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Competition Requirements

1. All competitors must hold a pass/ticket to The Event and pay the registration fee.
2. All competitors must check-in prior to competition and have a Number assigned to you at the time of registration.
3. All competitors must be responsible for reading these guidelines.
4. A Team must have a minimum of five (5) members .
5. Each group will perform a dance number with a time limit of 5 minutes minimum and 10 minutes maximum. Beyond
this limit, a total of 5 points will be deducted from the groups total score.
6. The members of the groups may be composed of all males or females, or any combination thereof.
7. The dance number must have an accompaniment of any music, which is based on the country that they are
9. Minimize the use of props.
Criteria for Judging
1. Variety of dance positions, dance movements, and/or combinations as appropriate to the specific dance.
2. Difficulty of dance movements and/or combinations from one dance position or alignment to another.

3. Continuity of dance movements and/or combinations to either interpret dance theme and music, or to demonstrate
dance control. This refers to exceptional phrasing which includes spontaneous adjustments of dance pattern for
irregularly phrased musical selections.
1. Basic pattern, rhythm, timing, and initial phrasing between partners and to the selected music. For correctly
phrased musical selections, phrasing may be shifted for momentary variation, but generally should be maintained
throughout the specific dance.
2. Proper performance of footwork, hand, head, arm, and body movements through dance variations; to include
balance and centering through executed movements.
3. Alignment, framework, and proper presentation of dance positions; to include smoothness of followthrough from
movement into position; to demonstrate properly initiated lead and follow technique from position into movement.
C. STYLE. 30%
1. Artistic interpretation and choreography projected through dance movement as it
music and the specified dance category.

relates to the selected

2. Attentiveness, enthusiasm, enjoyment of the dance, and general good partnership as perceived through appropriate
presentation of lead and follow roles.
3. Flair and accent of dance movement, generating an atmosphere and instilling a mood appropriate to the specific
dance category.

National Costume Competition Criteria

Sense of attractiveness


Technique: (including walk, posture, and grace)


Personality and stage presence (confidence)


Appropriateness of attire to the Country


Impression (impact)