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Jack Kane Community Centre

208 Niddrie Mains Road, Edinburgh,

EH16 4ND tel: 0131 657 1595
fax: 0131 657 3676
Registered Scottish Charity sc020762


INCOME FOR 2013 - 14





6,000 590



General Donations
CEC Children and Families Early Intervention

CEC Children and Families Holiday and Diverionary Activities
Neighbourhood Partnership

Early Intervention Schools

Robertson Trust

CEC Youth Project Fund

CEC other grants
Centre Generated income

Dunedin Camore
Scottish Police Authority


External funding is a wonderful tool which enables this centre to deliver needed
services and to meet the needs and aspirations of community desires.
With a proven track record of acquiring relevant external funds, the committee
have been fortunate that identified funders have bought in and believe in the
work which the centre implements. If it was not for all the exceptional funders
who assist this organisation through financial means, all the work which is
carried out could never have been achieved. Without the help, support and
financial aid from our funding partners we continue to grow.
Whilst these funding partners provide finance and expertise, the Jack Kane
Centre also benefits from in kind knowledge, expertise and experience from a
host of projects, organisations and more importantly local people within and
out with the Greater Craigmillar area.


Another year has passed so quickly and its been packed again with an
abundance of activities for our community, which you will read about from the
relevant members of staff. The level of commitment from the staff, volunteers
and the management is of a high standard as always. This year has been exciting
and challenging as the centre continues to lead the way, pushing boundaries as
we go. As a local person, I have taken great satisfaction watching the work of
the centre and the many life's that we have undoubtedly changed.
The centre and our services continue to face challenging and exciting times all of
which will be faced head on and with a strong commitment to ensuring that
community voices are at the forefront.
I would like to finish by thanking CLD through Scott, other staff, other board
members, young people, children and families for their time and commitment to
the Centre and making it a place we are fortunate to have and come to and get
involved with the activities on offer. Furthermore, a big thanks to our
funders who make this all possible. Im sure you will enjoy reading the report
which highlights all the marvellous pieces of work that weve carried out over
the course of the year. John Witherspoon

Coming together is just the beginning

Building together is rewarding
Keeping together is progress
Growing together is thought provoking
Working together is such a success
Changing together lasts a life time

The content of this AGM report reflects the strong working relationship
which exists between the trustees and members of the community
centre and that of CEC Community Learning and Development.


If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.

The work which CLD deploy alongside its partners has a long tradition of
developing a culture of aspiration; inspiring personal/organisational growth
and releasing community capacity that puts peoples development at the very
heart of the experience. Each new experience which the centre provides
through its services, has assisted people to develop their skills, character,
expertise and life chances.

Coming together in the community to have fun, share experiences and make
new happy memories is what the centres holiday provision is all
about. Delivered in partnership with CLD, the centre provided over 60
additional activities and services during all school holidays. Acknowledging
that Christmas is not always a happy time for everyone, this years
programme also included an extensive range of services over the festive

As work continues, there's a drive to remain rooted in the thoughts and

desires of community members whilst understanding the need for people to
be gently challenged and stretched.

With all programmes being oversubscribed, this year was by far the most
successful programme to date. Including a range of activities such as white
water rafting, coastering and go karting, economic barriers to participating
were removed to ensure that those whom would most benefit did.

The work which has been implemented over the course of the year has been
both refreshing and rewarding, many people have played
monumental parts in looking at the world differently and life's have changed
forever. Members have looked both inwardly and outwardly at the same
moment in order to improve life chances for themselves and that of other
people of all ages and stages.
Lastly, in a year when communities continue to face and often overcome
major challenges, this report highlights the many achievements and
success which each of us have been fortunate enough to have played our
part in.

One of the key highlights of the programme focused upon this years summer
bash, with over 2000 local people coming together in Hunters Hall
Park. Taking part in activities from bungee trampolines, zorb balls, relaxation
and even more, the bash was a great example of community cohesion.
The programme was inclusive for all to take part. The fact that it was all free was also
a great factor in ensuring no one was left out.
It was fantastic that the event was free
This was my 2nd summer bash event and again it was BRILLIANT!! It is just so
fantastic to see the whole community (and even members of different communities)
come together to enjoy a fun, FREE day.

Forever evolving and changing to meet the needs of the community, a new
provision was born. Through consultation with young people and the wider
community, on youth provision over the winter months, a need for a Saturday
youth provision was identified. The centre then warmly opened its doors,
providing free diversionary activities as well as a programme focusing upon
themes of culture and diversity. The pilot project was a great success.
Supported widely by the local community, local business and key stakeholders,
the Saturday Service extended the centres opening hours at non-traditional
times. The project had added value with two local young people taking up
employment opportunities within the team, promoting a peer led approach to
Its very good, I love coming and its good place to be on a Saturday night. Its
nice and calm and gives me somewhere safe to go on a Saturday night.
I have learnt how to cook different foods and learned about different countries
and their food and culture.

Feminism is this radical notion that women are equal.
Women of Inspiration, the key theme for this years girls work within the
centre. Researching the key role that many women have played in society
historically to present day, exploring personal journeys and learning from their
peers across the city, the centres girls group in partnership with CLD, put on a
production to honour International Womens day. From celebrating the historic
actions of Clara Zetkin, Rosa Park and Malala Yousafzai to the young females
own heroines, mothers, grandparents and friends, an invited audience took the
centre where a fashion show with a difference took place.
I think it has made my daughter realise that everyone is different and that they
shouldnt judge a person by looks.
It was amazing work and the young people should have great pride in the
production and themselves.

Together we all make up the Jack Kane Community Centre, the people
are the life blood of all the activities and experiences which are shared
within and outwith this building. In order to have a great social life, one
which embraces the beauty of community living and life, we need
establishments and places to be able to deliver. The Jack Kane
Community Centre has a long track record of delivering high quality
educational, social and recreational experiences. In fact, this venue is a
mechanism in which to offer a wide range of activities covering all ages
and stages. Participants of the centre are always keen to
recognise that the building offers the roots on which to grow many
experiences from.
Offering a range of services in a warm and welcoming environment
which seeks to encourage and motivate learners, the centre offers a
multitude of community learning facilities, with up to date technology
including Internet access and Smart Board facilities.
In order to accommodate diverse needs, members ensure that the
facility is multi purpose and disability compliant with conferences,
general meetings, training events and educational work all taking part
under the new roof.
The management committee under the leadership of the board have
excelled in giving up their time, commitment and motivation in order
to create positive change within the centre and the wider community.
John Witherspoon - Chairperson
Sylvia Hawthorne - Treasurer
Owen Thomas
Eileen McMillan
Nyree Harrison
Lorna McCallum

Steven Auld - Vice chair

Connor Murdoch - Secretary
John McKenzie
Dawn Potter
Declan McGee

This place is a hive of activity, it never seems to stop producing great

pieces of work.

Over 21,000 people walked through the doors of the Jack Kane
Community Centre this year, each sampling the wonderful opportunities
which are on offer. Here are some other snapshots for you
2506 individual children and young people
9179 contacts with children and young people
644 publicity materials distributed promoting diversionary
270 centre based youth and children sessions
200 hours volunteering achieved and recognised through Saltire
Youth Awards for 4 young volunteers
60 detached youth work sessions
48 outreach youth work sessions
43 school based sessions
42 holiday activities/excursions
16 additional services over the Festive period
10 peer led Mentors in Violence Prevention workshops
2 residential
2 intercultural training courses
This year other centre achievements have included the refurbishment
of the roof area, alongside the centre being visited by the Director of
Children and Families Gillian Tee. Lastly, the physical look of the
building was improved when the main hallway was completed.

Where others fear to tread is where you will find the centres detached youth
work service Oot n Aboot, bringing services to young people out on the
streets, in their territory. The flavour of our work captures the very essence of
streetwork by acting as gate keepers distributing information and empowering
young people to improve youth related issues in the area.
Alongside partnership work where a host of agencies targeted specific areas in
regards to community safety, this year also saw the end of the A Team alcohol
It keeps it real coming out on the streets, you can see whats going on and
what its really like for us.
Oot n aboot is good coz if gives me someone to talk to, Ive spoken about
what we need to improve in our area, relationships, my family, where I stay
and new things, I feel that they listen to me and help me see that I can make


Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) is a global project. The group continued
to be the only community based project in Scotland and represented the
centre at the first national residential held at Tulliallan Police College. Through
adopting participatory training techniques, the MVP group took part in a
training programme, with the overall aim of motiving other young people to
play an active role in reducing bullying and gender violence.
With this new knowledge and skill base, the MVP group went on tour and
provided workshops on gender violence and inequality to over 120 young
people city wide, sessions were carried out within cluster High Schools,
Edinburgh College and youth provisions in the North of Edinburgh.
The workshops made me more aware of how to handle different situations
and I will now think before I say things
The residential weekend has expanded my knowledge on MVP through the
workshops and discussions.

Every Friday afternoon the centre comes alive with
children as the Friday under 12s group begins. In a
child friendly environment, a range of fun and educational activities are provided with an emphasis
upon positive play. Throughout the year, the key
theme within the group has been upon community
safety and the pivotal role that children play in their communities .
The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, Article 31, states that all
children have the right to play. The FU12 group took forward this right and
carried out a project focusing upon play parks in their community, highlighting
the benefits and improvements that could be made.
I enjoyed researching and visiting the different parks. It was also good to share
what we thought about the parks to people like the park ranger so we can make
them better for everyone.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body,
it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.
Every Friday night, the centre becomes a hub of health, fitness and informal
education for young people aged 12-18.
Alongside CLD, Edinburgh Leisure and the Robertson Trust a variety of health
and fitness activities are provided to young people. With an emphasis upon
non-traditional sports sessions this dynamic partnership alongside specialist
agencies have enhanced the programme with sessions focusing upon freestyle
jump, speed cycling alongside learning about legal highs, hate crime and gender
I feel that it has changed my life in making me more flexible, fitter, and Ive
learnt lots of things about new sports.
I think that the sport has improved my fitness and stamina, not to mention
my flexibility.

Once youre here they never let you go!

By Connor Murdoch Volunteer

I first started at the Jack Kane Community Centre (JKCC), in September

2012, when I was asked to be part of the Mentors in Violence Prevention
Group. I enjoyed being at the JKCC so much that I wanted to start
volunteering in one of the younger groups. By June 2013, I had decided
that I wanted to be part of the Smooth Moves group, as I felt I could use
me very recent experience of high school to help the P7s. I officially
started in the following August, it was amazing, because I knew what the
next 12 months were going to be like for the P7s, that was me just over
6 years ago.
So what has the centre done for me, well its allowed me to become
more confident as a person, it has also taught me to have more
confidence in what I am doing. When I started in August 2013, I really
hated leading group games and was extremely scared of getting it
wrong. However, now its second nature to me I cant wait to lead the
game or to lead a group task!
Throughout my time at JKCC, I have been involved in many different
experiences including the most recent one, which involved myself and
the inter cultural group going to a small village called Strona in Italy. This
was an amazing experience because I got to meet a range of different
people from other countries and I got to learn about their culture.
Three years on from when I first came to the centre as a teenager I am
still here, it has been one of the best decision I have ever made! I have
gained so much from being here and I think I will continue to learn and
grow as a person as my time here at JKCC continues!

Roll of Honour: (Volunteer, work experience, youth trainees and
student placements within the youth and childrens work)

Kelsie Hossack

200 hours Saltire Youth Award achieved

Simon McKenzie
Cherise Purves
Declan McGee

200 hours Saltire Youth Award achieved

Cameron McKail

200 hours Saltire Youth Award achieved

Ally Milne
Connor Murdoch

200 hours Saltire Youth Award achieved

Lewis Thomson
John Beatson

(Student Placement HNC Working with Communities: Grade A pass)

Kristina Watson

Transition from Primary school to Secondary school can be an exciting
and scary time for many children. Uncertainties about the future and
what to expect can make some children anxious about leaving Primary
school behind. Working alongside CLD, the P7 children within the local
cluster primaries schools, the smooth moves group come together to
explore the opportunities and challenges which moving may bring. With
a focus upon cultivating confident children the programme takes in to
consideration that Secondary school is not solely some place they are
going to, but a place where they can create a new future.
Through games, activities and discussions, children are encouraged to
embrace and prepare for any changes by creating their own paths and
tools to a smooth transition. For many children, one of the main
concerns can be that there will be many older young people whom they
may never have met previously in Secondary school. To alleviate some
of these concerns, added value was provided by young volunteers,
ranging from S1-S6 from local Secondary schools whom peer facilitated
sessions and got to know the children on the run up to starting
High School.

I come along to smooth moves because its a fun place to be, Ive

made new friends from being here and they are going to be in my
class when I go to High School. RESULT


Community Connections
I am more confident, I challenge my own thoughts as well as others, I am
a lot more of an active listener and I feel like I keep a lot more up to date
with the news and world around me.

Youre mission, if you choose to accept it, is to become an Agent For Change. Travelling
throughout 5 cluster primary schools, alongside
CLD, children actively participated in agents training. This 8 week training
course asked the children in each primary 6 class to analyse the term
community. By coming together and learning through interactive exercises,
discussion and home based learning, each agent explored their space and
Unravelling concepts such as stereotypes, communication and internet
safety, the agents mission was to take responsibility and an active role in
their communities so as to bring about positive individual and collective
Agent parent: This project has helped my son be aware of all aspects of
our community.
Agent parent: It is good to devote time to these concepts, which are not
too much a part of the traditional curriculum.
Agent teacher: The project is very worthwhile. The children certainly learn
a great deal and furthered their understanding of the various topics that
they are dealt with each week. An indication of how the children
enjoyed the sessions was the volume of homework that they managed to
complete. I was most impressed that so many were keen to give feedback
on the topics.

It has made me more confident and it has increased my learning. It has

also made me want to do more and volunteer in more things now.

My daughter has benefited from being involved in the centre, learning

about different things in life, I know they learn this at school but not in the
same way, this was fun for them but they also learnt something.

Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, because they
are priceless.
Working alongside volunteers, whom give so much more than just their
time, is one of the greatest components of the centre. Over the year,
volunteers have played a pivotal role in the centres youth and childrens
activities and programmes. All groups provided in the centre in
partnership with CLD, benefit from having a youth volunteer. These
volunteers not only develop their own skills and experiences, they also
compliment the activities that we provide through ensuring that we keep
programmes current and reflective of young peoples trends and needs.
Further recognition is also provided to the youth volunteers through
Saltire Youth Awards, with awards ranging from in excessive of 100 200
volunteering hours being achieved.
I love volunteering at the centre as I get to be myself, I feel comfortable
and it is liked a second home, I have learnt so much and the best thing
for me is I have gained so much confidence which I never had before.

The older peoples work continues to grow
and develop, with an ever increasing
Population. The centres lunch club have
offered both consistency and continuity in
offering services for older people. The ladies meet every Tuesday and Thursday with
excursions offering more new and valued
experiences. With funding acquired
through the Craigmillar and Portobello
Neighbourhood Partnership community grant fund, the group have been
successful in implementing an array of events. Ensuring that all community
members are included and that the events combat social isolation then the tea
dances offer excellent opportunities for people to come together, enjoy
themselves whilst meeting new friends.


Members understand the globalized world which
we live in, and are keen to focus education on
bringing an international dimension to different
and diverse settings.
From this, members felt it important to support
staff to expand their knowledge and experience
and as such both Emma and Scott respectively
went on their travels. With support from CLD, a
staff member went off to participate in human
rights training in Reykjavik,
Iceland. The training focused on exploring human rights and the need to ensure
that they are protected for all human beings. Scotts tour of Iceland was
completed when he facilitated training in one of the local schools within the city.
Whereby Emma went to Cardiff where she explored
the mechanics of writing European funding applications and building up new European networks for future exchanges.
I have built many new relationships and learnt many
wonderful things. The experience has encouraged me
to be able now to complete a youth exchange for the


The centre was recognised within the Cashback for Communities, Making Crime
Pay publication Out of the Shade at a national event. Showcasing the work
that the centre had taken forward , the publication focused upon the innovative
film making in the previous years Sunday Service. The publication highlighted
examples of best practice and the positive contributions that young people
make to their communities.

Making childhood memories last a lifetime
This year seen the centre offer a wonderful moment in a childs life, through a
unique partnership built up with Hopscotch childrens charity a group of
children took part in new and never to be forgotten experience. Held within
Ardvullian, near Fort William, this country side break was set up to due to the
need for vulnerable children to get back to basics and embrace rural countryside
living. To make this happen, the centre came together with a range of exciting
and challenging fundraising activities.
From Edinburgh to Glasgow Cycle, infamous Race Night and the generosity of
local businesses, and individuals, the community ensured that children had the
best experience possible. A big thanks to everyone who made this possible.
I really enjoyed my week at hopscotch, it gave me the chance to try new
things like canoeing which was really
fun. I also enjoyed being in the beautiful
surroundings. Best of all, I made new
My child loved it and hasnt stopped
talking about how good it was, thank you
to everyone who made this happen.