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Applying Goodwin's Theory to

Echosmith Come Together

Genre: Indie Pop
Release Date: June 2013

Genre Characteristics

The genre of the music video is Indie Pop, and a characteristic of this is generally live performances
from the band during the music video. This helps to develop an understanding of all the characters
the band.
Not only that but the lead singer is a female, which is again a characteristic of Indie Pop, with the
boys backing her with the instruments.
A lot of Indie Pop is also very low cost, meaning things such as location, objects and props aren't
very extravagant. But instead very basic, which is what Echosmith used with locations such as
school gyms and outdoors.
The costume worn by the band is a high street style which has become a very common and
trendsetting characteristic of Indie Pop which many viewers aspire to look and dress like.

Lyrics and Visuals

There were quite a few links to lyrics and visuals in

terms of the bands actions throughout the video.
First of all the lyrics say run together now while the
visuals show the band running around the school and
the corridors.

Another obvious one is the title of the song Come

Together, which links directly to the group and how
they do everything together e.g. running, causing
mischief, and being together in the classroom. It also
shows togetherness when they are all included in the
same shot, this happens many times throughout the
music video.

Music and Visuals

The song is very fast paced and

lively throughout most of the music
video, which represents the
liveliness of the characters
throughout, as they are usually
participating in activities which fits in
extremely well with the quick beat of
the song.

It also regularly cuts to the live

performance of the band so you get
a real sense of what they look like
when they perform. Once again
there actions speed up as the beat
of the song speeds up in both the
live performance and whilst they are
running around the school.

Close ups
Throughout the music video there are many close ups of the band,
especially the lead singer who the camera is almost drawn to through
the effectiveness of many of her voyeuristic features, such as her lips
and lipstick, face, and areas of her exposed body, especially her legs.
This portrays her as very feminine which is a typical convention of
music videos.

There are close ups of the other band

members but they are looking at there
performance more so than the close ups
of her which are focusing more on the
typical stereotypes of females in music

Notion Of Looking

Firstly, there is a voyeuristic shot

of the male teacher looking at
the girl and no one else. He is
doing so whilst rubbing his
trousers giving the impression
that he is experiencing
satisfaction from her, which is
the voyeurism of this shot.
The notion of looking is aimed at
her throughout the whole music
video, as she is the only female
being stared at by many males.
Which shows how women are
used in the music industry to
provide pleasure and popularity
to music videos.

Voyeurism/Intertextual Reference

You can see that its used by many other

female artists, for example Nicki Minaj uses it
in her video Anaconda. Which shows her
very exposed with many close ups of her
lips, breasts, legs and bottom. Attempting to
arouse some viewers.

Intertextual References

There is a intertextual reference between

The Breakfast Club and the music video as
The Breakfast Club is based on school
students who cause mischief, similar to
Come Together. Not only that but they are
of a similar age and represent the same
age group in a different time period.

Another reference is Robert PalmerAddicted to Love where the backing

singers are all females, and wearing
distinctive red lipstick giving them
voyeuristic appeal, similar to EchosmithCome Together.