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JIN THE CIRCUTT COURT OF THs 11h SUDIOTAL OFRGUTY OF FLORIDA, IN ‘AND FOR DADE COUNTY, TH CHAROERE i | JOHN v. PARSONS, Preantars, ‘TEMEORARY THUNOTION AND RESTRAINING ORDER, JLAPAYETTE RON HUBBARD ane [Sana SLIzasere NORIHUP, Defenaante. THIS CAUSE cane on this Gay to de Heard upon the Jeworn B121 of Gomplatnt to the plalntief for Temporary Tajunstion land Restraining Order, and other relief, and the Court being duly lndviced an the promteve, 12 18 thexeupon: ORDERED, ADJUDOED AND DECREED, as follows: 2. Moat the defontante, LAPAYEME ROW HUBBARD and ISARA ELIZABETH NORTHRUP, Jointly and teverety be, and they hereby wre enjotned end restrain 1s from leaving the Juriediction of thie Jeourt untaz te surther order of thie Court. 2. Tat the defendante, LAPAYEPTE ROW HUSDARD nnd [sana ELIZABETH NORMIGUP, Jointly and coveraily be and thoy ere jrety enjoined and restrained fron seoreting, hiding, concealing e traneferring 4n any anne? vhateoever any of their Joint or jeverel ao ‘raed by the plaintiff and the defendants in the State of Oslifor- .a, known ao ALLIED MITEHPRISES, wherever the eql¢ aesets may be 18, on the assets of the co-partnarship, heretofore situate, whether real or personal, whether to any individual, comp pration, partnership, a jeotation of to any person or persone vnat— poever, untiz the further order of this Court, and thet tn partheu jar, the aforeoatd defendante Jointly ané severaily be, and they eceby are, restrained from trans che three mast sailing yaohte ‘now as to wit: the “HARPOOR", the ring tn any manner whatsoever, be disSon, *BUSE WATER, TT* and the *DIAXE", to ony individual, corporation, partnershtp, assootation or to any pergon or persone whatecevery oti the further onter of thie Court. 3. ‘That thie onder shell vecone effective upon plaintiff's entering into @ Bond vith « good and suffletent surety Conoany in the amount of Twenty-five hunéred dolzare, ($2,900.00) | sendt tioned to tntonoity the defendente ox either of thon for | Ganages, expences or attorney's fees Incurred by sadd doferdante or either of then in the event 1t le determbied by this Court that vate onder wes Saprovidently entered herein egeine® the defendants aed vy reason thereat eelé Aefendente snould surfer auch 1060 of anages ae aforessid. Sai4 ord to be approved by the Olere of |, above styled Court, rad heaaicng Loe beste ZA. Aj wast goer A agg fl ifs ot Bove’ fro ORDERED 1n ohenbere tn Miami, Dace Sounty4 th Mortda, thie Let day of July, A. Dey 1946, ‘Tre edove required Bond has this date been riled ant | Gprreved. Tho the let dey of Vuly, A.D. 1946. | | 4H. 8, LETHRIMAN, Clerk Clreult Court oye este 7 " |