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Translated by Jimwel V. Gutierrez
Some teachers think that there dozen type of high school students and they
are as follow:
CLOWNS- The official comedian of the group. There is also one- liner who
awakens the group if sleepiness knocks. Some teachers dubbed them as KSP,
sort of students whom scholastically unconfined and the only knack they have is
to just crack jokes. But I admit there is no class as such and if there is any, it will
be a great sacrifice to go to school every day.
GEEKS- the I insensitive Homo sapiens of their race, book-teacher-blackboard
are the only things they know. They wont mind even if the teacher is out of
mental sanity and would even dare to approach the teacher just to ask if the
result of the equation will be changed when the value of X is substituted by Y.
HOLLOW MAN- there are two kinds of HM virus. Type A is the students who are
always invisible; their chairs are always vacant meaning they are always absent.
Type Bs are those students who have invisible answers in every quiz even if
they are present in short hollow-minded.
SPICE GIRLS- they are girl-group fond of going out. They always go together
but always late when attending class especially after recess and lunch break.
Most of the time they are comb-brush-song hits carrier. If you ask the class to
form a group for sure you will see them together, the SG.
DA GWAPINGS- the male counterpart of SG- they are born to show off. Usually
they are small in number, two or four members in a group to be noticeable
individually. Like the SG, the only content of their head is hair gel.
CELEBRITIES- they are the politicians, athletes and performers of the class.
Politicians are those outrageous students who are more concern on the status of
the school and their co-students rather than their grades in Algebra. Athletes are
classified as varsitarian and can be described as to how fast they run is
ironically how slow they read or in short good runner but slow reader. Performers
are those students whose aim when going to school is not to study but to just
dance, sing and to do recitals every Buwan ng Wika. In general celebrities are
those who have insurmountable PR but low IQ.
GUINNESS- they are the record holders when it comes to persistence. They
exert the most effort they can in order to outshine academic deficiencies. They
are the triumphant one. They submit project on time and actively participate in
recitations. They will repeatedly raised their hands to answer even the answers
are all wrong.
LEATHER GOODS- Students of wrong disposition when it comes to
determination. They are always determined into frontal copying of seatmates
answer, bold cheating and seeker of teachers attention. They are more than an
alligators skin.
WEIRDOS- They are the problematic students, they call themselves as
misunderstood species and the worst the black sheep of the class. They have
different unique characteristics: few friends, always in trouble, with low grades
and teachers enemy.
THE SONS OF RIZAL- They are the endangered species of the class. Straight A
students they fond to call but they are well rounded and obviously not a geek.
They are teachers pet yet without vantage. They are considered as king of
Math, Science and English. But they manage to have time with extra-curricular
activities and gimmicks.

BOB ONGS- they are the well rounded but lunatic. These are the students
who think of the book they will yet to publish about their classmates while the
teacher discusses lesson.
COMMONERS- they are the generic member of the class. They lack individuality
and remarkable traits. They are not easily recognized by the teacher when
they are absent. And the very sad note as the time goes by; they are the
students who usually forget by the teachers and their classmates.