Hanson v. Denckla Plaintiff - Hanson Defendant - Denckla Florida supreme court verdict was appealed to the U.S.


Procedural History: supreme court.

Facts: Mrs. Donner, deceased mother, had established a trust in Delaware, and years became domiciled in Florida. Trustee had remitted trust income to Mrs. Donner in Florida, and she had carried out several bits of trust admiration. However, it was not found that the trustee performed any acts in Florida. Trust company has no office in Florida, and conducts no business there. After a Florida judgment, issue went to Supreme Court. If Florida has jurisdiction, 2 daughters receive all of the trust, and 1 receives nothing . If jurisdiction in Delaware, all 3 receive equal shares in the trust. Issue: Does Florida have jurisdiction, when the controversary is in regards to a trust established in Delaware, which was given by a Delaware company, that has no business dealings or locations in Florida, to a woman who years after receiving the trust, became domiciled in Florida? Judgment/Holding: Florida does not have jurisdiction, because there is no minimum contact so that the state may have jurisdiction. Supreme court reversed Florida state decision, and it was remanded. Reasoning: The fact that the owner was domiciled in Florida was not enough of a sufficient affiliation to establish a minimum contact in Florida.