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������������������������������������������������������������������������������� BBS Crash v4.50 (* Sysop Documentation *) By: John Richardson & Alex Slinin (C) Copyright 1989, 1990 TopSoft Support Systems Fido [1:154/300,1:154/301] RBBS-NET [8:972/1001,8:972/1000] (414) 796-8408


Registration ============ BBS Crash is distributed as shareware. Please read and return the registration form in REGISTER.FRM. If you are already a registered user (ie. you sent in $10 for some version previous to 3.20), then you are entitled to a registered version of BBS Crash 4.00 without paying any additional fee.

Warranty ======== This is product is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. The entire risk as to the results and performance of the program is assumed by you. Further more, I the author do not warrant, guarantee, or make any representations regarding the use of, or the results of the use of the program, and you rely on the program and results solely at your own risk. I the author cannot accept responsibility for system damage, loss of profit, or any other special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use this product.

Copyright =========


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The BBS Crash On-Line Game is distributed as SHAREWARE. Under this concept you may use the SHAREWARE (unregistered) version for a reasonable period of time, which I consider to be two weeks, after which you must either register your copy or discontinue usage.

Distribution ============ You are free, in fact encouraged, to distribute the SHAREWARE (unregistered) version of BBS Crash! On-Line Game provided that all files contained in the original BBS Crash! archive are distributed in their original unmodified state.

What is BBS Crash? ================== BBS Crash is a multi-user SIMULATION of hacking bulletin boards. It features everything from trojan horses, viruses, backups, and great ansi graphics! Users get their own little station in the game. They are able to hack onto other bulletin board systems supplied in the game to gain money, more hard drive space, and other various things. For more on the object of the game, please refer to the user documentation (CRASH.BBS). Sysop Options In BBS Crash ========================== o Full Support For PCBoard 12.x, PCBoard 14.x, GAP, WildCat, RBBS, QuickBBS Remote Access, Force, Phoenix, and SpitFire. o Full Fossil and Interrupt Communications Supported. o Baud rates up to 38.4k locked are supported. o Com Ports 1 through 4 are supported. Com Ports 1 through 16 are available if using BNU by David Nugent. o Supports CTS checking, even at 300 bps, for error free transmissions. o Does not require Watchdog, CTTY or Doorway o High Speed Input & Output Routines. o Informative Status Line. o Callers Time can be increase - decreased - Up/Down. o Detects loss of carrier. o Terminates cleanly through an error back to the board. o No "Screen Bleeds" under Multi-Tasking. o Has its own built in ansi driver for fast screen displays. o Written in Borland's Turbo Pascal v5.5 for Speed and Size.

File List =========


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This document is a simple instruction to use to setup BBS Crash for your BBS. The following files are included: SYSOP.DOC REGISTER.FRM TOPSOFT.TXT CRASH.BBS CRASH.CFG CRASH.EXE CRASH.BAT *.ANS *.ASC SysOp Documentation (What you are reading right now). SysOp Game Registration Form. SysOp List of Current TopSoft Software Programs. Users Documentation. Configuration File. Main Executable File. A Sample Batch File. Ansi and Ascii screens for BBS Crash.

Executing And Configuring BBS Crash =================================== To configure BBS Crash, you must run the BBSINIT.EXE program and answer all of the questions. That will create all of the nesecarry config files for the game. To execute directly as a door, you can use the file CRASH.BAT. The program must be executed from the directory containing all of the above listed files. BBS Crash is invoked like this. CRASH nodenumber If you would like to invoke BBS Crash in local mode, then you must execute it like this. CRASH /L The /L means local mode. Restarting a new game ===================== At any time should you wish to start a new game, simply delete all the data files [DEL *.DAT] in the BBS Crash directory. Sysop Functions =============== Up Arrow Down Arrow Alt-C Alt-H ESC o This key will add two minutes of game time to the current users game session. o This key will subtract two minutes of game time from the current users game session. o This key is used to initate CHAT mode. This allows the SysOp to converse with the user. BBS Crash supports full word wrapping in CHAT mode. o Brings up a full screen help for the sysop. o The escape key is used to terminate CHAT mode.


Saturday, August 25, 1990 5:12 pm

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Epilog ====== Please enjoy the program and feel free to contact TopSoft Support Systems, or The War Zone with any comments or questions concering this product. Thanks, John Richardson TopSoft Support Systems (414) 796-8408 PC-Pursuitable D/WIMIL/24 Fido [1:154/300,1:154/301] RBBS-Net [8:972/1001,8:972/1000] Alex Slinin The War Zone (XXX) XXX-XXXX Non Pc-Pursuitable Fido [X:XXX:XXX]