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Left Turn

Anti-austerity, anti-imperialist and anti-fascist

NATO beats the drums of war!

hile Britain is experiencing the worst cuts to

public services in a generation leading to
poverty and starvation, the warmongering Etonians
of the coalition will have no problem in handing out
money to fund the NATO military build-up in Eastern Europe.
The illegal government of the Ukraine which includes openly Nazi parties running important ministries, is being advised and supported by the CIA and
NATO in its murderous and bloodthirsty campaign
against the workers of the Donbass fighting for
their liberation from the IMF/EU/US austerity to be
imposed by the Poroshenko regime. The United
States, Britain and Germany are the main driving
force for the latest war offensive against Russia and
China who dare to stray from Washingtons New
World Order.
One hundred years ago the capitalist class of the
imperial countries of Europe plunged the world into
a war of unimaginable horror and destruction. The
world again stands on the brink of the destruction
of civilisation if not humanity itself. War hysteria is
apparent in the free press of the West, with open
lies, distortions and baseless accusations thrown at
Russia following the MH17 passenger jet tragedy.
In reality the press and TV are controlled by rich
and powerful business owners and the state. After
the Saville and News of the World hacking scandals
it should be obvious that the BBC and Murdoch
owned press are a bunch of lying crooks. The left
must not allow the labour movement and trade unions to be fooled into fighting for that class which is
seeking to expand the dominance of US finance
capital and exploitation.
The working class of the Donbass s is fighting a
heroic battle against a semi-fascist government
which uses Right Sector death squads to oppress
workers and leftists and is attempting to fan the
flames of ethnic hatred. The labour movement
should be offering its full solidarity to the working
class of the Donbass s. The leaders of the newly
proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics
have been forced to nationalise the property of the
oligarchs, this is a victory to the working class of this

The Azov Brigade in an official battalion in the Ukraine national

army; it is explicitly fascist. The international Community has
no problem with supporting Kiev and therefore these Nazis.

region! The labour movement must utterly condemn the war being waged against the Donbass by
Kiev and backed by NATO.
On May 2nd anti-fascist workers, leftists and trade
unionists were burned to death in the House of
Trade Unions in Odessa, we must call on the labour
movement to condemn this savagery as the South
African trade union federation COSATU has done.
Labour and trade union members must call for solidarity with the struggle of the Donbass against US
backed fascism and IMF austerity. We must oppose
the militarisation of Europe. Call for Britain to withdraw from NATO and divert spending on public and
social services and job creation for the youth, which
the Con-Dem government is destroying through
starving of funds.

Who we are
We are a group of left wing Labour party members who seek to
mobilise the whole Labour Movement against austerity. We demand that all Labour councillors refuse to make the cuts and rally
the trade unions and whole community to defy all governments
who seek to make the working and poor pay for the crisis of capitalism by bank bailouts and decimating the welfare state.
We are insistent in all foreign wars that the main enemy is at
home and when wars begin, as in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc. we are
for the defeat of imperialist interventions and the defeat of the
proxy armies they sponsor.

Contact: Left Turn, PO Box 59188, London, NW2 9LJ

Reinstate Lutfur Rahman and Tower Hamlets First

councillors, fight austerity, oppose all cuts!

eft Turn unequivocally backs Lutfur Rahman, the man

who was elected mayor of Tower Hamlets twice (2010
and 2014) against the powerful electoral machines of Labour,
Tory, Lib Dem and UKIP. We have no political illusions in him
and are quite aware that he has taken no principled stance
against the cuts in general and has simply used the office of
Mayor to redistribute the resources available to the poorest,
who are mainly Bangladeshi. Nonetheless we must make a
united front with him against the establishment in solidarity
with those who are amongst the poorest workers in the country and who are getting some relief from the vicious attacks of
the LibDem coalition.
Eric Pickles intervention exposes a political establishment that
Eric Pickles used a PricewaterhouseCoopers report which
is furious because my administration continues to embarrass it
found that the borough was not delivering best value for the
taxpayer i.e. was not run on neo-liberal profit-making capital- It's absolutely outrageous. You've got a completely obscene
underhand alliance between the Labour and Tory councillors to
ists principles and was too concerned with the welfare of
block everything that's going on. Council meetings are chaotic.
the poor. It was full of innuendo and speculation but lacked
There's nothing Lutfur can do about that. The local Labour Party
any hard evidence of wrong doing (no arrests!) In a typically
members should be ashamed of what their councillors get up to feisty reply to Pickles in the Guardian on 4 November he
smears and innuendo, none of it ever stands up. Eventually Lutfur
Rahman will be re-admitted to the Labour Party once he's evenWe have proven that in the heart of the London machine, national politics can be replaced by community politics, and some
would have us pay dearly for that There are politics behind the
audit and Pickles proposed intervention, and they are the politics
of a political establishment furious that my administration continues to embarrass them. I was elected twice as mayor on considerable majorities against huge national political machines. A majority of voters in Tower Hamlets knew I would put them first no
matter their background. Ive delivered on that principle.

He rejected the unsubstantiated charges against him:

Contrary to impression given, the overwhelmingly bulk of grants
were allocated to those organisations that provide services for all
communities, not just one community. If most grants went to the
west of the borough, it is because the majority of voluntary organisations are based there. Nor was the Poplar town hall building intentionally sold off to an associate of mine. I was not aware
of or personally responsible for the details of this sale. I did not
get into politics to give out backhanders.

tually cleared of all these smears because he's actually got one of
the best records. I'd take Eric Pickles to court. This is like something out of East Germany under the communists.

Rahman has also been to the forefront in defending Blacklisted workers. He welcomed the payout by major building
companies to these workers, describing it as a fantastic result. He went on:
I congratulate the GMB, Unite and construction workers union,
UCATT, for their campaign and this great achievement. Tower
Hamlets was the first local authority to pledge not to award contracts to any company found guilty of blacklisting. I am pleased
that our support for their campaign to win justice for blacklisted
workers has helped achieve this fantastic result.

Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite the Union, said:

Tower Hamlets is blazing a trail by becoming the first London
council to stamp out blacklisting. This is a fantastic development
and we commend the council for their positive action.

He hit back strongly at those who hypocritically charge him

Paul Kenny, GMB general secretary, said:
with favouring the Bangladeshi community whilst they are
The GMB is delighted that Tower Hamlets is the first council in
part of the national witch hunt against immigrants common to Britain to run the blacklisters right out of town.
all major political parties:
Steve Murphy, general secretary of construction union UCATT,
I will not take lectures on the politics of division from parties
that bash immigrants and those on welfare benefits, or from
politicians disgraced by expenses scandals, discredited by lies told
to justify war, and intent on scapegoating the vulnerable in our
society for an economic crisis caused by the most powerful.

Where are the left Labour MPs who should be rallying to the
defence of Tower Hamlets and Rahman? Surely the fear of
expulsions cannot prevent mobilisation in support of the poorest workers in the country? And if expelled what a campaign
would be raised in support of such a principled stance? Christine Shawcroft, NEC and former Tower Hamlets councillor (13
years), Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Students Officer and Ken Livingstone are the only major Labour political figures to take a
principled fighting stance in defence of Rahman and Tower
Livingstone said:

Tower Hamlets has a long and proud tradition of standing up for

the rights of workers. UCATT congratulates Mayor Lutfur Rahman
and Tower Hamlets council on extending that tradition with this
anti-blacklisting pledge. It is now incumbent on all other local
authorities to follow Tower Hamlets lead and stamp blacklisting
out once and for all.

Famously Rahman tweeted a photograph of the Palestinian

flag, with the message: Palestinian flag flying at Town Hall in
solidarity with #Gaza and in support of a ceasefire & peace.
Jonathan Arkush, vice president of the Board of Deputies of
British Jews, said: Mayor Rahman should remember that he is
flying a flag from a British town hall in support of an organisation that is regarded across Europe and the world as terrorist.
Arkush, of course, was speaking in support of the worlds biggest terrorist state.