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Sen. Mark R.

Warner Introductory Remarks

Judicial Nominee Elizabeth Dillon
Senate Judiciary Committee Nov. 13, 2014
I am honored to introduce fellow Virginian and President Obamas nominee
to serve as judge for the Western District of Virginia, Elizabeth Dillon. If
confirmed, she will be the first woman to serve as a judge for the Western
District in its nearly 200 years of existence.
Elizabeth is exceptionally well qualified to carry out the duties and
responsibilities of a judge for the Western District of Virginia. She
possesses the experience, integrity, temperament and expertise that we
expect of nominees to the District Court.
Elizabeth was born in Omaha, Nebraska. After earning her J.D. from Wake
Forest in 1986, she moved to Virginia to begin her law practice with a
Roanoke law firm, working as an associate and then senior attorney assisting
with litigation and transactional matters.
In 1999, Elizabeth moved to a smaller firm of just two attorneys to continue
her representation of public entities and maintain her focus on law
enforcement and employment law. She also represented state employees in
medical malpractice cases brought against them, as well as plaintiffs in
EEOC matters.
In 2000, she moved to the public sector to work in-house for the City of
Roanoke, where she represented the Police Department, Fire Department, E911 Office, Human Resource Department, and the Roanoke City School
In 2004, she returned to private practice where her focus remains in
employment law and civil rights defense representing public employers and
employees. She also serves as part-time local government attorney for
several local governments.
She has a long history of pro bono work, including serving on the Virginia
State Bar's Clients' Protection Fund Board since 2011. The Board provides

the opportunity for reimbursement to clients when a client loses money or

property because of dishonest conduct by their lawyer.
She has been rated highly qualified by the Virginia State Bar.
The ABA rates her well qualified as well.
And just a quick note about the district. The Western District stretches from
Charlottesville in central Virginia all the way to Lee County in far
Southwest further west than Detroit. The Western District is a sprawling
district with a diverse population and a diverse set of legal challenges.
It started out as part of one of the original 13 judicial districts, created by
The Judiciary Act of 1789. Virginia was subdivided in 1819, when the
Western District was first created.
Since its creation in 1819, the Western District has never had a woman serve
on its bench. Elizabeth Dillon would be the first.
Although she may not be the loudest voice in a room, Elizabeth speaks with
a firm and confident tone that conveys both passion and fairness. Through
my encounters with her, I am convinced that she will capably and dutifully
perform the duties required of her in this position.
Once again, I am honored to introduce Elizabeth Dillon to you today. I
strongly support her confirmation. I urge the Committee to favorably report
her nomination and look forward to working towards her swift confirmation
on the Senate floor.