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Mary Paige Forrester

Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone: 703-888-6676
LinkedIn Account:
Summary: A passionate, determined, and resourceful management team member who blends expertise in
client relationship management, contact center operations, and innovative project direction to provide the
highest caliber of program leadership. Expertise designing customized solutions that address specific
industry challenges and ensure quality, maximize productivity, and increase profitability.
Contact MP Consulting, Raleigh, NC
Founder | Director VP Program Manager
Experienced Contact Center/Customer Service/Service Delivery/Professional Services Expert seeking
the next great full-time opportunity.
Proven expertise in Operations, Technology, Sales, Customer Service (CSAT), Quality Assurance
(QA), Change Management, Training and Team Building.
Proficient in Budgeting, Analytics, Vendor Management, Presentations, Business Development (BD),
Process Development/Optimization (BPO), Marketing, Contracting, CRM, WFM, SOWs, SOPs,
Contact Centers Operations and Technology Executives and Experts, Raleigh, NC 10/2014-present
Founder | Director VP Program Manager
Shared knowledge with industry experts and professionals.
Researched industry leaders.
Tracked industry trends.
Participated in industry discussions.
Planned/ attended networking events.
Dimension Data, (Signature Consultants, Inc.), Virtual/Global, Raleigh, NC
Advanced Solutions Project Manager
Successfully led team members in three "Projects of Special Interest" (POSI's) for Data Centers,
Contact Centers and Edge Sites Conversions for new/high profile client (Avaya).
Chosen to represent client in meetings at their customer (IBM) and end-user (Con-way) location.
Developed 10,000 line item Excel T-Minus Schedule, and accompanying granular MS Project plan,
that calculates long term % tasks completed and completed on time for multi-year global roll-outs.
Designed detailed Communications and Escalation Plans for projects utilizing over a dozen vendors.
Managed daily client interaction and expectations for multiple large-scale projects and charged with
planning, organizing, and successfully driving projects to meet defined budgets and timelines.
Partnered with cross-functional teams to deliver best client solutions, meeting with customers as
needed during key phases of projects.
Cisco Systems, (Insight Global, Inc.), Research Triangle Park, NC
Advanced Services Project Manager


Collaborated with Project Management teams to export expenditure reports from Oracle Projects, sort
data, and easily monitor budgets and margin analysis.
Served as Project Manager for NCSECU Identity Services Engine (ISE) port-based security solution
Provided business analysis and expenditure monitoring support for NCSECU enterprise-wide VoIP
project. Provided external PM support for Coke-Cola Refreshments, and Hertz projects.
Assumed the role of Project Manager with all new technologies. Provided external support for PMs
on CareCore Network (CCN). Managed scope and mitigation of risks across projects.
Assisted Cisco IT with investigations, including major hacking incident and Oracle Project Resource
Management issues.
Ensured through data analysis that client receives best-in-class (BIC) service or recommendations for
BIC service.

Maximus Federal Services, Tysons Corner, VA

Director, Contact Centers
Provided Contact Center SME support, data, and expertise to the Federal Service Division in written
responses to RFIs and RFPs.
Served as member of Contact center Forum Panel leading breakout sessions at MAXIMUS annual
PM Conference, which rated the highest score of any breakout session or panel/forum.
Developed Contact Center: 101 training and Staffing Basics, and Workforce Management
White Paper presentations to educate unseasoned Federal Services team members on contact center
Performed through analysis determine which contracts were best suited for Maximus portfolio.
Researched and reported on certifications that would enhance Federal Services image and reputation.
Designed a Responsibility Matrix template for Federal Services to use in tracking responsibilities
on opportunities. Identified and recommended key personnel to join in development of the team.
Contact MP Consulting, Washington, DC
Founder | Contact Center Subject Matter Expert / Consultant - BPO & Capture
Advised private sector companies (SAIC (HRSA Contact Center), Agilex Technologies, The Judge
Group, NVR Ryan Homes) on responses to federal government request for information and purchase.
Researched target audiences core mission and directed strategy for CONOPS and bid proposals.
Detailed recommendations on key areas for improvement to ensure best-case odds for contract wins.
Gave oral presentations for bid proposals; first client in this area captured a federal contact center
contract over the incumbent while doubling the contract value.
Analyzed program performance, technology, and processes to recommend improvements for
immediate and long-term results.
Department of Homeland Security, Arlington, VA
Project Manager, TSA Contact
Directed a Level 3 federal acquisition program with a $6.5M annual budget in responding to
750,000+ contacts. Successfully completed a two-year NTE federal appointment.
Formulated strategies and long-range objectives to create a central-point-of-contact facility for the
traveling public.

Increased self-service utilization from 34% to 38% by improving IVR routing functionality and
Supervised 70+ indirect reports for a Level 3 federal acquisition program, managing equipment and
facilities in compliance with contracted standards, industry best practices and TSA policies.
Redesigned contracted reporting deliverables and incorporated reports for analysis of data trends and
contact subject category for negotiating budgets and determining needs in contract re-compete.
Improved standard operating procedures in conjunction with web forms processes to elevate center
productivity; reduced SPAM e-mail 60% in six months.

State of North Carolina, Everetts, NC

Call Center Technical Manager / Operations Consultant
Served as call center expert for $6.5M state startup operation serving 10+ million yearly contacts.
Guided management and 80+ representatives as subject-matter expert on operations, metrics, and
staff development. Served as telecommunications system administrator.
Created quality assurance programs covering productivity, call monitoring, and performance
evaluations with KPIs.
Established standard operating procedures, training, and quality assurance supporting two state
Launched operation to address concerns of participants in a child support enforcement program that
received a national award for best practices; extended service to include the food stamp program.
Responsible for support/maintenance contracts and ensuring vendors met defined service levels
Bedford Fair Apparel, Wilmington, NC
Customer Service Manager
Managed 80+ service and sales associates, lowering turnover from 80% to 7%, while leading a 300%
personnel buildup.
Tele-Charge / The Shubert Organization, New York, NY
Call Center Floor Manager
Managed 80 associates and 4 supervisors in call center operations, addressing customer complaints
and billing inquiries.
MBA Coursework
East Carolina University
BA in Liberal Arts
Wake Forest University


Certified Acquisition Professional, DHS Program Manager Level 1
Expired NACIC Clearance w/FBI Background Check
PBX/IVR/VRU/ACD/CMS/CTI/WFM/CRM and additional contact center solutions, systems, and

CISCO: Oracle Projects, CEC, Cisco IC Nuggets, WebEx and WebEx Social, eDocs, DD WIRED
AVAYA: Avaya Aura Solutions (2013 Present), Definity ECS, CentreVu Agent/IP,
Agent/Supervisor/Report Designer, CRM Agent Access (CTI), Intuity AUDIX (1999 -2007)
NICE Total & Quality Recording, TALISMA Email Processing System, Interactive Intelligence (I3),
Aspect ACD
MICROSOFT: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, OneNote, SharePoint, Outlook, VISIO


Member of the Management Advisory Panel for The Customer Service Advantage, International
Customer Management Institute, SOCAP International, Customer Management IQ
Former Member Government Contact Center Council or G3C (2007 2009)
Workshop leader for the 1st Annual National Government Contact Center Summit (2010)
Received Teamwork Recognition Award from TSAs Office of Special Counsel (2007)
Member of Lead Panel on Contact Centers at Annual MAXIMUS PM Conference (2012)
Member of The International Womens Leadership Association (Since 2012)
Whos Who International (Since 2014): Paige-Forrester
Incentive Planning Guide
Contact Center: 101
Contact Centers Technology and Solutions Comparison
Contact Center Staffing Basics
Industry Incentives eBook
Team Building Exercise from ICMI
Work examples:
20 years of experience in all aspects of contact center and other operations
Influential communicator and networker
Builder and manager of peak performance concepts
Upholds three critical elements required for excellence in Project Management: quality assurance,
accurate information and effective workforce management
Advanced Services Project Manager
Resourceful & Innovative Problem Solver
Persuasive & Accurate Communicator
Demographic / Target Audience Research
Authoring & Presenting White Papers

Contact Center SME Leader

Business Analysis / Projections
IT Investigations / Risk Mitigation
Training Curriculum Design
Customer Relationship Management
Collaborative Team Builder
Data / Information Analytics
Quality Assurance / Quality Control
Project Financials / Cost Controls
Mentor / Instructor / Leader By Example

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Paige on one of the most complex, challenging, multi-multivendor, tight timetable projects over the past year. Her organizational skills and her ability to bring vendors,
partners and contractors to the same table was a decisive advantage in keeping this complex project on track
through the course of over 300 site cutovers, which sometimes averaged 4 cutovers per day during the most
frenzied periods. Her unique ability to cut through to the heart of the matter helped to keep everyone
focused. Additionally, she vigorously pursued the interests of her team in order to ensure that all Out of
Scope work and projects were properly documented, quoted, approved and paid. She would be a strong
candidate for any large or complex project!"
Mike Cammarata, VP of Sales & Solutions at Communications Resources, Inc., was with another
company when working with Mary Paige
"Mary Paige and I have been good friends and contact center colleagues for several years now. She is a
gifted professional and her knowledge of not only the contact center industry, but of what it takes to build
(or re-build!), operate, and maintain a contact center is second to none. Because she has many years of
experience in the contact center/customer service industry, she knows all of the tricks of the trade. Her
calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you're making mistakes. She is
always encouraging and positive. She is one of the best contact center consultants I have ever worked
with. If you want to improve your operations quickly, hire Mary Paige."
David G. Morad, President, EXCEED Corporation, was with another company when working with
Mary Paige at Contact MP Consulting
"I recommended Mary Paige as a potential consultant for a client in need of a Contact Center Subject
Matter Expert. The company, a large private sector home-builder, had been taking service requests at 41
division offices throughout the US. They were attempting to consolidate these multi-channel contacts into
a centralized customer service center at their corporate headquarters. Mary Paige was chosen by the client
after speaking with several SMEs our company recommended. She spent time in what she called the
discovery phase with every group that impacted or interacted with the customer service center, including
the telecom and IT teams, the web site team, the database team, the customer service teams, the individual
CSRs and senior management. In doing so, she identified root causes for their challenges and offered
them 50+ recommendations for short-term, mid-term and long term changes/improvements for increased

productivity, quality, profit, use of resources and ROI. In addition, she developed a full-scale Quality
Monitoring Program, including a quality monitoring form, a balanced scorecard for measuring CSR
productivity and quality, a workforce management analysis and staffing forecast tool, and consolidated
reports to track data and trend analysis based on agent, team, division, category and department metrics.
When the client realized they needed a more robust call center solution, Mary Paige wrote the technical
recommendations and requirements for an upgrade to their contact center technical solutions,
incorporating these with upgrades already in process throughout HQ and the division offices with their
established vendor. The client had exceptionally positive feedback on the work Mary Paige performed for
them, noting her great depth and breadth of knowledge of the contact center industry and best practices.
They have already discussed having her come back for additional consulting/recommendations as their
consolidation process continues. In my dealings with her (as the POC at the company providing the
service), I can attest to her passion for customer service and client satisfaction, as well as her integrity and
strong work ethic. I would highly recommend her to any other client we have in need of a call center and
customer service expert."
Robert Helsel, The Judge Group, was Mary Paige's client
"I can attest that Mary Paige's professionalism, dedication, and technical expertise were instrumental in the
highly successful development and operations of a large call center for the State of North Carolina. She
was able to identify and resolve the myriad technical challenges that were experienced during the software
development, leading to an on-time kickoff of a world-class fully integrated multi-tiered solution
supporting the clients. She was instrumental in the creation of the personal management system and served
as one of the top two individuals for the staffing and training of the entire organization."
Clyde Hewitt, Program Director, NC DHHS, worked with Mary Paige at State of North Carolina
"It is my pleasure to recommend Mary Paige Forrester as a manager of technical projects, their associated
staff and aligned stakeholders. Mary Paige is highly respected by her colleagues and subordinates and has
skillfully managed diverse personalities involved with her projects. Her enthusiastic, optimistic attitude is
contagious and serves to motivate and energize her project staff. She is a natural leader who has the gift of
identifying each staff members primary talents and bringing out the best in each one throughout the course
of the entire project. Mary Paige has superb problem-solving skills, technical and otherwise, as well as
exceptional team-building skills. She possesses excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Her
past work history has demonstrated the ability to foresee a potential problem and essentially nip it in the bud
saving the company money and preventing unexpected hurdles from delaying the projects delivery. She is
always effective in delegating as Mary Paige trusts the team she assembles and they have tremendous faith in
her as a fair and effective leader."
Richard Shade, reported to Mary Paige at Dimension Data
"Mary Paige is a dedicated professional. She always communicated with me with respect and consideration.
Even when Mary Paige was critical of my performance, she communicated in a manner that showed it was
with the intent of helping me improve. If you are looking for a compassionate and dedicated manager, you
have found her."
Edwin Colon, Tele-charge Customer Service, The Shubert Organization, reported to Mary Paige at TeleCharge