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Dear XXX,
Thank you for including TheFaceBook in your RFP process for Starbucks DoubleShot.
Our proposed plan for SDS includes targeted keyword specific placement across select
school in TheFaceBook network. As mentioned, TheFaceBook delivers a verified 1824/student audience as all users must have a .edu address at the university to log-in to
TheFaceBook. An overview of TheFaceBook and screen shots follow:
Overview TheFaceBook:
TheFaceBook is an online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges
and universities. TheFaceBook enables students to search for people at their school, find
students who share similar interests or courses, look up friends of friends, network, and
visualize their social network via photos.
Launched at Harvard University by a student in February 2004, TheFaceBook has quickly
become the most accessed site from many colleges/universities across the country:



schools in Network:
registered users:
monthly page views:
daily unique visitors:
monthly unique visitors:

2.3 Million
1.8 Billion
1.2 Million
1.9 Million

How does it work?

Students, alumni, faculty, and staff with .edu email addresses create and maintain a profile
for themselves which includes:
Contact information
Personal information class year, gender, interests and affiliations, etc.
Course information - class schedule
Once a profile is created, users may browse the social net at their school and other schools
within the network via various searches. Users may search for classmates in their principles
of economics course, other students at their university interested in tennis, students at all
universities interested in chess, etc.
Privacy controls allow users to determine who may view their personal information, courses,
friends, etc. and to block certain email addresses from viewing personal information.
Why Advertise at TheFacebook?
There are 15 million college students in the United States with an estimated purchase power
exceeding $85 Billion. College students have money in their pockets for your products and
services. In 2004, students spent:
$21 Billion on restaurant/food


$9 Billion on automobiles
$5 Billion on clothing
$4 Billion on phones
$40 Billion on combined other amenities
are the consumers of today and are building brand loyalties that last a lifetime.

Advertise at TheFacebook:
Advertising opportunities at TheFacebook include traditional online banners, announcement
(text only) ads, and custom groups designed to enable brands to create a following oncampus and interact with students daily.
Banner Ads:
120x600/240 above fold:
728x90/468x60 above fold:
728x90/468x60 below fold:
125x125 above fold:

$7 CPM
$7 CPM
$5 CPM
Group placement is available on a case-by-case
basis and pricing is custom/contingent upon
scope of project.

Banners can be targeted to select schools and/or to specific users based on:
*Keywords in profile
*Class year
*Relationship status
*Favorite books, movies, music
*Political Affiliation
*University status (student, faculty, alumni, staff)

Above the fold on all

728x90 or 468x60
Above the fold on some pages

Announcements (Text Ads):

Announcement ads are text only, consisting of a title of up to 25 characters and a body of
up to 150-characters. The title is hyperlinked to a site of your choice. Announcement ads
are sold by the day and can be targeted to any number of schools on the network.
Impression counts vary by the school, but users generally see each announcement ad 5 to 6
times per day on average.

announcement ads
are viewed by over
1.1 million people 5
to 6 times each per
day on average

Specific Opportunity for Starbucks DoubleShot (SDS)

TheFaceBook allows Starbucks DoubleShot to target 18-24 verified college students
TheFacebook recommends that Starbucks SDS target students that embody the brand
essence Confident, Energetic, Intensity hunters, interested in trying new things and
keeping energy up to fuel their exploratory nature. To accomplish this, TheFaceBook will
target Starbucks SDS ads specifically to students who have the following keywords in their
FaceBook profile:

Extreme Sports


Energy Drinks

By targeting students whose profiles indicate that they are intensity hunters, SDS can
truly narrow down its promotion to reach the exact students who are adventurous and hip
and looking for a product experience rather than just a drink.
TheFaceBook will specifically target SDS advertising to this select group as follows:

$XXK budget level:

80,000 students with target keywords in profile
2 impressions per day x 42 days = 6,720,000 impressions
$XXK budget level:
150,000 students with target keywords in profile
2 impressions per day x 42 days = 12,600,000 impressions
Please see attached RFP response spreadsheets outlining our recommended ad
units/impressions based on your two budget levels.
I look forward to following-up with you once youve had a chance to review the proposal.
Kevin Colleran
E: Kevin@TheFaceBook