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Audi A4 Wiring diagram No. 3 Central Locking and Anti-Theft System with Interior Monitoring Sensors (Ultra-~sound) 1996 m. y. Fuse Panel : Central Electric Panel - Front Side Fuse Colors 308 = Green 258 White 208 = Yelow Fuso in seb fam 23 onwards are numbered 228 cowards n Caters How Dagan, Relay Location EB - Fewer window /Surrct Conte! Mode Bh -rsesorscarring Roy Fuse Location BB) - berm sytem and Ania Engine Deol Fuse Relay Location By - Pocus Postion PNP Relay Edition 10/95 USA 8802.02.21 No. 3/1 Wiring diagram Audi A4 oe oe Sh os S alde Ga) ~ Plus connection (15) in instrument ganel wing harness So = Fuse fuse holder = Plus connection~1- in instrument cluster wiring harness. Tah — Wire Connacter, 4 Port. inervers door ‘Wire connection (08H, let system wing harness T1Ot = Wire Connactor 10 Pert ack connecter station “ight Acpilar 7109 = Wire Connecter, 10 Point, bown, connector epee ‘Ton = Wire Connsctor, 10 Paint row, connecter sation et = acpiar ‘yaa = Cental Locking / Alarm System / interior ight Delay Conte Lacking B) ~ Ground connection esr ing homes @ - ser = 8 jonlet, —* ~~ Remote Conel Only a. G08) ~ Ground connection =I in alr system wiring harness Central Locking and Anti-Theft System with Edition 10/95 Interior Monitoring Sensors (Ultra-sound) USA 5502.02.21 Wiring diagram 3/2 ' se Hos Vea ? oo cc a EP footie fon fm ie Bee I a sa oa im ie er Le boo i a white va o es: Door Con: Sth 28 — Wire Connecter, 26 Point, yellow, on insttument cluster leer Door Contact Switch T26a — Wire Connector, 26 Point, biue, on instrument cluster, Door Coal eka Sram Sth eww! cece a Syst iron Ug Cay FI16 ~ Passer tral Locking System Switch rl vs fener 138 = Power Window / Sunroof Control Module ‘sue ect, 10Poin. brown, connector station right 3 - Mire comeston ineror ight nerurent pee @ a ‘Tigh ~ Wire Connector, 10 Pint, brown, corrector satin lt = Wire connection foot contact swith in alarm system aosiler wiring harness += Remate Contre! Only Edition 10/95, Central Locking and Anti-Theft System with USA 5502.02.21 Interior Monitoring Sensors (Ultra-sound)