sons had all aid ' their debts they came a%ain and stood before the bar of ri%ht. (7 They all had learned their lessons, learned them &ell, and then the father once a%ain di)ided the estate. (1 He %a)e to each a share, and bade them reco%nise the la& of e='ity and ri%ht, and li)e in eace. (( And one, a s'dras, s o3e and said, May &e &ho are b't sla)es, &ho are c't do&n li3e beasts to satisfy the &hims of riestsBBmay &e ha)e ho e that one &ill come to brea3 o'r chains and set 's freeC (+ And Jes's said, The Holy :ne has said, that all his children shall be free, and e)ery so'l is child of #od. (/ The s'dras shall be free as riest, the farmer shall &al3 hand in hand &ith 3in%, for all the &orld &ill o&n the brotherhood of man. (0 : men, arise@ be conscio's of yo'r o&ers, for he &ho &ills need not remain a sla)e. (1 J'st li)e as yo' &o'ld ha)e yo'r brother li)e, 'nfold each day as does the flo&er, for earth is yo'rs, and hea)en is yo'rs, and #od &ill brin% yo' to yo'r o&n. (4 And all the eo le cried, $ho& 's the &ay that li3e the flo&er &e may 'nfold and come 'nto o'r o&n.

CHAPTER (1 Jes's at Eata3. The car of Ja%annath Jes's re)eals to the eo le the em tiness of Brahmic rites, and ho& to see #od in man. Teaches them the di)ine la& of sacrifice. !- all the cities of :rissa Jes's ta'%ht. At Eata3, by the ri)er side, he ta'%ht, and tho'sands of the eo le follo&ed him. ( :ne day a car of Ja%annath &as ha'led alon% by scores of fren.ied men, and Jes's said, + Behold, a form &itho't a s irit asses by, a body &ith no so'l, a tem le &ith no altar fires. / This car of Erishna is an em ty thin%, for Erishna is not there. 0 This car is b't an idol of a eo le dr'n3 on &ine of carnal thin%s. 1 #od li)es not in the noise of ton%'es, there is no &ay to him from any idol shrine. 4 #od's meetin% lace &ith man is in the heart, and in a still small )oice he s ea3s, and he &ho hears is still. 5 And all the eo le said, Teach 's to 3no& the Holy :ne &ho s ea3s &ithin the heart, #od of the still small )oice. 6 And Jes's said, The Holy Breath cannot be seen &ith mortal eyes, nor can men see the $ irits of the Holy, 17 B't in their ima%e man &as made, and he &ho loo3s into the face of man, loo3s at the ima%e of the #od &ho s ea3s &ithin. 11 And &hen man hono'rs man he hono'rs #od, and &hat man does for man, he does for #od. 1( And yo' m'st bear in mind that &hen man harms in tho'%ht, or &ord or deed another man, he does a &ron% to #od.

1+ !f yo' &o'ld ser)e the #od &ho s ea3s &ithin the heart, <'st ser)e yo'r near of 3in, and those that are no 3in, the stran%er at yo'r %ates, the foe &ho see3s to do yo' harm, 1/ Assist the oor, and hel the &ea3, do harm to none, and co)et not &hat is not yo'rs, 10 Then, &ith yo'r ton%'e the Holy :ne &ill s ea3, and he &ill smile behind yo'r tears, &ill li%ht yo'r co'ntenance &ith <oy, and fill yo'r hearts &ith eace. 11 And then the eo le as3ed. To &hom shall &e brin% %iftsC 8here shall &e offer sacrificeC 14 And Jes's said, :'r ?atherB#od as3s not for needless &aste of lant,of %rain, of do)e, of lamb. 15 That &hich yo' b'rn on any shrine yo' thro& a&ay. -o blessin%s can attend the one &ho ta3es the food from h'n%ry mo'ths to be destroyed by fire. 16 8hen yo' &o'ld offer sacrifice 'nto o'r #od, <'st ta3e yo'r %ift of %rain, or meat and lay it on the table of the oor. (7 ?rom it an incense &ill arise to hea)en, &hich &ill ret'rn to yo' &ith blessedness. (1 Tear do&n yo'r idols, they can hear yo' not, t'rn all yo'r sacrificial altars into f'el for the flames. (( Ma3e h'man hearts yo'r altars, and b'rn yo'r sacrifices &ith the fire of lo)e. (+ And all the eo le &ere entranced, and &o'ld ha)e &orshi ed Jes's as a #od, b't Jes's said, (/ ! am yo'r brother man <'st come to sho& to &ay to #od, yo' shall not &orshi man, raise #od, the Holy :ne.

CHAPTER (4 Jes's attends a feast in Behar. Preaches a re)ol'tionary sermon on h'man e='ality. Relates the arable of the bro3en blades. THE fame of Jes's as a teacher s read thro'%h all the land, and eo le came from near and far to hear his &ords of tr'th. ( At Behar, on the sacred ri)er of the Brahms, he ta'%ht for many days. + And Ach, a &ealthy man of Behar, made a feast in hono'r of his %'est, and he in)ited e)ery one to come. / And many came, amon% them thie)es, eDtortioners, and co'rtesans. And Jes's sat &ith them and ta'%ht, b't they &ho follo&ed him &ere m'ch a%%rie)ed beca'se he sat &ith thie)es and co'rtesans. 0 And they ' braided him, they said, Rabboni, master of the &ise, this day &ill be an e)il day for yo'. 1 The ne&s &ill s read that yo' consort &ith co'rtesans and thie)es, and men &ill sh'n yo' as they sh'n an as . 4 And Jes's ans&ered them and said, A master ne)er screens himself for sa3e of re 'tation or of fame. 5 These are b't &orthless ba'bles of the day, they rise and sin3, li3e em ty bottles on a stream, they are ill'sions and &ill ass a&ay, 6 They are the indices to &hat the tho'%htless thin3, they are the noise that eo le ma3e, and shallo& men <'d%e merit by noise. 17 #od and all master men <'d%e men by &hat they are and not by &hat they seem to be, not by their re 'tation and their fame. 11 These co'rtesans and thei)es are children of my ?atherB#od, their so'l are <'st as recio's in his si%ht as yo'rs, or of the Brahmic riests.

1( And they are &or3in% o't the same life s'ms that yo', &ho ride yo'rsel)es on yo'r res ectability and moral &orth, are &or3in% o't. 1+ And some of them ha)e sol)ed m'ch harder s'ms than yo' ha)e sol)ed, yo' men &ho loo3 at them &ith scorn. 1/ >es, they are sinners, and confess their %'ilt, &hile yo' are %'ilty, b't are shre&d eno'%h to ha)e olished coat to co)er ' yo'r %'ilt. 10 $' ose yo' men &ho scorn these co'rtesans, these dr'n3ards and these thie)es, &ho 3no& that yo' are 're in heart and life, that yo' are better far than they, stand forth that men may 3no& <'st &ho yo' are. 11 The sin lies in the &ish, in the desire, not in the act. 14 >o' co)et other eo le's &ealth, yo' loo3 at charmin% forms, and dee &ithin yo'r hearts yo' l'st for them. 15 Aeceit yo' ractice e)ery day, and &ish for %old, for hono'r and for fame, <'st for yo'r selfish sel)es. 16 The man &ho co)ets is a thief, and she &ho l'sts is co'rtesan. >o' &ho are none of these s ea3 o't. (7 -obody s o3e, the acc'sers held their eace. (1 And Jes's said, The roof this day is all a%ainst those &ho ha)e acc'sed. (( The 're in heart do not acc'se. The )ile in heart &ho &ant to co)er ' their %'ilt &ith holy smo3e of iety are e)er loathin% dr'n3ard, thief and co'rtesan. (+ This loathin% and this scorn is moc3ery, for if the tinselled coat of re 'tation co'ld be torn a&ay, the lo'd rofessor &o'ld be fo'nd to re)el in his l'st, deceit and many forms of secret sin. (/ The man &ho s ends his time in 'llin% other eo le's &eeds can ha)e no time to 'll his o&n, and all the choicest flo&ers of life &ill soon be cho3ed and die, and nothin% &ill remain b't darnel, thistles, b'rs. (0 And Jes's s o3e a arable* he said, Behold, a farmer had %reat fields of ri ened %rain, and &hen he loo3ed he sa& that blades of many stal3s of &heat &ere bent and bro3en do&n. (1 And &hen he sent his rea ers forth he said, 8e &ill not sa)e the stal3s of &heat that ha)e the bro3en blades. (4 #o forth and c't and b'rn the stal3s &ith bro3en blades. (5 And after many days he &ent to meas're ' his %rain, b't not a 3ernel co'ld be find. (6 And then he called the har)esters and said to them, 8here is my %rainC +7 They ans&ered him and said, 8e did accordin% to yo'r &ord, &e %athered ' and b'rned the stal3s &ith bro3en blades, and not a stal3 &as left to carry to the barn. +1 And Jes's said, !f #od sa)es only those &ho ha)e no bro3en blades, &ho ha)e been erfect in his si%ht, &ho &ill be sa)edC +( And the acc'sers h'n% their heads in shame, and Jes's &ent his &ay.

CHAPTER (5 "dra3a %i)es a feast in Jes's' hono'r. Jes's s ea3s on the 'nity of #od and the brotherhood of life. Criticises the riesthood. Becomes the %'est of a farmer. BE-ARE$ is the sacred city of the Brahms, and in Benares Jes's ta'%ht, "dra3a &as his host. ( "dra3a made a feast in hono'r of his %'est, and many hi%h born Hind' riests and scribes &ere there.

+ And Jes's said to them, 8ith m'ch deli%ht ! s ea3 to yo' concernin% lifeBBthe brotherhood of life. / The 'ni)ersal #od is one, yet he is more than one, all thin%s are #od, all thin%s are one. 0 By the s&eet breaths of #od all life is bo'nd in one, so if yo' to'ch a fibre of a li)in% thin% yo' send a thrill from the centre to the o'ter bo'nds of life. 1 And &hen yo' cr'sh beneath yo'r foot the meanest &orm, yo' sha3e the throne of #od, and ca'se the s&ord of ri%ht to tremble in its sheath. 4 The bird sin%s o't its son% for men, and men )ibrate in 'nison to hel it sin%. 5 The ant constr'cts her home, the bee its shelterin% comb, the s ider &ea)es her &eb, and flo&ers breath to them a s irit in their s&eet erf'mes that %i)es them stren%th to toil. 6 -o&, men and birds and beasts and cree in% thin%s are deities, made flesh, and ho& dare men 3ill anythin%C 17 'Tis cr'elty that ma3es the &orld a&ry. 8hen men ha)e learned that &hen they harm a li)in% thin% they harm themsel)es, they s'rely &ill not 3ill, nor ca'se a thin% that #od has made to s'ffer ain. 11 A la&yer said,! ray yo', Jes's, tell &ho is this #od yo' s ea3 abo't, &here are his riests, his tem les and his shrinesC 1( And Jes's said, The #od ! s ea3 abo't is e)ery&here, he cannot be com assed &ith &alls, nor hed%ed abo't &ith bo'nds of any 3ind. 1+ All eo le &orshi #od, the :ne, b't all the eo le see him not ali3e. 1/ This 'ni)ersal #od is &isdom, &ill and lo)e. 10 All men see not the Tri'ne #od. :ne sees him as the #od of mi%ht, another as the #od of tho'%ht, another as the #od of lo)e. 11 A man's ideal is his #od, and so, as man 'nfolds. Man's #od toBday, toBmorro& is not #od. 14 The nations of the earth see #od from different oints of )ie&, and so he does not seem the same to e)ery one. 15 Man names the art of #od he sees, and this to him is all of #od, and e)ery nation sees a art of #od, and e)ery nation has a name for #od. 16 >o' Brahmans call him Parabrahm, in E%y t he is Thoth, and ;e's is his name in #reece, Jeho)ah is his Hebre& name, b't e)ery&here he is the ca'seless Ca'se, the rootless Root from &hich all thin%s ha)e %ro&n. (7 8hen men become afraid of #od, and ta3e him for a foe, they dress ' other men in fancy %arbs and call them riests. (1 And char%e them to restrain the &rath of #od by rayers, and &hen they fail to &in his fa)o'r by their rayers, to b'y him off &ith sacrifice of animal, or bird. (( 8hen man sees #od as one &ith him, as ?atherB#od, he needs no middle man, no riest to intercede, (+ He %oes strai%ht ' to him and says, My ?atherB #od@ and then he lays his hand in #od's o&n hand, and all is &ell. (/ And this is #od. >o' are, each one, a riest, <'st for yo'rself, and sacrifice of blood #od does not &ant. (0 J'st %i)e yo'r life in sacrificial ser)ice to all of life, and #od is leased. (1 8hen Jes's had th's said he stood aside, the eo le &ere ama.ed, b't stro)e amon% themsel)es. (4 $ome said, He is ins ired by Holy Brahm, and others said, He is insane, and others said, He is obsessed, he s ea3s as de)ils s ea3. (5 B't Jes's tarried not. Amon% the %'ests &as one, a tiller of the soil, a %enero's so'l, a see3er after tr'th, &ho lo)ed the &ords that Jes's s o3e, and Jes's &ent &ith him, and in his home abode.

CHAPTER (6 A<ainin, a riest from 2ahore, comes to Benares to see Jes's, and abides in the tem le. Jes's ref'ses an in)itation to )isit the tem le. A<ainin )isits him at ni%ht in the farmer's home, and acce ts his hiloso hy. AM:-# Benares' tem le riests &as one, a %'est, A<ainan, from 2ahore. ( By merchantmen A<ainin heard abo't the Je&ish boy, abo't his &ords of &isdom, and he %irt himself and <o'rneyed from 2ahore that he mi%ht see the boy, and hear him s ea3. + The Brahmic riests did not acce t the tr'th that Jes's bro'%ht, and they &ere an%ered m'ch by &hat he said at the "dra3a feast. / B't they had ne)er seen the boy, and they desired m'ch to hear him s ea3, and they in)ited him to be a tem le %'est. 0 B't Jes's said to them, The li%ht is most ab'ndant, and it shines for all, if yo' &o'ld see the li%ht come to the li%ht. 1 !f yo' &o'ld hear the messa%e that the Holy :ne has %i)en me to %i)e to men, come 'nto me. 4 -o&, &hen the riests &ere told &hat Jes's said they &ere enra%ed. 5 A<ainin did not share their &rath, and he sent forth another messen%er &ith costly %ifts to Jes's at the farmer's home, he sent this messa%e &ith the %ifts* 6 ! ray yo' master, listen to my &ords, The Brahmic la& forbids that any riest shall %o into the home of any one of lo& estate, b't yo' can come to 's, 17 And ! am s're these riests &ill %ladly hear yo' s ea3. ! ray that yo' &ill come and dine &ith 's this day. 11 And Jes's said, The Holy :ne re%ards all men ali3e, the d&ellin% of my host is %ood eno'%h for any co'ncil of the sons of men. 1( !f ride of cast 3ee s yo' a&ay, yo' are not &orthy of the li%ht. My ?atherB#od does not re%ard the la&s of man. 1+ >o'r resents ! ret'rn, yo' cannot b'y the 3no&led%e of the 2ord &ith %old, or recio's %ifts. 1/ These &ords of Jes's an%ered more and more the riests, and they be%an to lot and lan ho& they mi%ht dri)e him from the land. 10 A<ainin did not <oin &ith them in lot and lan, he left the tem le in the ni%ht, and so'%ht the home &here Jes's d&elt. 11 And Jes's said, There is no ni%ht &here shines the s'n, ! ha)e no secret messa%es to %i)e, in li%ht all secrets are re)ealed. 14 A<ainin said, ! came from farBa&ay 2ahore, that ! mi%ht learn abo't this ancient &isdom, and this 3in%dom of the Holy :ne of &hich yo' s ea3. 15 8here is the 3in%domC &here the 3in%C 8ho are the s'b<ectsC &hat its la&sC 16 And Jes's said, This 3in%dom is not far a&ay, b't man &ith mortal eyes can see it not, it is &ithin the heart. (7 >o' need not see3 the 3in% in earth, or sea, or s3y, he is not there, and yet is e)ery&here. He is the Christ of #od, is 'ni)ersal lo)e. (1 The %ate of this dominion is not hi%h, and he &ho enters it m'st fall do&n on his 3nees. !t is not &ide, and none can carry carnal b'ndles thro'%h. (( The lo&er self m'st be transm'ted into s iritBself, the body m'st be &ashed in li)in% streams of 'rity. (+ A<ainin as3ed, Can ! become a s'<ect of this 3in%C (/ And Jes's said, >o' are yo'rself a 3in%, and yo' may enter thro'%h the %ate and be a s'b<ect of the Ein% of 3in%s. (0 B't yo' m'st lay aside yo'r riestly robes, m'st cease to ser)e the Holy :ne for %old, m'st %i)e yo'r life, and all yo' ha)e, in &illin% ser)ice to the sons of men.

(1 And Jes's said no more, A<ainin &ent his &ay, and &hile he co'ld not com rehend the tr'th that Jes's s o3e, he sa& &hat he had ne)er seen before. (4 The realm of faith he ne)er had eD lored, b't in his heart the seeds of faith and 'ni)ersal brotherhood had fo'nd %ood soil. (5 And as he <o'rneyed to his home he seemed to slee , to ass thro'%h dar3est ni%ht, and &hen he &o3e the $'n of Ri%hteo'sness had arisen, he had fo'nd the 3in%. (6 -o&, in Benares Jes's tarried many days and ta'%ht.

CHAPTER +7 Jes's recei)es ne&s of the death of his father. He &rites a letter to his mother. The letter. He sends it on its &ay by a merchant. :-E day as Jes's stood beside the #an%es b'sy &ith his &or3, a cara)an, ret'rnin% from the 8est, dre& near. ( And one, a roachin% Jes's, said, 8e come to yo' from yo'r nati)e land and brin% 'n&elcome ne&s. + >o'r father is no more on earth, yo'r mother %rie)es, and none can comfort her. $he &onders &hether yo' are still ali)e or not, she lon%s to see yo' once a%ain. / And Jes's bo&ed his head in silent tho'%ht, and then he &rote. :f &hat he &rote this is the s'm* 0 My mother, noblest of the &oman3ind, A man <'st from my nati)e land has bro'%ht me &ord that father is no more in flesh, and that yo' %rie)e, and are disconsolate. 1 My mother, all is &ell, is &ell for father and is &ell for yo'. 4 His &or3 in this earthBro'nd is done, and it is nobly done. 5 !n all the &al3s of life men cannot char%e him &ith deceit, dishonesty, nor &ron% intent. 6 Here in this ro'nd he finished many hea)y tas3s, and he has %one from hence re ared to sol)e the roblems of the ro'nd of so'l. 17 :'r ?atherB#od is &ith him there, as he &as &ith him here, and there his an%el %'ards his footsste s lest he %oes astray. 11 8hy sho'ld yo' &ee C Tears cannot con='er %rief. There is no o&er in %rief to mend a bro3en heart. 1( The lane of %rief is idleness, the b'sy so'l can ne)er %rie)e, it has no time for %rief. 1+ 8hen %rief come troo in% thro'%h the heart, <'st lose yo'rself, l'n%e dee into the ministry of lo)e, and %rief is not. 1/ >o'rs is a ministry of lo)e, and all the &orld is callin% o't for lo)e. 10 Then let the ast %o &ith the ast, rise from the cares fo carnal thin%s and %i)e yo'r life for those &ho li)e. 11 And if yo' lose yo'r life in ser)in% life yo' &ill s're to find in it the mornin% s'n, the e)enin% de&s, in son% of bird, in flo&ers, and in the stars of ni%ht. 14 !n <'st a little &hile yo'r roblems of this earthBro'nd &ill be sol)ed, and &hen yo'r s'ms are all &or3ed o't it &ill be leas're 'nalloyed for yo' to enter &ider fields of 'sef'lness, to sol)e the %reater roblems of the so'l. 15 $tri)e, then, to be content, and ! &ill come to yo' some day and brin% yo' richer %ifts than %old or recio's stones. 16 !'m s're that John &ill care for yo', s' lyin% all yo'r needs, and ! am &ith yo' all the &ay, Jehosh'a.

(7 And by the hand of one, a merchant, %oin% to Jer'salem, he sent this letter on its &ay.

CHAPTER +1 Brahmic riests are enra%ed beca'se of Jes's' teachin% and resol)e to dri)e him from !ndia. 2amaas leads for him. Priests em loy a m'rderer to 3ill him. 2amaas &arns him and he flees to -e el. THE &ords and &or3s of Jes's ca'sed 'nrest thro'%h all the land. ( The common eo le &ere his friends, belie)ed in him and follo&ed him in thon%s. + The riests and r'lers &ere afraid of him, his )ery name sent terror to their hearts. / He reached the brotherhood of life, the ri%hteo'sness of e='al ri%hts, and ta'%ht the 'selessness of riests, and sacrificial rites. 0 He shoo3 the )ery sand on &hich the Brahmic system stood, he made the Brahmic idols seem so small, and sacrifice so fra'%ht &ith sin, that shrines and &heels of rayer &ere all for%ot. 1 The riests declared that if this Je&ish boy sho'ld tarry lon%er in the land a re)ol'tion &o'ld occ'r, the common eo le &o'ld arise and 3ill the riests, and tear the tem les do&n. 4 And so they sent a call abroad, and riests from e)ery ro)ince came. Benares &as on fire &ith Brahmic .eal. 5 2amaas from the tem le Ja%annath, &ho 3ne& the inner life of Jes's &ell, &as in their midst, and heard the rantin%s of the riests, 6 And he stood forth and said, My brother riests, ta3e heed, be caref'l &hat yo' do, this is a recordBma3in% day. 17 The &orld is loo3in% on, the )ery life of Brahmic tho'%ht is no& on trial. 11 !f &e are reasonBblind, if re<'dice be 3in% toBday, if &e resort to beastly force, and dye o'r hands in blood that may, in si%ht of Brahm, be innocent and 're, 1( His )en%eance may fall do&n on 's, the )ery roc3 on &hich &e stand may b'rst beneath o'r feet, and o'r belo)ed riesthood, and o'r la&s and shrines &ill %o into decay. 1+ B't they &o'ld let him s ea3 no more. The &rathf'l riests r'shed ' and beat him, s it ' on him, called him traitor, thre& him, bleedin%, to the street. 1/ And then conf'sion rei%ned, the riests became a mob, the si%ht of h'man blood led on to fiendish acts and called for more. 10 The r'lers, fearin% &ar, so'%ht Jes's, and they fo'nd him calmly teachin% in the mar3et lace. 11 They 'r%ed him to de art, that he mi%ht sa)e his life, b't he ref'sed to %o. 14 And then the riests so'%ht ca'se for his arrest, b't he had done no crime. 15 And then false char%es &ere referred, b't &hen the soldiers &ent to brin% him to the <'d%ement hall they &ere afraid, beca'se the eo le stood in his defence. 16 The riests &ere baffled, and they resol)ed to ta3e his life by stealth. (7 They fo'nd a man &ho &as a m'rderer by trade, and sent him o't by ni%ht to slay the ob<ect of their &rath. (1 2amaas heard abo't their lottin% and their lans, and sent a messen%er to &arn his friend, and Jes's hastened to de art. (( By ni%ht he left Benares, and &ith haste he <o'rneyed to the north, and e)ery&here, the farmers, merchants and s'dras hel ed him on his &ay. (+ And after many days he reached the mi%hty Himalayas, and in the city of Ea i)ast' he abode.

(/ The riests of B'ddha o ened &ide their tem le doors for him.

CHAPTER +( Jes's and Barata. To%ether they read the sacred boo3s. Jes's ta3es eDce tion to the B'ddhist doctrine of e)ol'tion and re)eals the tr'e ori%in of man. Meets Fidya ati, &ho becomes his coBlabo'rer. AM:-# the B'ddhist riests &as one &ho sa& a lofty &isdom in the &ords that Jes's s o3e. !t &as Barata Arabo. ( To%ether Jes's and Barata read the Je&ish Psalms and Pro hets, read the Fedas, the A)esta and the &isdom of #a'tama. + And as they read and tal3ed abo't the ossibilities of man, Barata said, / Man is the mar)el of the 'ni)erse. He is art of e)erythin% for he has been a li)in% thin% on e)ery lane of life. 0 Time &as &hen man &as not, and he &as bit of formless s'bstance in the mo'lds of time, and then a roto last. 1 By 'ni)ersal la& all thin%s tend ' &ard to a state of erfectness. The roto last e)ol)ed, becomin% &orm, then re tile, bird and beast, and then at last it reached the form of man. 4 -o&, man himself is mind, and mind is here to %ain erfection by eD erience, and mind is often manifest in fleshy form, and in the form best s'ited to its %ro&th. $o mind may manifest as &orm, or bird, or beast, or man. 5 The time &ill come &hen e)erthin% of life &ill be e)ol)ed 'nto the state of erfect man. 6 And after man is man in erfectness, he &ill e)ol)e to hi%her forms of life. 17 And Jes's said, Barata Arabo, &ho ta'%ht yo' this, that mind, &hich is the man, may manifest in flesh of beast, or bird, or cree in% thin%C 11 Barata said, ?rom times &hich man remembers not o'r riests ha)e told 's so, and so &e 3no&. 1( And Jes's said, Enli%htened Arabo, are yo' a master mind and do not 3no& that man 3no&s na'%ht by bein% toldC 1+ Man may belie)e &hat others say, b't th's he ne)er 3no&s. !f man &o'ld 3no&, he m'st himself be &hat he 3no&s. 1/ Ao yo' remember, Arabo, &hen yo' &ere a e, or bird, or &ormC 10 -o&, if yo' ha)e no better ro)in% of yo'r lea than that the riests ha)e told yo' so, yo' do not 3no&, yo' sim ly %'ess. 11 Re%ard not, then, &hat any man has said, let 's for%et the flesh, and %o &ith mind into the land of fleshless thin%s, mind ne)er does for%et. 14 And bac3&ard thro'%h the a%es master minds can trace themsel)es, and th's they 3no&. 15 Time ne)er &as &hen man &as not. 16 That &hich be%ins &ill ha)e an end. !f man &as not, the time &ill come &hen he &ill not eDist. (7 ?rom #od's o&n Record Boo3 &e read* The Tri'ne #od breathed forth, and se)en $ irits stood before his face. GThe Hebre&s call these se)en $ irits, Elohim.H (1 And these are they &ho, in their bo'ndless o&er, created e)erythin% that is, or &as. (( These $ irits of the Tri'ne #od mo)ed on the face of bo'ndless s ace and se)en ethers &ere, and e)ery ether had its form of life. (+ These forms of life &ere b't the tho'%hts of #od, clothed in the s'bstance of their ether lanes.

(/ GMen call these ether lanes the lanes of roto last, of earth, of lant, of beast, of man, of an%el and of cher'bim.H (0 These lanes &ith all their teemin% tho'%hts of #od, are ne)er seen by eyes of man in flesh, they are com osed of s'bstance far too fine for fleshy eyes to see, and still they constit'te the so'l of thin%s, (1 And &ith the eyes of so'l all creat'res see these ether lanes, and all forms of life. (4 Beca'se all forms of life on e)ery lane are tho'%hts of #od, all creat'res thin3, and e)ery creat're is ossessed of &ill, and, in its meas're, has the o&er to choose, (5 And in their nati)e lanes all creat'res are s' lied &ith no'rishment from the ethers of their lanes. (6 And so it &as &ith e)ery li)in% thin% 'ntil the &ill became a sl'%%ish &ill, and then the ethers of the roto last, the earth, the lant, the beast, the man, be%an to )ibrate )ery slo&. +7 The ethers all became more dense, and all the creat'res of these lanes &ere clothed &ith coarser %arbs, the %arbs of flesh, &hich men can see, and th's this coarser manifest, &hich men call hysical, a eared. +1 And this is &hat is called the fall of man, b't man fell not alone for roto last, and earth, and lant and beast &ere all incl'ded in the fall. +( The an%els and the cher'bim fell not, their &ills &ere e)er stron%, and so they held the ethers of their lanes in harmony &ith #od. ++ -o&, &hen the ethers reached the rate of atmos here, and all the creat'res of these lanes m'st %et their food from atmos here, the conflict came, and that &hich the finite man ahs called, s'r)i)al of the best, became the la&, +/ The stron%er ate the bodies of the &ea3er manifests, and here is &here the carnal la& of e)ol'tion had its rise. +0 And no& man, in his 'tter shamelessness, stri3es do&n and eats the beasts, the beast cons'mes the lant, the lant thri)es on the earth, the earth absorbs the roto last. +1 !n yonder 3in%dom of the so'l this carnal e)ol'tion is not 3no&n, and the %reat &or3 of master minds is to restore the herita%e of man, to brin% him bac3 to his estate that he has lost, &hen he a%ain &ill li)e ' on the ethers of his nati)e lane. +4 The tho'%hts of #od chan%e not, the manifests of life on e)ery lane 'nfold into erfection of their 3ind, and as the tho'%hts of #od can ne)er die, there is no death to any bein% of the se)en ethers of the se)en $ irits of the Tri'ne #od. +5 And so an earth is ne)er lant, a beast, or bird, or cree in% thin% is ne)er man, and man is not, and cannot be, a beast, or bird, or cree in% thin%. +6 The time &ill come &hen all these se)en manifests &ill be absorbed, and man, and beast, and lant, and earth and roto last &ill be redeemed. /7 Barata &as ama.ed, the &isdom of the Je&ish sa%e &as a re)elation 'nto him. /1 -o&, Fidya ati, &isest of the !ndian sa%es, chief of tem le Ea a)ist', heard Barata s ea3 to Jes's of the ori%in of man, and heard the ans&er of the Hebre& ro het, and he said, /( >o' riests of Ea a)ist', hear me s ea3* 8e stand toBday ' on a crest of time. $iD times a%o a master so'l &as born &ho %a)e a %lory li%ht to man, and no& a master sa%e stands here in tem le Ea a)ist'. /+ This Hebre& ro het is the risin% star of &isdom, diefied. He brin%s to 's a 3no&led%e of the secrets thin%s of #od, and all the &orld &ill hear his &ords, &ill heed his &ords, and %lorify his name. // >o' riests of tem le Ea a)ist', stay@ be still and listen &hen he s ea3s, he is the 2i)in% :racle of #od. /0 And all the riests %a)e than3s, and raised the B'ddha of enli%htenment.

CHAPTER ++ Jes's teaches the common eo le at a s rin%. Tells them ho& to attain 'nto ha iness. Relates the arable of the roc3y field and the hidden treas're. !- silent meditation Jes's sat beside a flo&in% s rin%. !t &as a holy day, and many eo le of the ser)ant caste &ere near the lace. ( And Jes's sa& the hard dra&n lines of toil on e)ery bro&, in e)ery hand. There &as no loo3 of <oy in any face. -ot one of all the %ro' co'ld thin3 of anythin% b't toil. + And Jes's s o3e to one and said, 8hy are yo' all so sadC Ha)e yo' no ha iness in lifeC / The man re lied, 8e scarely 3no& the meanin% of that &ord. 8e toil to li)e, and ho e for nothin% else b't toil, and bless the day &hen &e can cease o'r toil and lay 's do&n to rest in B'ddha's city of the dead. 0 And Jes's' heart &as stirred &ith ity and &ith lo)e for these oor toilers, and he said, 1 Toil sho'ld not ma3e a erson sad, men sho'ld be ha iest &hen they toil. 8hen ho e and lo)e are bac3 of toil, then all of life is filled &ith <oy and eace, and this is hea)en. Ao yo' not 3no& that s'ch a hea)en is for yo'C 4 The man re lied, :f hea)en &e ha)e heard, b't then it is so far a&ay, and &e m'st li)e so many li)es before &e can reach that lace@ 5 And Jes's said, My brother, man, yo'r tho'%hts are &ron%, yo'r hea)en is not far a&ay, and it is not a lace of metes and bo'nds, is not a co'ntry to be reached, it is a state of mind. 6 #od ne)er made a hea)en for man, he ne)er made a hell, &e are creators and &e ma3e o'r o&n. 17 -o&, cease to see3 for hea)en in the s3y, <'st o en ' the &indo&s of the hearts, and, li3e a flood of li%ht, a hea)en &ill come and brin% a bo'ndless <oy, then toil &ill be no cr'el tas3. 11 The eo le &ere ama.ed, and %athered close to hear this stran%e yo'n% master s ea3, 1( !m lorin% him to tell them more abo't the ?atherB#od, abo't the hea)en that men can ma3e on earth, abo't the bo'ndless <oy. 1+ And Jes's s o3e a arable, he said, A certain man ossessed a field, the soil &as hard and oor. 1/ By constant toil he scarcely co'ld ro)ide eno'%h of food to 3ee his family from &ant. 10 :ne day a miner &ho co'ld see beneath the soil, in assin% on his &ay, sa& this oor man and his 'nfr'itf'l field. 11 He called the &eary toiler and he said, My brother, 3no& yo' not that <'st belo& the s'rface of yo'r barren field rich treas'res lie concealedC 14 >o' lo'%h and so& and rea in scanty &ay, and day by day yo' tread ' on a mine of %old and recio's stones. 15 This &ealth lies not ' on the s'rface of the %ro'nd, b't if yo' &ill di% a&ay the roc3y soil, and del)e do&n dee into the earth, yo' need no lon%er till the soil for na'%ht. 16 The man belei)ed. The miner s'rely 3no&s, he said, and ! &ill find the treas'res hidden in my field. (7 And then he d'% a&ay the roc3y soil, and dee do&n in the earth he fo'nd a mine of %old.

(1 And Jes's said, The sons of men are toilin% hard on desert lains, and b'rnin% sands and roc3y soils, are doin% &hat there fathers did, not dreamin% they can do a'%ht else. (( Behold, a master comes, and tells them of a hidden &ealth, that 'nderneath the roc3y soil of carnal thin%s are treas'res that no man can co'nt, (+ That in the heart the richest %ems abo'nd, that he &ho &ills may o en the door and find them all. (/ And then the eo le said, Ma3e 3no&n to 's the &ay that &e may find the &ealth that lies &ithin the heart. (0 And Jes's o ened ' the &ay, the toilers sa& another side of life, and toil became a <oy.

CHAPTER +/ The J'bilee in Ea a)ist'. Jes's teaches in the la.a and the eo le are astonished. He relates the arable of the 'n3e t )ineyard and the )ine dresser. The riests are an%ered by his &ords. !T &as a %ala day in sacred Ea a)ista, a thron% of B'ddhist &orshi ers had met to celebrate a J'bilee. ( And riests and masters from all arts of !ndia &ere there, they ta'%ht, b't they embellished little tr'th &ith many &ords. + And Jes's &ent into an ancient la.a and ta'%ht, he s o3e of ?atherBMotherB#od, he told abo't the brotherhood of life. / The riests and all the eo le &ere asto'nded at his &ords and said, !s this not B'ddha come a%ain in fleshC -o other one co'ld s ea3 &ith s'ch sim licity and o&er. 0 And Jes's s o3e a arable, he said, There &as a )ineyard all 'n3e t, the )ines &ere hi%h, the %ro&th of lea)es and branches %reat. 1 The lea)es &ere broad and sh't the s'nli%ht from the )ines, the %ra es &ere so'r, and fe&, and small. 4 The r'ner came, &ith his shar 3nife he c't off e)ery branch, and not a leaf remained, <'st root and stal3, and nothin% more. 5 The b'sy nei%hbo'rs came &ith one accord and &ere ama.ed, and said to him &ho r'ned, >o' foolish man@ the )ineyard is des oiled. 6 $'ch desolation@ There is no bea'ty left, and &hen the har)est time shall come the %athers &ill find no fr'it. 17 The r'ner said, Content yo'rsel)es &ith &hat yo' thin3, and come a%ain at har)est time and see. 11 And &hen the har)est time came on the b'sy nei%hbo'rs came a%ain, they &ere s'r rised. 1( The na3ed stal3s had 't forth branch and leaf, and hea)y cl'sters of delicio's %ra es &ei%hed e)ery branch to earth. 1+ The %atherers re<oiced as, day by day, they carried the rich fr'ita%e to the ress. 1/ Behold the )ineyard of the 2ord@ the earth is s read &ith h'man )ines. 10 The %or%eo's forms and rites of men are branches, and their &ords are lea)es, and these ha)e %ro&n so %reat that s'nli%ht can no lon%er reach the heart, there is no fr'it. 11 Behold, the r'ner comes, and &ith a t&oBed%ed 3nife he c'ts a&ay the branches and the lea)es of &ords, 14 And na'%ht is left b't 'nclothed stal3s of h'man life.

15 The riests and they of om o's sho&, reb'3e the r'ner, and &o'ld stay him in his &or3. 16 They see no bea'ty in the stal3s of h'man life, no romises of fr'it. (7 The har)est time &ill come and they &ho scorned the r'ner &ill loo3 on a%ain and be ama.ed, for they &ill see the h'man stal3s that seemed so lifeless, bendin% lo& &ith recio's fr'it. (1 And they &ill hear the har)esters re<oice, beca'se the har)est is so %reat. (( The riests &ere not &ell leased &ith Jes's' &ords, b't they reb'3ed him not, they feared the m'ltit'de.

CHAPTER +0 Jes's and Fidya ati consider the needs of the incomin% a%e of the &orld. THE !ndian sa%e and Jes's often met and tal3ed abo't the needs of nations and of men, abo't the sacred doctrines, forms and rites best s'ited to the comin% a%e. ( :ne day they sat to%ether in a mo'ntain ass, and Jes's said, The comin% a%e &ill s'rely not re='ire riests, and shrines, and sacrifice of life. + There is no o&er in sacrifice of beast, or bird, to hel a man to holy life. / And Fidya ati said, All forms and rites are symbols of the thin%s that men m'st do &ithin the tem le of the so'l. 0 The Holy :ne re='ires man to %i)e his life in &illin% sacrifice for men, and all the soBcalled offerin%s on altars and on shrines that ha)e been made since time be%an, &ere made to teach man ho& to %i)e himself to sa)e his brother man, for man can ne)er sa)e himself eDce t he lose his life in sa)in% other men. 1 The erfect a%e &ill not re='ire forms and rites and carnal sacrifice. The comin% a%e is not the erfect a%e, and men &ill call for ob<ect lessons and symbolic rites. 4 And in the %reat reli%ion yo' shall introd'ce to men, some sim le rites of &ashin%s and remembrances &ill be re='ired, b't cr'el sacrifice of animals, and birds the %ods re='ire not. 5 And Jes's said, :'r #od m'st loathe the tinselled sho& of riests and riestly thin%s. 6 8hen men array themsel)es in sho&y %arbs to indicate that they are ser)ants of the %ods, and str't abo't li3e %a'dy birds to be admired by men, beca'se of iety or any other thin%, the Holy :ne m'st s'rely t'rn a&ay in sheer dis%'st. 17 All eo le are ali3e the ser)ants of o'r ?atherB#od, are 3in%s and riests. 11 8ill not the comin% a%e demand com lete destr'ction of the riestly caste, as &ell as e)ery other caste, and ine='ality amon% the sons of menC 1( And Fidya ati said, The comin% a%e is not the a%e of s irit life and men &ill ride themsel)es in &earin% riestly robes, and chantin% io's chants to ad)ertise themsel)es as saints. 1+ The sim le rites that yo' &ill introd'ce &ill be eDtolled by those &ho follo& yo', 'ntil the sacred ser)ice of the a%e &ill far o'tshine in %or%eo'sness the riestly ser)ice of the Brahmic a%e. 1/ This is a roblem men m'st sol)e. 10 The erfect a%e &ill come &hen e)ery man &ill be a riest and men &ill not array themsel)es in s ecial %arb to ad)ertise their iety.

$ECT!:- F!!

;A!2ife and 8or3s of Jes's in Tibet and 8estern !ndia

CHAPTER +1 Jes's in 2assa. He meets Men%Bste &ho aids him in readin% the ancient man'scri ts. He %oes to 2ada3. Heals a child. Relates the arable of the 3in%'s son. !- 2assa of Tibet there &as a master's tem le, rich in man'scri ts of ancient lore. ( The !ndian sa%e had read these man'scri ts, and he re)ealed to Jes's many of the secret lessons they contained, b't Jes's &ished to read them for himself. + -o&, Men%Bste, %reatest sa%e of all the farther East, &as in this tem le of Tibet. / The ath across Emod's hei%hts &as diffic'lt, b't Jes's started on his &ay, and Fidya ati sent &ith him a tr'sted %'ide. 0 And Fidya ati sent a messa%e to Men%Bste, in &hich he told abo't the Hebre& sa%e, and s o3e for him a &elcome by the tem le riests. 1 -o&, after many days, and erils %reat, the %'ide and Jes's reached the 2assa tem le in Tibet. 4 And Men%Bste o ened &ide the tem le doors, and all the riests and masters %a)e a &elcome to the Hebre& sa%e. 5 And Jes's had access to all the sacred man'scri ts, and, &ith the hel of Men%B ste, read them all. 6 And Men%Bste often tal3ed &ith Jes's of the comin% a%e, and of the sacred ser)ice best ada ted to the eo le of the a%e. 17 !n 2assa Jes's did not teach. 8hen he finished all his st'dies in the tem le schools he <o'rneyed to&ard the 8est. !n many )illa%es he tarried for a time and ta'%ht. 11 At last he reached the ass, and in the 2ada3 city, 2eh, he &as recei)ed &ith fa)o'r by the mon3s, the merchants, and the men of lo& estate. 1( And in the monastery he abode, and ta'%ht, and then he so'%ht the common eo le in the marts of trade, and there he ta'%ht. 1+ -ot far a&ay a &oman li)ed, &hose infant son &as sic3 ni%h 'nto death. The doctors had declared, There is no ho e, the child m'st die. 1/ The &oman heard that Jes's &as a teacher sent from #od, and she belie)ed that he had o&er to heal her son. 10 And so she clas ed the dyin% infant in her arms and ran &ith haste and as3ed to see the man of #od. 11 8hen Jes's sa& her faith he lifted ' his eyes to hea)en and said, 14 My ?atherB#od, let o&er di)ine o'ershado& me, and let the Holy Breath fill f'll this child that it may li)e. 15 And in the resence of the m'ltit'de he laid his hand ' on the child and said, 16 #ood &oman yo' are blest, yo'r faith has sa)ed yo'r son. And then the child &as &ell. (7 The eo le &ere astonished and they said, This s'rely is the Holy :ne made flesh, for man alone cannot a fe)er th's and sa)e a child from death. (1 Then many of the eo le bro'%ht their sic3, and Jes's s o3e the 8ord, and they &ere healed. (( Amon% the 2ada3s Jes's tarried many days, he ta'%ht them ho& to heal, ho& sins are blotted o't, and ho& to ma3e on earth a hea)en of <oy. (+ The eo le lo)ed him for his &ords and &or3s, and &hen he m'st de art they %rie)ed as children %rie)e &hen mother %oes a&ay.

(/ And on the mornin% &hen he started on his &ay the m'ltit'des &ere there to ress his hand. (0 To them he s o3e a arable, he said, A certain 3in% so lo)ed the eo le of his land that he sent forth his only son &ith recio's %ifts for all. (1 The son &ent e)ery&here and scattered forth the %ifts &ith la)ish hand. (4 B't there &ere riests &ho ministered at shrines of forei%n %ods, &ho &ere not leased beca'se the 3in% did not thro'%h them besto& the %ifts. (5 And so they so'%ht to ca'se the eo le all to hate the son. They said, These %ifts are not of any &orth, they are b't co'nterfeits. (6 And so the eo le thre& the recio's %ems, and %old and sil)er in the streets. They ca'%ht the son and beat him, s it ' on him, dro)e him from their midst. +7 The son resented not their ins'lts and their cr'elties, b't th's he rayed, My ?atherB#od, for%i)e these creat'res of thy hand, they are b't sla)es, they 3no& not &hat they do. +1 And &hile they yet &ere beatin% him he %a)e them food, and blest them &ith a bo'ndless lo)e. +( !n certain cities &as the son recei)ed &ith <oy, and he &o'ld %ladly ha)e remained to bless the homes, b't he co'ld tarry not, for he m'st carry %ifts to e)ery one in all the 3in%'s domain. ++ And Jes's said, My ?atherB#od is 3in% of all man3ind, and he has sent me forth &ith all the bo'nties of his matchless lo)e and bo'ndless &ealth. +/ To all the eo le of all lands, lo, ! m'st bear these %iftsBBthis &ater and this bread of life. +0 ! %o my &ay, b't &e &ill meet a%ain, for in my ?atherland is room for all, ! &ill re are a lace for yo'. +1 And Jes's raised his hand in silent benediction, then he &ent his &ay.

CHAPTER +4 Jes's is resented &ith a camel. He %oes to 2ahore &here he abides &ith A<ainin, &hom he teaches. 2esson of the &anderin% m'sicians. Jes's res'mes his <o'rney. A CARAFA- of merchantmen &ere <o'rneyin% thro'%h the Eashmar )ale as Jes's assed that &ay, and they are %oin% to 2ahore, a city of the Hand, the fi)eBstream land. ( The merchantmen had heard the ro het s ea3, had seen his mi%hty &or3s in 2eh, and they &ere %lad to see him once a%ain. + And &hen they 3ne& that he &as %oin% to 2ahore and then across the $ind, thro'%h Persia and the farther 8est, and that he had no beast on &hich to ride, / They freely %a)e to him a noble bactrian beast, &ell saddled and e='i ed, and Jes's <o'rneyed &ith the cara)an. 0 And &hen he reached 2ahore, A<ainin and some other Brahmic riests, recei)ed him &ith deli%ht. 1 A<ainin &as the riest &ho came to Jes's in the ni%ht time in Benares many months before, and heard he &ords of tr'th. 4 And Jes's &as A<ainin's %'est, he ta'%ht A<ainin many thin%s, re)ealed to him the secrets of the healin% art. 5 He ta'%ht him ho& he co'ld control the s irits of the air, the fire, the &ater and the earth, and he eD lained to him the secret doctrine of for%i)eness, and the blottin% o't of sins. 6 :ne day A<ainin sat &ith Jes's in the tem le orch, a band of &anderin% sin%ers and m'sicians a'sed before the co'rt to sin% and lay.

17 Their m'sic &as most rich and delicate, and Jes's said, Amon% the hi%hBbreed eo le of the land &e hear no s&eeter m'sic than that these 'nco'th children of the &ilderness brin% here to 's. 11 ?rom &hence this talent and this o&erC !n one short life they co'ld not %ain s'ch %race of )oice, s'ch 3no&led%e of the la&s of harmony and tone. 1( Men call them rodi%ies. There are no rodi%ies. All thin%s res'lt from nat'ral la&. 1+ These eo le are not yo'n%. A tho'sand years &o'ld not s'ffice to %i)e them s'ch di)ine eD ressi)eness, and s'ch 'rity of )oice and to'ch. 1/ Ten tho'sand years a%o these eo le mastered harmony. !n days of old they trod the b'sy thoro'%hfares of life, and ca'%ht the melody of birds, and layed on har s of erfect form. 10 And they ha)e come a%ain to learn still other lessons from the )aried notes of manifests. 11 These &anderin% eo le form a art of hea)en's orchestra, and in the land of erfect thin%s the )ery an%els &ill deli%ht to hear them lay and sin%. 14 And Jes's ta'%ht the common eo le of 2ahore, he healed their sic3, and sho&ed to them the &ay to rise to better thin%s by hel f'lness. 15 He said, 8e are not rich by &hat &e %et and hold, the only thin%s &e 3ee are those &e %i)e a&ay. 16 !f yo' &o'ld li)e the erfect life, %i)e forth yo'r life in ser)ice for yo'r 3ind, and for the forms of life that men esteem the lo&er forms of life. (7 B't Jes's co'ld not tarry lon%er in 2ahore, he bade the riests and other friends fare&ell, and then he too3 his camel and he &ent his &ay to&ard the $ind.

$ECT!:- F!!! CHETH 2ife and 8or3s of Jes's in Persia

CHAPTER +5 Jes's crosses Persia. Teaches and heals in many laces. Three ma%ian riests meet him as he nears Perse olis. Eas ar, and t&o other Persian masters, meet him in Perse olis. The se)en masters sit in silence se)en days. ?:"RBA-ABT8E-T> years of a%e &as Jes's &hen he entered Persia on his home&ard &ay. ( !n many a hamlet, to&n and nei%hbo'rhood he a'sed a &hile and ta'%ht and healed. + The riests and r'lin% classes did not &elcome him, beca'se he cens'red them for cr'elty to those of lo& estate. / The common eo le follo&ed him in thron%s 0 At times the chiefs made bold to try to hinder him, forbiddin% him to teach or heal the sic3. B't he re%arded not their an%ry threats, he ta'%ht, and healed the sic3. 1 !n time he reached Perse olis, the city &here the 3in%s of Persia &ere entombed, the city of the learned ma%i, Hor, and 2'n, and Mer, the three &ise men. 4 8ho, fo'rBandBt&enty years before, had seen the star of romise rise abo)e Jer'salem, and &ho had <o'rneyed to the 8est to find the ne&Bborn 3in%,

5 And &ere the first to hono'r Jes's as the master of the a%e, and %a)e him %ifts of %old, %'mBth's and myrrh. 6 These ma%i 3ne&, by &ays that masters al&ays 3no&, &hen Jes's neared Perse olis, and then they %irt themsel)es, and &ent to meet him on the &ay. 17 And &hen they met, a li%ht m'ch bri%hter than the li%ht of day, s'rro'nded them, and men &ho sa& the fo'r stand in the &ay declared they &ere transfi%'red, seemin% more li3e %ods than men. 11 -o&, Hor and 2'n &ere a%ed men, and Jes's laced them on his beast to ride into Perse olis, &hilst he and Mer led on the &ay. 1( And &hen they reached the ma%i's home they all re<oiced. And Jes's told the thrillin% story of his life, and Hor and 2'n and Mer s o3e not, they only loo3ed to hea)en, and in their hearts raised #od. 1+ Three &ise men from the -orth &ere Perse olis, and they &ere Eas ar, ;ara and, and Eas ar &as the &isest master of the Ma%ian land. These three &ere at the home of Hor and 2'n and Mer &hen Jes's came. 1/ ?or se)en days these se)en men s o3e not, they sat in silence in the co'ncil hall in close comm'nion &ith the $ilent Brotherhood. 10 They so'%ht for li%ht, for re)elation and for o&er. The la&s and rece ts of the comin% a%e re='ired all the &isdom of the masters of the &orld.

CHAPTER +6 Jes's attends a feast in Perse olis. $ ea3s to the eo le, re)ie&in% the ma%ian hiloso hy. ED lains the ori%in of e)il. $ ends the ni%ht in rayer. A ?EA$T in hono'r of the ma%ian #od &as bein% held, and many men &ere %athered in Perse olis. ( And on the %reat day of the feast the r'lin% ma%ian master said, 8ithin these sacred &alls is liberty, &hoe)er &ills to s ea3 may s ea3. + And Jes's standin% in the midst of all the eo le, said, My brothers, sisters, children of o'r ?atherB#od* / Most blest are yo' amon% the sons of men today, beca'se yo' ha)e s'ch <'st conce tions of the Holy :ne and man. 0 >o'r 'rity in &orshi and in life is leasin% 'nto #od, and to yo'r master, ;arath'stra, raise is d'e. 1 8ell say yo' all, There is one #od from &hose %reat bein% there came forth the se)en $ irits that created hea)en and earth, and manifest 'nto the sons of men are these %reat $ irits in the s'n, and moon, and stars. 4 B't in yo'r sacred boo3s &e read that t&o amon% these se)en are of s' erior stren%th, that one of these created all the %ood, the other one created all that e)il is. 5 ! ray yo', hono'red masters, tell me ho& that e)il can be born of that &hich is all %oodC 6 A ma%'s rose and said, !f yo' &ill ans&er me, yo'r roblem &ill be sol)ed. 17 8e all do reco%ni.e the fact that e)il is. 8hate)er is, m'st ha)e a ca'se, !f #od, the :ne, made not this e)il, then, &here is the #od &ho didC 11 And Jes's said, 8hate)er #od, the :ne, has made is %ood, and li3e the %reat first Ca'se, the se)en $ irits all are %ood, and e)erthin% that comes from their creati)e hands is %ood. 1( -o&, all created thin%s ha)e colo'rs, tones and forms their o&n, b't certain tones, tho'%h %ood and 're themsel)es, &hen miDed, rod'ce inharmonies, discordant tones.

1+ And certain thin%s, tho'%h %ood and 're, &hen miDed, rod'ce discordant thin%s, yea, oisono's thin%s, that men call e)il thin%s. 1/ $o e)il is the inharmonio's blendin% of the colo'rs, tones, or forms of %ood. 10 -o&, man is not allB&ise, and yet has &ill his o&n. He has the o&er, and he 'ses it, to miD #od's %ood thin%s in a m'ltit'de of &ays, and e)ery day he ma3es discordant so'nds, and e)il thin%s. 11 And e)ery tone and form, be it of %ood, or ill, becomes a li)in% thin%, a demon, s rite, or s irit of a %ood or )icio's 3ind. 14 Man ma3es his e)il th's, and then becomes afraid of him and flees, his de)il is emboldened, follo&s him a&ay and casts him into tort'rin% fires. 15 The de)il and the b'rnin% fires are both the &or3s of man, and none can 't the fires o't and dissi ate the e)il one, b't man &ho made them both. 16 Then Jes's stood aside, and not a ma%'s ans&ered him. (7 And he de arted from the thron% and &ent into a secret lace to ray.

CHAPTER /7 Jes's teaches the ma%ians. ED lains the $ilence and ho& to enter it. Eas ar eDtols the &isdom of Jes's. Jes's teaches in the %ro)es of Cyr's. -:8, in the early mornin% Jes's came a%ain to teach and heal. A li%ht not com rehended sho&n abo't, as tho'%h some mi%hty s irit o)ershado&ed him. ( A ma%'s noted this and as3ed him ri)ately to tell from &hence his &isdom came, and &hat the meanin% of the li%ht. + And Jes's said, There is a $ilence &here the so'l may meet its #od, and there the fo'nt of &isdom is, and all &ho enter are immersed in li%ht, and filled &ith &isdom, lo)e and o&er. / The ma%'s said, Tell me abo't this $ilence and this li%ht, that ! may %o and there abide. 0 And Jes's said, The $ilence is not circ'mscribed, is not a lace closed in &ith &all, or roc3y stee s, nor %'arded by the s&ord of man. 1 Men carry &ith them all the time the secret lace &here they mi%ht meet their #od. 4 !t matters not &here men abide, on mo'ntain to , in dee est )ale, in marts of trade, or in the ='iet home, they may at once, at any time, flin% &ide the door, and find the $ilence, find the ho'se of #od, it is &ithin the so'l. 5 :ne may not be so m'ch dist'rbed by noise of b'siness, and the &ords and tho'%hts of men if he %oes all alone into the )alley or the mo'ntain ass. 6 And &hen life's hea)y load is ressin% hard, it is far better to %o o't and see3 a ='iet lace to ray and meditate. 17 The $ilence is the 3in%dom of the so'l &hich is not seen by h'man eyes. 11 8hen in the $ilence, hantom forms mat flit before the mind, b't they are all s'bse)ient to the &ill, the master so'l may s ea3 and they are %one. 1( !f yo' &o'ld find this $ilence of the so'l yo' m'st yo'rself re are the &ay. -one b't the 're in heart may enter here. 1+ And yo' m'st lay aside all tenseness of the mind, all b'siness cares, all fears, all do'bts and tro'bled tho'%hts. 1/ >o'r h'man &ill m'st be absorbed by the di)ine, then yo' &ill come into a conscio'sness of holiness. 10 >o' are in the Holy Place, and yo' &ill see ' on a li)in% shrine the candle of the 2ord aflame.

11 And &hen yo' see it b'rnin% there, loo3 dee into the tem le of yo'r brain, and yo' &ill see it all a%lo&. 14 !n e)ery art, from head to foot. are candles all in lace, <'st &aitin% to be li%hted by the flamin% torch of lo)e. 15 And &hen yo' see the candles all aflame, <'st loo3, and yo' &ill see, &ith eyes of so'l, the &aters of the fo'nt of &isdom r'shin% on, and yo' may drin3, and there abide. 16 And then the c'rtains art, and yo' are in the Holiest of All, &here rests the Arc of #od, &hose co)erin% is the Mercy $eat. (7 ?ear not to lift the sacred board, the Tables of the 2a& are in the Ar3 concealed. (1 Ta3e them and read them &ell, for they contain all rece ts and commands that men &ill e)er need. (( And in the Ar3, the ma%ic &and of ro hecy lies &aitin% for yo'r hand, it is the 3ey to all the hidden meanin%s of the resent, f't're, ast. (+ And then, behold, the manna there, the hidden bread of life, and he &ho eats shall ne)er die. (/ The cher'bim ha)e %'arded &ell for e)ery so'l this treas're boD, and &hosoe)er &ill enter in and find his o&n. (0 -o& Eas ar heard the Hebre& master s ea3 and he eDclaimed, Behold, the &isdom of the %ods has come to men@ (1 And Jes's &ent his &ay, and in the sacred %ro)es of Cyr's, &here the m'ltit'des &ere met, he ta'%ht and healed the sic3.

CHAPTER /1 Jes's stands by a healin% fo'ntain. Re)eals the fact that faith is the otent factor in healin% and many are healed by faith. A little child teaches a %reat lesson of faith. A ?2:8!-# s rin% that eo le called the Healin% ?o'nt, &as near Perse olis. ( And all the eo le tho'%ht that at a certain time of the year their deity came do&n and %a)e a )irt'e to the &aters of the fo'nt, and that the sic3 &ho then &o'ld l'n%e into the fo'nt and &ash &o'ld be made &hole. + Abo't the fo'nt a m'ltit'de of eo le &ere in &aitin% for the Holy :ne to come and otentise the &aters of the fo'nt. / The blind, the lame, the deaf, the d'mb, and those obsessed &ere there. 0 And Jes's, standin% in the midst of them, eDclaimed, Behold the s rin% of life@ These &aters that &ill fail are hono'red as the s ecial blessin% of yo'r #od. 1 ?rom &hence do healin% )irt'es comeC 8hy is yo'r #od so artial &ith his %iftsC 8hy does he bless this s rin% toBday, and then toBmorro& ta3e his blessin%s all a&ayC 4 A deity of o&er co'ld fill these &aters f'll of healin% )irt'e e)ery day. 5 Hear me, yo' sic3, disconsolate* The )irt'e of this fo'nt is not a s ecial %ift of #od. 6 ?aith is the healin% o&er of e)ery dro of all the &aters of this s rin%. 17 He &ho belie)es &ith all his heart that he &ill be made &hole by &ashin% in this fo'nt &ill be made &hole &hen he has &ashed, and he may &ash at any time. 11 2et e)ery one &ho has this faith in #od and in himself l'n%e in these &aters no& and &ash. 1( And many of the eo le l'n%ed into the crystal fo'nt, and they &ere healed. 1+ And then there &as a r'sh, for all the eo le &ere ins ired &ith faith, and each one stro)e to be amon% the first to &ash, lest all the )irt'e be absorbed.

1/ And Jes's sa& a little child, &ea3, faint and hel less, sittin% all alone beyond the s'r%in% cro&d, and there &as none to hel her to the fo'nt. 10 And Jes's said, My little one, &hy do yo' sit and &aitC 8hy not arise and hasten to the fo'nt and &ash, and be made &ellC 11 The child re lied, ! need not haste, the blessin%s of my ?ather in the s3y are meas'red not in tiny c' s, they ne)er fail, their )irt'es are the same for e)ermore. 14 8hen these &hose faith is &ea3 m'st haste to &ash for fear their faith &ill fail, ha)e all been c'red, these &aters &ill be <'st as o&erf'l for me. 15 Then ! can %o and stay a lon%, lon% time &ithin the blessed &aters of the s rin%. 16 And Jes's said, Behold a master so'l@ $he came to earth to teach to men the o&er of faith. (7 And then he lifted ' the child and said, 8hy &ait for anythin%C The )ery air &e breathe is filled &ith balm of life. Breathe in this balm of life in faith and be made &hole. (1 The child breathed in the balm of life in faith, and she &as &ell. (( The eo le mar)elled m'ch at &hat they heard and sa&, they said, This man m'st s'rely be the %od of health made flesh. (+ And Jes's said, The fo'nt of life is not a little ool, it is as &ide as are the s aces of the hea)ens. (/ The &aters of the fo'nt are lo)e, the otency is faith, and he &ho l'n%es dee into the li)in% s rin%s, in li)in% faith, may &ash a&ay his %'ilt and be made &hole, and freed from sin.

$ECT!:- !I TETH 2ife and 8or3s of Jes's in Assyria

CHAPTER /( Jes's bids the ma%ians fare&ell. #oes to Assyria. Teaches the eo le in "r of Chaldea. Meets Ashbina, &ith &hom he )isits many to&ns and cities, teachin% and healin% the sic3. !- Persia Jes's' &or3 &as done and he res'med his <o'rney to&ards his nati)e land. ( The Persian sa%e &ent &ith him to the E' hrates, then &ith a led%e that they &o'ld meet a%ain in E%y t land the masters said, ?are&ell. + And Eas ar &ent his &ay 'nto his home beside the Cas ian $ea, and Jes's soon &as in Chaldea, cradle land of !srael. / !n "r, &here Abraham &as born, he tarried for a time, and &hen he told the eo le &ho he &as, and &hy he came, they came from near and far to s ea3 to him. 0 He said to them, 8e all are 3in. T&o tho'sand years and more a%o, o'r ?ather Abraham li)ed here in "r, and then he &orshi ed #od the :ne, and ta'%ht the eo le in these sacred %ro)es. 1 And he &as %reatly blessed, becomin% father of the mi%hty hosts of !srael. 4 Altho'%h so many years ha)e assed since Abraham and $arah &al3ed these &ays, a remnant of their 3indred still abide in "r. 5 And in there hearts the #od of Abraham is still adored, and faith and <'stice are the roc3s on &hich they b'ild.

6 Behold this land@ !t is no more the fr'itf'l land that Abraham lo)ed so &ell, the rains come not as in the former times, the )ine is not rod'cti)e no&, and &ithered are the fi%s. 17 B't this shall not for e)er be, the time &ill come &hen all yo'r deserts &ill re<oice, &hen flo&ers &ill bloom, &hen all yo'r )ines &ill bend their heads &ith l'scio's fr'it, she herds &ill a%ain be %lad. 11 And Jes's reached to them the %os el of %ood&ill, and eace on earth. He told them of the brotherhood of life, and of the inborn o&ers of man, and of the 3in%dom of the so'l. 1( And as he s o3e, Ashbina, %reatest sa%e of all Assyria, stood before his face. 1+ The eo le 3ne& the sa%e, for he had often ta'%ht them in their sacred halls and %ro)es, and they re<oiced to see his face. 1/ Ashbina said, My children of Chaldea, hear@ Behold, for yo' are %reatly blest toB day, beca'se a ro het of the li)in% #od has come to yo'. 10 Ta3e heed to &hat this master says, for he %i)es forth the &ords that #od has %i)en him. 11 And Jes's and the sa%e &ent thro'%h the to&ns and cities of Chaldea and of the lands bet&een the Ti%ris and the E' hrates, 14 And Jes's healed a m'ltit'de of eo le &ho &ere sic3.

CHAPTER /+ Jes's and Ashbina )isit Babylon and remar3 its desolation. The t&o masters remain in com any se)en days, then Jes's res'mes his home&ard <o'rney. Arri)es in -a.areth. His mother %i)es a feast in his hono'r. His brothers are dis leased. Jes's tells his mother and a'nt the story of his <o'rneys. THE r'ined Babylon &as near, and Jes's and the sa%e &ent thro'%h her %ates and &al3ed amon% her fallen alaces. ( They trod the streets &here !srael once &as held in base ca ti)ity. + They sa& &here J'dah's sons and da'%hters h'n% their har s ' on the &illo&s, and ref'sed to sin%. / They sa& &here Aaniel and the Hebre& children stood as li)in% &itnesses of faith. 0 And Jes's lifted ' his hand and said, Behold the %rande'r of the &or3s of man@ 1 The 3in% of Babylon destroyed the tem le of the 2ord in old Jer'salem, he b'rned the holy city, bo'nd in chains my eo le and my 3in, and bro'%ht them here as sla)es. 4 B't retrib'tion comes, for &hatsoe)er men shall do to other men the ri%hteo's J'd%e &ill do to them. 5 The s'n of Babylon has %one do&n, the son%s of leas're &ill be heard no more &ithin her &alls. 6 And e)ery 3ind of cree in% thin% and 'nclean bird &ill, in these r'ins, find their homes. 17 And in the tem le Bel's, Jes's and Ashbina stood in silent tho'%ht. 11 Then Jes's s o3e and said, Behold this mon'ment of folly and of shame. 1( Man tried to sha3e the )ery throne of #od, and he assayed to b'ild a to&er to reach to hea)en, &hen, lo, his )ery s eech &as snatched a&ay, beca'se in lofty &ords he boasted of his o&er. 1+ And on these hei%hts the heathen Baal stoodBBthe %od &ro'%ht o't by hands of man. 1/ " on yon altar, birds, and beasts, and men, yea children ha)e been b'rned in a&f'l sacrifice to Baal.

10 B't no& the %ory riests are dead, the )ery roc3s ha)e sh'ddered and ha)e fallen do&n, the lace is desolate. 11 -o&, in the lains of $hinar Jes's tarried yet for se)en days, and, &ith Ashbina, meditated lon% ' on the needs of men, and ho& the sa%es co'ld best ser)e the comin% a%e. 14 Then Jes's &ent his &ay, and after many days he crossed the Jordan to his nati)e land. At once he so'%ht his home in -a.areth. 15 His mother's heart &as filled &ith <oy, she made a feast for him, in)itin% all her 3indred and her friends. 16 B't Jes's' brothers &ere not leased that s'ch attention sho'ld be aid to one they deemed a sheer ad)ent'rer, and they &ent not in to the feast. (7 They la'%hed their brother's claims to scorn, they called him indolent, ambitio's, )ain, a &orthless fort'ne h'nter, searcher of the &orld for fame, &ho, after many years ret'rns to mother's home &ith neither %old, nor any other &ealth. (1 And Jes's called aside his mother and her sister, Miriam, and told them of his <o'rney to the East. (( He told them of the lessons he had learned, and of the &or3s that he had done. To others he told not the story of his life.

$ECT!:- I J:A 2ife and 8or3s of Jes's in #reece

CHAPTER // Jes's )isits #reece and is &elcomed by the Athenians. Meets A ollo. Addresses the #recian masters in the Am hitheatre. The address. THE #ree3 hiloso hy &as f'll of 'n%ent tr'th, and Jes's lon%ed to st'dy &ith the masters in the schools of #reece. ( And so he left his home in -a.areth and crossed the Carmel hills, and at the ort too3 shi , and soon &as in the #recian ca ital. + -o&, the Athenians had heard of him as teacher and hiloso her, and they &ere %lad to ha)e him come to them that they mi%ht hear his &ords of tr'th. / Amon% the masters of the #ree3s &as one, A ollo, &ho &as called, Aefender of the :racle, and reco%nised in many lands as #recian sa%e. 0 A ollo o ened ' for Jes's all the doors of #recian lore, and in the Areo a%'s he heard the &isest masters s ea3. 1 B't Jes's bro'%ht to them a &isdom %reater far than theirs, and so he ta'%ht. 4 :nce in the Am hitheatre he s ood, and &hen A ollo bade him s ea3 he said, 5 Athenian masters, hear@ !n a%es lon% a%o, men, &ise in nat're's la&s, so'%ht o't and fo'nd the lace on &hich yo'r city stands. 6 ?'ll &ell yo' 3no& that there are arts of earth &here its %reat beatin% heart thro&s hea)en&ard etheric &a)es that meet the ethers from abo)e* 17 8here s iritBli%ht and 'nderstandin%, li3e the stars of ni%ht, shine forth. 11 :f all the arts of earth there is no lace more sensitised, more tr'ly s iritBblest, than that &here Athens stands. 1( >ea, all of #reece is blest. -o other land has been the homeland of s'ch mi%hty men of tho'%ht as %race yo'r scrolls of fame.

1+ A host of st'rdy %iants of hiloso hy, of oetry, of science, and of art, &ere born ' on the soil of #reece, and roc3ed to manhood in yo'r cradle of 're tho'%ht. 1/ ! come not here to s ea3 of science, of hiloso hy, or art, of these yo' are the &orld's best masters no&. 10 B't all yo'r hi%h accom lishments are b't ste in% stones to &orlds beyond the realm of sense, are b't ill'si)e shado&s flittin% on the &alls of time. 11 B't ! &o'ld tell yo' of a life beyond, &ithin, a real life that cannot ass a&ay. 14 !n science and hiloso hy there is no o&er stron% eno'%h to fit a so'l to reco%nise itself, or to comm'ne &ith #od. 15 ! &o'ld not stay the flo& of yo'r %reat streams of tho'%ht, b't ! &o'ld t'rn them to the channels of the so'l. 16 "naided by the $ iritBbreath, the &or3 of intellection tends to sol)e the roblems of the thin%s &e see, and nothin% more. (7 The senses &ere ordained to brin% into the mind mere ict'res of the thin%s that ass a&ay, they do not deal &ith real thin%s, they do not com rehend eternal la&. (1 B't man has somethin% in his so'l, a somethin% that &ill tear the )eil a art that he may see the &orld of real thin%s. (( 8e call this somethin%, s irit conscio'sness, it slee s in e)ery so'l, and cannot be a&a3ened till the Holy Breath becomes a &elcome %'est. (+ This Holy Breath 3noc3s at the door of e)ery so'l, b't cannot enter in 'ntil the &ill of man thro&s &ide the door. (/ There is no o&er in intellect to t'rn the 3ey, hiloso hy and science both ha)e toiled to %et a %lim se behind the )eil, b't they ha)e failed. (0 The secret s rin% that thro&s a<ar the door of so'l is to'ched by nothin% else than 'rity in life, by rayer and holy tho'%ht. (1 Ret'rn, : mystic stream of #recian tho'%ht, and min%le yo'r clear &aters &ith the flood of $ iritBlife, and then the s irit conscio'sness &ill slee no more, and man &ill 3no&, and #od &ill bless. (4 8hen Jes's had th's said he ste ed aside. The #recian masters &ere astonished at the &isdom of his &ords, they ans&ered not.

CHAPTER /0 Jes's teaches the #ree3 masters. #oes &ith A ollo to Ael hi and hears the :racle s ea3. !t testifies for him. He abides &ith A ollo, and is reco%nised as the li)in% :racle of #od. ED lains to A ollo the henomenon of orac'lar s eech. ?:R many days the #recian masters listened to the clear incisi)e &ords that Jes's s o3e, and &hile they co'ld not f'lly com rehend the thin%s he said, they &ere deli%hted and acce ted his hiloso hy. ( :ne day as Jes's and A ollo &al3ed beside the sea, a Ael hic co'rier came in haste and said, A ollo, master, come, the :racle &o'ld s ea3 to yo'. + A ollo said to Jes's, $ir, if yo' &o'ld see the Ael hic :racle, and hear it s ea3, yo' may accom any me. And Jes's did accom any him. / The masters &ent in haste, and &hen they came to Ael hi, %reat eDcitement rei%ned. 0 And &hen A ollo stood before the :racle it s o3e and said* 1 A ollo, sa%e of #reece, the bell sti3es t&el)e, the midni%ht of the a%es no& has come. 4 8ithin the &omb of nat're a%es are concei)ed, they %estate and are born in %lory &ith the risin% s'n, and &hen the a%ic s'n %oes do&n the a%e disinte%rates and dies.

5 The Ael hic a%e has been an a%e of %lory and reno&n, the %ods ha)e s o3en to the sons of men thro'%h oracles of &ood, and %old, and recio's stone. 6 The Ael hic s'n has set, the :racle &ill %o into decline, the time is near &hen men &ill hear its )oice no more. 17 The %ods &ill s ea3 to man by man. The li)in% :racle no& stands &ithin these sacred %ro)es, the 2o%os from on hi%h has come. 11 ?rom henceforth &ill decrease my &isdom and my o&er, from henceforth &ill increase the &isdom and the o&er of him, !mman'el. 1( 2et all the masters stay, let e)ery creat're hear and hono'r him, !mman'el. 1+ And then the :racle s o3e not a%ain for forty days, and riests and eo le &ere ama.ed. They came from near and far to hear the 2i)in% :racle s ea3 forth the &isdom of the %ods. 1/ And Jes's and the #recian sa%e ret'rned, and in A ollo's home the 2i)in% :racle s o3e forth for forty days. 10 :ne day A ollo said to Jes's as they sat alone, This sacred Ael hic :racle has s o3en many a hel f'l &ord for #reece. 11 Pray tell me &hat it is that s ea3s. !s it an an%el, man, or li)in% %odC 14 And Jes's said, !t is not an%el, man, nor %od that s ea3s. !t is the matchless &isdom of the master minds of #reece, 'nited in a master mind. 15 This %iant mind has ta3en to itself the s'bstances of so'l, and thin3s, and hears, and s ea3s. 16 !t &ill remain a li)in% so'l &hile master minds feed it &ith tho'%ht, &ith &isdom and &ith faith and ho e. (7 B't &hen the master minds of #reece shall erish from the land, this %iant master mind &ill cease to be, and then the Ael hic :racle &ill s ea3 no more.

CHAPTER /1 A storm on the sea. Jes's resc'es many dro&nin% men. The Athenians ray to idols. Jes's reb'3es their idolatry and tells ho& #od hel s. His last meetin% &ith the #ree3s. $ails on the )essel Mars. !T &as a holy day and Jes's &al3ed ' on the Athens beach. ( A storm &as on and shi s &ere bein% tossed abo't li3e toys ' on the bosom of the sea. + The sailors and the fishermen &ere %oin% do&n to &atery %ra)es, the shores &ere stre&n &ith bodies of the dead. / And Jes's halted not, b't &ith a mi%hty o&er he resc'ed many a hel less one, oft brin%in% bac3 to life the seemin% dead. 0 -o&, on these shores &ere altars sacred to the %ods s' osed to r'le the seas. 1 And men and &omen, heedless of the cries of dro&nin% men &ere cro&din% all abo't these altars callin% on their %ods for hel . 4 At len%th the storm &as done, and all the sea &as calm, and men co'ld thin3 a%ain, and Jes's said, 5 >o' &orshi ers of &ooden %ods, ho& has the f'ry of this storm been lessened by yo'r frantic rayersC 6 8here is the stren%th of these oor, &eatherBbeaten %ods &ith ainted s&ords and cro&nsC 17 A %od that co'ld abide in s'ch a little ho'se co'ld hardly hold a frantic fly, and &ho co'ld ho e that he co'ld hold at bay the 2ords of &inds and &a)esC 11 The mi%hty o&ers of &orlds 'nseen do not %i)e forth their hel till men ha)e done their best, they only hel &hen men can do no more.

1( And yo' ha)e a%onised and rayed aro'nd these shrines, and let men sin3 to death &ho mi%ht ha)e been, by yo'r assistance, sa)ed. 1+ The #od that sa)es d&ells in yo'r so'ls, and manifests by ma3in% 'se of yo'r o&n feet, and le%s, and arms, and hands. 1/ $tren%th ne)er comes thro'%h idleness, nor thro'%h a &aitin% for another one to bear yo'r loads, or do the &or3 that yo' are called to do. 10 B't &hen yo' do yo'r best to bear yo'r loads, and do yo'r &or3, yo' offer 'nto #od a sacrifice &ellB leasin% in his si%ht. 11 And then the Holy :ne breathes dee ' on yo'r %lo&in% sacrificial coals, and ma3es them bla.e aloft to fill yo'r so'ls &ith li%ht, and stren%th and hel f'lness. 14 The most efficient rayer that men can offer to a %od of any 3ind is hel f'lness to those in need of hel , for &hat yo' do for other men the Holy :ne &ill do for yo'. 15 And th's #od hel s. 16 His &or3 in #reece &as done, and Jes's m'st %o on his &ay to E%y t in the $o'th. A ollo, &ith the hi%hest masters of the land and many eo le from the )aried &al3s of life, stood on the shore to see the Hebre& sa%e de art, and Jes's said, (7 The son of man has been in many lands, has stood in tem les of a m'ltit'de of forei%n %ods, has reached the %os el of %ood &ill and eace on earth to many eo le, tribes and ton%'es, (1 Has been recei)ed &ith fa)o'r in a m'ltit'de of homes, b't #reece is, of them all, the royal host. (( The breadth of #recian tho'%ht, the de th of her hiloso hy, the hei%ht of her 'nselfish as irations ha)e &ell fitted her to be the cham ion of the ca'se of h'man liberty and ri%ht. (+ The fates of &ar ha)e s'b<'%ated #reece, beca'se she tr'sted in the stren%th of flesh, and bone and intellect, for%etf'l of the s iritBlife that binds a nation to its so'rce of o&er. (/ B't #reece &ill not for e)er sit &ithin the dar3ness of the shado& land as )assal of a forei%n 3in%. (0 2ift ' yo'r heads, yo' men of #reece, the time &ill come &hen #reece &ill breathe the ethers of the Holy Breath, and be a mains rin% of the s irit o&er of earth. (1 B't #od m'st be yo'r shield, yo'r b'c3ler, and yo'r to&er of stren%th. (4 And then he said, ?are&ell. A ollo raised his hand in silent benediction, and the eo le &e t. (5 " on the Cretan )essel, Mars, the Hebre& sa%e sailed from the #recian ort.

$ECT!:- I! CAPH 2ife and 8or3s of Jes's in E%y t

CHAPTER /4 Jes's &ith Elih' and $alome in E%y t. Tells the story of his <o'rneys. Elih' and $alome raise #os. Jes's %oes to the tem le in Helio olis and is recei)ed as a ' il. A-A Jes's came to E%y t land and all &as &ell. He tarried not ' on the coast, he &ent at once to ;oan, home of Elih' and $alome, &ho fi)e and t&enty years before had ta'%ht his mother in their sacred school.

( And there &as <oy &hen met these three. 8hen last the son of Mary sa& these sacred %ro)es he &as a babe, + And no& a man %ro&n stron% by b'ffetin% of e)ery 3ind, a teacher &ho had stirred the m'ltit'des in many lands. / And Jes's told the a%ed teachers all abo't his life, abo't his <o'rneyin%s in forei%n lands, abo't the meetin%s &ith the masters and abo't his 3ind rece tions by the m'ltit'des. 0 Elih' and $alome heard his story &ith deli%ht, they lifted ' their eyes to hea)en and said, 1 :'r ?atherB#od, let no& thy ser)ants %o in eace, for &e ha)e seen the %lory of the 2ord, 4 And &e ha)e tal3ed &ith him, the messen%er of lo)e, and of the co)enant of eace on earth, %ood &ill to men. 5 Thro'%h him shall all the nations of the earth be blest, thro'%h him, !mman'el. 6 And Jes's stayed in ;oan many days, and then &ent forth 'nto the city of the s'n, that men call Helio olis, and so'%ht admission to the tem le of the sacred brotherhood. 17 The co'ncil of the brotherhood con)ened, and Jes's stood before the hiero hant, he ans&ered all the ='estions that &ere as3ed &ith clearness and &ith o&er. 11 The hiero hant eDclaimed, Rabboni of the rabbinate, &hy come yo' hereC >o'r &isdom is the &isdom of the %ods, &hy see3 for &isdom in the halls of menC 1( And Jes's said, !n e)ery &ay of earthBlife ! &o'ld &al3, in e)ery hall of learnin% ! &o'ld sit, the hei%hts that any man has %ained, these ! &o'ld %ain, 1+ 8hat any man has s'ffered ! &o'ld meet, that ! may 3no& the %riefs, the disa ointments and the sore tem tations of my brother man, that ! may 3no& <'st ho& to s'cco'r those in need. 1/ ! ray yo', brothers, let me %o into yo'r dismal cry ts, and ! &o'ld ass the hardest of yo'r tests. 10 The master said, Ta3e then the )o& of secret brotherhood. And Jes's too3 the )o& of secret brotherhood. 11 A%ain the master s o3e, he said, The %reatest hei%hts are %ained by those &ho reach the %reatest de ths, and yo' shall reach the %reatest de ths. 14 The %'ide then led the &ay and in the fo'ntain Jes's bathed, and &hen he had been clothed in ro er %arb he stood a%ain before the hiero hant.

CHAPTER /5 Jes's recei)es from the hiero hant his mystic name and n'mber. Passes the first brotherhood test, and recei)es his first de%ree, $!-CER!T>. THE master too3 do&n from the &all a scroll on &hich &as &ritten do&n the n'mber and the name of e)ery attrib'te and character. He said, ( The circle is the symbol of the erfect man, and se)en is the n'mber of the erfect man, + The 2o%os is the erfect &ord, that &hich creates, that &hich destroys, and that &hich sa)es. / This Hebre& master is the 2o%os of the Holy :ne, the Circle of the h'man race, the $e)en of time. 0 And in the record boo3 the scribe &rote do&n, The 2o%osBCircleB$e)en, and th's &as Jes's 3no&n.

1 The master said, The 2o%os &ill %i)e heed to &hat ! say* -o man can enter into li%ht till he has fo'nd himself. #o forth and search till yo' ha)e fo'nd yo'r so'l and then ret'rn. 4 The %'ide led Jes's to a room in &hich the li%ht &as faint and mello&, li3e the li%ht of early da&n. 5 The chamber &alls &ere mar3ed &ith mystic si%ns, &ith hiero%ly hs and sacred teDts, and in this chamber Jes's fo'nd himself alone &here he remained for many days. 6 He read the sacred teDts, tho'%ht o't the meanin% of the hiero%ly hs and so'%ht the im ort of the master's char%e to find himself. 17 A re)elation came, he %ot ac='aited &ith his so'l, he fo'nd himself, then he &as not alone. 11 :ne ni%ht he sle t and at the midni%ht ho'r, a door that he had not obser)ed, &as o ened, and a riest in sombre %arb came in and said, 1( My brother, ardon me for comin% in at this 'nseemly ho'r, b't ! ha)e come to sa)e yo'r life. 1+ >o' are the )ictim of a cr'el lot. The riests of Helio olis are <ealo's of yo'r fame, and they ha)e said that yo' shall ne)er lea)e these %loomy cry ts ali)e. 1/ The hi%her riests do not %o forth to teach the &orld, and yo' are doomed to tem le ser)it'de. 10 -o&, if yo' &o'ld be free, yo' m'st decei)e these riests, m'st tell them yo' are here to stay for life, 11 And then, &hen yo' ha)e %ained all that yo' &ish to %ain, ! &ill ret'rn, and by a secret &ay &ill lead yo' forth that yo' may %o in eace. 14 And Jes's said, My brother man, &o'ld yo' come here to teach deceitC Am ! &ithin these holy &alls to learn the &iles of )ile hy ocrisyC 15 -ay, man, my ?ather scorns deceit, and ! am here to do his &ill. 16 Aecei)e these riests@ -ot &hile the s'n shall shine. 8hat ! ha)e said, that ! ha)e said, ! &ill be tr'e to them, to #od, and to myself. (7 And then the tem ter left, and Jes's &as a%ain alone, b't in a little time a &hiteB robed riest a eared and said, (1 8ell done@ The 2o%os has re)ailed. This is the trial chamber of hy ocrisy. And then he led the &ay, and Jes's stood before the <'d%ement seat. (( And all the brothers stood, the hiero hant came forth and laid his hand on Jes's' head, and laced &ithin his hands a scroll, on &hich &as &ritten <'st one &ord, $!-CER!T>, and not a &ord &as said. (+ The %'ide a%ain a eared, and led the &ay, and in a s acio's room re lete &ith e)erythin% a st'dent cra)es &as Jes's bade to rest and &ait.

CHAPTER /6 Jes's asses the second brotherhood test, and recei)es the second de%ree, J"$T!CE. THE 2o%os did not care to rest, he said, 8hy &ait in this l'D'rio's roomC ! need not rest, my ?ather's &or3 ' on me resses hard. ( ! &o'ld %o on and learn my lessons all. !f there are trials, let them come, for e)ery )ictory o)er self %i)es added stren%th. + And then the %'ide led on, and in a chamber, dar3 as ni%ht, &as Jes's laced and left alone, and days &ere s ent in this dee solit'de. / And Jes's sle t, and in the dead of ni%ht a secret door &as o ened, and, in riest's attire, t&o men came in, each carried in his hand a little flic3erin% lam .

0 A roachin% <es's, one s o3e o't and said, >o'n% man, o'r hearts are %rie)ed beca'se of &hat yo' s'ffer in these fearf'l dens, and &e ha)e come as friends to brin% yo' li%ht, and sho& the &ay to liberty. 1 8e once, li3e yo', &ere in these dens confined, and tho'%ht that thro'%h these &eird, 'ncanny &ays &e co'ld attain to blessedness and o&er, 4 B't in a l'c3f'l moment &e &ere 'ndecei)ed, and, ma3in% 'se of all o'r stren%th, &e bro3e o'r chains, and then &e learned that all this ser)ice is corr' tion in dis%'ise. These riests are criminals <'st hid a&ay. 5 They boast in sacrificial rites, they offer to their %ods, and b'rn them &hile ali)e oor birds, and beasts, yea, children, &omen, men. 6 And no& they 3ee yo' here, and, at a certain time, may offer yo' in sacrifice. 17 8e ray yo', brother, brea3 yo'r chains, come, %o &ith 's, acce t of freedom &hile yo' may. 11 And Jes's said, >o'r little ta ers sho& the li%ht yo' brin%. Pray, &ho are yo'C The &ords of man are &orth no more than is the man himself. 1( These tem le &alls are stron% and hi%h, ho& %ained yo' entrance to this laceC 1+ The men re lied, Beneath these &alls are many hidden &ays, and &e &ho ha)e been riests, s ent months and years &ithin these dens, 3no& all of them. 1/ Then yo' are traitors, Jses's said. A traitor is a fiend, he &ho betrays another man is ne)er man to tr'st. 10 !f one has only reached the lane of treachery, he is a lo)er of deceit, and &ill betray a friend to ser)e his selfish self. 11 Behold, yo' men, or &hatsoe'er yo' be, yo'r &ords fall li%htly on my ears, 14 Co'ld ! re<'d%e these h'ndred riests, t'rn traitor to myself and them, beca'se of &hat yo' say &hen yo' confess yo'r treacheryC 15 -o man can <'d%e for me, and if ! <'d%e till testimony all is in ! mi%ht not <'d%e ari%ht. 16 -ay, men, by &hatsoe)er &ay yo' came, ret'rn. My so'l refers the dar3ness of the %ra)e to little flic3erin% li%hts li3e these yo' brin%. (7 My conscience r'les, &hat these, my brothers, ha)e to say !'ll hear, and &hen the testimony all is in ! &ill decide. >o' cannot <'d%e for me, nor ! for yo', (1 Be%one, yo' men, be%one, and lea)e me to this charmin% li%ht, for &hile the s'n shines not, &ithin my so'l there is a li%ht s'r assin% that of s'n or moon. (( Then, &ith an an%ry threat that they &o'ld do him harm, the &ily tem ters left, and Jes's &as a%ain alone. (+ A%ain the &hiteBrobed riest a eared, and led the &ay, and Jes's stood a%ain before the hiero hant, (/ And not a &ord &as said, b't in his hands the master laced a scroll on &hich the &ord s'%%esti)e, J"$T!CE, &as inscribed. (0 And Jes's &as the master of the hanton forms of re<'dice and of treachery.

CHAPTER 07 Jes's asses the third brotherhood test, and recei)es the third de%ree, ?A!TH. THE 2o%os &aited se)en days, and then &as ta3en to the Hall of ?ame, a chamber rich in f'rnishin%s, and li%hted ' &ith %old and sil)er lam s. ( The colo'rs of its ceilin%s, decorations, f'rnishin%s and &alls &ere bl'e and %old. + !ts shel)es &ere filled &ith boo3s of master minds, the aintin%s and the stat'es &ere the &or3s of hi%hest art.

/ And Jes's &as entranced &ith all this ele%ance and these manifests of tho'%ht. He read the sacred boo3s, and so'%ht the meanin%s of the symbols and the hiero%ly hs. 0 And &hen he &as absorbed in dee est tho'%ht, a riest a roached and said, 1 Behold the %lory of this lace* my brother, yo' are hi%hly blest. ?e& men of earth, so yo'n%, ha)e reached s'ch hei%hts of fame. 4 -o&, if yo' do not &aste yo'r life in search for hidden thin%s that men can ne)er com rehend, yo' may be fo'nder of a school of tho'%ht that &ill ins're yo' endless fame, 5 ?or yo'r hiloso hy is dee er far than that of Plato, and yo'r teachin%s lease the common eo le more than those of $ocrates. 6 8hy see3 for mystic li%ht &ithin these anti='ated densC #o forth and &al3 &ith men, and thin3 &ith men, and they &ill hono'r yo'. 17 And, after all, these &eird initiations may be myths, and yo'r Messiah ho es b't base ill'sions of the ho'r. 11 ! &o'ld ad)ise yo' to reno'nce 'ncertain thin%s and choose the co'rse that leads to certain fame. 1( And th's the riest, a demon in dis%'ise, s'n% syren son%s of 'nbelief, and Jes's meditated lon% and &ell on &hat he said. 1+ The conflict &as a bitter one, for 3in% Ambition is a st'rdy foe to fi%ht. 1/ ?or forty days the hi%her &restled &ith the lo&er self, and then the fi%ht &as &on. 10 ?aith rose tri'm hant, 'nbelief &as not. Ambition co)ered ' his face and fled a&ay, and Jes's said, 11 The &ealth, the hono'r, and the fame of earth are b't the ba'bles of an ho'r. 14 8hen this short s an of earthly life has all been meas'red o't, man's b'rstin% ba'bles &ill be b'ried &ith his bones, 15 >ea, &hat a man does for his selfish self &ill ma3e no mar3in%s on the credit side of life. 16 The %ood that men for other men shall do becomes a ladder stron% on &hich the so'l may climb to &ealth, and o&er and fame of #od's o&n 3ind, that cannot ass a&ay. (7 #i)e me the o)erty of men, the conscio'sness of d'ty done in lo)e, the a robation of my #od, and ! &ill be content. (1 And then he lifted ' his eyes to hea)en and said, (( My ?atherB#od, ! than3 thee for this ho'r. ! as3 not for the %lory of thyself, ! fain &o'ld be a 3ee er of thy tem le %ates, and ser)e my brother man. (+ A%ain &as Jes's called to stand before the hiero hant, a%ain no &ord &as said, b't in his hands the master laced a scroll on &hich &as &ritten, ?A!TH. (/ And Jes's bo&ed his head in h'mble than3s, then &ent his &ay.

CHAPTER 01 Jes's asses the fo'rth brotherhood test, and recei)es the fo'rth de%ree, PH!2A-THR:PH>. 8HE- other certain days had assed, the %'ide led Jes's to the Hall of Mirth, a hall most richly f'rnished, and re lete &ith e)erythin% a carnal heart co'ld &ish. ( The choicest )iands and the most delicio's &ines &ere on the boards, and maids, in %ay attire, ser)ed all &ith %race and cheerf'lness. + And men and &omen, richly clad, &ere there, and they &ere &ild &ith <oy, they si ed from e)ery c' of mirth.

/ And Jes's &atched the ha y thron% in silence for a time, and then a man in %arb of sa%e came ' and said, Most ha y is the man &ho, li3e the bee, can %ather s&eets from e)ery flo&er. 0 The &ise man is the one &ho see3s for leas're, and can find it e)ery&here. 1 At best man's s an of life on earth is short, and then he dies and %oes, he 3no&s not &here. 4 Then let 's eat, and drin3, and dance, and sin%, and %et the <oys of life, for death comes on a ace. 5 !t is b't foolishness to s end a life for other men. Behold, all die and lie to%ether in the %ra)e, &here none can 3no& and none can sho& forth %ratit'de. 6 B't Jes's ans&ered not, ' on the tinselled %'ests in all their ro'nds of mirth he %a.ed in silent tho'%ht. 17 And then amon% the %'ests he sa& a man &hose clothes &ere coarse, &ho sho&ed in face and hands the lines of toil and &ant. 11 The %iddy thron% fo'nd leas're in ab'sin% him, they <ostled him a%ainst the &all, and la'%hed at his discomfit're. 1( And then a oor, frail &oman came, &ho carried in her face and form the mar3s of sin and shame, and &itho't mercy she &as s it ' on, and <eered, and dri)en from the hall. 1+ And then a little child, &ith timid &ays and h'n%ry mien, came in and as3ed for <'st a morsel of their food. 1/ B't she &as dri)en o't 'ncared for and 'nlo)ed, and still the merry dance &ent on. 10 And &hen the leas're see3ers 'r%ed that Jes's <oin them in their mirth, he said, 11 Ho& co'ld ! see3 for leas're for myself &hile others are in &antC Ho& can yo' thin3 that &hile the children cry for bread, &hile those in ha'nts of sin call o't for sym athy and lo)e that ! can fill myself to f'll &ith the %ood thin%s of lifeC 14 ! tell yo', nay, &e all are 3in, each one a art of the %reat h'man heart. 15 ! cannot see myself a art from that oor man that yo' so scorned, and cro&ded to the &all, 16 -or from the one in female %arb &ho came ' from the ha'nts of )ice to as3 for sym athy and lo)e, &ho &as by yo' so r'thlessly 'shed bac3 into her den of sin, (7 -or from that little child that yo' dro)e from yo'r midst to s'ffer in the cold, blea3 &inds of ni%ht. (1 ! tell yo', men, &hat yo' ha)e done to these, my 3indred, yo' ha)e done to me. (( >o' ha)e ins'lted me in yo'r o&n home, ! cannot stay. ! &ill %o forth and find that child, that &oman and that man, and %i)e them hel 'ntil my life's blood all has ebbed a&ay. (+ ! call it leas're &hen ! hel the hel less, feed the h'n%ry, clothe the na3ed, heal the sic3, and s ea3 %ood &ords of cheer to those 'nlo)ed, disco'ra%ed and de ressed. (/ And this that yo' call mirth is b't a hantom of the ni%ht, b't flashes of the fire of assion, aintin% ict'res on the &alls of time. (0 And &hile the 2o%os s o3e the &hiteBrobed riest came in and said to him, The co'ncil &aits for yo'. (1 Then Jes's stood a%ain before the bar, a%ain no &ord &as said, the hiero hant laced in his hands a scroll, on &hich &as &rit, PH!2A-THR:P>. (4 And Jes's &as a )ictor o)er selfish self.


Jes's s ends forty days in the tem le %ro)es. Passes the fifth brotherhood test and recei)es the fifth de%ree, HER:!$M. THE sacred tem le %ro)es &ere rich in stat'es, mon'ments and shrines, here Jes's lo)ed to &al3 and meditate. ( And after he had con='ered self he tal3ed &ith nat're in these %ro)es for forty days. + And then the %'ide too3 chains and bo'nd him hand and foot, and then cast him into a den of h'n%ry beasts, of 'nclean birds, and cree in% thin%s. / The den &as dar3 as ni%ht, the &ild beasts ho&led, the birds in f'ry screamed, the re tiles hissed. 0 And Jes's said, 8ho &as it that did bind me th'sC 8hy did ! mee3ly sit to be bo'nd do&n &ith chainsC 1 ! tell yo', none has o&er to bind a h'man so'l. :f &hat are fetters madeC 4 And in his mi%ht he rose, and &hat he tho'%ht &ere chains &ere only &orthless cords that arted at his to'ch. 5 And then he la'%hed and said, The chains that bind men to the carcasses of earth are for%ed in fancy's sho , are made of air, and &elded in ill'sion's fires. 6 !f man &ill stand erect, and 'se the o&er of &ill, his chains &ill fall, li3e &orthless ra%s, for &ill and faith are stron%er than the sto'test chains that men ha)e e)er made. 17 And Jes's stood erect amon% the h'n%ry beasts, and birds, and said, 8hat is this dar3ness that en)elo s meC 11 JTis b't the absence of the li%ht. And &hat is li%htC 'Tis b't the breath of #od )ibratin% in the rhythm of ra id tho'%ht. 1( And then he said, 2et there be li%ht, and &ith a mi%hty &ill he stirred the ethers ' , and their )ibrations reached the lane of li%ht, and there &as li%ht. 1+ The dar3ness of that den of ni%ht became the bri%htness of a ne&born day. 1/ And then he loo3ed to see the beasts, and birds, and cree in% thin%s, lo, they &ere not. 10 And Jes's said, :f &hat are so'ls afraidC ?ear is the chariot in &hich man rides to death, 11 And &hen he finds himself &ithin the chamber of the dead, he learns that he has been decei)ed, his chariot &as a myth, and death a fancy child. 14 B't some day all man's lessons &ill be learned, and from the den of 'nclean beasts, and birds, and cree in% thin%s he &ill arise to &al3 in li%ht. 15 And Jes's sa& a ladder made of %old, on &hich he climbed, and at the to the &hiteBrobed riest a&aited him. 16 A%ain he stood before the co'ncil bar, a%ain no &ord &as said, a%ain the hiero hant reached forth his hand to bless. (7 He laced in Jes's' hand another scroll, and on this one &as &ritten, HER:!$M. (1 The 2o%os had enco'ntered fear and all his hantom host, and in the conflict he achie)ed the )ictory.

CHAPTER 0+ Jes's asses the siDth brotherhood test and recei)es the siDth de%ree, 2:FE A!F!-E. !- all the land there is no lace more %randly f'rnished than the Bea'ty Parlo'rs of the tem le of the s'n. ( ?e& st'dents e)er entered these rich rooms, the riests re%arded them &ith a&e, and called them Halls of Mysteries.

+ 8hen Jes's had attained the )ictory o)er fear, he %ained the ri%ht to enter here. / The %'ide led on the &ay, and after assin% many richly f'rnished rooms they reached the Hall of Harmony, and here &as Jes's left alone. 0 Amon% the instr'ments of m'sic &as a har sichord, and Jes's sat in tho'%htf'l mood ins ectin% it, &hen, ='ietly, a maiden of entrancin% bea'ty came into the hall. 1 $he did not seem to notice Jes's as he sat and m'sed, so b'sy &ith his tho'%hts. 4 $he fo'nd her lace beside the har sichord, she to'ched the chords most %ently, and she s'n% the son%s of !srael. 5 And Jes's &as entranced, s'ch bea'ty he had ne)er seen, s'ch m'sic he had ne)er heard. 6 The maiden s'n% her son%s, she did not seem to 3no& that any one &as near, she &ent her &ay. 17 And Jes's, tal3in% &ith himself, said o't, 8hat is the meanin% of this incidentC ! did not 3no& that s'ch entrancin% bea'ty and s'ch ='eenBli3e lo)eliness &ere e)er fo'nd amon% the sons of men. 11 ! did not 3no& that )oice of an%el e)er %raced a h'man form, or that sera hic m'sic e)er came from h'man li s. 1( ?or days he sat entranced, the c'rrent of his tho'%hts &as chan%ed, he tho'%ht of nothin% b't the sin%er and her son%s. 1+ He lon%ed to see her once a%ain, and after certain days she came, she s o3e and laid her hand ' on his head. 1/ Her to'ch thrilled all his so'l, and for the time, for%otten &as the &or3 that he &as sent to do. 10 ?e& &ere the &ords the maiden said, she &ent her &ay, b't then the heart of Jes's had been to'ched. 11 A lo)eBflame had been 3indled in his so'l, and he &as bro'%ht to face the sorest trial of his life. 14 He co'ld not slee nor eat. Tho'%hts of the maiden came, they &o'ld not %o. His carnal nat're called alo'd for her com anionshi . 15 And then he said, 2o, ! ha)e con='ered e)ery foe that ! ha)e met, and shall ! no& be con='ered by this carnal lo)eC 16 My ?ather sent me here to sho& the o&er of lo)e di)ine, that lo)e that reaches e)ery li)in% thin%. (7 $hall this 're, 'ni)ersal lo)e be all absorbed by carnal lo)eC $hall ! for%et all creat'res else, and lose my life in this fair maiden, tho'%h she is the hi%hest ty e of bea'ty, 'rity and lo)eC (1 !nto its )ery de ths his so'l &as stirred, and lon% he &restled &ith this an%elBidol of his heart. (( B't &hen the day &as almost lost, his hi%her e%o rose in mi%ht, he fo'nd himself a%ain, and then he said, (+ Altho'%h my heart shall brea3 ! &ill not fail in this my hardest tas3, ! &ill be )ictor o)er carnal lo)e. (/ And &hen a%ain the maiden came, and offered him her hand and heart, he said, (0 ?air one, yo'r )ery resence thrills me &ith deli%ht, yo'r )oice is benediction to my so'l, my h'man self &o'ld fly &ith yo', and be contented in yo'r lo)e, (1 B't all the &orld is cra)in% for a lo)e that ! ha)e come to manifest. (4 ! m'st, then, bid yo' %o, b't &e &ill meet a%ain, o'r &ays on earth &ill not be cast a art. (5 ! see yo' in the h'rryin% thron%s of earth as minister of lo)e, ! hear yo'r )oice in son%, that &ins the hearts of men to better thin%s. (6 And then in sorro& and in tears the maiden &ent a&ay, and Jes's &as a%ain alone. +7 And instantly the %reat bells of the tem le ran%, the sin%ers s'n% a ne&, ne& son%, the %rotto bla.ed &ith li%ht.

+1 The hiero hant himself a eared, and said, All hail@ tri'm hant 2o%os, hail@ The con='eror of carnal lo)e stands on the hei%hts. +( And then he laced in Jes's' hands a scroll on &hich &as &ritten, 2:FE A!F!-E. ++ To%ether they assed thro'%h the %rotto of the bea'tif'l, and in the ban='et hall a feast &as ser)ed, and Jes's &as the hono'red %'est.

CHAPTER 0/ Jes's becomes a ri)ate ' il of the hiero hant and is ta'%ht the mysteries of E%y t. !n assin% the se)enth test, he &or3s in the Chamber of the Aead. THE senior co'rse of st'dy no& &as o ened ' and Jes's entered and became a ' il of the hiero hant. ( He learned the secrets of the mystic lore of E%y t land, the mysteries of life and death and of the &orlds beyond the circle of the s'n. + 8hen he had finished all the st'dies of the senior co'rse, he &ent into the Chamber of the Aead, that he mi%ht learn the ancient methods of erser)in% from decay the bodies of the dead, and here he &ro'%ht. / And carriers bro'%ht the body of a &ido&'s only son to be embalmed, the &ee n% mother follo&ed close, her %rief &as %reat. 0 And Jes's said, #ood &oman, dry yo'r tears, yo' follo& b't an em ty ho'se, yo'r son is in it not. 1 >o' &ee beca'se yo'r son is dead. Aeath is a cr'el &ord, yo'r son can ne)er die. 4 He had a tas3 assi%ned to do in %arb of flesh, he came, he did his &or3, and then he laid the flesh aside, he did not it more. 5 Beyond yo'r h'man si%ht he has another &or3 to do, and he &ill do it &ell, and then ass on to other tas3s, and, by and by, he &ill attain the cro&n of erfect life. 6 And &hat yo'r son has done, and &hat he yet m'st do, &e all m'st do. 17 -o&, if yo' harbo'r %rief, and %i)e yo'r sorro&s )ent they &ill %ro& %reater e)ery day. They &ill absorb yo'r )ery life 'ntil at last yo' &ill be na'%ht b't %rief, &et do&n &ith bitter tears. 11 !nstead of hel in% him yo' %ie)e yo'r son by yo'r dee %rief. He see3s yo'r solace no& as he has e)er done, is %lad &hen yo' are %lad, is saddened &hen yo' %rie)e. 1( #o b'ry dee yo'r &oes, and smile at %rief, and lose yo'rself in hel in% others dry their tears. 1+ 8ith d'ty done comes ha iness and <oy, and %ladness cheers the hearts of those &ho ha)e assed on. 1/ The &ee in% &oman t'rned, and &ent her &ay to find a ha iness in hel f'lness, to b'ry dee her sorro&s in a ministry of <oy. 10 Then other carriers came and bro'%ht the body of a mother to the Chamber of the Aead, and <'st one mo'rner follo&ed, she a %irl of tender years. 11 And as the corte%e neared the door, the child obser)ed a &o'nded bird in sore distress, a cr'el h'nter's dart had ierced its breast. 14 And she left follo&in% the dead, and &ent to hel the li)in% bird. 15 8ith tenderness and lo)e she folded to her breast the &o'nded bird, then h'rried to her lace. 16 And Jes's said to her, 8hy did yo' lea)e yo'r dead to sa)e a &o'nded birdC (7 The maiden said, This lifeless body needs no hel from me, b't ! can hel &hile yet life is, my mother ta'%ht me this.

(1 My mother ta'%ht that %rief and selfish lo)e, and ho es and fears are b't refleDes from the lo&er self, (( That &hat &e sense are b't small &a)es ' on the rolloin% billo&s of a life. (+ These all &ill ass a&ay, they are 'nreal. (/ Tears flo& from hearts of flesh, the s irit ne)er &ee s, and ! am lon%in% for the day &hen ! &ill &al3 in li%ht, &here tears are &i ed a&ay. (0 My mother ta'%ht that all emotions are the s rays that rise from h'man lo)es, and ho es, and fears, that erfect bliss cannot be o'rs till &e ha)e con='ered these. (1 And in the resence of that child did Jes's bo& his head in re)erence. He said, (4 ?or days and months and years !')e so'%ht to learn this hi%hest tr'th that man can learn on earth, and here a child, fresh bro'%ht to earth, has told it all in one short breath. (5 -o &onder Aa)id said, : 2ord, o'r 2ord, ho& eDcellent is thy name in all the earth@ (6 :'t of the mo'ths of babes and s'c3in%s hast tho' ordained stren%th. +7 And then he laid his hand ' on the maiden's head, and said, !'m s're the blessin%s of my ?atherB#od &ill rest ' on yo', child, for e)ermore.

CHAPTER 00 Jes's asses the se)enth brotherhood test, and in the 'r le room of the tem le recei)es the se)enth, the hi%hest de%ree, THE CHR!$T. He lea)es the tem le a con='eror. THE &or3 of Jes's in the Chamber of the Aead &as done, and in the tem le 'r le room he stood before the hiero hant, ( And he &as clothed in 'r le robes, and all the brothers stood. The hiero hant arose and said, + This is a royal day for all the hosts of !srael. !n hono'r of their chosen son &e celebrate the %reat Passo)er ?east. / And then he said to Jes's, Brother, man, most eDcellent of men, in all the tem le tests yo' ha)e &on o't. 0 $iD times before the bar of ri%ht yo' ha)e been <'d%ed, siD times yo' ha)e recei)ed the hi%hest hono'rs man can %i)e, and no& yo' stand re ared to ta3e the last de%ree. 1 " on yo'r bro& ! lace this diadem, and in the #reat 2od%e of the hea)ens and earth yo' are THE CHR!$T. 4 This is yo'r Passo)er rite. >o' are a neo hyte no more, b't no& a master mind. 5 -o&, man can do no more, b't #od himself &ill s ea3, and &ill confirm yo'r title and de%ree. 6 #o on yo'r &ay, for yo' m'st reach the %os el of %ood &ill to men and eace on earth, m'st o en ' the rison doors and set the ca ti)es free. 17 And &hile the hiero hant yet s o3e the tem le bells ran% o't, a 're &hite do)e descended from abo)e and sat on Jes's' head. 11 And then a )oice that shoo3 the )ery tem le said, TH!$ !$ THE CHR!$T, and e)ery li)in% creat're said, AME-. 1( The %reat doors of the tem le s&'n% a<ar, the 2o%os <o'rneyed on his &ay a con='eror.

$ECT!:- I!! 2AMEA The Co'ncil of the $e)en $a%es of the 8orld

CHAPTER 01 The se)en sa%es of the &orld meet in AleDandria. The meetin%. The o enin% addresses.

'r oses of the

!- e)ery a%e since time be%an ha)e se)en sa%es li)ed. ( At first of e)ery a%e these sa%es meet to note the co'rse of nations, eo les, tribes and ton%'es, + To note ho& far to&ard <'stice, lo)e and ri%hteo'sness the race has %one, / To form'late the code of la&s, reli%io's ost'lates and lans of r'le best s'ited to the comin% a%e. 0 An a%e had assed, and lo, another a%e had come, the sa%es m'st con)ene. 1 -o&, AleDandria &as the centre of the &orld's best tho'%ht, and here in Philo's home the sa%es met. 4 ?rom China came Men%Bste, from !ndia Fiya ati came, from Persia Eas ar came, and from Assyria Ashbina came, from #reece A ollo, Matheno &as the E%y tian sa%e, and Philo &as the chief of Hebre& tho'%ht. 5 The time &as d'e, the co'ncil met and sat in silence se)en days. 6 And then Men%Bste arose and said, The &heel of time has t'rned once more, the race is on a hi%her lane of tho'%ht. 17 The %arments that or fathers &o)e ha)e %i)en o't, the cher'bim ha)e &o)en a celestial cloth, ha)e laced it in o'r hands and &e m'st ma3e for men ne& %arbs. 11 The sons of men are loo3in% ' for %reater li%ht. -o lon%er do they care for %ods he&n o't of &ood, or made of clay. They see3 a #ob not made &ith hands. 1( They see the beams of comin% day, and yet they com rehend them not. 1+ The time is ri e, and &e m'st fashion &ell these %arments for the race. 1/ And let 's ma3e for men ne& %arbs of <'stice, mercy, ri%hteo'sness and lo)e, that they may hide their na3edness &hen shines the li%ht of comin% day. 10 And Fidya ati said, :'r riests ha)e all %one mad, they sa& a demon in the &ilds and at him cast their lam s and they are bro3en ' , and not a %leam of li%ht has any riest for men. 11 The ni%ht is dar3, the heart of !ndia calls for li%ht. 14 The riesthood cannot be reformed, it is already dead, its %reatest needs are %ra)es and f'neral chants. 15 The ne& a%e calls for liberty, the 3ind that ma3es each man a riest, enables him to %o alone, and lay his offerin%s on the shrine of #od. 16 And Eas ar said, !n Persia eo le &al3 in fear, they do the %ood for fear to do the &ron%. (7 The de)il is the %reatest o&er in o'r land, and tho'%h a myth, he dandles on his 3nee both yo'th and a%e. (1 :'r land is dar3, and e)il ros ers in the dar3. (( ?ear rides on e)ery assin% bree.e, and l'r3s in e)ery form of life. (+ The fear of e)il is a myth, is an ill'sion and a snare, b't it &ill li)e 'ntil some mi%hty o&er shall come to raise the ethers to the lane of li%ht. (/ 8hen this shall come to ass the ma%ian land &ill %lory in the li%ht. The so'l of Persia calls for li%ht.

CHAPTER 04 Meetin% of the sa%es, contin'ed. : enin% addresses. $e)en days' silence. A$HB!-A said, Assyria is the land of do'bt, the chariot of my eo le, that in &hich they mostly ride, is labelled Ao'bt. ( :nce ?aith &al3ed forth in Babylon, and she &as bri%ht and fair, b't she clothed in s'ch &hite robes that men became afraid of her. + And e)ery &heel be%an to t'rn, and Ao'bt made &ar on her, and dro)e her from the land, and she came bac3 no more. / !n form men &orshi #od, the :ne, in heart they are not s're that #od eDists. 0 ?aith &orshi s at the shrine of one not seen, b't Ao'bt m'st see her #od. 1 The %reatest need of all Assyria is faithBBa faith that seasons e)ery thin% that is, &ith certainty. 4 And then A ollo said, The %reatest needs of #reece are tr'e conce ts of #od. 5 Theo%ony in #reece is r'dderless, for e)ery tho'%ht may be a %od, and &orshi ed as a %od. 6 The lane of tho'%ht is broad, and f'll of shar anta%onists, and so the circle of the %ods is filled &ith enmity, &ith &ars and base intri%'es. 17 #reece needs a master mind to stand abo)e the %ods, to raise the tho'%hts of men a&ay from many %ods to #od the :ne. 11 8e 3no& that li%ht is comin% o'er the hills. #od s eed the li%ht. 1( Matheno said, Behold this land of mystery@ this E%y t of the dead@ 1+ :'r tem les lon% ha)e been the tombs of all the hidden thin%s of time, o'r tem les, cry ts and ca)es are dar3. 1/ !n li%ht there are no secret thin%s. The s'n re)eals all hidden tr'th. There are no mysteries in #od. 10 Behold the risin% s'n@ His beams are enterin% e)ery door, yea, e)ery cre)ice of the mystic cry t of Mi.raim. 11 8e hail the li%ht@ All E%y t cra)es the li%ht. 14 And Philo said, The need of Hebre& tho'%ht and life is liberty. 15 The Hebre& ro hets, seers, and %i)ers of the la&, &ere men of o&er, men of holy tho'%ht, and they be='eathed to 's a system of hiloso hy that is ideal, one stron% eno'%h and %ood eno'%h to lead o'r eo le to the %oal of erfectness. 16 B't carnal minds re 'diated holiness, a riesthood filled &ith selfishness arose, and 'rity in heart became a myth, the eo le &ere ensla)ed. (7 The riesthood is the c'rse of !srael, b't &hen he comes, &ho is to come, he &ill roclaim emanci ation for the sla)es, my eo le &ill be free. (1 Behold, for #od has made incarnate &isdom, lo)e and li%ht, &hich he has called !mman'el. (( To him is %i)en the 3eys to o en ' the da&n, and here, as man, he &al3s &ith 's. (+ And then the co'ncil chamber door &as o ened and the 2o%os stood amon% the sa%es of the &orld. (/ A%ain the sa%es sat in silence se)en days.

CHAPTER 05 Meetin% of the sa%es, contin'ed. Presentation of the se)en 'ni)ersal ost'lates. -:8, &hen the sa%es &ere refreshed they o ened ' the Boo3 of 2ife and read.

( They read the story of the life of man, of all his str'%%les, losses, %ains, and in the li%ht of ast e)ents and needs, they sa& &hat &o'ld be best for him in comin% years. + They 3ne& the 3ind of la&s and rece ts s'ited best to his estate, they sa& the hi%hest #odBideal that the race co'ld com rehend. / " on the se)en ost'lates these sa%es &ere to form'late, the %reat hiloso hy of life and &orshi of the comin% a%e m'st rest. 0 -o& Men%Bste &as the oldest sa%e, he too3 the chair of chief, and said, 1 Man is not far eno'%h ad)anced to li)e by faith, he cannot com rehend the thin%s his eyes see not. 4 He yet is child, and d'rin% all the comin% a%e he m'st be ta'%ht by ict'res, symbols, rites and forms. 5 His #od m'st be a h'man #od, he cannot see a #od by faith. 6 And then he cannot r'le himself, the 3in% m'st r'le, the man m'st ser)e. 17 The a%e that follo&s this &ill be the a%e of man, the a%e of faith. 11 !n that blest a%e the h'man race &ill see &itho't the aid of carnal eyes, &ill hear the so'ndless so'nd, &ill 3no& the $ iritB#od. 1( The a%e &e enter is the Pre aration a%e, and all the schools and %o)ernments and &orshi rites m'st be desi%ned in sim le &ay that men may com rehend. 1+ And man cannot ori%inate, he b'ilds by atterns that he sees, so in this co'ncil &e m'st car)e o't attern for the comin% a%e. 1/ And &e m'st form'late the %nosis of the Em ire of the so'l, &hich rests on se)en ost'lates. 10 Each sa%e in t'rn shall form a ost'late, and these shall be the basis of the creeds of men 'ntil the erfect a%e shall come. 11 Then Men%Bste &rote the first* 14 All thin%s are tho'%ht, all life is tho'%ht acti)ity. The m'ltit'de of bein%s are b't hases of the one %reat tho'%ht made manifest. 2o, #od is Tho'%ht, and Tho'%ht is #od. 15 Then Fidya ati &rote the second ost'late* 16 Eternal Tho'%ht is one, in essence it is t&oBB!ntelli%ence and ?orce, and &hen they breathe a child is born, this child is 2o)e. (7 And th's the Tri'ne #od stands forth,&hom men call ?atherBMotherBChild. (1 This Tri'ne #od is one, b't li3e the one of li%ht, in essence he is se)en. (( And &hen the Tri'ne #od breathes forth, lo, se)en $ irits stand before his face, these are creati)e attrib'tes. (+ Men call them lesser %ods, and in their ima%e they made man. (/ And Eas ar &rote the third* (0 Man &as a tho'%ht of #od, formed in the ima%e of the $e tonate, clothed in the s'bstances of so'l. (1 And his desires &ere stron%, he so'%ht to manifest on e)ery lane of life, and for himself he made a body of the ethers of the earthly forms, and so descended to the lane of earth. (4 !n this descent he lost his birthri%ht, lost his harmony &ith #od, and made discordant all the notes of life. (5 !nharmony and e)il are the same, so e)il is the handi&or3 of man. (6 Ashbina &rote the fo'rth* +7 $eeds do not %erminate in li%ht, they do not %ro& 'ntil they find the soil, and hide themsel)es a&ay from li%ht. +1 Man &as e)ol)ed a seed of e)erlastin% life, b't in the ethers of the Tri'ne #od the li%ht &as far too %reat for seeds to %ro&, +( And so man so'%ht the soil of carnal life, and in the dar3someness of earth he fo'nd a lace &here he co'ld %erminate and %ro&. ++ The seed has ta3en root and %ro&n f'll &ell.

+/ The tree of h'man life is risin% from the soil of earthy thin%s, and, 'nder nat'ral la&, is reachin% ' to erfect form. +0 There are no s' ernat'ral acts of #od to lift a man from carnal life to s irit blessedness, he %ro&s as %ro&s the lant, and in d'e time is erfected. +1 The ='ality of so'l that ma3es it ossible for man to rise to s irit life is 'rity.

CHAPTER 06 Meetin% of the sa%es, contin'ed. The remainin% $e)en days' silence. ost'lates. The sa%es bless Jes's.

AP:22: &rote the fifth* ( The so'l is dra&n to erfect li%ht by fo'r &hite steeds, and these are 8ill, and ?aith, and Hel f'lness and 2o)e. + That &hich one &ills to do, he has the o&er to do. / A 3no&led%e of that o&er is faith, and &hen faith mo)es, the so'l be%ins its fli%ht. 0 A selfish faith leads not to li%ht. There is no lonely il%rim on the &ay to li%ht. Men only %ain the hei%hts by hel in% others %ain the hei%hts. 1 The steed that leads the &ay to s irit life is 2o)e, is 're 'nselfish 2o)e. 4 Matheno &rote the siDth* 5 The 'ni)ersal 2o)e of &hich A ollo s ea3s is child of 8isdom and of 8ill di)ine, and #od has sent if forth to earth in flesh that man may 3no&. 6 The 'ni)ersal 2o)e of &hich the sa%es s ea3, is Christ. 17 The %reatest mystery of all times lies in the &ay that Christ li)es in the heart. 11 Christ cannot li)e in clammy dens of carnal thin%s. The se)en battles m'st be fo'%ht, the se)en )ictories &on before the carnal thin%s, li3e fear, and self, emotions and desire, are 't a&ay. 1( 8hen this is done the Christ &ill ta3e ossession of the so'l, the &or3 is done, and man and #od are one. 1+ And Philo &rote the se)enth* 1/ A erfect man@ To brin% before the Tri'ne #od a bein% s'ch as this &as nat're made. 10 This cons'mmation is the hi%hest re)elation of the mystery of life. 11 8hen all the essences of carnal thin%s ha)e been transm'ted into so'l, and all the essences of so'l ha)e been ret'rned to Holy Breath, and man is made a erfect #od, the drama of Creation &ill concl'de. And this is all. 14 And all the sa%es said, Amen. 15 Then Men%Bste said, The Holy :ne has sent to 's a man ill'mined by the efforts of 'nn'mbered years, to lead the tho'%hts of men. 16 This man, a ro)ed by all the master minds of hea)en and earth, this man from #alilee, this Jes's, chief of all the sa%es of the &orld, &e %ladly reco%nise. (7 !n reco%nition of this &isdom that he brin%s to men, &e cro&n him &ith the 2ot's &reath. (1 8e send him forth &ith all the blessin% of the se)en sa%es of the &orld. (( Then all the sa%es laid their hands on Jes's' head, and said &ith one accord, Praise #od@ (+ ?or &isdom, hono'r, %lory, o&er, riches, blessin%, stren%th, are yo'rs, : Christ, for e)ermore. (/ And e)ery li)in% creat're said, Amen. (0 And then the sa%es sat in silence se)en days.

CHAPTER 17 Jes's addresses the se)en sa%es. The address. Jes's %oes to #alilee. THE se)en days of silence assed and Jes's, sittin% &ith the sa%es said* ( The history of life is &ell condensed in these immortal ost'lates. These are the se)en hills on &hich the holy city shall be b'ilt. + These are the se)en s're fo'ndation stones on &hich the "ni)ersal Ch'rch shall stand. / !n ta3in% ' the &or3 assi%ned for me to do ! am f'll conscio's of the erils of the &ay, the c' &ill be a bitter one to drin3 and h'man nat're &ell mi%ht shrin3. 0 B't ! ha)e lost my &ill in that of Holy Breath, and so ! %o my &ay to s ea3 and act by Holy Breath. 1 The &ords ! s ea3 are not my o&n, they are the &ords of him &hose &ill i do. 4 Man is not far eno'%h ad)anced in sacred tho'%ht to com rehend the "ni)ersal Ch'rch, and so the &or3 that #od has %i)en me to do is not the b'ildin% of that Ch'rch. 5 ! am a model ma3er, sent to ma3e a attern of the Ch'rch that is to beBB a attern that the a%e may com rehend. 6 My tas3 as model b'ilder lies &ithin my nati)e land, and there, ' on the ost'late that 2o)e is son of #od, that ! am come to manifest that 2o)e, the Model Ch'rch &ill stand. 17 And from the men of lo& estate ! &ill select t&el)e men, &ho re resent the t&el)e immortal tho'%hts, and these &ill be the Model Ch'rch. 11 The ho'se of J'dah, my o&n 3indred in the flesh, &ill com rehend b't little of my mission to the &orld. 1( And they &ill s 'rn me, scorn my &or3, acc'se me falsely, bind me, ta3e me to the <'d%ement seat of carnel men &ho &ill con)ict and slay me on the cross. 1+ B't men can ne)er slay the tr'th, tho'%h banished it &ill come a%ain in %reater o&er, for tr'th &ill s'b<'%ate the &orld. 1/ The Model Ch'rch &ill li)e. Tho'%h carnal man &ill rostit'te its sacred la&s, symbolic rites and forms, for selfish ends, and ma3e it b't an o't&ard sho&, the fe& &ill find thro'%h it the 3in%dom of the so'l. 10 And &hen the better a%e shall come the "ni)ersal Ch'rch &ill stand ' on the se)en ost'lates, and &ill be b'ilt accordin% to the attern %i)en. 11 The time has come, ! %o my &ay 'nto Jer'salem, and by the o&er of li)in% faith, and by the stren%th that yo' ha)e %i)en. 14 And in the name of #od, o'r ?atherB#od, the 3in%dom of the so'l shall be established on the se)en hills. 15 And all the eo les, tribes and ton%'es of earth shall enter in. 16 The Prince of Peace &ill ta3e his seat ' on the throne of o&er, the Tri'ne #od &ill then be All in All. (7 And all the sa%es said, Amen. (1 And Jes's &ent his &ay, and after many days, he reached Jer'salem, and then he so'%ht his home in #alilee.

$ECT!:- I!!! MEM The Ministry of John the Harbin%er

CHAPTER 11 John, the harbin%er, ret'rns to Hebron. 2i)es as a hermit in the &ilds. Fisits Jer'salem and s ea3s to the eo le. !T came to ass &hen John, the son of ;acharias and Eli.abeth, had finished all his st'dies in the E%y tian schools that he ret'rned to Hebron, &here he abode for certain days. ( And then he so'%ht the &ilderness and made his home in Aa)id's ca)e &here many years before, he &as instr'cted by the E%y tian sa%e. + $ome eo le called him Hermit of En%edi, and others said, He is the 8ild Man of the Hills. / He clothed himself &ith s3ins of beasts, his food &as carobs, honey, n'ts and fr'its. 0 8hen John &as thirty years of a%e he &ent into Jer'salem, and in the mar3et lace he sat in silence se)en days. 1 The common eo le and the riests, the scribes and Pharisees came o't in m'ltit'des to see the silent hermit of the hills, b't none &ere bold eno'%h to as3 him &ho he &as. 4 B't &hen his silent fast &as done he stood forth in the midst of all and said* 5 Behold the 3in% has come, the ro hets told of him, the &ise men lon% ha)e loo3ed for him. 6 Pre are, : !srael, re are to meet yo'r 3in%. 17 And that &as all he said, and then he disa eared, and no one 3ne& &here he had %one. 11 And there &as %reat 'nrest thro'%h all Jer'salem. The r'lers heard the story of the hermit of the hills. 1( And they sent co'riers forth to tal3 &ith him that they mi%ht 3no& abo't the comin% 3in%, b't they co'ld find him not. 1+ And after certain days he came a%ain into the mar3et lace, and all the city came to hear him s ea3, he said* 1/ Be not dist'rbed, yo' r'lers of the state, the comin% 3in% is no anta%onist, he see3s no lace on any earthly throne. 10 He comes the Prince of Peace, the 3in% of ri%hteo'sness and lo)e, his 3in%dom is &ithin the so'l. 11 The eyes of men shall see it not and none can enter b't the 're in heart. 14 Pre are, : !srael, re are to meet yo'r 3in%. 15 A%ain the hermit disa eared, the eo le stro)e to follo& him, b't he had dra&n a )eil abo't his form and men co'ld see him not. 16 A Je&ish feast day came, Jer'salem &as filled &ith Je&s and roselytes from e)ery art of Palestine, and John stood in the tem le co'rt and said, (7 Pre are, : !srael, re are to meet yo'r 3in%. (1 2o, yo' ha)e li)ed in sin, the oor cry in yo'r streets, and yo' re%ard them not. (( >o'r nei%hbo'rs, &ho are theyC >o' ha)e defra'ded friend and foe ali3e. (+ >o' &orshi #od &ith )oice and li , yo'r hearts are far a&ay, and set on %old. (/ >o'r riests ha)e bo'nd ' on the eo le b'rdens far to %reat to bear, they li)e in ease ' on the hard earned &a%es of the oor. (0 >o'r la&yers, doctors, scribes are 'seless c'mberers of the %ro'nd, they are b't t'mo'rs on the body of the state, (1 They toil not neither do they s in, yet they cons'me the rofits of yo'r marts of trade.

(4 >o'r r'lers are ad'lterers, eDtortioners and thie)es, re%ardin% not the ri%hts of any man, (5 And robbers ly their callin% in the sacred halls, the holy tem le yo' ha)e sold to thie)es, their dens are in the sacred laces set a art for rayer. (6 Hear@ hear@ yo' eo le of Jer'salem@ Reform, t'rn from yo'r e)il &ays or #od &ill t'rn from yo' and heathen from afar &ill come, and &hat is left of all yo'r hono'r and yo'r fame &ill ass in one short ho'r. +7 Pre are, Jer'salem, re are to meet yo'r 3in%. +1 He said no more, he left the co'rt and no one sa& him %o. +( The riests, the doctors and the scribes &ere all in ra%e. They so'%ht for John intent to do him harm. They fo'nd him not. ++ The common eo le stood in his defence, they said, The hermit s ea3s the tr'th. +/ And then the riests, the doctors and the scribes &ere sore afraid, they said no more, they hid themsel)es a&ay.

CHAPTER 1( John, the harbin%er, a%ain )isits Jer'salem. $ ea3s to the eo le. Promises to meet them at #il%al in se)en days. #oes to Bethany and attends a feast. -EIT day John &ent a%ain into the tem le co'rts and said, ( Pre are, : !srael, re are to meet yo'r 3in%. + The chief riests and the scribes &o'ld 3no& the meanin% of his &ords, they said. / Bold man, &hat is the 'r ort of this messa%e that yo' brin% to !sraelC !f yo' be seer and ro het tell 's lainly &ho has sent yo' hereC 0 And John re lied, ! am the )oice of one &ho cries o't in the &ilderness, Pre are the &ay, ma3e strai%ht the aths, for, lo, the Prince of Peace &ill come to r'le in lo)e. 1 >o'r ro het Malachi &rote do&n the &ords of #od* 4 And ! &ill send Eli<ah 'nto yo' before the retrib'tion day shall come, to t'rn a%ain the hearts of men to #od, and if they &ill not t'rn, lo, ! &ill smite them &ith a c'rse. 5 >o' men of !srael, yo' 3no& yo'r sins. As ! assed by ! sa& a &o'nded bird rone in yo'r streets, and men of e)ery class &ere beatin% it &ith cl'bs, and then ! sa& that J'stice &as its name. 6 ! loo3ed a%ain and sa& that its com anion had been 3illed, the 're &hite &in%s of Ri%hteo'sness &ere tram led in the d'st. 17 ! tell yo' men, yo'r a&f'lness of %'ilt has made a cess ool of ini='ity that sends a fearf'l stench to hea)en. 11 Reform, : !srael, reform, re are to meet yo'r 3in%. 1( And then John t'rned a&ay and as he &ent he said, 1+ !n se)en days, lo, ! &ill stand at #il%al, by the Jordan ford, &here !srael first crossed into the romised land. 1/ And then he left the tem le co'rt to enter it no more, b't many eo le follo&ed him as far as Bethany, and there he tarried at the home of's, his 3in. 10 The anDio's eo le %athered all abo't the home and &o'ld not %o, then John came forth and said, 11 Reform, : !srael, reform, re are to meet yo'r 3in%. 14 The sins of !srael do not all lie at the door of riest and scribe. : thin3 yo' not that all the sinners of J'dea are fo'nd amon% the r'lers and the men of &ealth. 15 !t is no si%n that man is %ood and 're beca'se he li)es in &ant.

16 The listless, shiftless )a%abonds of earth are mostly oor and ha)e to be% for bread. (7 ! sa& the )ery men that cheered beca'se ! told the riests and scribes of their in<'stice 'nto man, thro& stones and beat oor J'stice in the streets. (1 ! sa& them tram le on the oor dead bird of Ri%hteo'sness, (( And yo' &ho follo& after me,yo' commoners, are not one &hit behind the scribes and riests in crime. (+ Reform, yo' men of !srael, the 3in% has come, re are to meet yo'r 3in%. (/ 8ith's and his sisters, John remained for certain days. (0 !n hono'r of the -a.arite a feast &as s read, and all the eo le stood abo't the board. (1 And &hen the chief men of the to&n o'red o't the s ar3lin% &ine and offered John a c' , he too3 it, held it hi%h in air, and said, (4 8ine ma3es %lad the carnal heart, and it ma3es sad the h'man so'l, it l'n%es dee in bitterness and %all the deathless s irit of the man. (5 ! too3 the )o& of &hen a child, and not a dro has e)er assed my li s. (6 And if yo' &o'ld ma3e %lad the comin% 3in%, then sh'n the c' as yo' &o'ld sh'n a deadly thin%. +7 And then he thre& the s ar3in% &ine o't in the street.

CHAPTER 1+ John, the harbin%er, )isits Jericho. Meets the eo le at #il%al. Anno'nces his mission. !ntrod'ces the rite of ba tism. Ba tises many eo le. Ret'rns to Bethany and teaches. Ret'rns to the Jordan. A-A John &ent do&n to Jericho, there he abode &ith Al he's. ( And &hen the eo le heard that he &as there they came in thron%s to hear him s ea3. + He s o3e to none, b't &hen the time &as d'e he &ent do&n to the Jordan ford, and to the m'ltit'des he said. / Reform and in the fo'nt of 'rity &ash all yo'r sins a&ay, the 3in%dom is at hand. 0 Come 'nto me and in the &aters of this streambe &ashed, symbolic of the inner cleansin% of the so'l. 1 And, lo, the m'ltit'des came do&n, and in the Jordan they &ere &ashed, and e)ery man confessed his sins. 4 ?or many months, in all the re%oins ro'nd abo't, John led for 'rity and ri%hteo'sness, and after many days he &ent a%ain to Bethany, and there he ta'%ht. 5 At first fe& b't the honest see3ers came, b't, by and by, the selfish and the )icio's came &ith no contrition, came beca'se the many came. 6 And &hen John sa& the re entant Pharisees and $add'cees come 'nto him, he said, 17 >o' children of the )i ers, stay, are yo' dist'rbed by ne&s of comin% &rathC 11 #o to, and do the thin%s that ro)e re entance %en'ine. 1( !s it eno'%h for yo' to say that yo' are heirs of AbrahamC ! tell yo', no. 1+ The heirs of Abraham are <'st as &ic3ed in the si%ht of #od &hen they do &ron% as any heathen man. 1/ Behold the aDe@ and e)ery tree that bears not &holesome fr'it is c't do&n at the roots and cast into the fire. 10 And then the eo le as3ed, 8hat m'st &e doC 11 And John re lied, Acce t the ministry of hel f'lness for all man3ind, s end not ' on yo'r selfish sel)es all that yo' ha)e.

14 2et him &ho has t&o coats %i)e one to him &ho has no coat, %i)e art of all the food yo' ha)e to those in need. 15 And &hen the 'blicans came ' and as3ed, 8hat m'st &e doC John ans&ered them, 16 Be honest in yo'r &or3, do not increase for selfish %ain the trib'te yo' collect, ta3e nothin% more than &hat yo'r 3in% demands. (7 And &hen the soldiers came and as3ed, 8hat m'st &e doC The harbin%er re lied, (1 Ao )iolence to none, eDact no &ron%f'l thin%, and be contented &ith the &a%es yo' recei)e. (( Amon% the Je&s &ere many &ho had been &aitin% for the Christ to come, and they re%arded John as Christ. (+ B't to their ='estions John re lied, !n &ater ! do cleanse, symbolic of the cleansin% of the so'l, b't &hen he comes &ho is to come, lo, he &ill cleanse in Holy Breath and 'rify in fire. (/ His fan is in his hand, and he &ill se arate the &heat and chaff, &ill thro& the chaff a&ay, b't %arner e)ery %rain of &heat. This is the Christ. (0 Behold he comes@ and he &ill &al3 &ith yo', and yo' &ill 3no& him not. (1 He is the 3in%, the latchet of his shoes ! am not &orthy to 'nloose. (4 And John left Bethany and &ent a%ain 'nto the Jordan ford.

CHAPTER 1/ Jes's comes to #alilee, and is ba tised by John. The Holy Breath testified on his messiahshi . THE ne&s reached #alilee, and Jes's &ith the m'ltit'de &ent do&n to &here the harbin%er &as reachin% at the ford. ( 8hen Jes's sa& the harbin%er he said. Behold the man of #od@ Behold the %reatest of the seers@ Behold, Eli<ah has ret'rned@ + Behold the messen%er &hom #od has sent to o en ' the &ay@ The 3in%dom is at hand. / 8hen John sa& Jes's standin% &ith the thron% he said, Behold the 3in% &ho cometh in the name of #od@ 0 And Jes's said to John, ! &o'ld be &ashed in &ater as a symbol of the cleansin% of the so'l. 1 And John re lied, yo' do not need to &ash, for yo' are 're in tho'%ht, and &ord, and deed. And if yo' need to &ash ! am not &orthy to erform the rite. 4 And Jes's said, ! come to be a attern for the sons of men, and &hat ! bid them do, that ! m'st do, and all men m'st be &ashed, symbolic of the cleansin% of the so'l. 5 This &ashin% &e establish as a riteBBba tism rite &e call it no&, and so it shall be called. 6 >o'r &or3, ro hetic harbin%er, is to re are the &ay, and to re)eal the hidden thin%s. 17 The m'ltit'des are ready for the &ords of life, and ! come to be made 3no&n by yo' to all the &orld, as ro het of the Tri'ne #od, and as the chosen one to manifest the Christ to men. 11 Then John led Jes's do&n into the ri)er at the ford and he ba tised him in the sacred name of him &ho sent him forth to manifest the Christ to men. 1( And as they came o't of the stream, the Holy Breath, in form of do)e, came do&n and sat on Jes's' head.

1+ A )oice from hea)en said, This is the &ellBbelo)ed son of #od, the Christ, the lo)e of #od made manifest. 1/ John heard the )oice, and 'nderstood the messa%e of the )oice. 10 -o& Jes's &ent his &ay, and John reached to the m'ltit'de. 11 As many as confessed their sins, and t'rned from e)il &ays to &ays of ri%ht, the harbin%er ba tised, symbolic of the blottin% of sins by ri%hteo'sness.

$ECT!:- I!F -"The Christine Ministry of Jes'sBB!ntrod'ctory E och

CHAPTER 10 Jes's %oes to the &ilderness for selfBeDamination, &here he remains forty days. !s s'b<ected to three tem tations. He o)ercomes. Ret'rns to the cam s of John and be%ins teachin%. THE harbin%er had a)ed the &ay, the 2o%os had been introd'ced to men as lo)e made manifest, and he m'st no& be%in his Christine ministry. ( And he &ent forth into the &ilderness to be alone &ith #od that he mi%ht loo3 into his inner heart, and note its stren%th and &orthiness. + And &ith himself he tal3ed, he said, My lo&er self is stron%, by many ties ! am bo'nd do&n to carnal life. / Ha)e ! the stren%th to o)ercome and %i)e my life a &illin% sacrifice for menC 0 8hen ! shall stand before the face of men, and they demand a roof of my messiahshi , &hat &ill ! sayC 1 And then the tem ter came and said, !f yo' be son of #od, command these stones to t'rn to bread. 4 And Jes's said, 8ho is it that demands a testC !t is no si%n that one is son of #od beca'se he does a miracle, the de)ils can do mi%hty thin%s. 5 Aid not the blac3 ma%icians do %reat thin%s before the PharaohsC 6 My &ords and dees in all the &al3s of life shall be the roof of my messiahshi . 17 And then the tem ter said, !f yo' &ill %o into Jer'salem, and from the tem le innacle cast do&n yo'rself to earth, the eo le &ill belie)e that yo' are the Messiah sent from #od. 11 This yo' can s'rely do, for did not Aa)id say, He %i)es his an%els char%e concernin% yo', and &ith their &ill they ' hold lest yo' sho'ld fallC 1( And Jes's said, ! may not tem t the 2ord, my #od. 1+ And then the tem ter said, 2oo3 forth ' on the &orld, behold its hono'rs and its fame@ Behold its leas'res and its &ealth@ 1/ !f yo' &ill %i)e yo'r life for these they shall be yo'rs. 10 B't Jes's said, A&ay from me all tem tin% tho'%hts. My heart is fiDed, ! s 'rn this carnal self &ith all its )ain ambition and its ride. 11 ?or forty days did Jes's &restle &ith his carnal self, his hi%her self Pre)ailed. He then &as h'n%ry, b't his friends had fo'nd him and they ministered to him. 14 Then Jes's left the &ilderness and in the conscio'sness of Holy breath, he came 'nto the cam s of John and ta'%ht.

CHAPTER 11 $iD of John's disci les follo& Jes's and become his disci les. He teaches them. They sit in the $ilence. AM:-# the follo&ers of John &ere many men from #alilee. The most de)o't &ere Andre&, $imon, James, and John, &ith Phili and his brother of Bethsaida. ( :ne day as Andre&, Phili and a son of ;ebedee, &ere tal3in% &ith the harbin%er, the 2o%os came, and John eDclaimed, Behold the Christ@ + And then the three disci les follo&ed Jes's, and he as3ed, 8hat do yo' see3C / And the disci les as3ed, 8here do yo' li)eC And Jes's ans&ered, Come and see. 0 And Andre& called his brother $imon, sayin%, Come &ith me, for ! ha)e fo'nd the Christ. 1 8hen Jes's loo3ed in $imon's face he said, Behold a roc3@ and Peter is yo'r name. 4 And Phili fo'nd -athaniel sittin% by a tree, and said, My brother, come &ith me, for ! ha)e fo'nd the Christ@ !n -a.areth he abides. 5 -athaniel said, Can anythin% of %ood come o't of -a.arethC And Phili ans&ered, Come and see. 6 8hen Jes's sa& -athaniel come he said, Behold an !sraelite indeed in &hom there is no %'ile@ 17 -athaniel said, Ho& can yo' s ea3 abo't me th'sC 11 And Jes's said, ! sa& yo' as yo' sat beneath the fi% tree o)er there, before yo'r brother called. 1( -athaniel lifted ' his hands and said, This s'rely is the Christ, the 3in%, for &hom the harbin%er has often testified. 1+ And John &ent forth and fo'nd his brother James, and bro'%ht him to the Christ. 1/ The siD disci les &ent &ith Jes's to the lace &here he abode. 10 And Peter said, 8e lon% ha)e so'%ht for Christ. 8e came from #alilee to John, &e tho'%ht that he &as Christ, b't he confessed to 's that he &as not, 11 That he &as b't the harbin%er sent forth to clear the &ay, and ma3e the ath&ay easy for the comin% 3in%, and &hen yo' came he said, Behold the Christ@ 14 And &e &o'ld %ladly follo& &here yo' %o. 2ord, tell 's &hat to do. 15 And Jes's said, The foDes of the earth ha)e homes, the birds ha)e nests, ! ha)e no, lace to lay my head. 16 He &ho &o'ld follo& me m'st %i)e ' all cra)in%s of the self and lose his life in sa)in% life. (7 ! come to sa)e the lost, and man is sa)ed &hen he is resc'ed from himself. B't men are slo& to com rehend this doctrine of the Christ. (1 And Peter said, ! cannot s ea3 for any other man, b't for myself ! s ea3* ! &ill lea)e all and follo& &here yo' lead. (( And then the others s o3e and said, >o' ha)e the &ords of tr'th, yo' came from #od, and if &e follo& in yo'r footste s &e cannot miss the &ay. (+ Then Jes's and the siD disci les sat a lon%, lon% time in silent tho'%ht.

CHAPTER 14 Jes's )isits John at the Jordan. Aeli)ers his first Christine address to the address. He %oes &ith his disci les to Bethany. eo le. The

-:8, on the morro& Jes's came a%ain and stood &ith John beside the ford, and John re)ailed on him to s ea3, and standin% forth he said. ( >o' men of !sael, Hear@ The 3in%dom is at hand. + Behold the %reat 3eyB3ee er of the a%e stands in yo'r midst, and &ith the s irit of Eli<ah he has come. / Behold, for he has t'rned the 3ey, the mi%hty %ates fly &ide and all &ho &ill may %reet the 3in%. 0 Behold these m'ltit'des of &omen, children, men@ they thron% the a)en'es, they cro&d the o'ter co'rts, each seems to be intent to be the first to meet the 3in%. 1 Behold, the censor comes and calls, 8hoe)er &ill may come, b't he &ho comes m'st &ill to r'ne himself of e)ery e)il tho'%ht, 4 M'st o)ercome desire to %ratify the lo&er self, m'st %i)e his life to sa)e the lost. 5 The nearer to the 3in%dom %ate yo' come, more s acio's is the room, the m'ltit'des ha)e %one. 6 !f men co'ld come 'nto the 3in%dom &ith their carnal tho'%hts, their assions and desires, there scarcely &o'ld be room for all. 17 B't &hen they cannot ta3e these thro'%h the narro& %ate they t'rn a&ay, the fe& are ready to %o in and see the 3in%. 11 Behold, John is a mi%hty fisher, fishin% for the so'ls of men. He thro&s his %reat net o't into the sea of h'man life, he dra&s it in and it is f'll. 1( B't &hat a medley catch@ a catch of crabs, and lobsters, shar3s and cree in% thin%s, &ith no& and then a fish of better 3ind. 1+ Behold the tho'sands come to hear the 8ild Man of the hills, they come in cro&ds that he may &ash them in the crystal flood, and &ith their li s they do confess their sins. 1/ B't &hen the morro& comes &e find them in their ha'nts of )ice a%ain, re)ilin% John, and c'rsin% #od, and hea in% ins'lts on the 3in%. 10 B't blessed are the 're in heart, for they shall see the 3in%. 11 And blessed are the stron% in heart, for they shall not be cast abo't by e)ery &ind that blo&s, 14 B't &hile the fic3le and the tho'%htless ha)e %one bac3 to E%y t land for lee3s and carnal herbs to satisfy their a etites, the 're in heart ha)e fo'nd the 3in%. 15 B't e)en those &hose faith is &ea3, and &ho are na'%ht b't carnal manifests, &ill some day come a%ain, and enter in &ith <oy to see the 3in%. 16 : men of !srael, ta3e heed to &hat this ro het has to say@ Be stron% in mind, be 're in heart, be )i%ilant in hel f'lness, the 3in%dom is at hand. (7 8hen Jes's had th's said he &ent his &ay, and &ith his siD disci les came to Bethany, and they abode &ith's many days.

CHAPTER 15 Jes's s ea3s to the eo le in Bethany. Tells them ho& to become 're in heart. #oes to Jer'salem and in the tem le reads from a ro hetic boo3. #oes to -a.areth. THE ne&s soon s read abroad that Jes's, 3in% of !srael, had come to Bethany, and all the eo le of the to&n came forth to %reet the 3in%. ( And Jes's, standin% in the midst of them, eDclaimed, Behold, indeed, the 3in% has come, b't Jes's is not 3in%. + The 3in%dom tr'ly is at hand, b't men can see it not &ith carnal eyes, they cannot see the 3in% ' on the throne. / This is the 3in%dom of the so'l, its throne is not an earthly throne, its 3in% is not a man.

0 8hen h'man 3in%s fo'nd 3in%doms here, they con='er other 3in%s by force of arms, one 3in%dom rises on the r'ins of another one. 1 B't &hen o'r ?atherB#od sets ' the 3in%dom of the so'l, he o'rs his blessin%s forth, li3e rain, ' on the thrones of earthly 3in%s &ho r'le in ri%hteo'sness. 4 !t is not r'le that #od &o'ld o)erthro&, his s&ord is raised a%ainst in<'stice, &antonness and crime. 5 -o&, &hile the 3in%s of Rome do <'stice, and lo)e mercy and &al3 h'mbly &ith their #od, the benediction of the Tri'ne #od &ill rest ' on them all. 6 They need not fear a messen%er &hom #od sends forth to earth. 17 ! am not sent to sit ' on a throne to r'le as Caesar r'les, and yo' may tell the r'ler of the Je&s that ! am not a claimant for his throne. 11 Men call me Christ, and #od has reco%nised the name, b't Christ is not a man. The Christ is 'ni)ersal lo)e, and 2o)e is 3in%. 1( This Jes's is b't man &ho has been fitted by tem tations o)ercome, by trials m'ltiform, to be the tem le thro'%h &hich Christ can manifest to men. 1+ Then hear, yo' men of !srael, hear@ 2oo3 not ' on the flesh, it is not 3in%. 2oo3 to the Christ &ithin, &ho shall be formed in e)ery one of yo', as he is formed in me. 1/ 8hen yo' ha)e 'rified yo'r hearts by faith, the 3in% &ill enter in, and yo' &ill see his face. 10 And then the eo le as3ed, 8hat m'st &e do that &e may ma3e o'r bodies fit abidin% laces for the 3in%C 11 And Jes's said, 8hate)er tends to 'rity in tho'%ht, and &ord, and deed &ill cleanse the tem le of the flesh. 14 There are no r'les that can a ly to all, for men are s ecialists in sin, each has his o&n besettin% sin, 15 And each m'st st'dy for himself ho& he can best transm'te his tendency to e)il thin%s to that of ri%hteo'sness and lo)e. 16 "ntil men reach the hi%her lane, and %et a&ay from selfishness, this r'le &ill %i)e the best res'lts* (7 Ao 'nto other men &hat yo' &o'ld ha)e them do to yo'. (1 And many of the eo le said, 8e 3no& that Jes's is the Christ, the 3in% &ho &as to come, and blessed be his name. (( -o&, Jes's and his siD disci les t'rned their faces to&ard Jer'salem, and many eo le follo&ed them. (+ B't Matthe&, son of Al he's, ran on before, and &hen he reached Jer'salem, he said, Behold the Christines come@ The m'ltit'des came forth to see the 3in%. (/ B't Jes's did not s ea3 to any one 'ntil he reached the tem le co'rt, and then he o ened ' a boo3 and read* (0 Behold, ! send my messen%er, and he &ill a)e the &ay, and Christ, for &hom yo' &ait, &ill come 'nto his tem le 'nanno'nced. Behold, for he &ill come, says #od, the 2ord of hosts. (1 And then he closed the boo3, he said no more, he left the tem le halls, and &ith his siD disci les, &ent his &ay to -a.areth, (4 And they abode &ith Mary, Jes's' mother, and her sister, Miriam.

CHAPTER 16 Jes's and the r'ler of the syna%o%'e of -a.areth. Jes's teaches not in the eo le are ama.ed. 'blic, and

-EIT day as Peter &al3ed abo't in -a.areth, he met the r'ler of the syna%o%'e &ho as3ed, 8ho is this Jes's lately come to -a.arethC

( And Peter said, This Jes's is the Christ of &hom o'r ro hets &rote, he is the 3in% of !srael. His mother, Mary, li)es on Marion 8ay. + The r'ler said, Tell him to come ' to the syna%o%'e, for ! &o'ld hear his lea. / And Peter ran and told to Jes's &hat the r'ler said, b't Jes's ans&ered not, he &ent not to the syna%o%'e. 0 Then in the e)enin% time the r'ler came ' Marmion 8ay, and in the home of Mary fo'nd he Jes's and his mother all alone. 1 And &hen the r'ler as3ed for roof of his messiahshi , and &hy he &ent not to the syna%o%'e &hen he &as bidden, Jes's said, 4 ! am not sla)e to any man, ! am not called 'nto this ministry by riest. !t is not mine to ans&er &hen men call. ! come the Christ of #od, ! ans&er 'nto #od alone. 5 8ho %a)e yo' ri%ht to as3 for roof of my messiahshi C My roof lies in my &ords and &or3s, and so if yo' &ill follo& me yo' &ill not lac3 for roof. 6 And then the r'ler &ent his &ay, he as3ed himself, 8hat manner of a man is this to disre%ard the r'ler of the syna%o%'eC 17 The eo le of the to&n came o't in thron%s to see the Christ, and hear him s ea3, b't Jes's said, 11 A ro het has no hono'r in his nati)e to&n, amon% his 3in. 1( ! &ill not s ea3 in -a.areth 'ntil the &ords ! s ea3, and &or3s ! do in other to&ns ha)e &on the faith of men. 1+ "ntil men 3no& that #od has christed me to manifest eternal lo)e. 1/ #ood &ill to yo', my 3in, ! bless yo' &ith a bo'ndless lo)e, and ! bes ea3 for yo' ab'ndant <oy and ha iness. 10 He said no more, and all the eo le mar)elled m'ch beca'se he &o'ld not s ea3 in -a.areth.

CHAPTER 47 Jes's and his disci les at a marria%e feast in Cana. Jes's s ea3s on marria%e. He t'rns &ater into &ine. The eo le are ama.ed. !- Cana, #alilee, there &as a marria%e feast, and Mary and her sister Miriam, and Jes's and his siD disci les &ere amon% the %'ests. ( The r'ler of the feast had heard that Jes's &as a master sent from #od, and he re='ested him to s ea3. + And Jes's said, There is no tie more sacred than the marria%e tie. / The chain that binds t&o so'ls in lo)e is made in hea)en, and man can ne)er se)er it in t&ain. 0 The lo&er assoins of the t&ain may ca'se a 'nion of the t&ain, a 'nion as &hen oil and &ater meet. 1 And then a riest may for%e a chain, and bind the t&ain. This is not marria%e %en'ine, it is a co'nterfeit. 4 The t&ain are %'ilty of ad'ltery, the riest is arty to the crime. And that &as all that Jes's said. 5 As Jes's stood a art in silent tho'%ht his mother came and said to him, The &ine has failed, &hat shall &e doC 6 And Jes's said, Pray &hat is &ineC !t is b't &ater &ith the fla)o'rin% of %ra es. 17 And &hat are %ra esC They are b't certain 3inds of tho'%ht made manifest, and ! can manifest that tho'%ht, and &ater &ill be &ine. 11 He called the ser)ants, and he said to them, Brin% in siD &ater ots of stone, a ot for each of these, my follo&ers, and fill them ' &ith &ater to the brims. 1( The ser)ants bro'%ht the &ater ots, and filled them to their brims.

1+ And Jes's &ith a mi%hty tho'%ht stirred ' the ethers till they reached the manifest, and, lo, the &ater bl'shed, and t'rned to &ine. 1/ The ser)ants too3 the &ine and %a)e it to the r'ler of the feast &ho called the bride%room in and said to him, 10 This &ine is best of all, most eo le &hen they %i)e a feast brin% in the best &ine at first, b't, lo, yo' ha)e reser)ed the best 'ntil last. 11 And &hen the r'ler and the %'ests &ere told that Jes's, by the o&er of tho'%ht, had t'rned the &ater into &ine, they &ere ama.ed, 14 They said, This man is more than man, he s'rely is the christed one &ho ro hets of the olden times declared &o'ld come. 15 And many of the %'ests belie)ed on him, and %ladly &o'ld ha)e follo&ed him.

CHAPTER 41 Jes's, his siD disci les and his mother, %o to Ca erna'm. Jes's teaches the re)ealin% the difference bet&een the 3in%s of earth and the 3in%s of hea)en. eo le,

THE city of Ca erna'm &as by the sea of #alilee, and Peter's home &as there. The homes of Andre&, John and James &ere near, ( These men &ere fishermen, and m'st ret'rn to tend their nets, and they re)ailed on Jes's and his mother to accom any them, and soon &ith Phili and -athaniel they &ere restin% by the sea in Peter's home. + The ne&s s read thro'%h the city and alon% the shore that J'dah's 3in% had come, and m'ltit'des dre& near to ress his hand. / And Jes's said, ! cannot sho& the 3in%, 'nless yo' see &ith eyes of so'l, beca'se the 3in%dom of the 3in% is in the so'l. 0 And e)ery so'l a 3in%dom is. There is a 3in% for e)ery man. 1 This 3in% is lo)e, and &hen this lo)e becomes the %reatest o&er in life, it is the Christ, so Christ is 3in%. 4 And e)ery one may ha)e this Christ d&ell in his so'l, as Christ d&ells in my so'l. 5 The body is the tem le of the 3in%, and men may call a holy man a 3in%. 6 He &ho &ill cleanse his mortal form and ma3e it 're, so 're that lo)e and ri%hteo'sness may d&ell 'ns'llied side by side &ithin its &alls, is 3in%. 17 The 3in%s of earth are clothed in royal robes, and sit in state that men may stand in a&e of them. 11 A 3in% of hea)en may &ear a fisher's %arb, may sit in mart of trade, may till the soil, or be a %leaner in the field, may be a sla)e in mortal chains, 1( May be ad<'d%ed a criminal by men, may lan%'ish in a rison cell, may die ' on a cross. 1+ Men seldom see &hat others tr'ly are. The h'man senses sense &hat seems to be, and that &hich seems to be and that &hich is, may be di)erse in e)ery &ay. 1/ The carnal man beholds the o'ter man, &hich is the tem le of the 3in%, and &orshi s at his shrine. 10 The man of #od is 're in heart, he sees the 3in%, he sees &ith eyes of so'l* 11 And &hen he rises to the lane of Christine conscio'sness, he 3no&s that he himself is 3in%, is lo)e, is Christ, and so is son of #od. 14 >o' men of #alilee, re are to meet yo'r 3in%. 15 And Jes's ta'%ht the eo le many lessons as he &al3ed &ith them beside the sea.

$ECT!:- IF $AMECH The ?irst Ann'al E och of the Christine Ministry of Jes's

CHAPTER 4( Jes's in Jer'salem. Ari)es the merchants o't of the tem le. The riests resent, and he defends himself from the stand oint of a loyal Je&. He s ea3s to the eo le. THE Je&ish aschal feast time came and Jes's left his mother in Ca erna'm and <o'rneyed to Jer'salem. ( And he abode &ith one a $add'cee, &hose name &as J'de. + And &hen he reached the tem le co'rts the m'ltit'des &ere there to see the ro het &hom the eo le tho'%ht had come to brea3 the yo3e of Rome, restore the 3in%dom of the Je&s, and r'le on Aa)id's throne. / And &hen the eo le sa& him come they said, All hail@ behold the 3in%@ 0 B't Jes's ans&ered not, he sa& the money chan%ers in the ho'se of #od, and he &as %rie)ed. 1 The co'rts had been con)erted into marts of trade, and men &ere sellin% lambs and do)es for offerin%s in sacrifice. 4 And Jes's called the riests and said, Behold, for altry %ain yo' ha)e sold o't the tem le of the 2ord. 5 This ho'se ordained for rayer is no& a den of thie)es. Can %ood and e)il d&ell to%ether in the co'rts of #odC ! tell yo', no. 6 And then he made a sco'r%e of cords and dro)e the merchants o't, he o)ert'rned their boards, and thre& their money on the floor. 17 He o ened ' the ca%es of the ca ti)e birds, and c't the cords that bo'nd the lambs, and set them free. 11 The riests and scribes r'shed o't, and &o'ld ha)e done him harm, b't they &ere dri)en bac3, the common eo le stood in his defence. 1( And then the r'lers said, 8ho is this Jes's yo' call 3in%C 1+ The eo le said, He is the Christ of &hom o'r ro hets &rote, he is the 3in% &ho &ill deli)er !srael. 1/ The r'lers said to Jes's, Man, if yo' be 3in%, or Christ, then sho& 's si%ns. 8ho %a)e yo' ri%ht to dri)e these merchants o'tC 10 And Jes's said, There is no loyal Je& &ho &o'ld not %i)e his life to sa)e this tem le from dis%race, in this ! acted sim ly as a loyal Je&, and yo' yo'rsel)es &ill bear me &itness to this tr'th. 11 The si%ns of my messiahshi &ill follo& me in &ords and deeds. 14 And yo' may tear the tem le do&n Gand yo' &ill tear it do&nH and in three days it &ill be b'ilt a%ain more %lorio's than before. 15 -o& Jes's meant that they mi%ht ta3e his life, tear do&n his body, tem le of the Holy Breath, and he &o'ld rise a%ain. 16 The Je&s 3ne& not the meanin% of his &ords, they la'%hed his claims to scorn. They said, (7 A m'ltit'de of men &ere forty and siD years in b'ildin% ' this ho'se, and this yo'n% stran%er claims that he &ill b'ild it ' in three score ho'rs, his &ords &ere idle, and his claims are na'%ht. (1 And then they too3 the sco'r%e &ith &hich he dro)e the merchants o't, and &o'ld ha)e dri)en him a&ay, b't Philo, &ho had come from E%y t to attend the feast, stood forth and said,

(( >o' men of !srael, hear@ This man is more than man, ta3e heed to &hat yo' do. ! ha)e, myself, heard Jes's s ea3, and all the &inds &ere still. (+ And ! ha)e seen him to'ch the sic3, and they &ere healed. He stands a sa%e abo)e the sa%es of the &orld, (/ And yo' &ill see his star arise, and it &ill %ro& 'ntil it is f'llBorbed $'n of Ri%hteo'sness. (0 Ao not be hasty, men, <'st &ait and yo' &ill ha)e the roofs of his messiahshi . (1 And then the riests laid do&n the sco'r%e, and Jes's said, (4 Pre are, : !srael, re are to meet yo'r 3in%@ B't yo' can ne)er see the 3in% &hile yo' ress sin as s'ch a recio's idol to yo'r hearts. (5 The 3in% is #od, the 're in heart alone can see the face of #od and li)e. (6 And then the riests cried o't, This fello& claims to be the #od. !s not this sacrile%e@ a&ay &ith him@ +7 B't Jes's said, -o man has e)er heard me say, ! am a 3in%. :'r ?atherB#od is 3in%. 8ith e)ery loyal Je& ! &orshi #od. +1 ! am the candle of the 2ord aflame to li%ht the &ay, and &hile yo' ha)e the li%ht &al3 in the li%ht.

CHAPTER 4+ Jes's a%ain )isits the tem le, and is fa)o'rably recei)ed by the arable of a 3in% and his sons. Aefines messiahshi . eo le. Tells the

-EIT day the m'ltit'des &ere s'r%in% thro'%h the tem le co'rts, intent on hearin% Jes's s ea3. ( And &hen he came the eo le said, All hail@ behold the 3in%@ + And Jes's s o3e a arable, he said, A 3in% had )ast domains, his eo le all &ere 3in, and li)ed in eace. / -o&, after many years the 3in% said to his eo le, Ta3e these lands and all ! ha)e, enhance their )al'es, r'le yo'rsel)es, and li)e in eace. 0 And then the eo le formed their states, selected %o)ernors and etty 3in%s. 1 B't ride, ambition, selfish %reed, and base in%ratit'de %re& fast, and 3in%s be%an to &ar. 4 They &rote in all their stat'te boo3s that mi%ht is ri%ht, and then the stron% destroyed the &ea3, and chaos rei%ned thro'%h all the )ast domain. 5 A lon% time assed, and then the 3in% loo3ed o't on his domain. He sa& his eo le in their cr'el &ars, he sa& them sic3 and sore distressed, he sa& the stron% ensla)e the &ea3, 6 And then he said, 8hat shall ! doC $hall ! send forth a sco'r%eC shall ! destroy my eo le allC 17 And then his heart &as stirred &ith ity and he said, ! &ill not send a sco'r%e, ! &ill send forth my only son, heir to the throne, to teach the eo le lo)e, and eace, and ri%hteo'sness. 11 He sent his son, the eo le scorned him and maltreated him, and nailed him to a cross. 1( He &as entombed, b't death &as far too &ea3 to hold the rince, and he arose. 1+ He too3 a form man co'ld not 3ill, and then he &ent a%ain to teach the eo le lo)e, and eace and ri%hteo'sness. 1/ And th's #od deals &ith men. 10 A la&yer came and as3ed, 8hat does messiah meanC and &ho has ri%ht to ma3e messiah of a manC

11 And Jes's said, Messiah is one sent from #od to see3 and sa)e the lost. Messiahs are not made by men. 14 !n first of e)ery a%e Messiah comes to li%ht the &ay, to heal ' bro3en hearts, to set the risoners free. Messiah and the Christ are one. 15 Beca'se a man claims to be Christ is not a si%n that he is Christ. 16 A man may ca'se the streams to flo& from flinty roc3s, may brin% storms at &ill, may stay tem est'o's &inds, may heal the sic3 and raise the dead, and not be sent from #od. (7 All nat're is s'bser)ient to the &ill of man, and e)il man, as &ell as %ood, ha)e all the o&ers of mind, and may control the elements. (1 The head %i)es not the roof of tr'e messiahshi , for man by means of intellect, can ne)er 3no& of #od, nor brin% himself to &al3 in li%ht. (( Messiah li)es not in the head, b't in the heart, the seat of mercy and of lo)e. (+ Messiah ne)er &or3s for selfish %ains, he stands abo)e the carnal self, his &ords and deeds are for the 'ni)ersal %ood. (/ Messiah ne)er tries to be a 3in%, to &ear a cro&n and sit ' on an earthly throne. (0 The 3in% is earthy, of the earth, Messiah is the man from hea)en. (1 And then the la&yer as3ed, 8hy do yo' ose as 3in%C (4 And Jes's said, -o man has e)er heard me say that ! am 3in%. ! co'ld not sit in Caesar's lace and be the Christ. (5 #i)e 'nto Caesar &hat belon%s to him, %i)e 'nto #od the treas'res of yo'r heart.

CHAPTER 4/ Jes's heals on the $abbath, and is cens'red by the Pharisees. Restores a dro&ned child. Resc'ed a &o'nded do%. Cares for a homeless child. $ ea3s on the la& of 3indness. !T &as the $abbath day, and Jes's stood amon% the s'r%in% masses of the eo le in the tem le co'rts and sacred halls. ( The blind, the deaf, the d'mb, and those obsessed &ere there, and Jes's s o3e the 8ord, and they &ere healed. + :n some he laid his hands, and they &ere healed, to others he <'st s o3e the 8ord, and they &ere f'll restored to health, b't others had to %o and &ash in certain ools, and others he anointed &ith a holy oil. / A doctor as3ed him &hy he healed in di)ers &ays, and he re lied, 0 Aisease is discord in the h'man form, and discords are rod'ced in many &ays. 1 The body is a har sichord, sometimes the strin%s are too relaDed, and then inharmony res'lts. 4 $ometimes &e find the strin%s too tense, and then another form of discord is ind'ced. 5 Aisease is manyBformed, and these are many &ays to c're, to t'ne ane& the mystic har sichord. 6 -o& &hen the Pharisees &ere told that Jes's healed the eo le on the $abbath day they &ere enra%ed, and they commanded him to ='it the lace. 17 B't Jes's said, 8as man desi%ned to fit the $abbath, or &as the $abbath day desi%ned to fit the manC 11 !f yo' had fallen in a it and, lo, the $abbath day had come, and ! sho'ld ass yo'r &ay, &o'ld yo' cry o't. 1( 2et me alone, it is a sin to hel me on the $abbath day, !'ll s&elter in this filth 'ntil another dayC

1+ >o' Pharisees, yo' hy ocrites@ yo' 3no& yo' &o'ld be %lad to ha)e my hel ' on the $abbath day, or any other day. 1/ These eo le all ha)e fallen into its, and they are callin% lo'd for me to hel them o't, and man and #od &o'ld c'rse me sho'ld ! ass alon% and heed them not. 10 And then the Pharisees ret'rned to say their rayers, and c'rse the man of #od beca'se he heeded not their &ords. 11 -o&, in the e)enin% Jes's stood beside a ool, a layf'l child had fallen in, and it &as dro&ned, and friends &ere bearin% it a&ay. 14 B't Jes's called the carriers to sto , and then he stretched himself ' on the lifeless form, and breathed into its mo'th the breath of life. 15 And then he called alo'd 'nto the so'l that had %one o't, and it ret'rned, the child re)i)ed and li)ed. 16 And Jes's sa& a &o'nded do%, it co'ld not mo)e, it lay beside the &ay and %roaned &ith ain. He too3 it in his arms and bore it to the home &here he abode. (7 He o'red the healin% oil into the &o'nds, he cared for it as tho'%h it &ere a child till it &as stron% and &ell. (1 And Jes's sa& a little boy &ho had no home, and he &as h'n%ry, &hen he called for bread the eo le t'rned a&ay. (( And Jes's too3 the child and %a)e him bread, he &ra ed him in his o&n &arm coat, and fo'nd for him a home. (+ To those &ho follo&ed him the master said, !f man &o'ld %ain a%ain his lost estate he m'st res ect the brotherhood of life. (/ 8hoe)er is not 3ind to e)ery form of lifeBBto man, to beast, to bird, and cree in% thin%BBcannot eD ect the blessin%s of the Holy :ne, for as &e %i)e, so #od &ill %i)e to 's.

CHAPTER 40 -icodem's )isits Jes's in the ni%ht. Jes's re)eals to him the meanin% of the ne& birth and the 3in%dom of hea)en. -!C:AEM"$ &as a r'ler of the Je&s, and Je &as earnest, learned and de)o't. ( He sa& the master's si%net in the face of Jes's as he tal3ed, b't &as not bra)e eno'%h to 'blicly confess his faith in him, + $o in the ni%ht he &ent to tal3 &ith Jes's at the home of J'de. / 8hen Jes's sa& him come he said, ?'ll blessed are the 're in heart, 0 T&ice blessed are the fearless, 're in heart, 1 Thrice blessed are the fearless, 're in heart &ho dare to ma3e confession of their faith before the hi%hest co'rts. 4 And -icodem's said, Hail, master, hail@ ! 3no& yo' are a teacher come from #od, for man alone co'ld ne)er teach as yo' ha)e ta'%ht, co'ld ne)er do the &or3s that yo' ha)e done. 5 And Jes's said, EDce t a man be born a%ain he cannot see the 3in%, he cannot com rehend the &ords ! s ea3. 6 And -icodem's said, Ho& can a man be born a%ainC Can he %o bac3 into the &omb and come a%ain to lifeC 17 And Jes's said, The birth of &hich ! s ea3 is not the birth of flesh. 11 EDce t a man be born of &ater and the Holy Breath, he cannot come into the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne. 1( That &hich is born of flesh is child of man, that &hich is born of Holy Breath is child of #od.

1+ The &inds blo& &here they lease, men hear their )oices, and may note res'lts, b't they 3no& not from &hence they come, nor &here they %o, and so is e)ery one that is born of Holy Breath. 1/ The r'ler said, ! do not 'nderstand, ray tell me lainly &hat yo' mean. 10 And Jes's said, The 3in%dom of the Holy :ne is in the so'l, men cannot see it &ith their carnal eyes, &ith all their reasonin% o&ers they com rehend it not. 11 !t is a life dee hid in #od, its reco%nition is the &or3 of inner conscio'sness. 14 The 3in%doms of the &orld are 3in%doms of the si%ht, the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne is that of faith, its 3in% is lo)e. 15 Men cannot see the lo)e of #od 'nmanifest, and so o'r ?atherB#od has clothed this lo)e &ith fleshBBflesh of a son of man. 16 And that the &orld may see and 3no& this lo)e made manifest, the son of man m'st needs be lifted ' . (7 As Moses in the &ilderness raised ' the ser ent for the healin% of the flesh, the son of man m'st be raised ' . (1 That all men bitten by the ser ent of the d'st, the ser ent of the d'st, the ser ent of this carnal life, may li)e. (( He &ho belie)es in him shall ha)e eternal life. (+ ?or #od so lo)ed the &orld that he sent forth his only son to be raised ' that men may see the lo)e of #od. (/ #od did not send his son to <'d%e the &orld, he sent him forth to sa)e the &orld, to brin% men to the li%ht. (0 B't men lo)e not the li%ht, for li%ht re)eals their &ic3edness, men lo)e the dar3. (1 -o&, e)ery one &ho lo)es the tr'th comes to the li%ht, he does not fear to ha)e his &or3s made manifest. (4 The li%ht had come, and -icodem's &ent his &ay, he 3ne& the meanin% of the birth of Holy Breath, he felt the resence of the $ irit in his so'l. (5 And Jes's tarried in Jer'salem for many days and ta'%ht and healed the sic3. (6 The common eo le %ladly listened to his &ords, and many left their all of carnal thin%s and follo&ed him.

CHAPTER 41 Jes's in Bethlehem. ED lains the Em ire of Peace to the she herds. An 'n's'al li%ht a ears. The she herds reco%nise Jes's as the Christ. THE 2o%os &ent to Bethlehem, and many eo le follo&ed him. ( He fo'nd the she herd's home &here he &as cradled &hen a babe, here he abode. + He &ent ' to the hills &here more than thirty years before the she herds &atched their floc3s and heard the messen%er of eace eDclaim* / At midni%ht in a ca)e in Bethlehem the Prince of Peace is born. 0 And she herds still &ere there, and shee still fed ' on the hills. 1 And in the )alley near %reat floc3s of sno&B&hite do)es &ere flyin% to and fro. 4 And &hen the she herds 3ne& that Jes's, &hom the eo le called the 3in%, had come, they came from near and far to s ea3 to him. 5 And Jes's said to them, Behold the life of innocence and eace@ 6 8hite is the symbol of the )irt'o's and 're@ the lamb of innocence, the do)e of eace, 17 And it &as meet that lo)e sho'ld come in h'man form amid s'ch scenes as these.

11 :'r father Abraham &al3ed thro'%h these )ales, and on these )ery hills he &atched his floc3s and herds. 1( And here it &as that one, the Prince of Peace, the 3in% of $alim, came, the Christ in h'man form, a %reater far than Abraham &as he. 1+ And here it &as that Abraham %a)e to this 3in% of $alim, tithes of all he had. 1/ This Prince of Peace &ent forth in battle e)ery&here. He had no s&ord, no armo'r of defence, no &eoa ons of offence, 10 And yet he con='ered men, and nations trembled at his feet. 11 The hosts of E%y t ='ailed before this st'rdy 3in% of ri%ht, the 3in%s of E%y t laced their cro&ns ' on his head, 14 And %a)e into his hands the sce tre of all E%y t land, and not a dro of blood &as shed, and not a ca ti)e laced in chains, 15 B't e)ery&here the con='eror thre& &ide the rison doors and set the ca ti)es free. 16 And, once a%ain, the Prince of Peace has come, and from these blesed hills he %oes a%ain to fi%ht. (7 And he is clothed in &hite, his s&ord is tr'th, his sheild is faith, his helmet is innocence, his breath is lo)e, his &atch&ord eace. (1 B't this is not a carnal &ar, it is not man at &ar &ith man, b't it is ri%ht a%ainst the &ron%. (( And lo)e is ca tain, lo)e is &arrior, lo)e is armo'r, lo)e is all, and lo)e shall &in. (+ And then a%ain the hills of Bethlehem &ere clothed &ith li%ht, a%ain the messen%er eDclaimed, (/ Peace, eace on earth, %ood &ill to men. (0 And Jes's ta'%ht the eo le, healed the sic3, re)ealed the mysteries of the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne. (1 And many said, He is the Christ, the 3in% &ho &as to come has come, Praise #od.

CHAPTER 44 Jes's in Hebron. #oes to Bethany. Ad)ises R'th re%ardin% certain family tro'bles. 8!TH three disci les Jes's &ent to Hebron &here he tarried se)en days and ta'%ht. ( And then he &ent to Bethany and in the home of's he ta'%ht. + The e)enin% came, the m'ltit'des &ere %one, and Jes's,'s, and his sisters, Martha, R'th and Mary, &ere alone. / And R'th &as sore distressed. Her home &as do&n in Jericho, her h'sband &as the 3ee er of an inn, his name &as AsherBben. 0 -o&, Asher &as a Pharisee of strictest mien and tho'%ht, and he re%arded Jes's &ith disdain. 1 And &hen his &ife confessed her faith in Christ, he dro)e her from his home. 4 B't R'th resisted not, she said, !f Jes's is the Christ he 3no&s the &ay, and ! am s're He is the Christ. 5 My h'sband may become enra%ed and slay my h'man form, he cannot 3ill the so'l, and in the many mansions of my ?atherland ! ha)e a d&ellin%B lace. 6 And R'th told Jes's all, and then she said, 8hat shall ! doC 17 And Jes's said, >o'r h'sband is not &illin%ly at fa'lt, he is de)o't, he rays to #od, o'r ?atherB#od. 11 His .eal for his reli%ion is intense, in this he is sincere, b't it has dri)en him insane, and he belie)es it ri%ht to 3ee his home 'ns'llied by the heresy of Christ. 1( He feels ass'red that he has done the &ill of #od in dri)in% yo' a&ay. 1+ !ntolerance is i%norance mat'red.

1/ The li%ht &ill come to him some day, and then he &ill re ay for all yo'r heartaches, %riefs and tears. 10 And R'th, yo' m'st not thin3 that yo' are free from blame. 11 !f yo' had &al3ed in &isdom's &ays, and been content to hold yo'r eace, this %rief &o'ld not ha)e come to yo'. 14 !t ta3es a lon%, lon% time for li%ht to brea3 into the shell of re<'dice, and atience is the lesson yo' ha)e need to learn. 15 The constant dro in% of the &ater &ears a&ay the hardest stone. 16 The s&eet and holy incense of a %odly life &ill melt intolerance m'ch ='ic3er than the hottest flame, or harest blo&. (7 J'st &ait a little time, and then %o home &ith sym athy and lo)e. Tal3 not of Christ, nor of the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne. (1 J'st life a %odly life, refrain from harshness in yo'r s eech, and yo' &ill lead yo'r h'sband to the li%ht. (( And it &as so.

CHAPTER 45 Jes's in Jericho. Heals a ser)ant of Asher. #oes to the Jordan and s ea3s to the eo le. Establishes ba tism as a led%e of disci leshi . Ba tises siD disci les, &ho in t'rn ba tise many eo le. A-A Jes's &ent to Jericho, and at the inn of Asher he abode. ( A ser)ant at the inn &as sic3, ni%h 'nto death, the healers co'ld not c're. + And Jes's came and to'ched the dyin% %irl, and said, Malone, arise@ and in a moment ain &as %one, the fe)er ceased, the maid &as &ell. / And then the eo le bro'%ht their sic3, and they &ere healed. 0 B't Jes's did not tarry lon% in Jericho, he &ent do&n to the Jordan ford &here John &as &ont to teach. 1 The m'ltit'des &ere there and Jes's said to them, Behold, the time has come, the 3in%dom is at hand. 4 -one b't the tr'e in heart can come into the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne, b't e)ery son and da'%hter of the h'man race is called ' on to t'rn from e)il and become the 're in heart. 5 The resol'tion to attain and enter thro'%h the Christine %ate into the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne &ill constit'te disci leshi , and e)ery one m'st ma3e a led%e of his disci leshi . 6 John &ashed yo'r bodies in the stream, symbolic of the cleansin% of the so'l, in re aration for the comin% of the 3in%, the o enin% of the Christine %ate into the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne. 17 John did a mi%hty &or3, b't no& the Christine %ate is o ened ' , and &ashin% is established as the led%e of yo'r disci leshi . 11 "ntil this a%e shall close this led%e shall be a rite, and shall be called, Ba tism rite, and it shall be a si%n to men, and seal to #od of men's disci leshi . 1( >o' men of e)ery nation, hear@ Come 'nto me, the Christine %ate is o ened ' , t'rn from yo'r sins and be ba tised, and yo' shall enter thro'%h the %ate and see the 3in%. 1+ The siD disci les &ho had follo&ed Jes's stood aBnear, and Jes's led them forth and in the Jordan he ba tised them in the name of Christ, and then he said to them, 1/ My friends, yo' are the first to enter thro'%h the Christine %ate into the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne.

10 As ! ba tised yo' in the name of Christ, so yo' shall, in that sacred name, ba tise all men and &omen &ho &ill confess their faith in Christ, and shall reno'nce their sins. 11 And, lo, the m'ltit'des came do&n, reno'nced the sins, confessed their faith in Christ, and &ere ba tised.

CHAPTER 46 John, the harbin%er, at $alim. A la&yer in='ires abo't Jes's. John eD lains to the m'ltit'de the mission of Jes's. -:8, John the harbin%er, &as at the $alim $ rin%s &here &ater &as ab'ndant, and &ashed the bodies of the eo le &ho confessed their sins. ( A Je&ish la&yer &ent to John and said, Has not this man from #alilee, he &hom yo' &ashed and called the Christ, become yo'r foeC + They say that he is at the Jordan ford, that he is b'ildin% ' a ch'rch, or somethin% else, and that he &ashes eo le <'st as yo' ha)e done. / And John re lied, This Jes's is indeed the Christ &hose &as ! came to a)e. He is not foe of mine. 0 The bride%room hath the bride, his friends are near, and &hen they hear his )oice they all re<oice. 1 The 3in%dom of the Holy :ne is bride, and Christ the %room, and !, the harbin%er, am f'll of <oy beca'se they ro er so ab'ndantly. 4 ! ha)e erformed the &or3 that ! &as sent to do, the &or3 of Jes's <'st be%ins. 5 Then t'rnin% to the m'ltit'des he said, Christ is the 3in% of ri%hteo'sness, Christ is the lo)e of #od, yea, he is #od, one of the holy ersons of the Tri'ne #od. 6 Christ li)es in e)ery heart of 'rity. 17 -o&, Jes's &ho is reachin% at the Jordan ford, has been s'b<ected to the hardest tests of h'man life, and he has con='ered all the a etites and assions of the carnal man, 11 And by the hi%hest co'rt of hea)en, has been declared a man of s'ch s' erior 'rity and holiness that he can demonstrate the resence of the Christ on earth. 1( 2o, lo)e di)ine, &hich is the Christ, abides in him, and he is attern for the race. 1+ And e)ery man can see in him &hat e)ery man &ill be &hen he has con='ered all the assions of the selfish self. 1/ !n &ater ! ha)e &ashed the bodies of the eo le &ho ha)e t'rned from sin, symbolic of the cleansin% of the so'l, 10 B't Jes's bathes for e)er in the li)in% &aters of the Holy Breath. 11 And Jes's comes to brin% the sa)io'r of the &orld to men, 2o)e is the sa)io'r of the &orld. 14 And all &ho 't their tr'st in Christ, and follo& Jes's as a attern and a %'ide, ha)e e)erlastin% life. 15 B't they &ho do not tr'st the Christ, and &ill not 'rify their hearts so that the Christ can d&ell &ithin, can ne)er enter life.


2amaas come from !ndia to see Jes's. He listens to the teachin%s of John at $alim. John tells him of the di)ine mission of Jes's. 2amaas finds Jes's at the Jordan. The masters reco%nise each other. 2AMAA$, riest of Brahm, &ho &as afriend of Jes's &hen he &as in the tem le of Ja%annath, had heard of Jes's and his mi%hty &or3s in many lands, and he had left his home and come to Palestine in search of him. ( And as he <o'rneyed to&ards Jer'salem he heard of John, the harbin%er, &ho &as esteemed a ro het of the li)in% #od. + 2amaas fo'nd the harbin%er at $alim $ rin%s, for many days he &as a silent listener to the 'n%ent tr'ths he ta'%ht. / And he &as resent &hen the Pharisee told John of Jes's and his mi%hty &or3s 0 He heard the ans&er of the harbin%er, heard him bless the name of Jes's, &hom he called the Christ. 1 And then he s o3e to John, he said, Pray tell me more abo't this Jes's &hom yo' call the Christ. 4 And John re lied, this Jes's is the lo)e of #od made manifest. 5 2o, men are li)in% on the lo&er lanesBB the lanes of %reed and selfishness, for self they fi%ht, they con='er &ith the s&ord. 6 !n e)ery land the stron% ensla)e and 3ill the &ea3. All 3in%doms rise by force of arms, for force is 3in%. 17 This Jes's comes to o)erthro& this iron r'le of force, and seat 2o)e on the throne of o&er. 11 And Jes's fears no man. He reaches boldly in the co'rts of 3in%s, and e)ery&here, that )ictories &on by force of arms are crimes, 1( That e)ery &orthy end may be attained by %entleness and lo)e <'st as the Prince of Peace, Melchisedec,the riest of #od, &on %allant )ictories in &ar &itho't the sheddin% of a dro of blood. 1+ >o' as3 &here are the tem les of the ChristC He ministers at shrines not made &ith hands, his tem les are the hearts of holy men &ho are re ared to see the 3in%. 1/ The %ro)es of nat're are his syna%o%'es, his for'm is the &orld. 10 He has no riests dressed ' in ' et style to be admired by men, for e)ery son of man is riest of 2o)e. 11 8hen man has 'rified his heart by faith, he needs no middle man to intercede. 14 He is on friendly terms &ith #od, is not afraid of him, and he is able, and is bold eno'%h, to lay his body on the altar of the 2ord. 15 Th's e)ery man is riest, and is himself a li)in% sacrifice. 16 >o' need not see3 the Christ, for &hen yo'r heart is 'rified the Christ &ill come, and &ill abide &ith yo' for e)ermore. (7 And then 2amaas <o'rneyed on, he came to Jes's as he ta'%ht beside the ford. (1 And Jes's said, Behold the $tar of !ndia@ (( 2amaas said, Behold the $'n of Ri%hteo'sness@ And he confessed his faith in Christ, and follo&ed him.

CHAPTER 51 The Christines <o'rney to&ard #alilee. They tarry for a time at Jacob's &ell and Jes's teaches a &oman of $amaria.

THE Christine %ate into the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne &as o ened ' , and Jes's and the siD disci les and 2aamas left the Jordan ford and t'rned their faces to&ard #alilee. ( Their &ay lay thro'%h $amaria and they <o'rneyed on they came to $ychar, &hich &as near the lot of %ro'nd that Jacob %a)e to Jose h &hen a yo'th. + And Jacob's &ell &as there, and Jes's sat beside the &ell in silent tho'%ht, and his disci les &ent into the to&n to 'rchase bread. / A &oman of the to&n came o't to fill her itcher from the &ell, and Jes's &as athirst, and &hen he as3ed the &oman for a drin3 she said, 0 ! am a &oman of $amaria, and yo' a Je&, do yo' not 3no& that there is enmity bet&een $amaritans and Je&sC They traffic not, then &hy as3 me the fa)o'r of a drin3C 1 And Jes's said, $amaritans and Je&s are all the children of one #od, o'r ?atherB #od, and they are 3in. 4 !t is b't re<'dice born of the carnal mind that breeds this enmity and hate. 5 8hile ! &as born a Je& ! reco%nise the brotherhood of life. $amaritans are <'st as dear to me as Je& or #ree3. 6 And then had yo' b't 3no&n the blessin%s that o'r ?atherB#od has sent to men by me, yo' &o'ld ha)e as3ed me for a drin3. 17 And ! &o'ld %ladly ha)e %i)en yo' a c' of &ater from the ?o'nt of 2ife, and yo' &o'ld ne)er thirst a%ain. 11 The &oman said, This &ell is dee , and yo' ha)e na'%ht &ith &hich to dra&, ho& co'ld yo' %et the &ater that yo' s ea3 abo'tC 1( And Jes's said, The &ater that ! s ea3 abo't comes not from Jacob's &ell, it flo&s from s rin%s that ne)er fail. 1+ 2o, e)ery one &ho drin3s from Jacob's &ell &ill thirst a%ain, b't they &ho drin3 the &ater that ! %i)e &ill ne)er thirst a%ain, 1/ ?or they themsel)es become a &ell, and from their inner arts the s ar3lin% &aters b'bble ' into eternal life. 10 The &oman said, $ir, ! &o'ld drin3 from that rich &ell of life. #i)e me to drin3, that ! may thirst no more. 11 And Jes's said, #o call yo'r h'sband from the to&n that he may share &ith yo' this li)in% c' . 14 The &oman said, ! ha)e no h'sband, sir. 15 And Jes's ans&ered her and said, >o' scarely 3no& &hat h'sband means, yo' seem to be a %ilded b'tterfly that flits from flo&er to flo&er. 16 To yo' there is no sacredness in marria%e ties, and yo' affinitise &ith any man. (7 And yo' ha)e li)ed &ith fi)e of them &ho &ere esteemed as h'sbands by yo'r friends. (1 The &oman said, Ao ! not s ea3 'nto a ro het and a seerC 8ill yo' not condescend to tell me &ho yo' areC (( And Jes's said, ! need not tell yo' &ho ! am for yo' ha)e read the 2a&, the Pro hets and the Psalms that tell of me. (+ ! am one come to brea3 a&ay the &all that se arates the sons of men. !n Holy Breath there is no #ree3, nor Je&, and no $amaritan, no bond, nor free, for all are one. (/ The &oman as3ed, 8hy do yo' say that only in Jer'salem men o'%ht to ray, and that they sho'ld not &orshi in o'r holy mo'nt.C (0 And Jes's said, 8hat yo' ha)e said, ! do not say. :ne lace is <'st as sacred as another lace. (1 The ho'r has come &hen men m'st &orshi #od &ithin the tem le of the heart, for #od is not &ithin Jer'salem, nor in yo'r holy mo'nt in any &ay that he is not in e)ery heart. (4 :'r #od is $ irit, they &ho &orshi him m'st &orshi him in s irit and in tr'th.

(5 The &oman said, 8e 3no& that &hen Messiah comes that he &ill lead 's in the &ays of tr'th. (6 And Jes's said, Behold the Christ has come, Messiah s ea3s to yo'.

CHAPTER 5( 8hile Jes's is teachin%, his disci les come and mar)el beca'se he s ea3s &ith a $amaritan. Many eo le from $ychar come to see Jes's. He s ea3s to them. 8ith his disci les he %oes to $ychar and remains for certain days. 8H!2E Jes's yet &as tal3in% to the &oman at the &ell, the siD disci les came from $ychar &ith the food. ( And &hen they sa& him tal3in% to a &oman of $amaria, and one they tho'%ht a co'rtesan, they &ere ama.ed, yet no one as3ed him &hy he s o3e &ith her. + The &oman &as so lost in tho'%ht and so intent on &hat the master said, that she for%ot her errand to the &ell, she left her itcher and ran ='ic3ly to the to&n. / $he told the eo le all abo't the ro het she had met at Jacob's &ell, she said, He told me e)ery thin% ! e)er did. 0 And &hen the eo le &o'ld 3no& more abo't the man, the &oman said, Come o't and see. And m'ltit'des &ent o't to Jacob's &ell. 1 8hen Jes's sa& them come he said to those &ho follo&ed him, >o' need not say, !t is fo'r months before the har)est time, 4 Behold, the har)est time is no&. 2ift ' yo'r eyes and loo3, the fields are %olden &ith the ri ened %rain. 5 2o, many so&ers ha)e %one forth to so& the seeds of life, the seed has %ro&n, the lants ha)e stren%thened in the s'mmer s'n, the %rain has ri ened, and the master calls for men to rea . 6 And yo' shall %o o't in the fields and rea &hat other men ha)e so&n, b't &hen the rec3onin% day shall come the so&ers and the rea ers all to%ether &ill re<oice. 17 And Phili said to Jes's, $tay no& yo'r &or3 a time and sit beneath this oli)e tree and eat a ortion of this food, yo' m'st be faint for yo' ha)e eaten na'%ht since early day. 11 B't Jes's said, ! am not faint, for ! ha)e food to eat yo' 3no& not of. 1( Then the disci les said amon% themsel)es, 8ho co'ld ha)e bro'%ht him a'%ht to eatC 1+ They did not 3no& that he had o&er to t'rn the )ery ethers into bread. 1/ And Jes's said, The master of the har)est ne)er sends his rea ers forth and feeds them not. 10 My ?ather &ho has sent me forth into the har)est field of h'man life &ill ne)er s'ffer me to &ant, and &hen he calls for yo' to ser)e, lo, he &ill %i)e yo' food, &ill clothe and shelter yo'. 11 Then t'rnin% to the eo le of $amaria, he said, Thin3 not it stran%e that !, a Je&, sho'ld s ea3 to yo', for ! am one &ith yo'. 14 The 'ni)ersal Christ &ho &as and is, and e)rmore shall be, is manifest in me, b't Christ belon%s to e)ery man. 15 #od scatters forth his blessin%s &itha la)ish hand, and he is not more 3ind to one than to another one of all the creat'res of his hand. 16 ! <'st came ' from J'dah's hills, and #od's same s'n &as shinin% and his flo&ers &ere bloomin%, and in the ni%ht his stars &ere <'st as bri%ht as they are here. (7 #od cannot cast a child a&ay, the Je&, the #ree3 and the $amaritan are e='al in his si%ht.

(1 And &hy sho'ld men and &omen fret and ='arrel, li3e children in their laysC (( The lines that se arate the sons of men are made of stra&, and <'st a sin%le breath of lo)e &o'ld blo& them all a&ay. (+ The eo le &ere ama.ed at &hat the stran%er said, and many said, The Christ that &as to come has s'rely come. (/ And Jes's &ent &ith them into the to&n, and tarried certain days.

CHAPTER 5+ Jes's teaches the eo le of $ychar. Casts a &ic3ed s irit o't of one obsessed. $ends the s irit to its o&n lace. Heals many eo le. The riests are dist'rbed by the resence of Jes's in $ychar, b't he s ea3s to them and &ins their fa)o'r. !- $ychar Jes's ta'%ht the eo le in the mar3et lace. ( A man obsessed &as bro'%ht to him. The &ic3ed s irit that ossessed the man &as f'll of )iolence and l'st, and often thre& his )ictim to the %ro'nd. + And Jes's s o3e alo'd and said, Base s irit, loose yo'r hold ' on the )itals of this man, and %o bac3 to yo'r o&n. / And then the s irit be%%ed that he mi%ht %o into the body of a do% that stood near by. 0 B't Jes's said, 8hy harm the hel less do%C !ts life is <'st as dear to it as mine to me. 1 !t is not yo'rs to thro& the b'rden of yo'r sin on any li)in% thin%. 4 By yo'r o&n deeds and e)il tho'%hts yo' ha)e bro'%ht all these erils on yo'rself. >o' ha)e hard roblems to be sol)ed, b't yo' m'st sol)e them for yo'rself. 5 By th's obsessin% man yo' ma3e yo'r o&n conditions do'bly sad. #o bac3 into yo'r o&n domain, refrain from harmin% anythin%, and, by and by, yo' &ill, yo'rself, be free. 6 The &ic3ed s irit left the man and &ent 'nto his o&n. The man loo3ed ' in than3f'lness and said, Praise #od. 17 And many of the eo le bro'%ht their sic3, and Jes's s o3e the 8ord, and they &ere healed. 11 The r'ler of the syna%o%'e, and all the riest &ere m'ch dist'rbed &hen told that Jes's from Jer'salem &as reachin% in the to&n. 1( They tho'%ht that he had come to roselyte and stir ' strife amn% $amaritans. 1+ And so they sent an officer to brin% him to the syna%o%'e that he mi%ht %i)e a reason for his resence in the to&n. 1/ B't Jes's said to him &ho came, #o bac3 and tell the riests and r'ler of the syna%o%'e that ! am not en%a%ed in crime. 10 ! come to bind ' bro3en hearts, to heal the sic3, and cast the e)il s irits o't of those obsessed. 11 Tell them, their ro hets s o3e of me, that ! come to brea3 no la&, b't to f'lfil the hi%hest la&. 14 The man ret'rned and told the riests and r'ler of the syna%o%'e &hat Jes's said. 15 The r'ler &as ama.ed, and &ith the riests &ent to the mar3et lace &here Jes's &as. 16 And &hen he sa& them, Jes's said, Behold the hono'red men of all $amaria@ the men ordained to lead the eo le in the &ay of ri%ht. (7 And ! am come to hel ,and not to hinder in their &or3.

(1 There are t&o classes of the sons of men, they &ho &o'ld b'ild the h'man race ' on the s're fo'ndation stones of <'stice, tr'th, e='ality and ri%ht, (( And they &ho &o'ld destroy the holy tem le &here the $ irit d&ells and brin% their fello&s do&n to be%%ary and crime. (+ The holy brotherhood of ri%ht m'st stand 'nited in the stirrin% conflicts of the ho'r. (/ -o matter &hether they be Je&s, $amaritans, Assyrians, or #ree3s, they m'st tram do&n beneath their feet all strife, all discord, <ealo'sy and hate, and demonstrate the brotherhood of man. (0 Then to the r'ler of the syna%o%'e he s o3e* he said, "nited in the ca'se of ri%ht &e stand, di)ided &e &ill fall. (1 And then he too3 the r'ler by the hand, a lo)e li%ht filled their so'ls, and all the eo le &ere ama.ed.

CHAPTER 5/ The Christines res'me their <o'rney. They tarry a &hile in the city of $amaria. Jes's s ea3s in the syna%o%'e. Heals a &oman by mental o&er. He disa ears, b't later <oins his disci les as they <o'rney to&ards -a.areth. THE Christines t'rned their faces to&ard the land of #alilee, b't &hen they reached the city of $amaria, the m'ltit'des ressed hard abo't them, be%%in% them to tarry in their city for a &hile. ( And then they &ent ' to the syna%o%'e, and Jes's o ened ' the boo3 of Moses, and he read* + !n thee and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blest. / And then he closed the boo3 and said, These &ords &ere s o3en by the 2ord of hosts 'nto o'r father Abraham, and !srael has been blessedness to all the &orld. 0 8e are his seed, b't not a tithe of the %reat &or3 that &e &ere called to do has yet been done. 1 The 2ord of hosts has set a art the !sraelites to teach the 'nity of #od and man, b't one can ne)er teach that &hich he does not demonstrate in life. 4 :'r #od is $ irit, and in him all &isdom, lo)e and stren%th abide. 5 !n e)ery man these sacred attrib'tes are b'ddin% forth, and in d'e time they &ill 'nfold, the demonstration &ill com leted be, and man &ill com rehend the fact of 'nity. 6 And yo', r'ler of the syna%o%'e, and yo', these riests, are hono'red ser)ants of the 2ord of hosts. 17 All men are loo3in% 'nto yo' for %'idance in the &ays of life, eDam le is another name for riest, so &hat yo' &o'ld that eo le be, that yo' m'st be. 11 A sim le %odly life may &in ten tho'sand so'ls to 'rity and ri%ht. 1( And all the eo le said, Amen. 1+ Then Jes's left the syna%o%'e, and at the ho'r of e)enin% rayer he &ent ' to the sacred %ro)e, and all the eo le t'rned their faces to&ard their holy mo'nt and rayed. 1/ And Jes's rayed. 10 And as he sat in silent mood a )oice of so'l s o3e to his so'l im lorin% hel . 11 And Jes's sa& a &oman on a co'ch in sore distress, for she &as sic3 ni%h 'nto death. 14 $he co'ld not s ea3, b't she had heard that Jes's &as a man of #od, and in her heart she called on him for hel .

15 And Jes's hel ed, he did not s ea3, b't li3e a flash of li%ht, a mi%hty )irt'e from his so'l filled f'll the body of the dyin% one, and she arose, and <oined her 3indred &hile they rayed. 16 Her 3indred &ere astonished and they said to her, Ho& &ere yo' healedC And she re lied, (7 ! do not 3no&, ! sim ly as3ed the man of #od in tho'%ht for healin% o&er, and in a moment ! &as &ell. (1 The eo le said, The %ods ha)e s'rely come to earth, for man has not the o&er to heal by tho'%ht. (( B't Jes's said, The %reatest o&er in hea)en and earth is tho'%ht. (+ #od made the 'ni)erse by tho'%ht, he aints the lily and the rose &ith tho'%ht. (/ 8hy thin3 it stran%e that ! sho'ld send a healin% tho'%ht and chan%e the ethers of disease and death to those of health and lifeC (0 2o, yo' shall see far %reater thin%s than this, for by the o&er of holy tho'%ht, my body &ill be chan%ed from carnalflesh to s irit form, and so &ill yo'rs. (1 8hen Jes's had th's said he disa eared, and no one sa& him %o. (4 His o&n disci les did not com rehend the chan%e, they 3ne& not &here their master &ent, and they &ent on their &ay. (5 B't as they &al3ed and tal3ed abo't the stran%e e)ent, lo, Jes's came and &al3ed &ith them to -a.areth of #alilee.

CHAPTER 50 John, the harbin%er, cens'res Herod for his &ic3edness. Herod sends him to rison in Machaer's. Jes's tells &hy #od ermitted the im risonment of John. HER:A A-T!PA$, the tetrarch of Paraca and of #alilee &as dissi ated, selfish and tyrannical. ( He dro)e his &ife a&ay from home that he mi%ht ta3e as &ife Herodias, the &ife of one, a near of 3in, a &oman, li3e himself, immoral and 'n<'st. + The city of Tiberi's, ' on the shores of #alilee, &as Herod's home. / -o& John, the harbin%er, had left the $alim $ rin%s to teach the eo le by the sea of #alilee, and he reb'3ed the &ic3ed r'ler and his stolen &ife for all their sins. 0 Herodias &as enra%ed beca'se the reacher dared acc'se her and her h'sband of their crimes, 1 And she re)ailed on Herod to arrest the harbin%er adncast him in a d'n%eon in the castle of Machaer's that stood beside the Bitter $ea. 4 And Herod did as she re='ired, then she li)ed in eace in all her sins, for none &ere bold eno'%h to cens're her a%ain. 5 The follo&ers of John &ere &arned to s ea3 not of the trial and im risonment of John. 6 By order of the co'rt, they &ere restrained from teachin% in the 'blic halls. 17 They co'ld not tal3 abo't this better life that Herod called the Heresy of John. 11 8hen it &as 3no&n that John had been im risoned by the tetrarch co'rt, the friends of Jes's tho'%ht it best that he sho'ld not remain in #alilee. 1( B't Jes's said, ! ha)e no need of fear, my time has not yet come, no man can stay me till my &or3 is done. 1+ And &hen they as3ed &hy #od ermitted Herod to im rison John, he said, 1/ Behold yon stal3 of %rain to erfectness, it is of no more &orth, it falls, becomin% art of earth a%ain from &hich it came. 10 John is a stal3 of %olden &heat, he bro'%ht 'nto mat'rity the richest %rain of all the earth, his &or3 is done.

11 !f he had said another &ord it mi%ht ha)e marred the symmetry of &hat is no& a noble life. 14 And &hen my &or3 is done the r'lers &ill do 'nto me &hat they ha)e done to John, and more. 15 All these e)ents are art of #od's o&n lan. The innocent &ill s'ffer &hile the &ic3ed are in o&er, b't &oe to them &ho ca'se the s'fferin% of the innocents.

CHAPTER 51 The Christines are in -a.areth. Jes's s ea3s in the syna%o%'e. He offends the eo le and they attem t to 3ill him. He mysterio'sly disa ears, and ret'rns to the syna%o%'e. THE Christines &ere in -a.areth. !t &as the $abbath day, and Jes's &ent ' to the syna%o%'e. ( The 3ee er of the boo3s %a)e one to Jes's and he o ened it and read* + The $ irit of the 2ord has o)ershado&ed me, he has anointed me to reach the %os el to the oor, to set the ca ti)es free, to o en si%htless eyes, / To brin% relief to those o ressed and br'ised, and to roclaim, The year of <'bilee has come. 0 8hen he had read these &ords he closed the bo33 and said, This scri t're is f'lfilled before yo'r eyes this day. The year of <'bilee has come, the time &hen !srael shall bless the &orld. 1 And then he told them many thin% abo't the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne, abo't the hidden &ay of life, abo't for%i)eness of sins. 4 -o&, many eo le 3ne& not &ho the s ea3er &as* And others said, !s not this Jose h's sonC Aoes not his mother li)e on Marmion &ayC 5 And one s o3e o't and said, This is the man &ho did s'ch mi%hty &or3s in Cana, in Ca erna'm, and in Jer'salem. 6 And then the eo le said, Physician heal yo'rself. Ao here amon% yo'r 3indred all the mi%hty &or3s that yo' ha)e done in other to&ns. 17 And Jes's said, -o ro het is recei)ed &ith hono'r by the eo le of his nati)e land, and ro hets are not sent to e)ery one. 11 Eli<ah &as a man of #od, he had the o&er and he closed the %ates of hea)en, and it did not rain for forty months, and &hen he s o3e the 8ord, the rain come on, the earth bro'%ht forth a%ain. 1( And there &ere many &ido&s in the land, b't this Eli<ah &ent to none b't ;are hath, and she &as blessed. 1+ And &hen Elisha li)ed, lo, many le ers &ere in !srael, b't none &ere cleansed sa)e oneBBthe $yrian &ho had faith. 1/ >o' ha)e no faith, yo' see3 for si%ns to satisfy yo'r c'rio's &hims, b't yo' shall see not till yo' o en ' yo'r eyes of faith. 10 And then the eo le &ere enra%ed, they r'shed ' on him, bo'nd him do&n &ith cords, and too3 him to a reci ice not far a&ay, intent to cast him do&n to death, 11 B't &hen they tho'%ht they held him fast, he disa eared, 'nseen he assed amon% the an%ry men, and &ent his &ay. 14 The eo le &ere confo'nded and they said, 8hat manner of a man is thisC 15 And &hen they came a%ain to -a.areth, they fo'nd him teachin% in the syna%o%'e. 16 They tro'bled him no more for they &ere sore afraid.

CHAPTER 54 The Christines %o to Cana. Jes's heals a noblesman's child. The Christines %o to Ca erna'm. Jes's ro)ides a s acio's home for his mother. He anno'nces his intention to choose t&el)e a ostles. !- -a.areth Jes's ta'%ht no more, he &ent &ith his disci les ' to Cana, &here, at a marria%e feast, he once t'rned &ater into &ine. ( And here he met a man of noble birth &hose home &as in Ca erna'm, &hose son &assic3. + The man had faith in Jes's' o&er to heal, and &hen he learned that he had come to #alilee he &ent in haste to meet him on the &ay. / The man met Jes's at the se)enth ho'r, and he entreated him to hasten to Ca erna'm to sa)e hi son. 0 B't Jes's did not %o , he stood aside in silence for a time, and then he said, >o'r faith has ro)ed a healin% balm, yo'r son is &ell. 1 The man belie)ed and &ent his &ay to&ard Ca erna'm and as he &ent he met a ser)ant from his home &ho said, 4 My lord, >o' need not haste, yo'r son is &ell. 5 The father as3ed, 8hen did my son be%in to mendC 6 The ser)ant said, :n yesterday abo't the se)enth ho'r the fe)er left. 17 And then the father 3ne& it &as the healin% balm that Jes's sent that sa)ed his son. 11 !n Cana Jes's tarried not he &ent his &ay &ith his disci les to Ca erna'm, &here he sec'red a s acio's ho'se &here, &ith his mother, he co'ld li)e, &here his disci les mi%ht re air to hear the 8ord. 1( He called the men &ho had confessed their faith in him to meet him in his home,&hich his disci les called, The school of Christ, and &hen they came he said to them, 1+ This %os el of the Christ m'st be roclaimed in all the &orld. 1/ This Christine )ine &ill be a mi%hty )ine &hose branches &ill com rise the eo les, tribes and ton%'es of all the earth. 10 ! am the )ine, t&el)e men shall be the branches of the stoc3, and these shall send forth branches e)ery&here, 11 And from amon% the eo le &ho ha)e follo&ed me, the Holy Breath &ill call the t&el)e. 14 #o no& and do yo'r &or3 as yo' ha)e done yo'r &or3, b't listen for the call. 15 Then the disci les &ent 'nto their daily tas3s, to do their &or3 as they had done, and Jes's &ent alone into the Hammoth hills to ray. 16 Three days and ni%hts he s ent comm'nin% &ith the $ilent Brotherhood, then, in the o&er of Holy breath he came to call the t&el)e.

CHAPTER 55 Jes's &al3s by the sea. $tands in a fishin% boat and s ea3s to the eo le. "nder his direction the fishermen sec're a %reat catch of fish. He selects and calls his t&el)e a ostles. BE$!AE the sea of #alilee the Christine master &al3ed, and m'ltit'des of follo&ed him. eo le

( The fishin% boats had <'st come in, and Peter and his brother &aited in their boats, their hel ers &ere ashore re airin% bro3en nets. + And Jes's &ent into a boat and Peter 'shed it o't a little &ays from shore, and Jes's standin% in the boat s o3e to the m'ltit'de. He said, / !saiah, ro het of the 2ord of hosts, loo3ed for&ard and he sa& this day, he sa& the eo le standin% by the sea, and he eDclaimed, 0 The land of ;eb'lon and -a thali, land beyond the Jordan and to&ard the sea, the #entile #alilee, 1 The eo le &ere in dar3ness, 3no&in% not the &ay, b't, lo, they sa& the Aay $tar rise, a li%ht streamed forth, they sa& the &ay of life, they &al3ed therein. 4 And yo' are blest beyond all eo le of the earth toBday, beca'se yo' first may see the li%ht, and may become the children of the li%ht. 5 Then Jes's said to Peter, Brin% yo'r nets aboard, and 't o't in the dee . 6 And Peter did as Jes's bade him do, b't in a faithless &ay he said, This is a 'seless tri , there are no fish ' on this shore of #alilee toBday, &ith Andre& ! ha)e toiled all ni%ht, and ta3en na'%ht. 17 B't Jes's sa& beneath the s'rface of the sea, he sa& a m'ltit'de of fish. He said to Peter, 11 Cast o't yo'r net ' on the ri%ht side of the boat. 1( And Peter did as Jes's said, and, lo, the net &as filled, it scarce &as stron% eno'%h to hold the m'ltit'de of fish. 1+ And Peter called to John and James, &ho &ere near by, for hel , and &hen the net &as ha'led to boat, both boats &ere &ell ni%h filled &ith fish. 1/ 8hen Peter sa& the hea)y catch, he &as ashamed of &hat he said, ashamed beca'se he had no faith, and he fell do&n at Jes's' feet, and said, 2ord, ! belie)e@ 10 And Jes's said, Behold the catch@ from henceforth yo' shall fish no more for fish, 11 >o' shall cast forth the Christine net into the sea of h'man life, ' on the ri%ht side of the boat, yo' shall ensnare the m'ltit'des to holiness and eace. 14 -:&, &hen they reached the shore the Christine master called to Peter, Andre&, James and John and said, 15 >o' fishermen of #alilee, the masters ha)e a mi%hty &or3 for 's to do, ! %o, and yo' may follo& me. And they left all and follo&ed him. 16 And Jes's &al3ed alon% the shore, and seein% Phili and -athaniel &al3in% on the beach he said to them. (7 >o' teachers of Bethsaida, &ho lon% ha)e ta'%ht the eo le #ree3 hiloso hy, the masters ha)e a hi%her &or3 for yo' and me to do, ! %o and yo' may follo& me, and then they follo&ed him. (1 A little farther on there stood a Roman trib'te ho'se, and Jes's sa& the officer in char%e, his name &as Matthe&, &ho once abode in Jericho, (( The yo'th &ho once ran on before the 2ord into Jer'salem and said, Behold the Christines come. (+ And Matthe& &as a man of &ealth, and learned in &isdom of the Je&s, the $yrians and the #ree3s. (/ And Jes's said to him, Hail, Matthe&, tr'sted ser)ant of the Caesars, hail@ the masters call 's to the trib'te ho'se of so'ls, ! %o and yo' may follo& me. And Matthe& follo&ed him. (0 !schariot and his son, &hose name &as J'das, &ere em loyed by Matthe& and &ere at the trib'te ho'se. (1 And Jes's said to J'das, $tay yo'r &or3, the masters call 's to a d'ty in the sa)in%s ban3 of so'ls, ! %o and yo' may follo& me. and J'das follo&ed him. (4 And Jes's met a la&yer &ho heard abo't the Christine master and had come from Antioch to st'dy in the school of Christ. (5 This man &as Thomas, man of do'bt, and yet a #ree3 hiloso her of c'lt're and of o&er.

(6 B't Jes's sa& in him the lines of faith, and said to him, The masters ha)e a need of men &ho can inter ret la&, ! %o, and yo' may follo& me. And Thomas follo&ed him. +7 And &hen the e)enin% came and Jes's &as at home, behold, there came his 3indred, James and J'de, the sons of Al he's and Miriam. +1 And these &ere men of faith, and they &ere car enters of -a.areth. +( And Jes's said to them, Behold, for yo' ha)e toiled &ith me, and &ith my father Jose h, b'ildin% ho'ses for the homes of men. The masters call 's no& to aid in b'ildin% homes for so'ls, homes b'ilt &itho't the so'nd of hammer, aDe, or sa&, ++ ! %o, and yo' may follo& me. And James and J'de eDclaimed, 2ord, &e &ill follo& yo'. +/ And on the morro& Jes's sent a messa%e 'nto $imon, leader of the ;elotes, a strict eD onent of the Je&ish la&. +0 And inthe messa%e Jes's said, The masters call for men to demonstrate the faith of Abraham, ! %o, and yo' may follo& me. and $imon follo&ed him.

CHAPTER 56 The t&el)e a ostles are at Jes's' home and are consecrated to their &or3. Jes's instr'cts them. He %oes to the syna%o%'e on the $abbath and teaches. He casts an 'nclean s irit o't of one obsessed. He heals Peter's motherBinBla&. -:8, on the day before the $abbath day, the t&el)e disci les &ho had recei)ed the call &ere met &ith one accord in Jes's' home. ( And Jes's said to them, This is the day to consecrate yo'rsel)es 'nto the &or3 of #od, so let 's ray. + T'rn from the o'ter to the inner self, close all the doors of carnal self and &ait. / The Holy Breath &ill fill this lace, and yo' &ill be ba tised in Holy Breath. 0 And then they rayed, ali%ht more brilliant than the noonday s'n filled all the room, and ton%'es of flame from e)ery head rose hi%h in air. 1 The atmos here of #alilee &as set astir, a so'nd li3e distant th'nder rolled abo)e Ca erna'm, and men heard son%s, as tho'%h ten tho'sand an%els <oined in f'll accord. 4 And then the t&el)e disci les heard a )oice, a still, small )oice, and <'st one &ord &as said, a&ord they dared not s ea3, it &as the $acred name of #od. 5 And Jes's said to them, By this omnific 8ord yo' may control the elements, and all the o&ers of air. 6 And &hen &ithin yo'r so'ls yo' s ea3 this 8ord, yo' ha)e the 3eys of life and death, of thin%s that are, of thin%s that &ere, of thin%s that are to be. 17 Behold yo' are the t&el)e %reat branches of the Christine )ine, the t&el)e fo'ndation stones, the t&el)e a ostles of the Christ. 11 As lambs ! sent yo' forth amon% &ild beasts, b't the omnific 8ord &ill be yo'r b'c3ler and yo'r shield. 1( And then a%ain the air &as filled &ith son%, and e)ery li)in% creat're seemed to say, Praise #od@ Amen@ 1+ The neDt day &as the $abbath day, and Jes's &ent &ith his disci les to the syna%o%'e, and there he ta'%ht. 1/ The eo le said, He teaches not as do the scribes and Pharisees, b't as a man &ho 3no&s, and has a'thority to s ea3. 10 As Jes's s o3e, a man obsessed came in, the e)il s irits that obsessed the man &ere of the baser sort, they often thre& their )ictim to the %ro'nd, or in the fire. 11 And &hen the s irits sa& the Christine master in the syna%o%'e they 3ne& him, and they said,

14 >o' son of #od, &hy are yo' hereC &o'ld yo' destroy 's by the 8ord before o'r timeC &e &o'ld ha)e na'%ht to do &ith yo', let 's alone. 15 B't Jes's said to them, By the omnific 8ord ! s ea3, Come o't, torment this man no more, %o to yo'r lace. 16 And then the 'nclean s irits thre& the man ' on the floor, and, &ith a fiendish cry, they &ent a&ay. (7 And Jes's lifted ' the man and said to him, !f yo' &ill 3ee yo'r mind f'lly occ' ied &ith %ood, the e)il s irits cannot find a lace to stay, (1 They only come to em ty heads and hearts. #o on yo'r &ay and sin no more. (( The eo le &ere astonished at the &ords that Jes's s o3e, the &or3 he did. They as3ed amon% themsel)es, (+ 8ho is this manC ?rom &hence comes all this o&er that e)en 'nclean s irits fear, and flee a&ayC (/ The Christine master left the syna%o%'e, &ith Peter, Andre&, James and John, he &ent to Peter's ho'se &here one, a near of 3in, &as sic3. (0 And Peter's &ife came in, it &as her mother &ho &as sic3. (1 And Jes's to'ched the &oman as she lay ' on her co'ch, he s o3e the 8ord, the fe)er ceased and she arose and ministered to them. (4 The nei%hbo'rs heard &hat had occ'red, and then bro'%ht their sic3, and those obsessed, and Jes's laid his hands on them, and they &ere healed.

CHAPTER 67 Jes's %oes alone to a mo'ntain to ray. His disci les find him. He calls the t&el)e and they <o'rney thro'%h #alilee teachin% and healin%. At Tiberi's Jes's heals a le er. The Christines ret'rn to Ca erna'm. !n his o&n home Jes's heals a alsied man and ma3es 3no&n the hiloso hy of healin% and the for%i)eness of sins. THE Christine master disa eared, no one sa& him %o, and Peter, James and John set forth to search for him, they fo'nd him at his trystin%B lace o't on the Hammoth hills. ( And Peter said, The city of Ca erna'm is &ild, the eo le cro&d the streets and e)ery 'blic lace is filled. + The men, the &omen and the children e)ery&here are as3in% for the man &ho heals by &ill. / >o'r home and o'r homes are filled &ith eo le &ho are sic3, they call for Jes's &ho is called the Christ. 8hat &ill &e say to themC 0 And Jes's said, A score of other cities call, and &e m'st ta3e the bread of life to them. #o call the other men and let 's %o. 1 And Jes's and the t&el)e &ent to Bethsaida &here Phili and -athaniel d&elt, and there they ta'%ht. 4 The m'ltit'des belie)ed on Christ, confessed their sins and &ere ba tised, and came into the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne. 5 The Christine master and the t&el)e &ent e)ery&here thro'%h all the to&ns of #alilee, and ta'%ht, ba tisin% all &ho came in faith, and &ho confessed their sins. 6 They o ened ' blind eyes, 'nsto ed deaf ears, dro)e forth the e)il ones from those obsessed, and healed disease of e)ery 3ind. 17 And they &ere in Tiberi's by the sea, and as they ta'%ht a le er came aBnear and said, 2ord, ! belie)e, and if yo' &ill b't s ea3 the 8ord ! &ill be clean. 11 And Jes's said to him, ! &ill, be clean. And soon the le rosy &as %one, the man &as clean.

1( And Jes's char%ed the man, say na'%ht to any one, b't %o and sho& yo'rself 'nto the riests and offer for yo'r cleansin% &hat the la& demands. 1+ The man &as &ild &ith <oy, b't then he &ent not to the riests, b't in the marts of trade, and e)ery&here he told &hat had been done. 1/ And then the sic3 in thron%s ressed hard ' on the healer and the t&el)e, im lorin% to be healed. 10 And they &ere so im ort'nate that little co'ld be done, and so the Christines left the cro&ded thoro'%hfares, and &ent to desert laces &here they ta'%ht the m'ltit'des that follo&ed them. 11 -o&, after many days the Christines came bac3 to Ca erna'm. 8hen it &as noised aro'nd that Jes's &as at home, the eo le came, they filled the ho'se till there &as no more room, not e)en at the door. 14 And there &ere resent scribes and Pharisees and doctors of the la& from e)ery art of #alilee, and from Jer'salem, and Jes's o ened ' for them the &ay of life. 15 ?o'r men bro'%ht one a alsied man ' on a cot, and &hen they co'ld not ass the door they too3 the sic3 man to the roof, and o ened ' a &ay, then let him do&n before the healer's face. 16 8hen Jes's sa& their faith, he said 'nto the alsied man, My son, be of %ood cheer, yo'r sins are all for%i)en. (7 And &hen the scribes and Pharisees heard &hat he said, they said, 8hy does this man s ea3 th'sC &ho can for%i)e the sins of men b't #odC (1 And Jes's ca'%ht their tho'%ht, he 3ne& they ='estioned th's amon% themsel)es, he said to them, (( 8hy reason th's amon% yo'rsel)esC 8hat matters it if ! sho'ld say, >o'r sins are blotted o't, or say, Arise, ta3e ' yo'r bed and &al3C (+ B't <'st to ro)e that men may here for%i)e the sins of men, ! say Gand then he s o3e 'nto the alsied manH, (/ Arise, ta3e ' yo'r bed, and %o yo'r &ay. (0 And in the resence of them all the man arose, too3 ' his bed, and &ent his &ay. (1 The eo le co'ld not com rehend the thin%s they heard and sa&. They said amon% themsel)es, This is a day &e ne)er can for%et, &e ha)e seen &ondro's thin%s toBday. (4 And &hen the m'ltit'des had %one the t&el)e remained, and Jes's said to them, (5 The Je&ish festi)al dra&s near, neDt &ee3 &e &ill %o to Jer'salem, that &e may meet o'r brethren from afar, and o en ' to them the &ay that they may see the 3in%. (6 The Christines so'%ht the ='iet of their homes, &here they remained in rayer for certain days.

$ECT!:- IF! A!The $econd Ann'al E och of the Christine Ministry of Jes's

CHAPTER 61 Jes's at the feast in Jer'salem. Heals an im otent man. #i)es a ractical lesson in healin%. Affirms that all men are the sons of #od. THE feast time came and Jes's and the t&el)e &ent to Jer'salem.

( " on the day before the $abbath day they reached Mo'nt :li)es and they tarried at an inn before Mo'nt :li)es on the north. + And in the early mornin% of the $abbath day they &ent in thro'%h the shee %ate to Jer'salem. / The healin% fo'ntain of Bethesda, near the %ate, &as thron%ed abo't &ith eo le &ho &ere sic3, 0 ?or they belie)ed that at a certain time an an%el came and o'red a healin% )irt'e in the ool, and those &ho entered first and bathed, &o'ld be made &hole. 1 And Jes's and the t&el)e &ere standin% near the ool. 4 And Jes's sa& a man near by &ho had been stric3en ei%ht and thirty years, &itho't a hand to hel he co'ld not mo)e. 5 And Jes's said to him, My brother, man, &o'ld yo' be healedC 6 The man re lied, ! earnestly desire to be healed, b't ! am hel less and &hen the an%el comes and o'rs the healin% )irt'es in the ool, 17 Another &ho can &al3, ste s in the fo'ntain first and ! am left 'nhealed. 11 And Jes's said,8ho sends an an%el here to otentise this ool for <'st a fa)o'red fe&C 1( ! 3no& it is not #od, for he deals <'st the same &ith e)ery one. 1+ :ne has no better chance in hea)en's healin% fo'ntain than another one. 1/ The fo'nt of health is in yo'r so'l, it has a door loc3ed fast, the 3ey is faith, 10 And e)ery one can ha)e this 3ey and may 'nloc3 the door and l'n%e into the healin% fo'nt and be made &hole. 11 And then the man loo3ed ' in ho ef'l mood and said, #i)e me this 3ey of faith. 14 And Jes's said, Ao yo' belie)e &hat ! ha)e saidC Accordin% to yo'r faith it shall be done. Arise, ta3e ' yo'r bed and &al3. 15 The man at once arose and &al3ed a&ay, he only said, Praise #od. 16 And &hen the eo le as3ed, 8ho made yo' &holeC the man re lied, ! do not 3no&. A stran%er at the ool <'st s o3e a &ord and ! &as &ell. (7 The many did not see &hen Jes's healed the man, and &ith the t&el)e he &ent his &ay ' to the tem le co'rts. (1 And in the tem le Jes's sa& the man and said to him, Behold yo' are made &hole, from henceforth %'ard yo'r life ari%ht, (( #o on yo'r &ay and sin no more, or somethin% &orse may fall on yo'. (+ And no& the man 3ne& &ho it &as &ho made him &hole. (/ He told the story to the riests and they &ere m'ch enra%ed, they said, The la& forbids a man to heal ' on the $abbath day. (0 B't Jes's said, My ?ather &or3s on sabbath days and may not !C (1 He sends his rain, his s'nshine and his de&, he ma3es his %rass to %ro&, his flo&ers to bloom, he s eeds the har)ests <'st the same on $abbath days as on the other days. (4 !f it is la&f'l for the %rass to %ro& and flo&ers to bloom on $abbath days it s'rely is not &ron% to s'cco'r stric3en men. (5 And then the riests &ere an%ered more and more beca'se he claimed to be a son of #od. (6 A leadin% riest, Abih', said, This fello& is a menace to o'r nation and o'r la&s, he ma3es himself to be a son of #od, it is not meet that he sho'ld li)e. +7 B't Jes's said, Abih', $ir, yo' are a learned man, yo' s'rely 3no& the la& of life. Pray tell &ho &ere the sons of #od &e read abo't in #enesis, &ho too3 to &ife the da'%hters of the sons of menC +1 :'r father Adam, &ho &as heC ?rom &hence came heC Had he a fatherC or did he fall from hea)en as a starC +( 8e read that Moses said, He came from #od. !f Adam came from #od ray, &as he offs rin%, &as he sonC ++ 8e are the children of this son of #od, then tell me, learned riest, 8ho are &e if not sons of #odC

+/ The riest had 'r%ent b'siness and he &ent his &ay. +0 And Jes's said, All men are sons of #od and if they li)e a holy life they al&ays are at home &ith #od. +1 They see and 'nderstand the &or3s of #od, and in his sacred name they can erform these &or3s. +4 The li%htnin%s and the storms are messen%ers of #od as &ell as the s'nshine, rain and de&. +5 The )irt'e of the hea)ens are in #od's hands, and e)ery loyal son may 'se these )irt'es and these o&ers. +6 Man is the dele%ate of #od to do his &ill on earth, and man can heal the sic3, control the s irit of the air, and raise the dead. /7 Beca'se ! ha)e the o&er to do these thin%s is nothin% stran%e. All men may %ain the o&er to do these thin%s, b't they m'st con='er all assions of the lo&er self, and they can con='er if they &ill. /1 $o man is #od on earth, and he &ho hono'rs #od m'st hono'r man, for #od and man are one, as father and the child are one. /( Behold, ! say, The ho'r has come, the dead &ill hear the )oice of man, and li)e, beca'se the son of man is son of #od. /+ >o' men of !srael, hear@ yo' li)e in death, yo' are loc3ed ' &ithin the tomb. // GThere is no dee er death than i%norance and 'nbelief.H /0 B't all &ill some day hear the )oice of #od made lain by )oice of man, and li)e. >o' all &ill 3no& that yo' are sons of #od, and by the sacred 8ord, may do the &or3s of #od. /1 8hen yo' ha)e come to life, that is, ha)e come to realise that yo' are sons of #od, yo' &ho ha)e li)ed the life of ri%ht, &ill o en ' yo'r eyes on fields of life. /4 B't yo' &ho lo)e the &ays of sin &ill, in this res'rrection, stand before a <'d%ment bar, and be condemned to ay the debts yoy o&e to men and to yo'rsel)es. /5 ?or &hatsoe)er yo' ha)e done amiss m'st be erformed a%ain, and yet a%ain, 'ntil yo' reach the stat're of the erfect man. /6 B't in d'e time the lo&est and the hi%hest &ill arise to &al3 in li%ht. 07 $hall ! acc'se yo' 'nto #odC -o, for yo'r ro het, Moses, has done that, and if yo' hear not Mose' &ords yo' &ill not hear3en 'nto me, for Moses &rote of me.

CHAPTER 6( The Christines at a feast in's' home. A fire ra%es in the to&n. Jes's resc'es a child from the flames and stays the fire by the 8ord. He %i)es a ractical lesson on ho& to redeem a dr'n3en man. -:8,'s &as at the feast and Jes's and the t&el)e, and R'th and Asher came from Jericho, for Asher &as no lon%er hostile to the Christ. + And &hile the %'ests sat at the board behold a cry, The )illa%e is aBfire@ and all r'shed o't into the streets, and, lo, the homes of many nei%hbo'rs &ere in flames. / And in an ' er room an enfant lay aslee , and none co'ld ass the flames to sa)e. The mother, &ild &ith %rief, &as callin% on the men to sa)e her child. 0 Then, &ith a )oice that made the s irits of the fire ale and tremble, Jes's said, Peace, eace, be still@ 1 And then he &al3ed thro'%h smo3e and flame, climbed ' the fallin% stair, and in a moment came a%ain, and in his arms he bro'%ht the child. and not a trace of fire &as on himself, his raiment, or the child.

4 Then Jes's raised his hand, reb'3ed the s irits of the fire, commandin% them to cease their a&f'l &or3, and be at rest. 5 And then, as tho'%h the &aters of the sea &ere all at once o'red on the flames, the fire ceased to b'rn. 6 And &hen the f'ry of the fire &as s ent the m'ltit'des &ere &ild to see the man &ho co'ld control the fire, and Jes's said, 17 Man &as not made for fire, b't fire &as made for man. 11 8hen man comes to himself and com rehends the fact that he is son of #od, and 3no&s that in himself lies all the o&ers of #od, he is a master mind and all the elements &ill hear his )oice and %ladly do his &ill. 1( T&o st'rdy asses bind the &ill of man, their names are ?ear and "nbelief. 8hen these are ca'%ht and t'rned aside, the &ill of man &ill 3no& no bo'nds, then man has b't to s ea3 and it is done. 1+ And then the %'ests ret'rned and sat abo't the board. A little child came in and stood by Jes's' side. 1/ $he laid her hand on Jes's' arm and said, Please, Master Jes's, hear@ my father is a dr'n3en man, my mother toils from morn till ni%ht and &hen she brin%s her &a%es home my father snatches them a&ay and s='anders e)ery cent for drin3, and mother and 's little ones are h'n%ry all the ni%ht. 10 Please, Master Jes's, come &ith me and to'ch my father's heart. He is so %ood and 3ind &hen he is <'st himself, ! 3no& it is the &ine that ma3es another amn of him. 11 And Jes's &ent o't &ith the child, he fo'nd the &retched home, he s o3e in 3indness to the mother and the little ones, and then ' on a bed of stra& he fo'nd the dr'n3en man. 14 He too3 him by the hand and raised him ' and said, My brother, man, made in the ima%e of o'r ?atherB#od, &ill yo' arise and come &ith meC 15 >o'r nei%hbo'rs are in sore distress, they ha)e lost all they had in this fierce fire, and men m'st b'ild their homes a%ain and yo' and ! m'st lead the &ay. 16 And then the man arose, the t&o &ent arm in arm to )ie& the &rec3s. (7 They heard the mothers and the children cryin% in the streets, they sa& their &retchedness. (1 And Jes's said, My friend, here is &or3 for yo' to do. J"st lead the &ay in hel f'lness, !'m s're the men of Bethany &ill f'rnish yo' the means and hel . (( The s ar3 of ho e that so lon% been smolderin% in the man &as fanned into a flame. He thre& his ra%%ed coat aside, he &as himself a%ain. (+ And then he called for hel , not for himself, b't for the homeless ones, and e)erybody hel ed. The r'ined homes &ere b'ilt a%ain. (/ And then he sa& his o&n oor den, his heart &as stirred into its de ths. (0 The ride of manhood filled his so'l, he said, This &retched den shall be a home. He &or3ed as he had ne)er &ro'%ht before, and e)erybody hel ed. (1 And in a little &hile the den became a home indeed, the flo&ers of lo)e bloomed e)ery&here. (4 The mother and the little ones &ere filled &ith <oy, the father ne)er dran3 a%ain. (5 A man &as sa)ed, and no one e)er said a &ord abo't ne%lect or dr'n3enness, nor 'r%ed him to reform.

CHAPTER 6+ The Christines %o thro'%h a field of ri e &heat, and the disci les eat of the &heat. Jes's eDonerates them. The Christines ret'rn to Ca erna'm. Jes's heals a &ithered hand on the $abbath, and defends his deed.

A-:THER $abbath day had come and Jes's and the t&el)e &al3ed thro'%h a field of ri ened &heat. ( And they &ere h'n%ry and they too3 the heads of &heat and in their hands threshed o't the %rain and ate. + Amon% the men &ho follo&ed them &ere Pharisees of strictest sect, and &hen they sa& the t&el)e thresh o't the &heat and eat, they said to Jes's, / $ir, &hy do the t&el)e do that &hich is not la&f'l on the $abbath dayC 0 And Jes's said, Ha)e yo' not heard &hat Aa)id did &hen he and those &ho follo&ed him had need of foodC 1 Ho& he &ent to the ho'se of #od and from the table in the Holy Place too3 of the resence bread and ate, and %a)e to those &ho follo&ed himC 4 ! tell yo', men, the needs of man are hi%her than the la& of rites. 5 And in o'r sacred boo3s &e read ho& riests rofane the $abbath day in many &ays &hile they are ser)in% in the Holy Place, and still are free from %'ilt. 6 The $abbath day &as made for man, man &as not made to fit the $abbath day. 17 The man is son of #od and 'nder the eternal la& of ri%ht, &hich is the hi%hest la&, he may ann'l the stat'te la&s. 11 The la& of sacrifice is b't the la& of man, and in o'r la& &e read that #od desires mercy first, and mercy stands abo)e all stat'te la&s. 1( The son of man is 2ord of e)ery la&. Aid not a ro het s'm the d'ties of the man &hen in the boo3 he &rote* !n mercy follo& <'stice and &al3 h'mbly &ith yo'r #odC 1+ Then Jes's and the t&el)e ret'rned to #alilee, and on the day before the $abbath day they reached the home of Jes's in Ca erna'm. 1/ And on the $abbath day they &ent ' to the syna%o%'e. The m'ltit'des &ere there and Jes's ta'%ht. 10 Amon% the &orshi ers &as one, a man &ho had a &ithered hand. The scribes and Pharisees obser)ed that Jes's sa& the man, and then they said, 11 8hat &ill he doC 8ill he attem t to heal ' on the $Abbath dayC 14 And Jes's 3ne& their tho'%hts and he called to the man &ho had the &ithered hand and said, Arise, stand forth before these men. 15 And Jes's said, >o' scribes and Pharisees, s ea3 o't and ans&er me* !s it a crime to sa)e a life ' on the $abbath dayC 16 !f yo' had shee and one of them fell in a it ' on the $abbath day &o'ld yo' do &ron% to ta3e it o'tC (7 :r &o'ld it lease yo'r #od to let it s'ffer in the mire 'ntil another dayC (1 B't his acc'sers held their eace. (( And then he said tho them, Are shee of %reater )al'e than a manC (+ The la& of #od is &ritten on the roc3 of Ri%ht, and J'stice &rote the la&, and Mercy &as the en. (/ And then he said, Man, raise yo'r hand and stretch it forth. He raised his hand, it &as restored. (0 The Pharisees &ere filled &ith ra%e. They called in secret co'ncil the Herodians, and they be%an to lot and lan ho& they mi%ht brin% abo't his death. (1 They &ere afraid to 'blicly acc'se, beca'se the m'ltit'des stood forth in his defence. (4 And Jes's and the t&el)e &ent do&n and &al3ed beside the sea, and many eo le follo&ed them.


The $ermon on the Mo'nt. Jes's re)eals to the t&el)e the secret of rayer. The model rayer. The la& of for%i)eness. The holy fast. The e)il of deceit. Alms%i)in%. -EIT mornin% ere the s'n had risen Jes's and the t&el)e &ent to a mo'ntain near the sea to ray, and Jes's ta'%ht the t&el)e disci les ho& to ray. He said, ( Prayer is the dee comm'nion of the so'l &ith #od, + $o &hen yo' ray do not decei)e yo'rsel)es as do the hy ocrites &ho lo)e to stand ' on the streets and in the syna%o%'es and o'r o't many &ords to lease the ears of men. / And they adorn themsel)es &ith io's airs that they may ha)e the raise of men. They see3 the raise of men and their re&ard is s're. 0 B't &hen yo' ray, %o to the closet of yo'r so'l, close all the doors, and in the holy silence, ray. 1 >o' need not s ea3 a m'ltit'de of &ords, nor yet re eat the &ords a%ain and then a%ain, as heathen do. J'st say, 4 :'r ?atherB#od &ho art in hea)en, holy is thy name. Thy 3in%dom come, thy &ill be done on earth as it is done in hea)en. 5 #i)e 's this day o'r needed bread, 6 Hel 's for%et the debts that other eo le o&e to 's, that all o'r debts may be dischar%ed. 17 And shield 's from the tem ter's snares that are too %reat for 's to bear, 11 And &hen they come %i)e 's the stren%th to o)ercome. 1( !f yo' &o'ld be dischar%ed from all the debts yo' o&e to #od and man, the debts yo' ha)e inc'rred by &ilf'lly trans%ressin% la&, 1+ >o' m'st ass by the debts of e)ery man, for as yo' deal &ith other men yo'r #od &ill deal &ith yo'. 1/ And &hen yo' fast yo' may not ad)ertise the deed. 10 8hen fast the hy ocrites they aint their faces, loo3 dem're, ass'me a io's ose, that they may seem to men to fast. 11 A fast is deed of so'l, and li3e a rayer, it is a f'nction of the silence of the so'l. 14 #od ne)er asses by 'nnoticed any rayer, or fast. He &al3s &ithin the silence, and his benedictions rest on e)ery effort of the so'l. 15 Aece tion is hy ocrisy, and yo' shall not ass'me to be &hat yo' are not. 16 >o' may not clothe yo'rsel)es in s ecial %arb to ad)ertise yo'r iety, nor yet ass'me the tone of )oice that men concei)e to be a holy )oice. (7 And &hen yo' %i)e to aid the needy ones, blo& not a tr'm et in the street, nor a syna%o%'e to ad)ertise yo'r %ift. (1 He &ho does alms for raise of men has his re&ard from men, b't #od re%ardeth not. (( !n %i)in% alms do not let the ri%ht hand 3no& the secret of the left.

CHAPTER 60 The $ermon on the Mo'nt, contin'ed. Jes's rono'nces the ei%ht beatit'des and the ei%ht &oes. $ ea3s &ords of enco'ra%ement. Em hasises the eDalted character of the a ostolic &or3. A-A Jes's and the t&el)e &ent to the mo'ntain to , and Jes's said, ( T&el)e illars of the ch'rch, a ostles of the Christ, li%htBbearers of the s'n of life and ministers of #od to men* + !n <'st a little &hile yo' m'st %o forth alone, and reach the %os el of the 3in%, first to the Je&s and then to all the &orld. / And yo' shall %o, not &ith a sco'r%e of cords to dri)e, yo' cannot dri)e men to the 3in%,

0 B't yo' shall %o in lo)e and hel f'lness and lead the &ay to ri%ht and li%ht. 1 #o forth and say, The 3in%dom is at hand. 4 8orthy are the stron% in s irit, theirs the 3in%dom is. 5 8orthy are the mee3, they shall ossess the land. 6 8orthy they &ho h'n%er and thirst for ri%ht, they shall be satisfied. 17 8orthy are the mercif'l, and mercy shall be sho&n to them. 11 8orthy they &ho %ain the mastery of self, they ha)e the 3ey of o&er. 1( 8orthy are the 're in heart, and they shall see the 3in%. 1+ 8orthy they &ho are mali%ned and &ron%ed beca'se they do the ri%ht, their ercec'tors they shall bless. 1/ 8orthy is the tr'stf'l child of faith, he shall sit in the throne of o&er. 10 Be not disco'ra%ed &hen the &orld shall ersec'te and call yo' c'rst, b't rather be eDceedin% %lad. 11 The ro hets and the seers, and all the %ood of earth, ha)e been mali%ned. 14 !f yo' are &orthy of the cro&n of life yo' &ill be slandered, )ilified and c'rst on earth. 15 Re<oice &hen e)il men shall dri)e yo' from their &ays and ca'se yo'r name to be a hiss and byB&ord in the street. 16 ! say, re<oice, b't deal in mercy &ith the doers of the &ron%, they are b't children at their lay, they 3no& not &hat they do. (7 Re<oice not o)er fallen foes. As yo' hel men rise from the de th of sin, so #od &ill hel yo' on to %reater hei%hts. (1 8oe to the rich is %old and lands, they ha)e tem tations m'ltiforms. (( 8oe 'nto men &ho &al3 at &ill in leas're's aths, their &ays are f'll of snares and dan%ero's its. (+ 8oe to the ro'd, they stand ' on a reci ice, destr'ction &aits for them. (/ 8oe to the man of %reed, for &hat he has is not his o&n, and lo, another comes, &ealth is %one. (0 8oe to the hy ocrite, his form is fair to loo3 ' on, his heart is filled &ith carcasses and dead men's bones. (1 8oe to the cr'el and relentless man, he is himself the )ictim of his deeds. (4 The e)il he &o'ld do to other men rebo'nds, the sco'r%er is the sco'r%ed. (5 8oe to the libertine &ho reys ' on the )irt'es of the &ea3. The ho'r comes &hen he &ill be the &ea3, the )ictim of a libertine of %reater o&er. (6 8oe 'nto yo' &hen all the &orld shall s ea3 in raise of yo'. The &orld s ea3s not in raise of men &ho li)e &ithin the Holy Breath, !t s ea3s in raise of ro hets false, and of ill'sions base. +7 >o' men &ho &al3 in Holy Breath are salt, the salt of earth, b't if yo' lose yo'r )irt'e yo' are salt in name alone, &orth nothin% more than d'st. +1 And yo' are li%ht, are called to li%ht the &orld. +( A city on a hill cannot be hid, its li%hts are seen afar, and &hile yo' stand ' on the hills of life men see yo'r li%ht and imitate yo'r &or3s and hono'r #od. ++ Men do not li%ht a lam and hide it in a cas3, they 't it on a stand that it may li%ht the ho'se. +/ >o' are the lam s of #od, m'st not stand in the shade of earth ill'sions, b't in the o en, hi%h ' on the stand. +0 ! am not come to n'llify the la&, nor to destroy, b't to f'lfil. +1 The 2a&, the Pro hets and the Psalms &ere &ritten in the &isdom of the Holy breath and cannot fail. +4 The hea)ens and earth that are &ill chan%e and ass a&ay, the &ord of #od is s're, it cannot ass 'ntil it shall accom lish that &here 'nto it hath been sent. +5 8hoe)er disre%ards the la& of #od and teaches men to do the same, becomes a debtor 'nto #od and cannot see his face 'ntil he has ret'rned and aid his debt by sacrifice of life.

+6 B't he &ho hear3ens 'nto #od and 3ee s his la& and does his &ill on earth, shall r'le &ith Christ. /7 The scribes and Pharisees re%ard the letter of the la&, they cannot com rehend the s irit of the la&, /1 And if yo'r ri%hteo'sness does not eDceed the ri%hteo'sness of scribe and Pharisee yo' cannot come into the 3in%dom of the so'l. /( !t is not &hat man does that %i)es him ri%ht to enter thro'%h the %ates, his ass &ord is his character and desire is his character. /+ The letter of the la& deals &ith the acts of man, the s irit of the la& ta3es note of his desires.

CHAPTER 61 The $ermon on the Mo'nt, contin'ed. Jes's considers the Ten Commandments. The hiloso hy of Christ the s irit of the Commandments. Jes's 'nfolds the s irit'al as ects of the first fo'r Commandments. #:A %a)e the Ten Commandments 'nto men, ' on the mo'ntain Moses sa& the &ords of #od, he &rote them do&n on solid roc3, they cannot be destroyed. ( These Ten Commandments sho& the <'stice side of #od, b't no& the lo)e of #od made manifest brin%s mercy on the &in%s of Holy Breath. + " on the 'nity of #od the la& &as b'ilt. !n all the &orld there is one force, Jeho)ah is Almi%hty #od. / Jeho)ah &rote 'o'n the hea)ens and Moses read, 0 ! am Almi%hty #od and yo' shall ha)e no #od b't me. 1 There is one force, b't many hases of that force, these hases men call o&ers. 4 All o&ers are of #od, and they are manifests of #od, they are $ irits of the #od. 5 !f men co'ld seem to find another force and &orshi at its shrine, they &o'ld b't co'rt ill'sion, )ain, 6 A shado& of the :ne, Jeho)ah, #od, and they &ho &orshi shado&s are b't shado&s on the &all, for men are &hat co'rt. 17 And #od &o'ld ha)e all men to be the s'bstance, and in mercy he commanded, >o' shall see3 no #od b't me. 11 And finite men can ne)er com rehend infinite thin%s. Man cannot ma3e an ima%e of the !nfinite in force. 1( And &hen men ma3e a #od of stone or &ood or clay they ma3e an ima%e of a shade, and they &ho &orshi at the shrine of shades are shades. 1+ $o #od in mercy said, >o' shall not car)e o't ima%es of &ood, or clay, or stone. 1/ $'ch idols are ideals, abased ideals, and men can %ain no hi%her lane than their ideals. 10 The #od is $ irit men m'st &orshi if they &o'ld attain a conscio'sness of #od. 11 B't man can ne)er ma3e a ict're or an ima%e of the Holy Breath. 14 The name of #od man may not s ea3 &ith carnal li s, &ith Holy Breath alone can man rono'nce the name. 15 !n )anity men thin3 they 3no& the name of #od, they s ea3 it li%htly and irre)erently, and th's they are acc'rsed. 16 !f men did 3no& the sacred name and s o3e it &ith 'nholy li s, they &o'ld not li)e to s ea3 it once a%ain. (7 B't #od in mercy has not yet 'n)eiled his name to those &ho cannot s ea3 &ith Holy Breath. (1 B't they &ho s ea3 the s'bstit'te in idle &ay are %'ilty in the si%ht of #od, &ho said, (( >o' shall not ta3e the name of #od in )ain.

(+ The n'mber of the Holy Breath is se)en, and #od holds in his hands the se)ens of time. (/ !n formin% &orlds he rested on the se)enth day, and e)ery se)enth day is set a art as $abbath day for men. #od said, (0 The se)enth is the $abbath of the 2ord thy #od, remember it and 3ee it &holly set a art for &or3s of holiness, that is, for &or3s not for the selfish self, b't for the 'ni)ersal self. (1 Men may do &or3 for self ' on the siD days of the &ee3, b't on the $abbath of the 2ord they m'st do na'%ht for self. (4 This day is consecrated 'nto #od, b't man ser)es #od by ser)in% man.

CHAPTER 64 The $ermon on the Mo'nt, contin'ed. Jes's 'nfolds to the t&el)e the s irit'al as ects of the fifth and siDth Commandments. #:A is not force alone, for &isdom is his co'nter art. ( 8hen cher'bim instr'cted man in &isdom's &ays they said that &isdom is the Mother of the race, as force is ?ather of the race. + The man &ho hono'rs the almi%hty and omniscient #od is blessed, and in the tables of the la& &e read, / Pay homa%e to yo'r ?ather and Mother of the race, that yo'r days may be rolon%ed ' on the land that they ha)e %i)en yo'. 0 The letter of the la& commands, yo' shall not 3ill, and he &ho 3ills m'st stand before the <'d%ement seat. 1 A erson may desire to 3ill, yet if he does not 3ill he is not <'d%ed by la&. 4 The s irit of the la& a)ers that he &ho shall desire to 3ill, or see3s re)en%e, is an%ry &ith a man &itho't s'ffient ca'se, m'st ans&er to the <'d%e, 5 And he &ho calls his brother so'lless )a%abond shall ans&er to the co'ncil of the <'st, 6 And he &ho calls his brother a de%enerate, a do%, fans into life the b'rnin% fires of hell &ithin himself. 17 -o&, in the hi%her la& &e read that if yo'r brother is a%%rie)ed by somethin% yo' ha)e done, before yo' offer 'nto #od yo'r %ifts, %o forth and find yo'r brother and be reconciled to him. 11 !t is not &ell to let the s'n %o do&n ' on yo'r &rath. 1( !f he &ill not be reconciled &hen yo' ha)e laid aside all selfish leas, ha)e &ai)ed all selfish ri%hts, yo' &ill be %'iltless in the si%ht of #od, then %o and offer 'nto #od yo'r %ifts. 1+ !f yo' o&e a'%ht to any man and cannot ay, or if a man shall claim a %reater s'm than is his d'e it is not &ell that yo' dis 'te his claims. 1/ Resistance is the sire of an%er, there is no mercy and no reason in a &rathf'l man. 10 ! tell yo' it is better far to s'ffer loss than %o to la&, or call ' on the co'rts of men to <'d%e of ri%ht and &ron%. 11 The la& of carnal man &o'ld say, Eye for eye and tooth for tooth, resist encroachment on yo'r ri%hts. 14 B't this is not the la& of #od. The Holy Breath &o'ld say, Resist not him &ho &o'ld de ri)e yo' of yo'r %oods. 15 He &ho &o'ld ta3e yo'r coat by force is still a brother man and yo' sho'ld %ain his heart, &hich by resistance cannot be done, 16 #i)e him yo'r coat and offer him still more and more, in time the man &ill rise abo)e the br'te, yo' &ill ha)e sa)ed him from himself.

(7 Ref'se not him &ho calls for hel and %i)e to him &ho as3s to borro& a'%ht. (1 And if a man shall stri3e yo' in a fitf'l, or an an%ry &ay, it is not &ell to smite him in ret'rn. (( Men call him co&ard &ho &ill not fi%ht and th's defend his ri%hts, b't he is m'ch the %reater man &ho is assailed, is smitten and does not smite, (+ 8ho is mali%ned and ans&ers not, than he &ho smites the smiter and re)iles the one &ho slanders him. (/ !t has been said in olden times that man shall lo)e his friend and hate his foe, b't, lo, ! say, (0 Be mercif'l 'nto yo'r foes, bless those &ho slander yo', do %ood to those &ho do yo' harm and ray for those &ho tram le on yo'r ri%hts. (1 Remember, yo' are children of the #od &ho ma3es his s'n to rise ali3e ' on the e)il and the %ood, &ho sends his rain ' on the 'n<'st and the <'st. (4 !f yo' do 'nto other men as they do 'nto yo', yo' are b't sla)es, b't follo&ers in the &ay to death. (5 B't yo', as children of the li%ht, m'st lead the &ay. (6 Ao 'nto others as yo' &o'ld ha)e them do 'nto yo'. +7 8hen yo' do %ood to those &ho ha)e done %ood to yo', yo' do no more than other men, the 'blicans do that. +1 !f yo' sal'te yo'r friends and not yo'r foes, yo' are li3e other men, the 'blicans ah)e set the ace. +( Be erfect as yo'r ?atherB#od in hea)en is.

CHAPTER 65 The $ermon on the Mo'nt, contin'ed. Jes's re)eals to the t&el)e the s irit'al as ects of the se)enth, ei%ht and tenth Commandments. THE la& forbids ad'ltery, b't in the eyes of la& ad'ltery is an o)ert act, the satisfaction of the sens'o's self o'tside the marria%e bonds. ( -o&, marria%e in the si%ht of la& is b't a romise made by man and &oman, by the sanction of a riest, to li)e for aye in harmony and lo)e. + -o riest nor officer has o&er from #od to bind t&o so'ls in &edded lo)e. / 8hat is the marria%e tieC !s it com rised in &hat a riest or officer may sayC 0 !s it the scroll on &hich the officer or riest has &ritten the ermission for the t&o to li)e in marria%e bondsC 1 !s it the romise of the t&o that they &ill lo)e each other 'ntil deathC 4 !s lo)e a assion that is s'b<ect to the &ill of manC 5 Can man ic3 ' his lo)e, as he &o'ld ic3 ' recio's %ems, and lay it do&n, or %i)e it o't to any oneC 6 Can lo)e be bo'%ht and sold li3e shee C 17 2o)e is the o&er of #od that binds t&o so'ls and ma3es them one, there is no o&er on earth that can dissol)e the bond. 11 The bodies may be forced a art by man or death for <'st a little time, b't they &ill meet a%ain. 1( -o&, in this bond of #od &e find the marria%e tie, all other 'nions are b't bonds of stra&, and they &ho li)e in them commit ad'ltery. 1+ The same as they &ho satisfy their l'st &itho't the sanction of an officer or riest. 1/ B't more than this, the man or &oman &ho ind'l%es l'stf'l tho'%hts commits ad'ltery. 10 8hom #od has <oined to%ether man cannot art, &hom man has <oined to%ether li)e in sin.

11 " on a table of the la&, the %reat la&%i)er &rote, Tho' shalt not steal. 14 Before the eyes of la& a man to steal m'st ta3e a thin% that can be seen &ith eyes of flesh, &itho't the 3no&led%e or consent of him to &hom the thin% belon%s. 15 B't, lo, ! say that he &ho in his heart desires to ossess that &hich is not his o&n, and &o'ld de ri)e the o&ner of the thin% &itho't his 3no&led%e or consent, is in the si%ht of #od, a thief. 16 The thin%s that men see not &ith eyesof flesh are of more &orth than are the thin%s that man can see. (7 A man's %ood name is &orth a tho'sand mines of %old, and he &ho says a &ord or does a deed that in<'res or defames that name has ta3en &hat is not his o&n, and is a thief. (1 " on a table of the la& &e also read* Tho' shalt not co)et anythin%. (( To co)et is an allBcons'min% &ish to ha)e &hat is not ri%ht for one to ha)e. (+ And s'ch a &ish, &ithin the s irit of the la&, is theft.

CHAPTER 66 The $ermon on the Mo'nt, contin'ed. Jes's 'nfolds to the t&el)e the s irit'al as ects of the ninth Commandment. THE la& has said* Tho' shalt not lie, b't in the eyes of la& a man to lie m'st tell in&ords &hat is not tr'e. ( -o&, in the li%ht of s irit la&, deceit in any form is nothin% b't a lie. + A man may lie by loo3 or act, yea, e)en by his silence may decei)e, and th's be %'ilty in the eyes of Holy Breath. / !t has been said in olden times* Tho' shalt not s&ear by thine o&n life. 0 B't, lo, ! say, $&ear not at all, not by the head, the heart, the eye, nor hand, not by the s'n, the moon, nor stars, 1 -ot by the name of #od, nor by the name of any s irit, %ood or bad. 4 >o' shall not s&ear by anythin%, for in an oath there is no %ain. 5 A man &hose &ord m'st be ro ed ' by oath of any 3ind is not tr'st&orthy in the si%ht of #od or man. 6 By oath yo' cannot ma3e a leaf to fall, nor t'rn the colo'r of a hair. 17 The man of &orth <'st s ea3s and men 3no& that he s ea3s the tr'th. 11 The man &ho o'rs o't many &ords to ma3e thin3 he s ea3s the tr'th, is sim ly ma3in% smo3e to hide a lie. 1( And there are many men &ith seemin% do'ble hearts, men &ho &o'ld ser)e t&o masters at a timeBBt&o masters ='ite ad)erse. 1+ Men fei%n to &orshi #od ' on the $abbath day and then ay co'rt to Beel.eb'l on e)ery other day. 1/ -o man can ser)e t&o masters at a time no more than he can ride t&o asses at a time that %o in different &ays. 10 The man &ho fei%ns to &orshi #od and Beel.eb'l is foe of #od, a io's de)il and a c'rse of men. 11 And men cannot lay treas'res ' in hea)en and earth at once. 14 Then, lo, ! say, 2ift ' yo'r eyes and see the safety )a'lts of hea)en, and there de osit e)ery %em. 15 8here moth and r'st cannot corr' t, &here thie)es cannot brea3 in and steal. 16 There are no safety )a'lts on earth, no lace sec're from moth, and r'st and thie)es. (7 The treas'res of the earth are b't ill'si)e thin%s that ass a&ay. (1 Be not decei)ed, yo'r treas'res are the anchor of the so'l, and &here yo'r treas'res are yo'r heart &ill be.

(( ?iD not yo'r heart ' on the thin%s of earth, be anDio's not abo't the thin%s to eat, or drin3 or &ear. (+ #od cares for those &ho tr'st in him and ser)e the race. (/ Behold the birds@ They raise #od in their son%s, the earth is made more %lorio's by their ministry of <oy, #od 3ee s them in the hollo& of his hand, (0 And not a s arro& falls to earth &itho't his care, and e)ery one that falls shall rise a%ain. (1 Behold the flo&ers of earth@ they tr'st in #od and %ro&, they ma3e the earth res lendent &ith their bea'ty and erf'me. (4 2oo3 at the lilies of the field, the messen%ers of holy lo)e. -o son of man, not e)en $olomon in all his eDcellence, &as e)er clothed li3e one of these. (5 And yet they sim ly tr'st in #od, they feed from o't his hand, they lay their heads to rest ' on his breast. (6 !f #od so clothes and feeds the flo&ers and birds that do his &ill, &ill he not feed and clothe his children &hen they tr'st in himC +7 $ee3 first the 3in%dom of the so'l, the ri%hteo'sness of #od, the %ood of men, and feed, and clothe.

CHAPTER 177 The $ermon on the Mo'nt, contin'ed. Jes's form'lates and resents to the t&el)e a ractical code of s irit'al ethics. THERE is a r'le that carnal man has made, and &hich he ri%idly obser)es* ( Ao 'nto other men as they do 'nto yo'. As others <'d%e, they <'d%e, as others %i)e, they %i)e. + -o&, &hile yo' &al3 &ith men as men, <'d%e not, and yo' shall not be <'d%ed. / ?or as yo' <'d%e yo' shall be <'d%ed, and as yo' %i)e it shall be %i)en to yo'. !f yo' condemn, yo' are condemned. 0 8hen yo' sho& mercy, men are mercif'l to yo', and if yo' lo)e in s'ch a &ay that carnal man can com rehend yo'r lo)e, yo' &ill be &ell belo)ed. 1 And so the &ise man of this &orld does 'nto other men as he &o'ld ha)e them do to him. 4 The carnal man does %ood to other men for selfish %ain, for he eD ects to ha)e his blessin%s m'lti lied and then ret'rned, he does not sto to note the end. 5 Man is himself the field, his deeds are seeds, and &hat he does to others %ro&s a ace, the hear)est time is s're. 6 Behold the yield@ !f he has so&n the &ind, he rea s the &ind, if he has so&n the noDio's seeds of scandal, theft and hate, of sens'ality and crime, 17 The har)est is ass'red and he m'st rea &hat he has so&n, yea, more, the seeds rod'ce an h'ndred fold. 11 The fr'it of ri%hteo'sness and eace and lo)e and <oy can ne)er s rin% from noDio's seeds, the fr'it is li3e the seed. 1( And &hen yo' so&, so& seeds of ri%ht, beca'se it is the ri%ht, and not in the &ay of trade, eD ectin% rich re&ards. 1+ The carnal man abhors the s irit la&, beca'se it ta3es a&ay his liberty to li)e in sin, beneath its li%ht he cannot satisfy his assions and desires. 1/ He is at enmity &ith him &ho &al3s in Holy Breath. The carnal man has 3illed the holy men of old, the ro hets and the seers. 10 And he &ill b'ffet yo', &ill char%e yo' falsely, sco'r%e yo' and im rison yo', and thin3 he does the &ill of #od to slay yo' in the streets. 11 B't yo' may not re<'d%e nor cenc're him &ho does yo' &ron%. 14 Each one has roblems to be sol)ed, and he m'st sol)e them for himself.

15 The man &ho sco'r%es yo' may ha)e a load of sin to bear, b't ho& abo't yo'r o&nC 16 A little sin in one &ho &al3s in Holy Breath is %reater in the si%ht of #od than monster sins in him &ho ne)er 3ne& the &ay. (7 Ho& can yo' see the s linter in yo'r brother's eye &hile yo' ha)e ch'n3s &ithin yo'r o&nC (1 ?irst ta3e the ch'n3s from o't yo'r eye and then yo' may behold the s linter in yo'r brother's eye and hel him ta3e it o't, (( And &hile yo'r eyes are f'll of forei%n thin%s yo' cannot see the &ay, for yo' are blind, (+ And &hen the blind lead forth the blind, both lose the &ay and fall into the slo'%h. (/ !f yo' &o'ld lead the &ay to #od yo' m'st be clear in si%ht, as &ell as 're in heart.

CHAPTER 171 The $ermon on the Mo'nt, concl'ded. The concl'din% Christines ret'rn to Ca erna'm. art of the code of ethics. The

THE fr'ita%e of the tree of life is all too fine to feed the carnal mind. ( !f yo' &o'ld thro& a diamond to a h'n%ry do%, lo, he &o'ld t'rn a&ay, or else attac3 yo' in a ra%e. + The incense that is s&eet to #od is ='ite offensi)e 'nto Beel.eb'l, the bread of hea)en is b't chaff to men &ho cannot com rehend the s irit life. / The master m'st be &ise and feed the so'l &ith &hat it can di%est. 0 !f yo' ha)e not the food for e)ery man, <'st as3 and yo' shall ha)e, see3 earnestly and yo' shall find. 1 J'st s ea3 the 8ord and 3noc3, the door &ill fly a<ar. 4 -o one has e)er as3ed in faith and did not ha)e, none e)er so'%ht in )ain, no one &ho e)er 3noc3ed ari%ht has failed to find an o en door. 5 8hen men shall as3 yo' for the bread of hea)en, t'rn not a&ay, nor %i)e to them the fr'it of carnal trees. 6 !f one, a son, &o'ld as3 yo' for a loaf, &o'ld yo' %i)e him a stoneC !f he &o'ld as3 yo' for a fish, &o'ld yo' %i)e him a ser ent of the d'stC 17 8hat yo' &o'ld ha)e yo'r #od %i)e 'nto yo', %i)e 'nto men. The Meas're of yo'r &orth lies in yo'r ser)ice 'nto men. 11 There is a &ay that leads 'nto the erfect life, fe& find it at a time. 1( !t is a narro& &ay, it lies amon% the roc3s and itfalls of the carnal life, b't in the &ay there are no itfalls and no roc3s. 1+ There is a &ay that leads to &retchedness and &ant. !t is a s acio's &ay and many &al3 therein. !t lies amon% the leas're %ro)es of carnal life. 1/ Be&are, for many claim to &al3 the &ay of life &ho &al3 the &ay of death. 10 B't they are false in &ord and deed, false ro hets they. They clothe themsel)es in s3ins of shee , &hile they are )icio's &ol)es. 11 They cannot lon% conceal themsel)es, men 3no& them ny their fr'its, 14 >o' cannot %ather %ra es from thorns, nor from the thistles, fi%s. 15 The fr'it is da'%hter of the tree and, li3e the arent, so the child, and e)ery tree that bears not &holesome fr'it is l'c3ed ' by the roots and cast a&ay, 16 Beca'se a man rays lon% and lo'd is not a si%n that he is saint. The rayin% men are not all in the 3in%dom of the so'l.

(7 The man &ho li)es the holy life, &ho does the &ill of #od, abides &ithin the 3in%dom of the so'l. (1 The %ood man from the treas'res of his heart sends blessedness and eace to all the &orld. (( The e)il man sends tho'%hts that bli%ht and &ither ho e and <oy and fill the &orld &ith &retchedness and &oe. (+ Men thin3 and act and s ea3 o't of the ab'ndance of the heart. (/ And &hen the <'d%ement ho'r shall come a host of men &ill enter leadin%s for themsel)es and thin3 to b'y the fa)o'r of the <'d%e &ith &ords. (0 And they &ill say, 2o, &e ha)e &ro'%ht a m'ltit'de of &or3s in the :mnific name, (1 Ha)e &e not ro hesiedC Ha)e &e not c'red all manner of diseaseC Ha)e &e not cast the e)il s irits o't of those obsessedC (4 And then the <'d%e &ill say, ! 3no& yo' not. >o' rendered ser)ice 'nto #od in &ords &hen in yo'r heart yo' &orshi ed Beel.eb'l. (5 The e)il one may 'se the o&ers of life, and do a m'ltit'de of mi%hty &or3s. Ae art from me, yo' &or3ers of ini='ity. (6 The man &ho hears the &ords of life and does them not is li3e the man &ho b'ilds his ho'se ' on the sand, &hich &hen the floods come on, is &ashed a&ay and all is lost. +7 B't he &ho hears the &ords of life and in an honest, sincere heart recei)es and treas'res them and li)es the holy life, +1 !s li3e the man &ho b'ilds the ho'se ' on the roc3, the floods may come, the &inds may blo&, the storms may beat ' on his ho'se, it is not mo)ed. +( #o forth and b'ild yo'r life ' on the solid roc3 of tr'th, and all the o&ers of the e)il one &ill sha3e it not. ++ And Jes's finished all his sayin%s on the mo'nt and then he, &ith the t&el)e, ret'rned 'nto Ca erna'm.

CHAPTER 17( The Christines at the home of Jes's. Jes's 'nfolds to them the secret doctrine. They %o thro'%h all #alilee and teach and heal. Jes's brin%s to life the son of a &ido& at -ain. They ret'rn to Ca erna'm. THE t&el)e a ostles &ent &ith Jes's to his home, and there abode for certain days. ( And Jes's told them many thin%s abo't the inner life that may not no& be &ritten in a boo3. + -o&, in Ca erna'm, there li)ed a man of &ealth, a Roman ca tain of a h'ndred men, &ho lo)ed the Je&s and &ho had b'ilt for them a syna%o%'e. / A ser)ant of this man &as aralysed, and he &as sic3 ni%h 'nto death. 0 The ca tain 3ne& of Jes's and had heard that by the $acred 8ord he healed the sic3, and he had faith in him. 1 He sent a messa%e by the elders of the Je&s to Jes's, and he led for hel . 4 and Jes's reco%nised the ca tain's faith and &ent at once to heal the sic3, the ca tain met him on the &ay and said to him, 5 2o, 2ord, it is not &ell that yo' sho'ld come 'nto my ho'se, ! am not &orthy of the resence of a man of #od. 6 ! am a man of &ar, my life is s ent &ith those &ho ofttimes ta3e the li)es of fello& men. 17 And s'rely he &ho comes to sa)e &o'ld be dishono'red if he came beneath my roof.

11 !f yo' &ill s ea3 the 8ord ! 3no& my ser)ant &ill be &ell. 1( And Jes's t'rned and said to those &ho follo&ed him, 1+ Behold the ca tain's faith, ! ha)e not seen s'ch faith, no, not in !srael. 1/ Behold, the feast is s read for yo', b't &hile yo' do'bt and &ait, the alien comes in faith and ta3es the bread of life. 10 Then t'rnin% to the man he said, #o on yo'r &ay, accordin% to yo'r faith so shall it be, yo'r ser)ant li)es. 11 !t came to ass that at the time that Jes's s o3e the 8ord the alsied man arose, and he &as &ell. 14 And then the Christines &ent abroad to teach. And as they came to -ain, a city on the Hermon &ay, they sa& a m'ltit'de abo't the %ates. 15 !t &as a f'neral train, a &ido&'s son &as dead, and friends &ere bearin% o't the body to the tomb. 16 !t &as the &ido&'s only son, and she &as &ild &ith %rief. And Jes's said to her, 8ee not, ! am the life, yo'r son shall li)e. (7 And Jes's raised his hand, the bearers of the dead stood still. (1 And Jes's to'ched the bier and said, >o'n% man, ret'rn. (( The so'l ret'rned, the body of the dead &as filled &ith life, the man sat ' and s o3e. (+ The eo le &ere astonished at the scene, and e)ery one eDclaimed, Praise #od. (/ A Je&ish riest stood forth and said, Behold a mi%hty ro het has a eared, and all the eo le said, Amen. (0 The Christines <o'rneyed on, they ta'%ht, and healed the sic3 in many to&ns of #alilee, and then they came a%ain 'nto Ca erna'm.

CHAPTER 17+ The Christines in Jes's' home. Jes's teaches the t&el)e and the forei%n masters e)ery mornin%. Jes's recei)es messen%ers from John, the harbin%er, and sends him &ords of enco'ra%ement. He e'lo%ies the character of John. THE home of Jes's &as a school &here in the early mornin% ho'rs the t&el)e a ostles and the forei%n riests &ere ta'%ht the secret thin%s of #od. ( And there &ere resent riests from China, !ndia, and from Babylon, from Persia, E%y t and from #reece, + 8ho came to sit at Jes's' feet to learn the &isdom that he bro'%ht to men, that they mi%ht teach their eo le ho& to li)e the holy life. / And Jes's ta'%ht them ho& to teach, he told them of the trials of the &ay, and ho& to ma3e these trials ser)e the race. 0 He ta'%ht them ho& to li)e the holy life that they mi%ht con='er death, 1 He ta'%ht them &hat the end of mortal life &ill be, &hen man has reached the conscio'sness that he and #od are one. 4 The after midday ho'rs &ere %i)en to the m'ltit'des &ho came to learn the &ay of life and to be healed, and many did belie)e and &ere ba tised. 5 -o&, in his rison by the Bitter $ea the harbin%er had heard of all the mi%hty &or3s that Jes's did. 6 His rison life &as hard, and he &as sore distressed, and he be%an to do'bt. 17 And to himself he said, ! &onder if this Jes's is the Christ of &hom the ro hets &rote@ 11 8as ! mista3en in my &or3C 8as !, indeed, one sent from #od to a)e the &ay for him &ho shall redeem o'r eo le, !sraelC

1( And then he sent some of his friends, &ho came to see him in his rison cell, ' to Ca erna'm that they mi%ht learn abo't this man, and brin% him &ord. 1+ The men fo'nd Jes's in his home, and said, Behold the harbin%er sent 's to as3, Are yo' the ChristC or is he yet to comeC 1/ B't Jes's ans&ered not, he sim ly bade the men to tarry certain days that they mi%ht see and hear. 10 They sa& him heal the sic3, and ca'se the lame to &al3, the deaf to hear, the blind to see, 11 They sa& him cast the e)il s irits o't of those obsessed, they sa& him raise the dead. 14 They heard him reach the %os el to the oor. 15 Then Jes's said to them, #o on yo'r &ay, ret'rn to John and tell him all that yo' ha)e seen and heard, then he &ill 3no&. They &ent their &ay. 16 The m'ltit'des &ere there, and Jes's said to them, :nce yo' &ere cro&din% Jordan's fords, yo' filled the &ilderness. (7 8hat did yo' %o to seeC The trees of J'da, and the flo&ers of HethC :r did yo' %o to see a man in 3in%ly %arbC :r did yo' %o to see a ro het and a seerC (1 ! tell yo', men, yo' 3no& not &hom yo' sa&. A ro hetC >ea, and more, a messen%er &hom #od had sent to a)e the &ay for &hat yo' see and hear this day. (( Amon% the men of earth a %reater man has ne)er li)ed than John. (+ Behold ! say, This man &hom Herod bo'nd in chains and cast into a rison cell is #od's Eli<ah come a%ain to earth. (/ Eli<ah, &ho did not ass the %ate of death, &hose body of this flesh &as chan%ed, and he a&o3e in Paradise. (0 8hen John came forth and reached the %os el of re entance for the cleansin% of the so'l, the common fol3s belie)ed and &ere ba tised. (1 The la&yers and the Pharisees acce ted not the teachin%s of this man, &ere not ba tised. (4 Behold, ne%lected o ort'nities &ill ne)er come a%ain. (5 Behold, the eo le are 'nstable as the &aters of the sea, they see3 to be eDc'sed from ri%hteo'sness. (6 John came and ate no bread, and dran3 no &ine. He li)ed the sim lest life a art from men, and eo le said, He is obsessed. +7 Another comes &ho eats and drin3s and li)es in homes li3e other men, and eo le say, He is a %l'tton, an ine%riate, a friend of 'blicans and those &ho sin. +1 8oe 'nto yo', yo' cities of the )ale of #alilee, &here all the mi%hty &or3s of #od are done@ 8oe to and Bethsaida@ +( !f half the mi%hty &or3s that ha)e been done in yo' &ere done in Tyre and in $idon they &o'ld ha)e lon% a%o re ented of their sins, and so'%ht the &ay of ri%ht. ++ And &hen the <'d%ement day shall come, lo, Tyre and $idon &ill be called more &orthy than &ill yo'. +/ Beca'se they sli%hted not their %ifts, &hile yo' ha)e thro&n a&ay the earl of %reatest rice. +0 8oe 'nto yo' Ca erna'm@ Behold, yo' are eDalted no&, b't yo' shall be abased, +1 ?or if the mi%hty &or3s that ha)e been done in yo' had b't been done &ithin the cities of the lainBBof $odom and ;eboimBBthey &o'ld ha)e heard and t'rned to #od, &o'ld not ha)e been destroyed. +4 They erished in their i%norance, they had no li%ht, b't yo' ha)e heard, yo' ha)e the e)idence. +5 The li%ht of life has sho&n abo)e yo'r hills and all the shores of #alilee ha)e been abla.e &ith li%ht, +6 The %lory of the 2ord has sho&n in e)ry street and syna %o%'e and home, b't yo' ha)e s 'rned the li%ht.

/7 And, lo, ! say, The <'d%ment day &ill come and #od &ill deal in %reater mercy &ith the cities of the lains than he &ill deal &ith yo'.

CHAPTER 17/ Jes's teaches the m'ltit'des. Attends a feast in $imon's ho'se. A &ealthy co'rtesan anoints him &ith recio's balm. $imon reb'3es him and he reaches a sermon on false res ectability. A-A Jes's loo3ed ' on the m'ltit'des &ho ressed abo't for selfish %ain. ( The men of learnin% and of &ealth, of re 'tation and of o&er, &ere there, b't they 3ne& not the Christ. + Their eyes &ere blinded by the tinselled %litter of their selfish sel)es, they co'ld not see the 3in%. / And tho'%h they &al3ed &ithin the li%ht, they %ro ed abo't in dar3BBa dar3ness li3e the ni%ht of death. 0 And Jes's cast his eyes to hea)en and said, 1 ! than3 thee, Holy :ne of hea)en and earth, that &hile the li%ht is hidden from the &ise and %reat, it is re)ealed to babes. 4 Then t'rnin% to the m'ltit'des he said, ! come to yo' not in the name of man, nor in a stren%th my o&n, 5 The &isdom and the )irt'e that ! brin% to yo' are from abo)e, they are the &isdom and the )irt'e of the #od &hom &e adore. 6 The &ords ! s ea3 are not my &ords, ! %i)e to yo' &hat ! recei)e. 17 Come 'nto me all yo' &ho labo'r and 'll hea)y loads and ! &ill %i)e yo' aid. 11 P't on the yo3e of Christ &ith me, it does not chafe, it is an easy yo3e. 1( To%ether &e &ill 'll the load of life &ith ease, and so re<oice. 1+ A Pharisee, &hose name &as $imon, made a feast, and Jes's &as the hono'red %'est. 1/ And as they sat abo't the board, a co'tesan &ho had been c'red of her desire to sin by &hat she had recei)ed and seen in Jes's' ministry, came 'nin)ited to the feast. 10 $he bro'%ht an alabaster boD of costly balm and as the %'ests reclined she came to Jes's in her <oy, beca'se she been freed from sin. 11 Her tears fell fast, she 3issed his feet, and dried them &ith her hair, and she anointed them &ith balm. 14 And $imon tho'%ht, he did not s ea3 alo's, This man is not a ro het or he &o'ld 3no& the 3ind of &oman that a roaches him, and &o'ld dri)e her a&ay. 15 B't Jes's 3ne& his tho'%hts, and said to him, My host, ! ha)e a &ord to say to yo'. 16 And $imon said, $ay on. (7 And Jes's said, $in is a monster of ini='ity, it may be small, it may be lar%e, it may be somethin% left 'ndone. (1 Behold, one erson leads a life of sin and is at last redeemed, another, in a careless mood, for%ets to do the thin%s hs o'%ht to do b't he reforms and is for%i)en. -o&, &hich of these has merited the hi%her raiseC (( And $imon said, The one &ho o)ercame the error of alife. (+ And Jes's said, >o' s ea3 the tr'th. (/ Behold this &oman &ho has bathed my feet &ith tears and dried them &ith her hair and co)ered them &ith balm@ (0 ?or years she led a life of sin, b't &hen she heard the &ords of life she so'%ht for%i)eness and she fo'nd.

(1 B't &hen ! came into yo'r ho'se as %'est yo' %a)e me not a bo&l of &ater that ! mi%ht &ash my hands and feet, &hich e)ery loyal Je& m'st do before he feasts. (4 -o&, tell me, $imon, &hich of these, this &oman or yo'rself, is &orthy of most raiseC (5 B't $imon ans&ered not. (6 Then to the &oman Jes's said, >o'r sins are all for%i)en, yo'r faith has sa)ed yo', %o in eace. +7 And then the %'ests &ho sat aro'nd the board, be%an to say &ithin themsel)es, 8hat manner of a man is this &ho says, Thy sins are all for%i)enC

CHAPTER 170 "nder the atrona%e of a n'mber of &ealthy &oman, the Christines ma3e a %rand missionary to'r. !n his teachin% Jes's la'ds sincerity and reb'3es hy ocrisy. He s ea3s concernin% the sin a%ainst the Holy Breath. -:8, many &omen &ho ossessed m'ch &ealth, and abode in other to&ns of #alilee, im lored that Jes's and the t&el)e, to%ether &ith the masters from the forei%n lands, &o'ld thither %o and reach and heal. ( Amon% these anDio's ones &ere Mary Ma%dalene, &ho &as obsessed by se)en homeless s irits of the air, &hich had been dri)en o't by the :mnific 8ord &hich Jes's s o3e, + $'sanna, &ho o&ned )ast estates at CaesareaBPhili i, / Johanna, &ife of Ch'.a, one of Herod's co'rt, 0 And Rachel from the coast of Tyre, 1 And other from beyond the Jordan and the sea of #alilee. 4 And they ro)ided am le means and three times se)en men &ent forth. 5 They reached the %os el of the Christ and they ba tised the m'ltit'des &ho made confession of their faith, they healed the sic3 and raised the dead. 6 And Jes's &ro'%ht and ta'%ht from early morn 'ntil the day had %one, and then into the ni%ht, he did not sto to eat. 17 His friends became alarmed lest he sho'ld fail from loss of stren%th, and they laid hold of him and &o'ld, by force, ha)e ta3en him a&ay to a lace of rest. 11 B't he reb'3ed them not, he said, Ha)e yo' not read that #od &ill %i)e his an%els char%e concernin% meC 1( That they &o'ld hold me fast and s'ffer not that ! sho'ld come to &antC 1+ ! tell yo', men, &hile ! am %i)in% o't my stren%th 'nto these anDio's, &aitin% thron%s ! find myself at rest &ithin the arms of #od, 1/ 8hose blessed messen%ers brin% do&n to me the bread of life. 10 There is a tide <'st once in h'man life. 11 These eo le no& are &illin% to recei)e the tr'th, their o ort'nity is no&, o'r o ort'nity is no&, 14 And if &e do not teach them &hile &e may, the tide &ill ebb, 15 They may not care a%ain to hear the tr'th, then tell me, 8ho &ill bear the %'iltC 16 And so he ta'%ht and healed. (7 Amon% the m'ltit'des &ere men of e)ery shade of tho'%ht. They &ere di)ided in their )ie&s concernon% e)erythin% that Jes's said. (1 $ome sa& in him a #od, and &o'ld ha)e &orshi ed him, and others sa& in him a de)il of the nether &orld and &o'ld ha)e cast him in a it. (( And some &ere tryin% hard to lead a do'ble life, li3e little lions of the %ro'nd that ta3e ' on themsel)es the colo'r of the thin% they rest ' on. (+ These eo le &itho't anchora%e of any sort, are friends or foes as seemed to ser)e them best.

(/ And Jes's said, -o man can ser)e t&o masters at a time. -o man can be a friend and foe at once. (0 All men are risin% ' , or sin3in% do&n, are b'ildin% ' , or tearin% do&n. (1 !f yo' are %atherin% not the recio's %rain, then yo' are thro&in% it a&ay. (4 He is a co&ard &ho &o'ld fei%n to be a friend, or foe, to lease another man. (5 >o' men, do not deceice yo'rsel)es intho'%ht, yo'r hearts are 3no&n, (6 Hy ocrisy &ill bli%ht a so'l as s'rely as the breath of Beel.eb'l. An honest e)il man is more esteemed by %'ardians of the so'l than a dishonest io's man. +7 !f yo' &o'ld c'rse the son of man, <'st c'rse him o't alo'd. +1 A c'rse is oison to the inner man, and if yo' hold and s&allo& do&n a c'rse it ne)er &ill di%est, lo, it &ill oison e)ery atom of yo'r so'l. +( And if yo' sin a%ainst a son of man, yo' may be ardoned and yo'r %'ilt be cleansed by acts of 3indness and of lo)e, ++ B't if yo' sin a%ainst the Holy Breath by disre%ardin% her &hen she &o'ld o en ' the doors of life for yo', +/ By closin% ' the &indo&s of the so'l &hen she &o'ld o'r the li%ht of lo)e into yo'r hearts, and cleanse them &ith the fires of #od, +0 >o'r %'ilt shall not be blotted o't in this, nor in the life to come. +1 An o ort'nity has %one to come no more, and yo' m'st &ait 'ntil the a%es roll a%ain. +4 Then &ill the Holy Breath a%ain breathe on yo'r fires of life, and fan them to a li)in% flame. +5 Then she &ill o en ' the doors a%ain, and yo' may let her in to s' &ith yo' for e)ermore, or yo' may sli%ht her once a%ain, and then a%ain. +6 >o' men of !srael, yo'r o ort'nity is no&. /7 >o'r tree of life is an ill'si)e tree, it has a %enero's cro of lea)es, its bo'%hs han% lo& &ith fr'it. /1 Behold, yo'r &ords are lea)es, yo'r deeds the fr'it. /( Behold, for men ha)e l'c3ed the a les of yo'r tree of life, and fo'nd them f'll of bitterness, and &orms ha)e eaten to the core. /+ Behold that fi% tree by the &ay so f'll of lea)es and &orthless fr'it@ // Then Jes's s o3e a &ord that nat're s irits 3no&, and lo, the fi% tree stood a mass of &ithered lea)es. /0 And then he s o3e a%ain, Behold, for #od &ill s ea3 the 8ord, and yo' &ill stand a &ithered fi% tree in the settin% s'n. /1 >o' men of #alilee, send forth and call the r'ner in before it is too late, and let him r'ne a&ay yo'r &orthless branches and ill'si)e lea)es, and let the s'nshine in. /4 The s'n is life, and it can chan%e yo'r &orthlessness to &orth. /5 >o'r tree of life is %ood, b't yo' ha)e n'rt'red it solon% &ith de&s of self, and mists of carnal thin%s that yo' ha)e sh't the s'nshine o't. /6 ! tell yo', men, that yo' m'st %i)e acco'nt to #od for e)ery idle &ord yo' s ea3 and e)ery e)il deed yo' do.

CHAPTER 171 The Christines are in Ma%dala. Jes's heals a man &ho &as blind, d'mb and obsessed. He teaches the eo le. 8hile he s ea3s his mother, brothers and Miriam come to him. He teaches a lesson on family relationshi . He introd'ces Miriam to the eo le and she sin%s her son%s of )ictory. MA#AA2A is beside the sea, and here the teachers ta'%ht.

( A man obsessed, and &ho &as blind and d'mb &as bro'%ht, and Jes's s o3e the 8ord, and lo, the e)il s irits &ent a&ay, the man s o3e o't, his eyes &ere o ened and he sa&. + This &as the %reatest &or3 that men had seen the master do, and they &ere all ama.ed. / The Pharisees &ere there, and they &ere f'll of <ealo's ra%e, they so'%ht a ca'se &hereby they mi%ht condemn. 0 They said, >es, it is tr'e that Jes's does a m'ltit'de of mi%hty &or3s, b't men sho'ld 3no& that he is lea%'ed &ith Beel.eb'l. 1 He is a sorcerer, a blac3 ma%ician of the $imon Cer's ty e, he &or3s as Jannes and as Jambres did in Moses' day. 4 ?or $atan, rince of e)il s irits, is his stay by ni%ht and day and in the name of $atan he casts the demons o't, and in his name he heals the sic3 and raises ' the dead. 5 B't Jes's 3ne& their tho'%hts, he said to them, >o' men are masters, and yo' 3no& the la&, &hate)er is arrayed a%ainst itself m'st fall, a ho'se di)ided cannot stand, 6 A 3in%dom &arrin% &ith itself is bro'%ht to na'%ht. 17 !f $atan casts the de)il o't, ho& can his 3in%dom standC 11 !f !, by Beel.eb'l, cast de)ils o't, by &hom do yo' cast de)ils o'tC 1( B't if !, in the holy name of #od, cast de)ils o't, and ma3e the lame to &al3, the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the d'mb to s ea3, has not #od's 3in%dom come to yo'C 1+ The Pharisees &ere d'mb, they ans&ered not. 1/ As Jes's s o3e a messen%er a roached and said to him, >o'r mother and yo'r brothers &ish to s ea3 &ith yo'. 10 And Jes's said, 8ho is my motherC and my brothers, &ho are theyC 11 And then he s o3e a &ord aside 'nto the forei%n masters and the t&el)e, he said, 14 Behold, men reco%nise their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers here in flesh, b't &hen the )eil is rent and men &al3 in the realms of so'l, 15 The tender lines of lo)e that bind the %ro' s of fleshly 3in in families &ill fade a&ay. 16 -ot that the lo)e for anyone &ill be the less, b't men &ill see in all the motherhood, the fatherhood, the sisterhood, the brotherhood of man. (7 The family %ro' s of earth &ill all be lost in 'ni)ersal lo)e and fello&shi di)ine. (1 Then to the m'ltit'des he said, 8hoe)er li)es the life and does the &ill of #od is child of #od and is my mother, father, sister, friend. (( And then he &ent aside to s ea3 to mother and his other 3indred in the flesh. (+ B't he sa& more than these. The maiden &ho once thrilled his )ery so'l &ith lo)e. a lo)e beyond the lo)e of any fleshly 3in, (/ 8ho &as the sorest tem ter in the tem le Helio olis beside the -ile, &ho s'n% for him the sacred son%s, &as there. (0 The reco%nition &as of 3indred so'ls, and Jes's said, (1 Behold, for #od has bro'%ht to 's a o&er men cannot com rehend, a o&er of 'rity and lo)e, (4 To ma3e more li%ht the b'rdens of the ho'r, to be a balm for &o'nded so'ls, (5 To &in the m'ltit'de to better &ays by sacred son% and holy life. (6 Behold, for Miriam &ho stood beside the sea and s'n% the son% of )ictory &hen Moses led the &ay, &ill sin% a%ain. +7 And all the choirs of hea)en &ill <oin and sin% the %lad refrain* +1 Peace, eace on earth, %ood &ill to men@ +( And Miriam stood before the &aitin% thron%s and s'n% a%ain the son%s of )ictory, and all the eo le said, Amen.

CHAPTER 174 A Pharisee demands of Jes's si%ns of his messiahshi . Jes's reb'3es him, beca'se he does not reco%nise the si%ns that are bein% contin'ally %i)en. Jes's eDhorts the eo le to recei)e the li%ht that they may become the li%ht. A PHAR!$EE elated &ith himself stood forth amon% the m'ltit'des and said to Jes's, ( $ir, &e &o'ld ha)e yo' demonstrate. !f yo' are tr'ly Christ &ho &as to come, then yo' can s'rely do &hat blac3 ma%icians cannot do. + 2o, they can tal3, and hold the m'ltit'des &ith &ords of o&er, and they can heal the sic3 and dri)e the demons o't of those obsessed, / They can control the storms, and fire and earth and air &ill hear and ans&er &hen they s ea3. 0 -o&, if yo' &ill ascend and from that to&er fly across the sea, &e &ill belie)e that yo' are sent from #od. 1 And Jes's said, -o blac3 ma%ician e)er li)ed a holy life, yo' ha)e a demonstration of the ChristBlife e)ery day. 4 B't lo, yo' e)il and ad'ltero's scribes and Pharisees, yo' cannot see a s irit si%n, beca'se yo'r s irit eyes are f'll of carnal self. 5 >o' see3 a si%n to lease yo'r c'roisity. >o' &al3 the )ery lo&est lanes of carnal life and cry, Phenomena@ sho& 's a si%n and then &e &ill belie)e. 6 ! &as not sent to earth to b'y ' faith as men b'y fish and fr'it and r'bbish in the streets. 17 Men seem to thin3 it ='ite a fa)o'r done to me &hen they confess their faith in me and in the holy Christ. 11 8hat does it matter 'nto me as man if yo' belie)e or disbelie)eC 1( ?aith is not somethin% yo' can b'y &ith coin, it is not somethin% yo' can sell for %old. 1+ :nce Mart, abe%%ar, follo&ed me and cried, #i)e me a sil)er iece, then ! &ill belie)e in yo'. 1/ And yo' are li3e this be%%ar man, yo' offer to eDchan%e yo'r faith for si%ns. 10 B't ! &ill %i)e to all the &orld one si%n as s'rety that the Christ abides &ith me. 11 >o' all ha)e read the arable of Jonah and the fish, &herein it is recorded that the ro het s ent three days and ni%hts &ithin the stomach of the mi%hty fish, and then came forth. 14 The son of man &ill s end three days and ni%hts &ithin the heart of earth and then come forth a%ain, and men &ill see and 3no&. 15 Behold, the li%ht may be so bri%ht that men cannot see anythin%. 16 The $ irit li%ht has sho&n so bri%htly o)er #alilee that yo' &ho hear me no& are blind. (7 >o' may ha)e read the &ords of ro het A.rael, he said, The li%ht shall shine o't bri%htly in the dar3ness of the ni%ht, and men shall com rehend it not. (1 That time has come, the li%ht shines forth, yo' see it not. (( The 9'een of $heba sat in dar3est ni%ht and still she yearned for li%ht. (+ $he came to hear the &ords of &isdom from the li s of $olomon, and she belie)ed, (/ And she became a li)in% torch, and &hen she reached her home, lo, all Arabia &as filled &ith li%ht. (0 A %reater far than $olomon is here, the Christ is here, the Aay $tar had risen, and yo' re<ect the li%ht. (1 And yo' remember -ine)eh, the &ic3ed city of Assyria, &hich #od had mar3ed to be destroyed by shoc3 and flame 'nless the eo le t'rned and &al3ed in &ays of ri%ht.

(4 And Jonah raised his )oice and said, !n forty days shall -ine)eh be ra.ed, and her &ealth shall be destroyed. (5 The eo le heard and they belie)ed, and they reformed and t'rned to &ays of ri%ht, and lo, their city &as not ra.ed, &as not destroyed. (6 >o' men of #alilee, ! tell yo' that Arabia and -ine)eh &ill testify a%ainst yo' in the <'d%ment day. +7 Behold, for e)ery one to &hom ! s ea3 has in him all the fires of #od, b't they are lyin% dead. +1 The &ill is bridled by the flesh desires, and it brin%s not the ethers of the fires to )ibrate into li%ht. +( 2oo3, therefore, to yo'r so'l and note, !s not the li%ht &ithin yo' dar3 as ni%htC ++ There is no breath b't Holy Breath that e'er can fan yo'r fires of life into a li)in% flame and ma3e them li%ht. +/ And Holy Breath can raise the ethers of the fires to li%ht in none b't hearts of 'rity and lo)e. +0 Hear, then, yo' men of #alilee, Ma3e 're the heart, admit the Holy Breath, and then yo'r bodies &ill be f'll of li%ht. +1 And li3e a city on a hill, yo'r li%ht &ill shine afar, and th's yo'r li%ht may li%ht the &ay for other men.

CHAPTER 175 Jes's reb'3es the eo le for selfishness. The Christines attend a feast and Jes's is cens'red by the Pharisee beca'se he &ashed not before he ate. Jes's eD oses the hy ocrisy of the r'lin% classes and rono'nces ' on them many &oes. THE m'ltit'des &ere &ild &ith selfish tho'%ht, none reco%nised the ri%hts and needs of any other one. ( The stron%er 'shed the &ea3 aside, and tram led on them in their haste to be the first to %et a blassin% for himself. + And Jes's said, Behold the ca%e of beasts 'ntamed, a den of stin%in% )i ers, maddened by their fiendish %reed of selfish %ain@ / ! tell yo', men, the benefits that come to men &ho see no f'rther than themsel)es are ba'bles in the mornin% li%ht, 0 They are 'nreal, they ass a&ay. The selfish so'l is fed today, the food does not assimilate, the so'l %ro&s not, and then it m'st be fed a%ain, and then a%ain. 1 Behold, a selfish man obsessed by <'st one s irit of the air, by the :mnific 8ord the s irit is cast o't, 4 !t &anders thro'%h dry laces, see3in% rest and findin% none. 5 And then it comes a%ain, the selfish man has failed to close and loc3 the door, 6 The 'nclean s irit finds the ho'se all s&e t and cleaned, it enters in and ta3es &ith it f'll se)en other s irits more 'nclean than is itself, and there they d&ell. 17 The last state of the man is more than se)enfold more &retched than the first. 11 And so it is &ith yo' &ho snatch the blessin%s that belon% to other men. 1( 8hile Jes's s o3e a certain &oman &ho stood near eDclaimed, Most blessed is the mother of this man of #od@ 1+ And Jes's said, >es, blest is she, b't do'bly blest are they &ho hear, recei)e and li)e the &ord of #od. 1/ A Pharisee of &ealth re ared a feast, and Jes's and the t&el)e, to%ether &ith the masters from afar, &ere %'ests. 10 And Jes's did not &ash his hands accordin% to the strictest Pharisaic r'les, before he ate, &hen this the Pharisee obser)ed he mar)elled m'ch.

11 And Jes's said, My host, &hy do yo' mar)el that ! did not &ash my handsC 14 The Pharisees &ash &ell their hands and feet, they cleanse the body e)ery day &hen, lo, &ithin is e)ery form of filth. 15 Their hearts are f'll of &ic3edness, eDtortions and deceit. 16 Aid not the #od &ho made the o'tside of the body ma3e the inside, tooC (7 And then he said, 8oe 'nto yo', yo' Pharisees@ for yo' tithe mint and r'e, and e)ery herb, and ass by <'d%ment and the lo)e of #od. (1 8oe 'nto yo', yo' Pharisees@ yo' lo)e the hi%hest seats in syna%o%'es and co'rts, and bid for sal'tations in the mar3et lace. (( 8oe 'nto yo', yo' tinselled %entry of the land@ no man &o'ld e)er thin3 yo' ser)ants of the 2ord of hosts by &hat yo' do. (+ A la&yer sittin% near remar3ed, Rabboni, yo'r &ords are harsh, and then in &hat yo' say yo' cens're 's, and &hyC (/ And Jes's said, 8oe 'nto yo', yo' masters of the la&@ yo' hea %reat b'rdens on the sons of men, yea, loads by far too %reat for them to bear, and yo' &ill ne)er hel to bear a feather's &ei%ht yo'rsel)es. (0 8oe 'nto yo'@ yo' b'ild the tombs of ro hets and of seers, they &hom yo'r fathers 3illed, and yo' are arties to the crimes. (1 And no& behold, for #od has sent a%ain to yo' his holy menBa ostles, ro hets, seers, and yo' are ersec'tin% them. (4 The time is near &hen yo' &ill lead a%ainst them in the co'rts, &ill s 'rn them into rison cells, and 3ill them &ith a fiend's deli%ht. (5 ! tell yo', men, the blood of all the holy men of #od that has been shed from ri%hteo's Abel do&n to that of ;acharias, father of holy John, (6 8ho &as str'c3 do&n beside the altar in the Holy PlaceBB +7 The blood of all these holy men has made more red the hands of this 'n%odly %eneration. +1 8oe 'nto yo', yo' masters of the la&@ yo' snatch the 3eys of 3no&led%e from the hands of men, +( >o' close the doors, yo' enter not yo'rsel)es, and s'ffer not the &illin% ones to enter in. ++ His &ords ro)o3ed the Pharisees, the la&yers and the scribes, and they, resentin%, o'red ' on him torrents of ab'se. +/ The tr'ths he s o3e came li3e a th'nderbolt from hea)en, the r'lers co'nselled ho& they mi%ht ensnare him by his &ords, they so'%ht a le%al &ay to shed his blood.

CHAPTER 176 The Christines %o to a the lace a art to ray. Jes's &arns them a%ainst the lea)en of

Pharisees and re)eals the fact that all tho'%hts and deeds are recorded in #od's Boo3 of Remembrance. Man's res onsibility and #od's care. -:8, &hen the feast &as finished Jes's &ith the forei%n masters and the t&el)e, &ith Mary, Miriam and a band of loyal &omen &ho belie)ed in Christ, &ent to a lace a art to ray. ( And &hen their silence ended Jes's said, Be on yo'r %'ard, the lea)en of the Pharisees is bein% thro&n in e)ery meas're of the meal of life.

+ !t is a oison that &ill taint &hate)er it may to'ch, and it &ill bli%ht the so'l as s're as f'mes of the Aiabolos, it is hy ocrisy. / The Pharisees seem fair in s eech, b't they are diabolical in heart. 0 And then they seem to thin3 that tho'%ht is somethin% they can loc3 &ithin themsel)es. 1 They do not seem to 3no& that e)ery tho'%ht and &ish is hoto%ra hed and then reser)ed &ithin the Boo3 of 2ife to be re)ealed at any time the masters &ill. 4 That &hich is tho'%ht, or &ished, or done in dar3est ni%ht shall be roclaimed in bri%htest day, 5 That &hich is &his ered in the ear &ithin the secret lace shall be made 3no&n ' on the streets. 6 And in the <'d%ment day &hen all the boo3s are o ened ' , these men, and e)ery other man, shall be aB<'d%ed, not by &hat they')e said or done, 17 B't by the &ays in &hich they 'sed the tho'%hts of #od, and ho& the ethers of eternal lo)e &ere made to ser)e, 11 ?or men may ma3e these ethers ser)e the carnal self, or ser)e the holy self &ithin. 1( Behold, these men may 3ill the body of this flesh, b't &hat of thatC the flesh is b't a transitory thin%, and soon, by nat'ral la&, &ill ass, 1+ Their sla'%hter only hastens nat're's &or3 a little time. 1/ And &hen they 3ill the flesh they reach their bo'nds of o&er, they cannot 3ill the so'l. 10 B't nat're is the 3ee er of the so'l as of the flesh, and in the har)est time of so'l, the trees of life are all ins ected by the <'d%e, 11 And e)ery tree that bears no fr'it of %ood is l'c3ed ' by the roots and cast into the flames. 14 8ho then shall yo' re%ardC -ot him &ho has the o&er to 3ill the flesh, and nothin% more. 15 Re%ard the mi%hty one &ho has the o&er to dissol)e both so'l and body in the flames of nat're's fire. 16 B't man is 3in%, he may direct his tho'%hts, his lo)es, his life, and %ain the ri.e of e)erlastin% life. (7 And yo' are not abandoned in yo'r str'%%le for the cro&n of life. >o'r ?ather li)es, and yo' shall li)e. (1 #od has a care for e)ery li)in% thin%. He n'mbers stars, and s'ns, and moons, (( He n'mbers an%els, men and e)ery thin% belo&, the birds, the flo&ers, the trees, (+ The )ery etals of the rose he 3no&s by name, and e)ery one is n'mbered in his Boo3 of 2ife, (/ And e)ery hair ' on yo'r head, and e)ery dro of blood &ithin yo'r )eins, he 3no&s by n'mber and by rhythm. (0 He hears the birdlin%'s call, the cric3et's chir , the %lo& &orm's son%, and not a s arro& falls to earth &itho't his 3no&led%e and consent. (1 A s arro& seems a thin% of little &orth, yea, fi)e of them are &orth t&o farthin%s in the mar3et lace, and yet #od cares for e)ery one of them. (4 8ill he not care m'ch more for yo' &ho bear his ima%e in yo'r so'lC (5 ?ear not to ma3e confession of the Christ before the sons of men, and #od &ill o&n yo' as his sons and da'%hters in the resence of the host of hea)en. (6 !f yo' deny the Christ before the sons of men, then #od &ill not recei)e yo' as his o&n before the hosts of hea)en. +7 And more ! say, ?ear not &hen men shall brin% yo' ' before the r'lers of the land to ans&er for yo'r faith. +1 Behold, the Holy Breath shall teach yo' in yo'r ho'r of need &hat yo' sho'ld say, and &hat is best lea)e 'nsaid. +( And then the Christines &ent a%ain to teach the m'ltit'des.

CHAPTER 117 Miriam sin%s a son% of )ictory. The son%. Jes's re)eals the symbolic character of the <o'rney of !srael from E%y t to Canaam. A-A Miriam stood before the s'r%in% cro&d, and castin% ' her eyes to hea)en she s'n% ane& the son% of )ictory* ( Brin% forth the har , the )ina and the lyre, brin% forth the hi%hest so'ndin% cymbal, all ye choirs of hea)en. Join in the son%, the ne&, ne& son%. + The 2ord of hosts has stoo ed to hear the cries of men, and lo, the citadel of Beel.eb'l is sha3in% as a leaf before the &ind. / The s&ord of #ideon is a%ain 'nsheathed. 0 The 2ord, &ith his o&n hand has 'lled far bac3 the c'rtains of the ni%ht, the s'n of tr'th is floodin% hea)en and earth, 1 The demons of the dar3, of i%norance and death, are fleein% fast, are disa earin% as the de& beneath the mornin% s'n. 4 #od is o'r stren%th and son%, is o'r sal)ation and o'r ho e, and &e &ill b'ild ane& aho'se for him, 5 8ill cleanse o'r hearts, and 'rify their chambers, e)ery one. 8e are the tem le of the Holy Breath. 6 8e need no more a tent &ithin the &ilderness, no more a tem le b'ilt &ith hands. 17 8e do not see3 the Holy 2and, nor yet Jer'salem. 11 8e are the tent of #od, &e are his tem le b'ilt &itho't the so'nd of ed%ed tools. 1( 8e are the Holy 2and, &e are the -e& Jer'salem, Allel'<ah, raise the 2ord@ 1+ And &hen the son% &as done the m'ltit'des eDclaimed, Praise #od. 1/ And Jes's said, Behold the &ay@ 10 The sons of men ha)e %ro ed for a%es in the dar3ness of E%y tian ni%ht. 11 The Pharaohs of sense ha)e bo'nd them &ith their chains. 14 B't #od has &his ered thro'%h the mists of time and told them of a land of liberty and lo)e. 15 And he has sent his 2o%os forth to li%ht the &ay. 16 The Red $ea rolls bet&een the romised land and E%y t's sands. (7 The Red $ea is the carnal mind. (1 Behold, the 2o%os reaches o't his hand, the sea di)ides, the carnal mind is reft in t&ain, the sons of men &al3 thro'%h dry shod. (( The Pharaohs of sense &o'ld stay them in their fli%ht, the &aters of the sea ret'rn, the Pharaohs of sense are lost and men are free. (+ ?or <'st a little &hile men tread the &ilderness of $in, the 2o%os leads the &ay, (/ And &hen at last men stand ' on the Jordan's brin3, these &aters stay, and men ste forth into their o&n.

CHAPTER 111 Jes's teaches. A man re='ests him to com el his brother to deal <'stly. Jes's re)eals the di)ine la&, the o&er of tr'th and the 'ni)ersality of ossessions. Relates the arable of the rich man and his ab'ndant har)est.

A-A Jes's ta'%ht the m'ltit'des, and &hile he s o3e a man stood forth and said, ( Rabboni, hear my lea* My father died and left a lar%e estate, my brother sei.ed it all, and no& ref'ses me my share. + ! ray that yo' &ill bid him do the ri%ht, and %i)e &hat is mine. / And Jes's said, ! am not come to be a <'d%e in s'ch affairs, ! am no henchman of the co'rt. 0 #od sent me not to force a man to do the ri%ht. 1 !n e)ery man there is a sense of ri%ht, b't many men re%ard it not. 4 The f'mes that rise from selfishness ha)e formed a cr'st abo't their sense of ri%ht that )eils their inner li%ht, so that they cannot com rehend nor reco%nise the ri%hts of other men. 5 This )eil yo' cannot tear a&ay by force of arms, and there is na'%ht that can dissol)e this cr'st b't 3no&led%e and lo)e of #od. 6 8hile men are in the mire, the s3ies seem far a&ay, &hen men are on the mo'ntain to , the s3ies are near, and they can almost to'ch the stars. 17 Then Jes's t'rned and to the t&el)e he said, Behold the many in the mire of carnal life@ 11 The lea)en of tr'th &ill chan%e the miry clay to solid roc3, and men can &al3 and find the ath that leads ' to the mo'ntain to . 1( >o' cannot haste, b't yo' can scatter forth this lea)en &ith a %enero's hand. 1+ 8hen men ha)e learned the tr'th that bears ' on its face the la& of ri%ht, then they &ill haste to e)ery man his d'es. 1/ Then to the eo le Jes's said, Ta3e heed, and co)et not. The &ealth of men does not consist in &hat they seem to ha)eBBin lands, in sil)er and in %old. 10 These thin%s are only borro&ed &ealth. -o man can corner ' the %ifts of #od. 11 The thin%s of nat're are the thin%s of #od, and &hat is #od's belon%s to e)ery man ali3e. 14 The &ealth of so'l lies in the 'rity of life, and in the &isdom that descends from hea)en. 15 Behold, a rich man's %ro'nd bro'%ht forth ab'ndantly, his barns &ere far too small to hold his %rain, and to himself he said, 16 8hat shall ! doC ! m'st not %i)e my %rain a&ay, ! m'st not let it %o to &aste, and then he said, (7 This &ill ! do, ! &ill tear do&n these little barns and b'ilt ' lar%er ones, there ! &ill store a&ay my %rain and ! &ill say, (1 My so'l ta3e no& yo'r ease, yo' ha)e eno'%h for many years, eat, drin3 and fill yo'rself and be content. (( B't #od loo3ed do&n and sa& the man, he sa& his selfish heart and said, (+ >o' foolish man, this ni%ht yo'r so'l &ill ='it its ho'se of flesh, then &ho &ill ha)e yo'r %arnered &ealthC (/ >o' men of #alilee, lay not ' treas'res in the )a'lts of earth, acc'm'lated &ealth &ill bli%ht yo'r so'l. (0 #od does not %i)e men &ealth to hoard a&ay in secret )a'lts. Men are b't ste&ards of #od's &ealth, and they m'st 'se it for the common %ood. (1 To e)ery ste&ard &ho is tr'e to self, to other men, to e)ery thin% that is, the 2ord &ill say, 8ell done.


The Christines in the home of Mary of Ma%dala. Jes's calls his disci les, J2ittle ?loc3,J and char%es them to lace their affections on di)ine thin%s. He teaches them re%ardin% the inner life. A-A Jes's left the m'ltit'des and &ent &ith his disci les ' to Mary's home, and as they sat abo't the board to dine he said, ( My little floc3, fear not, it is yo'r ?ather's &ill that yo' shall r'le the 3in%dom of the so'l. + A r'ler in the ho'se of #od is ser)ant of the 2ord of Hosts, and man cannot ser)e #od eDce t by ser)in% men. / A ser)ant in the ho'se of #od cannot be ser)ant in the ho'se of &ealth, nor in the syna%o%'e of sense. 0 !f yo' are tied to lands, or bonds, or &ealth of earth, yo'r hearts are 3nit to thin%s of earth, for &here yo'r treas'res are there are yo'r hearts. 1 Ais ose of all yo'r &ealth, distrib'te it amon% the oor, and 't yo'r tr'st in #od, and yo' nor yo'rs &ill e)er come to &ant. 4 This is a test of faith, and #od &ill not acce t the ser)ice of faithless one. 5 The time is ri e, yo'r Master comes ' on the clo'ds, the eastern s3y is %lo&in% &ith his resence no&. 6 P't on rece tion robes, %ird ' yo'r loins, trim ' yo'r lam s and fill them &ell &ith oil, and be re ared to meet yo'r 2ord, &hen yo' are ready, he &ill come. 17 Thrice blessed are the ser)ants &ho are ready to recei)e their 2ord. 11 Behold, for he &ill %ird himself, and &ill re are a s'm t'o's feast for e)ery one, and he himself &ill ser)e. 1( !t matters not &hen he shall come, it may be at the second &atch, it may be at the third, b't blessed are the ser)ants &ho are ready to recei)e. 1+ >o' cannot lea)e yo'r door a<ar and %o to slee , and &ait in blissf'l i%norance of the fleetin% time, 1/ ?or thie)es &ill s'rely come and ta3e a&ay yo'r %oods and bind and carry yo' a&ay to robbers' dens. 10 And if yo' are not carried forth, the Master &hen he comes &ill not re%ard a slee in% %'ard as friend, b't as a foe. 11 Belo)ed, these are times &hen e)ery man m'st be a&a3e and at his ost, for none can tell the ho'r nor the day &hen man shall be re)ealed. 14 And Peter said, 2ord is this arable for 's, or for the m'ltit'desC 15 And Jes's, 8hy need yo' as3C #od is not a man that he sho'ld sho& res ect for one and cast another off. 16 8hoe)er &ill may come and %ird himself, and trim his lam , and find a t'rret in the to&er of life &here he may &atch, and be re ared to meet the 2ord. (7 B't yo', as children of the li%ht, ha)e come, and yo' ha)e learned the lan%'a%e of the co'rt, and may stand forth and lead the &ay. (1 B't yo' may &ait, and thin3 that yo' are ready to recei)e the 2ord, and still he does not come. (( And yo' may %ro& im atient and be%in to lon% for carnal &ays a%ain, and may be%in to eDercise yo'r r'le, (+ To beat, and other&ise maltreat the ser)ants of the ho'se, and fill yo'rsel)es &ith &ine and meat. (/ And &hat &ill say the 2ord &hen he shall comeC (0 Behold, for he &ill cast the faithless ser)ant from his ho'se, and many years &ill come and %o before he can be cleansed, and be tho'%ht &orthy to recei)e his 2ord. (1 The ser)ant &ho has come into the li%ht, &ho 3no&s the Master's &ill and does it not, the tr'sted %'ard &ho %oes to slee &ithin the t'rret of the to&er of life, (4 $hall feel the lash of <'stice many times, &hile he &ho does not 3no& his Master's &ill and does it not, &ill not recei)e the %ra)er 'nishment.

(5 The man &ho comes and stands before the o en door of o ort'nity and does not enter in, b't %oes his &ay, (6 8ill come a%ain and find the door made fast, and &hen he calls, the door &ill o en not, +7 The %'ard &ill say, yo' had the assB&ord once, b't yo' thre& it a&ay and no& the Master 3no&s yo' not, de art. +1 And )erily ! say to yo', To &hom m'ch has been %i)en, m'ch is re='ired, to &hom a little has been %i)en, a little only is re='ired.

CHAPTER 11+ !n ans&er to a ='estion of 2amaas Jes's teaches a lesson on the rei%n of eace and the &ay to it thro'%h anta%onisms. The si%ns of the times. #'idance of the Holy Breath. The Christines %o to Bethsaida. -:8, after they had dined, the %'ests and Jes's all &ere in a s acio's hall in Mary's home. ( And then 2amaas said, Pray, tell 's 2ord, is this the da&n of eaceC + Ha)e &e come forth 'nto the time &hen men &ill &ar no moreC / Are yo', indeed, the Prince of Peace that holy men said &o'ld comeC 0 And Jes's said, Peace rei%ns toBday, it is the eace of death. 1 A sta%nant ool abides in eace. 8hen &aters cease to mo)e they soon are ladened &ith the seeds of death, corr' tion d&ells in e)ery dro . 4 The li)in% &aters al&ays lea and s3i abo't li3e lambs in s rin%. 5 The nations are corr' t, they slee &ithin the arms of death and they m'st be aro'sed before it is too late. 6 !n life &e find anta%onists at &or3. #od sent me here to stir 'nto its de ths the &aters of the sea of life. 17 Peace follo&s strife, ! come to slay this eace of death. The rince of eace m'st first be rince of strife. 11 This lea)en of tr'th &hich ! ha)e bro'%ht to men &ill stir the demons ' , and nations, cities, families &ill be at &ar &ithin themsel)es. 1( The fi)e that ha)e been d&ellin% in a home of eace &ill be di)ided no&, and t&o shall &ar &ith three, 1+ The son &ill stand a%ainst his sire, the mother and the da'%hter &ill contend, yea, strife &ill rei%n in e)ery home. 1/ The self and %reed and do'bt &ill ra%e into a fe)er heat, and then, beca'se of me, the earth &ill be ba tised in h'man blood. 10 B't ri%ht is 3in%, and &hen the smo3e is cleared a&ay the nations &ill learn &ar no more, the Prince of Peace &ill come to rei%n. 11 Behold, the si%ns of &hat ! say are in the s3y, b't men can see them not. 14 8hen men behold a clo'd rise in the &est they say, A sho&er of rain &ill come, and so it does, and &hen the &ind blo&s from the so'th they say, The &eather &ill be hot, and it is so. 15 2o, men can read the si%ns of earth and s3y, b't they cannot discern the si%ns of Holy Breath, b't yo' shall 3no&. 16 The storm of &rath comes on, the carnal man &ill see3 a ca'se to hale yo' into co'rt, and cast yo' into rison cells. (7 And &hen these times shall come let &isdom %'ide, do not resent. Resentment ma3es more stron% the &rath of e)il men. (1 There is a little sense of <'stice and of mercy in the )ilest men of earth.

(( By ta3in% heed to &hat yo' do and say and tr'stin% in the %'idance of the Holy Breath, yo' may ins ire this sense to %ro&. (+ >o' th's may ma3e the &rath of men to raise the 2ord. (/ The Christines &ent their &ay, and came 'nto Bethsaida and ta'%ht.

CHAPTER 11/ A %reat storm on the sea destroys many li)es. Jes's ma3es an a eal for aid, and the eo le %i)e &ith a %enero's hand. !n ans&er to a la&yer's ='estion, Jes's %i)es the hiloso hy of disasters. A$ Jes's ta'%ht, a man stood forth and said, Rabboni, may ! s ea3C ( And Jes's said, $ay on. And then the man s o3e o't and said, + A storm ' on the sea last ni%ht &rec3ed many fishin% boats, and scores of men &ent do&n to death, and lo, their &i)es and children are in need, / 8hat can be done to hel them in their sore distressC 0 And Jes's said, A &orthy lea. >o' men of #alilee, ta3e heed. 8e may not brin% a%ain to li)e these men, b't &e can s'cco'r those &ho loo3ed to them for daily bread. 1 >o' ste&ards of the &ealth of #od, an o ort'nity has come, 'nloc3 yo'r )a'lts, brin% forth yo'r hoarded %old, besto& it &ith a la)ish hand. 4 This &ealth &as laid aside for <'st times as these, &hen it &as needed not, lo, it &as yo'rs to %'ard, 5 B't no& it is not yo'rs, for it belon%s to those &ho are in &ant, and if yo' %i)e it not yo' sim ly brin% ' on yo'r heads the &rath of #od. 6 !t is not charity to %i)e to those &ho need, it is b't honesty, it is b't %i)in% men their o&n. 17 Then Jes's t'rned to J'das, one of the t&el)e, &ho &as the treas'rer of the band, and said, 11 Brin% forth o'r treas're boD, the money is not o'rs no&, t'rn e)ery farthin% to the hel of those in s'ch distress. 1( -o&, J'das did not &ish to %i)e the money all to those in &ant, and so he tal3ed &ith Peter, James and John. 1+ He said, 2o, ! &ill sa)e a certain art and %i)e the rest, that s'rely is eno'%h for 's, for &e are stran%ers to the ones in &ant, &e do not e)en 3no& their names. 1/ B't Peter said, 8hy, J'das, man, ho& do yo' dare to thin3 to trifle &ith the stren%th of ri%htC 10 The 2ord has s o3en tr'e, this &ealth does not belon% to 's in face of this distress, and to ref'se to %i)e it is to steal. 11 >o' need not fear, &e &ill not come to &ant. 14 Then J'das o ened ' the treas're boD and %a)e the money all. 15 And there &as %old and sil)er, food, and raiment in ab'ndance for the needs of the berea)ed. 16 A la&yer said, Rabboni, if #od r'les the &orlds and all that in them is, did he not brin% abo't this stormC did he not slay these menC (7 Has he not bro'%ht this sore distress ' on these eo le hereC and &as it done to 'nish them for crimesC (1 And &e remember &ell &hen once a band of earnest Je&s from #alilee &ere in Jer'salem, and ata feast and &ere, for fancied crimes a%ainst the Roman la&,

(( C't do&n &ithin the )ery tem le co'rt by Ponti's Pilate, and their blood became their sacrifice. (+ Aid #od brin% on this sla'%hter all beca'se these men &ere do'bly )ileC (/ And then &e brin% to mind that once a to&er called $iloam, %raced the defences of Jer'salem, and, seemin%ly, &itho't a ca'se it tottered and it fell to earth and ei%hteen men &ere 3illed. (0 8ere these men )ileC and &ere they slain as 'nishment for some %reat crimeC (1 And Jes's said, 8e cannot loo3 ' on a sin%le s an of life and <'d%e of anythin%. (4 There is a la& that men m'st reco%nise* Res'lt de ends on ca'se. (5 Men are not motes to float abo't &ithin the air of one short life, and then be lost in nothin%ness. (6 They are 'ndyin% arts of the eternal &hole that come and %o, lo, many times into the air of earth and of the %reat beyond, <'st to 'nfold the #odBli3e self. +7 A ca'se may be a art of one brief life, res'lts may not be noted till another life. +1 The ca'se of yo'r res'lts cannot be fo'nd &ithin my life, nor can the ca'se of my res'lts be fo'nd in yo'rs. +( ! cannot rea eDce t ! so& and ! m'st rea &hate'er ! so&, ++ The la& of all eternities is 3no&n to master minds* +/ 8hate)er men do 'nto other men the <'d%e and eDec'tioner &ill do to them. +0 8e do not note the eDec'tion of this la& amon% the sons of men. +1 8e note the &ea3 dishono'red, tram led on and slain by those men call the stron%. +4 8e note that men &ith &oodli3e heads are seated in the chairs of state, +5 Are 3in%s and <'d%es, senators and riests, &hile men &ith %iant intellects are sca)en%ers abo't the streets. +6 8e note that &omen &ith a moiety of common sense, and not a &hit of any other 3ind, are ainted ' and dressed as ='eens, /7 Becomin% ladies of the co'rts of ' et 3in%s, beca'se they ha)e the form of somethin% bea'tif'l, &hile #od'd o&n da'%hters are their sla)es, or ser)e as common labo'rers in the field. /1 The sense of <'stice cries alo'd* This is a tra)esty on ri%ht. /( $o &hen men see no f'rther than one little s an of life it is no &onder that they say, There is no #od, or if there is a #od he is a tyrant and sho'ld die. /+ !f yo' &o'ld <'d%e ari%ht of h'man life, yo' m'st arise and stand ' on the crest of time and note the tho'%hts and deeds of men as they ha)e come ' thro'%h the a%es ast, // ?or &e m'st 3no& that man is not a creat're made of clay to t'rn a%ain to clay and disa ear. /0 He is a art of the eternal &hole. There ne)er &as a time &hen he &as not, a time &ill ne)er come &hen he &ill not eDist. /1 And no& &e loo3, the men &ho no& are sla)es &ere tyrants once, the men &ho no& are tyrants ha)e been sla)es. /4 The men &ho s'ffer no& once stood aloft and sho'ted &ith a fiend's deli%ht &hile others s'ffered at their hands. /5 And men are sic3, and halt, and lame, and blind beca'se they once trans%ressed the la&s of erfect life, and e)ery la& of #od m'st be f'lfilled. /6 Man may esca e the 'nishment that seems b't d'e for his misBdoin%s in this life, b't e)ery deed and &ord and tho'%ht has its o&n metes and bo'nds, 07 !s ca'se, and has its o&n res'lts, and if a &ron% be done, the doer of the &ron% m'st ma3e it ri%ht. 01 And &hen the &ron%s ha)e all been ri%hted then &ill man arise and be at one &ith #od.

CHAPTER 110 Jes's teaches by the sea. He relates the arable of the so&er. Tells &hy he teaches in arables. ED lains the arable of the so&er. Relates the arable of the &heat and tares. A-A Jes's stood beside the sea and ta'%ht, the m'ltit'des ressed close ' on him and he &ent into a boat that &as near by and 't a little &ays from shore, and then he s o3e in arables, he said, ( Behold, a so&er too3 his seed and &ent into his field to so&. + 8ith la)ish hand he scattered forth the seed and some fell in the hardened aths that men had made, / And soon &ere cr'shed beneath the feet of other men, and birds came do&n and carried all the seeds a&ay. 0 $ome seed fell on roc3y %ro'nd &here there &as little soil, they %re& and soon the blades a eared and romised m'ch, 1 B't then there &as no de th of soil, no chance for no'rishment, and in the heat of noonday s'n they &ithered ' and died. 4 $ome seed fell &here thistles %re&, and fo'nd no earth in &hich to %ro& and they &ere lost, 5 B't other seed fo'nd lod%ement in the rich and tender soil and %re& a ace, and in the har)est it &as fo'nd that some bro'%ht forth a h'ndred fold, some siDty fold, some thirty fold. 6 They &ho ha)e ears to hear may hear, they &ho hearts to 'nderstand may 3no&. 17 -o&, his disci les &ere beside him in the boat, and Thomas as3ed, 8hy do yo' s ea3 in arablesC 11 And Jes's said, My &ords, li3e e)ery master's &ords, are d'al in their sense. 1( To yo' &ho 3no& the lan%'a%e of the so'l, my &ords ha)e meanin%s far too dee for other men to com rehend. 1+ The other sense of &hat ! say is all the m'ltit'de can 'nderstand, these &ords are food for them, the inner tho'%hts are food for yo'. 1/ 2et e)ery one reach forth and ta3e the food that he is ready to recei)e. 10 And then he s o3e that all mi%ht hear, he said, Hear yo' the meanin% of the arable* 11 Men hear my &ords and 'nderstand them not, and then the carnal self 'rloins the seed, and not a si%n of s irit life a ears. 14 This is the seed that fell &ithin the beaten aths of men. 15 And others hear the &ords of life, and &ith a fiery .eal recei)e them all, they seem to com rehend the tr'th and romise &ell, 16 B't tro'bles come, disco'ra%ements arise, there is no de th of tho'%ht, their %ood intentions &ither ' and die. (7 These are the seeds that fell in stony %ro'nd. (1 And others hear the &ords of tr'th and seem to 3no& their &orth, b't lo)e of leas're, re 'tation, &ealth and fame fill all the soil, the seeds are no'rished not and they are lost. (( These are the seeds that fell amon% the thistles and the thorns. (+ B't others hear the &ords of tr'th and com rehend them &ell, they sin3 do&n dee into their so'ls, they li)e the holy life and all the &orld is blest. (/ These are the seeds that fell in fertile soil, that bro'%ht forth fr'it ab'ndantly. (0 >o' men of #alilee, ta3e heed to ho& yo' hear and ho& yo' c'lti)ate yo'r fields, for if yo' sli%ht the offers of this day, the so&er may not come to yo' a%ain in this or in the a%e to come. (1 Then Jes's s o3e another arable, he said*

(4 Then 3in%dom ! may li3en to a field in &hich a man so&ed recio's seed, (5 B't &hile he sle t an e)il one &ent forth and so&ed a meas're f'll of darnel seed, then &ent his &ay. (6 The soil &as %ood, and so the &heat and darnel %re&, and &hen the ser)ants sa& the tares amon% the &heat, they fo'nd the o&ner of the field and said, +7 >o' s'rely so&ed %ood seed, from &hence these taresC +1 The o&ner said, $ome e)il one o't has so&n the seed of tares. +( The ser)ants said, $hall &e %o o't and 'll ' by the roots the tares and b'rn them in the fireC ++ The o&ner said, -o, that &o'ld not be &ell. The &heat and tares %ro& close to%ether in the soil, and &hile yo' 'll the tares yo' &o'ld destroy the &heat. +/ $o &e &ill let them %ro& to%ether till the har)est time. Then to the rea ers ! &ill say, +0 #o forth and %ather ' the tares and bind them ' and b'rn them in the fire, and %ather all the &heat into my barns. +1 8hen he had s o3en th's, he left the boat and &ent ' to the ho'se, and his disci les follo&ed him.

CHAPTER 111 The Christines are in Phili 's home. Jes's inter rets the arable of the &heat and tares. He eD lains the 'nfoldment of the 3in%dom by arables* the %ood seed, the %ro&th of the tree, the lea)en, the hidden treas're. He %oes to a mo'ntain to ray. THE Christines &ere in Phili 's home and Peter said to Jes's, 2ord, &ill yo' eD lain to 's the meanin% of the arables yo' s o3e toBdayC The one abo't the &heat and tares, es eciallyC ( And Jes's said, #od's 3in%dom is a d'ality, it has an o'ter and an inner form. + As seen by man it is com osed of men, of those &ho ma3e confession of the name of Christ. / ?or )ario's reasons )ario's eo le cro&d this o'ter 3in%dom of o'r #od. 0 The inner 3in%dom is the 3in%dom of the so'l, the 3in%dom of the 're in heart. 1 The o'ter 3in%dom ! may &ell eD lain in arables. Behold, for ! ha)e seen yo' cast a %reat net o't into the sea, 4 And &hen yo' ha'led it in, lo, it &as f'll of e)ery 3ind of fish, some %ood, some bad, some %reat, some small, and ! ha)e seen yo' sa)e the %ood and thro& the bad a&ay. 5 This o'ter 3in%dom is the net, and e)ery 3ind of man is ca'%ht, b't in the sortin% day the bad &ill all be cast a&ay, the %ood reser)ed. 6 Hear, then, the meanin% of the arable of the &heat and tares* 17 The so&er is the son of man, the field, the &orld, the %ood seed are the children of the li%ht, the tares, the children of the dar3, the enemy, the carnal self, the har)est day, the closin% of the a%e, the rea ers are the messen%ers of #od. 11 The rec3onin% day &ill come to e)ery man, then &ill the tares be %athered ' , and cast into the fire and be b'rned. 1( Then &ill the %ood shine forth as s'ns in the 3in%dom of the so'l. 1+ And Phili said, M'st men and &omen s'ffer in the flames beca'se they ha)e not fo'nd the &ay of lifeC 1/ And Jes's said, The fire 'rifies. The chemist thro&s into the fire the ores that hold all 3inds of dross. 10 The 'seless metal seems to be cons'med, b't not a %rain of %old is lost.

11 There is no man that has not in him %old that cannot be destroyed. The e)il thin%s of men are all cons'med in fire, the %old s'r)i)es. 14 The inner 3in%dom of the so'l ! may eD lain in arables* 15 The son of man %oes forth and scatters seeds of tr'th, #od &aters &ell the soil, the seeds sho& life and %ro&, first comes the blade, and then the stal3, and then the ear, and then the f'll &heat in the ear. 16 The har)est comes and, lo, the rea ers bear the ri ened shea)es into the %arner of the 2ord. (7 A%ain, this 3in%dom of the so'l is li3e a little seed that men may lant in fertile soil. (1 GA tho'sand of these seeds &o'ld scarcely be a she3el's &ei%ht.H (( The tiny seed be%ins to %ro&, it 'shes thro'%h the earth, and after years of %ro&th it is a mi%hty tree and birds rest in its leafy bo&ers and men find ref'%e 'neath its shelterin% bo'%hs from s'n and storm. (+ A%ain, the tr'th, the s irit of the 3in%dom of the so'l, is li3e a ball of lea)en that a &oman hid in meas'res, three, of flo'r and in a little time the &hole &as lea)ened. (/ A%ain, the 3in%dom of the so'l is li3e a treas're hidden in a field &hich one has fo'nd, and strai%ht&ay %oes his &ay and sells all that he has and b'ys the field. (0 8hen Jes's had th's said he &ent alone into a mo'ntain ass near by to ray.

CHAPTER 114 A royal feast is held in Machaer's. John, the harbin%er, is beheaded. His body is b'ried in Hebron. His disci les mo'rn. The Christines cross the sea in the ni%ht. Jes's calms a ra%in% storm. A R:>A2 feast &as held in hono'r of the birthday of the tetrarch in fortified Machaer's, east of the Bitter $ea. ( The tetrarch, Herod, and his &ife, Herodias, to%ether &ith $alome &ere there, and all the men and &omen of the royal co'rt &ere there. + And &hen the feast &as done, lo, all the %'ests and co'rtiers &ere dr'n3 &ith &ine, they danced and lea ed abo't li3e children in their lay. / $alome, da'%hter of Herodias, came in and danced before the 3in%. The bea'ty of her form, her %race and &innin% &ays entranced the silly Herod, then half dr'n3 &ith &ine. 0 He called the maiden to his side and said, $alome, yo' ha)e &on my heart, and yo' may as3 and ! &ill %i)e yo' anythin% yo' &ish. 1 The maiden ran in childish %lee and told her mother &hat the r'ler said. 4 Her mother said, #o bac3 and say, #i)e me the head of John, the harbin%er. 5 The maiden ran and told the r'ler &hat she &ished. 6 And Herod called his tr'sty eDec'tioner and said to him, #o to the to&er and tell the 3ee er that by my a'thority yo' come to eDec'te the risoner 3no&n as John. 17 The man &ent forth and in a little &hile ret'rned and on a latter bore the lifeless head of John, and Herod offered it 'nto the maiden in the resence of the %'ests. 11 The maiden stood aloof, her innocence &as o'tra%ed &hen she sa& the bloody %ift, and she &o'ld to'ch it not. 1( Her mother, stee ed and hardened &ell in crime, came ' and too3 the head and held it ' before the %'ests and said, 1+ This is the fate of e)ery man &ho dares to scorn, or criticise, the acts of him &ho rei%ns.

1/ The dr'n3en rabble %a.ed ' on the %r'esome si%ht &ith fiendish <oy. 10 The head &as ta3en bac3 'nto the to&er. The body had been %i)en 'nto holy men &ho had been friends of John, they laced it in a b'rial case and carried it a&ay. 11 They bore it to the Jordan, &hich they crossed <'st at the ford &here John first reached the &ord, 14 And thro'%h the asses of the J'dean hills they carried it. 15 They reached the sacred %ro'nds near Hebron, &here the bodies of the arents of the harbin%er lay in their tombs, 16 And there they b'ried it, and then they &ent their &ay. (7 -o&, &hen the ne&s reached #alilee that John &as dead the eo le met to sin% the sonnets of the dead. (1 And Jes's and the forei%n masters and the t&el)e too3 shi to cross the sea of #alilee. (( A scribe, a faithf'l friend of John, stood by the sea, he called to Jes's and he said, Rabboni, let me follo& &here yo' %o. (+ And Jes's said, >o' see3 a safe retreat from e)il men. There is no safety for yo'r life &ith me, (/ ?or e)il men &ill ta3e my life as they ha)e ta3en John's. (0 The foDes of the earth ha)e safe retreats, the birds ha)e nests sec're amon% the hidden roc3s, b't ! ha)e not a lace &here ! may lay my head and rest sec're. (1 Then an a ostle said, 2ord, s'ffer me to tarry here a &hile, that ! may ta3e my father, &ho is dead, and lay him in the tomb. (4 B't Jes's said, The dead can care for those &ho die, the li)in% &ait for those &ho li)e, come, follo& me. (5 The e)enin% came, three boats 't o't to sea and Jes's rested in the foremost boat, he sle t. (6 A storm came on, the boats &ere tossed abo't li3e toys ' on the sea. +7 The &aters s&e t the dec3s, the hardy boatmen &ere afraid lest all be lost. +1 And Thomas fo'nd the master fast aslee , he called, and Jes's &o3e. +( And Thomas said, Behold the storm@ ha)e yo' no care for 'sC The boats are %oin% do&n. ++ And Jes's stood, he raised his hand, he tal3ed 'nto the s irits of the &inds and &a)es as men &o'ld tal3 &ith men. +/ And, lo, the &inds ble& not, the &a)es came tremblin%ly and 3issed his feet, the sea &as calm. +0 And then he said, >o' men of faith, &here is yo'r faithC for yo' can s ea3 and &inds and &a)es &ill hear and &ill obey. +1 And the disci les &ere ama.ed. They said, 8ho is this man that e)en &inds and &a)es obey his )oiceC

CHAPTER 115 The Christines are in #adara. Jes's casts a le%ion of 'nclean s irits o't of a man. The s irits %o into )icio's animals &hich r'n into the sea, and are dro&ned. The eo le are in fear and re='est Jes's to lea)e their coast. 8ith his disci les, he ret'rns to Ca erna'm. THE mornin% came, the Christines landed in the co'ntry of the #eracenes. ( They &ent to #adara, chief city of the Peracans, and here for certain days they tarried and they ta'%ht.

+ -o&, le%ends hold that #adara is sacred to the dead, and all the hills abo't are 3no&n as holy %ro'nd. / These are the b'rial %ro'nds of all the re%ions ro'nd abo't, the hills are f'll of tombs, and many dead from #alilee are here entombed. 0 -o&, s irits of the lately dead that cannot rise to hi%her lanes, remain abo't the tombs that hold the flesh and bones of &hat &as once their mortal homes. 1 They sometimes ta3e ossession of the li)in%, &hom they tort're in a h'ndred &ays. 4 And all thro'%h #adara &ere men obsessed, and there &as no one stron% eno'%h to brin% relief. 5 That they mi%ht meet these hidden foes and learn the &ay to dis ossess the e)il ones the master too3 the forei%n masters and the t&el)e into the tombs. 6 And as they neared the %ates they met a man obsessed. A le%ion of the 'nclean ones &ere in this man, and they had made him stron%, 17 And none co'ld bind him do&n, no, not &ith chains, for he co'ld brea3 the sto'test chains, and %o his &ay. 11 -o&, 'nclean s irits cannot li)e in li%ht, they re)el in the dar3. 1( 8hen Jes's came he bro'%ht the li%ht of life, and all the e)il s irits &ere dist'rbed. 1+ The leader of the le%ion in the man called o't, Tho' Jes's, tho' !mman'el, &e be% that tho' &ilt not consi%n 's to the de ths. Torment 's not before o'r time. 1/ And Jes's said, 8hat is yo'r n'mber and yo'r nameC 10 The e)il s irit said, :'r name is le%ion, and o'r n'mber is the n'mber of the beast. 11 And Jes's s o3e, and &ith a )oice that shoo3 the )ery hills, he said, Come forth, ossess this man no more. 14 -o&, all the hills &ere filled &ith 'nclean animals that fed, and carried forth and s read the la%'e amon% the eo le of the land. 15 And &hen the e)il s irits be%%ed that they mi%ht not be dri)en forth &itho't a home, the master said, 16 #o forth and ta3e ossession of the 'nclean ='adr' eds. (7 And they, and all the e)il s irits of the tombs &ent forth and too3 ossession of the breeders of the la%'e, (1 8hich, &ild &ith ra%e, ran do&n the stee s into the sea, and all &ere dro&ned. (( And all the land &as freed of the conta%ion, and the 'nclean s irits came no more. (+ B't &hen the eo le sa& the mi%hty &or3s that Jes's did they &ere alarmed. They said, (/ !f he can free the co'ntry of the la%'e, and dri)e the 'nclean s irits o't, he is a man of s'ch transendent o&er that he can de)astate o'r land at &ill. (0 And then they came and rayed that he &o'ld not remain in #adara. (1 And Jes's did not tarry lon%er there, and &ith the other masters and the t&el)e, he &ent aboard the boats to %o a&ay. (4 The man &ho had been resc'ed from the 'nclean le%ion stood ' on the shore and said, 2ord let me %o &ith yo'. (5 B't Jes's said, !t is not &ell, %o forth 'nto yo'r home and tell the ne&s that men may 3no& &hat man can do &hen he is t'ned &ith #od. (6 And then the man &ent forth thro'%h all Aeca olis and told the ne&s. +7 The Christines sailed a&ay, reBcrossed the sea and came a%ain into Ca erna'm.


The eo le of Ca erna'm &elcome Jes's. Matthe& %i)es a feast. The Pharisees reb'3e Jes's for eatin% &ith sinners. He tells them that he is sent to sa)e sinners. He %i)es lessons on fastin% and on the hiloso hy of %ood and e)il. THE ne&s soon s read thro'%h all the land that Jes's &as at home and then the eo le came in thron%s to &elcome him. ( And Matthe&, one of the t&el)e, a man of &ealth, &hose home &as in Ca erna'm, s read forth a s'm t'o's feast, and Jes's and the forei%n masters and the t&el)e, and eo le of all shades of tho'%ht, &ere %'ests. + And &hen the Pharisees obser)ed that Jes's sat and ate &ith 'blicans and those of ill re 'te they said, / ?or shame@ This man &ho claims to be man of #od, consorts &ith 'blicans and co'rtesans and &ith the common herd of men. ?or shame@ 0 8hen Jes's 3ne& their tho'%hts he said, They &ho are &ell cannot be healed, the 're need not be sa)ed. 1 They &ho are &ell are &hole, they &ho are 're are sa)ed. 4 They &ho lo)e <'stice and do ri%ht need not re ent, ! came not 'nto them, b't to the sinner ! am come. 5 A band of John's disci les &ho had heard that John &as dead &ere &earin% bad%es for their dead, 6 8ere fastin% and &ere rayin% in their hearts, &hich &hen the Pharisees obser)ed they came to Jes's and they said, 17 8hy fast the follo&ers of John and yo'r disci les do not fastC 11 And Jes's said, 2o, yo' are masters of the la&, yo' o'%ht to 3no&, erha s yo' &ill ma3e 3no&n yo'r 3no&led%e to these men. 1( 8hat are the benefits deri)ed from fastsC The Pharisees &ere m'te, they ans&ered not. 1+ Then Jes's said, The )ital force of men de ends on &hat they eat and drin3. 1/ !s s iritBlife the stron%er &hen the )ital force is &ea3C !s sainthood reached by star)in%, self im osedC 10 A %l'tton is a sinner in the si%ht of #od, and he is not a saint &ho ma3es himself a &ea3lin% and 'nfitted for the hea)y tas3s of life by scornin% to ma3e 'se of #od's o&n means of stren%th. 11 2o, John is dead, and his de)oted follo&ers are fastin% in their %rief. 14 Their lo)e for him im els them on to sho& res ect, for they ha)e tho'%ht, and ha)e been ta'%ht that it is sin to li%htly treat the memory of the dead. 15 To them it is a sin, and it is &ell that they sho'ld fast. 16 8hen men defy their consciences and listen not to &hat they say, the heart is %rie)ed and they become 'nfitted for the &or3 of life, and th's they sin. (7 The conscience may be ta'%ht. :ne man may do in conscience &hat another cannot do. (1 8hat is a sin for me to do may not be sin for yo' to do. The lace yo' occ' y ' on the &ay of life determines &hat is sin. (( There is no chan%eless la& of %ood, for %ood and e)il both are <'d%ed by other thin%s. (+ :ne man may fast and in his dee sincerity of heart is blest. (/ Another man may fast and in the faithlessness of s'ch a tas3 im osed is c'rsed. (0 >o' cannot ma3e a bed to fit the form of e)ery man. !f yo' can ma3e a bed to fit yo'rself yo' ha)e done &ell. (1 8hy sho'ld these men &ho follo& me resort to fastin%, or to anythin% that &o'ld im air their stren%thC They need it all to ser)e the race. (4 The time &ill come &hen #od &ill let yo' ha)e yo'r &ay, and yo' &ill do to me &hat Herod did to John, (5 And in the a&f'lness of that sad ho'r these men &ill fast.

(6 They &ho ha)e ears to hear may hear, they &ho ha)e hearts to feel may 'nderstand.

CHAPTER 1(7 -icodem's is at the feast. He as3s Jes's, Cannot the Christine reli%ion be introd'ced more s'ccessf'lly by reformin% the Je&ish ser)iceC Jes's ans&ers in the ne%ati)e and %i)es his reasons. Jes's heals a &oman &ith hemorrha%es. Heals Jair's' da'%hter. Aisa ears &hen the eo le &o'ld &orshi him. -:8, -icodem's, &ho once came to Jes's in the ni%ht to learn the &ay of life, &as one amon% the %'ests. ( And standin% forth he said, Rabboni, it is tr'e that Je&ish la&s and Je&ish ractices do not a%ree. + The riesthood needs to be reformed, the r'lers sho'ld become more mercif'l and 3ind, the la&yers sho'ld become more <'st, the common eo le sho'ld not bear s'ch loads. / B't co'ld &e not %ain these reforms and not destroy the ser)ice of the Je&sC 0 Co'ld yo' not harmonise yo'r mi%hty &or3 &ith that of Pharisee and scribeC Mi%ht not the riesthood be a benefit to yo'r di)ine hiloso hyC 1 B't Jes's said, >o' cannot 't ne& &ine in ancient s3ins, for &hen it 'rfies itself, lo, it eD ands, the ancient bottles cannot bear the strain, they b'rst, and all the &ine is lost. 4 Men do not mend a &ornBo't %arment &ith a iece of cloth 'n&orn, &hich cannot yield to s'it the fabric, &ea3 &ith a%e, and then a %reater rent a ears. 5 :ld &ine may be reser)ed in ancient s3ins, b't ne& &ine calls for bottles ne&. 6 This s iritBtr'th ! brin% is to this %eneration ne&, and if &e 't it in the ancient s3ins of Je&ish forms, lo, it &ill all be lost. 17 !t m'st eD and, the ancient bottles cannot yield and they &o'ld b'rst. 11 Behold the 3in%dom of the Christ@ it is as old as #od himself, and yet it is as ne& as mornin% s'n, it only can contain the tr'th of #od. 1( And as he s o3e a r'ler of the syna%o%'e, Jair's by name, came in and bo&ed at Jes's' feet and said, 1+ My master, hear my rayer@ My child is )ery sic3, ! fear that she &ill die, b't this ! 3no& that if yo' &ill b't come and s ea3 the 8ord my child &ill li)e. 1/ G$he &as an only child, a %irl t&el)e years of a%e.H 10 And Jes's tarried not, he &ent o't &ith the man, and many eo le follo&ed them. 11 And as they &ent a &oman &ho had been la%'ed &ith hemorrha%e for many years, had been a s'b<ect of eD eriment of doctors near and far, and all had said, $he cannot li)e, rose from her bed and r'shed o't in the &ay as Jes's assed. 14 $he said &ithin herself, !f ! can to'ch his %arment, then ! 3no& ! &ill be &ell. 15 $he to'ched him, and at once the bleedin% ceased and she &as &ell. 16 And Jes's felt that healin% o&er had %one from him, and s ea3in% to the m'ltit'de, he said, (7 8ho &as it to'ched my coatC (1 And Peter said, -o one can tell, the m'ltit'des are ressin% yo', a score of eo le may ha)e to'ched yo'r coat. (( B't Jes's said, $ome one in faith, &ith healin% tho'%ht, did to'ch my coat, for healin% )irt'es ha)e %one forth from me.

(+ And &hen the &oman 3ne& that &hat she did &as 3no&n, she came and 3nelt at Jes's' feet and told it all. (/ And Jes's said, >o'r faith has made yo' &hole, %o on yo'r &ay in eace. (0 -o&, as he s o3e, a ser)ant from the home of Jair's came and said, My master, Jair's, tro'ble not the 2ord to come, yo'r child is dead. (1 B't Jes's said, Jair's, man of faith, do not ermit yo'r faith to &a)er in this tryin% ho'r. (4 8hat is it that the ser)ant saidC The child is deadC 2o, &hat is deathC (5 !t is the assin% of the so'l o't of the ho'se of flesh. (6 Man is the master of the so'l and of its ho'se. 8hen man has risen ' from do'bt and fear, lo, he can cleanse the em ty ho'se and brin% the tenant bac3 a%ain. +7 Then ta3in% &ith him Peter, James and John, Jair's and the mother of the child, he &ent into the chamber of the dead. +1 And &hen the doors &ere closed a%ainst the m'ltit'de, he s o3e a &ord that so'ls can 'nderstand, and then he too3 the maiden by the hand and said, +( Talith c'mi, child, arise@ The maiden's so'l ret'rned and she arose and as3ed for food. ++ And all the eo le of the city &ere ama.ed, and many &o'ld ha)e &orshi ed Jes's as a #od. +/ B't, li3e a hantom of the ni%ht, he disa eared and &ent his &ay.

CHAPTER 1(1 The Christines are in -a.areth. Miriam sin%s a Christine son% of raise. Jes's teaches in the syna%o%'e. He heals a d'mb man &ho is obsessed. The eo le do not belie)e in him. The Pharisees call him a tool of Beel.eb'l. The Christines %o to Cana. !T &as a %ala day in -a.areth. The eo le there had met &ith one accord to celebrate some %reat e)ent. ( And Jes's and the forei%n masters and the t&el)e, and Mary, mother of the 2ord, and Miriam &ere there. + And &hen the eo le &ere assembled in the %reat hall of the to&n, the %racef'l sin%er, Miriam, stood and san% a son% of raise. / B't fe& of all the m'ltit'de 3ne& &ho the sin%er &as, b't instantly she &on all hearts. 0 ?or many days she san% the son%s of !srael, and then she &ent her &ay. 1 The $abbath came and Jes's &ent into the syna%o%'e. He too3 the boo3 of Psalms and read* 4 Blest is the man &ho 'ts his tr'st in #od, res ectin% not the ro'd nor s'ch as t'rn aside to lies. 5 : lord, my #od, the &or3s that tho' hast done for 's are &onderf'l, and many are thy tho'%hts for 's, &e cannot co'nt them all, 6 Tho' dost not call for sacrifice, nor offerin%s of blood, b'rnt offerin%s and offerin%s for sin tho' dost not &ant, 17 And lo, ! come to do thy &ill, : #od, thy la& is in my heart, 11 And ! ha)e reached the &ord of ri%hteo'sness and eace 'nto the thron%in% m'ltit'des, ! ha)e declared the co'nsel of my #od in f'll. 1( ! ha)e not hid thy ri%hteo'sness &ithin my heart, ! ha)e declared thy faithf'lness and %race.

1+ ! ha)e not 3e t thy lo)in%B3indness and thy tr'th a&ay from men, ! ha)e declared them to the m'ltit'des. 1/ : 2ord, ma3e &ide my li s that ! may tell thy raise, ! do not brin% the sacrifice of blood, nor yet b'rnt offerin%s for sin. 10 The sacrifices ! &o'ld brin% to thee, : #od, are 'rity in life, a contrite heart, a s irit f'll of faith and lo)e, and these tho' &ilt recei)e. 11 And &hen he had th's read, he %a)e the boo3 bac3 to the 3ee er of the boo3s, and then he said, 14 " on these ends of earth these messa%es of #od ha)e come. 15 :'r eo le ha)e eDalted sacrificial rites and ha)e ne%lected mercy, <'stice and the ri%hts of men. 16 >o' Pharisees, yo' riests, yo' scribes, yo'r #od s'rfeited &ith blood, #od does not heed yo'r rayers, yo' stand before yo'r b'rnin% )ictims, b't yo' stand in )ain. (7 T'rn yo' 'nto the testimonies of the la&, reform and t'rn to #od, and yo' shall li)e. (1 2et not yo'r altars be acc'rsed a%ain &ith smo3e of innocence. (( Brin% 'nto #od as sacrifice a bro3en and a contrite heart. (+ 2ift from yo'r fello& men the b'rdens that yo' ha)e im osed. (/ And if yo' hear3en not, and if yo' t'rn not from yo'r e)il &ays, lo, #od &ill smite this nation &ith a c'rse. (0 And &hen he had th's said he stood aside, and all the eo le &ere astonished, and they said, (1 8here did this man %et all his 3no&led%e and his o&erC ?rom &hence did all this &isdom comeC (4 !s not this Mary's son, &hose home is o't on Marmion 8ayC (5 Are not his brothers, J'de and James and $imon, 3no&n amon% o'r hono'red menC Are not his sisters &ith 's hereC (6 B't they &ere all offended by the &ords he s o3e. +7 And Jes's said, A ro het has no hono'r in his nati)e land, he is not &ell recei)ed amon% his 3in, his foes are in his home. +1 And Jes's &ro'%ht not many mi%hty &or3s in -a.areth, beca'se the eo le had no faith in him. He did not tarry lon%. +( B't as he assed from thence t&o blind men follo&ed him and cried, Tho' son of Aa)id, hear@ Ha)e mercy, 2ord, and o en ' o'r eyes that &e may see. ++ And Jes's said, Ao yo' belie)e that ! can o en ' yo'r eyes and ma3e yo' seeC +/ They said, >ea, 2ord, &e 3no& that if yo' s ea3 the 8ord then &e can see. +0 And Jes's to'ched their eyes and s o3e the 8ord, he said, Accordin% to yo'r faith so &ill it be. +1 And they &ere blest, they o ened ' their eyes and sa&. +4 And Jes's said, Tell not this thin% to any one. +5 B't they &ent forth and told the ne&s thro'%h all the land. +6 As Jes's &al3ed alon% the &ay a man &ho &as obsessed, and &ho &as d'mb, &as bro'%ht to him. /7 And Jes's s o3e the 8ord, the 'nclean s irit came o't of the man, his ton%'e &as loosed, he s o3e, he said, Praise #od. /1 The eo le &ere ama.ed, They said, This is a mi%hty deed, &e ne)er sa& that done before. /( The Pharisees &ere also m'ch ama.ed, b't they cried o't and said, /+ >o' men of !srael, ta3e heed, this Jes's is atool of Beel.eb'l, he heals the sic3 and casts the s irits o't in $atan's name. // B't Jes's ans&ered not, he &ent his &ay. /0 And &ith the forei%n masters and the t&el)e he &ent ' to the to&n &here he once t'rned the &ater into &ine, and tarried certain days.

CHAPTER 1(( The Christines s end se)en days in rayer. Jes's %i)es his char%e to the t&el)e and sends them forth on their a ostolic ministry, &ith instr'ctions to meet him in Ca erna'm. THE Christines rayed in silence se)en days, then Jes's called the t&el)e aside and said, ( Behold, the m'ltit'des ha)e thron%ed abo't 's e)ery&here, the eo le are be&ildered, they &ander here and there li3e shee &itho't a fold. + They need a she herd's care, they &ant a lo)in% hand to lead them to the li%ht. / The %rain is ri e, the har)est is ab'ndant, b't the har)esters are fe&. 0 The time is also ri e, and yo' m'st %o alone thro'%h all the )illa%es and to&ns of #alilee and teach and heal. 1 And then he breathed ' on the t&el)e and said, Recei)e the Holy Breath. 4 And then he %a)e them each the 8ord of o&er, and said, By this :mnific 8ord yo' shall cast s irits o't, shall heal the sic3 and brin% the dead to life a%ain. 5 And yo' shall %o not in the &ay of the Assyrians, nor #ree3, yo' shall not %o into $amaria, %o only to yo'r brethren of the scattered tribes. 6 And as yo' %o roclaim, The 3in%dom of Christ has come. 17 >o' ha)e ab'ndantly recei)ed, and freely yo' shall %i)e. 11 B't yo' m'st %o in faith, ro)ide yo'rsel)es no cr'tch to lean ' on. 1( #i)e all yo'r %old and sil)er to the oor, ta3e not t&o coats, nor eDtra shoes, <'st ta3e yo'r &ands. 1+ >o' are #od's h'sbandmen and he &ill ne)er s'ffer yo' to &ant. 1/ !n e)ery lace yo' %o search o't the men of faith, &ith them abide 'ntil yo' %o from hence. 10 >o' %o for me, yo' act for me. They &ho recei)e and &elcome yo', recei)e and &elcome me, 11 And they &ho sh't their doors a%ainst yo'r face, ref'se to &elcome me. 14 !f yo' are not recei)ed in 3indness in a to&n, bear not a&ay an e)il tho'%ht, do not resist. 15 An e)il tho'%ht of any 3ind &ill do yo' harm, &ill dissi ate yo'r o&er. 16 8hen yo' are not recei)ed &ith fa)o'r, %o yo'r &ay, for there are m'ltit'des of men &ho &ant the li%ht. (7 Behold, ! send yo' forth as shee amon% a ac3 of &ol)es, and yo' m'st be as &ise as ser ents and as harmless as the do)es. (1 !n all yo'r lan%'a%e be discreet, for Pharisees and scribes &ill see3 a ca'se for yo'r arrest in &hat yo' say. (( And they &ill s'rely find a &ay by char%es false to brin% yo' into co'rt. (+ And <'d%es &ill declare that yo' are %'ilty of some crime, and sentence yo' to sco'r%in%s and to rison cells. (/ B't &hen yo' come to stand before the <'d%e, be not afraid, be not dist'rbed abo't the &ay to act, the &ords to s ea3. (0 The Holy Breath &ill %'ide yo' in that ho'r, and %i)e the &ords that yo' shall s ea3. (1 :f this be f'll ass'red, !t is not yo' &ho s ea3s, it is the Holy Breath that %i)es the &ords and mo)es the li s. (4 The %os el that yo' reach &ill not brin% eace, b't it &ill stir the m'ltit'des to &rath. (5 The carnal man abhors the tr'th, and he &o'ld %i)e his life to cr'sh the tender lant before the har)est time.

(6 And this &ill brin% conf'sion in the homes that &ere the homes of sta%nant eace. +7 And brother &ill %i)e brother ' to death, the father &ill stand by and see men eDec'te his child, and in the co'rts the child &ill testify a%ainst the sire, and %ladly see its mother 't to death. +1 And men &ill hate yo' <'st beca'se yo' s ea3 the name of Christ. +( Thrice blessed is the man &ho shall be faithf'l in this comin% day of &rath@ ++ #o no&, &hen yo' are ersec'ted in a lace, %o see3 another lace. +/ And &hen yo' meet a foe too %reat for yo', behold, the son of man is at yo'r door, and he can s ea3, and all the hosts of hea)en &ill stand in yo'r defence. +0 B't do not hold yo'r resent life in %reat esteem. +1 The time &ill come &hen men &ill ta3e my life, yo' need not ho e to be imm'ne, for they &ill slay yo' in the name of #od. +4 Men call me Beel.eb'l and they &ill call yo' im s. +5 Be not afraid of &hat men say and do, they ha)e no o&er o)er so'l, they may ab'se and may destroy the body of the flesh, b't that is all. +6 They do not 3no& the #od &ho holds the iss'es of the so'l &ithin his hands, &ho can destroy the so'l. /7 The Christ is 3in% toBday, and men m'st reco%nise his o&er. /1 He &ho lo)es not the Christ, &hich is the lo)e of #od, before all else, can ne)er %ain the ri.e of s irit conscio'sness. /( and they &ho lo)e their arents or their children more than they lo)e the Christ can ne)er &ear the name of Christ. /+ And he &ho lo)es his life more than he lo)es the Christ cannot lease #od. // And he &ho clin%s to life shall lose his life, &hile he &ho %i)es his life for Christ &ill sa)e his life. /0 8hen Jes's had th's said he sent the t&el)e a&ay by t&os, and bade them meet him in Ca erna'm. /1 And they &ent o't thro'%h all the to&ns of #alilee and ta'%ht and healed in s irit and in o&er.

CHAPTER 1(+ Jes's %i)es his final char%e to the forei%n masters and sends them forth as a ostles to the &orld. He %oes alone to Tyre and abides in Rachel's home. Heals an obsessed child. #oes to $idon and then to the mo'ntains of 2ebanon. Fisits Mo'nt Hermon, CaesareaBPhili i, Aeca olis, #adara and ret'rns to Ca erna'm. Recei)es the t&el)e, &ho %i)e an acco'nt of their &or3. THE Christine master s ent a time in rayer and then he called the forei%n masters, and he said to them, ( Behold, ! sent the t&el)e a ostles 'nto !srael, b't yo' are sent to all the &orld. + :'r #od is one, is $ irit, and is tr'th, and e)ery man is dear to him. / He is the #od of e)ery child of !ndia, and the farther east, of Persia, and the farther north, of #reece and Rome and of the farther &est, of E%y t and the farther so'th, and of the mi%hty lands across the seas, and of the islands of the seas. 0 !f #od &o'ld send the bread of life to one and not to all &ho ha)e arisen to the conscio'sness of life and can recei)e the bread of life, then he &o'ld be 'n<'st and that &o'ld sha3e the )ery throne of hea)en.

1 $o he has called yo' from the se)en centres of the &orld, and he has breathed the breath of &isdom and of o&er into yo'r so'ls, and no& he sends yo' forth as bearers of the li%ht of life, a ostles of the h'man race. 4 #o on yo'r &ay, and as yo' %o roclaim the %os el of the Christ. 5 And then he breathed ' on the masters and he said, Recei)e the Holy Breath, and then he %a)e to each the 8ord of o&er. 6 And each &ent on his &ay, and e)ery land &as blest. 17 Then Jes's &ent alone across the hills of #alilee and after certain days he reached the coast of Tyre, and in the home of Rachel he abode. 11 He did not ad)ertise his comin% for he did not come to teach, he &o'ld comm'ne &ith #od &here he co'ld see the &aters of the Mi%hty $ea. 1( B't Rachel told the ne&s and m'ltit'des of eo le thron%ed her home to see the 2ord. 1+ A #recian &oman of Phenecia came, her da'%hter &as obsessed. $he said, 1/ : 2ord, ha)e mercy on my home@ My da'%hter is obsessed, b't this ! 3no&, if yo' &ill s ea3 the 8ord she &ill be free. Tho' son of Aa)id, hear my rayer@ 10 B't Rachel said, #ood &oman, tro'ble not the 2ord. He did not come to Tyre to heal, he came to tal3 &ith #od beside the sea. 11 And Jes's said, 2o, ! &as sent not to the #ree3, nor to $yroB henicians, ! come <'st to my eo le, !srael. 14 And then the &oman fell do&n at his feet and said, 2ord, Jes's, ! im lore that yo' &ill sa)e my child. 15 And Jes's said, >o' 3no& the common ro)erb &ell* !t is not meet that one sho'ld %i)e the children's bread to do%s. 16 And then the &oman said, >ea, Jes's, this ! 3no&, b't do%s may eat the cr'mbs that fall do&n from their master's board. (7 And Jes's said, $'ch faith ! ha)e not seen, no, not amon% the Je&s, she is not serf, nor do%. (1 And then he said to her, Accordin% to yo'r faith so let it be. (( The &oman &ent her &ay and &hen she came 'nto her child, lo, she &as healed. (+ And Jes's tarried many days in Tyre, and then he &ent his &ay and d&elt a time in $idon by the sea. (/ And then he <o'rneyed on. !n 2ebanon hills and )ales, and in its %ro)es he &al3ed in silent tho'%ht. (0 His earthly mission fast &as dra&in% to a close, he so'%ht for stren%th, and &hat he so'%ht he fo'nd. (1 Mo'nt Hermon stood beyond, and Jes's fain &o'ld 3neel beside that mo'ntian famed in Hebre& son%. (4 And then he stood ' on Mo'nt Hermon's lofty ea3s, and liftin% ' his eyes to hea)en he tal3ed &ith #od. (5 And masters of the olden times re)ealed themsel)es and lon% they tal3ed abo't the 3in%dom of the Christ, (6 abo't the mi%hty &or3s that had been done, abo't the comin% con='est of the cross, abo't the )ictory o)er death. +7 Then Jes's <o'rneyed on, he &ent to CaesareaBPhili i, and in $'sanna's home he tarried certain days. +1 And then he &ent thro'%h all Aeca olis to %i)e enco'ra%ement to those &ho 3ne& him as the Christ, and to re are them for the day of Cal)ary. +( And then he &ent to #adara, and many friends &ere there, to &elcome him. ++ And Ch'.as ste&ard of the ho'se of Herod Anti as, &as there, and Jes's &ent aboard the royal shi &ith him and crossed the sea, and came 'nto Ca erna'm. +/ And &hen the eo le 3ne& that Jes's &as at home they came to &elcome him. +0 !n <'st a little &hile the t&el)e a ostles came and told the master all abo't their <o'rney o)er #alilee.

+1 They said that by the sacred 8ord they had done many mi%hty &or3s, and Jes's said to them, 8ell done.

$ECT!:- IF!! PE The Third Ann'al E och of the Christine Ministry of Jes's

CHAPTER 1(/ The Christines cross the sea. Jes's %i)es to his disci les lessons on secret doctrines. Teaches the eo le. ?eeds fi)e tho'sand. The disci les start to recross the sea. A storm arises. Jes's, &al3in% on the &aters, comes to them. Trial of Peter's faith. Thye land in #ennesaret. THE t&el)e a ostles no& had reached the sta%e of s irit conscio'sness, and Jes's co'ld re)eal to them the dee er meanin%s of his mission to the &orld. ( -eDt &ee3 the %reat feast of the Je&s &o'ld be obser)ed, and Matthe& said, $hall &e not %ird o'rsel)es and %o 'nto Jer'salemC + B't Jes's said, 8e &ill not %o ' to the feast, the time is short and ! ha)e many thin%s to say to yo', come yo' a art into a desert lace and rest a &hile. / and then they too3 their boats and crossed the sea, and came into a desert lace near J'li's Bethsaida. 0 The eo le sa& them %o, and in )ast m'ltit'des they follo&ed them. 1 And Jes's had com assion on the anDio's thron%, and he stood forth and ta'%ht them all the day, beca'se they so'%ht a li%ht and &ere li3e shee &itho't a fold. 4 And as the ni%ht came on the t&el)e &ere do'btin% &hat the m'ltit'des &o'ld do, and Thomas said, 5 2ord, &e are in a desert lace, the m'ltit'des ha)e )a'%ht to eat and they are faint from lac3 of food, &hat shall &e doC 6 And Jes's said, #o to and feed the m'ltit'des. 17 And J'das said, $hall &e %o do&n and b'y t&o h'ndred ennies' &orth of bread for them to eatC 11 And Jes's, #o loo3 into o'r larder and see ho& many loa)es &e ha)e. 1( And Andre& said, 8e ha)e no bread, b't &e ha)e fo'nd a lad &ho has fi)e barley loa)es and t&o small fish, b't this &o'ld not be food eno'%h for one in ten. 1+ B't Jes's said, Command these eo le all to sit ' on the %rass in com anies of t&el)e, and they all sat do&n in com anies of t&el)e. 1/ Then Jes's too3 the loa)es and fish, and loo3in% ' to hea)en he s o3e the sacred 8ord. 10 And then he bro3e the bread and %a)e it to the t&el)e, he also %a)e the fish 'nto the t&el)e, and said, #o to and feed the m'ltit'des. 11 And all the eo le ate and &ere refreshed. 14 There &ere abo't fi)e tho'sand men, a com any of little ones, and &omen not a fe&.

15 And &hen the eo le all &ere filled the master said, 16 2et not a cr'mb be lost, #o to and %ather ' the ieces of the bread and fish for others that may &ant. (7 They %athered ' the fra%ments and they filled t&el)e bas3ets f'll. (1 The eo le &ere be&ildered by this &ondro's act of o&er, they said, And no& &e 3no& that Jes's is the ro het that o'r ro hets said &o'ld come, and then they said, All hail the 3in%@ (( 8hne Jes's heard them say, All hail the 3in%@ he called the t&el)e and bade them ta3e their boats and %o before him to the other side, (+ And he &ent all alone into a mo'ntain ass to ray. (/ The t&el)e &ere on the sea and ho ed to reach Ca erna'm in <'st a little time, &hen all at once a fearf'l storm arose, and they &ere at the mercy of the &a)es. (0 And in the fo'rth &atch of the ni%ht the &ind became a &hirlin% &ind, and they &ere filled &ith fear. (1 And in the blindin% storm they sa& a form mo)e on the &a)es, it seemed to be a man, one s o3e o't and said, !t is a %host, a si%n of e)il thin%s. (4 B't John discerned the form and said, !t is the 2ord. (5 And then the &ind ble& not so hard, and Peter, standin% inthe midst, eDclaimed* (6 My 2ord@ my 2ord@ !f this be tr'ly yo', bid me to come to yo' ' on the &a)es. +7 The form reached forth his hand and said, Come on. +1 And Peter ste ed ' on the &a)es and they &ere solid as a roc3, he &al3ed ' on the &a)es. +( He &al3ed 'ntil he tho'%ht &ithin himself, 8hat if the &a)es sho'ld brea3 beneath my feetC ++ And then the &a)es did brea3 beneath his feet, and he be%an to sin3, and in the fearf'lness of so'l he cried, : sa)e me, 2ord, or ! am lost@ +/ And Jes's too3 him by the hand and said, : yo' of little faith@ &hy did yo' do'btC And Jes's led the &ay 'nto the boat. +0 The storm had s ent its force, the &inds &ere still, and they &ere near the shore, and &hen they landed they &ere in the )alley of #ennesaret.

CHAPTER 1(0 The Christines are &elcomed in #ennesaret. Many follo& Jes's for the loa)es andfish. He tells them of the bread of life. $ ea3s of his flesh and blood as symbols of the bread and &ater of life. The eo le are offended and many of his disci les follo& him no more. THE ne&s soon s read thro'%h all the )alley of #ennersaret that Jes's and the t&el)e had come, and many eo le came to see. ( They bro'%ht their sic3 and laid them at the master's feet, and all the day he ta'%ht and healed. + The m'ltit'des ' on the other side &ho had been fed the day before and other m'ltit'des, &ent do&n to see the 2ord, b't &hen they fo'nd him not they so'%ht him in Ca erna'm. / And &hen they fo'nd him not at home, they &ent on to #ennesaret. They fo'nd him there and said, Rabboni, &hen came yo' to #ennesaretC 0 And Jes's said, 8hy are yo' come across the seaC yo' came not for the bread of life, 1 >o' came to %ratify yo'r selfish sel)es, yo' all &ere fed the other day across the sea, and yo' are after more of loa)es and fish.

4 The food yo' ate &as no'rishment for flesh that soon m'st ass a&ay. 5 >o' men of #alilee, see3 not for food that erishes, b't see3 for food that feeds the so'l, and, lo, ! brin% yo' food from hea)en. 6 >o' ate the flesh of fish, and yo' &ere satisfied, and no& ! brin% the flesh of Christ for yo' to eat that yo' may li)e for e)ermore. 17 :'r fathers ate the manna in the &ilderness, and then they ate the flesh of ='ail, and dran3 the &aters of a flo&in% s rin% that Moses bro'%ht o't from the roc3, b't all of them are dead. 11 The manna and the ='ail &ere symbols of the flesh of Christ, the &aters of the roc3 &ere symbols of the blood. 1( B't, lo, the Christ has come, he is the bread of life that #od has %i)en to the &orld. 1+ 8hoe)er eats the flesh of Christ and drin3s his blood shall ne)er die, and he &ill h'n%er ne)ermore, and he &ill thirst no more. 1/ And they &ho eat this bread of hea)en, and drin3 these &aters from the s rin% of life cannot be lost, these feed the so'l, and 'rify the life. 10 Behold, for #od has said, 8hen man has 'rified himself ! &ill eDalt him to the throne of o&er. 11 Then Jes's and the t&el)e &ent to Ca erna'm, and Jes's &ent into the syna%o%'e and ta'%ht. 14 And &hen the Je&s, &ho heard him in #ennesaret, &ere come they said, 15 This fello& is beside himself. 8e heard him say, ! am the bread of life that comes from hea)en, and &e all 3no& that he is b't a man, the son of man, &ho came from -a.areth, &e 3no& his mother, and his other 3in. 16 And Jes's 3ne& their tho'%hts, he said to them, 8hy m'rm'r yo', and reason th's amon% yo'rsel)esC (7 The Christ is e)erlastin% life, he came from hea)en, he has the 3eys of hea)en, and no man enters into hea)en eDce t he fills himself &ith Christ. (1 ! came in flesh to do the &ill of #od, and, lo, this flesh and blood are filled &ith Christ, and so ! am the li)in% bread that comes from hea)en, (( And &hen yo' eat this flesh and drin3 this blood yo' &ill ha)e e)erlastin% life, and if yo' &ill, yo' may become the bread of life. (+ And many of the eo le &ere enra%ed, they said, Ho& can this man %i)e 's his flesh to eat, his blood to drin3C (/ And his disci les &ere a%%rie)ed beca'de he said these thin%s, and many t'rned a&ay and follo&ed him no more. (0 They said, This is a fearf'l thin% for him to say, !f yo' eat not my flesh and drin3 my blood, yo' cannot enter into life. (1 They co'ld not com rehend the arable he s o3e. (4 And Jes's said, >o' st'mble and yo' fall before the tr'th, 8hat &ill yo' do &hen yo' shall see this flesh and blood transm'ted into hi%her formC (5 8hat &ill yo' say &hen yo' shall see the son of man ascendin% on the clo'ds of hea)enC (6 8hat &ill yo' say &hen yo' shall see the son of man sit on the throne of #odC +7 The flesh is na'%ht, the s irit is the ='ic3enin% o&er. The &ords ! s ea3 are s irit, they are life. +1 8hen Jes's sa& the many &ho had been so lo'd in their rofessions of their faith in him, t'rn bac3 and %o a&ay, he said 'nto the t&el)e. +( 8ill yo' desert me inthis ho'r and %o a&ayC ++ B't Peter said, 2ord, &e ha)e no lace else to %o, yo' ha)e the &ords of e)erlastin% life, &e 3no& that yo' are sent to 's from #od.

CHAPTER 1(1 $cribes and Pharisees )isit Jes's. They cens're him for eatin% &ith 'n&ashed hands. He defends his acts and teaches a lesson on hy ocrisy. Pri)ately eD lains to the t&el)e his 'blic teachin%s. A C:MPA-> of scribes and Pharisees came from Jer'salem to learn &herein the o&er of Jes's lay. ( B't &hen they learned that he and his disci les heeded not the c'stom of the Je&s, re%ardin% &ashin% of the hands before they ate, they &ere ama.ed. + And Jes's said, Hy ocrisy is ='een amon% yo' scribes and Pharisees. :h yo' !saiah &rote* / This eo le hono'r me &ith li s, their hearts are far a&ay. !n )ain they &orshi me, their doctrines are the do%mas and the creeds of men. 0 >o' men &ho ose as men of #od, and still re<ect the la&s of #od and teach the la&s of men, 1 $tand forth and tell &hen #od %a)e 'nto the ceremonial la&s that yo' obser)e, and tell these eo le ho& the s irit life is s'llied if one &ashes not before he eats. 4 His critics ans&ered not, and then he said, 5 Hear me, yo' men of !srael@ Aefilement is a creat're of the heart. The carnal mind lays hold of tho'%ht, and ma3es a monstro's bride, this bride is sin, sin is a creat're of the mind. 6 That &hich defiles a man is not the food he eats. 17 The bread and fish and other thin%s &e eat, are sim ly c' s to caryy to the cells of flesh material for the b'ildin% of the h'man ho'se, and &hen their &or3 is done as ref'se they are cast a&ay. 11 The life of lant and flesh that %oes to b'ild the h'man ho'se is ne)er food for so'l. The s irit does not feed ' on the carcasses of animal, or lant. 1( #od feeds the so'l direct from hea)en, the bread of life comes from abo)e. 1+ The air &e breathe is char%ed &ith Holy Breath, and he &ill may ta3e this Holy Breath. 1/ The so'l discriminates, and he &ho &ants the life of Christ may breathe it in. Accordin% to yo'r faith so let it be. 10 Man is not a art of his abidin% lace, the ho'se is not the man. 11 The lo&er &orld b'ilds ' the ho'se of flesh, and 3ee s it in re air, the hi%her &orld ro)ides the bread of s irit life. 14 The lo)eliest lilies %ro& from sta%nant onds and filthiest m'c3. 15 The la& of flesh demands that one sho'ld 3ee the body clean. 16 The la& of s irit call for 'rity in tho'%ht and &ord and deed. (7 -o&, &hen the e)enin% came and they &ere in the ho'se, the t&el)e had many thin%s to say, and many ='estions to ro o'nd. (1 -athaniel as3ed, 8as &hat yo' said abo't the ho'se of flesh a arableC !f so, &hat does it meanC (( And Jes's said, Can yo' not yet discriminateC Ao yo' not yet ercei)e that &hat a man ta3es in his mo'th defiles him notC (+ His food %oes not into his so'l, it is material for flesh and bone and bra&n. (/ To s irit e)erythin% is clean. (0 That &hich defiles a man &ells ' from carnal tho'%hts, and carnal tho'%hts s rin% from the heart, and %enerate a host of e)il thin%s. (1 ?rom o't the heart comes m'rders, thefts and foolishness. All selfish acts and sen'al deeds s rin% from the heart. (4 To eat &ith 'n&ashed hands does not defile the man.

(5 And Peter said, 2ord, 8hat yo' said toBday has %rie)o'sly offended scribe and Pharisee. (6 And Jes's said, These scribes and Pharisees are not the scions of the tree of life, they are not lants of #od, they are the lants of men, and e)ery forei%n lant shall be l'c3ed ' . +7 2et all these men alone, they are blind %'ides, they lead a m'ltit'de of eo le &ho are blind. +1 The leaders and the led to%ether &al3, to%ether they &ill fall into the ya&nin% its.

CHAPTER 1(4 The Christines cross the sea to Aeca olis. Jes's finds a retires lace &here he ri)ately teaches the t&el)e. They remain three days, then %o into a )illa%e by the sea. -:8, Jes's too3 the t&el)e and &ith them crossed the sea at ni%ht and came 'nto the borders of Aeca olis, ( That he mi%ht find a secret lace &here, all alone, he co'ld re)eal to them the thin%s to come. + They &ent into a mo'ntain ass and s ent three days in rayer. / Then Jes's said, Behold, the time is near &hen ! &ill &al3 &ith yo' in flesh no more. 0 2o, ! ha)e ta'%ht that he &ho co'nts his life of so m'ch &orth that he &o'ld %i)e it not in &illin% sacrifice to sa)e his brother man, is &orthy not to enter into life. 1 2o, ! am come as attern for the sons of men, and ! ha)e not refrained from hel f'lness. 4 8hen ! had assed the se)en tests in Helio olis, ! consecrated life and all ! had, to sa)e the &orld. 5 !n the J'dean &ilderness ! fo'%ht the stron%est foes of men, and there ! reaffirmed my consecration to the ser)ice of my fello& man. 6 !n tro'bles and intrials ! ha)e &a)ered not, &hen false acc'sers came, ! ans&ered not. 17 #od %a)e the sa)in% 8ord to me, and ! ha)e often s o3en it and healed the sic3, dro)e 'nclean s irits o't, and raised the dead. 11 And ! ha)e sho&n yo' ho& to s ea3 the 8ord, and ! ha)e %i)en yo' the 8ord, 1( !n <'st a little &hile &e t'rn o'r faces to&ard Jer'salem, and one of yo' &ho hear me no& &ill then betray me into &ic3ed hands. 1+ The scribes and Pharisees &ill brin% false char%es ' and hale me into co'rt, and, by consent of Rome, ! &ill be cr'cified. 1/ Then Peter said, My 2ord, it shall not be. The Roman soldiers &ill tread on t&el)e dead men before they reach o'r 2ord. 10 B't Jes's said, A sa)io'r of the &orld cannot resist. 11 ! came to sa)e the &orld and ! ha)e ta3en ' yo'r names before the hi%hest co'rts of hea)en, and yo' ha)e been confirmed as sa)io'rs of the &orld. 14 And not a name, eDce tin% that of him &ho shall betray, &ill e)er be dis%raced. 15 ! %o my &ay, and tho'%h my flesh shall ass, my so'l &ill stand beside yo' all the &ay to %'ide and bless. 16 And &ic3ed men &ill sei.e yo' in the streets, and as yo' 3neel in rayer, &ill char%e yo' &ith some le%al crime, and thin3 they ser)e their #od by 'ttin% yo' to death.

(7 B't falter not, the load &ill hea)y be, b't &ith the conscio'sness of d'ty done, the eace of #od &ill lift the load, dis el the ain and li%ht the &ay. (1 And &e &ill meet &here carnal eDec'tioners come not, there &e &ill ser)e the cr'el men, &ho in their i%norance had tort'red 's to death. (( Can &e re)ent this o'tra%e and this sla'%hter of o'r li)esC !f not &e are b't creat'res of the ebb and flo& of carnal thin%s. !t &o'ld not be a sacrifice of life. (+ B't &e are masters of the thin%s of time. 2o, &e can s ea3, and all the s irits of the fire, &ater, earth and air &ill stand in o'r defence. (/ 8e can command and many le%ions of the an%el &orld &o'ld come and stri3e o'r enemies to earth. (0 B't it is best that not a o&er of hea)en or earth sho'ld come to o'r relief. And it is best that e)en #od sho'ld )eil his face and seem to hear 's not. (1 As ! am attern 'nto yo', so yo' are atterns for the h'man race. 8e sho& by nonBresistance that &e %i)e o'r li)es in &illin% sacrifice for man. (4 B't my eDam le &ill not end &ith death. My body &ill be laid &ithin a tomb in &hich no flesh has lain, symbolic of the 'rity of life in death. (5 And in the tomb ! &ill remain three days in s&eet comm'nion &ith the Christ, and &ith my ?atherB#od and MotherB#od. (6 And then, symbolic of the ascent of the so'l to hi%her life, my flesh &ithin the tomb &ill disa ear, +7 8ill be transm'ted into hi%her form, and, in the resence of yo' all, ! &ill ascend to #od. +1 Then Jes's and the t&el)e &ent to a )illa%e by the sea.

CHAPTER 1(5 Jes's %oes at ni%ht to a mo'ntain to ray. His disci les and the )illa%ers find him and he teaches them for three days. ?eeds fo'r tho'sand eo le. The Christines %o to CaesareaBPhili i. They consider the ersonality of Christ. Peter is chosen as a ostolic leader. -:8, in the ni%ht &hile the disci les sle t, lo, Jes's rose and &ent alone into a mo'ntain ass, siD miles a&ay, to ray. ( And in the mornin% &hen the t&el)e a&o3e they co'ld not find the 2ord, and all the eo le of the )illa%e so'%ht, and &hen the s'n had assed its hi%hest oint they fo'nd him in the mo'ntain ass. + And m'ltit'des of eo le came and bro'%ht their sic3, and Jes's ta'%ht and healed. / And &hen the ni%ht came on the eo le &o'ld not %o, they sle t ' on the %ro'nd that they mi%ht be aBnear the 2ord. 0 Three days and ni%hts the m'ltit'des remained, and none had a'%ht to eat. 1 And Jes's had com assion and he said, !f ! sho'ld send the m'ltit'des a&ay they mi%ht not reach their homes, for they are faint, for some ha)e <o'rneyed many miles. 4 And his disci les said, 8here shall &e %et eno'%h of food to feed them allC There are fo'r tho'sand men, besides the &omen and the little ones. 5 And Jes's said, Ho& many loa)es ha)e yo'C 6 They ans&ered, $e)en, and some little fish. 17 And Jes's said, #o to, and seat the eo le as yo' seated them the other day &hen all the m'ltit'des &ere fed, in com anies of t&el)e.

11 And &hen the eo le &ere sat do&n in com anies of t&el)e the loa)es and fish &ere bro'%ht. 1( And Jes's loo3ed to hea)en and s o3e the 8ord, and then he bro3e the se)en loa)es in little bits, and li3e&ise c't the fish. 1+ And e)ery bit of bread became a loaf, and e)ery iece of fish became a fish. 1/ The t&el)e &ent forth and %a)e to e)ery one, the eo le ate and they &ere filled, and all the fra%ments that &ere left &ere %athered ' , and there &ere se)en bas3ets f'll. 10 and then the eo le &ent their &ays, and the t&el)e too3 boats and came to Aalmanatha by the sea. 11 Here they remained for many days, and Jes's told the t&el)e abo't the inner li%ht that cannot fail, 14 Abo't the 3in%dom of the Christ &ithin the so'l, abo't the o&er of faith, abo't the secret of the res'rrection of the dead, abo't immortal life, and ho& the li)in% may %o forth and hel the dead. 15 And then they &ent into their boats, and came 'nto the northern coast of #alilee, and in &here the 3in of Thomas li)ed, they left their boats and <o'rneyed on. 16 They came to Merom, &here the crystal &aters seem to catch the ima%es of hea)en and to reflect the %lory of the 2ord of hosts. (7 And here they tarried certain days in silent tho'%ht. (1 And then they <o'rneyed on, and came into the land of CaesareaBPhili i. (( And as they &al3ed and tal3ed amon% themsel)es, the master said, 8hat do the eo le say abo't the son of manC 8ho do they thin3 ! amC (+ And Matthe& said, $ome say that yo' are Aa)id come a%ain, some say that yo' are Enoch, $olomon, or $eth. (/ And Andre& said, ! heard a r'ler of the syna%o%'e eDclaim, This man is Jeremiah, for he s ea3s li3e Jeremiah &rote. (0 -athaniel said, The forei%n masters &ho &ere &ith 's for a time, declared that Jes's is #a'tama come a%ain. (1 James said, ! thin3 that most the Je&s belie)e yo' are the rea earance of Eli<ah on the earth. (4 And John s o3e o't and said, 8hen &e &ere in Jer'salem ! heard a seer eDclaim, This Jes's is none other than Melchi.ede3, the 3in% of eace, &ho li)ed abo't t&o tho'sand years a%o, and said that he &o'ld come a%ain. (5 And Thomas said, The Tetrarch Herod thin3s that yo' are John arisen from the dead, (6 B't then his conscience tro'bles him, the s irit of the m'rdered John looms ' before him in his dreams, and ha'nts him as a s ectre of the ni%ht. +7 And Jes's as3ed, 8ho do yo' thin3 ! amC +1 And Peter said, >o' are the Christ, the lo)e of #od made manifest to men. +( And Jes's said, Thrice blessed are yo', $imon, Jonas' son. >o' ha)e declared a tr'th that #od has %i)en yo'. ++ >o' are a roc3, and yo' shall be a illar in the tem le of the 2ord of hosts. +/ And yo'r confession is the cornerstone of faith, a roc3 of stren%th, and on this roc3 the Ch'rch of Christ is b'ilt. +0 A%ainst it all the o&ers of hades and of death cannot re)ail. +1 Behold, ! %i)e to yo' the 3eys to o en ' the doors of safety for the sons of men. +4 The Holy Breath &ill come ' on yo' and the ten, and in Jer'salem yo' shall stand before the nations of the earth, and there roclaim the co)enant of #od &ith men. +5 And yo' shall s ea3 the &ords of Holy Breath, and &hatsoe)er #od re='ires of men as earnest of their faith in Christ, yo' shall ma3e 3no&n. +6 Then t'rnin% to the t&el)e he said, 8hat yo' ha)e heard this day tell not to any man.

/7 Then Jes's and the t&el)e &ent ' and &ere $'sanna's %'ests for many days.

CHAPTER 1(6 Jes's teaches the eo le. He ta3es Peter, James and John and %oes to a hi%h mo'ntain and is transfi%'red before them. THE ne&s soon s read that Jes's and the t&el)e &ere come, and many eo le came to see. ( And Jes's said, Behold, yo' come to see, b't that means na'%ht. !f yo' &o'ld ha)e the benedictions of the Christ, ta3e ' yo'r and follo& me. + !f yo' &o'ld %i)e yo'r life for selfish self, then yo' &ill lose yo'r life. / !f yo' &ill %i)e yo'r life in ser)ice of yo'r fello& men, then yo' &ill sa)e yo'r life. 0 This life is b't a s an, a ba'ble of toBday. There is a life that asses not. 1 8here is yo'r rofit if yo' %ain the &orld and lose yo'r so'lC 8hat &o'ld yo' ta3e in ayment for yo'r so'lC 4 !f yo' &o'ld find the s irit life, the life of man in #od, then yo' m'st &al3 a narro& &ay and enter thro'%h a narro& %ate. 5 The &ay is Christ, the %ate is Christ, and yo' m'st come ' by the &ay of Christ. -o man comes 'nto #od b't by the Christ. 6 The 3in%dom of the Christ &ill come, yea, some of yo' &ho hear me no& &ill not ass thro'%h the %ates of death 'ntil yo' see the 3in%dom come in o&er. 17 ?or se)en days the master and the t&el)e remained in CaesareaBPhili i. 11 Then Jes's, ta3in% Peter, James and John, &ent forth 'nto a mo'ntain to to ray. 1( And as he rayed a brilliant li%ht a eared, his form became as radiant as a recio's stone, 1+ His face shone li3e the s'n, his %arments seemed as &hite as sno&, the son of man became the son of #od. 1/ He &as transfi%'red that the men of earth mi%ht see the ossibilities of man. 10 8hen first the %lory came the three disci les &ere aslee , a master to'ched their eyes and said, A&a3e and see the %lory of the 2ord. 11 And they a&o3e, and sa& the %lory of the 2ord, and more, they sa& the %lory of the hea)enly &orld, for they beheld t&o men from thence stand forth beside the 2ord. 14 And Peter as3ed the master &ho a&a3ened them, 8ho are these men &ho stand beside the 2ordC 15 The master said, These men are Moses and Eli<ah, &ho are come that yo' may 3no& that hea)en and earth are one, that masters there and masters here are one. 16 The )eil that se arates the &orlds is b't an ether )eil. ?or those &ho 'rify their hearts by faith the )eil is rolled aside, and they can see and 3no& that death is an illisi)e thin%. (7 And Peter said, Praise #od@ And then he called to Jes's and he said, My master and my 2ord, this is the %ate of hea)en, andit is &ell that &e remain. (1 May &e %o do&n and brin% three tents, a tent for yo', a tent for Moses, and for Eli<ah oneC B't Jes's ans&ered not. (( And Moses and Eli<ah tal3ed &ith Jes's on the mo'nt. They tal3ed abo't the comin% trial of the 2:rd, (+ Abo't his death, his rest &ithin the tomb, abo't the &onders of the res'rrection morn, the transm'tation of his flesh, and his ascension on the clo'ds of li%ht,

(/ And all symbolic of the ath that e)ery man m'st tread, symbolic of the &ay the sons of men become the sons of #od. (0 The three disci les &ere ama.ed, and s'ddenly the ethers &ere s'rchar%ed &ith son%, and forms as li%ht as air mo)ed all abo't the mo'ntain to . (1 And then from o't the %lory of the ' er &orld they heard a )oice that said, (4 This is the son of man, my chosen one to manifest the Christ to men. 2et all the earth hear him. (5 8hen the disci les heard the )oice they &ere afraid, they fell ' on the %ro'nd and rayed. (6 And Jes's came, he to'ched them and he said, Arise, fear not, lo, ! am here. +7 Then they arose, and as they loo3ed abo't they sa& no one, the men had %one. The master only stood &ith them. +1 As Jes's and the three came from the mo'ntain to they tal3ed abo't the meanin% of the scene, and Jes's told them all, and then he said, +( Till ! ha)e risen from the dead tell not to any one &hat yo' ha)e seen. ++ B't the disci les co'ld not com rehend the meanin% of the &ords, Till ! ha)e risen from the dead. +/ And Jes's told them once a%ain abo't his death, and risin% from the %ra)e, abo't the 3in%dom of the so'l that &as to come in %lory and in o&er. +0 B't Peter said, The scribes ha)e ta'%ht that e'er the 3in% shall come Eli<ah m'st a ear. +1 And Jes's said, Eli<ah has already come, b't scribes and Pharisees recei)ed him not, +4 And men re)iled him, bo'nd him, cast him in a rison cell, and sho'ted &ith a fiend's deli%ht to see him die. +5 8hat men ha)e done to him, that they &ill do to me. +6 Then the disci les 'nderstood that Jes's s o3e of John &hom Herod sle&.

CHAPTER 1+7 Jes's and the three disci les ret'rn to CaesareaBPhili i. The nine had failed to c're an e ile tic child. Jes's heal it and reb'3es his disci les for their lac3 of tr'st in #od. The Christines ret'rn to Ca erna'm. 8HE- Jes's, Peter, James and John &ere come 'nto the city's %ates a m'ltit'de of eo le thron%ed the &ay. ( The nine a ostles &ho &ent not &ith Jes's to the mo'nt, had tried to heal an e ile tic child &ho &as obsessed &aited for the comin% of the 2ord. + 8hen Jes's came the father of the child 3nelt do&n before him and im lored his hel . / He said, My master, ! beseech that yo' &ill loo3 in ity on my son, my only child, he is an e ile tic child and s'ffers %rie)o'sly. 0 $ometimes he falls into the fire and is b'rned, a%ain he falls into the &ater and is li3e to dro&n, and many times a day he falls, he %rinds his teeth, the foam o'rs from his mo'th. 1 ! too3 my child to yo'r disci les, and they failed to %i)e relief. 4 And as he s o3e a ser)ant bro'%ht the child before the 2ord Gthe child s o3e not, for he &as d'mbH, and instantly he fell ' on the %ro'nd, he foamed, he &rithed in a%ony. 5 And Jes's said, Ho& lon% has he been tro'bled th'sC

6 The father said, ?rom infancy, and &e ha)e so'%ht in many lands for hel , b't fo'nd it not, b't ! belie)e that yo' can s ea3 the 8ord and heal my son. 17 And Jes's said, ?aith is the o&er of #od. All thin%s are ossible for him &ho in his heart belie)es. 11 The father cried, in tears, 2ord, ! belie)e, hel tho' mine 'nbelief. 1( And Jes's s o3e the 8ord of o&er, the e ile tic child lay in a s&oon, he did not breathe, and all the eo le said, The child is dead. 1+ B't Jes's too3 him by the hand and said* Arise, and he arose and s o3e. 1/ The eo le &ere ama.ed, and many said, This s'rely is a man of #od, for no s'ch o&er &as e)er %i)en to man. 10 Then Jes's and the t&el)e &ent to the ho'se, and after they had ta3en food and been refreshed, the nine disci les said, 11 2ord, &hy co'ld &e not heal this childC 8e s o3e the 8ord, b't e)en that &as o&erless. 14 And Jes's said, >o'r %reat s'ccess in all yo'r former &or3 has made yo' careless, and yo' for%ot to reco%nise the o&er of #od. 15 8itho't the s irit of the 8ord, the 8ord is li3e an idle tale, and yo' for%ot to ray. 16 There is no faith &itho't the rayer of faith. ?aith is the &in%s of rayer, b't &in%s alone fly not. (7 By rayer and faith yo' can brin% do&n the mo'ntain ea3s, and cast them in the sea, the little hills &ill s3i abo't li3e lambs at yo'r command. (1 This fail're may be &ell for yo'. The %reat lessons that are learned in life come thro'%h the fail'res that are made. (( As the disci les sat in tho'%htf'l meditation Jes's said, 2et these &ords sin3 into yo'r hearts* (+ The time has nearly come &hen yo' m'st bear yo'r load alone, that is, &itho't my resence in the flesh. (/ ?or ! &ill fall into the hands of &ic3ed men, and they &ill slay me on a mo'nt beyond Be.etha &all. (0 And men &ill lay my body in a tomb &here, by the sacred 8ord, it &ill be %'arded and reser)ed three days, then ! &ill rise a%ain. (1 The t&el)e &ere sad, they did not 'nderstand, and yet they feared to as3 him to re)eal the meanin% of his &ord. (4 -eDt day the Christine master and the t&el)e be%an their <o'rney of ret'rn, and soon &ere in Ca erna'm.

CHAPTER 1+1 Jes's and Peter ay the halfBshe3el taD. The disci les contend for the s' remacy. Jes's reb'3es them. Teaches them many ractical lessons. The arable of the %ood she herd. A$ Jes's and the t&el)e &ere restin% in the ho'se, the taD collector came to Peter sayin%, Man, do Jes's and yo'rself ay this halfBshe3el taDC ( And Peter said, 8e ay &hate)er is assessed. + And Jes's said, ?rom &hom do 'blicans collect this s ecial taDC from stran%ers or from nati)e sonsC / And Peter said, The stran%ers only are s' osed to ay this taD. 0 Then Jes's said, 8e all are nati)e sons and &e are free, b't lest &e ca'se contention &e &ill ay the taD, b't neither had the she3el &here&ithal to ay.

1 And Jes's said, #o to the sea, cast in a hoo3 and catch a fish and yo' &ill find &ithin its inner arts a she3el, &hich ta3e ' and ay the taD for yo' and me. 4 And Peter did as Jes's said, he fo'nd the she3el and he aid the taD. 5 -o& Jes's heard the t&el)e dis 'te amon% themsel)es. The s irit of the carnal self &as mo)in% in their hearts, and they &ere ='estionin% amon% themsel)es &ho &as the %reatest in the si%ht of #od and man. 6 And Jes's said, >o' men, for shame@ The %reatest is the ser)ant of the rest. And then he called to him a little child, he too3 it in his arms and said. 17 The %reatest is the little child, and if yo' &o'ld be %reat at all yo' m'st become as is this child in innocence, in tr'th, in 'rity in life. 11 #reat men scorn not the little thin%s of earth, he &ho re%ards and hono'rs s'ch a child, re%ards and hono'rs me, and he &ho scorns a child, scorns me. 1( !f yo' &o'ld enter thro'%h the 3in%dom %ate yo' m'st be h'mble as this little child. 1+ Hear me, yo' men, This child, as e)ery other child, has one to lead its ca'se before the throne of #od. 1/ >o' scorn it at yo'r eril, men, for lo, ! say, its co'nter art beholds the face of #od at e)ery moment, e)ery day. 10 And hear me once a%ain, He &ho shall ca'se a little one to st'mble and to fall is mar3ed, acc'rsed, and it &ere better far if he had dro&ned himself. 11 Behold, offences e)ery&here@ Men find occasions for to sin and fall, and they %ro& stron% by risin% &hen they fall, 14 B't &oe to him &ho ca'ses other men to st'mble and to fall. 15 Be on yo'r %'ard, yo' men of #od, lest yo' constrain another man to fall, be&are lest yo' fall into sinf'l &ays yo'rsel)es. 16 -o&, if yo'r hands ca'se yo' to sin, yo' better c't them off, for it is better far to ha)e no hands and not be %'ilty in the si%ht of #od and men, than to be erfect in yo'r form and lose yo'r so'l. (7 And if yo'r feet sho'ld ca'se offence, yo' better c't them off, for it is better far to enter into life &itho't yo'r feet than fall beneath the c'rse. (1 And if yo'r eyes, or ears, ca'se yo' to sin, yo' better lose them all than lose yo'r so'l. (( >o'r tho'%hts and &ords and deeds &ill all be tried by fire. (+ Remember that yo' are the salt of earth, b't if yo' lose the )irt'es of the salt, yo' are b't ref'se in the si%ht of #od. (/ Retain the )irt'es of the salt of life and be at eace amon% yo'rsel)es. (0 The &orld is f'll of men &ho ha)e not in themsel)es the salt of life, and they are lost. ! come to see3 and sa)e the lost. (1 Ho& thin3 yo'C if a she herd has a h'ndred shee , and one of them has %one astray, &ill he not lea)e the ninety and the nine, (4 And %o o't in the desert &ays and mo'ntain to s to see3 the one that &ent astrayC (5 >es, this yo' 3no&, and if he finds the one that &ent astray, lo, he is %lad, and he re<oices o)er it far more than o)er all the ninety and the nine that did not %o astray. (6 And so there is re<oicin% in the h'man co'rts of hea)en &hen one h'man birth &ho has %one forth into the &ays of sin is fo'nd and bro'%ht bac3 to the fold, +7 >ea, there is <oy, more <oy than o)er all the ri%hteo's men &ho ne)er &ent astray. +1 And John said, Master, &ho may see3 and sa)e the lostC and &ho may heal the sic3, and cast the demons o't of those obsessedC +( 8hen &e &ere on the &ay &e sa& a man &ho &as not one of 's cast demons o't and heal the sic3. ++ He did it by the sacred 8ord and in the name of ChristC b't &e forbade him, for he did not &al3 &ith 's.

+/ And Jes's said, >o' sons of men, do yo' ima%ine that yo' o&n the o&ers of #odC +0 And do yo' thin3 that all the &orld m'st &ait for yo' to do the &or3s of #odC +1 #od is not man that he sho'ld ha)e a s ecial care for any man, and %i)e him s ecial %ifts. +4 ?orbid not any man to do the &or3s of #od. +5 There is no man &ho can rono'nce the sacred 8ord, and in the name of Christ restore the sic3, and cast the 'nclean s irits o't, &ho is not child of #od. +6 The man of &hom yo' s ea3 is one &ith 's. 8hoe)er %athers in the %rain of hea)en is one &ith 's. /7 8hoe)er %i)es a c' of &ater in the name of Christ is one &ith 's, so #od shall <'d%e.

CHAPTER 1+( Jes's defends a man &ho has been con)icted of stealin% bread. The )erdict is re)ersed. The man %oes free, and the eo le s' ly the needs of his star)in% family. A M"2T!T"AE of eo le thron%ed the streets. The officers &ere on the &ay to co'rt &ithone, a man acc'sed of stealin% bread. ( And in a little &hile the man &as bro'%ht before the <'d%e to ans&er to the char%e. + And Jes's and the t&el)e &ere there. The man sho&ed in his face and hands the hard dra&n lines of toil and &ant. / A &oman richly clad, the acc'ser of the man, stood forth and said, ! ca'%ht this man myself* ! 3no& him &ell, for yesterday he came to be% for bread. 0 And &hen ! dro)e him from my door, he sho'ld ha)e 3no&n that ! &o'ld harbo'r not a man li3e him, and then toBday he came and too3 the bread. 1 He is a thief and ! demand that he be sent to <ail. 4 The ser)ants also testified a%ainst the man, he &as ad<'d%ed a thief, and officers &ere leadin% him a&ay. 5 B't Jes's standin% forth eDclaimed, >o' officers and <'d%e, be not in haste to lead this man a&ay. 6 !s this a land of <'stice and of ri%htC can yo' acc'se and sentence men to 'nishment for any crime 'ntil they testify themsel)esC 17 The Roman la& &ill not ermit s'ch tra)esty on ri%ht, and ! demand that yo' ermit this man to s ea3. 11 And then the <'d%e recalled the man and said, !f yo' ha)e any tale to tell, say on. 1( !n tears the man stood forth and said, ! ha)e a &ife and little ones and they are erishin% for bread, and ! ha)e told my story oft, and be%%ed for bread, b't none &o'ld hear. 1+ This mornin% &hen ! left o'r cheerless h't in search of &or3 my children cried for bread, and ! resol)ed to feed them or to die. 1/ ! too3 the bread, and ! a eal to #od, 8as it a crimeC 10 This &oman snatched the loaf a&ay and thre& it to the do%s, and called the officers and ! am here. 11 #ood eo le, do &ith me &hate'er yo' &ill, b't sa)e my &ife and little ones from death. 14 Then Jes's said, 8ho is the c'l rit in this caseC

15 ! char%e this &oman as a felon in the si%ht of #od. 16 ! char%e this <'d%e as criminal before the bar of h'man ri%hts. (7 ! char%e these ser)ants and these officers as arties to the crime. (1 ! char%e the eo le of Ca erna'm &ith cr'elty and theft, beca'se they heeded not the cries of o)erty and &ant, and ha)e &ithheld from hel less ones that &hich is theirs by e)ery la& of ri%ht, (( And ! a eal 'nto these eo le here, and as3, Are not my char%es based on ri%hteo'sness and tr'thC (+ And e)ery man said, >es. (/ The acc'sed &oman bl'shed for shame, the <'d%e shran3 bac3 in fear, the officers thre& off the shac3les from the man and ran a&ay. (0 Then Jes's said, #i)e this man &hat he needs and let him %o and feed his &ife and little ones. (1 The eo le %a)e ab'ndantly, the man &ent on his &ay. (4 And Jes's said, There is no standard la& to <'d%e of crime. The facts m'st all be stated e'er a <'d%ment can be rendered in a case. (5 >o' men &ith hearts, %o forth and stand &here stood this man and ans&er me, 8hat &o'ld yo' doC (6 The thief thin3s e)ery other man a thief and <'d%es him accordin%ly. +7 The man &ho <'d%es harshly is the man &hose heart is f'll of crime. +1 The co'rtesan &ho 3ee s her &ic3edness concealed by &hat she calls res ectability, has not a &ord of ity for the honest co'rtesan &ho claims to be <'st &hat she is. +( ! tell yo', men, if yo' &o'ld cens're not till yo' are free from sin, the &orld &o'ld soon for%et the meanin% of the &ord, acc'sed.

CHAPTER 1++ The t&el)e %o to the feast in Jer'salem, b't Jes's remains in Ca erna'm. He selects se)enty disci les, and sends them o't to teach and heal. He %oes alone to the feast and on his &ay he heals ten le ers. He teaches in the tem le. THE har)est feast dre& near, the t&el)e &ent to Jer'salem, b't Jes's did not %o &ith them, he tarried in Ca erna'm. ( Amon% the m'ltit'des that follo&ed him &ere many &ho &ent not ' to the feast, they &ere not Je&s. + And Jes's called threeBscoreBand Bten of these disci les 'nto him and said, THe 3in%dom of the Christ is not for Je&s alone, it is for e)ery man. / 2o, ! ha)e chosen t&el)e to reach the %os el, first 'nto the Je&s, and they are Je&s. 0 T&el)e is the n'mber of the Je& and se)en the n'mber of the all, incl'din% e)ery man. 1 #od is the ten, the holy Jod. 4 8hen #od and man are m'lti lied &e ha)e threeBscoreBandBten, the n'mber of the brotherhood of man. 5 And no& ! send yo' forth by t&os and t&os, not to the Je&s alone, b't 'nto e)ery nation 'nder hea)en, to #ree3 and to Assyrian, to the $amaritan, to those beyond the seas, to e)ery man. 6 >o' need not %o afar, for men of e)ery land are here and in $amaria. 17 Arise and %o yo'r &ay, b't %o in faith, and ta3e no %old nor sil)er in yo'r 'rse, no eDtra coat or shoes.

11 #o in the sacred name, tr'st #od and yo' &ill ne)er come to &ant. 1( And let this be yo'r sal'tation e)ery&here, Peace be to all, %ood &ill to all. 1+ And if the son of eace be in the ho'se, the door &ill o en &ide and yo' &ill enter in, and then the holy eace &ill rest ' on that ho'se. 1/ The se)enty in t&os &ent forth, they &ent into $amaria, and as they &ent they said, Peace be to all, %ood &ill to all@ 10 Re ent and t'rn from sin, and set yo'r ho'se in order, for a son of man &ho bears the ima%e of the Christ, &ill come, and yo' may see his face. 11 They entered e)ery )illa%e of $amaria, they reached in Tyre and in $idon by the sea. $ome &ent to Crete, and others into #reece, and others &ent to #ilead and ta'%ht. 14 And Jes's, all alone, &ent to the feast by the $amaria &ay, and as he &ent thro'%h $ychar on the &ay, the le ers sa& him and a com any of ten called from afar and said, 15 2ord Jes's, stay and s ea3 the 8ord for 's that &e may be made clean. 16 And Jes's said, #o forth and sho& yo'rsel)es 'nto the riests. (7 They &ent, and as they &ent their le rosy &as healed. :ne of the ten, a nati)e of $amaria, ret'rned to than3 the master and to raise the 2ord. (1 And Jes's said to him, 2o, ten &ere cleansed, &here are the nineC Arise, and %o yo'r &ay, yo'r faith has made yo' &hole. (( >o' ha)e re)ealed yo'r heart and sho&n that yo' are &orthy of the o&er, behold the nine &ill find a%ain their le ro's hands and feet. (+ And Jes's &ent his &ay, and &hile the feast &as on he came into Jer'salem, and &ent into the tem le co'rts. (/ And he reb'3ed the scribes and Pharisees, the riests and doctors of the la& for their hy ocrisy and selfishness. (0 The common eo le &ere ama.ed, they said, ?rom &hence has come the &isdom of this manC he s ea3s as s ea3s a sa%e. (1 And Jes's said, ! did not learn the &isdom of the Holy :ne &ithin the schools of men, my teachin% is not mine, ! s ea3 the &ords of him &ho sent me here to do his &ill. (4 !f any man &o'ld 3no& &hereof ! s ea3, lo, he m'st do the &ill of #od. -o man can 3no& eDce t he enters into life and does the &ill of #od. (5 -o&, Moses %a)e the la&, b't none of yo' ha)e 3e t the la&, ho& can yo' <'d%e the &orthiness of any manC (6 :nce in these co'rts ! healed a man ' on a $abbath day, and in a ra%e yo' so'%ht to ta3e my life, and no& beca'se ! tell the tr'th yo' see3 a%ain to ta3e my life. +7 A scribe s o3e o't and said, >o' foolish man, yo' are obsessed, &ho &ants to ta3e yo'r lifeC +1 The common eo le said, !s this not Jes's &hom the r'lers lon% ha)e so'%ht to 3illC and no& he comes and teaches in the tem le co'rts. +( !f he is %'ilty of s'ch monstro's crimes, &hy do they not ta3e him a&ay in chainsC ++ And Jes's said, >o' all 3no& me, and 3no& from &hence ! came, b't yo' 3no& not the #od &ho sent me here, &hose &ords ! s ea3. +/ The m'ltit'des a%ain stood forth in his defence, they said, if this is not the Christ &hom #od has romised to re)eal to men, &ill he do %reater &or3s &hen he shall come than does this manC +0 The Pharisees and r'lin% riests &ere an%ered and they sent their officers to ta3e him e'er he &ent a&ay. The officers &ere filled &ith fear, they sei.ed him not. +1 And Jes's said, lo, ! am here b't for a little time and then ! %o my &ay to him &ho sent me here to do his &ill. +4 >o' see3 me no& and yo' can find me no&, the time &ill come &hen yo' &ill see3 and &ill not find, for &here ! %o yo' cannot come.

+5 The eo le said, 8here &ill he %o that men can find him notC 8ill he %o forth to #reece and teach the #ree3sC or &ill he %o to E%y t or Assyria to teachC +6 B't Jes's ans&ered not, 'nnoticed by the m'ltit'des he left the tem le co'rts and &ent his &ay.

CHAPTER 1+/ Jes's teaches in the tem le. His &ords enra%e the r'lers. -icodem's defends him. He s ends the ni%ht in rayer on Mo'nt :li)es. -eDt day he a%ain teaches in the tem le. An ad'ltress is bro'%ht before him for <'d%ement. -:8, on the last day of the feast &hen m'ltit'des &ere in the co'rt&ays, Jes's said, ( 8hoe)er is athirst may come to me and drin3. + He &ho belie)es in me and in the Christ &hom #od had sent, may drin3 the c' of life, and from his inner arts shall streams of li)in% &aters flo&. / The Holy Breath &ill o)erBshado& him, and he &ill breathe the Breath, and s ea3 the &ords, and li)e the life. 0 The eo le &ere di)ided in their )ie&s concernin% him. $ome said, This man is ro het of the li)in% #od. 1 And others said, He is Messiah &hom o'r ro hets said &o'ld come. 4 And others said, He cannot be the Christ, for he came do&n from #alilee, the Christ m'st come from Bethlehem &here Aa)id li)ed. 5 A%ain the riests and Pharisees sent officers to brin% him into co'rt to ans&er for his life, b't &hen the officers ret'rned and bro'%ht him not, 6 The r'lers &ere enra%ed and said, 8hy did yo' not arrest this man and hale him into co'rtC 17 The officers re lied, 8e ne)er heard a man s ea3 li3e this man s ea3s. 11 !n ra%e the Pharisees stood forth and said, Ha)e yo' %one madC Ha)e yo' been led astrayC Are yo' disci les of this manC 1( Ha)e any of the r'lers, or the Pharisees belie)ed on himC The common eo le@ yes, they may belie)e, they are acc'rsed, they 3no& not anythin%. 1+ B't -icodem's came before the r'lers and he said, Can Je&ish <'d%es <'d%e a man and sentence him 'ntil they hear his leaC 2et Jes's stand before this bar and testify himself. 1/ The r'lers said, This Jes's is a &ily man, and if &e s'ffer him to s ea3, he &ill reb'3e 's face to face, and then the m'ltit'des &ill la'%h and stand in his defence. 10 And then yo' 3no&, as &ell as &e, that ro hets do not come from #alilee. 11 The r'lers felt the force of &hat the officers and -icodem's said, and they said nothin% more. 14 And then the eo le &ent their &ay, each to his home, b't Jes's &ent 'nto Mo'nt :li)es &here he s ent the ni%ht in rayer. 15 B"t in the mornin% &hen the s'n had scarcely risen, Jes's came a%ain, and many eo le came to see him in the tem le co'rts, and he sat do&n and ta'%ht the m'ltit'des. 16 The Pharisees and scribes &ere still alert to find a ca'se &hereby they mi%ht condemn him by the &ords he s o3e. (7 The officers had ta3en in the )ery act of crime, a co'rtesan. As Jes's ta'%ht, they bro'%ht this &oman and set her in the midst and said, (1 Rabboni, this )ile &oman has been ta3en in ad'ltery. The la& of Moses says that s'ch as she shall die, be stoned to death, &hat do yo' say sho'ld be her 'nishmentC

(( And Jes's stoo ed and made a fi%'re on the %ro'nd and in it laced the a so'l, and then he sat in silent tho'%ht. (+ And &hen the riests demanded that he s ea3, he said, 2et him &ho has no sin stand forth and be the first to cast a stone at her. (/ And then he closed his eyes, and not a &ord &as said. 8hen he arose and sa& the &oman all alone he said, (0 8here are the men &ho bro'%ht yo' hereC they &ho acc'sedC (1 The &oman said, They all are %one, no one &as here &ho co'ld condemn. (4 And Jes's said, And ! condemn yo' not, %o on yo'r &ay in eace, and sin no more.

CHAPTER 1+0 Jes's teaches in the tem le. He re)eals some of the dee er meanin%s of the Christine ministry. The r'lers are %reatly enra%ed and attem t to stone him, b't he disa ears. THE feast &as done and Jes's, Peter, James and John &ere sittin% in the tem le treas'ry. ( The nine had %one bac3 to Ca erna'm. + The eo le thron%ed the tem le co'rts and Jes's said, / ! am the lam , Christ is the oil of life, the Holy Breath the fire. Behold the li%ht@ and he &ho follo&s me shall not &al3 in the dar3, b't he shall ha)e the li%ht of life. 0 A la&yer said, >o' &itness for yo'rself, yo'r &itness is not tr'e. 1 and Jes's said, !f ! do &itness for myself ! s ea3 that &hich is tr'e, for ! 3no& &hence ! came and &here ! %o. 4 And no one else in flesh can testify for me, for none 3no& &hence ! came, nor &here ! %o. 5 My &or3s bear &itness to the tr'th ! s ea3. As man ! co'ld not s ea3 the &ords of Holy Breath, and then my ?ather testifies for me. 6 The la&yer said, 8here does yo'r father li)eC 17 And Jes's said, >o' 3no& me not or yo' &o'ld 3no& my ?ather, and if yo' 3ne& the ?ather yo' &o'ld 3no& the son, beca'se the ?ather and the son are one. 11 ! %o my &ay and yo' shall find me not, for &here ! %o yo' canot come, beca'se yo' do not 3no& the &ay. 1( >o' cannot find the &ay beca'se yo'r hearts are %ross, yo'r ears are d'll, yo'r eyes are closed. 1+ The li%ht of life cannot shine thro'%h the m'r3y )eil that yo' ha)e dra&n abo't yo'r hearts. 1/ >o' do not 3no& the Christ and if the Christ be not &ithin the heart there is no li%ht. 10 ! come to manifest the Christ to men and yo' recei)e me not, and yo' &ill d&ell in dar3ness and in the shado& of the %ra)e till yo' belie)e the &ords ! s ea3. 11 B't yo' &ill )ilify the son of man, and lift him ' and la'%h to see him die. 14 B't then a little li%ht &ill come and yo' &ill 3no& that ! am &hat ! am. 15 The eo le did not com rehend the meanin% of the &ords he s o3e. 16 And then he s o3e 'nto the eo le &ho belie)ed in him and said, !f yo' abide in Christ, and Christ abide in yo', and if yo' 3ee my &ords &ithin yo'r heart, (7 >o' are the &ay, yo' are disci les in the &ay, and yo' shall 3no& &hat is the tr'th, and tr'th shall ma3e yo' free.

(1 And still the eo le did not 'nderstand, they said, 8e are the seed of Abraham and are already free, &e ne)er &ere the sla)es of any man, &hy do yo' say, 8e shall be freeC (( And Jes's sadi, Ao yo' not 3no& that e)ery one committin% sin is sla)e of sinC abides in bonda%e 'nto sinC (+ !f yo' sin not then yo' are free, b't if yo' sin in tho'%ht, or &ord, or deed, then yo' are sla)es, and na'%ht b't tr'th can set yo' free, if yo' are free thro'%h Christ, then yo' are free indeed. (/ >o' are the seed of Abraham, and yet yo' see3 to 3ill me <'st beca'se ! s ea3 the tr'th of Abraham. (0 >o' are the children of the flesh of Abraham, b't, lo, ! say, There is a s irit'al Abraham &hom yo' 3no& not. (1 !n s irit yo' are children of yo'r father, and yo'r father is Aiabol's, yo' han% ' on his &ords and do his &ill. (4 He &as a m'rderer from the first, he cannot tell the tr'th, and &hen he tells a lie he s ea3s his o&n, he is himself a lie, and he is father of himself. (5 !f yo' &ere children of my ?atherB#od, then yo' co'ld hear the &ords of #od, ! s ea3 the &ords of #od, b't yo' can bear them not. (6 A Pharisee stood forth and said, This fello& is not one of 's he is a c'rst $amaritan and is obsesed. +7 B't Jes's heeded not the &ords of Pharisee or scribe, he 3ne& that all the eo le 3ne& he &as a Je&. +1 And then he said, 8hoe)er 3ee s my &ords shall ne)er die. +( A la&yer said, And no& &e 3no& he is obsessed. :'r father Abraham is dead, the ro hets all are dead, and yet this fello& says, 8hoe)er 3ee s my &ords shall ne)er die. ++ !s this man %reater than o'r ?ather AbrahamC !s he abo)e the ro hetsC and all of them are dead. +/ And Jes's said, >o'r father Abraham re<oiced to see my day, he sa& it and &as %lad. +0 The la&yer said, >o' sim le man, yo' are not fifty years of a%e, ha)e yo' seen AbrahamC +1 And Jes's said, Before the days of Abraham ! am. +4 A%ain the scribes and Pharisees &ere in a ra%e, they too3 ' stones to cast at him, b't, li3e a hamtom of the ni%ht, he disa eared, the eo le 3ne& not &here he &ent.

CHAPTER 1+1 Jes's teaches in the tem le. Relates the arable of the %ood $amaritan. #oes to Bethany. Teaches in's' home. Reb'3es Martha for her anDiety abo't the thin%s of this life. A-A Jes's stood a%ain &ithin the tem le co'rts and ta'%ht. ( A master of the la& &as sent to ='estion him that he mi%ht find a ca'se to cens're and acc'se him of a crime. + He said, 2ord, tell me &hat to do that ! may ha)e eternal lifeC / And Jes's said, >o' 3no& the la&, &hat does it sayC 0 The la&yer ans&ered, >o' shall lo)e the 2ord yo'r #od &ith all yo'r heart, &ith all yo'r so'l, &ith all yo'r stren%th, &ith all yo'r mind, and yo' shall lo)e yo'r nei%hbo'r as yo'rself.

1 And Jes's said, 2o, yo' ha)e ans&ered &ell, this do and yo' shall li)e. 4 The la&yer said, My nei%hbo'r, &ho is heC 5 And Jes's said, A man &as %oin% from Jer'salem to Jericho, and lo, he met &ith robbers on the &ay, &ho beat him, robbed him of his %oods, and left him bleedin% by the &ay. 6 A Pharisee &as %oin% do&n that &ay, he sa& the &o'nded man, b't then he had no time to lose, he assed by on the other side. 17 A 2e)ite came and sa& the man, b't he &as loath to soil his sacerdotal robes, and he assed by. 11 A la&yer on his &ay to Jericho obser)ed the dyin% man, and then he said, !f ! co'ld ma3e a she3el ! mi%ht hel the man, b't he has nothin% left to %i)e, ! ha)e no time for charity, and he assed on. 1( And then a stran%er from $amaria came that &ay, he sa& the &o'nded man, his heart &as to'ched &ith ity, and he sto ed, dismo'nted from his horse, 1+ Re)i)ed the man, and laced him on his horse and too3 him to an inn and char%ed the 3ee er of the inn to n'rse him bac3 to stren%th. 1/ He %a)e the 3ee er all the money that he had and said, >o'r char%es may be more than this, b't care for this 'nfort'nate, and &hen ! come a%ain ! &ill ay all, and then he &ent his &ay. 10 -o&, master of the la&, &hich of these fo'r &as nei%hbo'r 'nto him &ho fell amon% the thie)esC 11 The la&yer said, The man &ho sho&ed him mercy, he &ho cared for him. 14 And Jes's said, #o on yo'r &ay and li3e&ise do, and yo' shall li)e. 15 -o&, Jes's, Peter, James and John &ent o't to Bethany &here's li)ed. 16 And Mary sat at Jes's' feet and heard him s ea3 the &ords of life &hile Martha ser)ed. (7 And Martha called, b't Mary &o'ld not lea)e the 2ord to hel her ser)e. (1 And Martha said to Jes's, Ao yo' not care that Mary ma3es me bear the b'rdens of the ser)in% all the dayC ! be% that yo' &ill bid her hel . (( And Jes's said, >o' are too anDio's, Martha, for yo'r %'ests, yo' need not tro'ble so abo't the thin%s of life. (+ >o' %ro& aB&eary by yo'r care for little thin%s and sli%ht the one thin% needed most of all. (/ >o'r sister here has chosen far the better art, a art that none can at3e a&ay.

CHAPTER 1+4 Jes's and his disci les %o into a retired lace to ray. Jes's teaches's ho& to ray. The model rayer. The )al'e of im ort'nate rayer. Parable of the im ort'nate ho'se&ife. -:8, in the e)enin% Jes's, Peter, James and John, &ith's, &ent o't beyond the )illa%e %ates to ray. And's said, Teach me to ray. ( And Jes's said, The rayer ! ta'%ht the t&el)e to ray &hile &e &ere ' in #alilee is one acce table to #od, and &hen yo' ray <'st say, + :'r ?atherB#od &ho art in hea)en, holy is thy name, thy 3in%dom come, they &ill be done on earth as it is done in hea)en, / #i)e 's this day o'r needed bread, 0 Hel 's for%et the debts that other eo le o&e to 's, that all o'r debts may be dischar%ed, 1 And shield 's from the tem ter's snares that are too %reat for 's to bear,

4 And &hen they come %i)e 's the stren%th to o)ercome. 5 And Jes's said, The ans&er to yo'r rayer may not a ear in f'lness in a little time. 6 Be not disco'ra%ed, ray a%ain and then a%ain, for #od &ill hear. 17 And then he s o3e a arable, he said, A ho'se&ife &as alone at ni%ht and, lo, some %'ests arri)ed, and they &ere h'n%ry, ha)in% had no food for all the day. 11 The ho'se&ife had no bread, and so at midni%ht she &ent forth and called a friend and said, 2oan me three loa)es of bread, for %'ests ha)e come, and ! ha)e na'%ht for them to eat. 1( The friend re lied, 8hy do yo' tro'ble me at midni%ht ho'rC My door is sh't, my children are &ith me in bed, ! cannot rise to %i)e yo' bread, toBmorro& yo' can be s' lied. 1+ The ho'se&ife as3ed a%ain, and then a%ain, and then beca'se she led, and &o'ld not be ref'sed, the friend arose and %a)e her bread. 1/ Behold, ! say to yo', As3 firmly and yo' shall recei)e, see3 tr'stin%ly and yo' shall find, 3noc3 earnestly, the door &ill o en ' . 10 All thin%s are yo'rs, and &hen yo' as3, not as a be%%in% man &o'ld as3, b't as a child, yo' shall be satisfied. 11 A son may as3 his father for a loaf of bread, the father &ill not %i)e to him a stone, 14 :r he may as3 him for a fish, he &ill not %i)e a crab, or he may as3 him for an e%%, the father &ill not %i)e a ebble from the broo3. 15 Behold, if men of flesh 3no& ho& to %i)e ab'ndantly to children of the flesh, &ill not yo'r hea)enly ?ather %i)e ab'ndantly to yo' &hen yo' shall rayC


The Christines in Jer'salem. They meet a man blind from birth. Jes's teaches a lesson on the ca'se of disease and disasters. He heals the blind man. THE 2ord &ith Peter, James and John &ere in Jer'salem, it &as the $abbath day. ( And as they &al3ed alon% the &ay they sa& a man &ho co'ld not see, he had been blind from birth. + And Peter said, 2ord, if disease and im erfections all are ca'sed by sin, &ho &as the sinner in this caseC the arents or the man himselfC / And Jes's said, Afflictions all are artial ayments on a debt, or debts, that ha)e been made. 0 There is a la& of recom ense that ne)er fails, and it is s'mmarised in that tr'e r'le of life* 1 8hatsoe)er man shall do to any other man some other man &ill do to him. 4 !n this &e find the meanin% of the Je&ish la&, eD ressed concisely in the &ords, Tooth for a tooth, life for a life. 5 He &ho shall in<'re any one in tho'%ht, or &ord, or deed, is <'d%ed a debtor to the la&, and some one else shall, li3e&ise, in<'re him in tho'%ht, or &ord or deed. 6 And he &ho shed the blood of any man &ill come ' on the time &hen his blood shall be shed by man. 17 Affliction is a rison cell in &hich a man m'st stay 'ntil he ays his debts 'nless a master sets him free that he may ha)e a better chance to ay his debts.

11 Affliction is a certain si%n that one has debts to ay. 1( Behold this man@ :nce in another life he &as a cr'el man, and in a cr'el &ay destroyed the eyes of one, a fello& man. 1+ The arents of this man once t'rned their faces on a blind and hel less man, and dro)e him from their door. 1/ Then Peter as3ed, Ao &e ay off the debts of other men &hen by the 8ord &e heal them, dri)e the 'nclean s irits o't, or resc'e them from any form of sore distressC 10 And Jes's said, 8e cannot ay the debts of any man, b't by the 8ord &e may release a man from his afflictions and distress, 11 And ma3e him free, that he may ay the debts he o&es, by %i)in% ' his life in &illin% sacrifice for men, or other li)in% thin%s. 14 Behold, &e may ma3e free this man that he may better ser)e the race and ay his debts. 15 Then Jes's called the man and said, 8o'ld yo' be freeC &o'ld yo' recei)e yo'r si%htC 16 The man re lied, All that ! ha)e &o'ld ! most freely %i)e if ! co'ld see. (7 And Jes's too3 sali)a and a bit of clay and ma3e a sal)e, and 't it on the blind man's eyes. (1 He s o3e the 8ord and then he said, #o to $iloam and &ash, and as yo' &ash say, Jahhe)ahe. This do for se)en times and yo' shall see. (( The man &as led 'nto $iloam, he &ashed his eyes and s o3e the &ord, and instantly his eyes &ere o ened and he sa&. (+ The eo le &ho had seen the man for many years sit by the &ay and be%, &ere m'ch s'r rised to see him see. (/ They said, !s not this man the Job that &as born blind, &ho sat beside the &ay and be%%edC (0 He heard them tal3 amon% themsel)es, he said, >es ! am he. (1 The eo le as3ed, Ho& &ere yo' healedC &ho o ened ' yo'r eyesC (4 He said, A man &hom men call Jes's, made a sal)e of clay and 't it on my eyes, and bade me say a &ord and &ash in $iloam se)en times, ! did as he commanded me, and no& ! see. (5 A certain scribe &as assin%, and he sa& the man and heard him say that Jes's, by the 8ord, had o ened ' his eyes. (6 He therefore too3 the man ' to the syna%o%'e, and told the story to the riests, &ho as3ed the man abo't the miracle. +7 The man re lied, ! ne)er sa& the li%ht 'ntil toBday, for ! &as blind from birth. +1 This mornin% as ! sat beside $iloam, a man ! ne)er 3ne& 't on my eyes a sal)e that eo le say he made of clay, he bade me say a &ord and bathe my eyes in &ater se)en times, ! did as he commanded and ! sa&. +( A la&yer as3ed the man, 8ho &as it o ened ' yo'r eyesC ++ The man re lied, $ome eo le say, His name is Jes's and that he came from #alilee, b't others say, He is the son of #od. +/ A Pharisee came ' and said, This is the $abbath day, a man &ho does a &or3 li3e this, re%ardin% not the $abbath day, is not from #od. +0 $ome of the riests &ere m'ch ama.ed and said, A &ic3ed man co'ld ne)er do a miracle li3e this, he m'st ossess the o&er of #od. And so they stro)e amon% themsel)es. +1 They as3ed the man, 8hat do yo' thin3 abo't this man from #alileeC +4 He said, He is a ro het sent from #od. +5 -o&, many of the Je&s did not belie)e the man &as blind from birth, they said, There is no o&er to o en ' the eyes of one born blind. +6 And then they bro'%ht the arents of the man before the Pharisees that they mi%ht testify.

/7 They said, This is o'r son &ho &as born blind, &e do not 3no& ho& he recei)ed his si%ht, he is of a%e and he can tell , as3 him. /1 They &ere afraid to say &hat they belie)ed, that Jes's is the Christ &ho came to manifest the o&er of #od, lest they offend the riests and be cast from the syna%o%'e. /( A%ain the r'lers said, This Jes's is a &ic3ed man. The man &ho had been healed stood forth a%ain and said, /+ This Jes's may be sinner or be saint, ! do not 3no&, b't this one thin% ! 3no&, ! once &as blind, b't no& ! see. // And then the scribes and Pharisees re)iled the man and said, >o' are a follo&er of this man from #alilee. 8e follo& Moses, b't this man, &e 3no& him not, and 3no& not &hence he is. /0 The man re lied, !t is a mar)el that yo' 3no& not &hence he is, and yet he o ened ' my eyes. /1 >o' 3no& that nothin% b't the o&er of #od can do s'ch thin%s. /4 #od hears not sinners ray, and yo' m'st 3no& that he is not a &ic3ed man &ho can em loy the o&er of #od. /5 The Pharisees re lied, >o' &retch@ yo' &ere be%otten and &ere born in sin, and no& yo' try to teach the la& to 's. And then they cast him from the syna%o%'e.

CHAPTER 1+6 Jes's meets and instr'cts the man &ho &as blind. "nfold the mysteries of the 3in%dom. The shee fold. Aeclares himself the she hard. #oes to the home of Massalian, &here he abides ceratin days. 8HE- Jes's heard &hat had been done and ho& the riests had cst the man &hom he had healed, o't of the syna%o%'e he fo'nd the man and said to him, ( Ao yo' belie)e in #od and in the son of #odC + The man re lied, ! do belie)e in #od, b't &ho is he, the son of #od, of &hom yo' s ea3C / And Jes's said, The son of #od is he &ho s ea3s to yo'. 0 The man in='ired then, 8hy do yo' say, The son of #odC !s there b't oneC 1 And Jes's said, All men are sons of #od by birth, #od is the ?ather of the race, b't all are not the sons of #od by faith. 4 He &ho attains the )ictory o)er self is son of #od by faith, and he &ho s ea3s to yo' has o)ercome, and he is called son of #od, beca'se he is the attern for the sons of men. 5 He &ho belie)es and does the &ill of #od is son of #od by faith. 6 The man in <oy eDclaimed, 2ord, ! belie)e in #od, and in the son of #od. 17 And Jes's said, ! came to o en rison doors, to ma3e the blind to see, b't, lo, the Pharisees are blind from birth. 11 And &hen ! 't the sal)e of tr'th ' on their eyes, and bid them %o and &ash, and s ea3 the sacred 8ord they &ill not %o, they lo)e the dar3. 1( A m'ltit'de of eo le ressed abo't the 2ord, and he stood forth and said, 1+ >o' men of !srael, ! say to yo', The fold of #od is lar%e, its &alls are stron%, it has a %ate&ay in the east, and he &ho does not enter by the %ate into the fold, b't climbs into the fold some other &ay, is thief and comes to rob. 1/ The she herd of the shee stands by the %ate, he %i)es the secret si%n, he 3noc3s, the &atchman o ens ' the %ate.

10 And then the she herd calls his shee by name, they hear his )oice and follo& him, they enter thro'%h the %ate into the fold. 11 The shee 3no& not a stran%er's )oice, they &ill not follo& him, they flee a&ay. 14 The eo le did not 'nderstand the arable that Jes's s o3e, and then he said, 15 Christ is the %ate&ay of the fold, ! am the she herd of the shee , and he &ho follo&s me thro'%h Christ shall come into the fold &here li)in% &aters flo&, and &here rich ast'res are. 16 ?alse ro hets come and %o, they claim to be the she herds of the shee , they claim to 3no& the &ay, b't they 3no& not the &ord of o&er, the &atchman o ens not the %ate, the shee heed not their call. (7 The she herd of the shee &ill %i)e his life to sa)e the shee . (1 A hirelin% flees to sa)e his life &hen &ol)es infest the fold, and then the tender lambs are snatched a&ay, the shee are scattered e)ery&here. (( ! am the she herd of the shee , ! 3no& the shee of #od, they 3no& my )oice, as #od 3no&s me and ! 3no& him. (+ The ?ather lo)es me &ith a deathless lo)e, beca'se ! lay my life do&n for the shee . (/ ! lay my life do&n &hen ! &ill, b't ! may ta3e it ' a%ain, for e)ery son of #od by faith has o&er to lay his mortal flesh aside and ta3e it ' a%ain. These &ords ! ha)e recei)ed from #od. (0 A%ain the eo le stro)e amon% themsel)es, they &ere di)ided in their )ie&s concernin% Christ. They co'ld not com rehend the &ords that Jes's s o3e. (1 $ome said a%ain, He is obsessed, or he is mad, &hy listen to his &ordsC (4 And others said, His &ords are not the &ords of one obsessed. Can 'nclean s irits o en ' the eyes of one born blindC (5 Then Jes's left Jer'salem and &ith Massalian he tarried certain days.

CHAPTER 1/7 Jes's and the three disci les ret'rn to Ca erna'm. Jes's recei)es the re ort of the se)enty. 8ith his disci les he %oes thro'%h all #alilee enco'ra%in% the belie)ers. He heals a &oman. Relates the arable of the little seed and the %reat tree. THE time had come for the ret'rn of the three score and ten &hom Jes's sent abroad to reach. ( And Jes's, Peter, James and John be%an their <o'rney bac3 to #alilee. + They &ent ' thro'%h $amaria, they assed thro'%h many )illa%es and to&ns, and e)ery&here the eo le thron%ed the&ays to see the man the se)enty had told abo't, and Jes's ta'%ht and healed the sic3. / And &hen they reached Ca erna'm the se)enty &ere there, and they &ere filled &ith <oy, they said, 0 The $ irit of the 2ord of hosts &as &ith 's all the &ay, and &e &ere filled. 1 The o&er of the sacred 8ord &as manifest in 's, &e healed the sic3, &e ca'sed the lame to &al3, the deaf to hear, the blind to see. 4 The )ery de)ils trembled &hen &e s o3e the 8ord, and they &ere s'b<ect 'nto 's. 5 And Jes's said, As yo' &ere %oin% on yo'r &ay, the hea)ens &ere bri%ht &ith li%ht, the earth &as bri%ht, they seemed to meet and be at one, and ! beheld, and $atan fell as li%htnin% from the hea)ens.

6 Behold, for yo' ha)e o&er to tread on ser ents and on scor ions, and these are symbols of the enemies of men. >o' are rotected in the &ay of ri%ht, and na'%ht can harm. 17 And as yo' &ent ! heard a master say, 8ell done. 11 B't yo' may not re<oice beca'se yo' ha)e the o&er to heal the sic3 and ma3e the de)ils tremble by the 8ord, for s'ch re<oicin% is from carnal self. 1( >o' may re<oice beca'se the nations of the earth ha)e ears to hear the 8ord, and eyes to see the %lory of the 2ord, and hearts to feel the inner breathin% of the Holy Breath. 1+ And yo' may &ell be %lad beca'se yo'r names are &ritten in the Boo3 of 2ife. 1/ Then Jes's loo3ed to hea)en and said, ! than3 thee, ?ather, 2ord of hea)en and earth, beca'se tho' hast re)ealed thyself to babes, and ta'%ht them ho& to li%ht the ath and lead the &ise to thee. 10 8hat tho' hast %i)en to me, lo, ! ha)e %i)en to them, and thro'%h the sacred 8ord ! ha)e besto&ed on them the 'nderstandin% heart, 11 That they mi%ht 3no& and hono'r thee thro'%h Christ, &ho &as, and is, and e)ermore shall be. 14 And then he said aside, 'nto the se)enty and t&el)e, Most blessed are yo'r eyes beca'se yo' see the thin%s yo' see, 15 And blessed they are yo'r ears beca'se they hear the thin%s they hear, 16 And blessed are yo'r hearts beca'se yo' 'nderstand. (7 !n a%es that are %one the &ise of earth, the ro hets, seers and 3in%s, desired to hear and see and 3no& &hat yo' ha)e heard and seen and 3no&n, b't they had not attained and co'ld not hear, and see and 3no&. (1 And Jes's said a%ain, 2o, ! ha)e %one before yo' many moons, and ! ha)e %i)en to yo' the bread of hea)en and the c' of life, (( Ha)e been yo'r b'c3ler and yo'r stay, b't no& that yo' ha)e learned the &ay, and ha)e the stren%th to stand alone, behold, ! lay my body do&n and %o to him &ho is the All. (+ !n forty days then &e &ill t'rn o'r faces to&ards Jer'salem &here ! &ill find the altar of the 2ord and %i)e my life in &illin% sacrifice for men. (/ 2et 's arise and %o thro'%h all the coasts of #alilee, and %i)e a sal'tation of %ood cheer to all the sons of #od by faith. (0 And they arose and &ent, they entered e)ery to&n and )illa%e on the coast, and e)ery&here they said, The benedictions of the Christ abide &ith yo' for e)ermore. (1 -o&, in a certain to&n they &ent ' to the syna%o%'e ' on the $abbath day, and Jes's ta'%ht. (4 And as he s o3e, t&o men bro'%ht on a cot a &oman bent near do'ble &ith disease, she had not risen from her bed for ei%hteen years &itho't a hel in% hand. (5 And Jes's laid his hand ' on the &oman, and he said, Arise, be free from yo'r infirmity. (6 And as he s o3e the 8ord the &oman fo'nd that she &as strai%ht and stron%, and she arose and &al3ed and said, Praise #od. +7 The r'ler of the syna%o%'e &as filled &ith &rath beca'se the healer healed ' on the $abbath day. +1 He did not cens're Jes's face to face, b't t'rnin% to the m'ltit'des he said, +( >o' men of #alilee, &hy do yo' brea3 the la&s of #odC There are siD days in e)ery &ee3 &hen yo' may brin% the afflicted to be healed. ++ This is the day that #od has blessed, the $abbath day in &hich men may not &or3. +/ And Jes's said, >o' inconsistent scribes and Pharisees@ " on the $abbath day yo' ta3e yo'r beasts of b'rden from their stalls, and lead them forth to eat and drin3, is this not &or3C +0 This da'%ht of yo'r father Abraham, &ho has been bo'nd for ei%hteen years, has come in faith to be made free.

+1 -o&, tell me, men, is it a crime to brea3 her bonds and set her free ' on the $abbath dayC +4 The r'ler said no more, the eo le all re<oiced and said, Behold the Christ@ +5 And Jes's s o3e a arable, he said, The 3in%dom of the Christ is li3e a little seed that one 't in the %ro'nd, +6 !t %re& and after many years became a mi%hty tree, and many eo le rested in its shade, and birds b'ilt nests and reared their yo'n% amon% its leafy bo'%hs.

CHAPTER 1/1 Jes's s ea3s &ords of enco'ra%ement. Reb'3es an officio's Pharisee. Attends a &eddin% feast. Heals a dro sical man. Reb'3es %'ests &ho see3 chief seats. Relates a arable of a &eddin% feast. A-A Jes's &ent into another to&n ' on the coast and s o3e %ood &ords of cheer to those &ho follo&ed him. ( And one stood forth and said, 2ord, are there fe& that enter into lifeC + And Jes's said, The &ay is ro'%h that leads to life, the %ate is narro& and is %'arded &ell, b't e)ery one &ho see3s in faith shall find the &ay, and they &ho 3no& the 8ord may enter in. / B't many see3 the &ay for selfish %ain, they o'nd ' on the %ate of life, b't it is fast. 0 The &atchman from the t'rret says, ! 3no& yo' not, yo'r s eech is that of Ashdod, and yo'r robes are those of sin, de art and %o yo'r &ay. 1 And they &ill %o their &ay &ith &ee in% and &ith %nashin% of the teeth. 4 And they &ill be enra%ed &hen they &ill be enra%ed &hen they see their father Abraham &ith !saac, Jacob and the or hets, restin% in the 3in%dom of the Christ, and they themsel)es debarred. 5 And, lo, ! say that men &ill come from lands afar, from east, from &est, from north, from so'th and sit &ith me in conscio'sness of life. 6 Behold, ! say, the last shall be the first, the first shall be the last. 17 All men are called 'nto the 3in%dom of the Christ, b't fe& are chosen, for the 're in heart alone can see the 3in%. 11 And as he s o3e a Pharisee came ' and said, >o' man of #alilee, if yo' &o'ld sa)e yo'r life remain not here, flee instantly, for Herod s&ears that he &ill ta3e yo'r life, and e)en no& his officers are see3in% yo'. 1( And Jes's said, 8hy is it that the Pharisees are so concerned abo't my lifeC And then he said 'nto the man &ho s o3e, 1+ #o forth and say to that sly foD, Behold, ! heal the sic3 and cast the 'nclean s irits o't toBday, tomorro&, and the days to come, and then ! &ill attain. 1/ #o say to him, ! need not fear in #alilee, for ! m'st meet the cr'el &rath of men &ithin Jer'salem. 10 And &hile they tarried in the lace a man, a Pharisee, in)ited Jes's and a fe& of those &ho follo&ed him, to dine &ith him ' on the $abbath day, to celebrate the marria%e of his son. 11 Amon% the %'ests &as one afflicted &ith a dro sical disease. 14 And Jes's said to those &ho had been sent to %et from his o&n li s some &ords by &hich they mi%ht acc'se him of a crime, 15 >o' la&yers and yo' Pharisees, &hat do yo' say abo't the la&lessness of healin% on the $abbath dayC Here is a man, one of yo'r o&n, and he is sore distressed.

16 $hall !, in #od's o&n stren%th, say o't the healin% 8ord and heal this manC (7 The la&yers and the Pharisees &ere d'mb, they ans&ered not. (1 Then Jes's s o3e the healin% 8ord and healed the man and he, re<oicin%, &ent his &ay. (( Then Jes's said a%ain 'nto the la&yers and the Pharisees, 8hich one of yo' &ho has a horse or co&, if it &o'ld fall into a it ' on the $abbath day &o'ld fall &o'ld not call in his friends to hel to dra& it o'tC (+ And not a man co'ld ans&er, Here am !. (/ As Jes's loo3ed ' on the %'ests &ho had been bidden to the feast and sa& them cro&din% in to %et the hi%hest seats, he said to them, (0 >o' selfish men, &hy do yo' stri)e to ta3e the hi%hest seats &hen yo' are b't in)ited %'estsC >o' do not sho& o'r host the co'rtesies of life. (1 8hen men are bidden to a marria%e feast they sho'ld sit in the lo&er seats 'ntil the host shall lace them &here he &ills. (4 >o' may, 'nbidden, ta3e the hi%hest seat, b't then a man more hono'rable may come and &hen the host shall bid yo' rise and ta3e a lo&er seat that he may hono'r his more &orthy %'est, yo' cannot hel b't bl'sh for )ery shame in yo'r h'mility. (5 B't if yo' ta3e the lo&est seat and then are hono'red by yo'r host and as3ed to ta3e a hi%her seat, yo' are esteemed an hono'red %'est. (6 !n this e)ent &e note a rinci le in life, That he &ho &o'ld eDalt himself shall be abased, and he &ho h'mbles lo& himself shall be eDalted in the si%ht of men. +7 Then Jes's s o3e to all the %'ests, he said, 8hen any one of yo' &o'ld ma3e a feast it sho'ld not be for friends, or 3indred, or the rich, +1 ?or they consider s'ch a co'rtesy loaned o't, and they feel called ' on to ma3e a %reater feast for yo', <'st in the ayment of a debt. +( B't &hen yo' ma3e a feast in)ite the oor, the lame, the blind, in this a blessin% &aits for yo', for &ell yo' 3no& that yo' &ill %et na'%ht in ret'rn, b't in the conscio'sness of hel in% those &ho need, yo' &ill be recom ensed. ++ And then he s o3e a arable, he said, A &ealthy man re ared a feast, he sent his ser)ants forth to bit his chosen ones to come, b't they desired not to %o, and they formed s'ch eDc'ses as they tho'%ht &o'ld satisfy the &o'ldBbe host. +/ :ne said, ! ha)e <'st bo'%ht a iece of land, and ! m'st %o and ro)e my title to the land, ! ray to be eDc'sed. +0 Another said ! m'st %o do&n and ro)e my o&nershi in shee that ! ha)e bo'%ht, ! ray to be eDc'sed. +1 Another said, ! ha)e been married b't a little time and so ! cannot %o, ! be% to be eDc'sed. +4 -o&, &hen the ser)ants came and told the man &ho had re ared the feast that those he had in)ited &o'ld not come, +5 The man &s %rie)ed in heart, and then he sent his ser)ants forth into the streets and alleys of the to&n to brin% ' to the feast the oor, the lame, the blind. +6 The ser)ants &ent abroad and fo'nd the oor, the lame, the blind, and bro'%ht them in, b't there &as room for more. /7 The host then sent his men of arms to brin% by force the eo le to his feast, and then the ho'se &as f'll. /1 And #od has made a feast for men. 2on% years a%o he sent his ser)ants forth 'nto the fa)o'red sons of men. They &o'ld not hear his call, they came not to the feast. /( He then sent forth his ser)ants to the stran%ers and the m'ltit'des, they came, b't there is room for more. /+ Behold, for he &ill send his an%els forth &ith mi%hty tr'm et blast, and men &ill be com elled to come ' to the feast.

CHAPTER 1/( The ath of disci leshi , its diffic'lties. The cross and its meanin%. The dan%er of &ealth. The yo'n% man &ho lo)ed &ealth more than he lo)ed Christ. Parable of the rich man and's. -:8, Jes's and the t&el)e &ent to another to&n, and as they entered it they said, Peace be to all, %ood &ill to all. ( A m'ltit'de of eo le follo&ed and the master said to them, Behold, for yo' are follo&ers for selfish %ain. + !f yo' &o'ld follo& me in lo)e, and be disci les of the Holy Breath, and %ain at last the cro&n of life, yo' m'st lea)e all there is of carnal life behind. / Be not decei)ed, stay, men, and co'nt the cost. 0 !f one &o'ld b'ild a to&er, or a home, he first sits do&n and co'nts the cost to be ass'red that he has %old eno'%h to finish it. 1 ?or &ell he 3no&s that if he ma3es a fail're of his enter rise he may lose all his &ealth, and be the b'tt of ridic'le. 4 And if a 3in% desires to ta3e the 3in%dom of another 3in%, he calls his tr'sted men and they consider &ell their stren%th, he &ill not meas're arms &ith one of matchless o&er. 5 Co'nt &ell the cost before yo' start to follo& me, it means the %i)in% ' of life, and all yo' ha)e. 6 !f yo' lo)e father, mother, &ife, or child, more than lo)e the Christ, yo' cannot follo& me. 17 !f yo' follo& &ealth or hono'r more than yo' lo)e the Christ, yo' cannot follo& me. 11 The aths of carnal life do not r'n ' the mo'ntain side to&ards the to , they r'n aro'nd the mo'nt of life, and if yo' %o strai%ht to the ' er %ate of conscio'sness yo' cross the aths of carnal life, tread in them not. 1( And this is ho& men bear the cross, no man can bear another's cross. 1+ Ta3e ' yo'r cross and follo& me thro'%h Christ into the ath of tr'e disci leshi , this is the ath that leads to life. 1/ This &ay of life is called the earl of %reatest rice, and he &ho finds it m'st 't all he has beneath his feet. 10 Behold, a man fo'nd in a certain field the cro in%s of a &ondro's mine of %old, and he &ent forth and sold his home and aal he had and bo'%ht the field, then he re<oiced in &ealth. 11 -o&, there &ere resent, scribes and Pharisees of &ealth &ho lo)ed their money, and their bonds and lands, and they la'%hed lo'd to scorn &hat Jes's said. 14 Then Jes's s o3e to them and said, >o' are the men &ho <'stify yo'rsel)es in si%ht of men, #od 3no&s yo'r &ic3edness of heart, 15 And yo' m'st 3no&, : men, that &hatsoe)er is re)ered and is eDalted by the carnal mind, is an abomination in the si%ht of #od. 16 And Jes's &ent his &ay, and as he &ent a yo'n% man ran and 3nelt do&n at his feet and said, #ood master, tell me &hat to do that ! may ha)e eternal life. (7 And Jes's said, 8hy do yo' call me %oodC -o one is tr'ly %ood b't #od himself. (1 And #od has said, !f yo' &o'ld enter into life, 3ee the Commandments of the la&. (( The yo'n% man as3ed, To &hich commands did he referC (+ And Jes's said, >o' shall not 3ill, yo' shall not steal, yo' shall not do ad'ltero's thin%s, yo' shall not falsely testify, (/ and yo' shall lo)e yo'r #od &ith all yo'r heart, and yo' shall lo)e yo'r nei%hbo'r as yo'rself.

(0 The man re lied, These thin%s ! ha)e obser)ed from yo'th, &hat lac3 ! yetC (1 And Jes's said, :ne thin% yo' lac3, yo'r heart is fiDed on thin%s of earth, yo' are not free. (4 #o forth and sell all that yo' ha)e, and %i)e yo'r money to the oor, and come follo& me, and yo' shall ha)e eternal life. (5 The man &as %rie)ed at &hat the master said, for he &as rich, he hid his face and &ent in sorro& on his &ay. (6 And Jes's loo3ed ' on the sorro&in% man and said, !t is so hard for men &ith hoarded&ealth to enter thro'%h the door into the 3in%dom of the so'l. +7 And his disci les &ere ama.ed at &hat he said. +1 He ans&ered them and said, ! tell yo', men, that they &ho tr'st in riches cannot tr'st in #od and cannot come into the 3in%dom of the so'l* +( >ea, it is easier for a camel to %o thro'%h a needle's eye than for a man &ith hoarded &ealth to find the &ay of life. And his disci les said, 8ho then can find the &ayC 8ho can be sa)edC ++ And Jes's said, The rich may %i)e his %old a&ay, the hi%h may 3iss the d'st, and #od &ill sa)e. +/ Then Jes's s o3e this arable to them* +0 A rich man li)ed in s lendid state, he &ore the finest %arments men co'ld ma3e, his boards &ere loaded &ith the costliest )iands of the land. +1 A be%%ar, blind and lame, &hose name &as's, &as &ont to sit beside the &aste %ate of this home that he mi%ht share &ith do%s the ref'se from the rich man's board. +4 !t came to ass that's died, and an%els carried him a&ay 'nto the bosom of o'r father Abraham. +5 The rich man also died, and he &as b'ried in a costly tomb, b't in the 'rifyin% fires he o ened ' his eyes dissatisfied. +6 He loo3ed and sa& the be%%ar restin% eacef'lly in the bosom of his father Abraham, and in the bitterness of his so'l he cried, /7 My father Abraham, loo3 do&n in mercy on yo'r son, ! am tormented in these flames. /1 $end's, ! beseech, that he may %i)e me <'st a s' of &ater to cool my arched ton%'e. /( B't Abraham re lied, My son, in mortal life, yo' had the best thin%s of the earth and's had the &orst, and yo' &o'ld not %i)e him a c' of &ater there, b't dro)e him from yo'r door. /+ The la& m'st be f'lfilled, and's no& is conforted, and yo' are ayin% &hat yo' o&e. // Besides, there is a %reat %'lf fiDed bet&een yo'r .one and 's, and if ! &o'ld ! co'ld not send's to yo', and yo' cannot come ' to 's till yo' ha)e aid yo'r debts. /0 A%ain the man in an%'ish said, : father Abraham, ! ray, send's bac3 to earth, and to my father's ho'se, that he may tell my brothers &ho are yet in life, for ! ha)e fi)e of them, abo't the horrors of this lace, lest they come do&m to me and not to yo'. /1 And Abraham re lied, They ha)e the &ords of Moses and the seers, let them hear them. /4 The man re lied, They &ill not hear3en to the &ritten &ord, bit if a amn &o'ld %o ' from the %ra)e they mi%ht belie)e. /5 B't Abraham re lied, !f they hear not the &ords of Moses and the seers they &o'ld not be ers'aded e)en tho'%h one from the dead stood in their midst. /6 And Peter said, 2ord, &e ha)e left o'r all to follo& yo', and &hat is o'r re&ardC 07 And Jes's said, Most )erily ! say to yo', that yo' &ho ha)e left all to follo& me shall come into a ne&ness of a life hid dee &ith Christ in #od.

01 And yo' shall sit &ith me ' on the throne of o&er, and <'d%e &ith me the tribes of !srael. 0( And he &ho con='ers carnal self, and follo&s me thro'%h Christ shall ha)e a h'ndred fold of that &hich is the &ealth of life on earth, and in the &orld to come, eternal life.

CHAPTER 1/+ Ri%hteo'sness in re&ards. Jes's relates the arable of the h'sbandman and the labo'rers. Ma3es 3no&n the di)ine la& of di)orce. The mystery of marria%e. THE 2ord &as standin% by the sea, the m'ltit'des &ere there and one stood forth and said, ( Aoes #od besto& re&ards as men besto& re&ards, for &hat is doneC + And Jes's said, Men ne)er 3no& &hat other men ha)e done, this life is s'ch a seemin% life. / :ne man may seem to do a mi%hty &or3, and be ad<'d%ed by men as &orthy of a %reat re&ard. 0 Another man may seem to be a fail're in the har)est fields of life, and be dishono'red in the face of men. 1 Men do not 3no& the hearts of men, #od only 3no&s the hearts of men, and &hne the day is done he may re&ard &ith life the man &ho fell beneath the b'rdens of the day, and t'rn a&ay the man &ho &as the idol of the hearts of men. 4 And then he s o3e a arable, he said, The 3in%dom of the so'l is li3e a man &ho had a )ast estate, 5 And in the mornin% time he &ent do&n to the mar3et lace to search for men to %ather in his %rain. 6 He fo'nd three men, and he a%reed to %i)e to each a enny for his ser)ice for the day, and sent them to his field. 17 A%ain he &ent do&n to the mar3et lace the third ho'r of the day and fo'nd fi)e men in &aitin%, and he said, #o do&n into my field and ser)e, and ! &ill ay yo' &hat is ri%ht, and they &ent do&n and ser)ed. 11 He &ent a%ain, it &as the siDth ho'r of the day, and se)en men &ere &aitin% at the stand, he sent them to the field to ser)e. 1( And at the ele)enth ho'r he &ent a%ain, t&el)e men stood there in seemin% idleness, he said to them, 8hy stand yo' here in idleness all dayC 1+ They said, Beca'se &e ha)e no &or3 to do, no man has hired 's. 1/ And then he sent them to his field to ser)e. 10 -o&, &hen the e)enin% came the man said to his ste&ard, Call the labo'rers from the field, and ay them for his ser)ices. And all &ere aid, and each recei)ed a enny for his hire. 11 -o&, &hen the t&el)e, &ho ser)ed b't from the ele)enth ho'r, recei)ed each one a enny for his hire, the three &ere sore a%%rie)ed, they said, 14 These t&el)e ha)e ser)ed b't one short ho'r, and no& they ha)e an e='al share &ith 's &ho ha)e toiled thro'%h the scorchin% ho'rs of day, sho'ld &e not ha)e at least t&o ennies for o'r hireC 15 The man re lied, My friends, ! do no &ron% to yo'. Aid &e mot ha)e a fast a%reement &hen yo' &ent to &or3C Ha)e ! not aid in f'llC 16 8hat is it 'nto yo' if ! sho'ld ay these men a smaller or a lar%er s'mC Ta3e that &hich is yo'r o&n and %o yo'r &ay, for ! &ill %i)e 'nto the t&el)e &hat ! &ill %i)e 'nto the three, the fi)e, the se)en.

(7 They did their best and yo' co'ld do no more than do yo'r best. (1 The hire of man is based ' on the intent of the heart. (( As Jes's ta'%ht, a Pharisee came ' and said, 2ord, is it la&f'l for a amn to 't a&ay his &ifeC (+ And Jes's said, >o' o'%ht to 3no&, &hat says the la&C (/ The Pharisee re lied, The la& ro)ides that man may be di)orced, may 't a&ay his &ife. (0 And Jes's said, The hardness of the hearts of men ind'ced the %i)er of the la& to ma3e ro)isions s'ch as these, b't from the first it &as not so. (1 #od made a &oman for a man, and they &ere one, and after&ards he said, A man shall lea)e his father and his mother and shall clea)e 'nto his &ife, they are no more di)ided, they are one, one flesh. (4 8hat #od has <oined no man can art. (5 -o&, &hen they &ent ' to the ho'se, a man made free to as3 a%ain abo't this matter of di)orce. (6 And Jes's said a%ain &hat to the Pharisee he said, and then he %a)e the hi%her la& of marria%e life* +7 8hoe)er 'ts a&ay his &ife, eDce t she be a co'rtesan, and then shall ta3e another &ife commits ad'ltery. +1 The &oman &ho shall lea)e a man, 'nless he be a libertine and an ad'lterer, and then becomes the &ife of any other man, commits ad'ltery. +( And Thomas as3ed, 8hat is ad'lteryC ++ And Jes's said, The man &ho harbo'rs l'stf'l tho'%hts, &ho co)ets any &oman not his &ife, is an ad'lterer. +/ The &ife &ho harbo'rs l'stf'l tho'%hts, and co)ets any man &ho is not &ed to her, is not her h'sband, is a co'rtesan. +0 Men cannot ma3e a la& to bind t&o hearts. +1 8hen t&o are bo'nd in lo)e they ha)e no tho'%ht of l'st. The &oman cannot lea)e the man, the man has no desire to send his &ife a&ay. +4 8hen men and &omen harbo'r l'stf'l tho'%hts, and co)et any other flesh, they are not one, not <oined by #od. +5 And Phili said, 2ord, are there fe& that #od has <oined in holy marria%e bondsC +6 And Jes's said, #od 3no&s the 're in heart, the l'stf'l men and &omen are b't creat'res of the l'stf'l self, they cannot be at one, nor can they be at one &ith #od. /7 -athaniel said, !s it not &ell that all men sho'ld refrain from ta3in% on themsel)es the marria%e )o&C /1 And Jes's said, Men are not 're beca'se they are 'nmarried men. The man &ho l'sts is an ad'lterer if he has &ife or not. /( And then he said to all, $ome thin%s men 3no& by bein% told, &hile other thin%s they 3no& not till the %ate of conscio'sness shall o en ' for them. /+ ! s ea3 a mystery that no& yo' cannot 'nderstand, b't yo' shall some day 'nderstand. // A e'n'ch is a man &ho does not l'st, some men are e'n'chs born, some are e'n'chs by the o&er of men, and some are e'n'chs by the Holy Breath, &ho ma3es them free in #od thro'%h Christ. /0 He &ho is able to recei)e the tr'th ! s ea3, let him recei)e.

CHAPTER 1// The Christines at Tiberi's. Jes's s ea3s on the inner life. Relates the rodi%al son. The resentment of the elder brother. arable of the

8HE- they had <o'rneyed thro'%h the to&ns and cities of the land of #alilee, the 2ord &ith his disci les came to Tiberi's, and here they met a fe& &ho lo)ed the name of Christ. ( And Jes's told them many thin%s abo't the inner life, b't &hen the m'ltit'des came ' , he s o3e a arable, he said, + A ceratin man &ith %reat ossessions had t&o sons. The yo'n%est son %re& tired of life at home and said, / My father, ray di)ide yo'r &ealth and %i)e the ortion that is mine to me, and ! &ill see3 my fort'ne in another land. 0 The father did as he desired, and &ith his &ealth the yo'n% man &ent into a forei%n land. 1 He &as a rofli%ate and soon had s='andered all his &ealth in &ays of sin. 4 8hen nothin% else remained for him to do he fo'nd em loyment in the fields to care for s&ine. 5 And he &as h'n%ry, and no one %a)e him a'%ht to eat, and so he ate the carob ods that he &as feedin% to the s&ine. 6 And after many days he fo'nd himself and said 'nto himself, My father is a man of &ealth, he has a score of ser)ants &ho are bo'ntif'lly fed &hile !, his son, am star)in% in the fields amon% the s&ine. 17 ! do not ho e to be recei)ed a%ain as son, b't ! &ill rise and %o strai%ht to my father's ho'se, and ! &ill ma3e confession of my &ay&ardness, 11 And ! &ill say, My father, ! am come a%ain, ! am rofli%ate, and ! ha)e lost my &ealth in &ays of sin, ! am not &orthy to be called yo'r son. 1( ! do not as3 to be recei)ed a%ain as son, b't let me ha)e a lace amon% yo'r ser)ants, &here ! may ha)e a shelter from the storms and ha)e eno'%h to eat. 1+ And he arose and so'%ht his father's ho'se, and as he came his mother sa& him &hile yet a %reat &ay off. 1/ GA mother's heart can feel the first faint yearnin% of a &anderin% child.H 10 The father came, and hand in hand they &al3ed aBdo&n the &ay to meet the boy, and there &as <oy, %reat <oy. 11 The boy tried hard to lead for mercy and a ser)ant's lace, b't lo)e &as all too %reat to listen to the lea. 14 The door &as o ened &ide, he fo'nd a &elcome in the mother's heart, and in the father's heart. 15 The father called the ser)ants in, and bade them brin% the finest robe for him, the choicest sandals for his feet, a rin% of 'rest %old for him to &ear. 16 And then the father said, My ser)ants, %o and 3ill the fatted calf, re are a feast, for &e are %lad, (7 :'r son &e tho'%ht &as dead is here ali)e, a treas're that &e tho'%ht &as lost is fo'nd. (1 The feast &as soon re ared and all &ere merry, &hen the eldest son &ho had been ser)in% in a distant field and 3ne& not that his brother had ret'rned, came home. (( And &hen he learned the ca'se of all the merriment he &as offended, and &o'ld not %o into the ho'se. (+ His father and his mother both beso'%ht him tearf'lly to disre%ard the &ay&ardness and folly of their son, b't he &o'ld not, he said, (/ 2o, all these years ! ha)e remained at home, ha)e ser)ed yo' e)ery day, ha)e ne)er yet trans%ressed yo'r most se)ere commands, (0 And yet yo' ne)er 3illed for me a 3id, nor made for me a sim le feast that ! mi%ht ma3e merry &ith my friends, (1 B't &hen yo'r son, this rofli%ate, &ho has %one forth and s='andered half yo'r &ealth in &ays of sin, comes home, beca'se he co'ld do nothin% else, yo' 3ill for him the fatted calf and ma3e a &ondro's feast.

(4 His father said, My son, all that ! ha)e is yo'rs and yo' are e)er &ith 's in o'r <oys, (5 And it is &ell to sho& o'r %ladness &hen yo'r brother, &ho is near and dear to 's, and &ho &e tho'%ht &as dead, ret'rns to 's ali)e. (6 He may ha)e been a rofli%ate, may ha)e consorted &ith %ay co'rtesans and thie)es, yet he is still yo'r brother and o'r son. +7 Then JEs's said so all mi%ht hear, He &ho has ears to hear, and hearts to 'nderstand &ill com rehend the meanin% of this arable. +1 Then Jes's and the t&el)e came to Ca erna'm.

CHAPTER 1/0 Jes's s ea3s on the establishment of the Christine 3in%dom and the f't're comin% of the 2ord in o&er. EDhorts to faithf'lness. Parable of the 'n<'st <'d%e. Parable of the Pharisee and the 'blican. A C:MPA-> of Pharisees came ' to s ea3 &ith Jes's and they said, Rabboni, &e ha)e heard yo' say, The 3in%dom is at hand. ( 8e read in Aaniel that the #od of hea)en &ill form a 3in%dom, and &e as3, !s this the 3in%dom of the #od yo' s ea3 abo'tC !f so, &hen &ill it comeC + And Jes's said, The ro hets all ha)e told abo't this 3in%dom of the #od, and it is <'st at hand, b't men can ne)er see it come. / !t ne)er can be seen &ith carnal eyes, it is &ithin. 0 2o, ! ha)e said, and no& ! say a%ain, -one b't the 're in heart can see the 3in%, and all the 're in heart are s'b<ects of the 3in%. 1 Reform, and t'rn a&ay form sin, re are yo', : re are@ the 3in%dom is at hand. 4 And then he s o3e to his disci les and he said, The seasons of the son of man are ast. 5 The time &ill come &hen yo' &ill &ish abo)e all else to see a%ain one of these days, b't yo' can see it not. 6 And many men &ill say, 2o, here is Christ, lo, there is Christ. Be not decei)ed, %o not into their &ays. 17 ?or &hen the son of man &ill come a%ain no man need oint the &ay, for as the li%htnin% li%hts the hea)ens, so &ill the son of man li%ht ' the hea)ens and earth. 11 B't, lo, ! say, that many %enerations &ill ha)e come and %one before the son of man shall come in o&er, b't &hen he comes no one &ill say, 2o, here is Christ, lo, there. 1( B't as it &as before the flood in -oah's day, so shall it be. The eo le ate, they dran3,&ere filled &ith merriment and san% for <oy, 1+ And did not 3no& their doom 'ntil the ar3 &as done and -oah entered in, b't then the flood came on and s&e t them all a&ay. 1/ $o, also, in the days of 2ot, the eo le ate and dran3, they bo'%ht, they sold, they lanted and they rea ed, they &ent their &ays in sin, and they cared not, 10 B't &hen the ri%hteo's 2ot &ent from their city's %ates the earth beneath the city shoo3, and brimstone fires fell from hea)en, 11 The %a in% <a&s of earth fle& &ide, and s&allo&ed ' their homes, their &ealth, and they &ent do&n to rise no more. 14 $o shall it be &hen comes the son of man in o&er. 15 ! char%e yo' men, as ! &ill char%e men then, $ee3 not to sa)e yo'r &ealth, or yo' &ill lose yo'r li)es. #o forth, and loo3 not bac3 ' on the cr'mblin% &alls of sin. Ao not for%et 2ot's &ife.

16 8hoe)er tries to sa)e his life &ill lose his life, &hoe)er freely %i)es his life in ser)in% life &ill sa)e his life. (7 Then comes the siftin% time. T&o men &ill be in bed, one &ill be called, the other left, t&o &omen &ill be &or3in% side by side, one &ill be snatched a&ay, the other left. (1 And his disci les said, ED lain to 's this arable, or is it not a arableC (( And Jes's said, The &ise &ill 'nderstand, for &here the bread of hea)en is, there yo' &ill find the 're in heart, and &here the carcass lies &ill %ather all the birds of rey. (+ B't lo, ! say, before these days &ill come, the son of man &ill be betrayed by one of yo' into the hands of &ic3ed men, and he &ill %i)e his life for yo' and all the &orld. (/ >ea, more, the Holy Breath &ill come in o&er and fill yo' &ith the &isdom of the <'st. (0 And yo' &ill tell the &ondro's story in J'dea and in $amaria and in the farther lands of earth. (1 And then to teach that men sho'ld ray and ne)er faint, he told this arable* (4 There &as a <'d%e &ho feared not #od, nor yet re%arded man. (5 There &as a &ido& &ho oft im lored the <'d%e to ri%ht her &ron%s and to a)en%e her foes. (6 At first the <'d%e &o'ld hear her not, b't after many days he said, +7 ! fear not #od, and ! re%ard not man, yet, lest this &ido& &ear me o't by leadin% e)ery day ! &ill a)en%e her on her foes. +1 8hen the disci les as3ed the meanin% of this arable, the 2ord re lied, The &ise can 'nderstand, the foolish ha)e no need to 3no&. +( And then to teach a lesson 'nto certain of his follo&ers &ho tr'sted in themsel)es and tho'%ht that they &ere holier than other men, he told this arable* ++ T&o men &ent to the syna%o%'e to ray, one &as a Pharisee, the other &as a 'blican. +/ The Pharisee stood forth and rayed th's &ith himself, : #od, ! than3 thee that ! am not li3e other men, &ho are eDtortioners, 'n<'st, ad'lterers, +0 -ot e)en li3e this 'blican. ! fast t&o times a &ee3, and ! %i)e tithes of all ! %et. +1 The 'blican came not aBnear, he &o'ld not lift his eyes to hea)en, b't smote his breast and said, +4 : lord, be mercif'l to me, ! am a sinner in thy si%ht, ! am 'ndone. +5 And no&, yo' men, ! say to yo', The 'blican 3ne& ho& to ray, and he &as <'stified. +6 The Pharisee 3ne& ho& to tal3, b't still he &ent a&ay condemned. /7 2o, e)ery one &ho la'ds himself himself shall be abased, and he &ho does not raise himself shall be eDalted in the si%ht of #od.

CHAPTER 1/1 2ast meetin% of Jes's &ith his disci les in #alilee. Miriam sin%s a son% of raise. The son%. The Christines be%in their <o'rney to Jer'salem. They rest at Enon $ rin%s. The selfish re='est of the mother of James and John. The Christines reach Jer'salem. THE &or3 of Jes's in the land of #alilee &as done, and he sent forth a messa%e, and the many came from many to&ns of #alilee, came to recei)e a benediction from his hand.


Amon% the m'ltit'des &ho came &as 2'3e, a $yrian from Antioch, a learned hysician and a <'st and ' ri%ht man. + Theo hil's, a #recian senator, a minister of Caesar's co'rt, &as also there, and many other men of hono'r and reno&n. / And Miriam san%* All hail the Aay $tar form on hi%h@ 0 All hail the Christ &ho e)er &as, and is and e)ermore shall be@ 1 All hail the dar3ness of the shado&land@ All hail the da&n of eace on earth, %ood &ill to men@ 4 All hail tri'm hant 3in%, &ho %ra les &ith the tyrant Aeath, &ho con='ers in the fi%ht, and brin%s to li%ht immortal life for men@ 5 All hail the bro3en cross, the m'tilated s ear@ 6 All hail the tri'm h of the so'l@ All hail the em ty tomb@ 17 All hail to him des ised by men, re<ected by the m'ltit'des, for he is seated on the throne of o&er@ 11 All hail@ for he has called the 're in heart of e)ery clime to sit &ith him ' on the throne of o&er@ 1( All hail, the rendin% )eil@ The &ay into the hi%hest co'rts of #od is o en for the sons of men@ 1+ Re<oice, : men of earth, re<oice, and be eDceedin% %lad@ 1/ Brin% forth the har and to'ch its hi%hest strin%s, brin% forth the l'te, and so'nd its s&eetest notes@ 10 ?or men &ho &ere made lo&, are hi%h eDalted no&, and they &ho &al3ed in dar3ness and in the )ale of death, are risen ' and #od and man are one for e)ermore, 11 Allel'<ah@ raise the 2ord for e)ermore. Amen. 14 And Jes's lifted ' his eyes to hea)en and said, 15 My ?atherB#od, let no& the benediction of thy lo)e, thy mercy and thy tr'th rest on these men. 16 The lam is ta3en from their midst, and if the inner li%ht be not aflame, lo, they m'st tread the &ays of dar3ness and of death. (7 And then he said to all, ?are&ell (1 Then Jes's and his mother, and the t&el)e, and Miriam and Mary, mother of the t&o disci les, James and John, (( And many other loyal so'ls &ho lo)ed the Christ, &ent to Jer'salem, that they mi%ht celebrate the Je&ish feast. (+ And as they <o'rneyed on their &ay they came to Enon $ rin%s, near 'nto $alim &here the harbin%er once ta'%ht. (/ And as they rested by the fo'ntain, Mary, &ife of ;ebedee, and mother of the t&o disci les, James and John, came to the master and she said, (0 My 2ord, ! 3no& the 3in%dom is abo't to come, and ! &o'ld as3 this boon* Command that these my sons shall sit &ith yo' ' on the throne, the one ' on the ri%ht, the other on the left. (1 And Jes's said to her, >o' 3no& not &hat yo' as3. (4 And then he t'rned to James and John and said, Are yo' re ared and are yo' stron% eno'%h to drin3 the c' that ! &ill drin3C (5 They said, >es, master, &e are stron% eno'%h to follo& &here yo' %o. (6 Then Jes's said, >o' shall indeed drin3 of my c' , b't ! am not the <'d%e of &ho &ill sit ' on my ri%ht or my left. +7 The men &ho li)e the life and 3ee the faith &ill sit ' on the throne of o&er. +1 -o&, &hen the a ostles heard the leadin%s of the mother for her sons, and 3ne& that James and John &ere see3in% s ecial fa)o'rs from the 2ord, they &ere indi%nant and they said, +( 8e s'rely tho'%ht that James and John had risen abo)e the selfish self. 8ho can &e tr'st amon% the sons of menC

++ And Jes's called the ten a art and said to them, Ho& hard for men to com rehend the nat're of the 3in%dom of the so'l@ +/ These t&o disci les do not seem to 3no& that r'lershi in hea)en is not a3in to r'lershi on earth. +0 !n all the 3in%doms of the &orld, the men of o&er, they &ho eDalt themsel)es, sho& their a'thority, and r'le &ith iron r'le, +1 B't yo' m'st 3no& that they &ho r'le the sons of li%ht are they &ho see3 no earthly o&er, b't %i)e their li)es in &illin% sacrifice for men. +4 8hoe)er &o'ld be %reat m'st be the minister of all. The hi%hest seat in hea)en is at the feet of him &ho is the lo&est man of earth. +5 ! had a %lory &ith o'r ?atherB#od before the &orlds &ere made, and still ! come to ser)e the race of men, to be the minister of men, to %i)e my life for men. +6 And then the Christines <o'rneyed on and came 'nto Jer'salem.

CHAPTER 1/4 Jes's s ea3s to the eo le in the tem le re%ardin% the messiahshi . Reb'3es the Je&s for treachery. The Je&s attem t to stone him, b't are re)ented by Jose h. The Christines %o to Jericho, and later to Bethabara. -:8, many Je&s from #alilee, J'dea and $amaria &ere in Jer'salem and at the feast. ( The orch of $olomon &as filled &ith scribes and Pharisees and doctors of the la&, and Jes's &al3ed &ith them. + A scribe a roachin% Jes's said, Rabboni, &hy do yo' 3ee the eo le &aitin% in s's enseC !f yo' are the Messiah that the ro hets said &o'ld come, &ill yo' not tell 's no&C / And Jes's said, 2o, ! ha)e told yo' many times, b't yo' belie)ed me not. 0 -o man can do the &or3 that ! ha)e done and brin% to men the tr'th as ! ha)e bro'%ht the tr'th &ho did not come from #od. 1 8hat ! ha)e done and said are &itnesses for me. 4 #od calls, and they &hose ears ha)e att'ned to hear the hea)enly )oice ha)e heard the call and ha)e belie)ed in me, beca'se #od testifies for me. 5 >o' cannot hear the )oice of #od, beca'se yo'r ears are closed. >o' cannot com rehend the &or3s of #od, beca'se yo'r hearts are f'll of self. 6 And yo' are b'sybodies, mischiefBma3ers, hy ocrites. >o' ta3e these men &hom #od has %i)en me into yo'r ha'nts and try to oison them &ith so histries and lies, and thin3 that yo' &ill snatch them from the fold of #od. 17 ! tell yo', men, these men are tried and yo' can snatch not one of them a&ay. 11 My ?ather &ho has %i)en them to me is %reater than yo' all, and he and ! are one. 1( And then the Je&s too3 stones to thro& at him and cried, -o& &e ha)e heard eno'%h, a&ay &ith him, let him be stoned. 1+ B't Jose h, member of the %reat $anhedrim of the Je&s, &as in the orch and he came forth and said, 1/ >o' men of !srael, do nothin% rash, thro& do&n those stones, yo'r reason is a better %'ide than assion in s'ch times as these. 10 >o' do not 3no& yo'r acc'sations to be tr'e, and if this man sho'ld ro)e himself to be the Christ, and yo' sho'ld ta3e his life, the &rath of #od &o'ld rest ' on yo' e)ermore.

11 And Jes's said to them, 2o, ! ha)e healed yo'r sic3, ha)e ca'sed yo'r blind to see, yo'r deaf to hear, yo'r lame to &al3, and cast o't 'nclean s irits from yo'r friends, 14 ?or &hich of these %reat &or3s &o'ld yo' desire to ta3e my lifeC 15 The Je&s re lied, 8e &o'ld not stone yo' for yo'r &or3s of %race, b't for yo'r )ile, blas hemo's &ords. >o' are b't man and still yo' say that yo' are #od. 16 And Jes's said, A ro het of yo'r o&n said to the sons of men, 2o, yo' are %ods@ (7 -o&, har3, yo' men, if he co'ld say that to the men &ho sim ly heard the &ord of #od, &hy sho'ld yo' thin3 that ! blas heme the name of #od beca'se ! say, ! am a son of #odC (1 !f yo' belie)e not &hat ! say yo' m'st ha)e faith in &hat ! do, and yo' sho'ld see the ?ather in these &or3s, and 3no& that ! d&ell in the ?atherB#od, and that the ?ather d&ells in me. (( and then a%ain the Je&s too3 stones and &o'ld ha)e stoned him in the tem le co'rt, b't he &ithdre& himself from si%ht and left the orch and co'rt and &ent his &ay* (+ And &ith the t&el)e he &ent to Jericho, and after certain days they crossed the Jordan and in Bethabara abode for many days.

CHAPTER 1/5's dies and Jes's and the t&el)e ret'rn to Bethany. The res'rrection of's, &hich %reatly eDcites the r'lers in Jer'salem. The Christines %o to the hills of E hraim, and there abide. :-E day as Jes's and the t&el)e &ere in the silence in a home in Araba a messen%er came and said. ( 2ord, Jes's, hear@ yo'r friend in Bethany is sic3, ni%h 'nto death* his sisters 'r%e that yo' arise and come in haste. + Then t'rnin% to the t&el)e the master said, 2o,'s has %one to slee , and ! m'st %o and &a3en him. / And his disci les said, 8hat need to %o of he has %one to slee , he &ill a&a3en by and byC 0 Then Jes's said, !t is the slee of death, for's is dead. 1 B't Jes's did not haste to %o, he stayed t&o days in Araba, and then he said, The ho'r has come and &e m'st %o to Bethany. 4 B't his disci les 'r%ed him not to %o, they said, The Je&s are &aitin% yo'r ret'rn that they may ta3e yo'r life. 5 And Jes's said, Men cannot ta3e my life till ! ha)e handed 'nto them my life. 6 And &hen the time shall come ! &ill myself lay do&n my life, that time is near, and #od 3no&s best, ! m'st arise and %o. 17 And Thomas said, Then &e &ill also %o, yes, &e &ill offer ' o'r li)es and die &ith him. And they arose and &ent. 11 -o&, Mary, Martha, R'th and many friends &ere &ee in% in their home &hen one a roached and said, The 2ord has come, b't Mary did not hear the &ords. 1( B't R'th and Martha heard, and they arose and &ent to meet the 2ord, he &aited at the )illa%e %ate. 1+ And &hen they met the master Martha said, >o' are too late, for's is dead, if yo' had only been &ith 's ! 3no& that he &o'ld not ha)e died.

1/ B't e)en no& ! 3no& that yo' ha)e o&er o)er death, that by the sacred 8ord yo' may ca'se life to rise from death. 10 And Jes's said, Behold, for's shall a%ain. 11 And Martha said, ! 3no& that he &ill rise and li)e a%ain &hen all the dead shall rise. 14 And Jes's said, ! am the res'rrection and the life, he &ho has faith in me, tho'%h he be dead, yet shall he li)e, 15 And he &ho is ali)e, and has a li)in% faith in me, shall ne)er die. Ao yo' belie)e &hat ! ha)e saidC 16 And Martha said, 2ord, ! belie)e that yo' are come to manifest the Christ of #od. (7 The Jes's said, #o bac3 and call aside yo'r sister, and my mother and the ro hetess and say that ! ha)e come, and ! &ill stay here by the %ate till they ha)e come to me. (1 And R'th and Martha did as Jes's bade them do, and in a little &hile the Marys and the ro hetess had met the 2ord. (( And Mary said, 8hy did yo' tarry th'sC !f yo' had been &ith 's o'r brother, dear, &o'ld not ha)e died. (+ Then Jes's &ent ' to the ho'se and &hen he sa& the hea)y %rief of all, he &as himself stirred ' &ith %rief, and said, 8here is the tomb in &hich he liesC (/ They said, 2ord, come and see. And Jes's &e t. (0 The eo le said, Behold ho& Jes's lo)ed this man@ (1 And others said, Co'ld not this 2ord, &ho o ened ' the eyes of one born blind, ha)e sa)ed this man from deathC (4 B't soon the mo'rners stood beside the tomb, a se 'lchre he&n o't of solid roc3, a massi)e stone closed ' the door. (5 And Jes's said, Ta3e yo' a&ay the stone. (6 B't Martha said, 2ord, is it &ellC Behold o'r brother has been dead fo'r days, the body m'st be in decay, and is it &ell that &e sho'ld see it no&C +7 The 2ord re lied, Ha)e yo' for%otten, Martha, &hat ! said &hile &e &ere at the )illa%e %ateC Aid ! not say that yo' sho'ld see the %lory of the 2ordC +1 And then they rolled the stone a&ay, the flesh had not decayed, and Jes's lifted ' his eyes to hea)en and said, +( My ?atherB#od, tho' &ho hast e)er heard my rayers, ! than3 thee no&, and that these m'ltit'des may 3no& that tho' hast sent me forth, that ! am thine and tho' art mine, ma3e stron% the 8ord of o&er. ++ And then he s o3e the 8ord, and in a )oice that so'ls can com rehend, he said, :'s, a&a3e@ +/ And's arose and came o't of the tomb. The %ra)e clothes &ere abo't him fast, and Jes's said, +0 2oose him and let him %o. +1 The eo le &ere ama.ed and m'ltit'des confessed their faith in him. +4 And some &ent to Jer'salem and told the Pharisees abo't this res'rrection of the dead. +5 The chief riests &ere confo'nded, and they said, 8hat shall &e doC This man is doin% many mi%hty deeds, and if &e do not stay him in his &or3, all men &ill loo3 on him as 3in%, and thro'%h the Romans he may ta3e the throne, and &e &ill lose o'r lace and o&er. +6 And then the chief riests and the Pharisees in co'ncil met and so'%ht a lan by &hich they mi%ht 't him to death. /7 Caia has &as the hi%h riest then, and he came forth and said, >o' men of !srael, do yo' not 3no& the la&C /1 Ao yo' not 3no& that in s'ch times as these &e may %i)e ' one life to sa)e o'r nation and o'r la&sC /( Caia has did not 3no& that he &as ro het, s ea3in% o't the &ords of tr'th.

/+ He did not 3no& the time had come for Jes's to be offered ' a sacrifice for e)ery man, for Je& and #ree3, and all the &orld. // ?rom that day forth the Je&s conferred to%ether e)ery day, mat'rin% lans to 't the 2ord to death. /0 -o&, Jes's and the t&el)e did not remain in Bethany, b't in the hills of E hraim, ' on the borders of $amaria, they fo'nd a home, and there abode for many days.

CHAPTER 1/6 The Je&s %ather in Jer'salem to attend the feast. The Christines %o to Jericho. Jes's dines &ith ;acche's. He relates the arable of the ten talents. The %reat asso)er of the Je&s, the feast of s rin%, &as callin% e)ery loyal Je& ' to Jer'salem. ( Ten days before the feast the 2ord and his disci les left the E hraim hills and by the Jordan &ay, &ent do&n to Jericho. + And as they entered Jericho a &ealthy 'blican came o't to see the 2ord, b't he &as small in stat're and the thron% &as %reat and he co'ld see him not. / A tree, a sycamore, stood by the &ay and he climbed ' the tree and fo'nd a seat amon% its bo'%hs. 0 8hen Jes's came, he sa& the man and said, : ;ache's, ma3e haste, come do&n, ! &o'ld abide &ith yo' toBday. 1 And ;acche's came do&n and <oyf'lly recei)ed the 2ord, b't many of the stricter sect called o't and said, 4 ?or shame@ he %oes to lod%e &ith ;acche', the sinner and the 'blican. 5 B't Jes's did not care for &hat they said, he &ent his &ay &ith ;acche's, &ho &as a man of faith, and as they tal3ed to%ether ;acche's said, 6 2ord, ! ha)e e)er tried to do the ri%ht, ! %i)e 'nto the oor half of my %oods, and if by any means ! &ron% a man, ! ri%ht the &ron% by ayin% him fo'r fold. 17 And Jes's said to him, >o'r life and faith are 3no&n to #od, and lo, the benedictions of the 2ord of hosts abide &ith yo' and all yo'r ho'se. 11 Then Jes's s o3e a arable to all, he said, A )assal of an em eror &as made a 3in%, and he &ent to the forei%n land to claim his ri%hts and ta3e the 3in%dom to himself. 1( Before he &ent he called ten tr'sted ser)ants and to each he %a)e a o'nd and said, 1+ #o forth and 'se these o'nds as yo' ha)e o ort'nity, that yo' may %ain for me more &ealth, And then he &ent his &ay. 1/ And after many days he came a%ain, and called the ten, demandin% a re ort. 10 The first one came and said, 2ord, ! ha)e %ained nine o'nds, yo' %a)e me one and here are ten. 11 The 3in% re lied, 8ell done, yo' faithf'l man, beca'se yo' ha)e been faithf'l in a little thin% ! <'d%e that yo' &ill be a faithf'l ser)ant in a %reater thin%, 14 Behold, ! ma3e yo' r'ler o)er nine im ortant cities of my realm. 15 The second came and said,2ord, ! ha)e %ained for yo' fo'r o'nds, yo' %a)e me one, and here are fi)e. 16 The 3in% re lied, And yo' ha)e ro)en ' yo'r faithf'lness. Behold, ! ma3e yo' r'ler o)er fo'r im ortant cities of my realm. (7 another came and said, 2ord, ! ha)e do'bled &hat yo' %a)e to me. >o' %a)e one o'nd to me and here are t&o.

(1 The r'ler said, And yo' ha)e ro)ed yo'r faithf'lness, Behold, ! ma3e yo' r'ler o)er one im ortant city of my realm. (( Another came and said, 2ord, here is &hat yo' %a)e to me. ! 3ne& yo' &ere an a'stere man, oft rea in% &here yo' did not so& and ! &as sore afraid, and so ! too3 the o'nd yo' %a)e to me and hid it in a secret lace, and here it is. (+ The 3in% eDclaimed, >o' slothf'l man@ yo' 3ne& &hat ! re='ired, that ! eD ected e)ery man to do his best. (/ !f yo' &ere timid and afraid to tr'st yo'r <'d%ment in the marts of trade, &hy did yo' not %o forth and 't my money o't for %ain, that ! co'ld ha)e my o&n &ith interestC (0 Then t'rnin% to the ste&ard of his &ealth the r'ler said, Ta3e yo' this o'nd and %i)e it 'nto him &ho has by dili%ence earned nine. (1 ?or lo, ! say, that e)ery one &ho 'ses &hat he has and %ains, shall ha)e ab'ndantly, b't he &ho hides a&ay his talent in the earth shall forfeit &hat he has.

CHAPTER 107 Jes's heals blind Bartimae's. 8ith the t&el)e he %oes to Bethany. The m'ltit'des come to &elcome him and to s ea3 &ith's. THE Christines started on their &ay to Bethany, and as they &ent, &hile yet in Jericho, they assed a be%%ar sittin% by the &ay, and he &as blind Bartimae's. ( And &hen the be%%ar heard the m'ltit'de ass by he said, 8hat is it that ! hearC + The eo le said to him, Jes's of -a.areth is assin% by. / And instantly the man cried o't, 2ord Jes's, son of Aa)id, stay@ ha)e mercy on oor blind Bartimae's@ 0 The eo le said to him, Be ='iet, hold yo'r eace. 1 B't blind Bartimae's called a%ain, Tho' son of Aa)id, hear@ ha)e mercy on oor blind Bartiae's@ 4 And Jes's sto ed and said, Brin% him to me. 5 And then the eo le bro'%ht the blind man to the 2ord, and as they bro'%ht him ' they said, Be cheerf'l, no&, Bartimae's, the 2ord is callin% yo'. 6 And then he thre& his cloa3 aside, and ran to Jes's as he &aited by the &ay. 17 And Jes's said, 8hat &ill yo' ha)e, Bartimae'sC 11 The blind man said, Rabboni, o en ' mine eyes that ! may see. 1( And Jes's said, Bartimae's, loo3 ' , recei)e yo'r si%ht, yo'r faith has made yo' &hole. 1+ And he at once recei)ed his si%ht, and from the f'lness of his heart he said, Praise #od. 1/ And all the eo le said, Praise #od. 10 Then Jes's and the t&el)e &ent on to Bethany. !t &as siD days before the feast. 11 And &hen the eo le 3ne& that Jes's &as in Bethany they came from near and far to see him and to hear him s ea3. 14 And they &ere anDio's all to tal3 &ith's, &hom Jes's had a&a3ened form the dead. 15 -o& in Jer'salem the riests and Pharisees &ere all alert, they said, This Jes's &ill be at the feast, and &e m'st not ermit that he shall sli a&ay a%ain. 16 And they commanded e)ery man to be alert and hel to a rehend the 2ord that they mi%ht ta3e his life.

CHAPTER 101 Jes's teaches in the syna%o%'e. Ma3es his tri'm hal entry into Jer'salem. The m'ltit'des, &ith the children, sin% his raises, and say, Hosanna to the 3in%@ The Christines ret'rn to Bethany. !T &as the day before the $abbath day, the ei%hth day of the Je&ish -asan month, that Jes's came to Bethany. ( And on the $abbath day he &ent ' to the syna%o%'e and ta'%ht. + And on the mornin% of the first day of the &ee3, the $'nday of the &ee3, he called his t&el)e a ostles 'nto him and said, / This day &e %o ' to Jer'salem, be not afraid, my time has not yet come. 0 -o&, t&o of yo' may %o 'nto the )illa%e of Beth ha%e, and yo' &ill find an ass tied to a tree, and yo' &ill see a little colt near by. 1 "ntie the ass and brin% her here to me. !f any one in='ires &hy yo' ta3e the ass, <'st say, The master has a need of her, and then the o&ner &ill come on &ith yo'. 4 And the disci les &ent as Jes's bade them %o, they fo'nd the ass and colt aBnear an o en door, and &hen they &o'ld 'ntie the ass the o&ner said 8hy &o'ld yo' ta3e the ass a&ayC 5 And the disci les said, The master has a need of her, and then the o&ner said, 'Tis &ell. 6 And then they bro'%ht the animal, and on her 't their coats, and Jes's sat ' on the ass and rode into Jer'salem. 17 And m'ltit'des of eo le came and filled the &ay, and his disci les raised the 2ord and said, 11 Thrice blessed is the 3in% &ho in the name of #od is come@ All %lory be to #od, and eace on earth, %ood &ill to men@ 1( And many s read their %arments in the &ay, and some tore branches from the trees and cast them in the &ay. 1+ And many children came &ith %arlands of s&eet flo&ers and laced them on the 2ord, or stre&ed them in the &ay, and said, All hail the 3in%@ 2on% li)e the 3in%@ 1/ The throne of Aa)id shall be b'ilt a%ain. Hosanna to the 2ord of hosts@ 10 Amon% the thron% &ere Pharisees, &ho said to Jes's as he assed, Reb'3e this noisy thron%, it is a shame for them to cry th's in the street. 11 The 2ord re lied, ! tell yo', men, if these sho'ld hold their eace the )ery stones &o'ld cry alo'd. 14 And then the Pharisees conferred amon% themsel)es, they said, :'r threats are idle &ords. Behold, for all the &orld is follo&in% him. 15 As Jes's dre& aBnear Jer'salem he a'sed and &e t, and said, Jer'salem, Jer'salem, the holy city of the Je&s@ yo'rs &as the %lory of the 2ord, b't yo' ha)e cast the 2ord a&ay. 16 >o'r eyes are closed, yo' cannot see the Ein%, the 3in%dom of the 2ord of hea)en and earth has come, yo' com rehend it not. (7 Behold, the day &ill come &hen armies from afar &ill cast a ban3 abo't yo'r &ay, &ill com ass yo' abo't, and hem yo' in on e)ery side, (1 8ill dash yo' to the %ro'nd and slay yo' and yo'r children in the streets. (( And of yo'r holy tem le, and of yo'r alaces and &alls, they &ill not lea)e a stone ' on a stone, beca'se toBday yo' s 'rn the offers of the #od of hea)en. (+ 8hen Jes's and the m'ltit'de had come into Jer'salem, eDcitement rei%ned, and eo le as3ed, 8ho is this manC (/ The m'ltit'des re lied, This is the 3in%, the ro het, riest of #od, this is the man from #alilee.

(0 B't Jes's tarried not, he &ent directly to the tem le orch, and it &as filled &ith eo le ressin% hard to see the 3in%. (1 The sic3, the halt, the lame, the blind &ere there, and Jes's a'sed, and laid his hands on them and healed them by the sacred 8ord. (4 The tem le and the tem le co'rts &ere filled &ith children raisin% #od. They said, Hosanna to the 3in%@ The son of Aa)id is the 3in%@ All hail the 3in%@ Praise #od@ (5 The Pharisees &ere filled &ith an%er &hen they heard the children sin%. They said to Jes's, Hear yo' &hat the children sayC (6 And Jes's said, ! hear, b't ha)e yo' ne)er read the &ords of o'r o&n bard &ho said, +7 :'t of the mo'ths of babes and s'c3in%s tho' hast erfected raise@ +1 And &hen the e)enin% came the 2ord and his disci les &ent a%ain to Bethany.

CHAPTER 10( Jes's reb'3es a barren fi% tree. Ari)es the merchants o't of the tem le. Teaches the eo le. Ret'rns to Bethany. -EIT day, the Monday of the &ee3, the master &ith the t&el)e, &ent to Jer'salem. ( And as they assed alon% the &ay they sa& a fi% tree f'll of lea)es &itho't a si%n of fr'it. + And Jes's s o3e 'nto the tree, he said, >o' 'seless c'mberer of the %ro'nd, yo' fi% tree fair to loo3 ' on, b't a del'si)e thin%. / >o' ta3e from the earth and air the food that fr'itf'l trees sho'ld ha)e. 0 #o bac3 to earth and be yo'rself the food for other trees to eat. 1 8hen Jes's had th's s o3en to the tree he &ent his &ay. 4 And &hen he reached the tem le, lo, the rooms &ere filled &ith etty merchants sellin% do)es and animals, and other thin%s, for sacrifice, the tem le &as a mart of trade. 5 And Jes's &as indi%nant at the si%ht, and said, >o' men of !srael, for shame@ This is s' osed to be the ho'se of rayer, b't it is no& a den of thie)es. Remo)e this l'nder from this holy lace. 6 The merchants only la'%hed and said, 8e are rotected in o'r trade by those &ho bear the r'le, &e &ill not %o. 17 Then Jes's made a sco'r%e of cords, as he did once before, and r'shed amon% the merchantmen, thre& all their money on the floor, 11 Thre& &ide the ca%es of the do)es, and c't the cords that held the bleatin% lambs and set them free. 1( And then he dro)e the merchants from the lace, and &ith a clean, ne& broom he s&e t the floors. 1+ Chief riests and scribes &ere filled &ith &rath, b't feared to to'ch or e)en to reb'3e the 2ord, for all the eo le stood in his defence. 1/ And Jes's ta'%ht the eo le all day lon% and healed a m'ltit'de of those diseased, 10 And &hen the e)enin% came he &ent a%ain to Bethany.


The Christines %o to Jer'salem. They note the &ithered fi% tree, its symbolic meanin%. Jes's teaches in the tem le. !s cens'red by the riests. Relates a arable of a rich man's feast. :- T'esday, early in the day, the master and the t&el)e &ent to Jer'salem. ( And as they &ent the t&el)e obser)ed the tree to &hich the 2ord had tal3ed the day before, and lo, the lea)es &ere &ithered, <'st as if they had been scorched &ith fire. + And Peter said, 2ord, see the tree@ !ts lea)es are &ithered and the tree seems dead. / And Jes's said, $o shall it be &ith those &ho bear no fr'it. 8hen #od shall call them ' to %i)e acco'nt, lo, he &ill breathe ' on them, and their lea)es, their em ty &ords, &ill &ither and decay. 0 #od &ill not let the fr'itless trees of life enc'mber %ro'nd, and he &ill l'c3 them ' and cast them all a&ay. 1 -o&, yo' can demonstrate the o&er of #od. Ha)e faith in #od, and yo' can bid the mo'ntains to de art, and they &ill cr'mble at yo'r feet, 4 And yo' may tal3 to &ind and &a)e, and they &ill hear, and &ill obey &hat yo' command. 5 #od hears the rayer of faith and &hen yo' as3 in faith yo' shall recei)e. 6 >o' may not as3 amiss, #od &ill not hear the rayer of any man &ho comes to him &ith blood of other men ' on his hands. 17 And he &ho harbo'rs en)io's tho'%hts, and does not lo)e his fello& men, may ray for e)er 'nto #od, and he &ill hear him not. 11 #od can do nothin% more for men than they &o'ld do for other men. 1( And Jes's &al3ed a%ain &ithin the tem le co'rts. 1+ The riests and scribes &ere m'ch emboldened by the co'ncil of Caia has and the other men in o&er, and so they came to Jes's and they said, 1/ 8ho %a)e yo' the a'thority to do as yo' ha)e doneC 8hy did yo' dri)e the merchants from the tem le yesterdayC 10 And Jes's ans&ered them and said, !f yo' &ill ans&er &hat ! as3, then ! &ill ans&er yo', 8as John, the harbin%er, a man of #od, or &as he a seditio's manC 11 The scribes and Pharisees &ere loath to ans&er him, they reasoned th's amon% themsel)es* 14 !f &e shall say, John &as a ro het sent from #od, then he &ill say, 15 John testified for me, that ! am son of #od, &hy do yo' not belie)e his &ordsC 16 !f &e sho'ld say, John &as a bold, seditio's man, the eo le &ill be an%ered, for they thin3 he &as a ro het of the li)in% #od. (7 And so they ans&ered Jes's and they said, 8e do not 3no&, &e cannot tell. (1 Then Jes's said, !f yo' &ill tell me not, then ! &ill tell yo' not &ho %a)e me o&er to dri)e the robbers from the ho'se of #od. (( And then he s o3e a arable to them, he said, A man once made a feast in)itin% all the rich and hono'red eo le of the land. (+ B't &hen they came, they fo'nd the door into the ban='et hall &as lo&, and they co'ld enter not eDce t they bo&ed their heads and fell do&n on their 3nees. (/ These eo le &o'ld not bo& their heads and fall do&n on their 3nees, and so they &ent a&ay, they &ent not to the feast. (0 And then the man sent forth his messen%ers to bid the common fol3s, and those of lo& estate, to come and feast &ith him. (1 These eo le %ladly came, they bo&ed their heads and fell do&n on their 3nees, and came into the ban='et hall and it &as f'll, and e)ery one re<oiced. (4 And then the master said, Behold, yo' riests and scribes, and Pharisees the 2ord of hea)en and earth has s read a s'm t'o's feast, and yo' &ere bidden first of all,

(5 B't yo' ha)e fo'nd the door into the ban='et hall so lo& that yo' m'st bo& yo'r heads and fall do&n on yo'r 3nees to enter in, and yo' ha)e scorned the 3in% &ho made the feast, ref'sed to bo& yo'r heads and fall do&n on yo'r 3nees, and yo' ha)e %one yo'r &ay, (6 B't no& #od calls a%ain, the common fol3s and those of lo& estate ha)e come in m'ltit'des, ha)e entered in 'nto the feast and all re<oice. +7 ! tell yo', men, that 'blicans and co'rtesans %o thro'%h the %ates into the 3in%dom of the #od of hea)en, and yo' are left &itho't. +1 John came to yo' in ri%hteo'sness, he bro'%ht the tr'th, b't yo' belie)ed him not. +( B't 'blicans and co'rtesans belie)ed, and &ere ba tised and no& ha)e entered in 'nto the feast. ++ ! tell yo' no&, as ! ha)e told yo' many times, The many ha)e been called, b't chosen are the fe&.

CHAPTER 10/ Jes's teaches in the tem le co'rt. The arable of the ho'seholder and &ic3ed h'sbandmen. Parable of the marria%e feast and the %'est &itho't a &eddin% robe. The m'ltit'des &o'ld hear &hat Jes's had to say, and so they b'ilt a latform in the tem le co'rt, and Jes's stood ' on the lace and ta'%ht. He s o3e in arables, he said, ( A man ossessed a )ast estate, he lanted o't a )ineyard, laced a hed%e abo't it, b'ilt a to&er, installed the ress for ma3in% &ine. + He laced his )ineyard in the hands of h'sbandmen and then he <o'rneyed to a distant land. / -o&, in the )inta%e time the man sent forth a ser)ant to recei)e and brin% to him his ortion of the fr'ita%e of the )ines. 0 The h'sbandmen came forth and beat the man, laid forty lashes on his bac3 and cast him o't beyond the )ineyard %ate. 1 And then the o&ner sent another man to brin% to him his o&n. The h'sbandmen laid hold of him and sorely &o'nded him and cast him from the )ienyard, lea)in% him half dead beside the &ay. 4 The o&ner sent another man to brin% to him his o&n. The h'sbandmen sei.ed hold of him and &ith a <a)elin they ierced his heart, then b'ried him beyond the hed%e. 5 The o&ner &as a%%rie)ed. He tho'%ht &ithin himself, 8hat shall ! doC and then he said, This &ill ! do. My only son is here, and ! &ill send him to the h'sbandmen, 6 They s'rely &ill res ect my son and send me &hat is mine. 17 He sent his son, the h'sbandmen too3 co'nsel &ith themsel)es, they said, This is the only heir to all this &ealth, and if &e ta3e his life the )ast inheritance is o'rs. 11 They too3 his life and cast him o't beyond the )ineyard hed%e. 1( The days &ill come, the o&ner &ill ret'rn to rec3on &ith the h'sbandmen, and he &ill sei.e them e)ery one, and cast them into scorchin% fires &here they shall stay 'ntil they ay the debts they o&e. 1+ And he &ill lace his )ineyard in the care of honest men. 1/ Then t'rnin% to the riests and scibes he said, Aid not yo'r ro hets say, 10 The stone the b'ilders cast a&ay became the ca stone of the archC

11 >o' men &ho ose as men of #od, as h'sbandmen, lo, yo' ha)e stoned and 3illed the messen%ers of #od, his ro hets and his seers, and no& yo' see3 to slay his son. 14 ! tell yo' men, the 3in%dom shall be snatched a&ay from yo', and shall be %i)en 'nto eo le &ho are not a eo le no&, and to a nation that is not a nation no&. 15 And men &hose s eech yo' cannot 'nderstand, &ill stand bet&een the li)in% and the dead, and sho& the &ay to life. 16 The chief riests and the Pharisees &ere dee ly mo)ed &ith an%er &hen they heard this arable and &o'ld ha)e sei.ed the 2ord and done him harm, b't they &ere sore afraid, they feared the m'ltit'de. (7 And Jes's s o3e another arable, he said, The 3in%dom is aBli3e a ceratin 3in% &ho made a feast in hono'r of the marria%e of his son. (1 He sent his ser)ants forth to call the eo le &ho had been in)ited to the feast. (( The ser)ants called, b't then the eo le &o'ld not come. (+ And then the 3in% sent other messen%ers abroad to say, Behold, my tables no& are s read, my oDne and my fatlin%s are re ared. (/ The choicest )iands and the richest &ines are on my boards, come to the marria%e feast. (0 The eo le la'%hed and treated &ith disdain hsi call, and &ent their &ay, one to his farm, another to his merchandise, (1 And others sei.ed the ser)ants of the 3in%, ab'sed them shamef'lly, and some of them they 3illed. (4 And then the 3in% sent forth his soldiery &ho sle& the m'rderers and b'rned their to&ns. (5 And then the 3in% sent other ser)ants forth, to them he said, #o to the corners of the streets, the artin%s of the &ays, and to the marts of trade and say, (6 8hoe)er &ill may come ' to the marria%e feast. +7 The ser)ants &ent their &ay and called, and lo, the ban='et hall &as filled &ith %'ests. +1 B't &hen the 3in% came in to see the %'ests, he sa& a man &ho had not on a &eddin% robe, he called to him and said, +( ?riend, &hy are yo' here &itho't a &eddin% robeC 8o'ld yo' dishono'r th's my sonC ++ The man &as d'mb, he ans&ered not. +/ And then the 3in% said to his %'ards, Ta3e yo' this man and bind him hand and foot and cast him o't into the dar3ness of the ni%ht. +0 The many ha)e been called, b't none are chosen to be %'ests &ho ha)e not clad themsel)es in &eddin% robes.

CHAPTER 100 Jes's reco%nises the <'stice of ayin% sec'lar taDes. He teaches a lesson on family relationshi s in the life beyond. The %reatest of the commandments is com rised in lo)e. He &arns his disci les a%ainst the hy ocrisy of scribes and Pharisees. A$ Jes's s o3e, the Pharisees came ' to ='estion him, they tho'%ht to criminate him by &hat he said, ( A strict Herodian s o3e and said, My 2ord, yo' are a man of tr'th, yo' sho& the &ay to #od, and yo' do not re%ard the ersonality of men, + Tell 's, &hat do yo' thin3, sho'ld &e, &ho are the seed of Abraham, ay trib'te 'nto CaesarC or sho'ld &e notC

/ And Jes's 3ne& his &ic3edness of heart and said, 8hy do yo' come to tem t me th'sC $ho& me the trib'te money that yo' s ea3 abo't. 0 The man bro'%ht forth a iece of coin on &hich an ima%e &as en%ra)ed. 1 And Jes's said, 8hose ima%e and &hose name is on this coinC 4 The man re lied, 'Tis Caesar's ima%e and his name. 5 And Jes's said, #i)e 'nto Caesar that &hich is Caesar's o&n, b't %i)e to #od the thin%s of #od. 6 And they &ho heard him said, He ans&ers &ell. 17 And then a $add'cee, &ho thin3s there is no res'rrection of the dead, came ' and said, Rabboni, Moses &rote that if a married man shall die, and ha)e no child, his &ido& shall become his brother's &ife. 11 -o&, there &ere se)en brothers and the eldest had a &ife, he died and had no child, a brother too3 his &ido& for his &ife, and then he died, 1( And e)ery brother had this &oman for his &ife, in co'rse of time the &oman died, 1+ -o& &hich &ill ha)e this &oman for a &ife in the res'rrection dayC 1/ And Jes's said, Here in this lane of life men marry <'st to %ratify their selfish selfs, or to er et'ate the race, b't in the &orld to come, and in the res'rrection day, men do not ta3e ' on themsel)es the marria%e )o&s. 10 B't, li3e the an%els and the other sons of #od, they form not 'nions for the leas're of the self, nor to er et'ate the race. 11 Aeath does not mean the end of life. The %ra)e is not the %oal of men, no more than is the earth the %oal of seeds. 14 2ife is the conse='ence of death. The seed may seem to die, b't from its %ra)e the tree arises into life. 15 $o man may seem to die, b't he li)es on, and from the %ra)e he s rin%s ' into life. 16 !f yo' co'ld com rehend the &ord that Moses s o3e abo't the b'rnin% b'sh that b'rned and still &as not cons'med, then yo' &o'ld 3no& that death cannot destroy the life. (7 And Moses said that #od is #od of Abraham, of !saac, and of !sael. (1 #od is not #od of dead men's bones, b't the li)in% man. (( ! tell yo', men, man %oes do&n to the %ra)e, b't he &ill rise a%ain and manifest the life, (+ ?or e)ery life is hid &ith Christ in #od, and man shall li)e &hile #od shall li)e. (/ The Pharisees and scribes &ho heard the 2ord, eDclaimed, He s ea3s the tr'th, and they &ere %lad to ha)e the $add'cees discomfited. (0 And then an honest scribe came forth and said to Jes's, 2ord, yo' s ea3 as one &hom #od has sent, and may ! as3, (1 8hich is the %reatest and the first of the Commandments of the 2a&C (4 And Jes's said, The first is Hear : !srael, the 2ord o'r #od is one, and yo' shall lo)e the 2ord yo'r #od &ith all yo'r heart, &ith all yo'r mind, &ith all yo'r so'l, &ith all yo'r stren%th, (5 And yo' shall lo)e yo'r nei%hbo'r as yo'rself. (6 These are the %reatest of the ten, and on them han% the 2a&, the Pro hets and the Psalms. +7 The scribe re lied, My so'l %i)es &itness that yo' s ea3 the tr'th, for lo)e f'lfils the la&, and far transcends b'rnt offerin%s and sacrifice. +1 And Jes's said to him, 2o, yo' ha)e sol)ed a mystery, yo' are &ithin the 3in%dom and the 3in%dom is in yo'. +( To his disci les Jes's s o3e, and all the eo le heard, he said, Be&are yo' of the scribes and Pharisees &ho ride themsel)es in &earin% lon% and richly decorated robes,

++ And 2o)e to be sal'ted in the mar3et lace, and see3 the hi%hest seats st feasts, and ta3e the hardearned &a%es of the oor to satisfy their carnal sel)es, and ray in 'blic, lon% and lo'd. +/ These are the &ol)es &ho clothe themsel)es to loo3 li3e shee . +0 And then he said to all, The scribes and Pharisees are laced by la& in Moses' seat, and by the la& they inter ret la&, +1 $o &hat they bid yo' do, that do, b't do not imitate their deeds. +4 They say the thin%s that Moses ta'%ht, they do the thin%s of Beel.eb'l. +5 They tal3 of mercy, yet they bind on h'man sho'lders b'rdens %rie)o's to bear. +6 They tal3 of hel f'lness, and yet they 't not forth the sli%htest hel f'l efforts for their brother man. /7 They ma3e a sho& of doin% thin%s, and yet they do not anythin% b't sho& their %a'dy robes, and broad hylacteries, and smile &hen eo le call them hono'red masters of the la&. /1 They str't abo't and sho& their ride &hen eo le call them father, so and so. /( Hear, no&, yo' men, Call no man father here. The #od of hea)en and earth, and he alone, is ?ather of the race of men. /+ Christ is the hierarch, the hi%h, eDalted master of the sons of men. // !f yo' &o'ld be eDalted, sit do&n at the master's feet and ser)e. He is the %reatest man &ho ser)es the best.

CHAPTER 101 The scribes and Pharisees are an%ered. Jes's reb'3es them for their hy ocrisy. He laments o)er Jer'salem. The &ido&s's mite. Jes's deli)ers his fare&ell address to the eo le in the tem le. THE scribes and Pharisees &ere &ild &ith ra%e, and Jes's said, ( 8oe 'nto yo', yo' scribes and Pharisees, yo' hy ocrites@ yo' stand &ithin the &ay, yo' bloc3 the door, yo' &ill not %o into the 3in%dom and yo' t'rn aside the 're in heart &ho are abo't to enter in. + 8oe 'nto yo', yo' scribes and Pharisees, yo' hy ocrites@ yo' com ass sea and land to ma3e one roselyte, and &hen he has been made he is a son of hell, <'st li3e yo'rsel)es. / 8oe 'nto yo' &ho call yo'rsel)es the %'ides of men@ and yo' are %'ides, blind %'ides, 0 ?or yo' ay tithes of c'mmin, mint and dill, and lea)e 'ndone the &ei%htier matters of the la&, of <'d%ment, <'stice, faith. 1 >o' filter o't the %nats before yo' drin3, b't then yo' s&allo& camels and the li3e. 4 8oe 'nto yo', yo' scribes and Pharisees, yo' hy ocrites@ yo' clean and sco'r the o'tside of the c' , &hile it is f'll of filth, eDtortion and eDcess. 5 #o to and clean the inside of the c' , and then the oisono's f'mes &ill not defile the o'tside of the c' . 6 8oe 'nto yo', yo' scribes and Pharisees, yo' hy ocrites@ yo' are yo'rsel)es li3e &hite&ashed se 'lchres, yo'r o'ter %arbs are bea'tif'l, b't yo' are f'll of dead men's bones. 17 >o' seem to men to be di)ine, b't in yo'r hearts yo' no'rish l'st, hy ocrisies and )ile ini='ities. 11 8oe 'nto yo', yo' scribes and Pharisees, yo' hy ocrites@ yo' b'ild and then adorn the tombs of holy men of old and say,

1( !f &e had li)ed &hen these men li)ed, &e &o'ld ha)e %'arded them, &o'ld not ha)e acted as o'r fathers did, &hen they maltreated them and 't them to the s&ord. 1+ B't yo' are sons of them &ho sle& the holy men, and yo' are not a &hit more <'st than they. 1/ #o forth and fill the meas're of yo'r father &ho &ere stee ed in crime. 10 >o' are offs rin%s of the )i ers, and ho& can yo' be b't ser ents of the d'stC 11 #od no& has sent a%ain to yo' his ro hets and his seers, his &ise men and his holy men, and yo' &ill sco'r%e them in yo'r syna%o%'es, and stone them in the streets, and nail them to the cross. 14 8oe 'nto yo'@ for on yo'r heads &ill come the blood of all the holy men &ho ha)e been slain ' on the earth. 15 ?rom ri%hteo's Abel do&n to ;acharias, son of Barachias, &ho &as slain &ithin the Holy Place before the altar of the 2ord. 16 Behold, ! say that these thin%s all shall come ' on this nation and the eo le of Jer'salem. (7 And Jes's loo3ed abo't and said, Jer'salem, Jer'salem, tho' cr'el city of Jer'salem, that slays the ro hets in the streets and 3ills the holy men &hom #od has sent to yo'@ (1 2o, ! &o'ld oft ha)e %athered yo' as children to the fold of #od, b't yo' &o'ld not. (( >o' ha)e re<ected #od, and no& yo'r ho'se is desolate, and yo' shall see me not a%ain till yo' can say, (+ Thrice blessed is the son of man &ho comes as son of #od. (/ Then Jes's &ent and sat beside the treas'ry and &atched the eo le as they aid their tithes. (0 The rich men came and %a)e of their ab'ndance, and then he sa& a oor b't loyal &ido& come and 't a farthin% in the treas're boD. (1 And then he said to his disci les &ho &ere standin% by, Behold, for this oor &ido& &ho has 't a farthin% in the treas'ry has done more than they all, (4 ?or she has %i)en all she had, the rich ha)e %i)en <'st a little share of &hat they ha)e. (5 A com any of #recian Je&s &ere at the feast, and they met Phili , &ho co'ld tal3 &ith them, and said, $ir, &e &o'ld see the 2ord, this Jes's, &ho is called the Christ. (6 And Phili led the &ay, and bro'%ht them to the Christ. +7 And Jes's said, The ho'r has come, the son of man is ready to be %lorified, and it cannot be other&ise. +1 EDce t a %rain of &heat fall into earth and die it can be nothin% b't a %rain of &heat, b't if it die it li)es a%ain, and from its %ra)e a h'ndred %rains of &heat arise. +( My so'l is tro'bled no&, 8hat shall ! sayC And then he cast his eyes to hea)en and said, ++ My ?atherB#od, ! &o'ld not as3 to be relie)ed of all the b'rdens ! m'st bear, ! only as3 for %race and stren%th to bear the b'rdens &hatsoe'er they be, +/ This is the ho'r for &hich ! came to earth. : ?ather, %lorify thy name@ +0 And then the lace &as li%hted &ith a li%ht more brilliant than the noonday s'n, the eo le stood aBbac3, they &ere afraid. +1 And then a )oice that seemed to come from hea)en said, +4 ! ha)e both %lorified my name and yo'rs, and ! &ill hono'r them a%ain. +5 The eo le heard the )oice, and some eDclaimed, Behold, a distant th'nder@ :thers said, An an%el s o3e to him. +6 B't Jes's said, This )oice &as not for me, it &as for yo', that yo' mi%ht 3no& that ! am come from #od. /7 -o& is the <'d%ment of the &orld at hand, the rince of dar3ness shall be manifest and %o 'nto his o&n.

/1 The son of man &ill no& be lifted ' from earth, and he &ill dra& all men 'nto himself. /( The eo le said, The la& declares that Christ abides for e)ermore. Ho& can yo' say, The son of man &ill no& be lifted ' C 8ho is the son of manC /+ And Jes's said to them, The li%ht is shinin% no&, &al3 in the li%ht &hile yo' still ha)e the li%ht. // The dar3ness comes, b't he &ho &al3s in dar3ness cannot find the &ay. /0 A%ain ! say, 8al3 in the li%ht &hile yo' still ha)e the li%ht, that men may 3no& that yo' are sons of li%ht. /1 And Jes's stood o't in the tem le orch, and made his last a eal 'nto the m'ltit'des, he said, /4 He &ho belie)es in me, belie)es in #od &ho sent me forth to do his &ill, and he &ho sees me no& beholds my ?atherB#od. /5 Behold, ! came a li%ht 'nto the &orld, he &ho belie)es in me shall &al3 in li%ht, the li%ht of life. /6 >o' men &ho hear me no&, !f yo' belie)e me not, ! <'d%e yo' not. 07 ! am not come to <'d%e the &orld, b't ! am come to sa)e the &orld. 01 #od is only <'d%e of men, b't &hat ! s ea3 &ill stand a%ainst yo' in the day &hen #od &ill <'d%e the &orld, 0( ?or from myself ! do not s ea3, ! s ea3 the &ords that #od has %i)en me to s ea3. 0+ And then he said, Jer'salem, &ith all yo'r %lory and yo'r crimes, ?are&ell.

CHAPTER 104 The Christines ' on Mo'nt :li)es. Jes's ro hesys the destr'ction of Jer'salem, and of terrible disasters that &ill mar3 the concl'sion of the a%e. He eDhorts his disci les to faithf'lness. 8HE- Jes's &ith the t&el)e &ent forth and sat ' on Mo'nt :li)es, <'st beyond the city's %ate. ( And his disci les said, Behold the &ondro's city of Jer'salem@ its homes are all so bea'tif'l@ its tem les and its shrines are clothed in s'ch ma%nificence@ + And Jes's said, The city is the %lory of my eo le, !srael, b't, lo, the time &ill come &hen e)ery stone &ill be cast do&n, and it &ill be a hiss and by&ord for the nations of the earth. / And the disci les as3ed, 8hen &ill this desolation comeC 0 And Jes's said, This ro'nd of h'man life &ill not be f'll 'ntil the armies of the con='eror &ill th'nder at her %ates, and they &ill enter in, and blood &ill flo& li3e &ater thro'%h the streets. 1 And all the recio's f'rnishin%s of tem le, co'rt and alaces &ill be destroyed, or carried off to dec3 the alaces and co'rts of 3in%s. 4 Behold, these days are not at hand. Before they come, lo, yo' shall be maltreated by the scribes and Pharisees, the hi%h riests and the doctors of the la&. 5 8itho't a ca'se yo' &ill be haled into co'rts, yo' &ill be stoned, yo' &ill be beaten in the syna%o%'es, &ill stand condemned before the r'lers of this &orld, and %o)ernors and 3in%s &ill sentence yo' to death. 6 B't yo' &ill falter not, and yo' &ill testify for tr'th and ri%hteo'sness. 17 And in these ho'rs be anDio's not abo't yo'r s eech, yo' need not thin3 of &hat to say, 11 ?or, lo, the Holy Breath &ill o)ershado& yo' and %i)e yo' &ords to say.

1( B't then the carna%e &ill %o on, and men &ill thin3 that they are leasin% #od by 3illin% yo', and nations far and near &ill hate yo' for the sa3e of Christ. 1+ And men &ill stir ' e)il tho'%ht amon% yo'r 3in, and they &ill hate yo' and &ill %i)e yo' ' to die. 1/ And brothers &ill be false to brothers, fathers &ill stand forth and testify a%ainst their o&n, and children &ill dri)e arents to the f'neral ile. 10 8hen yo' shall hear the Roman ea%le screamin% in the air, and see his le%ions streamin% o'er the lain, then 3no& the desolation of Jer'salem is near. 11 Then let the &ise &ait not, b't flee. 2et him &ho is ' on his ho'se &ait not to enter in the ho'se to %ather ' his &ealth, b't let him flee. 14 And he &ho labo'rs in the field m'st not ret'rn, b't lea)e his all to sa)e his life. 15 And &oe to mothers &ith their little children in that day, none shall esca e the s&ord. 16 The trib'lation of these days cannot be told in &ords, for s'ch has ne)er been since #od created man ' on the earth. (7 The con='eror &ill carry many of the sons of Abraham a&ay as ca ti)es into forei%n lands, and they &ho 3no& not !srael's #od &ill tread the hi%h&ays of Jer'salem 'ntil the antiJe&ish times ha)e been f'lfilled. (1 B't &hen the eo le ha)e been 'nished for their crimes, the trib'lation days &ill end, b't lo, the time &ill come &hen all the &orld &ill rise, li3e %ladiators in a rin%, and fi%ht <'st for the s3ae of shaddin% blood. (( And men &ill reason not, they &ill not see, nor care to see a ca'se for carna%e, desolation, thefts, for they &ill &ar &ith friend or foe. (+ The )ery air &ill seem s'rchar%ed &ith smo3e of death, and estilence &ill follo& close ' on the s&ord. (/ And si%ns that men ha)e ne)er seen &ill a ear in hea)en and earth, in s'n, and moon, and stars. (0 The seas &ill roar, and so'nds &ill come from hea)en that men can ne)er com rehend, and these &ill brin% distress of nations &ith er leDity. (1 Hearts of the stron%est men &ill faint in fear, in eD ectation of the comin% of more fri%htf'l thin%s ' on the earth. (4 B't &hile the conflicts ra%e on land and sea, the Prince of PEace &ill stand abo)e the clo'ds of hea)en and say a%ain* (5 Peace, eace on earth, %ood &ill to men, and e)ery man &ill thro& a&ay his s&ord, and nations &ill learn &ar no more. (6 And then the man &ho bears the itcher &ill &al3 forth across an arc of hea)en, the si%n and si%net of the son of man &ill stand forth in the eastern s3y. +7 The &ise &ill then lift ' their heads and 3no& that the redem tion of the earth is near. +1 Before these days shall come, behold, false Christs and oor del'ded ro hets &ill arise in many lands. +( And they &ill sho& forth si%ns, and do a m'ltit'de of mi%hty &or3s, and they &ill lead astray the many &ho are not &ise, and many of the &ise &ill be decei)ed. ++ And no& ! tell yo' once a%ain, 8hen men shall say, The Christ is in the &ilderness, %o yo' not forth. +/ And if they say, THe Christ is in the secret lace, belie)e it not, for &hen he comes the &orld &ill 3no& that he has come. +0 ?or as the mornin% li%ht comes from the east and shines 'nto the &est, so shall be the comin% of the a%e and son of man. +1 The &ic3ed of the earth &ill &ee &hen they shall see the son of man come do&n ' on the clo'ds of hea)en, in o&er. +4 Ta3e heed yo', : ta3e hedd, for yo' 3no& not the ho'r nor the day &hen comes the son of man.

+5 2et not yo'r hearts be o)erchar%ed &ith sens'o's thin%s, nor &ith the cares of life, lest that day come and find yo' 'n re ared. +6 Eee &atch at e)ery season of the year, and ray that yo' may meet the 2ord &ith <oy and not &ith %rief. /7 Before those days shall come o'r ?atherB#od &ill send his messen%ers abroad, yea, to the corners of the earth, and they &ill say. /1 Pre are yo', : re are, the Prince of Peace shall come, and no& is comin% on the clo'ds of hea)en. /( 8hen JEs's had th's said, he &ent &ith his disci les bac3 to Bethany.

CHAPTER 105 Jes's and the t&el)e at rayer in :li)et. Jes's re)eals to his disci les the dee er meanin%s of secret doctrines. He tells them &hat to teach the eo le. Relates a n'mber of arables. They ret'rn to Bethany. THE mornin% of the 8ednesday of the &ee3 &as come, and Jes's &ith the t&el)e &ent o't to :li)et to ray, and they &ere lost in rayer for se)en ho'rs. ( Then Je's called the t&el)e close to his side and said, This day the c'rtain arts and &e &ill ste beyond the )eil into the secret co'rts of #od. + And Jes's o ened ' to them the meanin% of the hidden &ay, and of the Holy Breath, and of the li%ht that cannot fail. / He told them all abo't the Boo3 of 2ife, the Rolls of #ra hael, the Boo3 of #od's Remembrance &here all the tho'%hts and &ords of men are &ritten do&n. 0 He did not s ea3 alo'd to them, he told the secrets of the masters in an 'ndertone, and &hen he s o3e the name of #od there &as a silence inthe co'rts of hea)en for half an ho'r, for an%els s o3e &ith bated breath. 1 And Jes's said, These thin%s may not be s o3en o't alo'd, they ne)er may be &ritten do&n, they are the messa%es of $ilenceland, they are the Breathin%s of the inner heart of #od. 4 And then the master ta'%ht the t&el)e the lessons they sho'ld teach to other men. He sometimes ta'%ht in arables, he said, 5 >o' call to mind the &ords of yesterday abo't the comin% of the son of man. -o&, yo' shall teach to other men &hat ! ha)e s o3en and am s ea3in% 'nto yo', 6 Teach them to ray and not to faint, to be re ared at e)ery moment of the day, for &hen they least eD ect him, then the 2ord &ill come. 17 A man &ent to a distant land and left his ho'se and all his &ealth in care of ser)ants, fi)e to %'ard his ho'se and fi)e to %'ard his barns and herds. 11 The ser)ants &aited lon% for his ret'rn, b't he came not, and they %re& careless in their &or3, some s ent their time in re)ellin%s and dr'n3enness, and some sle t at their osts. 1( And ni%ht by ni%ht the robbers came and carried off the &ealth from ho'se and barn, and dro)e a&ay the choicest of the herds. 1+ And &hen they 3ne& that m'ch of all the &ealth that they &ere left to %'ard had been 'rloined, they said, 1/ 8e cannot be to blame, if &e had 3no&n the day and ho'r &hen o'r lord &o'ld come a%ain &e &o'ld ha)e %'arded &ell his &ealth, and s'ffered not the thie)es to carry it a&ay, he s'rely is at fa'lt beca'se he told 's not. 10 B't after many days the lord ret'rned, and &hen he 3ne& that thie)es had robbed him of his &ealth, he called his ser)ants and he said to them,

11 Beca'se yo' ha)e ne%lected &hat &as %i)en yo' to do, ha)e s ent yo'r time in re)ellin%s and slee , behold yo' all are debtors 'nto me. 14 8hat ! ha)e lost by yo'r ne%lect, yo' o&e to me. And then he %a)e them hea)y tas3s to do, and bo'nd them to their osts &ith chains, &here they remained till they had aid for all the %oods their lord had lost thro'%h their ne%lect. 15 Another man loc3ed ' his &ealth and &ent to slee , and in the ni%ht time robbers came, 'nloc3ed his doors, and &hen they sa& no %'ard, they entered in and carried off his &ealth. 16 And &hen the man a&o3e and fo'nd his doors a<ar and all his treas'res %one, he said, !f ! had 3no&n the ho'r &hen the thie)es &o'ld come ! &o'ld ha)e been on %'ard. (7 Be&are, my friends, be&are@ and be re ared at e)ery ho'r, and if yo'r 2ord shall come at midni%ht or at da&n, it matters not, for he &ill find yo' ready to recei)e. (1 And then, behold, a marrai%e &as anno'nced, and )ir%ins, ten of them, &ere set a art to meet the bride%room &hen he came. (( The )ir%ins clothed themsel)es in ro er %arbs, and too3 their lam s and sat in &aitin% for the &atch to say, Behold, the bride%room comes@ (+ -o&, fi)e &ere &ise, they filled their lam s &ith oil, and fi)e &ere foolish, for they carried em ty lam s. (/ The %room came not at the eD ected time, the )ir%ins &ere aB&eary &ith their &atch and sle t. (0 At midni%ht came the cry, Behold, the bride%room comes@ (1 The )ir%ins rose, the &ise ones ='ic3ly trimmed their lam s and &ent forth ready to recei)e the %room. (4 The foolish )ir%ins said, 8e ha)e no oil, o'r lam s b'rn not. (5 They so'%ht to borro& from the &ise, &ho said, 8e ha)e no oil to s are, #o to the merchant men and b'y and fill yo'r lam s and then come forth to meet the %room. (6 B't &hile they &ent to 'rchase oil, the bride%room came, the )ir%ins &ho &ere ready &ith their lam s all trimmed &ent &ith him to the marrai%e feast. +7 And &hen the foolish )ir%ins came the door &as sh't, and tho'%h they 3noc3ed and called alo'd, the door &as o ened not. +1 The master of the feast eDclaimed, ! 3no& yo' not@ and in dis%race the )ir%ins &ent their &ay. +( A%ain ! say to yo', and yo' shall say to them &ho follo& yo', ++ Be ready e)ery moment of the day and ni%ht, beca'se &hen yo' eD ect him not, the 2ord &ill come. +/ Behold, &hen he &ill come &ith all his messen%ers of li%ht, the Boo3 of 2ife, and that of Records, shall be o ened ' BB the boo3s in &hich the tho'%ht and &ords and deeds are &ritten do&n. +0 And e)ery one can read the records he has &ritten for himself, and he &ill 3no& his doom before the <'d%e shall s ea3, and this &ill be the siftin% time. +1 Accordin% to their records men &ill find their o&n. +4 The <'d%e is Ri%hteo'sness, the 3in% of all the earth, and he &ill se arate the m'ltit'des as she herds se arate the shee and %oats. +5 The shee &ill find their laces on the ri%ht, the %oats ' on the left, and e)ery man &ill 3no& his lace. +6 And then the <'d%e &ill say, to those ' on the ri%ht, >o' blessed of the ?atherB #od, come 'nto yo'r inheritance, &hich &as re ared for yo' from times of old. /7 >o' ha)e been ser)ants of the race, and ! &as h'n%ry and yo' %a)e me bread, &as thirsty and yo' %a)e me drin3, &as na3ed and yo' %a)e me clothes, /1 8as sic3, yo' ministered to me, and &as in rison and yo' came to me &ith &ords of cheer, ! &as a stran%er and in yo'r homes ! fo'nd a home.

/( Then &ill the ri%hteo's say, 8hen did &e see yo' h'n%ry, thirsty, sic3, im risoned or a stran%er at o'r %ates and ministered to yo'C /+ And then the <'d%e &ill say, >o' ser)ed the sons of men, and &hatsoe)er yo' ha)e done for these, that yo' ha)e done for me. // The <'d%e &ill say to those ' on the left, Ae art from me, yo' ha)e not ser)ed the sons of men. /0 ! &as h'n%ry and yo' %a)e me na'%ht to eat, &as thirsty and yo' %a)e me na'%ht to drin3, ! &as a stran%er and yo' dro)e me from yo'r door, ! &as im risoned and &as sic3, yo' did not minister to me. /1 Then these &ill say, 8hen did &e th's ne%lect to care for yo'C 8hen did &e see yo' h'n%ry, thirsty, sic3, a stran%er or in rison and did not minister to yo'C /4 And then the <'d%e &ill say, >o'r life is f'll of self, yo' ser)ed the self and not yo'r fello& man, and &hen yo' sli%hted one of these, yo' sli%hted and ne%lected me. /5 Then &ill the ri%hteo's ha)e the 3in%dom and theb o&er, and they &ho are 'nri%hteo's shall %o forth to ay their debts, to s'ffer all that men ha)e s'ffered at their hands. /6 They &ho ha)e ears to hear and hearts to 'nderstand &ill com rehend these arables. 07 8hen he had finished all these arables he said, >o' 3no& that in t&o days the %reat asso)er feast &ill come, and lo, the son of man &ill be betrayed into the hands of &ic3ed men. 01 And he &ill %i)e his life ' on the cross, and men &ill 3no& that he, the son of man, is son of #od. 0( Then Jes's and the t&el)e ret'rned to Bethany.

$ECT!:- IF!!! T;AAA! The Betrayal and Arrest of Jes's

CHAPTER 106 The Christines attend a feast in $imon's ho'se. Mary anoints the master &ith a costly balm, and J'das and others reb'3e her for rofli%acy. Jes's defends her. The r'lers of the Je&s em loy Ananias to arrest Jes's. Ananias bribes J'das to aid him. BARB$!M:-, &ho &as once a le er and &as cleansed by Jes's by the sacred 8ord, abode in Bethany. ( !n hono'r of the Christine 2ord he %a)e a feast, and's &as amon% the %'ests, and R'th and Martha ser)ed. + And as the %'ests reclined abo't the table, Mary too3 a cr'se of rich erf'me and o'red it o't on Jes's' head and feet. / And then she 3nelt and &ith her hair she &i ed his feet, the odo'r of the rich erf'me filled all the room.

0 -o&, J'das, al&ays loo3in% at the selfish side of life, eDclaimed, ?or shamed, &hy did yo' &aste that costly erf'me th'sC 1 8e mi%ht ha)e sold it for three h'ndred ence, and had the money to s' ly o'r &ants and feed the oor. 4 G-o&, J'das &as the treas'rer, and carried all the money of the Christine band.H 5 And others said, 8hy, Mary, &hat a rofli%ate yo' are@ >o' sho'ld not thro& s'ch &ealth a&ay. 6 B't Jes's said, >o' men, be still, let her alone, yo' 3no& not &hat yo' say. 17 The oor are &ith yo' constantly, at any time yo' can administer to them, b't ! &ill not be &ith yo' lon%. 11 And Mary 3no&s the sadness of the comin% days, she has anointed me beforehand for my b'rial. 1( The %os el of the Christ &ill e)ery&here be reached, and he &ho tells the story of the Christ &ill tell abo't this day, and &hat &as done by Mary at this ho'r &ill be a s&eet memorial to her &here)er men abide. 1+ And &hen the feast &as o)er Jes's &ent &ith's to his home. 1/ -o&, in Jer'salem the riests and Pharisees &ere b'sy &ith their lans to sei.e the 2ord and ta3e his life. 10 The hi%h riest called a co'nsel all the &isest men and said, This deed m'st be accom lished in a secret &ay. 11 He m'st be ta3en &hen the m'ltit'des are not aBnear, else &e may ca'se a &ar, the common eo le may stand forth in his defence and th's oll'te this sacred lace &ith h'man blood. 14 And &hat &e do, that &e m'st do before the %reat day of the feast. 15 And Ananias said, ! ha)e a lan that &ill s'cceed. The t&el)e &ith Jes's e)ery day %o forth alone to ray, 16 And &e &ill find their trystin% lace, then &e can sei.e the man and brin% him here &itho't the 3no&led%e of the m'ltit'des. (7 ! 3no& one of the t&el)e, a man &ho &orshi s &ealth, and for a s'm ! thin3 that he &ill lead the &ay to &here the man is &ont to ray. (1 And then Caia has said, !f yo' &ill lead the &ay and bribe the man of &hom yo' s ea3, to aid in Jes's in a secret lace, then &e &ill %i)e to yo' a h'ndred sil)er ieces for yo'r hire. (( And Ananias said, 'Tis &ell. (+ And then he &ent to Bethany and fo'nd the t&el)e at $imon's ho'se and, callin% J'das to the side he said, (/ !f yo' &o'ld care to ma3e a s'm of money for yo'rself hear me* (0 The hi%h riest and other r'lers in Jer'salem &o'ld li3e to tal3 &ith Jes's &hen alone, that they may 3no& abo't his claims, (1 And if he ro)es himself to be the Christ, lo, they &ill stand in his defence. (4 -o&, if yo' &ill b't lead the &ay to &here yo'r master is tomorro& ni%ht that they may send a riest to tal3 &ith him alone, there is a s'm of sil)er, thirty ieces, that the riests &ill %i)e to yo'* (5 And J'das reasoned &ith himself, he said, !t s'rely may be &ell to %i)e the 2ord a chance to tell the riests abo't his claims &hen he is all alone. (6 And if the riests &o'ld do him harm he has the o&er to disa ear and %o his &ay as he has done before, and thirty ieces is a %oodly s'm. +7 And so he said to Ananias, ! &ill lead the &ay, and by a 3iss ma3e 3no&n &hich erson is the 2ord.


Jes's and the t&el)e eat the asso)er alone in -icodem's' ho'se. Jes's &ashes the disci les' feet. J'das lea)es the table and %oes forth to betray the 2ord. Jes's teaches the ele)en. He instit'tes the 2ord's s' er. :- Th'rsday mornin% Jes's called to him the t&el)e disci les, and he said to them, This is #od's remembrance day, and &e &ill eat the ascal s' er all alone. ( And then he said to Peter, James and John, #o no& into Jer'salem and there re are the asch. + And the disci les said, 8here &o'ld yo' ha)e 's %o to find the lace &here &e may ha)e the feast re aredC / And Jes's said, #o by the fo'ntain %ate and yo' &ill see a man &ho has a itcher in his hand. $ ea3 'nto him and say* This is the first day of 'nlea)ened bread, 0 The 2ord &o'ld ha)e yo' set a art yo'r ban='et hall &here he may eat his last asso)er &ith the t&el)e, 1 ?ear not to s ea3, the man &hom yo' &ill see is -icodem's, r'ler of the Je&s, and yet a man of #od. 4 And the disci les &ent and fo'nd the man as Jes's said, and -icodem's hastened to his home, the ban='et hall, an ' er room, &as set a art, the s' er &as re ared. 5 -o&, in the afternoon the 2ord and his disci les &ent ' to Jer'salem and fo'nd the feast in readiness. 6 And &hen the ho'r had come to eat the feast, the t&el)e be%an to stri)e amon% themsel)es, each anDio's to sec're the hono'red seats. 17 And Jes's said, My friends, &o'ld yo' contend for self <'st as the shado&s of this ni%ht of %loom comes onC 11 There is no hono'red seat at hea)en's feast eDce t for him &ho h'mbly ta3es the lo&est seat. 1( And then the 2ord arose and too3 a basin f'll of &ater and a to&el, and bo&in% do&n, he &ashed the feet of all the t&el)e and dried them &ith the to&el. 1+ He breathed ' on them and he said, And may these feet &al3 in the &ays of ri%hteo'sness for e)ermore. 1/ He came to Peter and &as abo't to &ash his feet, and Peter said, &o'ld yo' &ash my feetC 10 And Jes's said, >o' do not com rehend the meanin% of the thin% ! do, b't yo' &ill com rehend. 11 And Peter said, My master, no, yo' shall not stoo to &ash my feet. 14 And Jes's said, My friend, if ! &ash not yo'r feet yo' ha)e no art &ith me. 15 And Peter said, Then, : my 2ord, &ash both my feet, my hands, my head. 16 And Jes's said to him, He &ho has ta3en first his bath is clean, and has no need to &ash, eDce t his feet. (7 The feet are tr'ly symbols of the 'nderstandin% of the man, and he &ho &o'ld be clean m'st, in the li)in% stream of life, &ash &ell his 'nderstandin% e)ery day. (1 Then Jes's sat &ith his disci les at the table of the feast and said, Behold the lesson of the ho'r* (( >o' call me master, s'ch ! am. !f, then, yo'r 2ord and master 3neel and &ash yo'r feet, sho'ld yo' not &ash each other's feet and th's sho& forth yo'r &illin%ness to ser)eC (+ >o' 3no& these thin%s, and if yo' do them, blessed thrice are yo'. (/ And then he said, This is an ho'r &hen ! can tr'ly raise the name of #od, for ! ha)e %reatly &ished to eat &ith yo' this feast before ! ass the )eil, (0 ?or ! &ill eat it not a%ain 'ntil ane& ! eat it &ith yo' in the 3in%dom of o'r ?atherB #od. (1 And then they s'n% the Hebre& son% of raise that Je&s &ere &ont to sin% before the feast.

(4 And then they ate the asch and as they ate, the master said, Behold, for one of yo' &ill t'rn a&ay this ni%ht and &ill betray me into &ic3ed hands. (5 And the disci les &ere ama.ed at &hat he said, they loo3ed into each other's face in &onderment, they all eDclaimed, 2ord, is it !C (6 And Peter said to John, &ho sat beside the 2ord, To &hom does he referC +7 And John 't forth his hand and to'ched the master's hand and said, 8hich one of 's is so de ra)ed as to betray his 2ordC +1 And J'das said, 2ord, is it !C +( And Jes's said, He is the one &ho no& has 't his hand &ith mine into the dish. They loo3ed, and J'das' hand &as &ith the hand of Jes's in the dish. ++ And Jes's said, The Pro hets cannot fail, the son of man m'st be betrayed, b't &oe to him &ho shall betray his 2ord. +/ And from the table J'das rose at once, his ho'r had come. +0 And Jes's said to him, Ao ='ic3ly &hat yo' are to do. And J'das &ent his &ay. +1 And &hen the asch &as done the 2ord &ith the ele)en sat a &hile in silent tho'%ht. +4 Then Jes's too3 a loaf of bread that had been bro3en not and said, This loaf is symbol of my body, and the bread is symbol of the bread of life, +5 And as ! brea3 this loaf, so shall my flesh be bro3en as a attern for the sons of men, for men m'st freely %i)e their bodies ' in &illin% sacrifice for other men. +6 And as yo' eat this bread, so shall yo' eat the bread of life, and ne)er die. And then he %a)e to each a iece of bread to eat. /7 And then he too3 a c' of &ine and said, Blood is the life, this is the lifeBblood of the %ra e, it is the symbol of the life of him &ho %i)es his life for men. /1 And as yo' drin3 this &ine, if yo' shall drin3 in faith, yo' drin3 the life of Christ. /( And then he s' ed and assed the c' , and the disci les s' ed, and Jes's said, This is the feast of life, the %reat asso)er of the son of man, the $' er of the 2ord, and yo' shall often eat the bread and drin3 the &ine. /+ ?rom henceforth shall this bread be called Remembrance bread, this &ine shall be Remembrance &ine, and &hen yo' eat this bread and drin3 this &ine remember me.

CHAPTER 111 Jes's teaches the ele)en. Tells them that they &ill all be estran%ed from him, and that Peter &ill deny him thrice before the mornin%. He s ea3s final &ords of enco'ra%ement. Promises the Comforter. -:8, after J'das had %one forth to meet the emissaries of the riests and to betray his 2ord, ( The master said, The ho'r has come, the son of man &ill no& be %lorified. + My little children, ! am &ith yo' yet a little &hile, soon yo' &ill see3 me and &ill find me not, for &here ! %o yo' cannot come. / ! %i)e to yo' a ne& command* As ! lo)e yo' and %i)e my life for yo', so shall yo' lo)e the &orld, and %i)e yo'r life to sa)e the &orld. 0 2o)e one another as yo' lo)e yo'rsel)es, and then the &orld &ill 3no& that yo' are sons of #od, disci les of the son of man &hom #od has %lorified. 1 And Peter said, 2ord, &here yo' %o there ! &ill %o, for ! &o'ld lay my life do&n for my 2ord. 4 And Jes's said, Boast not of bra)ery, my friend, yo' are not stron% eno'%h toB ni%ht to follo& me.

5 -o&, Peter, hear@ yo' &ill deny me thrice before the coc3 shall cro& toBmorro& morn. 6 And then he loo3ed ' on the ele)en and said, >o' all &ill be estran%ed from me this ni%ht. 17 The ro het said, 2o, he &ill smite the she herd of the shee , the shee &ill flee and hide a&ay. 11 B't after ! am risen from the dead, lo, yo' &ill come a%ain, and ! &ill %o before yo' into #alilee. 1( And Peter said, My 2ord, tho'%h e)ery other man forsa3e yo' ! &ill not. 1+ And Jes's said, : $imon Peter, lo, yo'r .eal is %reater than yo'r fortit'de@ Behold, for $atan cometh ' to sift yo' as a an of &heat, b't ! ha)e rayed that in yo'r faith yo' shall not fail, that after trial yo' may stand a to&er of stren%th. 1/ And the disci les all eDclaimed, There is no o&er on earth that can estran%e, or ca'se 's to deny o'r 2ord. 10 And Jes's said, 2et not yo'r hearts be sad, yo' all belie)e in #od, belie)e in me. 11 Behold, for there are many mansions in my ?atherland. !f there &ere not ! &o'ld ha)e told yo' so. 14 ! &ill %o 'nto my ?atherland, and ! &ill re are a lace for yo' that &here ! am there yo' may be. B't no& yo' do not 3no& the &ay 'nto my ?atherland. 15 And Thomas said, 8e do not 3no& &here yo' intend to %o, ho& co'ld &e 3no& the &ayC 16 And Jes's said, ! am the &ay, the tr'th, the life, ! manifest the Christ of #od. -o man can reach my ?atherland eDce t he comes &ith me thro'%h Christ. (7 !f yo' had 3no&n and com rehended me, then yo' &o'ld 3no& my ?atherB#od. (1 And Phili said, $ho& 's the ?ather and &e &ill be satisfied. (( And Jes's said, Ha)e ! been &ith yo' all these years and still yo' 3no& me notC (+ He &ho has seen the son has seen the ?ather has re)ealed himself. (/ 2o, ! ha)e told yo' many times that &hat ! s ea3 and &hat ! do are not the &ords and &or3s of man, (0 They are the &ords of #od, &ho li)es in me and ! in him. (1 Hear me, yo' faithf'l men* He &ho belie)es in me and in my ?atherB#od shall say and do &hat ! ha)e said and done. (4 >ea, more, he shall do %reater &or3s than ! ha)e e)er done, beca'se ! %o to him &hose &or3s &e do, and then ! can reach forth my hand in hel f'lness. (5 And in my name, thro'%h Christ, yo' may etition #od and he &ill %rant yo' yo'r re='est. (6 Ao yo' belie)e &hat ! ha)e saidC >es, yo' belie)e, and if yo' lo)e the Christ and follo& me then yo' &ill 3ee my &ords. +7 ! am the )ine, yo' are the branches of the )ine, my ?ather is the h'sbandmen. +1 The branches that are &orthless, bearin% na'%ht b't lea)es, the h'sbandmen &ill c't a&ay and cast into the fire to be b'rned. +( And he &ill r'ne the branches that bear fr'it that they may yield ab'ndantly. ++ The branch cannot bear fr'it if se arated from the )ine, and yo' cannot bear fr'it &hen se arate from me. +/ Abide in me, and do the &or3s that #od, thro'%h me, has ta'%ht yo' ho& to do, and yo' &ill bear m'ch fr'it, and #od &ill hono'r yo' as he has hono'red me. +0 And no& ! %o my &ay, b't ! &ill ray my ?atherB#od and he &ill send another Comforter to yo', &ho &ill abide &ith yo'. +1 Behold, this Comforter of #od, the Holy Breath, is one &ith #od, b't she is one the &orld cannot recei)e beca'se it sees her not, it 3no&s her not. +4 B't yo' 3no& her, and &ill 3no& her, beca'se she &ill abide &ithin yo'r so'l. +5 ! &ill not lea)e yo' desolate, b't in the Christ, &hich is the lo)e of #od made manifest to men, ! &ill be &ith yo' all the &ay.

CHAPTER 11( Jes's re)eals more f'lly the mission of the Holy Breath. Tells his disci les lainly that he is abo't to die, and they are sad. He rays for them and all the &orld of belie)ers. They lea)e the ban='et hall. -:8, John &as dee ly %rie)ed beca'se the master said, ! %o a&ay, and &here ! %o yo' cannot come. ( He &e t and said, 2ord, ! &o'ld %o &ith yo' thro'%h e)ery trial and to death. + And Jes's said, And yo' shall follo& me thro'%h trials and thro'%h death, b't no& yo' cannot %o &here ! &ill %o, b't yo' shall come. / And Jes's s o3e a%ain 'nto the ele)en and said, #rie)e not beca'se ! %o a&ay, for it is best that ! sho'ld %o a&ay. !f ! %o not the Comforter &ill not come to yo'. 0 These thin%s ! s ea3 &hile &ith yo' in the flesh, b't &hen the Holy Breath shall come in o&er, lo, she &ill teach yo' more and more, and brin% to yo'r remembrance all the &ords that ! ha)e said to yo'. 1 There are a m'ltit'de of thin%s yet to be said, thin%s that this a%e cannot recei)e, beca'se it cannot com rehend. 4 B't, lo, ! say, Before the %reat day of the 2ord shall come, the Holy Breath &ill ma3e all mysteries 3no&nBB 5 The mysteries of the so'l, of life, of death, of immortality, the oneness of a man &ith e)ery other man and &ith his #od. 6 Then &ill the &orld be led to tr'th, and man &ill be the tr'th. 17 8hen she has come, the Comforter, she &ill con)ince the &orld of sin, and of the tr'th of &hat ! s ea3, and of the <'d%ement of the <'st, and then the rince of carnal life &ill be cast o't. 11 And &hen the Comforter shall come ! need not intercede for yo', for yo' &ill stand a ro)ed, and #od &ill 3no& yo' then as he 3no&s me. 1( The ho'r has come &hen yo' &ill &ee , the &ic3ed &ill re<oice, beca'se ! %o a&ay, b't ! &ill come a%ain, and all yo'r sorro&s shall be t'rned to <oy, 1+ >ea, )erily, yo' &ill re<oice as one &ho &elcomes bac3 a brother from the dead. 1/ And the disci les said, :'r 2ord, s ea3 not in ro)erbs any more, s ea3 lainly 'nto 's, &e 3no& that yo' are &ise and 3no& all thin%s. 10 8hat is the meanin% of yo'r &ords, ! %o a&ay, b't ! &ill come a%ainC 11 And Jes's said, The ho'r is come &hen yo' &ill all be scattered forth, and e)ery man &ill be afraid, 14 8ill flee to sa)e his life and lea)e me alone, yet ! &ill not be all alone, my ?atherB #od is &ith me all the &ay. 15 And &ic3ed men &ill ta3e me to the <'d%ment seat of &ic3ed men and in the resence of the m'ltit'des ! &ill %i)e ' my life, a attern for the sons of men. 16 B't ! &ill rise a%ain and come to yo'. (7 These thin%s ! s ea3 that yo' may be established in the faith &hen they shall come to ass. (1 And yo' shall bear the b'ffetin%s of men, and follo& in the thorny ath ! tread. (( Be not dismayed, be of %ood cheer, 2o, ! ha)e o)ercome the &orld, and yo' shall o)ercome the &orld. (+ Then Jes's lifted ' his eyes to hea)en and said, My ?atherB#od, the ho'r has come, (/ The son of man m'st no& be lifted from the earth, and may he falter not, that all the &orld may 3no& the o&er of sacrifice, (0 ?or as ! %i)e my life for men, lo, men m'st %i)e their li)es for other men.

(1 ! came to do thy &ill, : #od, and in the sacred name, the Christ is %lorified, that men may see the Christ as life, as li%ht, as tr'th. (4 And thro'%h the Christ become themsel)es the life, the li%ht, the lo)e, the tr'th. (5 ! raise thy name beca'se of these &hom tho' hast %i)en me, for they ha)e hono'red thee and they &ill hono'r thee, (6 And none of them are lost, and none are %one a&ay, eDce t the blinded son of carnal life, &ho hath %one forth to sell his 2ord. +7 : #od, for%i)e this man beca'se he 3no&s not &hat he does. +1 And no&, : #od, ! come to thee, and am no more in mortal life, 3ee tho' these men to &hom ! ha)e made 3no&n thy &isdom and thy lo)e. +( As they belie)e in me, and in the &ords ! s ea3, may all the &orlds belie)e in them and in the &ords they s ea3. ++ As tho' hast sent me forth into the &orld, so ! ha)e sent them forth. ! ray that tho' &o'ldst hono'r them as tho' hast hono'red me. +/ ! do not ray that tho' &o'ldst ta3e them from the &orld, b't that they may be %'arded from the e)il of the &orld, and not be s'b<ect to tem tations that are too %reat for them to bear. +0 They once &ere of the &orld, b't no& are of the &orld no more, as ! am of the &orld no more. +1 Thy &ord is tr'th, : #od, and by thy &ord let them be sanctified. +4 ! do not ray for these alone, : #od, ! also ray for all &ho &ill belie)e on me, and &ill acce t the Christ beca'se of &hat they do and say, that they may all be one. +5 As ! am one &ith thee, and tho' art one &ith me, may they be one &ith 's, +6 That all the &orld may 3no& that hto' hast sent me forth to do thy &ill, and that tho' lo)est them as tho' hast e)er lo)ed me. /7 8hen Jes's had th's said, they s'n% the Je&ish son% of raise, and then arose and &ent their &ay.

CHAPTER 11+ Jes's )isits Pilate, &ho 'r%es him to flee from the co'ntry to sa)e his life. Jes's ref'ses to do so. He meets his disci les in Massalian's orchard. The scene in #ethsemane. The Je&ish mob led by J'das a ears. A$ Jes's and the ele)en &ent o't, a Roman %'ard a roached and said, All hail@ !s one of yo' the man from #alileeC ( And Peter said, 8e all are men from #alilee, &hom do yo' see3C + The %'ard re lied, ! see3 for Jes's, &ho is called the Christ. / And Jes's ans&ered, Here am !. 0 The %'ard s o3e o't and said, ! do not come in an official &ay, ! bear to yo' a messa%e from the %o)ernor. 1 Jer'salem is all ali)e &ith )en%ef'l Je&s &ho s&ear that they &ill ta3e yo'r life, and Pilate &o'ld confer &ith yo', and he &o'ld ha)e yo' come to him &itho't delay. 4 And Jes's said to Peter and the rest, #o to the )ale, and by the Eidron &ait for me, and ! &ill %o alone and see the %o)ernor. 5 And Jes's &ent ' &ith the %'ard, and &hen he reached the alace, Pilate met him at the %ate and said, 6 >o'n% man, ! ha)e a &ord to say that may be &ell for yo'. ! ha)e obser)ed yo'r &or3s and &ords three years and more,

17 And ! ha)e often stood in yo'r defence &hen yo'r o&n co'ntrymen &o'ld fain ha)e stoned yo' as a criminal. 11 B't no& the riests, the scribes and Pharisees ha)e stirred the common eo le to a sta%e of fren.ied &antonness and cr'elty, and they intend to ta3e yo'r life. 1( Beca'se, they say, that yo' ha)e s&orn to etar their tem le do&n, to cha%e the la&s that Moses %a)e, to eDile Pharisee and riest and seat yo'rself ' on a throne. 1+ And they a)er that yo' are f'lly in lea%'e &ith Rome. 1/ The streets of all Jer'salem are filled this moment &ith a horde of madmen all intent to shed yo'r blood. 10 There is no safety for yo' b't in fli%ht, &ait not 'ntil the mornin% s'n. >o' 3no& the &ay to reach the border of this c'rsed land. 11 ! ha)e a little band of %'ards, &ell horsed and armed, and they &ill ta3e yo' o't beyond the reach of harm. 14 >o' m'st not tarry here, yo'n% man, yo' m'st arise and %o. 15 And Jes's said, A noble rince has Caesar in his Pilate Ponti's, and from the oint of carnal man yo'r &ords are seasoned &ith the &ise man's salt, b't from the oint of Christ yo'r &ords are follishness. 16 The co&ard flees &hen dan%er comes, b't he &ho comes to see3 and sa)e the lost m'st %i)e his life in &illin% sacrifice for those he comes to see3 and sa)e. (7 Before the asch has been cons'med, lo, all this nation &ill be c'rsed by sheddin% blood of innocence, and e)en no& the m'rderers are at the door. (1 and Pilate said, !t shall not be, the s&ord of Rome &ill be 'nsheathed to sa)e yo'r life. (( And Jes's said, -ay, Pilate, nay, there are no armies lar%e eno'%h in all the &orld to sa)e my life. (+ And Jes's bade the %o)ernor fare&ell, and &ent his &ay, b't Pilate sent a do'ble %'ard &ith him lest he sho'ld fall into the hands of those &ho &ere alert to ta3e his life. (/ B't in a moment Jes's disa eared, the %'ards sa& him no more, and in a little &hile he reached the broo3 of Eidron &here the ele)en &ere. (0 -o&, <'st beyond the broo3 there &as an orchard and a home &here one, Massalian, li)ed, &here Jes's oft had been. (1 Massalian &as his friend, and he belie)ed that Jes's &as the Christ that Je&ish ro hets lon% a%o had said &o'ld come. (4 -o&, in the orchard &as a sacred 3noll, Massalian called the lace #ethsemane. (5 The ni%ht &as dar3, b't in the orchard it &as do'bly dar3 and Jes's bade the ei%ht disci les tarry by the broo3, (6 8hile he, &ith Peter, James and John &ent to #ethsemane to ray. +7 They sat beneath an oli)e tree, and Jes's o ened ' the mysteries of life to Peter, James and John. He said, +1 The $ irit of eternity is :ne 'nmanifest, and this is #od the ?ather, #od the Mother, #od the $on in :ne. +( !n life of manifests the :ne became the Three, and #od the ?ather is the #od of mi%ht, and #od the Mother is omniscient #od, and #od the $on is lo)e. ++ And #od the ?ather is the o&er of hea)en and earth, and #od the Mother is the Holy Breath, the tho'%ht of hea)en and earth, and #od the $on, the only son, is Christ, and Christ is lo)e. +/ ! came as man to manifest this lo)e to men, +0 As man ! ha)e been s'b<ect 'nto all the trials and tem tations of the h'man race, b't ! ha)e o)ercome the flesh, &ith all its assions and its a etites. +1 8hat ! ha)e done all men can do. +4 And ! am no& abo't to demonstrate the o&er of man to con='er death, for e)ery man is #od made flesh. +5 ! &ill lay do&n my life, and ! &ill ta3e it ' a%ain, that yo' may 3no& the mysteries of life, of death, and of the res'rrection of the dead.

+6 ! lay me do&n in flesh, b't ! &ill rise in s irit form &ith o&er to manifest myself so mortal eyes can see. /7 $o in a trinity of days ! &ill sho& forth the all of life, the all of death, the meanin% of the res'rrection of the dead. /1 And &hat ! do all men can do. /( And yo', my three, &ho constit'te the inner circle of the Ch'rch of Christ, &ill sho& to men the attrib'tes of all the #ods. /+ And Peter shall ma3e 3no&n the Po&er of #od, and James shall sho& Tho'%ht of #od, and John shall deomonstrate the 2o)e of #od. // Be not afraid of men, for yo' ha)e been sent forth to do the mi%hty &or3s of #od the ?ather, #od the Mother, #od the $on. /0 And all the o&ers of carnal life cannot destroy yo'r life 'ntil yo'r &or3 is done. /1 ! lea)e yo' no&, and ! &ill %o o't in the dar3ness all alone and tal3 &ith #od. /4 By sorro& ! am o)er&helmed ! lea)e yo' here to &atch &ith me. /5 Then Jes's &ent three h'ndred c'bits to&ard the east, and fell ' on his face and rayed, he said, /6 My #od@ my #od@ is there a &ay by &hich ! may esca e the horrors of the comin% ho'rsC My h'man flesh shrin3s bac3, my so'l is firm, so not my &ill, b't thine, : #od, be done. 07 !n a%ony he rayed, the strain ' on the h'man form &as %reat, his )eins &ere b'rst as'nder, and his bro& &as bathed in blood. 01 And then he &ent bac3 to the three, and fo'nd them all aslee , he said, 0( : $imon, $imon, do yo' slee @ Co'ld yo' not &atch &ith me a sin%le ho'rC Be )i%ilant, and &atch and ray that yo'r tem tations be not too %reat for yo' to bear. 0+ ! 3no& the s irit is alert and &illin%, b't the flesh is &ea3. 0/ And then he &ent a%ain and rayed, : ?ather, #od@ if ! m'st drin3 this bitter c' , %i)e me the stren%th of so'l, for not my &ill, b't thine be done. 00 And then he &ent a%ain to his disci les, lo, he fo'nd them still aslee . He &a3ened them and said to James. 01 Ha)e yo' been slee in% &hile yo'r master has been &restlin% &ith the %reatest foe of menC Co'ld yo' not &atch &ith me a sin%le ho'rC 04 And then he &ent a%ain and rayed. : #od, ! yield to thee, thy &ill be done. 05 And then a%ain he &ent bac3 to the three, and still they sle t. he said to John. 06 8ith all the lo)e yo' ha)e for me, co'ld yo' not &atch &ith me a sin%le ho'rC 17 And then he said, !t is eno'%h, the ho'r has come, and my betrayer is at hand, arise and let 's %o. 11 And &hen they came a%ain to Eidron, lo, the ei%ht disci les &ere aslee , and Jes's said, >o' men, a&a3e, behold, for the betrayer of the son of man is come.

CHAPTER 11/ J'das betrays his 2ord &ith a 3iss. Jes's is sei.ed by the mob and the disci les flee to sa)e their li)es. Jes's is ta3en 'nto Jer'salem, Peter and John follo& the mob. THE 2ord &ith the ele)en &ere in the orchard of Massalian, and as they tal3ed they sa& a band of men &ith lanterns and &ith s&ords and cl'bs a roachin% them. ( And Jes's said, Behold the emissaries of the e)il one@ and J'das leads the &ay. + And the disci les said, 2ord, let 's flee to sa)e o'r li)es. / B't Jes's said, 8hy sho'ld &e flee to sa)e o'r li)es &hen this is the f'lfilment of the &ords of ro hets and of seersC

0 And Jes's &ent alone to meet the men, and as they came he said, 8hy are yo' here, yo' menC &hom do yo' see3C 1 And they re lied, 8e see3 the man from #alilee. 8e see3 for Jes's, one &ho calls himself the Christ. 4 And Jes's ans&ered, Here am !. 5 And then he raised his hands and &ith a mi%hty tho'%ht he bro'%ht the ethers to the state of li%ht, and all the orchard &as a%lo& &ith li%ht. 6 The fren.ied men &ere dri)en bac3 and many fled and tarried not 'ntil they reached Jer'salem, and others fell ' on their faces on the %ro'nd. 17 The bra)est men, and they &ith hardest hearts, remained, and &hen the li%ht had aled, the 2ord a%ain in='ired, 8hom do yo' see3C 11 And Ananias said, 8e see3 the man from #alilee, &e see3 for Jes's, he &ho calls himself the Christ. 1( And Jes's ans&ered him and said, ! told yo' once before, b't no& ! tell yo' once a%ain that ! am he. 1+ By Ananias, J'das stood, b't in a moment he had %one and comin% ' behind the 2ord he said, My 2ord, and then he 3issed him as a si%n that he &as Jes's &hom they so'%ht. 1/ And Jes's said, Ao yo', !scariot, come and th's betray yo'r master &ith a 3issC 10 This thin% m'st need be done, b't &oe to him &ho does betray his 2ord. 11 >o'r carnal %reed has seared yo'r conscience and yo' 3no& not &hat yo' do, b't in a little time yo'r conscience &ill assert itself, and in remorse, lo, yo' &ill close yo'r s an and ta3e yo'r life. 14 Then the ele)en came, laid hold of J'das and &o'ld ha)e done him harm, b't Jes's said, 15 >o' m'st not harm this man, yo' ha)e no ri%ht to <'d%e this man, his conscience is his <'d%e, &ill sentence him and he &ill eDec'te himself. 16 And then the mob led on by Malch's, ser)ant of Caia has, laid hold of Jes's, and &as bindin% him &ith chains. (7 And Jes's said, 8hy do yo' come in dead of ni%ht &ith s&ords and cl'bs to ta3e me in this sacred laceC (1 Ha)e ! not s o3en in the 'blic laces of Jer'salemC Ha)e ! not healed yo' sic3, and o ened ' yo'r blinded eyes, and made yo'r lame to &al3, yo'r deaf to hearC >o' co'ld ha)e fo'nd me any day. (( And no& yo' try to bind me do&n &ith chains, &hat are these chains b't lin3s of reedsC And then he raised his hands, the chains &ere bro3en and they fell to earth. (+ And Malch's tho'%ht the 2ord &o'ld flee to sa)e his life, and &ith a cl'b he fain &o'ld smite him in the face. (/ B't Peter had a s&ord, and r'shin% ' he smote the man and &o'nded him. (0 B't Jes's said, $tay, Peter, stay, 't ' yo'r s&ord, yo' are not called to fi%ht &ith s&ords and cl'bs. 8hoe)er &ields the s&ord shall erish by the s&ord. (1 ! do not need rotection by the sons of men, for ! co'ld call this moment and a le%ion, yea, t&el)e le%ions of the messen%ers of #od, &o'ld come and stand in my defence, b't then it is not &ell. (4 And then he said to Malch's, Man, ! &o'ld not ha)e yo' harmed. And then he laid his hand ' on the &o'nd that Peter made, and it &as healed. (5 Then Jes's said, Be not concerned lest ! sho'ld tear myself a&ay from yo' and flee to sa)e my life. ! ha)e no &ish to sa)e my life, do &ith me as yo' &ish. (6 And then the mob r'shed ' to sei.e the ele)en to ta3e them bac3 to stand for trial as the aids of Jes's in his crimes. +7 B't the disci les, e)ery one of them, deserted Jes's, and they fled to sa)e their li)es. +1 -o&, John &as last to flee, the mob laid hold of him and tore his %arments all to shreds, b't he esca ed in na3edness.

+( Massalian sa& the man, and too3 him to his home and %a)e him other clothes, and then he follo&ed after them &ho led the 2ord a&ay. ++ And Peter &as ashamed beca'se of his &ea3 co&ardice, and &hen he &as himself a%ain he <oined &ith John and follo&ed close behind the mob, and came into Jer'salem.

$ECT!:- I!I E:PH The Trial and EDec'tion of Jes's

CHAPTER 110 Jes's before Caia has. Peter denies his 2ord thrice. The indictment, si%ned by se)en r'lin% Je&s. A h'ndred er<'red &itnesses testify to the tr'th of the char%es. CA!APHA$ &as the hi%h riest of the Je&s, the mob led Jes's to his alace hall. ( The co'rt had been con)ened, and all the %alleries &ere ac3ed &ith scribes and Pharisees already s&orn as &itnesses a%ainst the 2ord. + The maid &ho 3e t the alace door 3ne& John and this disci le as3ed that he and Peter be admitted to the hall. / The maid ermitted them to enter in, and John &ent in, b't Peter &as afraid and tarried in the o'ter co'rt. 0 The &oman said to Peter, as he stood beside the door, Are yo' a follo&er of this man from #alileeC 1 And Peter said, -o, ! am not. 4 The men &ho had bro'%ht Jes's to the hall sat by a fire in the o'ter co'rt, beca'se the ni%ht &as cool, and Peter sat &ith them. 5 Another maid &ho &aited in the lace sa& Peter and she said to him, >o' s'rely are from #alilee, yo'r s eech is that of #alilee, yo' are a follo&er of this man. 6 And Peter said, ! 3no& not &hat yo' mean, ! do not e)en 3no& this man. 17 And then a ser)ant of Caia has, one of those &ho sei.ed the 2ord and bro'%ht him to the co'rt, sa& Peter and he said to him, 11 Aid ! not see yo' in the orchard of Massalian &ith this seditio's -a.areneC !'m s're ! did, and yo' are one of those &ho follo&ed him. 1( Then Peter rose and stam ed ' on the floor, and s&ore by e)ery sacred thin%, that he 3ne& not the criminal. 1+ -o&, John &as standin% near and &hen he heard the &ords and 3ne& that Peter had denied his 2ord, he loo3ed at him in sheer astonishment. 1/ J'st then a coc3 cre& lo'd beneath the co'rt, and Peter called to mind the &ords the 2ord had said, 10 Before the coc3 shall cro& toBmorro& morn yo' &ill deny me thrice. 11 And Peter's conscience smote him hea)ily, and he &ent o't into the ni%ht and &e t. 14 Caia has sat in state, before him stood the man from #alilee. 15 Caia has said, >o' eo le of Jer'salem, &ho is the man that yo' acc'seC

16 They ans&ered* !n the name of e)ery loyal Je& &e do acc'se this man from #alilee, this Jes's, &ho ass'mes to be o'r 3in%, as enemy of #od and man. (7 Caia has said to Jes's, Man, yo' are ermitted no& to s ea3 and tell abo't yo'r doctrines and yo'r claims. (1 And Jes's said, >o' riest of carnal man, &hy do yo' as3 abo't my &ords and &or3sC (( 2o, ! ha)e ta'%ht the m'ltit'des in e)ery 'blic lace, ! ha)e restored yo'r sic3 to health, ha)e ca'sed yo'r deaf to hear, yo'r lame to &al3, and ! ha)e bro'%ht yo'r dead to life a%ain. (+ My &or3s ha)e not been done in secret lace b't in yo'r 'blic halls and thoro'%hfares. (/ #o as3 the eo le, &ho ha)e not been bo'%ht &ith %old or %litterin% romises, to tell abo't my &ords and &or3s. (0 8hen Jes's had th's said a Je&ish %'ard came ' and smote him in the face and said, Ho& dare yo' s ea3 th's 'nto him, the hi%h riest of the Je&sC (1 And Jes's said, !f ! ha)e s o3en falsely bear &itness 'nto &hat ! say, !f ! ha)e told the tr'th &hy did yo' smite me th'sC (4 And then Caia has said, 8hat'er yo', do in a le%al &ay, for &e m'st ans&er to a hi%her co'rt for e)erythin% &e do or say. (5 2et the acc'sers of this man resent their char%es in a le%al form. (6 And then Caia has' scribe stood forth and said, ! ha)e the acc'sations here in le%al form, the char%es made and si%ned by scribes and riests and Pharisees. +7 Caia has said, Be still, yo' men, and hear the char%es read. The scribe too3 ' a roll and read* +1 To the $anhedrim of the Je&s and to Caia has the hi%h riest, most hono'red men* +( The hi%hest d'ty man can render is to his nation and his o&n is to rotect them from their foes. ++ The eo le of Jer'salem are conscio's that a mi%hty foe is in their )ery midst. +/ A man named Jes's has come forth and claims to be heir to Aa)id's throne. +0 As an im oster he is foe, and in the name of e)ery loyal Je& &e here s'bmit these char%es &hich &e are com etent to ro)e, +1 At first, he blas hemes #od, he says he is son of #od, that he and #od are one, +4 And he rofanes o'r holy days by healin%, and doin% other &or3 ' on the $abbath days, +5 And he roclaims himself the 3in%, s'ccessor of o'r Aa)id and o'r $olomon, +6 And he declares that he &ill tear o'r tem le do&n and b'ild it ' a%ain in form more %lorio's in three days, /7 And he declares that he &ill dri)e the eo le from Jer'salem, as he dro)e o't the merchants from the tem le co'rt, and brin% to occ' y o'r sacred hills a tribe of men that 3no& not #od, /1 And he a)er that e)ery doctor, scribe and Pharisee and $add'cee, shall %o in eDile, and shall ne)er more ret'rn, /( And to these char%es &e do set o'r hands and seals. Annas. $imon. Abinadab. Annanias. Joash. A.aniah. He.e3iah. /+ -o&, &hen the scibe had read the char%es, all the eo le called for blood, they said, 2et s'ch a &retch be stoned, let him be cr'cified. // Caia has said, >o' men of !srael, do yo' s'stain the char%es of these menC /0 A h'ndred men &ho had been bribed, stood forth to testify, they s&ore that e)ery char%e &as tr'e. /1 Caia has said to Jes's, Man, ha)e yo' a &ord to sayC are yo' the son of #odC /4 And Jes's said, $o yo' ha)e said, and then he said no more.

CHAPTER 111 Jes's before the $anhedrim. -icodem's leads for <'stice, he sho&s the incom etency of the &itnesses. The co'ncil fail to declare Jes's %'ilty, b't Caia has, the residin% <'d%e, declares him %'ilty. The mob maltreat Jes's. He is ta3en to Pilate's co'rt. 8HE- Jes's &o'ld not s ea3, Caia has stood before the Je&ish mob and said, ( Bind fast the risoner, for he m'st %o before the %reat $anhedrim of the Je&s to ans&er for his life. + 8e cannot eDec'te a criminal 'ntil o'r findin%s ha)e been )erified by this, the hi%hest co'ncil of the Je&s. / As soon as it &as day the hi%hest co'ncil of the eo le met, the 2ord and his acc'sers stood before the bar. 0 Caia has &as the chief, he rose and said, 2et the acc'sers of this man from #alilee brin% forth their char%es and their e)idence. 1 Caia has' scribe stood forth and read the char%es and the names of those &ho had acc'sed the man from #alilee. 4 And all the &itnesses &ere made to stand and testify before the co'ncil of the Je&s. 5 And then the la&yers &ei%hed the e)idence, and -icodem's stood amon% the men &ho lead. 6 He raised his hands and said, 2et <'stice no& be done, tho'%h e)ery scribe and Pharisee and riest and $add'cee, as &ell as Jes's, the acc'sed, be <'d%ed a liar. 17 !f &e can ro)e this Jes's to be foe and traitor to o'r la&s and lnad, let him be <'d%ed acriminal and s'ffer for his crimes. 11 !f it be ro)ed that these &ho testify are er<'rers in the si%ht of #od and man, then let the man from #alilee %o free. 1( And then he bro'%ht the testimonies of the &itnesses before the <'d%es of the la&, no t&o of them a%reed, !n heat of assion, or for %ain, the men had testified. 1+ The co'ncil &o'ld ha)e %ladly <'d%ed that Jes's &as a criminal and sentence him to death, b't in the face of all the e)idence they &ere afraid. 1/ And then Caia has said, >o' man from #alilee, Before the li)in% #od, ! no& command that yo' shall ans&er me, Are yo' the Christ, the son of #odC 10 And Jes's said, !f ! &o'ld ans&er, >es, yo' &o'ld not hear, nor yet belie)e, 11 !f ! &o'ld ans&er, -o, ! &o'ld be li3e yo'r &itnesses, and stand a liar in the si%ht of man and #od. B't this ! say, 14 The time &ill come &hen yo' &ill see the son of man ' on the throne of o&er and comin% in the clo'ds of hea)en. 15 And then Caia has rent his clothes and said, Ha)e yo' not heard eno'%hC Aid yo' not hear his )ile blas hemo's &ordsC 8hat f'rther need ha)e &e of &itnessesC 8hat shall &e do &ith himC 16 The eo le said, P't him to death. And then the mob r'shed ' and s it into his face, and str'c3 him &ith their hands. (7 And then they bo'nd a cloth abo't his eyes and smote him in the face and said, >o' are a ro het, tell 's &ho it &as &ho smote yo' in the face. (1 And Jes's ans&ered not and li3e a lamb before his shearer he, the man from #alilee, resisted not. (( Caia has said, 8e cannot 't a man to death 'ntil the Roman r'ler shall confirm the sentence of this co'rt, (+ $o ta3e this criminal a&ay and Pilate &ill endorse &hat &e ha)e done. (/ And then &as Jes's dra%%ed alon% the &ay ' to the alace of the Roman %o)ernor.

CHAPTER 114 Jes's before Pilate. !s rono'nced not %'ilty. Jes's before Herod and is tort'red and ret'rned to Pilate, &ho a%ain declares him innocent. The Je&s demand his death. Pilate's &ife 'r%es her h'sband to ha)e nothin% to do &ith the 'nishment of Jes's. Pilate &ee s. !-T: the alace of the Roman %o)ernor the Je&s &o'ld enter not lest they become defiled and be 'n&orthy to attend the feast, b't they led Jes's to the alace co'rt, abd Pilate met them there. ( And Pilate said, 8hy this commotion in the early dayC 8hat is yo'r rayerC + The Je&s re lied, 8e brin% before yo' one, an e)il and seditio's man. / He has been tried before the hi%hest co'ncil of the Je&s and has been ro)en traitor to o'r la&s, o'r state and to the %o)ernment of Rome. 0 8e ray that yo' &ill sentence him to death ' on the cross. 1 And Pilate said, 8hy do yo' brin% him 'nto C #o to, and <'d%e him yo'rsel)es. 4 >o' ha)e a la&, and by the sanction of the Roman la&, yo' ha)e a ri%ht to <'d%e and ri%ht to eDec'te. 5 The Je&s re lied, 8e ha)e no ri%ht to eDec'te a man ' on the cross, and since this man is traitor to Tiberi's, o'r co'nsellors belie)e that he sho'ld meet the most h'miliatin% deathBBthe death ' on the cross. 6 B't Pilate said, -o man can be fo'nd %'ilty of a crime by Roman la& 'ntil the testimony all is in, and the acc'sed has been ermitted to defend himself, 17 $o ! &ill ta3e yo'r bill of char%es, &ith the e)idence yo' ha)e, and <'d%e by Roman la&. 11 The Je&s had made a co y of the acc'sations in the lan%'a%e of the Roman co'rt, and they had added to the bill* 1( 8e char%e that Jes's is an enemy of Rome, that he demands that men shall ay no trib'te to Tiberi's. 1+ And Pilate too3 the bill, his %'ards led Jes's ' the ste s into the alace hall. 1/ And Jes's stood before the Roman %o)ernor, and Pilate read to him the char%es of the Je&s, and said, 10 8hat is yo'r ans&er to this billC These char%es, are they tr'e or falseC 11 And Jes's said, 8hy sho'ld ! lead before an earthly co'rtC The char%es ha)e been )erified by er<'red men, &hat need ! sayC 14 >es, ! am 3in%, b't carnal men cannot behold the 3in%, nor see the 3in%dom of the #od, it is &ithin. 15 !f ! had been 3in% as carnal man is 3in%, my ser)ants &o'ld ha)e stood in my defence, and ! &o'ld not ha)e &illin%ly s'rrendered to the minions of the Je&ish la&. 16 ! ha)e no testimony from the sons of men. #od is my &itness, and my &ords and deeds bear &itness to the tr'th, (7 And e)ery man &ho com rehends the tr'th &ill hear3en to my &ords, and in his so'l %i)e &itness 'nto me. (1 And Pilate said, 8hat is the tr'thC (( And Jes's said, Tr'th is the #od &ho 3no&s. !t is the chan%eless one. The Holy Breath is tr'th, she chan%es not and cannot ass a&ay. (+ And Pilate &ent a%ain 'nto the Je&s and said, This man is %'ilty of no crime, ! cannot sentence him to death. (/ And then the Je&s %re& boistero's, they cried alo'd and said, :'r co'ncil s'rely 3no&s. The &isest men of all the land ha)e fo'nd him %'ilty of a score of crimes.

(0 He &o'ld er)ert the nation of the Je&s, &o'ld o)erthro& the Roman r'le and ma3e himself the 3in%. He is a c'l rit come from #alilee, he m'st be cr'cified. (1 And Pilate said, !f Jes's is from #alilee he is a s'b<ect of the %o)ernor of #alilee, &ho sho'ld be <'d%e. (4 -o&, Herod had come do&n from #alilee and &ith his s'ite &as in Jer'salem. (5 And Pilate sent to him the 2ord in chains, he also sent a co y of the char%es, and of the testimonies of the Je&s and as3ed that he &o'ld ass in <'d%ment on the case. (6 And Herod said, ! ha)e heard m'ch abo't this man and ! am leased to see him in my co'rt. +7 And then he as3ed the 2ord abo't his claims, abo't his doctrines and his aims. +1 And Jes's ans&ered not a &ord, and Herod &as enra%ed, he said, Ao yo' ins'lt the r'ler of the land by ans&erin% notC +( and then he called his %'ards and said, Ta3e yo' this man and tort're him 'ntil he ans&ers me. ++ The %'ards too3 Jes's and they smote him, moc3ed him, &ra ed him in a royal robe, they made a cro&n of thorns and 't it on his head, they 't a bro3en reed into his hands, +/ And then they said deridin%ly, All hail, tho' royal 3in%@ 8here are yo'r s'b<ects and yo'r friendsC +0 B't Jes's ans&ered not a &ord. Then Herod sent him bac3 to Pilate &ith this note of co'rtesy* +1 Most &orthy co'nsellor of Rome, ! ha)e eDamined all the char%es and the testimonies that yo' sent to me re%ardin% this seditio's man from #alilee, and &hile ! mi%ht ad<'d%e him %'ilty of the crimes as char%ed, +4 ! yield to yo' my ri%hts as <'d%e, beca'se yo' are s' erior to me in o&er. ! &ill a ro)e of any <'d%ment yo' may render in this case. +5 -o&, Pilate and the tetrarch had been foes, b't the eD erience of this ho'r destroyed their enmity and they &ere friends in after days. +6 8hen Jes's had been bro'%ht a%ain to Pilate's co'rt, the Roman #o)ernor stood forth before the acc'sers of the 2ord and said, /7 ! cannot find this -a.arene to be a criminal as char%ed, there is no e)idence that he sho'ld s'ffer death, so ! &ill sco'r%e him &ell and let him %o. /1 The Je&s cried an%rily, !t is not meet that s'ch a dan%ero's man sho'ld li)e, he m'st be cr'cified. /( Then Pilate said, ! bid yo' &ait a little time. And then he &ent into an inner room and sat in silent tho'%ht. /+ And as he m'sed his &ife, a %odly &oman, chosen from amon% the #a'ls, came in and said, // ! ray yo', Pilate, hear3en 'nto me* Be&are of &hat yo' do this ho'r. To'ch not this man from #alilee, he is a holy man. /0 !f yo' sho'ld sco'r%e this man yo' sco'r%e the son of #od. 2ast ni%ht ! sa& it all in )ision far too )i)id to be set aside as idle dream. /1 ! sa& this man &al3 on the &aters of the sea, ! heard him s ea3 and calm an an%ry storm, ! sa& him flyin% &ith the &in%s of li%ht, /4 ! sa& Jer'salem in blood, ! sa& the stat'es of the Caesars fall, ! a& a )eil before the s'n, and day &as dar3 as ni%ht. /5 The earth on &hich ! stood &as sha3en li3e a reed before the &ind. ! tell yo', Pilate, if yo' bathe yo'r hands in this man's blood then yo' may dread the fro&ns of %reat Tiberi's, and the c'rses of the senators of Rome. /6 And then she left, and Pilate &e t.

CHAPTER 115 Pilate's final effort to release Jes's fails. He &ashes his hands in fei%ned innocence. Aeli)ers Jes's to the Je&s for eDec'tion. The Je&ish soldiers dri)e him to Cal)ary. A $"PER$T!T!:"$ eo le are the Je&s. They ha)e a faith that they ha)e borro&ed from the idol &orshi ers of other lands, that at the end of e)ery year, ( They may hea all their sins ' on the head of some man set a art to bear their sins. + The man becomes a scr e%oat for the m'ltit'des, and they belie)e that &hen they dri)e him forth into the &ilds, or into forei%n lands, they are released from sin. / $o e)ery s rin% before the feast they chose a risoner from the risons of the land, and by a form their o&n, they fain &o'ld ma3e him bear their sins a&ay. 0 Amon% the Je&ish risoners in Jer'salem &ere three &ho &ere the leaders of a )ile, seditio's band, &ho had en%a%es in thefts and m'rders and ra ine, and had been sentenced to be cr'cified. 1 Barabbas bar Je.ia &as amon% the men &ho &ere to die, b't he &as rich and he had bo'%ht of riests the boon to be sca e%oat for the eo le at the comin% feast, and he &as anDio'sly in &aitin% for his ho'r to come. 4 -o&, Pilate tho'%ht to t'rn this s' erstition to acco'nt to sa)e the 2ord, and so he &ent a%ain before the Je&s and said, 5 >o' men of !srael, accordin% to my c'stom ! &ill release to yo' toBday a risoner &ho shall bear yo' sins a&ay. 6 This man yo' dri)e into the &ilds or into forei%n lands, and yo' ha)e as3ed me to release Barabbas, &ho has been ro)en %'ilty of the m'rder of a score of men. 17 -o&, hear me men, 2et Jes's be released and let Barabbas ay his debt ' on the cross, then yo' can send this Jes's to the &ilds and hear no more of him. 11 At &hat the r'ler said the eo le &ere enra%ed, and they be%an to lot to tear the Roman alace do&n and dri)e in eDile Pilate, and his ho'sehold and his %'ards. 1( 8hen Pilate &as ass'red that ci)il &ar &o'ld follo& if he heeded not the &ishes of the mob, he too3 a bo&l of &ater and in the resence of the m'ltit'de he &ashed hid hands and said, 1+ This man &hom yo' acc'se is son of the most holy #ods, and ! roclaim my innocence. 1/ !f yo' &o'ld shed his blood, his blood is on yo'r hands and not on mine. 10 And then the Je&s eDclaimed, And let his blood be on o'r hands and on o'r children's hands. 11 And Pilate trembled li3e a leaf, in fear. Barabbas he released and as the 2ord stood forth before the mob the r'ler said, Behold yo'r 3in%@ And &o'ld yo' 't to death yo'r 3in%C 14 The Je&s re lied, He is no 3in%, &e ha)e no 3in% b't %reat Tiberi's. 15 -o&, Pilate &o'ld not %i)e consent that Roman soldiers sho'ld imb'e their hands in blood of innocence, and so the chief riests and the Pharisees too3 co'nsel &hat to do &ith Jes's, &ho &as called the Christ. 16 Caia has said, 8e cannot cr'cify this man, he m'st be stoned to death and nothin% more. (7 And then the rabble said, Ma3e haste@ let him be stoned. And then they led him forth to&ard the hill beyond the city's %ates, &here criminals &ere 't to death. (1 The rabble co'ld not &ait 'ntil they reached the lace of s3'lls. As soon as they had assed the city's %ate, they r'shed ' on him, smote him &ith their hands, they s it ' on him, stoned and he fell ' on the %ro'nd. (( And one, a man of #od, stood forth and said, !saiah said, He shall be br'ised for o'r trans%ressions and by his stri es &e shall be healed.

(+ As Jes's lay all br'ised and man%led on the %ro'nd a Pharisee called o't, $tay, stay yo' men@ behold, the %'ards of Herod come and they &ill cr'cify this man. (/ And there beside the city's %ate they fo'nd Barabbas's cross, and then the fren.ied mob cried o't, 2et him be cr'cified. (0 Caia has and the other r'lin% Je&s came forth and %a)e consent. (1 And then they lifted Jes's from the %ro'nd, and at the oint of s&ords they dro)e him on. (4 A man named $imon, a friend of Jes's, &as aBnear the scene and since the br'ised and &o'nded Jes's co'ld not bear his cross, they laid it on the sho'lders of this man and made him bear it on to Cal)ary.

CHAPTER 116 J'das is filled &ith remorse. H'rries to the tem le and thro&s the thirty ieces of sil)er at the feet of the riests &ho ta3e it and b'y a otter's field. J'das han%s himself. His body is b'ried in the otter's field. -:8, J'das &ho betrayed his 2ord, &as &ith the mob, b't all the time he tho'%ht that Jes's &o'ld assert his o&er and demonstrate the stren%th of #od that he ossessed, and stri3e to earth the fiendish m'ltit'des and free himself, ( B't &hen he sa& his master on the %ro'nd and bleedin% from a score of &o'nds, he said, + : #od, &hat ha)e ! doneC ! ha)e betrayed the son of #od, the c'rse of #od &ill rest ' on my so'l. / And then he t'rned and ran &ith haste 'ntil he reached the tem le door, he fo'nd the riests, &ho %a)e to him the thirty sil)er ieces to betray the 2ord, and said, 0 Ta3e bac3 yo'r bribe, it is the cost rice of my so'l, ! ha)e betrayed the son of #od. 1 The riests re lied, That matters not to 's. 4 Then J'das thre& the sil)er on the floor, and, bo&ed &ith %rief, he &ent a&ay, and on a led%e beyond the city's &alls he han%ed himself and died. 5 !n time the fastenin%s %a)e &ay, his body fell into the Hinnon )ale and after many days they fo'nd it there a sha eless mass. 6 The r'lers co'ld not 't the rice of blood into the treas'ry, and so they too3 the thirty sil)er ieces &ith &hich they bo'%ht a otter's field, 17 8here they mi%ht b'ry those &ho had no ri%hts to lie &ithin their sacred %ro'nds. 11 And there they 't the body of the man &ho sold his 2ord.

CHAPTER 147 The cr'cifiDion. Jes's rays for his m'rderers. Pilate 'ts an inscri tion abo)e the cross. Jes's s ea3s &ords of enco'ra%ement to the enitent thief. Commits to John the care of his mother and Miriam. The soldiers di)ide his %arments amon% themsel)es.

The Je&ish mob 'shed on to&ard Cal)ary and as they &ent the Marys, Miriam, and other &omen not a fe&, &ere close beside the 2ord. ( They &e t alo'd. 8hen Jes's sa& them &ee in% and lamentin% th's he said, + 8ee not for me, for tho'%h ! %o a&ay, %o thro'%h the %ate&ay of the cross, yet on the neDt day of the s'n, lift ' yo'r hearts, for ! &ill meet yo' at the se 'lchre. / The %reat rocession came to Cal)ary. The Roman soldiers had already bo'nd the t&o state risoners to the cross. 0 GThey &ere not nailed, b't sim ly bo'nd.H 1 ?o'r soldiers of the Roman %'ard that Herod bro'%ht from #alilee &ere called to eDec'te the orders of the co'rt. 4 These &ere the men &ho had been set a art to tort're Jes's and sec're from him confession of his %'ilt. 5 These &ere the men &ho sco'r%ed him, 't a cro&n of thorns ' on his head, a bro3en reed into his hands, and &ra ed him in a royal robe, and bo&ed in moc3ery, before him as a 3in%. 6 These soldiers too3 the 2ord and stri ed him, laid him on the cross and &o'ld ha)e bo'nd him there &ith cords, b't this &o'ld not s'ffice. 17 The cr'el Je&s &ere near &ith hammer and &ith nails, they cried, -ot cords, b't nails, dri)e fast the nails and hold him to the cross. 11 And then the soldiers too3 the nails and dro)e them thro'%h his feet and hands. 1( They offered him a sedati)e to drin3, a dra'%ht of )ine%ar and myrrh, b't he ref'sed to drin3 the dra'%ht. 1+ The so'ldiers had re ared a lace in&hich to lant Barabbas' cross bet&een the other criminals, and here they raised the cross of Jes's, &ho &as called the Christ, 1/ And then the soldiers and the mob sat do&n to &atch him die. 10 And Jes's said, My ?atherB#od, for%i)e these men, they 3no& not &hat they do. 11 -o&, Pilate had re ared a tablet to be laced ' on the cross on &hich &as &ritten in the ton%'es of Hebre&, 2atin and #ree3 these &ords of tr'th* JE$"$ THE CHR!$T, E!-# :? THE JE8$. 14 And this &as laced ' on the cross. The riests &ere an%ered &hen they read these &ords ' on the tablet of the cross. 15 And then they rayed that Pilate &o'ld not say, He is the Christ, 3in% of the Je&s, b't say, He claims to be the Christ, 3in% of the Je&s. 16 B't Pilate said, 8hat ! ha)e &ritten, ! ha)e &ritten, let it stand. (7 The Je&ish m'ltit'des &ho sa& the 2:rd ' on the cross &ere &ild &ith <oy, they said, All hail, fa3e 3in%@ (1 >o' &ho &o'ld tear the tem le do&n and in three days &o'ld b'ild it ' a%ain, &hy don't yo' sa)e yo'rselfC (( !f yo' are Christ, the son of #od, come from the cross, then all men &ill belie)e. (+ The riests and scribes and Pharisees loo3ed on the scene and scoffed, they said, He resc'ed others from the %ra)e, &hy doesn't he sa)e himselfC (/ The Je&ish soldiers and the Roman %'ards &ho came from #alilee &ere lo'd in moc3in% and deridin% him. (0 :ne of the other men ' on the cross <oined in the moc3ery, he said, !f yo' are Christ, yo' ha)e the o&er, <'st s ea3 the 8ord, and sa)e yo'rself and me. (1 The other man ' on the cross reb'3ed the man, he said, >o' &retch@ ha)e yo' no fear of #odC (4 This man is innocent of any crime &hile yo' and ! are %'ilty and are ayin% ' the debts &e o&e. (5 And then he said to Jes's, 2ord, ! 3no& thy 3in%dom comes, the 3in%dom that the &orld can ne)er com rehend, (6 And &hen tho' comest on the clo'ds of hea)en, remember me. +7 And Jes's said, Behold, for ! &ill meet yo' in the realm of so'ls this day.

+1 -o&, standin% near 'nto the cross &ere many &omen from J'dea and from #alilee. Amon% them &ere the mother of the 2ord and Miriam, +( And Mary, mother of the t&o a ostles, James and John, and Mary Ma%dalene, and Martha, R'th and Mary, and $alome. ++ 8hen Jes's sa& his mother and the sin%er Miriam standin% close beside the cross and John aBnear, he said to John, +/ !n yo'r most tender care ! lea)e my mother and my sister Miriam. +0 And John re lied, 8hile they shall li)e my home shall be the home of yo'r thrice blessed mother and yo'r sister Miriam. +1 Accordin% to a c'stom of the Je&s, to those &ho &ere the eDec'tioners of la& and too3 the li)es of criminals, belon%ed the %arments of the criminals. +4 $o &hen the 2ord &as cr'cified, the Roman %'ards di)ided ' amon% themsel)es the %arments of the 2ord. +5 B't &hen they fo'nd his coat it &as a seamless coat and hi%hly ri.ed. +6 ?or it the %'ards cast lots, and th's determined &ho sho'ld ha)e the ri.e. /7 And th's the scri t're &as f'lfilled, &hich said, And they di)ided all my robes amon% themsel)es, and for my )est're they cast lots.

CHAPTER 141 Concl'din% scenes of the cr'cifiDion. Jose h and -icodem's, by consent of Pilate, ta3e the body of Jes's from the cross and lay it in Jose h's tomb. A %'ard of one h'ndred Je&ish soldiers are laced abo't the se 'lchre. -:8, at the siDth ho'r of the day, altho'%h the s'n &as at its hei%ht, the day became as dar3 as ni%ht, ( And men so'%ht lanterns and they b'ilded fires ' on the hills that they mi%ht see. + And &hen the s'n ref'sed to shine and dar3ness came, the 2ord eDclaimed, Heloi@ Heloi@ lama sabachthani GTho' s'n@ tho' s'n@ &hy hast tho' forsa3en meCH / The eo le did not 'nderstand the &ords he s o3e, they tho'%ht he s o3e the name Eli<ah and they said, 0 He calls ' on Eli<ah in his ho'r of need, no& &e &ill see if he &ill come. 1 And Jes's said, ! thirst. A Roman soldier di ed a s on%e in )ine%ar and myrrh, and laced it to his li s. 4 -o&, at the ninth ho'r of the day the earth be%an to ='a3e, and in the dar3ness of that s'nless day, a flood of %olden li%ht a eared abo)e the cross, 5 And from the li%ht a )oice &as heard &hich said, 2o, it is done. 6 And Jes's said, My ?atherB#od, into thy hands ! %i)e my so'l. 17 A Roman soldier in com assion said, This a%ony is all too %reat, relief shall come. And &ith a s ear he ierced his heart and it &as done, the son of man &as dead. 11 And then the earth &as shoc3ed a%ain, the city of Jer'salem roc3ed to and fro, the hills &ere rent and tombs &ere o ened ' , 1( And eo le tho'%ht they sa& the dead arise and &al3 the streets. 1+ The tem le ='i)ered and the )eil bet&een the sant'ary and the Holy Place &as rent in t&ain, and consternation rei%ned thro'%h all the lace. 1/ The Roman %'ard &ho &atched the body on the cross eDclaimed, This s'rely &as the son of #od &ho died. 10 And then the eo le h'rried do&n from Cal)ary. The riests, the Pharisees and scribes &ere filled &ith fear.

11 They so'%ht the co)er of their syna%o%'es and homes and said, Behold, the &rath of #od@ 14 The %reat day of the Je&ish asch &as near, and Je&s co'ld not by la& ermit a criminal to han% ' on the cross ' on the $abbath day. 15 And so they rayed that Pilate &o'ld remo)e the bodies of the men that had been cr'cified. 16 And Pilate sent his %'ards to Cal)ary to note if all the men &ere dead. (7 And &hen the %'ards &ere %one, t&o a%ed Je&s came to the alace door to see the %o)ernor, and they &ere members of the hi%hest co'ncil of the Je&s, (1 >et they belie)ed that Jes's &as a ro het sent from #od. (( The one &as Rabbi Jose h, the Arimathean co'nsellor, and he &as <'st and lo)ed the la& of #od. (+ And -icodem's &as the other one &ho came. (/ These men fell do&n at Pilate's feet and rayed that they mi%ht ta3e the body of the -a.arene and lay it in a tomb. (0 And Pilate %a)e consent. (1 -o&, Jose h had re ared a costly miDt're to embalm the body of the 2ord, abo't a h'ndred o'nds of aloes and of myrrh, and this they too3 and hastened o't to Cal)ary. (4 And &hen the %'ards ret'rned they said, The -a.arene is dead, the malefactors are ali)e. (5 And Pilate told the %'ards to %o and smite the li)in% men so they &o'ld die, and then to %i)e their bodies to the flames, b't %i)e the body of the -a.arene to rabbis &ho &o'ld call for it. (6 The soldiers did as Pilate said. +7 The rabbis came and too3 a&ay the body of the 2ord and &hen they had re ared it &ith the s ices they had bo'%ht, +1 They laid it in the ne&Bmade tomb that had been made for Jose h in a solid roc3. +( And then they rolled a stone ' to the se 'lchre. ++ The riests &ere fearf'l lest the friends of Jes's &o'ld %o forth at ni%ht and ta3e a&ay the body of the -a.arene, and then re ort that he had risen from the dead, as he had said, +/ And they re='ested that the %o)ernor &o'ld send his soldiers to the tomb to %'ard the body of the dead. +0 B't Pilate said, ! &ill not send a Roman %'ard, b't yo' ha)e Je&ish soldiers and may send a h'ndred men &ith a cent'rion to %'ard the tomb. +1 And then they sent a h'ndred soldiers o't to %'ard the tomb.

$ECT!:- II RE$H The Res'rrection of Jes's


Pilate laces the Roman seal ' on the stone door of the tomb. At midBni%ht a com any of the silent brothers march abo't the tomb. The soldiers are alarmed. Jes's reaches to the s irits in rison. Early $'nday mornin% he rises from the tomb. The soldiers are bribed by the riests to say that the disci les had stolen the body. THE tomb in &hich they laid the body of the 2ord &as in a %arden, rich &ith flo&ers, the %arden of $iloam, and Jose h's home &as near. ( Before the &atch be%an Caia has sent a com any of riests o't to the %arden of $iloam that they mi%ht be ass'red that Jes's' body &as &ithin the tomb. + They rolled a&ay the stone, they sa& the body there, and then they laced the stone a%ain before the door. / And Pilate sent his scribe &ho laced ' on the stone the seal of Rome, in s'ch a &ay that he &ho mo)ed the stone &o'ld brea3 the seal. 0 To brea3 this Roman seal meant death to him &ho bro3e the seal. 1 The Je&ish soldiers all &ere s&orn to faithf'lness, and then the &atch be%an. 4 At midni%ht all &as &ell, b't s'ddenly the tomb became a bla.e of li%ht, and do&n the %arden &al3 a tro' e of &hiteBclad soldiers marched in sin%le file. 5 They came ' to the tomb and marched and co'ntermarched before the door. 6 The Je&ish soldiers &ere alert, they tho'%ht the friends had come to steal the body of the -a.arene. The ca tain of the %'ard cried o't to char%e. 17 They char%ed, b't not a &hiteBclad soldier fell. They did not e)en sto , they marched and co'ntermarched amon% the fri%htened men. 11 They stood ' on the Roman seal, they did not s ea3 , they 'nsheathed not their s&ords, it &as the $ilent Brotherhood. 1( The Je&ish soldiers fled in fear, they fell ' on the %ro'nd. 1+ THey stood a art 'ntil the &hiteBclad soldiers marched a&ay, and then the li%ht abo't the tomb %re& dim. 1/ Then they ret'rned, the stone &as in its lace, the seal &as not dist'rbed, and they res'med their &atch. 10 -o&,Jes's did not slee &ithin the tomb. The body is the manifest of so'l, b't so'l is so'l &itho't its manifest. 11 And in the realm of so'ls, 'nmanifest, the 2ord &ent forth and ta'%ht. 14 He o ened ' the rison doors and set the risoners free, 15 He bro3e the chains of ca ti)e so'ls, and led the ca ti)es to the li%ht, 16 He sat in co'ncil &ith the atriarchs and ro hets of the olden times, (7 The masters of all times and climes he met, and in the %reat assemblies he stood forth and told the story of his life on earth, and of his death in sacrifice for man, (1 And of his romises to clothe himself a%ain in %arb of flesh and &al3 &ith his disci les, <'st to ro)e the ossibilities of man, (( To %i)e to them the 3ey of life, of death, and of the res'rrection of the dead. (+ !n co'ncil all the masters sat and tal3ed abo't the re)elations of the comin% a%e, (/ 8hen she, the Holy Breath, shall fill the earth and air &ith holy breath, and o en ' the &ay of man to erfectness and endless life. (0 The %arden of $iloam &as silent on the $abbath day, the Je&ish soldiers &atched and no one else a roached the tomb, b't on the follo&in% ni%ht the scene &as chan%ed. (1 At midni%ht e)ery Je&ish soldier heard a )oice &hich said, Adon Mashich C'mi, &hich meant, 2ord Christ arise. (4 And they s' osed a%ain that friends of Jes's &ere alert, &ere comin% ' to ta3e the body of their 2ord a&ay. (5 The soldiers &ere alert &ith s&ords 'nsheathed and dra&n, and then they heard the &ords a%ain. (6 !t seemed as tho'%h the )oice &as e)ery&here, and yet they sa& no man.

+7 The soldiers blanched &ith fear, and still to flee meant death for co&ardice, and so they stood and &atched. +1 A%ain, and this &as <'st before the s'n arose, the hea)ens bla.ed &ith li%ht, a distant th'nder seemed to herald forth a comin% storm, +( and then the earth be%an to ='a3e and in the rays of li%ht they sa& a form descend from hea)en. They said, Behold an an%el comes. ++ And then they heard a%ain, Adon Mashich C'mi. +/ And then the &hiteBrobed form tram ed on the Roman seal and then he tore it into shreds, he too3 the mi%hty stone in hand as tho'%h it &ere a ebble from the broo3, and cast it to the side. +0 And Jes's o ened ' his eyes and said, All hail the risin% s'n, the comin% of the day of ri%hteo'sness@ +1 And then he folded ' his b'rial %o&n, his head bands and his co)erin%s and laid them all aside. +4 He rose, and for a moment stood beside the &hiteBrobed form. +5 The &ea3er soldiers fell ' on the %ro'nd, and hid their faces in their hands, the stron%er stood and &atched. +6 They sa& the body of the -a.arene transm'te, they sa& it cha%e from mortal to immortal form, and then it disa eared. /7 The soldiers heard a )oice from some&here, yea, from e)ery&here, it said, /1 Peace, eace on earth, %ood &ill to men. /( They loo3ed, the tomb &as em ty and the 2ord had risen as he said. /+ The soldiers hastened to Jer'salem, and to the riests, and said, // Behold, the -a.arene has risen as he said, the tomb is em ty and the body of the man is %one, &e 3no& not &here it is. And then they told abo't the &onders of the ni%ht. /0 Caia has called a co'ncil of the Je&s, he said, the ne&s m'st not %o forth that Jes's has arisen from the dead, /1 ?or if it does all men &ill say, He is the son of #od, and all o'r testimonies &ill be ro)en false. /4 And then they called the h'ndred soldiers in and said to them, /5 >o' 3no& not &here the body of the -a.arene is restin% no&, so if yo' &ill %o forth and say that his disci les came and stole the body &hile yo' sle t, /6 Each one of yo' shall ha)e a sil)er iece, and &e &ill ma3e it ri%ht &ith Pilate for brea3in% of the Roman seal. 07 The soldiers did as they &ere aid to do.

$ECT!:- II! $CH!Materialisation of the $ irit'al Body of Jes's


Jes's a ears, f'lly materialised, to his mother, Miriam, Mary of Ma%dala and to Peter, James and John. -:8, &hen the rabbis too3 the body of the 2ord and laid it in the tomb. The mother of the 2ord, and Mary Ma%dalene, and Miriam &ere there. ( And &hen the body &as entombed they &ent to Jose h's home and there abode. + They did not 3no& that Je&ish soldiers had been sent to %'ard the tomb, nor that Roman seal &as laced ' on the stone, / $o in the mornin% of the first day of the &ee3 they hastened to the tomb &ith s ices to embalm the 2ord. 0 B't &hen they reached the tomb they fo'nd the terrorBstric3en soldiers r'nnin% frantically abo't. 1 The &omen did not 3no& the ca'se, b't &hen they fo'nd an em ty tomb they &ere eDcited and a%%rie)ed. 4 The soldiers did not 3no& &hat had trans ired, they co'ld not tell &ho too3 the body of the 2ord a&ay. 5 And Mary Ma%dalene ran &ith haste to&ard Jer'salem to tell the ne&s to Peter and the rest. 6 $he met, <'st by the %ate&ay, Peter, James and John, she said, $ome one has rolled a&ay the stone and carried off the body of the 2ord. 17 And then the three disci les ran to&ard the tomb, b't John &as fleet of foot and &as the first to reach the tomb, he fo'nd it em ty, the body of his 2ord &as %one. 11 8hen Peter came he &ent into the tomb, and fo'nd the %ra)e clothes neatly folded ' and laid aside. 1( -o&, the disci les did not com rehend the scene. They did not 3no& the meanin% of their 2ord &hen he informed them <'st before his death that he &o'ld rise from death ' on the first day of the &ee3. 1+ The three disci les &ent bac3 to Jer'salem, the mother of the 2ord and Miriam &ent not a&ay. 1/ And Mary loo3ed &ithin the tomb, and sa& t&o masters sittin% there, they said, 8hy do yo' &ee C 10 And Mary said, Beca'se my 2ord is %one, some one has carried off the body of my 2ord, ! 3no& not &here it is. 11 Then she arose and loo3ed aro'nd, a man stood near and said, 8hy do yo' &ee C &hom do yo' see3C 14 And Mary tho'%ht it &as the %ardener and said, !f yo' ha)e borne a&ay the body of my 2ord, : tell me &here it is that ! may lay it in a sacred tomb. 15 And then the man came near and said, My Mother@ and Mary said, My 2ord@ 16 The eyes of Miriam &ere o ened ' and she beheld the 2ord. (7 And Jes's said, Behold, ! told yo' as &e &al3ed alon% the &ay ' to the cross that ! &o'ld meet yo' at the se 'lchre ' on the first day of the &ee3. (1 -o&, Mary Ma%dalene &as sittin% not a %reat &ay off, and Jes's &ent to her and said, (( 8hy see3 the li)in% 'mon% the deadC >o'r 2ord has risen as he said, -o&, Mary, loo3@ Behold my face@ (+ Then Mary 3ne& it &as the 2ord, that he had risen from the dead. (/ And then $alome, and Mary, mother of the t&o disci les, James and John, Joanna, and the other &omen &ho had come o't to the tomb, sa& Jes's, and they tal3ed &ith him. (0 And Mary Ma%dalene &as filled &ith <oy. $he so'%ht a%ain for Peter, James and John, she fo'nd them and she said, (1 2o, ! ha)e seen the 2ord, and Miriam has seen the 2ord, the mother of the 2ord has seen the 2ord, and many more ha)e seen his face, for he has risen from the dead.

(4 B't the disci les tho'%ht that she had sim ly seen a )ision of the 2ord. They did not thin3 that he had risen from the dead. (5 Then Mary fo'nd the other members of the com any and told them all abo't the risen 2ord, b't none of them belie)ed. (6 -o&, Peter, James and John &ere in the %arden of $iloam, &ere tal3in% &ith the %ardener abo't the ha enin%s of the day &hen John beheld a stran%er comin% ' the &al3. +7 THe stran%er lifted ' his hands and said, ! am. Then the disci les 3ne& it &as the 2ord. +1 And Jes's said, Behold, for h'man flesh can be transm'ted into hi%her form, and then that hi%her form is master of thin%s manifest, and can, at &ill, ta3e any form. +( And so ! come to yo' in form familiar 'nto yo'. ++ #o s ea3 to Thomas, and the other men &hom ! ha)e called to be a ostles 'nto men, and say to them, +/ That he &hom Je&s and Romans tho'%ht &as dead is &al3in% in the %arden of $iloam, +0 8ill stand a%ain before the riests and Pharisees &ithin the tem le in Jer'salem, +1 And &ill a ear 'nto the sa%es of the &orld. +4 Tell them that ! &ill %o before them into #alilee. +5 Then Peter, James and John &ent forth and fo'nd their brethren and said, Behold, the 2ord is risen from the dead, and &e ha)e seen him face to face. +6 The brethren &ere ama.ed at &hat the three disci les said, b't still they loo3ed ' on their &ords as idle tal3 and they belie)ed them not.

CHAPTER 14/ Jes's a ears, f'lly materialised, to ;ach's and Cleo has as they <o'rney to Emma's, b't they 3no& him not. He tells them many thin%s abo't Christ. He eats the e)enin% meal &ith them, and re)eals himself to them. They %o to Jer'salem and tell the ne&s. T:8ARA$ the e)enin% of the res'rrection day, t&o friends of Jes's, ;ach's and Cleo has of Emma's, se)en miles a&ay, &ere %oin% to their home. ( And as they &al3ed and tal3ed abo't the thin%s that had occ'red a stran%er <ined their com any. + He said, My friends, yo' seem disco'ra%ed and are sad. Has some %reat %rief ' on yo' comeC / Cleo has said, Are yo' a stran%er in J'dea, and 3no& not of the thrillin% thin% that ha)e trans ired hereC 0 The stran%er said, 8hat thin%sC To &hat do yo' referC 1 Cleo has said, Ha)e yo' not heard abo't the man from #alilee &ho &as a ro het mi%hty in both &ord and deedC 4 A man &hom many tho'%ht had come to fo'nd a%ain the 3in%dom of the Je&s, and dri)e the Romans from the city of Jer'salem and be himself the 3in%C 5 The stran%er said, Tell me abo't this man. 6 Cleo has said, His name &as Jes's, he &as born in Bethlehem, his home &as ' in #alilee. He lo)ed the eo le as he lo)ed himself. 17 He &as , in tr'th, a master sent from #od, for he had matchless o&er. He healed the sic3 and made the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the lame to &al3, and e)en raised the dead.

11 The Je&ish scribes and Pharisees &ere <ealo's of his fame and o&er, and they arrested him, by er<'red &itnesses they ro)ed him %'ilty of a score of crimes, 1( And on last ?riday he &as ta3en to the lace of s3'lls and cr'cified. 1+ He died and he &as b'ried in a rich man's tomb, o't in the %arden of $oloam. 1/ This )ery mornin% &hen his friends &ent to the tomb they fo'nd it em ty, the body of the 2ord &as %one. 10 And no& the ne&s has s read abroad that he has risen from the dead. 11 The stran%er said, >es, ! ha)e heard abo't this man, b't it seems stran%e that after all the thin%s that Je&ish ro hets lon% a%o foretold concernin% him that &hen he came men 3ne& him not. 14 This man &as born to demonstrate the Christ to men, and it is <'st to say that Jes's is the Christ. 15 Accordin% to the &ord, this Jes's came to s'ffer at the hands of men, to %i)e his life as attern for the sons of men, 16 To rise from death that men mi%ht 3no& the &ay to rise from death. (7 And then the stran%er told the t&o disci les all abo't the 2a&, the Pro hets and the Psalms, and read to them a m'ltit'de of thin%s that had been &ritten of this man from #alilee. (1 And no& the men had reached their home, and as the ni%ht &as near they im ort'ned the stran%er to abide &ith them. (( and he &ent in &ith them and as they sat abo't the table at the e)enin% meal, he too3 a iece of bread, and blessed it in the name of Christ. (+ And instantly their eyes &ere o ened ' , and they ercei)ed that he, the stran%er, &as the 2ord, the man from #alilee, that he had risen from the dead, and then the form of Jes's disa eared. (/ 8hen he had %one, the t&o disci les &ere ama.ed. They said, Aid not o'r hearts b'rn &ith deli%ht &hile he &as tal3in% to 's by the &ay and o enin% ' the testimonies of the 2a&, the Pro hets and the PsalmsC (0 Then ;ach's and Cleo has &ent bac3 to Jer'salem, and e)ery&here they &net they said, 2o, &e ha)e seen the 2ord, (1 He &al3ed &ith 's to Emma's, he ate &ith 's the e)enin% meal, and bro3e for 's the bread of life.

CHAPTER 140 Jes's a ears, f'lly materialised to the ten a ostles in $imon's ho'se, and to's and his sisters. The e)enin% of the res'rrection day had come, the ten a ostles &ere in $imon's ho'se in Bethany. The la&yer, Thomas, &as not there. ( The doors &ere closed and barred, beca'se the Je&s had said that they &o'ld dri)e the #alileans from the land. + And as they tal3ed, lo, Jes's came and stood in their midst, and said, Peace@ eace@ / And the disci les shran3 in fear, they tho'%ht it &as a hantom that they sa&. 0 And Jes's said,8hy are yo' tro'bled th'sC 8hy do yo' fearC ! am no hantom form. ! am yo'r 2ord, and ! ha)e risen from the dead. 1 ! often said, ! &ill arise, b't yo' belie)ed me not, and no& come here and see. A hantom has not flesh and bones and bra&n, li3e ! ossess. 4 Come no&, and clas my hands, and to'ch my feet, and lay yo'r hands ' on my head.

5 And e)ery one came ' and clas ed his hands, and to'ched his feet, and laid his hands ' on his head. 6 And <es's said, Ha)e yo' here anythin% to eat. 17 And they bro'%ht o't a fra%ment of a fish, he ate it in the resence of them all and then the ten belie)ed. 11 -athaniel said, And no& &e 3no& that he has risen from the dead, he stands a s'rety of the res'rrection of the dead. And Jes's disa eared. 1( -o&, Mary, Martha, R'th and's &ere in their home, and they had heard the r'mo'r that their 2ord had risen from the dead, and Martha said, 1+ !t cannot be, for s'ch a thin% has ne)er ha ened since the &orld be%an. 1/ B't Mary said, Aid not the 2ord brin% bac3 o'r brother from the deadC and he co'ld s'rely brin% himself to life a%ain. 10 And as they tal3ed, the 2ord stood in their midst and said, 11 All hail@ ?or ! am risen from the dead, first fr'ita%e of the %ra)e@ 14 And Martha ran and bro'%ht the chair in &hich the 2ord had e)er lo)ed to sit, and Jes's sat do&n on the chair. 15 And for a lon%, lon% time they tal3ed abo't the trial, and the scenes of Cal)ary and of the %arden of $iloam. 16 Then Jes's said, ?ear not, for ! &ill be yo'r boon com anion all the &ay, and then he disa eared.

CHAPTER 141 Jes's a ears, f'lly materialised, to the eastern sa%es in the alace of Prince Ra)anna in !ndia. To the ma%ian riests in Persia. The three &ise men s ea3 in raise of the ersonality of the -a.arene. RAFA--A, rince of !ndia, %a)e a feast. His alace in :rissa &as the lace &here men of tho'%ht from all the farther East &ere &ont to meet. ( Ra)anna &as the rince &ith &hom child Jes's &ent to !ndia many years a%o. + The feast &as made in hono'r of the &ise men of the East. / Amon% the %'ests &ere Men%Bste, Fidya ati and 2amaas. 0 The &ise men sat abo't the table tal3in% of the needs of !ndia and the &orld. 1 The door 'not the ban='et hall &as in the east, a )acant chair &as at the table to the east. 4 And as the &ise men tal3ed a stran%er entered, 'nanno'ced, and raisin% ' his hands in benediction said, All hail@ 5 A halo rested on his head, and li%ht, 'nli3e the li%ht of s'n, filled all the room. 6 The &ise men rose and bo&ed their heads and said, All hail@ 17 and Jes's sat do&n in the )acant chair, and then the &ise men 3ne& it &as the Hebre& ro het &ho had come. 11 And Jes's said, Behold, for ! am risen from the dead. 2oo3 at my hands, my feet, my side. 1( The Roman soldiers ierced my hands and feet &ith nails, and then one ierced my heart. 1+ They 't me in a tomb, and then ! &restled &ith the con='eror of men. ! con='ered death, ! stam ed ' on him and arose, 1/ Bro'%ht immortality to li%ht and ainted on the &alls of time a rainbo& for the sons of men, and &hat ! did all men shall do.

10 This %os el of the res'rrection of the dead is not confined to Je& and #ree3, it is the herita%e of e)ery man of e)ery time and clime, and ! am here a demonstration of the o&er of man. 11 Then he arose and ressed the hand of e)ery man and of the royal host, and said, 14 Behold, ! am not myth made of the fleetin% &inds, for ! am flesh and bone and bra&n, b't ! can cross the borderland at &ill. 15 And then they tal3ed to%ether there a lon%, lon% time. The Jes's said, 16 ! %o my &ay, b't yo' shall %o to all the &orld and reach the %os el of the omni otence of men, the o&er of tr'th, the res'rrection of the dead, (7 He &ho belie)es this %os el of the son of man shall ne)er die, the dead shall li)e a%ain. (1 Then Jes's disa eared, b't he had so&n the seed. The &ords of life &ere s o3en in :rissa, and all of !ndia heard. (( The ma%ian riests &ere in the silence in Perse olis, and Eas ar, and the ma%ian masters &ho &ere first to %reet the child of romise in the she herd's home in Bethlehem, &ere &ith the riests. (+ And Jes's came and sat &ith them, a cro&n of li%ht &as on his head. (/ And &hen the silence ended Eas ar said, A master from the royal co'ncil of the $ilent Brotherhood is here, let 's %i)e raise. (0 And all the riests and masters stood and said, All hail@ 8hat mess%ae from the royal co'ncil do yo' brin%C (1 And Jes's said, My brothers of the $ilent Brotherhood, eace, eace on earth, %ood&ill to men@ (4 The roblem of the a%es has risen from the dead, has sho&n that h'man flesh can be transm'ted into flesh di)ine. (5 Before the eyes of men this flesh in &hich ! come to yo' &as chan%ed &ith s eed of li%ht from h'man flesh. And so ! am the messa%e that ! brin% to yo'. (6 To yo' ! come, the first of all the race to be transm'ted to the ima%e of the AM. +7 8hat ! ah)e done, all men &ill do, and &hat ! am, all men &ill be. +1 B't Jes's said no more. !n one short breath he told the story of his mission to the sons of men, and then he disa eared. +( The ma%i said, $ome time a%o &e read this romise, no& f'lfilled, ' on the dial late of hea)en. ++ And then &e sa& this man &ho has <'st deonstrated 'nto 's the o&er of man to rise from carnal flesh and blood to flesh of #od, a babe in Bethlehem. +/ and after many years he came and sat &ith 's in these same %ro)es, +0 He told the story of his h'man life, of trials, sore tem taions, b'ffetin%s and &oes. +1 He ressed alon% the thorny &ay of life he had risen and o)er thro&n the stron%est foes of #od and man, and he is no& the only master of the h'man race &hose flesh has been transm'ted into flesh di)ine. +4 He is the #odBman of toBday, b't e)ery one of earth o)ercome and be li3e him, a son of #od.

CHAPTER 144 Jes's a ears, f'lly materialised, in the tem le in Jer'salem. Reb'3es the r'lers of the Je&s for their hy ocrisy. Re)eals himself to them and they fall bac3 in fear. He a ears to the a otles in $imon's ho'se. Thomas is con)inced.

!T &as the $abbath day and many riests and scribes and Pharisees &ere in the tem le in Jer'salem. Caia has, Annas and some other r'lin% Je&s &ere there. ( A stran%er came in %arb of fisherman and as3ed, 8hat has become of Jes's &ho is called the ChristC !s he not teachin% in the tem le no&C + The Je&s re lied, That man from #alilee &as cr'cified a &ee3 a%o, beca'se he &as a dan%ero's man, a )ile, seditio's man. / The stran%er as3ed,8here did yo' 't the body of this man from #alileeC 8here is his tombC 0 The Je&s re lied, 8e do not 3no&. His follo&ers came at ni%ht and stole the body from the tomb in &hich it lay and carried it a&ay, and the declared that he had risen from the dead. 1 The stran%er as3ed, Ho& do yo' 3no& that his disci les stole the body from the tombC &as any one a &itness of the theftC 4 The Je&s re lied, 8e had a h'ndred soldiers at the lace, and e)ry one of them declares that his disci les stole the body from the tomb. 5 The stran%er as3ed, 8ill any one of all yo'r h'ndred men stand forth and say, ! sa& the body stolen from the tombC 6 The Je&s re lied, 8e do not 3no&, these men are men of tr'th, &e cannot do'bt their &ord. 17 The stran%er said, >o' riests and scribes and Pharisees hear me* ! &as a &itness of the facts, &as in the %arden of $iloam, and stood amon% yo'r h'ndred men. 11 And this ! 3no& that not a man amon% yo'r h'ndred men &ill say, ! sa& the body stolen from the tomb. 1( And ! &ill testify before the #od of hea)en and earth, The body &as not stolen from the tomb, the man from #alilee is risen from the dead. 1+ And then the riests and scribes and Pharisees r'shed ' to sei.e the man and cast him o't. 1/ B't instantly the fisherman became a radiant form of li%ht, and riests and scribes and Pharisees fell bac3 in deadly fear, they sa& the man from #alilee. 10 And Jes's loo3ed ' on the fri%htened men and said, This is the body that yo' stoned beyond the city's %ates and cr'cified on Cal)ary. 11 Behold my hands, my feet, my side and see the &o'nds the soldiers made. 14 !f yo' belie)e that ! am hantom made of air, come forth and handle me, %hosts do not carry flesh and bones. 15 ! came to earth to demonstrate the res'rrection of the dead, the transm'tation of the flesh of carnal man to flesh of man di)ine. 16 Then Jes's raised his hands and said, Peace be to e)ery one of yo', %ood&ill to all man3ind. And then he disa eared. (7 -o&, Thomas, had not seen the 2ord since he had risen from the dead, and &hen the ten a)erred that they had seen and tal3ed &ith him he said, (1 "ntil ! see the nail rints in his hands and feet, the s ear &o'nd in his side, and tal3 &ith him as ! ha)e tal3ed &ith him before, ! cannot ha)e a reason to belie)e that he is risen from the dead. (( At $imon's ho'se in Bethany the men from #alilee had met. !t &as the e)enin% of the first day of the &ee3, and on the morro& all &o'ld t'rn their faces to&ard their homes. (+ THe ele)en a ostles all &ere there* the doors &ere closed and barred, and Jes's came and said, Peace be to all@ (/ And then he said to Thomas, ?riend, yo' do not 3no& that ! ha)e risen from the dead, the time has come for yo' to 3no&. (0 Come here and see the nail rints in my hands, the s ear &o'nd in my side, and tal3 &ith me as yo' ha)e often tal3ed &ith me. (1 And Thomas came and sa& and then eDclaimed, My master, and my 2ord@ ! do not no& belie)e, ! 3no& that yo' are risen from the dead.

(4 And Jes's said, Beca'se yo' see me yo' belie)e, and blessed are yo'r eyes, (5 B't blessed thrice are they &ho see me not and yet belie)e. (6 Then Jes's )anished from their si%ht, b't the disci les &ere established in their faith.

CHAPTER 145 Jes's a ears, f'lly materialised, before A ollo and the $ilent Brotherhood in #reece. A ears to Cla'dia and J'liet on the Tiber near Rome. A ears to the riest in the E%y tian tem le at Helio olis. AP:22:, &ith the $ilent Brotherhood of #reece, &as sittin% in a Ael hian %ro)e. The :racle had s o3en lo'd and lon%. ( The riests &ere in the sanct'ary and as they loo3ed the :racle became a bla.e of li%ht, it seemed to be on fire, and all cons'med. + The riests &ere filled &ith fear. They said, A %reat disaster is to come, o'r %ods are mad, they ha)e destroyed o'r :racle. / B't &hen the flames had s ent themsel)es, a man stood on the orac edestal and said, 0 #od s ea3s to man, not by an oracle of &ood and %old, b't by the )oice of man. 1 The %ods ha)e s o3en to the #ree3s, and 3indred ton%'es, thro'%h ima%es made by man, b't #od, the :ne, no& s ea3s to man thro'%h Christ the only son, &ho &as, and is and e)ermore &ill be. 4 This :racle shall fail, the 2i)in% :racle of #od, the :ne, &ill ne)er fail. 5 A ollo 3ne& the man &ho s o3e , he 3ne& it &as the -a.arene &ho once had ta'%ht the &ise men in the Acro olis and had reb'3ed the idol &orshi ers ' on the Athen's beach, 6 And in a moment Jes's stood before A ollo and the $ilent Brotherhood, and said, 17 Behold, for ! ha)e risen from the dead &ith %ifts for men. ! brin% to yo' the title of yo'r )ast estate. 11 All o&er in hea)en and earth is mine, to yo' ! %i)e all o&er in hea)en and earth. 1( #o forth and teach the nations of the earth the %os el of the res'rrection of the dead and of eternal life thro'%h Christ, the lo)e of #od made manifest to men. 1+ And then he clas ed A ollo's hand and said, My h'man flesh &as chan%ed to hi%her form by lo)e di)ine and ! can manifest in flesh, or in the hi%her lanes of life, at &ill. 1/ 8hat ! can do all men can do. #o reach the %os el of the omni otence of man. 10 Then Jes's disa eared, b't #reece and Crete and all the nations heard. 11 Cla'das and J'liet, his &ife, li)ed on the Palatine in Rome and they &ere ser)ants of Tiberi's, b't they had been in #alilee, 14 Had &al3ed &ith Jes's by the sea, had heard his &ords and seen his o&er, and they belie)ed that he &as Christ made manifest. 15 -o& Cla'das and his &ife &ere on the Tiber in a little boat, a storm s&e t from the sea, the boat &as &rec3ed and Cla'das and his &ife &ere sin3in% do&n to death. 16 And Jes's came and too3 them by the hands and said, Cla'das and J'iet, arise and &al3 &ith me ' on the &a)es. (7 And they arose and &al3ed &ith him ' on the &a)es. (1 A tho'sand eo le sa& the three &al3 on the &a)es, and sa& them reach the land, and they &ere all ama.ed.

(( And Jes's said, >o' men of Rome, ! am the res'rrection and the life. They that are dead shall li)e, and many that shall li)e &ill ne)er die. (+ By mo'th of %ods and demiB%ods #od s o3e 'nto yo'r fathers lon% a%o, b't no& he s ea3s to yo' thro'%h erfect man. (/ He sent his son, the Christ, in h'man flesh, to sa)e the &orld, and as ! lifted from the &atery %ra)e and sa)ed these ser)ants of Tiberi's, (0 $o Christ &ill lift the sons and da'%hters of the h'man race,yea, e)ery one of them, from dar3ness and from %ra)es of carnal thin%s, to li%ht and e)erlastin% life. (1 ! am the manifest of lo)e raised from the dead, Behold my hands, my feet, my side &hich carnal men ha)e ierced. (4 Cla'das and J'liet &hom ! ha)e sa)ed from death, are my ambassadors to Rome. (5 And they &ill oint the &ay and reach the %os el of the Holy Breath and of the res'rrection of the dead. (6 And that &as all he said, b't Rome and all of !taly heard. +7 The riests of Helio olis &ere in their tem le met to celebrate the res'rrection of their brother -a.arite, they 3ne& that he had risen from the dead. +1 The -a.arite a eared and stood ' on a sacred edestal on &hich no man had e)er stood. +( This &as an hono'r that had been reser)ed for him &ho first &o'ld demonstrate the res'rrection of the dead. ++ And Jes's &as the first of all the h'man race to demonstrate the res'rrection of the dead. +/ 8hen Jes's stood ' on the sacred edestal the masters stood and said, All hail@ The %reat bells of the tem le ran% and all the tem le &as abla.e &ith li%ht. +0 And Jes's said, All hono'r to the masters of this Tem le of the $'n. +1 !n flesh of man there is the essence of the res'rrection of the dead. This essence, ='ic3ened by the Holy Breath, &ill raise the s'bstance of the body to a hi%her tone, +4 And ma3e it li3e the s'bstance of the bodies of the lanes abo)e, &hich h'man eyes cannot behold. +5 There is a holy ministry in death. The essence of the body cannot be ='ic3ened by the Holy Breath 'ntil the fiDed is sol)ed, the body m'st disinte%rate, and this is death. +6 And then ' on these liant s'bstances #od breathes, <'st as he breathed ' on the chaos of the dee &hen &orlds &ere formed, /7 And life s rin%s forth from death, the carnal form is chan%ed to form di)ine. /1 The &ill of man ma3es ossible the action of the Holy Breath. 8hen &ill of man and &ill of #od are one, the res'rrection is a fact. /( !n this &e ha)e the chemistry of mortal life, the ministry of death, the mystery of deific life. /+ My h'man life &as &holly %i)en to brin% my &ill to t'ne &ith the deific &ill, &hen this &as doen my earthBtas3s all &ere done. // And yo', my brother, 3no& f'll &ell the foes ! had to meet, yo' 3no& abo't my )ictories in #ethsemane, my trials in the co'rts of men, my death ' on the cross. /0 >o' 3no& that all my life &as one %reat drama for the sons of men, a attern for the sons of men. ! li)ed to sho& the ossibilities of man. /1 8hat ! ha)e done all men can do, and &hat ! am all men shall be. /4 The masters loo3ed, the form ' on the sacred edestal had %one, b't e)ery tem le riest, and e)ery li)in% creat're said, Praise #od.

CHAPTER 146 Jes's a ears, f'lly materialised, to the a ostles at the sea of #alilee. A ears to a m'ltit'de of eo le. Tells his a ostles to %o a%ain to Jer'salem and he &o'ld meet them there. -:8, the a ostles &ere at home in #alilee, the &omen tarried in J'dea 'ntil the Pentecost. ( And Peter, James and John, and Andre&, Phili and -athaniel &ere in Ca erna'm. They <oined &ith Jonah and &ith ;ebedee, and in their boats &ent o't to fish, + They toiled all ni%ht and &hen the mornin% came they had no fish. / And as they neared the shore a man stood on the shore and said, Ho& many fish ha)e yo'C 0 And Peter ans&ered, -one. 1 A%ain the man called o't and said, A school of fish is assin% no& ' on the ri%ht side of yo'r boat, cast o't yo'r net. 4 They cast their net, and it &as filled, and John eDclaimed, !t is the 2ord &ho stands ' on the shore. 5 And Peter l'n%ed into the sea and s&am to shore. The other men bro'%ht in the net, and it contained a h'ndred fifty and three fish and yet it did not brea3. 6 And Jes's said, My children, ley 's brea3 o'r fast to%ether here. 17 They fo'nd some li)in% coals ' on the beach and Peter bro'%ht and dressed the fish, they had some bread. 11 And &hen the meal had been re ared they bro3e their fast, and Jes's ate of both the fish and bread. 1( -o&, after brea3fast all the men &ere sittin% on the beach, and Jes's said to Peter, Ao yo' lo)e the 2ord yo'r #od &ith all yo'r heart, and do yo' lo)e yo'r nei%hbo'r as yo' lo)e yo'rselfC 1+ And Peter said, >ea, 2ord, ! lo)e the 2ord my #od &ith all my heart, ! lo)e my nei%hbo'r as ! lo)e myself. 1/ And Jes's said, Then feed my shee . 10 And then he said to James, Ao yo' lo)e her, the Holy Breath, &ith all yo'r heart, and do yo' lo)e yo'r nei%hbo'r as yo' lo)e yo'rselfC 11 And James re lied, >ea, 2ord, ! lo)e the Holy Breath &ith all my heart, ! lo)e my nei%hbo'r as ! lo)e myself. 14 Then Jes's said, Protect my shee . 15 and then he said to John, Ao yo' lo)e Christ, the lo)e di)ine made manifest, &ith all yo'r heart, and do yo' lo)e yo'r nei%hbo'r as yo' lo)e yo'rselfC 16 And John re lied, >ea, 2ord, ! lo)e the Christ &ith all my heart, ! lo)e my nei%hbo'r as ! lo)e myself. (7 And Jes's said, Then feed my lambs. (1 Then Jes's rose and said to Peter, ?ollo& me. And Peter follo&ed him. (( 8hen Peter sa& that John &as follo&in% him he said to Jes's, 2:rd, behold, John follo&s yo'@ 8hat shall he doC (+ -o& Peter did not hear the master &hen he said to John, Then feed my lambs. (/ And Jes's s o3e to Peter and he said, !t matters not to yo' &hat John shall do, not e)en tho'%h ! &ill that he remain 'ntil ! come a%ain. (0 J'st do yo'r d'ty, follo& me. (1 And Jes's assed, they 3ne& not &here he &ent. (4 The ne&s soon s read thro'%h all Ca erna'm that Jes's had risen from the dead, that he had &al3ed &ith his disci les by the sea and ate &ith them the mornin% meal. The m'ltit'des came forth to see. (5 -o& Peter, James and John, to%ether &ith the other men &ho had been called to be a ostles of the 2ord, &ent to the mo'ntains near Ca erna'm to ray. (6 And as they rayed the master came, they sa& him and they tal3ed &ith him.

+7 He said to them, The Pentecost is near at hand, %o to Jer'salem and ! &ill meet yo' there. +1 And as he tal3ed, a m'ltit'de of eo le came, they sa& the 2ord, they said, +( Behold, for no& &e 3no& that he, the -a.arene, has risen from the dead for &e ha)e seen him face to face.

CHAPTER 157 Jes's a ears, f'lly materialised, to the a ostles in Jer'salem. #i)es them his instr'ctions. Promises them a s ecial endo&ment for their &or3 on Pentecost. #oes to Mo'nt :li)es and in f'll )ie& of many disci les ascends to hea)en. The disci les ret'rn to Jer'salem. THE ele)en a ostles of the 2ord &ere in Jer'salem and in a s acio's room that they had chosen by the 2ord's command. ( And as they rayed the 2ord a eared to them and said, + Peace be to all, %ood &ill to e)ery li)in% thin%. And then he tal3ed &ith them a lon%, lon% time. / And the disci les as3ed, 8ill yo' restore the 3in%dom 'nto !srael no&C 0 And Jes's said, Be not concerned abo't the %o)ernments of men, the masters &ill direct. 1 Ao that &hich has been %i)en yo' to do, and &ait and m'rm'r not. 4 All o&er in hea)en and earth is %i)en 'nto me, and no& ! bid yo' %o to all the &orld and reach the %os el of the Christ, the 'nity of #od and man, the res'rrection of the dead, and of eternal life. 5 And as yo' %o and reach, ba tise the eo le in the name of Christ. 6 They &ho belie)e and are ba tised shall rise ' in the ne&ness of the life of Christ, and they &ho disbelie)e shall rise not in the ne&ness of the life of Christ. 17 And yo' shall %i)e to men the o&er ! %i)e to yo'. 11 They &ho belie)e and are ba tised shall heal the sic3, shall ca'se the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to &al3, 1( $hall cast the 'nclean s irits o't of those obsessed, shall tread on deadly ser ents and be not harmed, shall ass thro'%h flames and not be b'rned, and if they drin3 a oisono's dra'%ht it shall not 3ill. 1+ >o' 3no& the sacred 8ord, &hich is the &ord of o&er. 1/ The secret thin%s that ! ha)e told to yo' that may not no& be told to all the &orld, yo' shall ma3e 3no&n to faithf'l men &ho shall in t'rn re)eal them 'nto other faithf'l men. 10 "ntil the time shall come &hen all the &orld may hear and com rehend the &ords of tr'th and o&er. 11 And no& ! &ill ascend to #od, as yo' and all the &orld &ill rise to #od. 14 Behold, ' on the day of Pentecost yo' all shall be endo&ed &ith o&er from on hi%h. 15 B't here yo' shall remain till then in holy tho'%ht and rayer. 16 Then Jes's &ent to :li)et, and his disci les follo&ed him, and in a lace not far remo)ed from Bethany, he met the Marys and $alome, (7 Met Martha, R'th and Miriam, met's and a host of others &ho had come from #alilee. (1 And Jes's stood a art and raised his hands and said, (( The benedictions of the Holy :nes, of the Almi%hty #od, and of the Holy Breath, of Christ the lo)e of #od made manifest.

(+ 8ill rest ' on yo' all the &ay till yo' shall rise and sit &ith me ' on the throne of o&er. (/ And then they sa& him rise ' on the &in%s of li%ht, a &reath encircled him abo't, and then they sa& his form no more. (0 B't as they %a.ed ' into hea)en t&o men, in robes of &hite, a eared and said, (1 >o' men of #alilee, &hy %a.e yo' ht's so anDio'sly ' on the ascendin% 2ordC 2o, he &ill come a%ain from hea)en as yo' ha)e seen him %o to hea)en. (4 Then the ele)en and's, and other men from #alilee to%ether &ith the faithf'l &omen, not a fe&, ret'rned 'nto Jer'salem and there abode. (5 And they &ere constantly in rayer and Holy tho'%ht. They &aited for the Holy Breath, and for the comin% of the romised o&er from on hi%h.

$ECT!:- II!! TA" Establishment of the Christine Ch'rch

CHAPTER 151 The ele)en a ostles ma3e choice of Matthias to fill the lace made )acant by the deflection of J'das. The Christines are %lad. Miriam sin%s a son% of raise. A ostolic roster. The fact that Jes's had arisen from the dead &as not denied by many of the r'lers of the Je&s. ( And Pilate %a)e an order that the follo&ers of the -a.arene be not molested in their &orshi any lace in his domain. + The day of Pentecost &as near at hand and e)ery one &as loo3in% for a manifest of $ irit o&er. / -o&, in Jer'salem the ele)en had met to choose a man to fill the lace of J'das &ho betrayed his 2ord. 0 And Peter said, the 2ord called to this ministry t&el)e men as t&el)e fo'ndation stones on &hich the Christine tem le sho'ld be b'ilt. 1 This J'das &ho betrayed his 2ord, has %one to his o&n lace beyond the )eil. 4 :f him the ro het &rote* His habitation shall be desolate, no man shall d&ell therein, his office let another ta3e. 5 ?rom those &ho ha)e accom anied 's from #i%al, &here the harbin%er ba tised, 'ntil this day, shall one be chosen to com lete the n'mber t&el)e, to fill the lace from &hich o'r brother by trans%ression fell. 6 And then the ele)en s ent a lon%, lon% time in rayer, and &hen they cast their lots, Matthias, from the )alley of the -ile, &as chosen for the lace. 17 Matthias &as an !sraelite indeed, b't he &as learned in all the &isdom of E%y tian schools, and he had ta'%ht the mysteries of Mi.raim in Jericho. 11 He &as amon% the first to %reet the harbin%er, amon% the first to reco%nise the -a.arene as Christ, the son of #od,

1( He had been &ith the Christine band in all their <o'rneys in the land of #alilee, J'dea and $amaria. 1+ A messen%er &as sent &ho fo'nd Matthias, and he came and <oined the ele)en, and for a time the t&el)e &ere lost in silent rayer. 1/ The Christines &ho had come from #alilee and laces in J'dea, abo't siD score, &ere there, and Peter told them of Matthias, and ho&, by lot, he had been chosen an a ostle of the 2ord. 10 The Christines all &ere %lad and raised the name of #od, and Miriam s'n% a son% of raise. 11 These are the names of the a ostles of the 2ord, Peter, <ohn and James, Phili , Andre& and -athaniel, 14 Thomas, James the son of Al he's and $imon ;elotes, Matthe&, J'de, the son of Al he's and Matthias.

CHAPTER 15( E)ents of the day of Pentecost. Endo&ment of the a ostles. The Christine Ch'rch is established. Peter reaches the introd'ctory sermon. The sermon. Three tho'sand eo le are ba tised and become members of the ch'rch. -:8, &hen the day of Pentecost had come Jer'salem &as filled &ith io's Je&s and roselytes from many lands. ( The Christines all &ere met and &ere in erfect harmony. + And as they sat in silent rayer they heard a so'nd aBli3e the distant m'rm'r of a comin% storm. / The so'nd %re& lo'der still, 'ntil, li3e th'nder eals, it filled the room &here the a ostles sat. 0 A brilliant li%ht a eared, and many tho'%ht, The b'ildin% is afire. 1 T&el)e balls, that seemed li3e balls of fire, fell from hea)enBB a ball from e)ery si%n of all the circle of the hea)ens, and on the head of each a ostle there a eared a flamin% ball of fire. 4 And e)ery ball se)en ton%'es of fire to&ard hea)en, and each a ostle s o3e in se)en dialects of earth. 5 The i%norant rabble treated li%htly &hat they heard and sa&, they said, These men are dr'n3, and 3no& not &hat they say. 6 B't men of learnin% &ere ama.ed, they said, Are not these men &ho s ea3 all Je&sC ho& is it that they s ea3 in all the lan%'a%es of earthC 17 And Peter said, >o' eo le of Jer'salem, and yo' li)e beyond the city's %ates, Peace be to yo', and all nam3ind. 11 This is time that holy men of old desired to see, by faith they sa& this ho'r, and no& they stand &ith 's in ecstasy. 1( The ro het Joel in olden times told of the thin%s yo' see and hear. The Holy Breath s o3e &ith his ton%'e and said, 1+ And it shall come to ass in latter days, that ! &ill breathe ' on the sons of men, and fill them &ith the blessedness of holiness. 1/ >o'r sons and da'%hters &ill stand forth and ro hesy, yo'r yo'n% men &ill be seers, yo'r old men &ill dream dreams. 10 And ! &ill sho& &onders in the hea)ens abo)e, and mar)ello's si%ns in earth. 11 $o'nds &ill roceed from hea)en and )oices &ill be heard that men &ill fail to com rehend. 14 The s'n &ill fail to shine, the moon &ill &ade in blood before the comin% of the %reat day of the 2ord.

15 And it &ill come to ass that they &ho call ' on the name of #od in faith shall be redeemed. 16 This is the day of Christine o&er, the day that he, the man from #alilee, is %lorified. (7 He came as a babe in Bethlehem and from his day of birth the 3in%s of earth &ent forth intent to ta3e his life. (1 #od held him in the hollo& of his hand. (( Men called him Jes's, and they called him &ell, for he &as sent to see3 and sa)e the lost. (+ And Jes's %re& to manhood and &as s'b<ect 'nto all trials and tem tations of the sons of men, that he mi%ht 3no& the loads that men m'st bear, and 3no& the &ay to s'cco'r them. (/ !n distant lands he li)ed and by the sacred 8ord he healed the sic3, thre& rison doors a<ar, and set the risoners free, and e)ery&here he &as roclaimed, !mman'el. (0 B't &ic3ed men des ised him and re<ected him, and by bribed men they ro)ed him %'ilty of a score of crimes, (1 And inthe resence of a m'ltit'de of men &ho hear me no&, they nailed him to a cross, (4 They sealed him &ith the seal of death, b't death &as all too &ea3 to hold him in the tomb and &hen immortal master said, Adon mashich c'mi, he b'rst the bands of death, and rose a%ain to life. (5 He sho&ed himself ali)e, not only to the r'lers in Jer'salem, b't to the many in the distant arts of earth, (6 And then, before the &onderin% eyes of many &ho no& hear me s ea3, attended by a retin'e of co'rtiers of the an%el &orld, he ascended to the throne of #od. +7 and bein% no& eDalted hi%h, and ha)in% breathed to f'll the Holy Breath, he breathes a%ain on 's, and th's sheds forth &hat yo' no& see and hear. +1 >o' men of !srael, Eno& that #od has made this man from #alilee &o'ld yo' ab'sed and cr'cified, both 2ord and Christ. +( And then the eo le said, 8hat shall &e doC ++ And Peter said, This Christine 2ord has sent 's forth to o en ' the %ates of da&n. Thro'%h Christ all men may enter into li%ht and life. +/ The Christine Ch'rch stands on the ost'lates that Jes's is the lo)e of #od made manifest, that lo)e is sa)io'r of the sons of men. +0 This Christine Ch'rch is b't the 3in%dom of the Holy :ne &ithin the so'l, made manifest. +1 This day the Christine Ch'rch is o ened ' , and &hosoe)er &ill may enter in, and, by the bo'ndless %race of Christ, be sa)ed. +4 a%ain the eo le said, Ho& may &e enter in that &e may share the bo'ndless %race of ChristC +5 And Peter said, Reform and be ba tised, and t'rn a&ay from sin and lead the life dee hid &ith Christ in #od, and yo' shall enter in and be redeemed. +6 Three tho'sand eo le t'rned a&ay from sin and &ere ba tised and so'%ht to lead the life dee hid &ith Christ in #od. /7 And in one day the Christine Ch'rch became a mi%hty o&er, and Christ became a mi%hty &ord that thrilled the m'ltit'des in many lands.

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