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WWII Visual Timeline

You will be assigned a WWII battle or campaign to research. You will compile pictures and resources on
that battle that will contribute to making a visual class timeline in Chateau Weichel (my portable).
Due for setup on Friday, November 14th
Battles & Campaigns:
Dunkirk and the Fall of
The Battle of Britain & The
The Dieppe Raid*

The Battle of the Atlantic

North Africa & The Battle of

El Alamein
The Italian Campaign *

Operation Barbarossa & The

Battle of Stalingrad
Pearl Harbour

D-Day & The Invasion of

Normandy (Operation
The Liberation of Holland*

The Fall of Hong Kong *

Battle of Midway & Battle

of Leyte Gulf
Iwo Jima & Okinawa

Your Tasks:

Research your assigned battle and write a 250 word summary that answers the main historical
o What was it all about?
o Where was it?
o When was it?
o Who was involved?
o What was the outcome?
o What was the significance? Why is it important? *Must relate significance to Canada


Find three (3) photographs of your battle. For each, write a caption that describes a) what it
depicts and b) who it depicts. Make sure you dont pick the same photographs as someone else!
o Your photos should be approx. half a page in size. When you are done, print them and
cut them out so you have 4 individual pictures w/ captions.


You need to complete one (1) extra item for your battle. This is for depth. Refer to the opposite
page for the extra items for each battle. Make sure you dont do the same item as someone
o For your extra item, find a suitable picture, diagram, or map. Give it a title and write a
short 50-100 word explanation of that item.

- Answers all historical
questions and contains
essential facts
- Accurately narrates the
course of the event

- Are presented in the
proper format (photo
size = half page, caption
- Historically relevant

Extra Item
- Short description
accurately defines item
- Format: Title at top,
photo/diagram in
middle, definition

Extra Depth Items:

*If someone has the same battle as you, make sure you dont do the same thing as them!
Dunkirk & Fall of France 1) General Guderian 2) Maginot Line
The Battle of Britain 1) Radar 2) Spitfire
Dieppe Raid 1) Enigma Codes 2) Ian Fleming
The Battle of the Atlantic 1) Sonar 2) U-Boats
Battle of El Alamein 1) General Bernard Montgomery 2) General Erwin Rommel
Italian Campaign 1) Battle of Ortona 2) General George Patton
Liberation of Holland 1) Operation Market Garden
Invasion of Normandy 1) Higgins landing craft 2) 101st Airborne / paratroopers 3) A map of the D-Day
Stalingrad 1) Vasily Zaitsev / Zaytsev 2) Pavlovs House
Pearl Harbour 1) USS Arizona 2) Doolittle Raid
Fall of Hong Kong 1) POW Camps 2) John Robert Osborn
Midway & Leyte Gulf 1) Kamikaze pilots 2) Aircraft Carriers
Iwo Jima & Okinawa 1) Banzai charge 2) Navajo code talkers

Soviet troops at the Reichstag Fall of Berlin, April, 1945

Flag of the Soviet Union over the Reichstag