I -=- V -=- P Instant Virus Production Kit v1.

0 By Admiral Bailey [YAM] ���[ TABLE OF CONTENTS ]���������������������������������������������������� � � � � � � � � Disclaimer Intro To The IVP Features in the IVP How To Use The IVP About the Configuration File In Case of Errors Future Enhancements Greets

���[ DISCLAIMER ]����������������������������������������������������������� Before we begin I would just like to say that I am not responsible for any damage that occurs from someone using this. The code that eventually gets created with this can be dangerous. Well not really. I haven't put any destruction code it it so theres nothing really to worry about. Well anyways just remember if anything happens to you then Im not responsible. ���[ INTRO TO THE IVP ]����������������������������������������������������� Welcome to version 1.0 of the Instant Virus Production Kit (IVP). Heck these thing are easier to code then I expected. But after about a week of programming and fixing any bugs that I gound in the code produced it is now finished. Why did I make this? Well basically for myself. I hated rewriting all my code out over and over just to create a new virus so instead I made this to eliminate my problem. After I was done I just eventually decided to release it to the public. Just for your info this was written in Turbo Pascal 7.0. The code that gets produced may not be the best. But this is not here to release virii directly off of. Its just here to save you the trouble of having to rewrite your code over and over. ���[ FEATURES IN THE IVP ]�������������������������������������������������� I have not put any IDE in because there is no real use for one. But i may in future versions put a setup that will create the configuration file for you automatically. Basically now the IVP has the following features. � � � � � � � � .EXE/.COM file infection (also has both) Trojan support Directory Changing (Dot Dot Method) Encryption On Everything Error Handling And COMMAND.COM infection Overwriting Option Random Nop generator (So McAfee can't make a scan string)

���[ HOW TO USE THE IVP ]���������������������������������������������������

Its really not that hard. All you do is edit out the configuration file that has been included to match your specific needs. When done, execute the IVP with the name of the configuration file on the command line. The rest is self explanitory. ���[ ABOUT THE CONFIGURATION FILE ]����������������������������������������� Below is a detailed explanation of each option that is available in the configuration file. The format of each option is a letter with a equal sign and the option following. A sample configuration file is included. � F � V � A � I � G � W � E � D � C � B Specifies the file name that all the output will be written to. Ex. "F=TEST.ASM" Specifies the name of the virus. Ex. "V=A Test Virus" Specifies the name of the author. Ex. "A=Admiral Bailey" Specifies what type of files to go for. C=Com, E=EXE, B = Both (Exe and Com), T=Trojan Ex. "I=B" Specifies what to do with the file. O=Overwriting, A=Appending Is for the ID code used by EXE infectors. It can only be (and must be) two characters. Ex. "W=AB" Specifies if encryption or no encryption is to be used. No encryption reduces the size of the virus. Ex. "E=Y" Specifies if you want the virus to change directories. If yes then the directory changing will be done the '..' way. Where the virus will step up one directory closer to the root each time. Ex. "D=Y" Specifies if you want your virus to infect COMMAND.COM. If no then any 8 character file ending in 'ND' will not be infected. Ex. "C=N" Specifies if you want the virus to replace INT 24h. If yes then any writes to a write protected disk will be ingnored and aborted. Ex. "B=Y"

���[ IN CASE OF ERRORS ]���������������������������������������������������� The IVP has not been tested fully. Just a basic test on different sources produced. So I do not guarantee that the sources produced are 100% workable. Anyways I did not write this for people to release a virus directly off of. Its just here to help you to create your own. But if there is an error then contact me and tell me the error and give me a copy of the Config file. Also if you have any enhancements to the code feel free to let me know. ���[ FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS ]�������������������������������������������������� In future versions I plan to add a couple features to enhance the code produced. They are as follows. MINOR ADDITIONS � I will include an infection counter. So a user can limit the number of files that a virus infects at each runtime. � An option where you can specify the date/time where you can have your virus

activate and do its thing. � An option where you can check if the file infected is too small or too big. � More optimized coding to enhance the actual virus produced. � Any other small things that I find usefull. MAJOR ADDITIONS � TSR Code generations. I may only make it go TSR using one method. Mainly because this kind of code will be dangerous in the hands of just any loser. With the TSR code I will add stealth etc.. � A editor that will help you create the Configuration file in a short amount of time. � Different types of encryption. � MTE virus compatibilities. But while adding these features I will try to keep the size of the executable down. ���[ GREETS ]��������������������������������������������������������������� Well no one specific because I don't wanna look like im kissing ass. So I just wanna say a "Yo!" to all the virus writers out there. And one special "F Off" to venom because they think there so good. Well guys with this you can finally release a virus. Heck make another trojan and you'll finally see the difference. - ADMIRAL BAILEY [YAM] -