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Before you start your application,
1) Make sure you have a valid unexpired passport since you will use it as your
identification form and your name on the application should match the name on your
passport and your medical diploma.
2) Order an Official Final Medical School Transcript ( university stamped to save time)
3) Have Final Medical Diploma + English Transaltion (If you have the Diploma) OR
English Graduation Statement + Statement of Date of Issuing Final Medical Diploma
in English ( Me3ad el shahada el cartoon bel english)
4) 2 recent 5*5 Full Face Passport Sized Photos.
5) Credit Card/ Internet Visa Card to pay the fees for your exam.
Note: if you are applying as a student, you do not need supporting documents from school.
You take the form ECFMG provided you with (Form 186) to one of the officials listed in the
last page of this document, with a 5x5 photo and a plain A4 envelop.
Obtain a USMLE/ECFMG ID Number
To apply for any USMLE step exam, you should first have a record in ECFMG & to
have a record in ECFMG, you must have a USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number.
When you have the documents listed above, go to the ECFMG website:
& Click on IWA (Interactive Web Application) and then click on the last line reading
"If you are a first-time user of ECFMG On-line Services, click here to establish an
account." this will lead you to the page that you use to create your USMLE/ECFMG
ID number.
The next page will have instructions on How to Provide the Required Information to
Obtain a USMLE Identification Number. Read through it carefully. When you finish
reading, check the box at the bottom of the page "I confirm that I have read the above
instructions." and click NEXT.
In the next page they will ask you if you have ever submitted an application to
ECFMG. Check "No, I have never submitted an application to ECFMG for any
examination" and click NEXT.
The next page is the form you should fill to get a USMLE/ECFMG ID number. It is
divided into 3 main categories: 1) Your Biographic information, 2) Your current/degree
medical school 3) Your contact information. I will emphasize on the name as it is very
important to write it the right way.
Concerning the Name. It's composed of 2 parts
1. Last name (Surname or Family Name)
2. Rest of Name (your first name & you middle name)

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Write it Exactly as it is on your Passport and Medical Diploma.
Example : Tarek Mohsen Mohamed Elshafi
Last Name(Family/Surname): Elshafi
Rest of the Name(First+Middle): Tarek Mohsen OR Tarek Mohsen Mohamed
Don't worry about the middle name thing..americans do not care about 3-4 part
can write your father's name or your father's and grandfather's name as shown above. What
matters is your First and Last name.
Then fill out the rest of the form & click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.
Check your email address every once & while for a message from the ECFMG online
services. In no more than 5 days, you will get your USMLE/ECFMG ID number & a
one-time temporary password.
Go to IWA & log in, the next page will ask you to change the password to a new
permanent one. When you do so, you can now start applying for the exam step you
Starting a New Application for Step ( 1 or 2 CK/CS):
The application is composed of 23 items. If you are unsure about certain application
items, don't worry as you will be able to save the data and modify the application data
as long as you haven't submitted it.
let's go through the items of the application
Item 1: Select an Exam. Choose step 1 or 2 CK or 2 CS ( whatever you're applying to)
Item 2: Eligibility period: choose a three-month period during which you would like to
take the exam .
Item 3: Testing region. For Egypt, choose the Middle East, not Africa
Item 4: Examinees with Documented Disabilities.
I have a documented disability and am covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I
am requesting test accommodations for Step 1. Check NO & click NEXT
Item 5: Other Examination History and Applicant Number
If you have previously submitted an application to the National Board of Medical Examiners
(NBME) for a Part ( like IFOM for example) or Step examination, and you know the
Identification Number issued to you, enter the Identification Number issued to you in the
space provided. If not leave it blank & click NEXT
Item 6: Name of Applicant. They show you your name as you have entered it before in
the process of obtaining a USMLE/ECFMG ID number & ask you: "Is the name above
your correct and current legal name" check YES & click NEXT.
Item 7: Contact information: enter your address, your phone number, your Fax
number (if you have one) & your email address.
Item 8: US Social Security Number (for American Citizens and Green Card Holders)
and/or National ID Number (enter your Passport Number)

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Item 9: Date and Place of Birth

Item 10: Gender
Item 11: Native language
Item 12: Other Languages Spoken (voluntary to provide)
What language(s), other than English, do you speak at home? check "Arabic"
Item 13: Citizenship: at birth (Egypt), upon entering medical school (Egypt) & now
Item 14: Ethnicity (voluntary to provide)
Item 15: present employment
Item 16: The ECFMG Reporter (don't read, click next)
Item 17: Medical education status (choose Graduate if you finished 6th year)
Item 18: Medical school information:
Medical School that Awarded your Degree:

Medical school country: choose Egypt then click "SELECT" & wait a moment until a list of
Egyptian medical schools is generated then choose your medical school from which you
Identification number assigned to you by this medical school (ENTER YOUR UNIVERSITY
ID number)

Dates of Attendance:

Date you entered medical school:

Date you completed requirements for the final medical diploma (the last month of exams)
Number of years attended: 6 ( if you spent more write how many years)
Date of Graduation: August or May (write down the year you finished your 6th year exams)
Date medical diploma issued: the date when the university council certified your graduation
certificate (August/May one year after graduation---if you graduated august 2012 then date of
medical diploma is august 2013)
Title of Medical degree: MB ChB
Internship: check "NO" under the statement "I was required to complete an
internship prior to receiving my medical diploma"
Government/Social Service: check "no" under the statement "I was required to
complete government/social service prior to receiving my medical diploma"
Item 19: Other medical school(s) attended ( if you transferred from other medical
school before joining MUST)
Item 20: other institution(s) attended
Item 21: clinical clerkships. ( leave it blank)

Item 22: Medical Diploma. If you are a graduate and have your medical diploma with
you, choose that option: I have graduated from medical school and am enclosing, with
my Certification of Identification Form (Form 186), the ECFMG Medical Education
Credentials Submission Form (Form 344); two copies of the Medical School Release
Request (Form 345); two photocopies of my medical diploma with an English
translation (if required); and a photograph"

Then enter your Name on Medical Diploma


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Item 22: If you are a graduate but your Medical Diploma is not with you (Has not been
issued yet) choose that option: "I have graduated from medical school, but my medical
diploma has not been issued.."

When you click NEXT, you get the following message: At this time, you can also apply
for Step 2 CK & Step 2 CS. If you only want to apply for Step 1 , click "Continue" to
proceed with the current application.
Item 23: Certification By Applicant
By checking the box below, I certify that I currently meet the examination eligibility
requirements and that the information in this application is true and accurate to the best of
my knowledge.
I also certify and acknowledge that I have read the applicable edition (that which
pertains to the eligibility period in which I take the exam) of the ECFMG Information Booklet
and the USMLE Bulletin of Information, am aware of the contents of both publications, meet
the eligibility requirements set therein, and agree to abide by the policies and procedures
I understand that (1) falsification of any part of this application, or (2) the submission of any
falsified documents to ECFMG, or (3) the submission of any falsified ECFMG documents to
other agencies, or (4) the giving or receiving of aid in the examination as evidenced either by
observation at the time of the examination or by statistical analysis of my answers and those
of one or more other participants in that examination, or engaging in other conduct that
subverts or attempts to subvert the examination process, may be sufficient cause for ECFMG
to bar me from the examination, to terminate my participation in the examination, to
withhold and/or invalidate the results of my examination, to withhold a certificate, to revoke a
certificate, or to take other appropriate action. (See the applicable edition of the ECFMG
Information Booklet for additional details concerning Validity of Scores and Irregular
I understand that the Standard ECFMG Certificate and any and all copies thereof remain the
property of ECFMG and must be returned to ECFMG if ECFMG determines that the holder
of the Certificate was not eligible to receive it or that it was otherwise issued in error.
I request and authorize every person, medical school, university, hospital, government
agency, or other entity to release information, records, diplomas, transcripts, and other
documents concerning my professional education, academic status, or enrollment to ECFMG
upon request of ECFMG.
I hereby authorize ECFMG to transmit any information contained in this application,
or information that may otherwise become available to ECFMG, to any federal, state, or local
governmental department or agency, to any hospital or to any other organization or
individual who, in the judgment of ECFMG, has a legitimate interest in such information. For
further information regarding ECFMG's data collection and privacy practices, please refer to
our privacy policy available on the ECFMG website at
Check the box & click NEXT

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When you click next, this will bring to your vision a summary of all the items you have
entered in your application with a sign next to the items you can change. At the bottom
of this page you will find a summary of the fees you should pay for your exam. Revise
the items very well & when you are sure of everything, print a copy of it for your own
record & submit it.
By now you have completed the online part of the application. You can now pay for the
exam using your Credit Card or Visa Internet Card or you can choose to save your
application & pay in a later time, but keep in mind your application will be saved for
only 14 days.
To pay, you must enter your credit card number, the expiry date of the credit card &
your name exactly as it is on your credit card & your address where specified & then
click "I authorize this transaction" only once. If you click it more than once, this may
result in duplicate charges to your account. If you have enough money in your credit
card, the next page will show the following message:

Transaction approved

Your payment has been approved. Your payment confirmation number is

ABCDEFGHIJK. please make a note of this number for your records

Click the button below to continue


So click " continue" which will direct you to the page where you can print form 186.
It's very important to print form 186 in one single page. check print preview in your
browser (Internet Explorer) & adjust the margins of form 186 to get it wholly in a
single page & when you are ready print it. Attach a phtograph to form 186 using glue
& take it to your medical school to be signed by one of the officials (listed below in the
last page) & stamped. (Make sure half of the stamp cover the picture and the other half
on the paper in addition to the stamp at the bottom of the form... take extra copy of
form 186... just in case the official did something wrong and spoiled the form). Bring a
plain A4 envelop with you too.

Something else to consider about Form 186, there is a space for date under your
signature & another space for date under the Dean's signature & both dates must
match as hypothetically You and the Official both should sign & date form 186 in the
presence of each other.

When attaching your 5*5 photo to the form 186, make sure you use GLUE, NOT a
STAPLE. * YOUR SIGNATURE (In Latin Characters) = i.e. Write your name.

After you are done with form 186, make sure you have all the following in that order:
(According to your case)
1. Student?
Just form 186 + 2 Recent Pohtographs 5*5 (Name and USMLE ID on the back)

Facebook Group For MUST-US

2. Graduate?
Form 186 certified from your medical school
Form 187 filled by you
Form 344 filled by you
2 copies of Form 345 filled by you
Photocopy of your Passport
For Graduates who have their Final Medical Diploma (Shahada Cartoon)
2 photocopies of your final medical diploma which is originally in Arabic, write your
full name & your USMLE/ECFMG ID number on the front of them.
Official English translation of your final medical diploma and a photocopy of it , write
your full name & your USMLE/ECFMG ID number on the front of them.
2 photocopies of the English version of your final medical school transcript, write your
full name & your USMLE/ECFMG ID number on the front of them.

2 current (5*5) full-face passport-sized color photographs, write your full name in
English & USMLE/ECFMG ID number on their back. The photographs must have
been taken within 6 months of the date that you send them to the ECFMG.
( If you don't have The final medical diploma then an English copy of Graduation statement
and a photocopy of it.....order it with University stamp only to save time) + Statement of Date
of Issuing Final Medical Diploma ( Me3ad El shahada el Cartoon bel English) and enclose
them with the documents mentioned above.
N.B: When you get your Final Medical Diploma (el shahada el cartoon) after 14 months of
your graduation date ----> translate it in Mohandeseen:
ICU Translation Service Center:
16 Khan Younis, Mohandseen, 5 th floor. Giza, Egypt.
Tel: 02-33459623 Mobile: 01063309269 or 01005298720

All of the documents mentioned above must be with you when you sign form 186 by the
Official. Bring with you an A4 White envelope so that he encloses the documents in it, seal the
envelope, stamp and sign on it.

For Students ( 6th year and younger):

Fill form 186 and take it to one of the Officials (listed below) to be signed and stamped, then send it in
an A4 envelope which is also signed and stamped by the same Official. Once you finish your 6 th year
and become a graduate then you will apply for your next exam as described in (FOR GRADUATES

Then Head to DHL October ( Near Bank El-Arabi at Hosary) and tell them you are a student
to get a discounted rate , and ask them to send the envelope to ECFMG at the address below
under the name of Misr University of Science and Technology ( they did it million times
before, they know the drill so don't worry) :

Facebook Group For MUST-US

3624 Market Street, 4th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104- 2685
It typically takes 3 weeks from receipt of a complete application for the ECFMG to
process the application.
You can check the status of your medical education credentials (your final medical
diploma & your final medical school transcript) using OASIS website (Online
Applicant Status and Information System):
After the ECFMG verifies your medical education credentials with your medical
school, the ECFMG will forward your registration information to the NBME which
will issue your scheduling permit within 2 weeks.
Your scheduling permit is issued in electronic format. Once your scheduling permit is
available, the ECFMG will send a message to your email address which will include
instructions for accessing your electronic permit using IWA.
You must print a copy of your scheduling permit & bring it to the test center on your
exam date.
As soon as you have your scheduling permit, you'd better schedule your testing
appointment with the prometric immediately through its website:
Your Scheduling Permit contains 2 important numbers:

1. Your scheduling number: you must provide this number when you schedule your
testing appointment.
2. Your Candidate Identification Number (CIN): you must enter your CIN into the
computer at the test center to start the exam & to initiate each block of the exam. You
must keep your CIN confidential
Testing appointments are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis. So, the earlier
you get your scheduling permit, the earlier you can schedule & the better your chance
is to schedule a testing appointment that is most suitable for you.
If you have question, please visit our group:


Facebook Group For MUST-US

These are the Officials who can sign your Form 186, Make sure they write their
Information exactly as in the letter below:


Facebook Group For MUST-US