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14 November 2014




14 November, 2014 Vol. 6 Issue 17 |

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14 November 2014

Four reasons why India cant follow in Chinas footsteps

M. Iqbal
1. Geography.China is three times larger
geographically than India. China can build
three times the number of large dams than
India. Potentially, China should have three
times the overall power generation capability
of India. Also, the number of overall natural
resources should be roughly three times larger
for China. Geography is destiny.
2. Taiwan.The Chinese Economic Miracle
caught everyone by surprise. This is due to
the surprise Taiwan factor. Taiwan pumped
its multibillions of dollars of capital and
technology into China. Voila! China became
an extension of the Taiwanese economy. After
30 years, the eastern portion of China is a
supersized Taiwan.
India lacks an offshore Taiwan to pump in
capital, technology, management expertise,
over a hundred thousand USPTO patents,
business contacts/customers, etc.
3. Value Model.There was always room for
China to emerge economically. The American
business model is typified by Apple. In general,
the United States sells very expensive quality
products. The value segment of the world
economy had been left wide open. China filled
that part of the ecosystem.
India is unlikely to gain a significant share
of the world economy as an exporter, because
the upper-end and mid/lower-end of the world
economy are filled. The United States owns
thev premium model/products. China owns the
value model/products. There is no room for
4. The existence of China.Economists
have noticed an unusual effect. There is only

one Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood,

etc. The existence of a market-leader tends to
preclude the existence of a second leader.
China and the United States are not really
true competitors. The United States charges a
premium for quality products. China charges
reasonable prices for necessities.
There is almost zero chance for India to
elbow in on Chinas business. For example,
lets say India wants to enter the telecoms
business. How do you compete against Huawei,
which is a US$44 billion giant in sales? The
answer is that you cant. Huawei has the
worlds most advanced wireless routers and
gigabit switches. Huawei is the market leader.
Western companies have trouble keeping up

with Huawei. What chance does India have?

Practically zero. This scenario plays out in
industry after industry. How do you displace
Lenovo from the value segment of the computer
industry? Obviously, you cant. Lenovo grows
stronger year after year.
Where does this leave India? I think
trying to compete in the value segment of
manufacturing against China is suicidal. There
is no way to compete against Chinas scale
and technological lead. China is the MOST
EFFICIENT producer in the world.
In my view, the only way out is the IBM
business model. What happens when you
realize you cant compete against competitors
that can survive on razor-thin margins? You
abandon hardware manufacturing and move
into software.
Indias hope lies in software companies.
Software companies have low up-front costs.
There is no real technological barrier. You just
need to produce an innovative product and
polish it. Unfortunately, this is an American
No matter how you look at it. India will run
into China or the United States. This explains
the lack of Indian economic progress.
According to the IMF, Indian nominal percapita GDP has been mostly stagnant. From
2010 to 2014, Indian nominal per-capita GDP
has risen by a mere $196 (from $1,430 to
In contrast, Chinese nominal per-capita
GDP has soared. From 2010 to 2014, Chinese
nominal per-capita GDP increased by a hefty
$3,135 (from $4,437 to $7,572).

Its a childs day!




While 20th November is referred to as

Universal Childrens Day, by the United
Nations, in India, Childrens Day is celebrated
on 14th November. It is the birthday of the
countrys first Prime Minister Jawaharlal
Nehru, who was fondly called Chacha Nehru
(Uncle Nehru) or by children. He saw in
children the future of the country and so
emphasized the importance of giving love and
affection to them.
Nehru was, in fact, symbolised by two
things: a red rose and children around him.
As a tribute to the affectionate nature of his
personality, India celebrates his birthday as
Childrens Day. Schools and community
associations organise for cultural performances
by children on this day. Even sports events are
held on this day. Any activity that would bring
joy to children are organised for on this day.

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14 November 2014





Noted and internationally celebrated visual artist from India, Sameer Kulavoor, who illustrates his observations and
random musings through art, is coming to Auckland with a purpose and the Auckland
cityscape will never be the same again

Maya Shivam

oomslide, an Auckland motion picture

studio, is embarking on an ambitious and
innovative public art project. This December,
internationally renowned Mumbai artist and
illustrator Sameer Kulavoor will create a

striking new piece of street art , on the corner of

Great North Rd and Elgin St, Grey Lynn.
Kulavoors art draws from fine art and
graphic design. His observations of street life in India and elsewhere are at once playful and
profound. His richly observed illustrations, both

fluid and uncannily descriptive, have

earned him a worldwide reputation,
with numerous commissions from the
likes of Rolling Stone magazine and
fashion guru Paul Smith.
Bombay Duck Designs (BDD),

Continued on Pg 4


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Devereux Howe-Smith Realty Ltd,

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23 May 2014


Continued from Pg 3

is an independent studio founded by him

in 2008. BDDs image-making approach
coupled with a wide arsenal of tools, methods
and mediums have worked well for music &
cultural projects, publications, exhibits, motion
graphics, animation, advertising and editorials.
It is the earliest specialized independent
studio of its kind in India.
BDD is known for its work in creating the
visual language of NH7 Weekender festival
(2011, 2012, 2013), direction/design for
animated music videos for Disconnected and
Loved rug Climbdown (from Pentagrams
album Up-2004 and Bloodywood- 2011),
album art for Zero and Something Relevant,
cover Art for Rolling Stone and a number of
motion graphic pieces for MTV India.
As an illustrator, Kulavoor has worked on
brands like BBC, Britannia, Condenast, Chivas
Regal, Gillette, Honda, KFC, Lufthansa, New
York MOSEX, Pepsi, Royal Enfield and Virgin
His work has been recognized globally by
press and publications like Luhrzers Archive
200 best illustrators worldwide, Its Nice That
(UK), Yorokobu (Spain), D&AD, The One
Show, Communication Arts, The Art Directors
club, IDN, Computer Arts Projects and
Kyoorius design magazine among others.
He is the co-founder and co-curator of
100%ZINE - Indian Visual Art Zine
As Zoomslide partner Mark Summerville
puts it, Weve been in this building for over 10
years now. And we want to celebrate the Grey
Lynn community, which were a part of. Its all
part of the precincts growing, vibrant culture.
Sameers ability to see life as it walks past,
and illustrate it in a way thats beautiful, is the
perfect opportunity for us to contribute to the
place where we spend so much of our lives.
Zoomslide is a creative led film company
that focuses on storytelling. The majority of

their work is based around Auckland and the

Pacifics communities and the mural will be a
great reflection of their everyday work.
Summerville says, We see the mural as
having the potential of becoming another great
Auckland landmark something that everyone
can relate to and interact with. People will find
their way by it.
When he first arrives, Sameer will immerse
himself in Aucklands street culture and
landscape, creating drawings that will form
the skeleton of his mural design. It will take
14 November 2014

over two weeks of intensive designing and

us his work from a couple of his successful
painting to complete the mural. Hell also be
d o n t wa i t.
assisted by several senior art students from Red
nearby school, Western Springs College.
Continued to Pg 6
Theyll have the rare opportunity to work
alongside an international artist and see how he
Call us on 0800 88 7878 today for a FREE,
works and interprets their neighbourhood.
no obligation review of your life and
medical insurance policies.
policies. Keep yourself
Sameer self publishes his own artwork in a
and your family covered with maximum
series of zines and will create one especially for
benefits at the best price. Sensible advice
the Great North Road Mural.
guaranteed.. Just one simple phone call.
For our readers Sameer had shared with

Get more,
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102, 3067 Great North Road, New Lynn, Auckland

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14 November 2014





14 November 2014

Continued from Pg 4

The Ghoda Cycle Project

The Ghoda Cycle Project is a visual document of the myriad avatars of

bicycles in the rural and urban landscape of India. The linchpin of The Ghoda
Cycle Project is to lay emphasis on the framework, structure, decoration and
design of the cycles of India.
Ergonomically these cycles may not be the best examples of bicycle design,
but they have the strength to carry the hopes and aspirations of a big section of the
Indian population. No wonder they are called ghoda* cycles. Basic necessities
like cooking gas, milk, bread, newspapers and tiffin are delivered to our homes
on a cycle. And then there are the mobile cycle shops that sell, among other
things, tea, vegetables, waist-belts, ice-creams and SIM - cards! Its a display
not only of sustainable living, but also how a section of the society in India make
a livelihood out of it. With customization, adornments, embellishments
and a bit of jugaad** these cycles start developing their own
unique personality, reflecting the occupation and background
of the rider. And also collectively adds
life and charm to the streets
of India, where more than
20,000*** cycles are
manufactured every

Continued to Pg 8


14 November 2014





14 November 2014



Continued from Pg 6

Blued Book
Blued is an illustrated documentation of
the use of Taad-Patri, as we call itcolloquially
in India. The blues of a tarpaulin is a
common sight in urban metros.Blue Tarp is
comparatively inexpensive and typically used
as a creative jugaad solution due to the strength
and convenience of the material. It is commonly

seen at the street-side makeshift shops as a

base to display their wares and keep them safe
from the dirt on the roads. It is also used for
waterproofing and wind-proofing and thus can
be seen covering the houses of the poor and the
rich. During monsoon, the city often seems like
a sea of cobalt blue due to the excessive use of
Tarps. Additionally, it makes for excellent sunproofing, dust-proofing, pigeon-shit proofing,
packaging, and temporary refugee camps.

Continued to Pg 10


14 November 2014




Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi


AUCKLAND OFFICE: Unit 1, 131 Kolmar Rd, Papatoetoe, Auckland

Ph: 09 278 9302 | Email:

Postal Address: PO Box 23136, Hunters Corner, Auckland 2025


14 November 2014

Continued from Pg 8

Zoom-in to Zoomslide

oomslide is a full service production

company established in 1999, led by
Heather Lee, Mark Summerville, and Phil
Brown. Now they have over a dozen full
time staff, and a wide extended whanau of
contracting directors, artists, animators, writers
and technicians.
The companys value is: Sustainable, both
financially and environmentally. With 14
years of experience in television commercials,
corporate videos, web and online videos,
episodic television series and one-off
documentary and film projects, Zoomslide has
mastered the creative flair.

A Pacific Food Revolution!

Hot on the heels of the success of their World
Kitchen television series, productionstudio
Zoomslide and Robert Oliver brought New
Zealand a food show witha conscience.
Real Pasifik doesnt just pay lip-service.

This series on TV One is about real change.

Real Pasifik forms part of a movement
aiming to drastically reduce the amount of
imported food used within the tourism industry
throughout the Pacific. At present, 70% of food
for tourists is imported.
Real Pasifik aims to turn this on its head so
that within five years 70% of food is grown
locally instead. This might be viewed as a fairly
lofty ambition, but its one that suddenly seems
a whole lot more achievable when you learn a
bit more about the credentials of the man who is
to become the face of Real Pasifik.
New Zealands very own celebrated chef,
Robert Oliver came back home to present the
series. Oliver is working hard to ensure that
Real Pasifiks ambitions are met while at the
same time, proving to New Zealand and the rest
of the world that there is much more to Pacific
food than just corned beef and taro.

Team Zoomslide >>

(Below left) Zoomslide crew in Real Pasifik series-1 in Cook Islands;
(Below right) Nici Wickes in Kerala, World Kitchen Series 3



14 November 2014



Prompt action to stranded tourists distress call




IWK Bureau

willingness to respond with urgency and
go the extra mile to help a stranded group
of Indian doctors touring New Zealand and
Australia has been praised and acknowledged
by the community.
A group of 28 doctors and their families,
travelling miles away to a foreign land,
never thought that their holiday would take a
surprising and distressing turn.
Midway in Australia they realized that they
were left stranded and possibly duped. Their
bookings were dodgy and unpaid for on the
onward leg of their journey to New Zealand.
We were in the middle of our holiday and
we realised something was wrong. We were
under the impression that all payment had
been made. We were totally shocked. We felt
utterly helpless and alone. No one carries this
much cash these days and we really didnt
know who or where to turn to, said Dr. Satish
We spent a few hours sleeping on floors
at the airport. Then the Auckland Marathi
Association and they responded immediately
to our distress call and it went a long way
in giving us emotional support. We were so
relieved it is certainly a credit to them and
Rushikesh (Ahinave) that everything ended
well. They helped us simply on the basis that
we share a common country of origin and
nothing else. Its rare to see a gesture like this
in the times we live in.
Some of the doctors in the group to name
a few including Dr. Satish Patil and his wife
Suchita are Dr. Shashank Date, Dr. prof.

Sushama, Dr. Shivkumar Joshi, Dr. Prakash

Chaudhari and Dr. J. B. Ahirrao.
The SOS email was first spotted by
Manasee Joshi, an Executive Committee
member, on her routine check of the
Associations inbox. It was around the same
time when the whole Committee team was
executing the Associations hugely popular
flagship Diwali Sakal annual event.
She sensed an urgency in the email
and immediately alerted the Associations
President Rushikesh Ahinave. He responded

instinctively and immediately.

There was never any doubt in my mind as
to helping out in spite of the ongoing event.
We run an Association for the benefit of the
community and helping out in any way we can
is a no-brainer. Times like these is when it is
most important to reach out with assistance,
said Mr. Ahinave.
In the end, the group had a pleasant end
to their trip in Auckland. With the help of the
Association, they were booked into a hotel in
Auckland where they could relax and recover.

A few members of the Committee along

with their families including Mr. Prasad
Rajapurkar, his wife Seema and their son
Chaitanya, Mr. Jatin Waichal and his wife
Ms Manasee Joshi, the Ahinave family and
the Chitale family visited them on their last
evening in New Zealand.
The group intends to fully follow up on
this case and book the people responsible
for duping them once they are back home in


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For sale by Auction: Wednesday 3rd December 2014.

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Adam Curtis
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Deep Purohit
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14 November 2014

ASB bank awards ace advisor

Swati Sharma

t will not be an overstatement to say that

Indian community is one of the largest
contributors to the countrys economy. The
reason we are saying this is because recently
Global Financial Services Ltd (GFS) has been
awarded the largest mortgage advisor for ASB
Bank for the year 2013-2014 (dated August
Ajay Kumar, MD of GFS, who brings
business only from Indian community in
New Zealand has also been ranked the top
single mortgage broker by The New Zealand
Mortgage Mag, in the entire country across all
banks for the financial year 2013.
The award was presented to Global
Financial Services Ltd on 11th November 2014
by ASB Banks Head of third party banking,
Marc Oliver and Manager of Auckland Broker
Centre, Paulette Trotter.
Proudly receiving the award, Kumar said,
It is our honour to get such an important
recognition from a leading bank and I sincerely
thanked all the customers and team members.
ASB is like my father as it was my first
employer. I have received many awards before,
but this is special and close to my heart.
He also appreciated the support of ASB
Bank team under the stewardship of Oliver.
On this occasion when Kumar was asked the
reason of acquiring top position in the country,
he gives the entire credit to its customers
utmost support, team dedication and the latest

technology which has been used to manage the

GFS keeps investing in new technologies
to provide a better experience to its customers.
This year also it invested thousands of dollars
in improving its CRM, Email and telephone
It will be shortly investing in more advanced
communication systems which means even
better services for customers. Over the years,
GFS has been ranked as one of the top brokers
/ insurance advisers in New Zealand by ANZ
Bank, ASB Bank, Westpac Bank and AIA
GFS is one of the financial advisers who
are successfully serving the Indian community
continuously for over 15 years. It has been
successful in arranging loans and life and
personal risk insurance of about $5 billion.

MOU strengthens NZ-India

trade relations

he India New Zealand Business Council

(INZBC) and Confederation of Indian
Industry (CII) signed an historic MOU in New
Delhi, India on 5th November.

The signing of this memorandum

of understanding is a step forward for
strengthening trade, economic and
commercial ties between the two countries
business communities, says Sunil Kaushal,
INZBC Chairman.
Im pleased with the progress that INZBC
has made towards ensuring frequent and
regular contact with its Indian counterpart, the
CII. I also acknowledge the work put in by
our Indian counterparts towards strengthening
our bilateral relationship. The MOUfurther
strengthens the relationship that New Zealand
and India share. It urges and encourages people
to people and industry to industry exchange of
information, says Mr Kaushal.
We believe that this MoU will inject
new life into our existing bilateral economic
relationship and place it on a higher growth
trajectory, said Sumit Mazumder, President
Designate, CII andChairman & Managing

Director, TIL Limited.

Our objective is to promote trade in more
sectors and leverage the advantages that NZ
can bring to the Indian industry. MOUs like this
one help in bringing experience and expertise
together for the benefit of the whole industry,
says Mr Kaushal.
Both the INZBC and CII are committed to
work proactively towards suggesting partners
to promote economic, trade and technological
opportunities for business between members of
each organisation.
INZBC and CII also look forward to mutual
cooperation for exchange visits for business
cooperation, seminars and conferences in both
the countries as well as promotion of trade
fairs both in New Zealand and India, saysMr
Kaushal. New Zealand Minister of Primary
Industries, Nathan Guy witnessed the signing
this afternoon during his three day visit to
Delhi and Mumbai. Minister Guy is leading a
delegation of sixteen New Zealand businesses
and organisations, including the INZBC.




Ajay Kumar and his team receive award from Mark Oliver
and Paulette Trotter of ASB Bank

Two new projects to attract

tourists to NZ

rime Minister and Tourism Minister John

Key today announced the Government is
co-investing in two new projects as part of the
Tourism Growth Partnership.
The Tourism Growth Partnership is a$32
million contestable Government fund which
aims to support innovation and productivity in
the tourism sector. For each project approved
for investment, the Government provides up to
50 per cent of the required funding.
The successful applicants in the second
round of funding are Christchurch International
Airports Welcome China Project, which will
receive $270,000 in funding, and Southern
World Vacations Limited which will receive
These are two great initiatives which will
help increase visitor numbers, says Mr Key.

Welcome China programme will improve

visitor flows, support visitor recovery and
therefore increase financial contributions to the
Canterbury region and the tourism industry.
Southern World has partnered with an
established North American-based safari
company to lift New Zealands profile and
attract more high value sports hunters and
fishing enthusiasts.
Mr Key says applications are now open
forthe third round ofTourism Growth
Investing in a wide range of innovative
tourism projects will help New Zealand tourism
as a whole and help create more jobs in New
Zealand, says Mr Key.
Applications for the third funding round
close on December 1, 2014.

Creating reciprocal exchanges

n a recent visit to Mumbai, India, Hon Nathan
Guy, Minister for Primary Industries, said,
This is my first visit to India, and it is clear
the opportunity and potential here is abundant.

At the Cricket World Cup 100 Days to

Go business reception, Guy met up with his
counterpart, the Indian Agriculture Minister,
Radha Mohan Singh.
I took the opportunity to note that New
Zealand is sharing its expertise in the fields of
agribusiness, IT, hospitality and tourism with
While here in India, I took the opportunity
as the first New Zealand Minister to meet the
new Modi Government to congratulate the
Government on its election success. I also
explained our recent economic record as a

country, and highlight the wealth of reciprocal

opportunities between our nations, said Guy.
Similar to President Modi, the National
Party of New Zealand has just won our most
recent election. This third-term Government
will provide strong and stable leadership for
New Zealand over the next three years, he said.
14 November 2014



Hard work of New Zealanders delivering

more jobs, higher incomes




Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

National List MP
The hard-work and entrepreneurship of New
Zealanders together with the Governments
clear economic plan and careful financial
management has our country in good shape.
Jobs and wages are increasing and
unemployment is coming down.
The latest employment data shows our
growing economy is getting more New
Zealanders into work and the unemployment
rate is now the lowest in five and a half years.
Over the past year alone, 72,000 more
people were employed and the jobless rate

dropped to 5.4 per cent, lower than the 6.2 per

cent unemployment rate in Australia.
Whats really pleasing is that in the year to
September, unemployment was down across
the country.
For example, of the 72,000 more people
in employment across New Zealand over the
past year, 41,000 of them, over half, are in the
South Island. And while the North Islands
unemployment rate is 6.2 per cent, the South
Islands unemployment rate is down 1 per cent
to 3.4 per cent.
Unemployment in Auckland is 8.6 per cent,
down from 9.6 per cent a year ago.
Across New Zealand, there was strong jobs
growth for women. The number of women in
full-time employment rose by 12,000 in the

three months to September and the number in

part-time employment rose by 3000.
There is also good news for pay packets,
with wages on average growing faster than the
cost of living. Average hourly wages rose 2.3
per cent over the past year, and average weekly
wages rose 1.8 per cent while inflation was just
1 per cent and food prices fell 0.1 per cent.
Its very encouraging to see the increasing
confidence of companies around the country
as they build their businesses and hire more
The Governments clear economic plan is
delivering real benefits to New Zealanders and
their families.
New Zealands economy is growing by
almost 4 per cent one of the highest growth

rates among the worlds developed economies.

Exports are high despite the headwinds of
slow economies overseas and a high exchange
rate. The cost of living is low, more houses are
being built, and more Kiwis are voting with
their feet and coming home.
And our better public services are supporting
the most vulnerable New Zealanders and every
week about 1600 people are coming off welfare
to take up paid work.
National is doing its part by building on
these gains through its sensible and responsible
economic plan.

We have treated overseas workers badly

Winston Peters
NZ First leader

ixteen of 23 companies failed an

investigation of employment standards that
was conducted by the governments Labour
Inspectorate in Christchurch.
The results show that the many reports about
migrant workers and how badly they have been
treated during the Christchurch Rebuild are

Many workers have come into Christchurch
from overseas, a lot working in construction.
Reports have suggested that some have been
short changed on wages, charged very high
rents for shared living spaces and generally not
been given decent working conditions that New
Zealand takes prides in.
Some have lost their jobs, and then faced
demands from overseas agents who charged
high fees to get them the job.
New Zealand has always be a fair and equal

country. The way these workers have been

treated is appalling. The National government
must be held to account. It must start checking
on the working and living conditions of migrant
workers. It must ask questions when there are
concerns. This is not the Kiwi way.
The National government has allowed a huge
number of migrant workers in, despite our high
unemployment rate. Is it focused on deliberately
driving down wages and conditions. Lets face
it, Filipino migrant workers are not going to ask
about tea breaks.

Migrant workers from overseas are

vulnerable. They need jobs, they will work
long hours and suffer poorer conditions because
they want to earn money to send back to their
families who are not cushioned by a welfare
We should not be part of a trade of workers
who are moved around the world just to build
fancy buildings for the better off.
The audit of companies is continuing. Lets
hope this is not just paperwork and that those
found wanting comply with the regulations.

Warning: storms ahead

Barry Coates
Green Party

he international scientific body established

to provide guidance to the climate change
negotiators has just finalised its fifth assessment
report. The Inter-Governmental Panel on
Climate Change (IPCC) reflects the vast
majority of scientists in concluding that climate
change is caused by our economic activity
and if we dont reduce emissions quickly, the
consequences will be severe. Extreme weather
conditions like cyclones and intense storms are
more likely. Together with a greater likelihood
of droughts, flooding and unpredictable
seasons, our world faces real threats to our food
supplies, freshwater systems and communities.
These impacts are already being felt, but the
report describes how the impacts will become
catastrophic if we dont act quickly. Now its up
to the politicians to respond.
Governments have undertaken to finalise a
global agreement by the end of next year. But
negotiations have dragged on since 2007. All
countries will be affected by climate change and
all will need to take action. But as negotiators
from India and other developing countries have
reminded us, the onus should be on countries
like the US, EU and New Zealand to go furthest
because they have greater wealth and they are
responsible for most of the emissions to date.
The poorest countries have emitted the least but
are bearing most of the impact.
The EU has just committed to reduce
its emissions of greenhouse gases by 40%
since 1990 (the base year). But countries
like New Zealand and the US are lagging far

behind. Despite our clean, green reputation

our government has said we will reduce our
emissions by only 5%. And the reality is that
our emissions have continued to climb rather
than decline. We are on track to double our
emissions within two decades. The Green Party
has proposed a number of measures to invest in
rail, buses and cycling, replace coal-fired power
with renewable energy and provide incentives
for farmers to reduce emissions from dairy
farming. These are sound policies and would
contribute to a better quality of life for us all.
We are not living up to our responsibilities
as a country. The Climate Change summit in
Lima, Peru starts on 1st December. It is time
for our government to step up to the climate
change challenge.

Prime Takapuna Investment

Unit B, 106 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland

Boundary lines are indicative only

Barry Coates was a Green Party candidate

for Mt Roskill and almost an MP. He was
formerly Executive Director of Oxfam New
Zealand and has more than 20 years experience
of international negotiations on climate change.
He has a Masters degree in management from
Yale University.

Multi tenanted strip retail investment returning $79,500pa + GST and OPEX
Two functional shops with rear access
Total net lettable area approximately 133.7m
Split risk with two tenancies
Retail investments of this calibre on Hurstmere Road are not available often

Located in the heart of the Takapuna retail district, this property enjoys dual frontage to
Hurstmere Road, lots of street appeal and neighbours that are local, national and
With Takapuna beach, the bus terminal, public car parks, access to the motorway and
many more amenities this location is looking to be intensified under the PAUP (Proposed
Auckland Unitary Plan) zoning with the ability to build up to five levels (subject to consents).

Property Details
Floor Area
Land Use
Business 3
Business Metropolitan Centre - Takapuna 1 Sub-Precinct A

of Tenant
CH&S Homestar
Golden Ling Limited
of Lease
Three (3) years, one (1) month Two (2) years
Date 3rd December 2012
20th October 2014
Net Rental

$37,500pa + GST and OPEX

$42,000pa + GST and OPEX

Auction (unless sold prior)

11am, Wednesday 3rd December 2014
Maritime Square, Ground Floor
4 Viaduct Harbour Avenue
Auckland, New Zealand
Deep Purohit
M +64 21 190 9494
B +64 9 489 0981
Devereux Howe-Smith Realty Ltd, Bayleys,
Licensed under the REA Act 2008

Simon Aldridge
M +64 21 774 951
B +64 9 489 0982
Devereux Howe-Smith Realty Ltd, Bayleys,
Licensed under the REA Act 2008

Damian Stephen
M +64 21 80 80 92
B +64 9 489 0810
Devereux Howe-Smith Realty Ltd, Bayleys,
Licensed under the REA Act 2008



Decisions on draft
10-year budget

uckland Councils Budget Committee has

made decisions for its draft Long-term
Plan (LTP) 2015-2025, the councils next 10year budget.
The Budget Committee has agreed to consult
with Aucklanders on a 3.5 per cent average
rates increase for each year of the Long-term
Plan 2015-2025. This compares to the 2.5 per
cent average rise in 2015/16 and 2016/17 and
3.5 per cent for each year thereafter that the
Mayor had proposed.
Summary of key decisions:
Average rates increase by 3.5 percent for
each year of the Long-term Plan 20152025
The overall level of development
contributions charges increase annually in
line with inflation from FY 2015/16
A $20 million per annum increase in the
targets for the sale of non-strategic surplus
Forecast net group debt of $11 billion by
2025, resulting in a $2.7 billion reduction
in growth of council debt
A $6.8 billion basic transport programme
to be included in the draft budget
Consult with Aucklanders on two transport
budgets the basic and the full Auckland
Plan and if they choose the Auckland
Plan network, what alternative funding
option they would prefer to pay for it
Next steps:
Decisions made November 5 and 6 form
the draft of the LTP 2015-2025
Draft LTP is developed for adoption
onDecember 18
Aucklanders have their say from late
January mid-March
Amendments made to the draft LTP
Final LTP is due for adoption in June 2015
14 November 2014

Council continues to
standardise licensing

uckland Councils budget committee

has agreed to standardise a number of
regulatory fees and charges as a continuation of
its long-term goal of a more user-pays model.
The 2015/16 budget proposal includes
alignment of license fees for more
environmental health activities, event permits
and street trading, including rentals for the use
of public space.
Some of the former
dining license fee
based on the area
used. However, the
introduction of the
new Trading and
Events in Public
Places Bylaw from1
Ne w s from
July 2015 will mean
this will apply to the
entire Auckland region, including Franklin and
Rodney regions for the first time.
Councillors were advised that the proposed
fees for street trading, which includes outdoor
dining and mobile vendors in public spaces, are
based on commercial land yields or the value
of the location. This means that rental rates
will vary across the region to allow for fairness
and affordability but the committee felt that for
businesses facing a substantial increase, a cap
of $500 per year over the next three years was
Food operators will go into a third year of
a gradual increase to annual food registration
fees as part of a five year plan to standardise
charges across the region.

Join the race to save a

great ape

s conservationists in Sumatra race to

rescue orangutans from forests illegally
converted to palm oil plantations, Auckland
Zoo is calling on New Zealanders to take part
in its20 NovemberGreat Ape Race to help
support these vital efforts.
The fun evening event (4pm-8.30pm)
during Orangutan Caring Week (15-23
November) is a mini Amazing Race around
the Zoo grounds for both families and social/
corporate groups, and
a fundraiser for the
Sumatran Orangutan
Programme (SOCP).
From the Jantho
release station, which
Auckland Zoo helps
fund, weve now
and baby Mawar
t he Counc il into the adjoining
Nature Reserve here in northern Sumatra, and
theyre doing really well. If we hadnt got them
out they would have surely died within the next
few months because theres simply not enough
food for them, says SOCP director, Dr Ian
Many other orangutans have been rescued
by SOCP in recent months. Among them,
babies orphaned due to their mothers being
killed, and in critical conditions from being
kept illegally as pets.
Auckland Zoo primate team leader, Amy
Robbins, who works with the SOCP team,
says the biggest threat to the survival of the
orangutan is deforestation of its habitat on the
islands of Borneo and Sumatra primarily to
make way for oil palm plantations.


Historic Move by Manukau Indian Association

Any member who has either donated an amount $100.00 or more or
have paid an amount of $100.00 or more towards future membership
fees; will be awardedpermanent Financial membership of the
Please join as members of the association by:
1. Pay $100 (life financial membership) or $10 (for yearly membership)
into the account number given on the attached form
2. Scan and send the completed form (attached) to
As a member you are:
1. A part of the team that decides associations agendas and
2. Invited to various community functions and discussion forums
3. Able to seek assistance in matters related to government of New
Zealand (e.g. immigration, social welfare, human rights etc)
4. Able to seek assistance in matters related to government of
India (e.g. high commission services, trade, travel info etc)
5. Can voice concerns regarding issues (e.g. law and order,
women atrocities, discrimination at work place etc)
6. Able to get yourself and your children to participate in the
cultural programs and other social events
Most Importantly: By becoming a member, you are a part of the change
that you want to bring about.

Please join and encourage others.

Auckland forges
closer economic
with Pacific Rim

uckland will strengthen its ties with two of

the Pacific Rims economic heavyweights
when it signs a ground-breakingtripartite
agreement this week.
This year marks the 25thanniversary of the
sister city relationship between Auckland and
Guangzhou in China, and Mayor Len Brown
has been invited to Guangzhou in recognition
of the anniversary.
The visit is being timed to coincide with
a visit to Guangzhou by the Mayor of Los
Angeles, another of Aucklands sister cities.
A centrepiece of the visit will be the mayors
of the three cities signing a trade and economic
agreement believed to be the only agreement of
its kind in the world.
It will focus on forging connections
between the cities education, screen and
digital, innovation, and tourism sectors.
The trip and the new alliance aims to raise
Aucklands profile with two international
economic powerhouses, increase investment
into Auckland and offer greater opportunity to
Auckland businesses and entrepreneurs, in turn
leading to job creation.
A range of proposals are being considered by
the three cities for an alliance work programme,
focusing on areas such as air quality and
sustainability, waterfront regeneration, portto-port alliance, chambers of commerce
cooperation, film distribution, retail and fashion
A group of business leaders will accompany
Len Brown and Auckland Council Finance and
Performance Chair Cr Penny Webster.
14 November 2014



Overhaul needed around prison release




inister of Corrections Peseta Sam LotuIiga must immediately call for a review
and overhaul of the temporary prison release
system, says New Zealand First.
Convicted killer Phillip John Smith is
now at large and the victims family is quite
rightly worried and scared, says Corrections
Spokesperson Mahesh Bindra. The public is
also vulnerable.
The temporary release of Smith has gone
badly wrong. Ithighlights not only a complete
breakdown of communications procedures in
Corrections, but also whether the procedures
are adequate.
Before any release, police and victims
are supposed to be told of the release before
the prisoner goes out the gate. Not only were
the family not told at that stage they were not
informed till 12 hours after Corrections knew
the prisoner was at large.
But Corrections did not know he was at
large till two days after he had left the prison
with a sponsor.
The monitoring was simply not frequent
enough. Corrections has responsibility as the
custodian, and in this case appears to have been
relying on a sponsor to take over that duty,
says Mr Bindra.

Auckland, all you
need to know
-Swati Sharma

hether you are recent arrival or have been

livinghere for some time, this one day
workshop is a mustfor migrants in the process
of making New Zealand their new home.
Raeburn House is holding exciting
workshops for migrants in North Shore.
The workshops provide an opportunity
to learn more aboutAuckland, and to share
migrants experiences.
In this one day interactive workshop for
migrants to Auckland & New Zealand you will
Discover the basics of Maori and Kiwi
cultures and what the Treaty of Waitangi
is all about,
Learn about Auckland, the council and
services provided,
Understand more about the NZ health
Get to know useful, handy everyday tips,
Find out what local activities or programs
are available.
Started from 13 November, Raeburn house
is organising total of three workshops. If you
have missed the first one, you still havent lost
the opportunity, you can choose a workshop
date and location that suits you.
Date: Thursday 20 November 2014
Time: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
Venue: Greenhithe Community Trust/Shore
Grace Office, 12 Greenhithe Road (behind St
Michaels Church)
Date: Friday 28 November 2014
Time: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
Venue: Albany House, 575 Albany Highway.
You can join these workshops just for $10
which includes light refreshments and lunch.
Registration is essential to join the
workshop. To register, call: 09 480 9625 or

Failure to act on passport flaws makes NZ a laughing stock

he National governments failure to plug

holes in the passport system two years ago
has put children at risk and made New Zealand
a laughing stock, says New Zealand First.
The government should have moved to
eliminate the weaknessess that murderer and child
sex offender Philip John Smith easily used to
embark on a big OE, says Mahesh Bindra.
The gaps in the system and the use of aliases
to obtain passports were identified in a Ministerial
report on a sex offender being employed as a
teacher. The report also recommended government
agencies work together to inform and alert each

other. Clearly this is not happening.

It specifically showed that a passport that
was issued before a name was changed remains
valid and could be renewed by application and
production of photographs, which apparently
Smith did.
Prime Minister John Key has made a great
play about stopping jihadist fighters going
overseas, but his reassurances are built on
He did not even act on a Ministerial report
that stated the safety of children, not the rights
of abusers, should be paramount.

Malaysia Airlines Special fares to Indian

Sub continent starting from $1585.00*
(inclusive all taxes),
*Travel dates : 16th Jan to 31st Mar 2015
*Sales Expiry : 30th Nov 2014

Malaysia Airlines Special fares to Indian Sub

continent starting from $1685.00*
(inclusive all taxes),
*Travel dates : 22nd Oct to 8th Dec 2014
*Sales Expiry : 24th Nov 2014


14 November 2014


From the desk of the

Managing Editor

- Barack Obama

The14th of November is Pandit Jawaharlal Nehrus birthday and is celebrated as childrens

day, he was lovingly called Chacha Nehru by the children.Pandit Nehruwas a great leader.
He worked passionately for the welfare of children and youngsters soon after independence.
He was keen about welfare, education, and development ofchildrenin India. He was fond
ofchildrenand thus became popular asChacha Nehru(UncleNehru) among his little admirers.
Nehru was very particular about the progress of the Indian youth. He wanted to create
responsible citizens out of young boys and girls. Under his regime he established several
educational institutions including All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Indian Institutes of
Technology, and Indian Institutes of Management. These Institutions have held the country in
good stead producing some of Indias finest professionals.
It is important that on this occasion all of us take a moment to think about our children.
Are we being responsible role models to them? Do we make time to listen to what they are
trying to say to us? Are we there for them when they need us? And while we think about our
own children, it is imperative that we spare a thought for the other children of the world, who
are perhaps not blessed with very fortunate circumstances.John Kennedy, 35th US President,
has quoted it rightly, Children are the worlds most valuable resource and its best hope for
the future. We cannot hide the fact that many children in India are not getting basic privileges
like education. Manychildrenare earning money instead of playing with toys. The true
essence of childrens day is to understand the significance of childhood in our lives.There
are numerous childrens charities that are doing some great work. It may be worthwhile to
support any such charity in any big or small way possible to give a child a bettertomorrow.
In New Zealand too, child poverty seems to be a big issue, just as instances of young people
committing suicide every year is alarming. Even though the Government is doing the best
they can, in the end it is up to us people to make a change. In a situation like this, it becomes
important that we adults ponder over what we are or are not doing for our next generation.
So no matter how busy we are this Childrens Day, lets make time to do something for a
child that makes a difference to their life. Lets make this Childrens Day a happy one for
our children.
In this issue we also bring you the story of Paul Ross, who is all geared up to climb Mount
Kilimanjaro for the sake of the children in Fiji. Indian Weekender applauds his efforts and is
proud to bring you his story.
November 20this also celebrated as the United Nations Universal Childrens Day and
therefore, becomes a day for some significant initiatives being taken to improve the lives of
millions of children around the world. We all need to support these initiatives.
Childhood is a crucial time when we learn values and form our attitudes and thought
processes, that then govern our entire life. Lets give our children time to inculcate values in
them that strengthen their future.
At Indian Weekender, we would like to celebrate our Children. If you have or know any
wonderful children and their achievements, please share their stories with us. Lets do the
best we can for a bettertomorrow, for a better future - lets do our best for the sake of our

Giri Gupta

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or some other time. We are the ones weve been waiting
for. We are the change that we seek.


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Pronounced: Togs
Swimwear / swimsuit
Usage: I cant go swimming. I dont have my togs.

The real winners

are sometimes the

Nury Vittachi

had a teacher who used to wake us up by

shouting: The early bird gets the worm.
Let him have the worm. I hate food that doesnt
stay still on your plate. Besides, I stopped eating
worms at the age of three, switching to regular
breakfasts of frosted cereal, to which I would
add extra sugar until it was really just a bowl of
white granules. Sometimes I just poured milk
into the sugar bowl. My parents were horrified,
forgetting that childrens throats are portals to
an alternative universe: we can eat anything we
like without harm. My children live entirely
on pies filled with chopped and shaped pieces
of monosodium glutamate, a delicious animal
from somewhere or the other.
Your humble narrator was thinking about
early birds and the competitive spirit after
receiving a letter from a reader in Malaysia:
My son deliberately throws away marks
because he doesnt like to be top of the class.
What shall I do? Give him a round of applause,
maam. Nerdy types perform better out of the
Its tough for geeks, since children are
naturally competitive. When my three were
small, they would race everywhere, including
to the Time Out Corner if they were being
punished. Im first, one would say. First is
worst, second is best, number two would add.
And then all three would chant together: And
thirds a princess with a hairy chest.
As for me, I was placed into a very
competitive class when I was 11, and quickly
learnt that the ideal position in a large group is
second to last, a position which is easy to get,
but makes you more or less invisible.
But be careful. Remember at the London
Olympics, badminton pairs from three Asian
countries deliberately tried to lose matches
to get better odds in later rounds - and were
disqualified for cheating.
Watching them reminded me of a football
final that a colleague of mine covered in Ho Chi
Minh City in the 1990s. Thailand and Indonesia
were both trying really hard to lose. The starting
whistle blew. Thailand played badly. Indonesia
played worse. Thailands players slowed to a
crawl. Indonesias players stopped moving

As the clock ticked towards the final whistle,

an Indonesian player took drastic action. He got
the ball and spun on his heels so that he had
changed sides. The Thai players switched sides
too, targeting their own goalie. It was surely
the funniest moment in the history of sports,
not excepting the infamous announcements
of tangle-mouthed sports commentator David
Coleman, who once said: This evening is a
very different evening from the morning we
had this morning. When Coleman was moved
to motor racing, he told the world: The front
wheel crosses the finish line, closely followed
by the back wheel. I hated sports but would
tune in to see what he said next. Waxing
philosophical once, he said: When you arrive
at a fork in the road, take it.
It has just struck me that the organizers of
sports matches could use this playground rhyme
when people deliberately lose matches. I lost,
the delighted loser will say. The judges could
still declare them winners, pointing to a new,
optional regulation: First is worse, second is
best, thirds a princess with a hairy chest.
Nury Vittachi is an Asia-based frequent

14 November 2014

Is there any hope for Congress?




Amulya Ganguli

The Congress high command, which means

the mother-and-son duo of Sonia and Rahul
Gandhi, is mistaken if it believes that the deep
nervousness among Congressmen about the
partys bleak future can be dispelled by a token
offer of resignation by the two and a clean
chit for themselves which they secured from a
servile acolyte, A.K. Antony, in a report about
the election debacle.
The simmering of anxiety and discontent
has continued with the split in the partys
Tamil Nadu unit providing the latest evidence
of the disquiet. The rupture recalled an earlier
break-up when a new party, the Tamil Maanila
Congress (TMC), was formed under a veteran
Congress leader of the time, G.K. Moopanar.
Now, his son, G.K. Vasan, is the rebel.
Among the important members who were
a part of the TMC was P. Chidambaram, whose
son Karti has recently said the high command
culture must go at a time when the party has
reached a historic low.
There is little doubt outside the party and probably among large sections within it
as well - that the main reason for reaching this
lowly stage is the lack of a credible leadership.
Neither Sonia nor Rahul has measured up to the
standards required to face the challenge posed
by a resurgent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
under Narendra Modi. Nor has the Congress
formulated an ideology which has wide
The partys lack of vision is evident
from the fact that even the cornerstone of its
philosophy - secularism - has come under

attack from within the Congress. For instance,

the loyal Antony has noted in his report that
the partys practice of secularism has come
to be associated with Muslim appeasement, a
charge which has been made by the BJP from
the 1990s with L.K. Advani coining the phrase,
pseudo-secularism, to describe the Congresss
muddled version.
Not surprisingly, Digvijay Singh, the
senior general secretary of the Congress,
acknowledged that the party made the mistake
of not being equally vocal about both Hindu
and Muslim fundamentalism.
The Congress other
deficiency is in the field of
economic policy. The root
of this failure lies in its
inability to break free from
the Nehruvian concept of
socialism, manifested in
a 1955 resolution calling
for the establishment of
a socialistic pattern
of society. As a result,
the Congress never
accepted the economic
reforms of its own
government in 1991.
To a large section
of Congressmen as
well as the Left-leaning
intelligentsia, not to
mention the Communist
parties, the reforms are a
panacea for the countrys
ills prescribed by what

the Left calls the international finance capital

represented by the World Bank and the
International Monetary Fund. Moreover, to the
Left, these institutions are the spearheads of
American neo-imperialism.
Given this outlook, it is not surprising that
the mother and son are again considering rolling
back the Manmohan Singh-ChidambaramMontek Singh Ahluwalia brand of economics
and returning to the pre-91 days. Some of this
regression was evident in the twilight years
of the Manmohan Singh government when
the reforms were virtually stalled with
Chidambaram subsequently regretting
the mistake of taking the foot off the
accelerator of reforms.
It goes without saying that the
deceleration would not have taken
place without the approval of the
Congress president and
her kitchen cabinet,
the National Advisory
What is strange,
despite the Congress
resounding defeat in
the general election,
primarily as a result of
the stalled reforms and the
plummeting growth rate, the
high command hasnt seen the
writing on the wall that the era
of liberalization has changed the
mindset of Indians.

The new generation is no longer enamoured

of a family-dominated socialistic pattern of
society which distributes doles and subsidies
to targeted groups in the hope that such
largesse with benefit the feudal dispensation.
Instead, the younger people want to avail of the
opportunities provided by a buoyant economy
where the private sector plays a leading role.
Even the true-blue - or, rather, the true-red
- Communists understood this new reality. Jyoti
Basu, for instance, said that socialism is a far
cry and that private capital has to be used for
industrialization. This was an endorsement
of the line of his successor as West Bengal
chief minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya, who
ardently wooed the private sector.
It is possible that since Modi has stolen
the reforms plank, the Congress believes that
it has no option but to turn left. But any such
move will further widen the gulf between the
party and the aspirational generation, plunging
the Congress into deeper gloom, especially
if it continues to fare badly in the assembly
One way out is for the dynasty to take a
sabbatical, as former Congress MP Jagmit
Singh Brar suggested, so that the party can start
cutting loose from the apron strings of a family
whose deficiencies in the matter of inspirational
leadership or intellectual acumen are becoming
increasingly apparent. The argument that the
Congress will fall apart in the dynastys absence
begs the question since it is disintegrating even
Amulya Ganguli is a political analyst.
The views expressed are personal. He can be
reached at

Helping bridge Indias education gap

Arun Kumar


staggering 100 million children making up

about half of Indias school-going children
cannot read a grade-appropriate text or solve a
grade appropriate math question.
Trying to bridge that gap through lowcost, scalable methods is Pratham, an NGO
dedicated to educating underprivileged children
and youth in India that last year raised $11.5
million in contributions in the US.
Rather than build schools, we partner with
local schools and community stakeholders,
including government, to multiply our impact,
Bala Venkatachalam, executive director
of Pratham USA who leads its fundraising
activities in the US, told IANS.
In a recent success story, Pratham piloted
learning camps in Jehanabad, a rural district
in Bihar in 2012. The programme identified
students in Grades 3-5 who were struggling to
read and perform basic math operations.
in partnership with district education
administration, we helped these students
improve their reading and math skills in just
three months, Venkatachalam said.
Government officials were delighted and
are now working with Pratham to roll out the
programme across the entire state, he said.
To deliver quality education to
underprivileged children and youth across
India, Pratham designs and implements largescale programmes to teach basic reading and
arithmetic at the primary school level.
These reach an estimated two million

children in over 700,000 villages each year.

To address gaps in the education system,
Pratham has since 2008 expanded its focus
to include young adults, training them in
vocational skills so that they can join the work
In collaboration with industry, Pratham has
piloted training programmes in soft skills like
communication, hospitality and construction.
And in 2011, Pratham piloted its Second
Chance programme dedicated to lending
support to girls and women who were forced to
drop out of school so they may complete their
secondary schooling.
Pratham USA chapters in 14 US cities host
their own events, which normally includes an
annual gala.
They also fundraise through online and
in-person appeal campaigns to individuals,
corporate sponsors and institutional funders.
Pratham USA raised $11.5 million
in contributions in 2013 and less than 10
percent of its revenue went to fundraising
and administrative expenses, according to
We are proud to have been rated a four-star
charity by Charity Navigator for four consecutive
years for our sound fiscal responsibility and
commitment to transparency, he said.
To raise awareness about the educational
needs in India and to mobilise resources,
Pratham USA embarks on several activities
throughout the year, including an annual
Readathon for younger children and teenagers.
Over the course of the summer and
fall, children, encouraged by parents and

grandparents as mentors, read books in order

to help raise money for Pratham literacy
programmes, he said.
The NGO also hosts conferences and
sponsors outreach activities related to
Prathams mission of every child in school
and learning well.
Venkatachalam who earlier worked as a
senior consultant for KPMG in India joined
Pratham in their Gujarat programme as
their Operations Head after researching
several organizations.
To me, what stood out about
Pratham was their growth in less than
a decade and, more importantly, their
approach to solving some of the basic
challenges in primary education, he
My time with Pratham in
India (initially in Gujarat and
subsequently in Delhi) was a
Venkatachalam recalled.
The majority of kids raised in
urban India are blissfully unaware of the
disparities that exist in Indian society, as
was I at the time, he said.
Pratham provided me a perspective on the
lives and challenges that over 75 percent of
India faces on a daily basis, as he travelled
across urban and rural India and experienced
first-hand Prathams phenomenal education
Arun Kumar can be contacted at

14 November 2014


PM promises
welfare for fallen




Election costs

The final report released by the Supervisor of Elections on the 2014 general election outlines
the various expenditures of the Electoral Process. The report dated October 22, 2014, estimated
the total cost of the election at $23,553,936, says Fiji Times.

Housing control

The low income houses dotting the outskirts of Lautoka, Koroipita community, is scheduled
to have a third residential unit. However, the housing management is determined to limit the
population that resides here, by limiting the number of housing units.
There are nearly 800 residents in two residential stages, said project manager Peter
Drysdale. However, the projection is, particularly if we get the third stage, which we hope to
get funded by NZ Aid, this will raise the population to about 200.
He said, At the moment there are 230 houses and we dont want this town to get bigger than
280 because it will become unmanageable.

he new Government has promised it will

now look after the welfare of the families
of the four loyal soldiers and two Police officers
who lost their lives during the 2000 political
Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama,
promised this at the thanksgiving service for his
election win held at Kiuva Village, in Tailevu.
The year 2000 was the first time Fijian
soldiers were killed by the people of Fiji
themselves so I have spoken to the Ministry of
Finance for the State to look after the welfare
of the families of the six security forces officers
who had lost their lives, he said.
They gave their lives so we can be here in
huge numbers today, adding that it was hard to
forget what happened 14 years ago.
Relating the story of why the military took
over leadership in 2006, Bainimarama said that
from 2000 during the political upheaval, the

Republic of Fiji Military Forces, after giving

back leadership to the then elected Government,
had been monitoring all their activities.
We came in when we knew the leaders
were not carrying out their work properly, he
said. Most critics were pointing fingers without
being aware of what the RFMF was doing.
We were not power hungry like our critics
but we were taking the nation forward for the
betterment of all Fijians.
In fact, the RFMF took over leadership for
a good cause. He said they did not give up.
The World Bank had offered him $1billion to
be kept as a Fiji reserve, but he had declined.
The recent election was conducted under
a democratic Constitution. He said that this
shows the land and its people are safe and
secure. The Prime Minister promised that being
the democratically elected leader, he will look
after all Fijians and their interests.

On top priority

The Government is keen to assist families living in the 125 squatter settlements in the Suva
to Nausori corridor. Classified under the informal settlements grade, they are now a top priority
for the Government of the day, with the Prime Ministers Office spearheading a stakeholders
group to help formalise these informal settlements. Chairman of the stakeholders group Kisoko
Cagituivei said the Government was working on formalising all settlements by 2018.

New posts required

The Australian-funded Fiji Health Sector Support Program and the Ministry of Health, after
18 months of assessment, came to the conclusion that the ministry needs to create 1,256 new
posts across the medical sector to counter staff shortage.
FHSSP, monthly newsletter, edition 13, state that out of the 1,256 new recommended
positions, the Fiji Government had endorsed 553 new positions to be created within the ministry.

Diabetes linked to lifestyle

Reports say that Fiji has 40 per cent of the population suffering from diabetes, while 10 to 15
per cent are on the border of getting affecting by it. This was revealed by University of the South
Pacific, Research and Graduate Affairs Associate Dean Doctor Mohit Prasad.

Ramakrishna Vedanta Centres

of New Zealand Inc.

Cordially invites you to a

Cultural Evening & Dinner

in honour of

Revered Swami Suhitanandaji Maharaj

(General Secretary, Ramakrishna Math & Mission)

Saturday 22 November 2014

7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Blockhouse Bay Primary School Auditorium

584 Blockhouse Bay Road, Auckland
14 November 2014



The happiest destination on this planet




Fiji time
As they say, No one hurries in Fiji. If
your plans get delayed and nobody follows a
routine, dont get too stressed. Just go with the
flow. Its amazing how much stress this elastic
attitude about time alleviates, says Brash,
surely from experience.

ased on the WIN-Gallup report, stating

that 89 per cent of Fijians say they are
happy, makes Fiji one of the happiest countries
in the world.Lonely Planet, the travellers
guide, has come with 10 reasons why Fiji is a
spirit-lifting destination to travel to.
According to Lonely Planet, the following
are the reasons why you should book yourself a
ticket to Fiji this summer:

Religion runs deep in Fiji and the Christian,
Islamic, Hindu and Sikh faiths are all well
represented. But beyond the churches and
temples (which fill on their days of worship),
the Fijian culture itself holds many traditions,
observes Brash. It will be a pleasure to discover
these customs and traditions, usually performed
in their traditional sarong-style clothing (sulu).

The myriad greens in the landscapes
are dotted with the feel-good yellows and
oranges of ripe mangos and papayas. White
waterfalls tumble into black lava rock pools for
some calming notes.
Everywhere you turn theres something
colorful to make you smile. Few things on
Earth can make you feel better than a dip in a
turquoise blue sea.
You will not complain about the cold in
Fiji, with temperatures ranging between 26
and 31 degrees Celsius Clothes are needed
for modesty only and life happens mostly
outdoors, says Celeste Brash who compiled
the report for Lonely Planet. With all the
sunshine no one is going to end up vitamin
D deficient and plenty of rain keeps the land
fresh and thriving with abundant food and clean
water, says Brash.
Avery tight-knit societymakes even the
cities feel small in Fiji. Kids are cared for by
the community, young people are free to
roam around and play.
The bond between people and the support
they offer each other is palpable, reports Brash.

Fresh food
Given the Indian, Southeast Asian and
Chinese influences blended with Melanesian
culture, Fiji is well known for the food it serves.
Because its expensive to import food, much
of whats available is local, fresh and theres
an evolving organic kitchen garden movement
from the individual level to villages and
resorts, says Brash.
Yaqona is a ceremonial narcotic in Fiji
and is more popular than beer. Initially, it
may taste like muddy water. But after a few
sips, you get a sense of well-being and the
beautiful Fijian world around you becomes

even more calm.

The way you have the drink is actually
something that promotes bonding among the
people: half-coconut bowls are passed to
each drinker individually, you clap your hands
once and say bula (meaning hello, love, and
more) before downing it (ideally) in one gulp,
narrates Brash.
A warm starry night, a good meal and some
kava drinking inevitably means that the guitars
come out and everyone sings, slaps their knees,
plays the spoons or just hums along with the
song, says Brash.

Usually the native Fijian culture is
promoted to tourists, above 40 percent of the
population come from other Asian countries.
The intermingling of cultures over the years
have given Fijian mainstream culture a unique
multicultural. Even if they may not always coexist in perfect harmony, it is these differences
that give Fiji that hot fiery edge.
Fiji has had a rocky political past and only
recently held open democratic elections again
after a coup in 2006. But even at its most tense,
serious violence has not been an issue here and
the current situation appears to be solid, says
Brash. Given its geographical location, Fili is
insulated from world politics. The system of
local governments keeps the people closelyknit and makes them feel their opinions are
valued. Community actions actually make a
difference, says Brash.

14 November 2014



Narendra Modi the modern Chanakya

Karan V Sharma

wise man said if you watch well the

beginnings, the ends will manage
themselves and this exactly is what Mr. Narendra
Modi seems to be doing in his endeavour to find
a position of respect on the world stage for India
. We need to understand stand that the doings or
rather the un- doings of the past 67 years cant be
turned around overnight.
Political compulsions may have driven his
allocation of ministerial berths, but in no way
does Modi seem to be headed the way of his
predecessor. Firstly, being aware of having
scripted an electoral victory, he has cemented
the confidence of not only his own party but
that of others as well, including a booster shot
for himself. Secondly, without a backseat
driver, he is not required to look over his
shoulder for decisions. With this scenario, on his
shoulders thus rests the onus of delivery of good
governance promised.
The learned Chanakya said A wise king
(PM) always accompanies wise councils who
always stand by his side irrespective of the
situation and place. Mr. Modi certainly seems
to be displaying traits of Chanakya in the manner
of his governance.
With scams having been the UPAs single
minded KRA, it is but natural for the P.M. to
keep tabs on areas which may potentially be/ are
scam prone. Without having resorted to creating
chaotic conditions by juggling the bureaucracy,
Mr. Modi has shrewdly introduced to these
scam prone ministries, chosen, reliable and loyal

Appointment of Mr. Ajit Doval, ex Director

of the Intelligence Bureau as the National
Security Adviser to give a fillip and build a robust
infrastructure conducive to meeting Indias need
for developing long term Defence Strategy,was
the first step in this direction.
Highly accomplished in the field and a trusted
man, Ajit Doval was hand picked by the P.M to
not only keep him (Modi) informed with the
goings on in the cash rich ministries, but also

facilitate monitoring the ministers, especially

those with multiple charges .
Having initially given multiple charges
to some colleagues in the Cabinet, Mr. Modi
has recently carried out additional inductions.
In the meanwhile, handpicked bureaucrats
have been placed in those ministries which
may present an opportunity for a minister to
fall prey to corruption. Further, after clipping
the wings of the finance ministry in dealings



involving non-performing assets of public sector

banks, the PMO has instead been allocated this
Strict vigil is kept on the visitors to Oil
and Petroleum Ministers office which has the
potential for outflow of hundreds of millions of
rupees from the government coffers at the stroke
of a pen. Coal and Power Ministry is another
one, whose minister is under observation to
curtail any chance of misappropriation.
Arun Jaitly, the Finance Minister, a close
confidante of the P.M. and holding additional
charge of Defence too has not escaped Modis
gaze. Recently a handpicked senior bureaucrat
has been inducted in the Department of Financial
Services under the Finance Ministry. Lately,
Manohar Parrikar an upright Chief Minister of
Goa, an alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute
of Technology- Mumbai has been inducted as
the Defence Minister relieving Arun Jaitly.
On the face of it, these actions or induction
of confidantes by Narendra Modi may seem
dictatorial in nature. But, given the levels to
which the malaise of corruption had reached
during the UPA rule, such tightening of screws
and strict vigil is imperative if Mr. Modi has to
live up to his promises of removing corruption
from the corridors of the Government. As
mentioned in our last weeks issue also, Mr. Modi
has additionally, provided his telephone/ mobile
number for direct access by these bureaucrats
in the eventuality of their being pressurised for
any illegal activity which is not possible without
complicity of the bureaucracy.
Now that the Country for the first time in 67
years is seemingly headed in the right direction,
we need to adopt a Country first attitude and
persevere with patience. We need to watch
India being Modi-fied.
14 November 2014


Modi inducts 21 new ministers,

reshuffles portfolios





rime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday

expanded his council of ministers, inducting
21 new faces, including four of cabinet rank,
in a bid to consolidate the gains of the Lok
Sabha elections by giving representation to
various regions and communities, while also
reshuffling some key portfolios.
Manohar Parrikar is the new defence
minister, Suresh Prabhu has been given charge
of railways, Jagat Prasad Nadda is the new
health and family welfare minister, while
Birender Singh succeeds the late Gopinath

Munde as the rural development and panchayati

raj minister.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who
relinquishes his additional charge of defence
to Parrikar, has been now given information
and broadcasting, currently held by Parakash
Javadekar as a minister of state (independent
D.V. Sadananda Gowda was moved from
railways to law and justice, held by Ravi
Shankar Prasad, who now just has the portfolio
of communications and information technology.

Harsh Vardhan has been shifted from health

to science and technology, currently held by
minister of state (independent charge) Jitendra
The much-anticipated first ministry
expansion was marred with ally Shiv Sena
calling off participation in the government
at the last minute, exacerbating their already
strained ties.
Prabhu, who was a minister in the first
national Democratic Alliance government, was
sworn in after he quit the Shiv Sena and joined

the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

In Mumbai, Shiv Sena chief Uddhav
Thackeray described Prabhus joining the BJP
as unfortunate but indicated that Anant Geete,
partys representative in the Modi government,
will continue for the time being.
Thackeray put a condition that his party will
sit in opposition in Maharashtra if BJP takes
support of the Nationalist Congress Party to
prove its majority in the state assembly Nov 12.
The Sena at the last minute recalled Anil
Desai, who it had nominated for induction in
the union ministry. According to reports, Desai
arrived in Delhi for the oath-taking ceremony
but was ordered to return.
The ministry expansion also signalled BJPs
efforts to consolidate its gains in the states it
had done well in the Lok Sabha elections and
give representation to various dominant castes
and communities to expand its social base in
view of the assembly elections over the next
few years.
Even with this expansion, Modis ministry is
leaner than those headed by Manmohan Singh.
Officials said that Singhs ministry stood at 78
after its final reshuffle while the previous NDA
had expanded even beyond that.
Modi also brought into his ministry the
partys known Muslim face in Naqvi, adding
to Najma Heptullah, who is minority affairs
The youngest MP inducted in the ministry
Sunday is well-known singer Babul Supriyo
Baral, the only face in the ministry from West
Bengal where the BJP wants to consolidate after
recent gains. The Asansol MP was inducted as a
minister of state.

List of Cabinet ministers and portfolios of Narendra Modi government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Personnel,
Public Grievances and Pensions; Department
of Atomic Energy Department of Space; All
important policy issues and all other portfolios
not allocated to any Minister
Cabinet Ministers:
Rajnath Singh: Home Affairs
Sushma Swaraj: External Affairs, Overseas
Indian Affairs
Arun Jaitley: Finance, Corporate Affairs,
Information & Broadcasting
M. Venkaiah Naidu: Urban Development,
Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation,

Parliamentary Affairs
Nitin Jairam Gadkari: Road Transport and
Highways, Shipping
Manohar Parrikar: Defence
Suresh Prabhu: Railways
D.V. Sadananda Gowda: Law & Justice
Uma Bharati: Water Resources, River
Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
Najma A. Heptulla: Minority Affairs
Ramvilas Paswan: Consumer Affairs,
Food and Public Distribution
Kalraj Mishra: Micro, Small and Medium

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi: Women and Child

Ananthkumar: Chemicals and Fertilizers
Ravi Shankar Prasad: Communications
and Information Technology
Jagat Prakash Nadda: Health & Family
Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati: Civil
Anant Geete: Heavy Industries and Public
Harsimrat Kaur Badal: Food Processing

Narendra Singh Tomar: Mines, Steel

Chaudhary Birender Singh: Rural
Development, Panchayati Raj, Drinking
Water and Sanitation
Jual Oram: Tribal Affairs
Radha Mohan Singh: Agriculture
Thaawar Chand Gehlot: Social Justice and
Smriti Zubin Irani: Human Resource
Harsh Vardhan: Science and Technology,
Earth Sciences

AAP to chop half of 2013 candidates; list to be out soon

iming to repeat its 2013 showing and in the face of the
Narendra Modi-led BJP juggernaut, the AAP has begun
formulating a poll-winning strategy which includes denying
tickets to as many as 50 percent of its previous candidates in the
upcoming Delhi assembly polls, party sources here said.
Knowledgeable party sources told media that those who
stood third in the December 2013 assembly polls or were placed
second with a wide margin would face the axe.
Twenty-odd AAP candidates came in third position in the
December 2013 polls while close to 15 others were placed
second with wide margins.
The Aam Aadmi Partys Political Affairs Committee had
begun consultations to finalise the list of its candidates for the
impending assembly elections and was likely to come out with
its first list coming week, the sources said.
The date of the Delhi assembly polls is yet to be announced.
A handful of wining candidates like M.S. Dhir (Jangpura),
Raju Dhingan (Trilokpuri), Dharmender Koli (Seemapuri) and
Veena Anand (Patel Nagar) might also not be fielded again, the

sources said.
M.S Dhir was speaker of the 70-member Delhi assembly
which stands dissolved now.
The BJP and the Congress have traditionally held sway in
Delhi. This changed last year when the AAP, contesting from all
the assembly constituencies, pulled off a stunning performance
with a tally of 28 seats.
In comparison, the BJP won 31 seats, while the Congress got
just eight.
The AAP went on to form the government with the backing of
the Congress. Arvind Kejriwali resigned forty-nine days after he
took charge of the Delhi government as Chief Minister.
He resigned after combined Congress and BJP legislators
defeated his partys attempts to introduce its signal Jan Lokpal
bill in state assembly, which the Aam Admi Pary (AAP) says was
meant to curb corruption in high places.
AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal

14 November 2014


Festival on Indian languages begins in Delhi

Bringing together authors and translators across languages and borders, the Samanvay
festival began in the national capital on Thursday.
For the first time, the festival will this year host writers from Nepal, Sri Lanka and
The fourth edition of the Samanvay - IHC Indian Languages Festival 2014 - will continue
until Nov 9, featuring more than 90 speakers and performers on 20 languages and dialects.
The theme for this years festival is Translations Transnations which will focus on Indian
languages which have a transnational presence like Bangla, Bhojpuri, Chhattisgarhi, English,
Hindi, Konkani, Malayalam, Punjabi and Sanskrit. It hopes to kindle a discourse on how
languages and selves belittle borders and boundaries and mingle with each other.
Samanvay this time traces the cross-border journeys of collective selves which define
their identity by the language they speak. It brings together voices from margins of all kinds:
socio-cultural, political and linguistic. It covers languages from Bastar to Nagaland and brings
together writers, activists and artists from Dantewada to Dhaka..., creative director of the
festival Giriraj Kiradoo said.
Eminent Hindi poet Ashok Vajpeyi, who delivered the inaugural lecture, said that literature
is born out of a deep love of the world.
The festival is being held in collaboration with National Book Trust, Delhi Press and REC
Limited, among others.

Kerala tea industry in crisis

The tea industry in Kerala is in crisis due to falling prices, increase in wages and high cost of
fertilisers, said B.P. Kariappa, chairman of the Kanan Devan Planters Association.
Kariappa said in a statement that he wanted to inform all on the present situation of the
tea industry in south India, specifically to the member estates of the Kanan Devan Planters
He said the present crisis is taking the industry to the worst ever period.
The worst affected estates are Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company Pvt. Ltd., Tata
Global Beverages Ltd., Harrisons Malayalam Ltd., Talayar Tea Company and Kottagudi
Plantations Pvt. Ltd. and all are the members of Kanan Devan Planters Association situated in
Munnar hills.
Kerala accounts for 5.4 percent of the total domestic production of tea in India and majority
of the tea estates are located in Munnar, the popular tourist destination in Idukki district.
Tea prices in south India are at unviable levels with average price up to September 2014
dropping below Rs.100 from Rs.115 per kg compared to the same period last year. Wages
have gone up by 19 percent in Kerala. The increase in wages has no link to productivity and is
coupled with spiralling costs of other inputs, said Kariappa.

Mega music events could

revive Goas tourism

Mayabhushan Nagvenkar

nown as a balm for the soul, music could

just bail out Goas floundering tourist
season this year.
With tourism industry stakeholders fearing a
drop in Russian charter tourists by as much as
30 percent this year - largely due to the troubles
in Ukraine - music festivals that have already
lined up their gigs for the long year-end party
could see the tourist season through for Goa.
The first big electronic dance music (EDM)
event of the season Oktoberfest Goa 2014 has
already set the ball rolling at Baga, a popular
beach in North Goa, with the three-day event
where international musicians and DJs jammed
together with local musicians.
Popular artistes Firebeatz, Gregori Klosman,
Matisse & Sadko, Marco V, Tristan Garner, and
Arston vibed with Goan DJs Ajit Pai, Usman,
Rinton and Mackenzie among others.
International artistes are interested in
performing in India because of the growing
interest and large fan base in the country. Hence
we see artistes from all over the world coming
to India for individual performances and
festivals, event organiser Munna Ruknuddin
told media.
Wild music parties are not new to Goa,
which has traditionally been a hub for trance
music thanks to the hippy presence here way
back in the 1960s and 1970s. But theres more
to Goas tryst with music, said a spokesperson
for Sunburn, billed as Goas biggest music
festival and which pioneered high profile EDM
parties in the state.
Goa has a long history of music events,
from traditional Konkani songs to Portuguese
orchestras to Goa trance. Goa is the ultimate



tourist destination and the pride of India. We

are happy to end the Sunburn calendar year in
Goa. Its nostalgic and emotional for us, the
spokesperson said.
This years Sunburn will be organised at the
Vagator beach December 27-29.
The last time around, Sunburn claimed to
have fielded eight out of the worlds top 10 DJs
and credited this to the increasing maturity of
Indian EDM lovers.
Fans are experimenting and finding new
genres that they appreciate and dedicate
themselves to, the spokesperson noted.
The other mega event of the year is Vh1
Supersonic organised by Integrated Network
Solutions, whose business head Jaideep Singh
said that Goa is one of the perfect backdrops for
music festivals.
Hence, Vh1 Supersonic is an invitation
for all to relax and unwind. Goa, with its clear
blue skies, calming waters, swaying palm trees,
white sandy beaches and beautiful weather,
creates the perfect backdrop, Jaideep Singh
told media.
Scheduled to start December 27, the four-day
festival is expecting over 120,000 footfalls this
year. We had around 110 DJs who performed
last year and the numbers will only go up this
year with a mix of new and established names,
he said.
Goa annually attracts three million tourists,
of whom half a million are foreigners, mostly
Russians. However with a slump in Europes
economy, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and
several Russian tour operators going bankrupt,
the number of Russian tourists travelling to Goa
is expected to drop by at least 30 percent this

Reliance Life launches Do-Good social

media campaign

Private life insurer Reliance Life Insurance Company Ltd Thursday announced the launch
of social media campaign Do-Good.
In a statement issued here, Reliance Life said the campaign aims at recognising and inspiring
selfless acts of goodness by people across demographics, social strata and causes that impact
society positively.
We firmly believe that any selfless act of goodness - across demographics, causes and
regions - needs to be encouraged. There is a genuine need to create a platform where each such
act by individuals or groups can be shared with a larger audience and amplified to be recognized.
Our Do-Good campaign aims to provide such a platform for sharing and recognition, Anup
Rau, chief executive officer, was quoted as saying in the statement.
The Do-Good campaign has been initiated recently on all social platforms to create
awareness and encourage people to take action in the good direction.
The initial phase of the campaign has received encouraging response on Facebook with over
two lakh likes across its posts within a span of two weeks in the soft launch phase.
According to Rau, the insurance industry leads by example in case of selfless act of goodwill.
It is the only industry that prospers by protecting its customers and helping them in times
of need. An insurance agent is that one person who wants you to protect what is valuable to you
and help you plan for any eventuality. Do Good therefore is our intent, our philosophy and our
belief that we aim to spread through social media, he said.

PMs climate change council reconstituted

The Prime Ministers Council on Climate Change was reconstituted Wednesday, days ahead
of a crucial UN meet on global warming in Peru.
While TERI chairperson R.K. Pachauri, Nitin Desai and retired diplomat Chandrasekhar
Dasgupta were retained as the non-government members, environmentalist and director general
of the Centre for Science and Environment Sunita Narain and industrialist Ratan Tata were
dropped from the council.
An official statement said the changes were made in an effort to better coordinate action on
related issues.
The 18-member council, which has Prime Minister Narendra Modi as its chairperson and
eight ministers as members, will help in formulation of action plans in assessment, adaptation
and mitigation of climate change as well as periodically monitoring key policy decisions.
The members include External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Finance Minister Arun
Jaitley, Environment, Forests and Climate Change Minister Prakash Javadekar, Agriculture
Minister Radha Mohan Singh, Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu along with the
cabinet and foreign secretaries among other officials.
The environment, forests and climate change ministry will assist the Prime Ministers
Office in facilitating the work of this committee. The advisory body had not met for the past
three years.

Singapore to assist India in

developing smart cities

ingapore has shown keen interest in

assisting India in the development of smart
cities and other urban development projects, the
government said this week.
Singapore is keen to partner with India
in the urban development sector, including
development of new smart satellite cities and a
new capital for Andhra Pradesh.
These ideas were conveyed by the top
leadership of Singapore during meetings with
Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah
Naidu met Singapores Prime Minister Lee
Hsien Loong and former prime minister and
emeritus minister Goh Chok Tong separately, a
release said.
Naidu is in Singapore for discussions
with leaders of the city-state on his way
back from attending the Asia Pacific
Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban
Development that concluded in Seoul, South
Korea, Wednesday.
During the talks, both sides decided to
set up committees to further examine and
concretise the areas of cooperation between
the two countries in the context of Indias
initiative to build 100 news smart cities,
develop infrastructure in 500 towns and cities,
development of heritage cities and massing
urban housing programme.
Singapore reiterated its keenness to take
up the project of developing the new capital

of Andhra Pradesh, which was first indicated

during the recent visit of Goh Chok Tong to
Naidu and the Singapore leaders spent a
considerable time in acquainting each other
with Indias initiatives in urban sector and
the experiences of the Singapore leadership
in making the city state one of the models of
smart city.
The two top leaders of Singapore
acknowledged that there was a new sense of
purpose, dynamism and action in India since
Narendra Modi took over as prime minister, the
release added.
Naidu sought Singapores assistance in
promoting smart city features like Intelligent
Transport Systems, e-urban governance
including delivery of services, water
management including recycling and solid
waste management.
14 November 2014


Cameron waxes eloquent without

mentioning India




ritish Prime Minister David Cameron

delivered a long speech at a British Indian
dinner without uttering a single word about
India or Anglo-Indian relations, much to the
surprise of Indian nationals present at the
Those attending the dinner included the
Indian High Commissioner to Britain Ranjan
Mathai and other diplomats.
With general elections in Britain only six
months away, Cameron was clearly in preelection mode Wednesday night, pandering to
the British Indian community in the hope they
will swing the way of his Conservative Party,
which they havent done historically.

Most people of Indian origin settled in

Britain have over the years voted for the
Labour. Even in the last elections, an estimated
65 percent cast their ballot in favour of Labour.
So tonight is about celebrating all
those pioneers and trailblazers, people who
have done so well, he said on a day when
researchers at University College London
revealed immigrants from outside the European
Union, the bulk of whom are Indians, have cost
the British exchequer a whopping 120 billion
pounds between 1995 and 2011, since they
have been drawing more from benefits than
paying in by way of taxes.
His government has, in fact, cracked down

Direct brain-to-brain
connection between humans

esearchers have successfully replicated a

direct brain-to-brain connection between
multiple pairs of people as part of a scientific
study on direct transmission of signals
following the teams initial demonstration a
year ago.
Led by an Indian-origin scientist Rajesh
Rao, the study involved six people and the
team was able to transmit the signals from
one persons brain over internet and use these
signals to control the hand motions of another
person within a split second of sending that
The new study brings our brain-tobrain interfacing paradigm from an initial
demonstration to something that is closer
to a deliverable technology, said co-author
Andrea Stocco, research assistant professor of
Now we have replicated our methods and

know that they can work reliably with walk-in

participants, Stocco added.
The research team combined two kinds
of non-invasive instruments and fine-tuned
software to connect two human brains in real
The process is fairly straightforward.
One participant is hooked to an electroencephalography machine that reads brain
activity and sends electrical pulses via internet
to the second participant, who is wearing a
swim cap with a magnetic stimulation coil
placed near the part of the brain that controls
hand movements.
Using this setup, one person can send a
command to move the hand of the other by
simply thinking about that hand movement.
We will expand the types of information
that can be transferred from brain to
brain, including more complex visual and

on immigration, which has resulted in a sharp

decrease in the number of Indian students
coming to Britain for higher studies.
In Britain today, there are still too few
ethnic minorities in top positions. The absence
is glaring, Cameron lamented.
First, we need to remove the barriers
that stop people getting on. Second, we need
to attack prejudice in all its forms. Let me be
clear: There is no place for intolerance in this
When I hear the terms Your Honour,
Brigadier General, the Right Honourable...
more often I want to hear it followed by a
British Asian name, he said.
Indian diplomats are allergic to the term
British Asian. They do not approve of India
and Indians being clubbed together in a generic
It is laziness and discriminatory on the
part of indigenous Britons that they generalise
South Asians as Asians, without bothering to
separate their nationalities, but dont include
the Chinese, Japanese or South East Asians in
the same category, he said.
Cameron, however, made no reference to
India or ties with it, despite his enthusiasm five
years ago about a special relationship with
New Delhi and even his recent excitement when
a change of government occurred in India.
Indeed, Britain and India will fail to achieve
their declared target of doubling trade between
the two countries to 20 billion pounds by next
psychological phenomena such as concepts,
thoughts and rules, said Rao.
The researchers are also exploring how to
influence brain waves that correspond with
alertness or sleepiness.
For example, the brain of a sleepy airplane
pilot dozing off at the controls could stimulate
the co-pilots brain to become more alert.
The project could also eventually lead
to brain tutoring in which, knowledge is
transferred directly from the brain of a teacher
to a student.


Britain gets first

cabinet minister

ajid Javid, Britains secretary of state or cabinet minister - for culture, media
and sport, has disclosed that his father was
from India and his mother from Pakistan.
This obviously makes him half-Indian and,
therefore, the first person of Indian origin to be
a cabinet minister in Britain.
Speaking at a British Asian dinner
Wednesday night, which released a Power
List of British Asians, which had him at pole
position, Javid surprised the audience of 600odd guests by stating his father was from India.
He had always been described as being of
Pakistani origin, which he partially is, but his
Indian connection was unknown publicly.
Javid, who has an English wife, is a rising
star in Conservative, nay British, politics.
A former banker, he has risen swiftly
through the ranks and is even tipped to become
a future party leader.
Previously, Keith Vaz was a minister of state
in a Labour government. But no one of Indian
descent has ever been appointed a cabinet
minister in Britain until now.
In 2010, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, who is of
Pakistani extraction, became a cabinet minister,
the first Asian to be thus elevated.

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ME business honcho promises 5,000 nurses jobs

s many as 5,000 nurses in Kerala can look

for a well-paying job in the Middle East
in the next one year, UAEs Abu Dhabi-based
business honcho B.R. Shetty said.
Shetty, MD and CEO of UAE Exchange
Centre and one who owns the SUT-NMC group
of hospitals, said 5,000 nurses will be placed
in one year.
Shetty told reporters: The salary and the
working conditions would be the best in the
industry. I have full faith in the Kerala nurses
because their quality is highly commendable.
The number is immaterial. I will be able to
provide jobs to any number of nurses and it will
be done without any charge.
He said this after an agreement between the
Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE)

and the SUT-NMC group of hospitals for

setting up the KASE-Centre of Excellence in
Nursing in the capital city was done.
Shetty said: In this centre we will offer
highly specialised training for qualified
nurses which will extend up to a maximum
of six months. World-class value addition to
their existing skills will be provided and they
will be certified too, which will be accepted
Figures provided by the state-owned Kerala
State Nursing Council, the body that gives the
registration to nurses, revealed close to 20,000
nurses are given registration every year.
Minister for Labour Shibu Baby John said
that this skill development programme is the
first of its kind initiative being launched by any

state government.
He said: Today we begin with the nurses
and our government will now set up 18 similar
KASE-Centre for Excellence in various sectors
in the next one year. Each and every such
programme will be done with a reputed partner.
The Nurses Centre of Excellence launched
today will very soon tie up with a foreign
university. We are finalising the foreign partner
as last minute talks are going on with two
foreign universities.
John said the efforts of Shetty come at a time
when a nurse job in Kuwait costs Rs 1.5 million
by way of agency fees and charges. Its here
that Shettys role is vital as he will eliminate the
middlemen as he is doing the job of a facilitator.
There will be no charges at all for nurses who

are going to be placed by Shetty, added John.

Studies done on the Kerala diaspora by the
Centre for Development Studies, here over the
years reveal that 15 per cent of the migrants
from Kerala are women, of which a huge
majority are nurses.
It also points out that with regard to
remittances also, the pattern is the same and 20
per cent of the annual remittances is made by
women and here again the nurses contribute
the maximum.
Today every year, the state receives more
than Rs.75,000 crore as remittances from the
more than 2.5 million Kerala diaspora, of which
around 90 per cent work in the Middle East.

14 November 2014





4 CV mistakes that absolutely fail

and how to avoid them

hrough my work as a professional CV

writer in New Zealand, I have reviewed
a large number of CVs and for the most part
I have found common mistakes in each one.
These are almost guaranteed to make your CV
fail. Once we know what they are, I will then
share with you how to fix them.
The Extremely Exaggerated CV
Calling yourself an accomplished, industry
expert when youre just at entry level, or
the founder when youve run a small parttime business runs the risk of not looking
impressive. I once came across a gentleman
who cleaned viruses off his familys computers
every few months, and I had to explain it would
not be suitable to call him the founder of a I.T.
support startup venture.
Exaggerating on your CV wont get you very
far. It can cause the person reading your CV to
doubt your other accomplishments. Employers
are not nave, and it may come off as a bit
suspicious. The solution: Be realistic and dont

exaggerate something that isnt there.

yourself to a maximum of 2 references as well.

The Empty Effortless CV

If youve worked at least two jobs in your
lifetime, and when you look at your CV,
more than half of it is white space youre
probably in trouble. Short CVs that just bullet
point details like data entry or customer
service with no explanation are seen as
empty and effortless. Employers will suspect
your behaviour at work may also be without
effort. The solution: Explain everything with
evidence on your CV.

The Errorful English CV

Typed Lkie Ths Rcently? Never had a
Strong Smart Person proofread your CV? Do
you capitalise Important Points in your CV?
Thats all incorrect English. Employers will
think youll have language barriers when you
speak to or email clients or others on the team.
The solution: Have someone professionally
check your CV.

The Extra-Long Extended CV

Is your CV 4 pages or longer? Thats a
problem. Most New Zealand employers dont
want to read past the third page. You might
think that you need this length to share all your
experience, but even for the top CEOs and
business experts I work with we never keep
their CVs longer than 3 pages. The solution:
Remove what is repetitive in your CV. Limit

You want your CV to be remembered for

whats good about it. Not whats bad about it.
Addressing these four points will improve your
chances of getting the jobs you apply for.

Arthur Parker-Ramani is a professional

CV writer for King of CV in Auckland and
can be contacted with any questions at

Budding scientist grabs top award

IWK Bureau

Diabetes Awareness
Week: 12-18th

iabetes is the one of the most prevalent

diseases in New Zealand. More than
225,000 Kiwis are affected by diabetes, and
these numbers are rising rapidly.
A Year 9 student from Macleans College,
13 year old Ishani Mathur undertook a project,
where she sought to find what impact diet can
have in preventing and controlling Diabetes.
Her hard work and practical findings of the
study bore fruit, when she was awarded First
Place under the Special Category Award,
sponsored by Dairy NZ at the NIWA Manukau
Region Science Fair. About 30 Intermediate
and Secondary schools from East & South
Auckland participated in the event.
Ishanis topic of research was ascertaining
how diabetics can control, and lower the risk of
hyperglycaemiaduring the night by changing
the ratio of their carbohydrate to protein intake.
Her methodology for carrying this project out
was testing foods for carbohydrates (starch and
sugar), lipids and proteins. The food items used
were essentials, found on most dinner tables.
She then tested the findings of her results
from this exercise on volunteers with diabetes.
They were provided dinner consisting of a
high carbohydrate, to low protein ratio, whilst
periodically checking their blood sugar levels.
For the following night the menu consisted
of a high protein to low carbohydrate ratio, and
blood sugar was again checked. Ishani then
compared the results of both the nights (blood
sugar levels) to ascertain if her hypothesis was
Whilst deciding on which food items to use
in her trial, the teenager came across surprising
and disturbing facts. Food items considered
healthy such as Sushi or Subway style takeaway
sandwiches; turned out to be unfeasible food
options for diabetics.
This experiment showed that foods such as
potato, corn, wheat or rice, though not sweet

This years Diabetes Awareness Week

is all about letting people know that if they
have diabetes, Diabetes New Zealand can
help. With more than 225,000 Kiwis living
with diabetes and 50 more people diagnosed
every day, this message is now more
important than ever.
Diabetes is a life-long condition which
must be lived with and managed all day
every day. And for most of the time, the
person must manage the condition on their
own. This awareness week Diabetes NZ
wants people to know no one has to go it
alone with their diabetes.
To mark the week, events are planned
across the country. For more information:

Ishani Mathur

are actually full of starch, which is a form of

For the volunteers of this project the intake
of carbohydrate to protein was what determined
their blood glucose levels, and prevented them
from gettinghyperglycaemia. The results of
the undertaking clearly display that one night
of a high protein to low carbohydrate diet was
effective. If adopted as a lifestyle choice on a
daily basis, it would definitely have positive
health benefits.
The volunteers could reduce theirHbA1c
(their blood sugar over a period of time) and
in due course prevent diseases like glaucoma,
gout, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure,
nerve damage and the slow healing of wounds.
Apre-diabetic may even be able to reduce
theirHbA1c, and prevent developing diabetes.
Elaborating on her future plans, Ishani says
she wants to create more awareness about

preventing and managing diabetes in the wider

Indian community.
She wants to make people aware about the
benefits of changing the ratio of carbohydrates
to proteins, along with regular exercise. She has
taken small steps in this direction by making
a presentation on her findings to her volunteer
group at Diabetes Auckland, which was very
well received.
For higher studies she is looking at research
in the field of diabetes. Ishani wants to find
a cure for this ailment by looking at ways to
repair the beta cells in the pancreas, so they are
able to make insulin again. This will help cure
type 1diabetes, as it is a developed disease and
cannot be prevented like type 2 which is selfinflicted in most cases.
Here is wishing more success to this bright
and young school student, in her endeavours to
make our society healthier and happier.
14 November 2014


Be it football or cricket,
Sachin is the hero in Kerala




he excitement was the same for

fans of Sachin
Tendulkar when
they saw their
in a different role
Blasters FC, the ISL
franchise that he coowns.
The biggest cheer
came when, wearing
the team jersey, he
walked to the middle
of the ground at the
half time along with
Nita Ambani with his
autobiography Playing
it My Way.
His autobiography was
released by Chandy.
I am really excited
to be here with more than
40,000 of the fans cheering
our team. The whole idea
of ISL is to take football to
where it should belong, said Tendulkar soon
after handing his book to Ambani.
I have been associated with Mumbai
Indians for close to six years and thats how I
know her very well, added Tendulkar.
Ahead of the match, the spectators turned
delirious seeing their favourite sporting hero
in the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium

which is Tendulkars lucky

venue because the only
two five-wicket hauls in
his One-Day International
cricket career that the
now-retired cricketer has
came at this venue.
Seated beside Chief
Chandy watching his
team play, Sachin was
seen chatting with
Sachin is the
brand ambassador
of the 35th National
Games that the state
will host Jan 31 to
Feb 14 next year.
Last year, the
by naming a
pavilion at this stadium after

Thursdays game is the first home match
for Tendulkars team and the final tally of
spectators is 47,000.
Tendulkar along with his family arrived by
a chartered flight in the evening and after the
match he flies back to Mumbai from where he
left for London for the international launch of
his book.

Is Indian hockey in a
revival mode?

ndian hockey is in a revival mode with the

country having won the Asian Games gold
after 16 long years followed by a rare Test
series win against World Champions Australia
in Perth.
While in the Incheon Asiad, the centre-half
Sardar Singh-led team defeated South Korea
and Pakistan on its way to the gold medal, the
latest series win Down Under probably holds
more significance because it came against the
mighty Australia.
The hosts, though were playing without
skipper and central defender Mark Knowles,
five-time international hockey federation
(FIH) Player of the Year Jamie Dwyer and
striker-cum-drag-flicker Kieran Govers. More
importantly, the 2004 Olympic champions are
in a rebuilding phase post the retirement of
master tactician Ric Charlesworth.
However, Australia still had several
established stars and given the strong reserve
bench of the Kookaburras, the Terry Walshcoached Indians deserve all credit.
Indias two-time Olympic captain Pargat
Singh said that the current players have been
playing as a group for a long time and that is
helping them getting these impressive results
They were quite young during their entry
into the team and now they are showing signs
of good improvement after playing together
for five-six years. Its a very good performance
from the Indian team. They will get a lot of
confidence from this win and it will inspire
them to do well in future tournaments, Pargat
told media.
Our playing structure is good. The guys are
playing in a group from a very long time, If you
stick to this core group of players and give them
enough opportunities, they will improve. Thats

what these guys have done well in the past two

India, who won silver in the Glasgow
Commonwealth Games after losing to Australia
0-4, suffered a 0-4 whitewash in the first match
but came back strongly to win the next three
matches in Australia.
Making a comeback after 0-4 thrashing in
the first match was an indication that Indian
players are getting better both physically
and psychologically. Earlier, a good start to a
tournament was very important for the psyche
of our players and similarly in a match, we used
to drop our heads after conceding early goals.
But that didnt happen in this series, former
Indian captain Zafar Iqbal pointed out.
With this kind of performance, India have
shown that they have worked hard on their
fitness which added to their confidence. Indian
team is definitely improving and showing signs
of revival. But, they will face a far bigger test
in the upcoming Champions Trophy to be held
Dec 6-14.
In the series at the Perth Hockey Stadium,
Indian strikers, often blamed for their poor
conversion rate and finish, set up the big win.
Speedy forward S.V. Sunil and young and
lively striker Akashdeep Singh made up for
the misfiring drag-flickers V.R. Raghunath and
Rupinderpal Singh.
It is good to see the field goals scored by
Akashdeep Singh and S.V. Sunil. They are
talented players and now they have improved
their finishing. Indian set-piece specialists score
freely against the lower-ranked teams but they
flounder against big teams like Australia. They
need to work even harder to improve their
game, A.K. Bansal, who has nurtured several
players of the current team as junior team
coach, said.

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14 November 2014


Sri Sathya Sai Baba The Divine Love

Walked On Two Feet



Sri Sathya Sai Baba had been with usin HIS unique Avataric Missiontending human soulstransforming human minds
in His MissionOperation Human Souls, in re-establishing virtues, dharmic principles, human values for the world at large,
the task this Eternal Being had taken upon Himselfin consonance with Sri Krishnas Divine declaration over 5000 years ago
at the battlefield of Kurukshetra:
Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanirbhavathi Bharatha,
Abhyukthanam adharmasya Thadathmanam Srujamyaham.
Parithranaya Sadhunam Vinashaya cha Dhushkrutham
Dharma samsthapanarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge
Whenever there is a decline of Righteousness and rise of evil, the Lord incarnates from time to time
to uphold Righteousness, to protect the Virtuous and to uproot the evil
Sri Sathya Sai Baba; lovingly called
Swami, the DIVINE MASTER par
excellence to the spiritual aspirant; the
greatest humanitarian to the rationalist;
the leader with a dynamic vision; a huge
inspiration to thousands of youth; the divinity
in human form to a devotee; and to everyone
who had the opportunity to behold HIM, The
Divine Love Walked on Two Feet.
The birth of ordinary humans is the direct
consequence of Karma, but the Lord descends
in human form, rather say, incarnates from
the state of Atma (Universal Absolute
Consciousness) to the state of Deha (Body),
to play a specific role as a part of HIS Cosmic
Drama. HE decides the time, place, parents
and the length of HIS incarnation and also
how HIS life would unfold. Thus the Lords
descend as a human is a part of HIS Leela
(Divine Sport).
HE incarnated on 23 November 1926
as Sathya Narayana Raju in Puttaparthi,
Andhra Pradesh, India.
In childhood
HE demonstrated exemplary qualities of
compassion, generosity and wisdom that
clearly distinguished him from the other
children of his village.
On 20 October 1940, He staged the
Divine Drama of throwing away His books
and openly made the historic declaration of
HIS Avatarhood, saying I belong to MY
Devotees.., they are calling ME... Since then
HE had been in actionselflessly, sending
the strong signal to the human heartsto
follow suit.
On 25 May 1947, HIS mission and
determination was further amplified in a letter
HE wrote to his brother. He said, I have a
Task: To foster all mankind and ensure for all
of them lives full of Ananda (Bliss). I have a
Vow: To lead all who astray away from the
straight path again into goodness and save
them. I am attached to a work that I love: To
remove the sufferings of the poor and grant
them what they lack. I have a reason to be
proud: For I rescue all who worship and
adore me, aright. I have my definition of the
devotion I expect: Those devoted to me have
to treat joy and grief, gain and loss, with equal
Essence Of HIS Teachings
His Life had been an open book, a book
in which the essence of Divinity, The Truth
behind all Truths was inscribed in golden
letters. Love All, Serve All and Help Ever,
Hurt Never are the two axioms that best
summarize HIS life and HIS teachings. When
asked, Are you God? He replied, Yes, I am
God and so are you. The difference is that I

am aware of this fact but you are not.

He said My Life Is My Message and
from a young age he had worked tirelessly
to instill human values in society and to help
people establish themselves firmly on the
path to self-confidence and self-realization.
His teachings focused on cultivating good
character and serving society.
HIS speeches and writings have offered an
absolute ocean of knowledge and guidance on
all aspects of Spiritual, Religious and ValueOriented living. HE had often repeated that it
was not necessary to drink the whole ocean
to know its taste, that it was not necessary to
read all scriptures to live a life of joy, peace,
and love. It is enough to put into practice one
aspect of spiritual teaching. HE had presented
the profound knowledge enshrined in the
scriptures of the world in simple and easily
comprehensible terms that could be grasped
and practiced by anyone irrespective of age,
gender, faith and nationality.
Briefly, Swami urges humanity to:
Believe in God; for there is only ONE
GOD for all humanity, though HE may be
called by many names.
Follow sincerely its respective religions
and live daily life in consonance with the
teachings of good behavior and morality.
Respect all other religions; for no religion
advocates the negative and lower qualities of
Perform selfless service to the poor, the
sick, and the needy without thought of reward
or fame.
Cultivate and promote in their lives the

values of Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Right

Conduct), Shanthi (Peace), Prema (Divine
Love) and Ahimsa (Non-violence amongst
Be patriotic and respect the laws of the
country in which they live.
What a glorious period of 85 years (1926
-2011) of human existence was for those
who witnessed this era! The loving glory of
the Avatar flowed like a murmuring pellucid
stream bestowing its bounty and cool on
millions of inhabitants on its banks in hills
and dales, on curves and plains, on rocks
and sands, with ease and grace, showering
blessings on all, east or west, black or white,
embracing all in its fold.
In fact, the eighty five long years, appears
to be so short a time to enjoy the nectarous
Divine Presence in physical frame. Millions
of people have been corrected, straightened,
advised, admonished, sheltered, rehabilitated,
clothed, fed, educated, nursed, cured, guarded,
guided and transformed every second of the
day all over the globe no rest, no sleep.
On Sunday, 24 April 2011, when nobody
ever imagined could have ever happened
but actually it did. Our dear Divine Master
decided that HE had given HIS Teachings and
must now withdraw to HIS eternal, formless
and omnipresent aspect. The Eternal dissolved
into Eternity, leaving his devotees to come of
age, to behave responsibly with human and
spiritual values and practice Love in Action
as HE did. Playing a role in Swamis global
Mission, this calls for a proper attitude and
frame besides spreading His Teachings. The

foremost test for the devotees commenced

without warning or even enough time to
recover from the traumatic experience that all
had to undergo. It seemed as if Swami was
assuring his devotees,
You can easily handle this test if you
are completely absorbed in My Teachings
and are determined to follow it with Ananya
Bhakti (unshakable faith)
with sharp
Buddhi (Intellect) to discriminate between
what would please Swami and what would
not, who is omnipresence, omnipotent and
omniscience and resides within every being.
The devotees, who had sipped Divine
nectar of HIS Love, must sincerely and
deeply get immersed in HIS work, and use
their spare time for re-living those golden
memories which so rapidly dissolved into
history. The onus is on us now to have
unshakable faith in His teachings, have
courage and determination to follow HIS
footsteps by listening to the Inner Voice and
act accordingly.
O My beloved Sai Maa, Divine Mother!
How greatly indebted are we to you! Our
heads bow low in gratitude at Thy Divine
Lotus Feet!
Ravinder Grover
Auckland, New Zealand

This is to inform you

that Sri Sathya Service
Organisation of
New Zealand (Auckland
Region) would be
organising the following
activities as follows:
Event: Blood Donation
Date: Saturday, 15 Nov 14
From: 10:00am 3:00pm
Venue: Dilworth House
71 Great South Road,
Epsom, Auckland
Event: Birth
Anniversary of Sri Sathya
Sai Baba
Date: Sunday, 23
November 2014 from
3:00pm to 6:00pm
Venue: Epson Girls
Grammar School,
14 Silver Rd, Epsom,

14 November 2014

Women prefer vacations

without their kids: Survey




vacation must mean a vacation in its truest

sense. A majority of Indian women have
admitted in a new survey that they prefer to go
on a holiday without their children, primarily
due to a lack of personal time with their spouse.
The survey, by, was spread
across Karnataka, Maharashtra and Delhi NCR
with a sample size of 1,000 females above 33
years of age.
As many as 63 percent of the respondents
indicated that theyd prefer a holiday with their
husbands alone, even if it means going out of
their way to make special arrangements for
leaving the kids behind.
Of the 1,000 respondents, 57 percent were
working women and 43 percent of them were
homemakers -- denoting that there isnt a wide

Mothers education key to

kids academic success

esearchers have found that the academic

success of your kids depends a lot on the
education provided by mothers as children born
to relatively older and educated mothers learn
math and reading more quickly than children
born to younger mothers.
Trends indicate that mothers who give birth
during adolescence have much lower rates of
high school completion and college enrolment
in comparison with their counterparts who
delay their pregnancy, found the study.
Children of mothers who are 19 and older
usually enter kindergarten with higher levels of
achievement, showed the study.
These kids continue to excel in math and
reading at higher levels through eighth grade
when compared with children of mothers 18
years and younger, pointed out the study.
The negative consequences of teen mothers
not only affects the child born when the mother

was an adolescent, but also affect the mothers

subsequent children as well.
These children - and others born to the
mother when she was not an adolescent - never
catch up in achievement across time to children
whose mothers had them after completing their
education, said Pamela Davis-Kean, associate
professor of psychology at the University of
Michigan. In 14,279 cases, the childrens math
and reading scores were collected in third, fifth
and eighth grades.
As growth in achievement normally stays
the same across time for math and reading,
these patterns highlight the importance of
investing in early interventions that target
adolescent mothers and provide them with
the skills needed to promote their childrens
learning, concluded Tang.
The findings appeared in the Journal of
Research on Adolescence.

difference in the aspirations of the two groups.

When the women, who said they didnt want
to travel with their children, were asked the
reasons behind their answer, 52 percent of them
said they dont get any personal time with their
husband at home.
The second most popular reason was I need
a break from being a mom, with as many as 30
percent of the respondents opting for it.
Of those surveyed, 12 percent even ticked on
I dont like my kids, they are a nuisance when
out of the house, while six percent of them
said my kids dont enjoy family holidays. is an online guide to
destinations, itineraries, things to do, restaurants
and more about close to 200 places in India, and
another 100 destinations across the world.

Get your first date right

Party dresses a dying fashion?



f you have only talked over the phone, looked at a profile

picture or texted each other - he really doesnt know exactly
how you look until you turn up on your first date. So the first
important thing is to dress right for the first meeting.
Chiara Atik, a dating expert and author of Modern Dating:
A Field Guide feels that looks matter the most during the
first date.
We asked men what are the things they first notice about
women. One thing they brought up often was clothing.
Indeed, it does say a lot about who you are. The date uses
clothing to determine if he might like you and if you might
get along, quoted Atik as saying.
Choosing the right colour is the best way to start with.
Different colours can be symbolic of aspects of your
personality so choose one that describes you best. Here are
the colours with their significance:

Red: Your are exciting, dangerous and sexual. Men believe

that you are more likely to agree to sex wearing this colour.
Blue: You are calm and encouraging and a creative thinker.
Blues are associated with summer skies and clear oceans holidays and days off come to mind when seeing this colour.
Grey: You are authoritative and have direction in
everything you do. That is why many businesswomen choose
this colour - one that encourages people to take you seriously.
Yellow: You are gentle, friendly and approachable. Think
bunches of flowers and sunshine- it brings out the happy,
carefree side in you and your date.
White: Its bridal, virginal and symbolic of innocence, so
its no surprise that men think that you are least likely to agree
to sex in this colour. So if you are a third date kind of gal then
this is the perfect colour to convey the message- not tonight

e tend to resort to party dresses much too often and these dresses
have made reappearances time and again but new research
reveals that it may have in fact had its day.
Young adult women prefer to wear a playsuit
or skinny jeans on a night out or at a
party over a dress, reveals new research, reports.
The research was conducted by after searches
for dress-related discounts were on the
The top two items that
women between the ages of
18-30 were likely to wear on
a night out or to a party are
skinny jeans or a playsuit,
with the dress taking third
place in the list.
The skirt followed at
number four and rounding
off the top five was the
jumpsuit, a piece thats
become a staple in many
womens wardrobes.
More than half of women
admitted that they own
fewer dresses than they did
last year, preferring other
styles and outfits now.
What are you wearing


14 November 2014

Its not a job, an opportunity




Paul Ross, founder of Pacific Kids, is all set to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for kids in Fiji

Paula Ray

oloma Home was set up by two women

in 2009, as a shelter for women who have
escaped terrible situations with their children.
Since then, 105 mums and 215 children have
spent time at the shelter and currently it houses
nine mums and 17 children. In September, the
foundation successfully purchased 11.4 acres of
land with a property and gifted it to Loloma, to
house orphans.
This is exciting because its something they
can call their own and make it a true home for
the mums and their children, says Paul Ross,
founder of Pacific Kids.
In Samoa, the foundation has started to work
closely with Lina Chang, president of Victim
Support in Samoa. Victim Support is currently
operating three shelters:
A nursery shelter for babies, A disabilities
shelter for children with disabilities and
pregnant survivors of sexual abuse, and the
Childrens House of Hope for children ages 3
years upwards. Similar projects in Tonga are on
the anvil. Offering these services, to Ross, is
not a job, but an opportunity.
He was prompted on this journey by his own
life experiences in 2011. Over the years he has
helped kids in Fiji live a childhood they would

The greatest
gift is
time, because
a persons time
comes with
remember with much love and fondness. Ross
has also helped rehabilitate some of the kids,
who are now adults, in mainstreams careers.
One of girls, who grew up at the shelter, now
works at the Fijian international airport as a
ground staff.
Ross plans to take up this role of rehabilitation
more actively in the coming months through a
work experience programme in both Fiji and
Samoa. It keeps them safe and gives them an
opportunity to live a normal life, says Ross.
For now, he is busy preparing for his project:
Kilimanjaro trek, which is 19,341 ft high, to
raise money for the foundation. On completion
of his 121 km long trek, sponsors can pay
by Paypal, credit card or the Foundations
accounts. Every cent goes back to the kids,
promises Ross.
The funds from this project will go towards
building a more permanent roof for the Loloma
Home. Every time it rains, we need to place
buckets in several places around the home to
collect the rain water leaking through the roof.
That is not hygienic for those residing in the
house, explains Ross.
Ross has been getting trained to go hiking
at Mr Kilimanjaro, which he has climbed
once before, in 2012. So far $13,500 has been
collected for the project, whereby sponsors
have donated per km of the trek.
From time to time, Ross has taken his staff at

Power Marketing,
the telesales outfit
breadwinner, to Fiji
to volunteer at the
He pays for
their travel and
accommodation, making it convenient to
contribute their time and effort to make a
difference in the lives of these kids. Ross feels,
The greatest gift is someones time, because a
persons time comes with commitment.
Ross begins his 6-day trek on Sunday Nov
16 and expects to summit at around 5pm NZT

on the 20th. Ross

will arrive back
into New Zealand
on the 26th and
then catches the
first flight out on
the 28th to Fiji to
host a Christmas
party for the kids and the mums at Loloma. It
will begin with breakfast at McDonalds (yes, I
know its not healthy, but!), followed by fun
at the water park, and barbecue lunch at Sofitel.
In the afternoon, we have arranged for water
sports for kids while the mums get pampered
with manicures, pedicures and facials. The day

ends with dinner at the port, promises Ross.

Very promising, indeed. Prior to
Kilimanjaro, Ross has climbed Machu Picchu
in Peru, Patagonia in Chile, and Annapurna
Circle in Nepal. He plans to trek Mount Everest
base camp in February to raise money for
Samoan victim support group.
If you are looking forward to Rosss trek to
Mount Kilimanjaro on Sunday, join his cause
To make a difference to the lives of these
kids, you can support his cause by making a
donation through
(We will bring you Paul Rosss personal life
and struggles in our next issue. Stay tuned.)

14 November 2014


Keep yourself safe; learn the basics of self-defence




Vanita Morar wins black belt in Japanese karate at 49

Paula Ray


n Saturday mornings, at the age of 45

years, I started to learn self-defence,
remembers Vanita Morar.
The Saturday self-defence community
classes in Sandringham that Morar joined way
back in September 2010, are free even today.
Hanshi Chris Dessa of the Seishin-Ryu Karatedo along with the Senseis is the teachers who
give their time freely.
I found I enjoyed the training sessions
so much that I joined the week day Karate
sessions. I have always wanted to learn selfdefence for a number of years and found martial
arts fascinating when I saw a demonstration in
my teenage years, says 49-year-old Morar.
She is a mother of two boys, aged 14 and
16, both of whom started karate in 2008. Her
husband decided to join the following year,
and Vanita was the last to follow. We train
according to our age-group and our ability,
explains Morar, who continued karate for the
enjoyment and the fitness.
Her sporting years started at the age 14
years, when she joined the college hockey
team. She continued playing competitively, and
later socially, up to her mid 30s.

Given that the newspapers are full of stories

of random attacks, Morar feels, It is important
for women in this day and age to know how
to defend themselves. She adds, I would
encourage not only women, but everybody, to
learn the basics of self-defence.
She conveys her heartfelt thanks to Hanshi
Chris Dessa, head instructor of Seishin-Ryu
Karate-do and president of New Zealand
Martial Arts Institute. He is very supportive of
all his students.
A proud member of the dojo, Morar says, I
like the fact that we are taught morals and how
to respect and treat others. We are taught to use
karate as a last resort only, to defend ourselves.
We are taught to avoid confrontations and to be
The younger children at the dojo are taught
to respect their elders and to appreciate what
their parents do for them. Not only do we learn
karate and self-defence, we also learn to travel
on the right path in life, adds Morar.

High point:
The high points for Morar were progressing
through each level. I was not bothered about
which rank or grade I was or am; I just like the
fun factor, says Morar.
Today, she is the proud recipient of black
belt in Japanese karate. I am honoured, but I
did not achieve this on my own, says a very

Vanita Morar, Karate black belt

humble Morar. I was lucky enough to have

the guidance of the senior members of our dojo
and the encouragement and support from my
husband and sons.
Tough moments:
The most challenging moments, for her, were
the gradings. I felt very nervous. To overcome
these thoughts, I told myself to Just do it and to
do your best, says Morar, explaining how she
boosted her morale in times of need.
When I went for the black belt grading, I


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felt I wasnt ready or good enough. But I was

told that you are never ready, says Morar.
She says that she was fortunate to have Hanshi
and the Karate family around her who gave
her confidence.


14 November 2014

Cultural Evening


Date: Saturday 22 November 2014

Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Blockhouse bay Primary School
Auditorium, 584 Blockhouse Bay Road,
The Ramakrishna Vedanta Centres of NZ
are inviting everyone to a Cultural Evening
followed by Dinner in honour of Revered
Swami Suhitanandaji Maharaj (General
Secretary, Ramakrishna Math & Mission)
onSat 22/11/14. The function is open to
the public and all are cordially invited to be
part of the special occasion.

tune into Jagad Guru Speaks. Jagad Guru

Chris Butler is a direct disciple of His Divine
Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami and a
paramahamsa in a line of great Vaisnava
acharyas. He communicates the message
of spiritual love and wisdom worldwide,
speaking the Eternal Truths of sanatanadharma. He encourages us to follow the
core principles of Bhakti and Karma yoga,
seeking shelter in Bhagavan and the
Transcendental Yoga Sound.
The Truth shared by Jagad Guru is your
key to inner peace and happiness.
For more information call 0800 TVSHOW
or visit

Welcome to Auckland

Interfaith meeting

Date: Thursday 20 November 2014

Time: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
Venue: Greenhithe Community Trust/
Shore Grace Office, 12 Greenhithe Road
(behind St Michaels Church)
In this one day interactive workshop for
migrants to Auckland & New Zealand you
will discover the basics of Maori and Kiwi
cultures and what the Treaty of Waitangi
is all about, learn about Auckland, the
council and services provided, understand
more about the NZ health system, get to
know useful, handy everyday tips, find
out what local activities or programs are
available. Light refreshments and lunch will
be provided. Entry fee: $10.

Jagad Guru Speaks

Date and Time: Thursdays at 8:30pm and

Sundays at 11:30am
Venue: Face TV (Sky 083)
For thought provoking and uplifting insights
into who you are and your purpose in life,

Date: Saturday 22nd November 2014

Time: 2pm to 3:15 pm
Venue: Christ the King Church, 260
Richardson Road, Mt Roskill
The Mother Teresa Inter Faith Committee
invites everyone to honour one of the 20th
centurys greatest figures, Mother Teresa of
Calcutta in homage to inspiring Leadership
and Community work. The commemorative
ceremony will be led by Hon.Peseta Sam
Lotu- liga- Minister of Ethnic Communities
and the Indian High Commissioner H.E.
Ravi Thapar will be lighting the lamp. The
function is open to the public and all are
cordially invited to come and be part of
this very special ceremony. The event will
commence at 2.00 pmand will conclude
at 3.15 pm.

Venue: Fickling Convention Centre, 546

Mt Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland
Tickets: $20/- General Admission,
$15- Students. For Tickets / Information
Contact: Ben: 0210 56 55 06, (09)
478 7726 email:
Manjit: 021 595 941, (09) 277 0042
email: Website: www., www.sandhyasanjana.

Exclusive preview of
premium residences

Date: 15th and 16th November (Saturday

and Sunday)
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
Venue: Holiday Inn Auckland Airport, 2
ascot road, airport oaks, Auckland.
Godrej properties- India is bringing an
exclusive and brilliant opportunity to invest
in vibrant state of Gujrat, India. Premium
residences Garden City, Ahmedabad will
be previewed for the Kiwi-Indians. Free
entry and parking. For more information,
contact authorised channel partner
for New Zealand, Prashant Shenoy:
021326442, 096206160, prash64@yahoo.

Sandhya Sanjana and

Date: 15th November 2014
Time: 7pm 9:30pm



Alcohol drug helpline

Phone: 0800 787 797 or (03) 379 8626
Services: Free confidential information,
insight and support on any problem, issue or
query you have about your own or someone
elses drinking or drug taking.
Depression Helpline
Phone: 0800 111 757 or (04) 917 0060
Call the Depression Helpline to talk to a
trained counsellor about how you are
feeling or to ask any questions.
Mum2Be Helpline
Phone: 0800 855 066
Services: Provide you with contact details for
Lead Maternity Carers in your area. If youd
like to talk to someone about your pregnancy,
call Pregnancy Counselling Services on 0800
PREGNANT (0800 773 462).
LifeLine Aotearoa
Phone: 09 5222 999 or 0800 543 354
Working Hours: 24 hours
Face to face counselling to those in need for
issues including psychological & emotional
distress, financial and work issues, marriage
and family problems and with callers who
are lonely, ill, depressed or the victims of
violence or abuse.

We should redefine

Nigaar Z. Khan enters

Bigg Boss

ctress Nigaar Z. Khan, who last appeared

on TV in the fiction show Main Naa
Bhoolungi, is set to join Bigg Boss 8 as the
fourth wildcard entry. She is ready to face the
challenge of controlling her tongue.
The 35-year-old star, whose younger sister
Gauahar won the last season of the show,
has said that after Main Na Bhoolungi, she
wanted to take a long gap from the telly world.
But her sister advised her to take up Bigg
When I got this offer, I was not keen to
do it because I wanted to continue my holiday
abroad, but then Gauahar convinced me to do it.
She told me that it was the right time for me to
do this, Nigaar told media.
Nigaar will be the new wildcard contestant
to enter the show after latest entrants Dimpy
Mahajan and Renee Dhyani.
The show airs on Colors.


Anushka Sharma cheers for Kohli

ndian captain Virat Kohli had someone special in the stands when he hit his half-century in the
match against Sri Lanka at Rajiv Gandhi stadium in Hyderabad last weekend - Bollywood actress
Anushka Sharma. Anushka was seen cheering Kohli when he scored a run off De Silva to complete
his 50 and also became the quickest batsman to score 6,000 runs in ODIs. The captain took off
his helmet, kissed it and also blew a kiss off to Anushka, who responded with a standing ovation.
Anushka was seen during Indias tour of England and Kohlis poor performance during the series
was blamed on her presence.

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eteran Indian actress Shabana Azmi,

who believes that art should be used
as an instrument for social change, says
that it is required to redefine the meaning of
When asked about her previous statement
where she said that art should be used as an
instrument for social change and does she feel
that art is being dominated by commerce these
days, Shabana said: Thats what I believe and
I cant impose my thoughts on other people.
If somebody wants to make a film for
entertainment then we should redefine as what
entertainment is. You are using entertainment
as a goal then you should define what it is...
does it has to be vulgar, loud thats what we
need to look at. We should make all kinds of
films that we want to, she added.
Shabana is currently in London for her
play titled Happy Birthday Sunita and she is
enjoying every bit of it.
Its lovely to stay on my own completely
spending time for myself, added the veteran
14 November 2014

The circle of greed




Swati Sharma

irst tried and well tried! We have written

about the movie Chakravyuh- Lethal
Circles, quite a few times by now. The trailer
of the movie already created a lot of suspense.
The movie, as such, was also successful in
creating the suspense among its audience.
A New Zealand couple, inspired by the story
of a Hindi film, make a foolproof plan to get
rich without any hard work. They plan to get
the husbands insurance money by faking his
death and murdering someone else.
Everything goes well for six month, until
Inspector Dhingra enters the story to reinvestigate the case. The couples problems
begin from there and their plan lands them in
trouble. What happens next is really surprising
- for which you have to watch the movie.
Obviously, the movie wasnt up to the level
of Bollywood productions. But being a first
attempt of its kind, the film did quite a good
job. The actors were experts in their forte and
did justice to the characters.
On some technical levels the film has some
flaws, such as lighting and sound effects. But
we cant deny the fact that NSAA art academy,
in its first attempt, succeeded to attract the local
The first-day first-show was screened
last weekend in the presence of 50-60 strong
audience, which included not only Indians
but Kiwis too. The audience appreciated and
congratulated the cast and crew of the film for
their promising performances.
The film will have two more shows this
weekend. Anyone who hasnt watched the
movie yet, shouldnt miss it this time. Next
show details are as below:
Date and Time: 15 Nov 6 pm &16 Nov, 4 pm
Venue: Hoyts Cinema, Sylvia Park,



Film Review- Chakravyuh: Lethal Circles