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AS400 Prospectus

Separating data layer from business layer and ensuring modularity are keys to AS400
Database Modernization

Converting DDS to DDL


Business Logic

Free format RPG, Embedded SQL , Stored proc , Modular Approach

Exposing legacy code to web(Web-service, Stored proc), reusability

Web-facing of existing application

There are tools those can directly convert existing application to JSP, Beans and
Servlets. Visual Age for JAVA and Web-sphere are used.

Screen scraping

There are many paid third party software are available that can be used to develop web
application on AS400. LANSA is big name in this sequence.
Web-application development on i-Series:

RPG-CGI- We have CGIDEV2 open source tool i.e. to develop web application on
i-series. Advantage of this technique is that everything resides on AS400 only
and web pages (HTMLS) are generated thru RPG program and served by HTTP
apache Server on AS400.

PHP- with Zend and IBM shaking hands, now we have option to write PHP code
on as400. Having PHP on i-Series we can leverage PHP capabilities on AS400.
Zends provides set of lib that can be easily used to deal with AS400 stuff.

COBOL-CGI- CGICBLDEV2 is cobol version of CGIDEV2 to make web application

and suites to shop that wants to work purely in COBOL. is IBMs native scripting language to write webpage from AS400.

Though it is not supported by IBM, however, we should be able to maintain
existing application

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Ruby on Rails- Second widely used open source web page language is now
available on AS400.

Java- AS400 is 100% ready to build/run java web application.

Mobile Application development on i-Series:

With Ajax, Jquery and PHP, shops are getting involved in quick mobile
application development
Application compatible to run Android

Software product (Third Party product specific to Domain)

LIFE ASIA/SMART400 largely used in life insurance in Asia pacific region,

SMART400 is code generator tool for LIFE ASIA. We have many requirements

AS400 open source capabilities

Having JAVA and PHP on AS400, we can leverage power full proven tools on AS400
some of them are

Jasper Report
Joomla (PHP)
And many others

.Net as front and AS400 as back end

Many organizations have front end written in .net on IIS and making a back end
connection to AS400.
.JAVA as front and AS400 as back end
Many organizations have front end written purely in JAVA on and fetching
information from AS400.
Migration and reverse engineering

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Though percentage of migration is still low, however, we can focus where shops
want End-2-End migration from AS400 box to other technology suite. That
requires strong analytical skill to understand the legacy code, and strong hold in
database to move data-set to other database with minimum information loss.
Support and administration
Support batch processing; sever activities like profiles, backup etc
Maintaining legacy and Enhancements
AS400 evolved in 90s and shop those are failed to ready in-house AS400
resources, are in strong need of AS400 technical resources to cater new
enhancements and change requests to meet their business requirement.
Data Mart & OLAP
Being AS400 as a record keeping and storing huge dataset, there is need of
creating data mart to facilitate fast information processing and quick reporting.
This ensures good decision making.
Integration AS400 with other system
Normally organization has heterogeneous systems to fulfill their business needs.
There is always need of integrating AS400 with other system in Organization.
SYNON is code generator tool on AS400. Shops those have application developed
using SYNON, need technical expert in SYNON only.
AS400 Native technology suites
Program language

RPG, Free Format RPG, Embedded SQL

Integrated RPG with Java


DB2/400, Stored Procedure, functions

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DDS, display files, Sub-files, UIM panel group


HTTP Server (Powered by Apache)

Zend Server (For PHP)

Advance coding Techniques

ILE concept, Modular application design (Service Programs, Modules Etc)

Integrating java with RPG
Free Format RPG available in v7r1
XML-SERVICE (for XML driven approach to call AS400 objects using database
XML, SOAP ,Web-service

Tools on AS00

SYNON code generator tool

SMART400- code generator tool
WDSC Web sphere development studio client

Configuration/Change Management Tools


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