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Xerox Phaser 6600 Printer

WorkCentre 6605
Multifunction Printers
Customer Expectation Document
(Addendum to Product Brochure)

Version 1.2 US

19 April 2013

Space Requirements

Product Range / Positioning

Phaser 6600
WorkCentre 6605

Average Monthly
Page Volume
Up to 1,100
Up to 1,500

Duty Cycle
Up to 80K
Up to 80K

Adequate space is required for ventilation, ease of operation,

replacement of consumables and service. The dimensions
listed below provide the general space requirements to enable
safe use and adequate access for service.

Installation Considerations

Minimum Clearances on all Configurations:

A minimum of 3.9 in. (10 cm) is required on all sides of the


Physical delivery will be by a Xerox authorized common

carrier (such as UPS). The customer is responsible for unboxing, setup, connecting and configuring the equipment
on their network.

The products require a two person lift based on the weight

of the products:

The customer also has the option to have a rigger install

with the product if desired.
Phaser 6600

62.7 lb / 30.5 kg

56.2 lb / 25.5 kg

82.7 lb / 37.5 kg

71.1 lb / 32.5 kg

Customer should provide a table or desk capable of

supporting the weight of the equipment.

For hallway installations, the customer is to independently

review and consider any applicable federal, state, local or
other codes and requirements related to emergency egress
in the area of installation.

Electrical requirements and space requirements must be

satisfied before the equipment is delivered.

The front needs 18.8 in. (48.3 cm) clearance.

Height with ADF /
DADF open
Height of
Additional Paper
Depth of
Additional Paper

P 6600
16.9 in
430 mm
19.2 in
488 mm
15.1 in
384 mm

WC 6605
16.9 in
430 mm
20.8 in
528 mm
22.0 in
560 mm

5.4 in
138 mm

5.4 in
138 mm

19.1 in
485 mm

19.1 in
485 mm


Phaser 6600 Lithium Ion, CR2450, 6.3g

WorkCentre 6605 Lithium Ion, CR2032, 2.9g

Packaging Take-Back Service for Xerox Branded


Audible Noise Levels

(US only) Whenever possible, Xerox encourages you to recycle

packaging locally as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions
associated with transportation. However, if unable to recycle
locally, we offer a packaging take-back and recycling service to
our customers for Xerox branded products, where customers
pay for the return shipping and Xerox pays for the recycling. If
interested in this service, please send your packaging to: Xerox
Corporation, ESSO Scrap, 6500 State Route 63, Middletown,
OH 45044 , ATTN: EPEAT Packaging Returns.

Phaser 6600
Sound Power
Phaser 6600
Sound Pressure
WorkCentre 6605
Sound Power
WorkCentre 6605
Sound Pressure



6.9 B

4.5 B

53 dB(A)

29 dB(A)

6.8 B

4.4 B

52 dB(A)

29 dB(A)

Xerox Phaser 6600 Printer

WorkCentre 6605
Multifunction Printers
Customer Expectation Document
(Addendum to Product Brochure)

Version 1.2 US

19 April 2013

Operating Supplies/Consumables

Other Materials

Print Cartridges

The products use a printer cartridge, which includes both

the toner and drum.

The printer and MFP share supplies.

The devices ships with a starter cartridge:



Print Speed / System Performance

The toner low warning is based on capacity and cartridge type

and the low is not adjustable.

Automatic Meter Read / Automatic Supply Read


Refer to the Xerox Recommended Media list for all supported

media questions:
Media Sizes (including envelopes)
The bypass tray can handle any size from 3x5 to legal with no
automatic sensing. The standard tray (Tray 1) can handle
Letter, Legal, US Folio, Executive (7.25 x 10.5), A4, A5, and B5
(ISO). In addition, custom sizes from A5 to Legal are
acceptable. There is NO automatic sensing, unlike the current
Phaser 6280 / 6180 MFP.
The 550-sheet Optional Feeder (Tray 2) can handle the same
paper sizes as the standard main tray, but HAS size sensing.
However, the 550-sheet Optional Feeder does NOT support
The products will have 4.1-mm margins on all sides.
Photo mode print can only be produced in Simplex mode. This
mode is compatible with Lightweight Cardstock and Lightweight
Glossy Cardstock.

The Phaser 6600 will include 256 MB of RAM while the

WorkCentre 6605 has a base 512 MB of RAM. Additional
option of 512 MB of RAM is offered.

Image Quality

Xerox Remote Print Services with automated billing and

automated supplies replenishment will be supported upon
completion of final testing.

Media Considerations:

Labels must be used in the bypass tray.

Use a brand new ream.
Do not use labels with slick back.
Do not attempt to print on 1mm edge of a page.
Do not use partially used labels.
Do not use labels with adhesive on 1mm edge of a page.
Must use standard products (A4, Letter) for label printing.

The device is designed to provide benchmark Office-level

image quality and performance for its product class.
However, image quality is subjective and can be impacted
by lighting, and is strongly influenced by paper.

Copy Modes

The WorkCentre 6605 supports both automatic duplex and

printing and duplex copying through the DADF.


The Phaser 6600 will include 256MB RAM while the MFP
includes 512 MB RAM. RAM Disk enable (requires 512 MB
RAM) features include: Secure Print and Saved Print. The
RAM Disk is enabled by default (out of box) on the MFP. If
the user adds the RAM Disk productivity kit to the printer,
then the RAM Disk will automatically be enabled.

Scan to email in the WorkCenter 6605 supports basic

SMTP authentication (configured in CWIS).

The hard drive supports encryption and overwrite.

Print Services and Network Connectivity

The Font Management Utility (FMU), is supported and can

be downloaded from

Wi-Fi is optional.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is supported to ensure easy

set-up for high security wireless use, as well as manual WiFi set-up.

The wireless and wired network connections cannot be

used at the same time.

Xerox Phaser 6600 Printer

WorkCentre 6605
Multifunction Printers
Customer Expectation Document
(Addendum to Product Brochure)

Version 1.2 US

19 April 2013


Nuance and / or ABBYY / Omnipage scanning software is

included in the box.

FTP and SMB scanning protocols are available with the

WorkCentre 6605.

The WorkCentre 6605 supports automatic duplex scanning

through the DADF.

For XE / DMO-E support: Xerox Customer Welcome Centre

For DMO-W: Xerox Customer Welcome Centre
For US: Xerox Customer Welcome Centre 1-800-821-2797
For Canada: Xerox Customer Welcome Centre 1-800-8356100

Responsibility Matrix

The device requires a non-switched, single use analogue

phone line with the phone line cord of less than 10 feet.

Fax over Voice over IP (FoVoIP) or fax over IP (FOIP) may

not provide a reliable connection.

The WorkCentre 6605 offers 2-sided printing on receiving


The WorkCentre 6605 allows 2-sided printing on receiving

faxes as well as sent faxes using memory stored send but
not for manual dial send faxing.

The Fax Forwarding feature automatically routes faxes to

one or more email addresses as email attachments or to
network folders to save paper and speed retrieval and
distribution. Administrators may configure the format of the
forwarded faxes.

PBX systems
Some PBX systems cannot operate with the newer FAX cards
found in products like the WorkCentre 6605. Users should
check their PBX system to ensure correct operation with FAXequipped devices.

Ensure adequate space and power to install
Ensure Site survey is completed and the
size requirements are communicated to the
Unpack system / components
Install system hardware
Connect all System Components prior to
powering up the system
Ensure network configuration
Confirm network integrity
Acquire and install client software including
print drivers
Run initial software diagnostics when
Monitor and adjust as required
Load any additional fonts
Order and replace Customer Replaceable
Units as needed.
Provide Help Line support
Provide spared parts




Primary customer applications:


Customer Training
Customer training for the products is self-paced, using the
documentation shipped with the product. No specialized or feebased customer training is offered. The documentation is also
available on

Customer Support
On-Site service will be provided by Xerox Employees or
Authorized Service Providers. As most service issues can be
resolved over the phone on the first call, customers will be
expected to actively participate in the phone diagnosis and
service processes. For issues that cannot be resolved over the
phone, customers will typically receive field service the following
In addition to telephone and on-site service, customers will also
have access to web technical support:


Special considerations or performance limitations

identified by Xerox and agreed to by the customer:

I have reviewed this document and understand the

specifications listed:

Xerox Phaser 6600 Printer

WorkCentre 6605
Multifunction Printers
Customer Expectation Document
(Addendum to Product Brochure)

Version 1.2 US

19 April 2013

Xerox Sales Representative

Xerox Customer Service Representative