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Chapter 1

Understanding The Law of Attraction

Chapter 2

A Definition of The Law of Attraction

Chapter 3

Captain and Crew


Chapter 4

The Law of Attraction History


Chapter 5

The Law of Cause and Effect


Chapter 6

How Does The Law of Attraction Work


Chapter 7

The Evolution of Our Thought


Chapter 8

The Nature of Being


Chapter 9

The Cosmic Mind


Chapter 11

Spirituality and Science


Chapter 12

The Wacky World of Quantum Science


Chapter 13

The Law of Attraction and Affirming


Chapter 14

Using Positive Affirmations


Chapter 15

The Law of Attraction and Visualizing


Chapter 16

Goal Setting


Chapter 17

Overcoming Failure


Chapter 18

Law of Attraction Training


Although this is only the introduction, please do not skip it. I know
that you are keen to get to the nitty gritty, but without this
introduction you could become lost before you start.
This is your introduction to The Law of Attraction as I have come
to know and understand it, the Law or more importantly believing
the Law is the key to using the Law of Attraction to your benefit.
An encyclopaedia definition of The Law of Attraction is a theory
commonly associated with New Age and New Thought philosophy.
It posits, that one should never dwell on the negative, as the
metaphysical principle of life is embodied in a Law of Attraction
To put the New Age New Thought Philosophy to rest we need to
look at the history of the Law of Attraction and what philosophies
and ideas they were based on.
In research of the Law of Attraction you will find reference to The
Emerald Tablet, written some 3,000 years BC, and the translations
by various scholars such as Einstein & Plato, you will also find
books based on the Law of Attraction dating back to 1912, The
Master Key System, and 1937, Think and Grow Rich, hardly New
The purpose of this book is to show you how the worlds wealthy
people have gained their wealth by using the Law of Attraction
(whether knowing or unknowingly) or indeed how the worlds most
unsuccessful people have blighted their success by utilising these
You see just knowing about the existence of the Law of Attraction
is not your ticket to everything in life you can ever imagine,
however understanding, allowing and using it is.
What I will undertake is to explain the principles of the Law of
Attraction, as well as giving you the tools and understanding to
make the Law work in a positive way for you. I will be showing
you the way that you can literally manifest anything you can

imagine into your life, and indeed show you that it is your destiny
to do so.
It is time to unlock your hidden potential, as never before, its time
for an education like youve never known before. However its also
time to face reality, because as I will show you, your current
financial and emotional situation, indeed your current surroundings
whatever they may be, are a direct result of what you are feeling,
thinking, and believing and, unless you can take full responsibility
for where you are now, you will never fully control where you are
I know that this is very difficult for a lot of people to hear but until
you take full responsibility for your own situation, without blaming
external factors and placing the blame for your situation outside of
yourself. Unless you can do this, you will never have the
ammunition to change direction and gain all the things you desire.
Many will have discovered the Law of Attraction by way of the film
The Secret, inspired by Rhonda Byrne. The focus of the film was
based on a small, old book called The Science of Getting Rich.
Rhondas mission was to take this knowledge to the world, and so
the great journey that was The Secret, began.
However, for many, seeing the film The Secret will not be enough.
You see, its not about knowing The Secret or learning of the
existence of the Law of Attraction that will change you. Its about
learning how to apply the Laws, its about controlling your
conscious and in turn your subconscious mind.
I will give you the science of the Law of Attraction, the history of
the Law of Attraction, and the various methods of using the Law of
Attraction to your advantage.
I will give you your wand of life and teach you how to use it.
I hope you enjoy this book, and if youd like to read more
information please visit my website the

Understanding The Law of Attraction

In understanding the Law of Attraction, we come to realize that
we attract into our lives whatever we give our Attention, Energy
and Focus to. Whether wanted or unwanted.
That with synchronicity, we attract from the outside what we
resonate with, on the inside, bringing into our life what we
momentarily strongly focus upon.
In other words, that by having an optimistic attitude and focusing
on success, one attracts these, while having a cynical depressed
attitude attracts negative experiences.
Could this be true?
During my introduction to the Law of Attraction, I needed to make
a shift to the positive; Id surely had enough negative experience
to last a lifetime.
Before to long my life carried on staying the same, bills, debt,
more bills, more debt, you get the picture. What was happening?
Understanding the Law of Attraction principles was not a problem,
I focused on the positive, and all I was getting was the same old
Reading more into these ideas, I began to understand that I
needed to believe and be grateful and this elusive Law of
Attraction would kick in.
Great, I had the answer; say thank you to everyone and all would
be OK!
The postman got a thank you for not bringing a bill, the trolley boy
at the supermarket got one for leaving a trolley out for me, so did
the checkout girl because there was no queue.
I thanked the ATM machine, the bank manager, the kid on the
bike, my computer, the cooker, heck I must be the most grateful

person on the planet, this Law of Attraction aint going turn me

After a few days of this everything started to go wrong, you
guessed it, the postman brought a bill, the trolley boy left no
trolley, the checkout girl left a queue, even the ATM stopped
giving me money.
Whats going wrong? What was I missing?
Then those words rang out at me again, in understanding the Law
of Attraction process you needed Faith and Belief.
But how could I Believe? This stuff hadnt worked up to now, so
how could I believe? Tell me how it works and then Ill Believe.
Dont worry about How The Law of Attraction works, I was told,
You dont need to know, you dont know how electricity works,
but you still use it.
But thats not fair! With electricity, I dont need faith, I plug the
kettle in and get a steaming cup of coffee, whether I believe it or
So the question is, if I focus on the fact that I have little money,
bad health, or a poor relationship, how and why does the Law of
Attraction respond by giving me more of what Im focusing on?
And if I shift my focus to the positive how do my desires come
And this is the great secret of the secret, in understanding The
Law of Attraction and knowing how it works, youll start to trust it
Trust it and youll start to believe it. Believe it, and it will start to
respond and only then can you start to refine, mould, and create
your desired reality.

A Definition of The Law of Attraction

To come up with a definition of the Law of Attraction, we need to
have an understanding of our surroundings.
Everything in the universe is made from the same thing, energy.
We have always thought of matter as being solid, but if we were
to look at our hands with a powerful microscope, we would see
molecules of atoms, held together, but with large gaps of nothing,
not a solid.
If we were to look closer we would see these atoms made up of a
nucleus with electrons whizzing around them, like planets whizzing
around our sun, we are not solid, we are not static, we are energy.
Its not just our physical characteristics that are energy, our
thoughts are too.
If you put your hands on your head and just hold them there for a
Now think about all the muscles that were employed to complete
that simple task, you read the instruction, and carry out the task,
seemingly, without a thought. But thousands of electronic signals
were sent via your body network, instructing muscles to contract
and expand, nerves to analyse, feel and provide feedback, until
your limbs were in the desired environment, for more signals to
explode through your body telling everything to pause.
Now think about hitting a ball with a bat, analyse that!
Now try something else for five minutes.
Sit still, control your body in a comfortable position without
Now stare at nothing, empty your mind and think of nothing, just
for 5 minutes.

You just cant do it.

We our like little factories of thought, little foundries of energy,
and like the electron whizzing around the nucleus we are either
positive or negative, we are living magnets giving off positive or
negative energy, and in much the same way as magnets we are
attracting into our lives the same energy that we are giving,
depending on which end of the magnet we are activating, this is
the Law of Attraction.
One way of formulating a definition of the Law of Attraction would
be to think of what reading material resonates with you, what
ideas ring true, which people have good or bad vibes, or who is on
the same wavelength.
These are more than just metaphors, they are accurate ways of
describing the vibration of our reality.
It is known that two tuning forks with the same physical
characteristics when held close together, the ringing fork will
cause a non-ringing fork to ring as they resonate with each other.
Likewise, two people will resonate with each other when they
share common frequency. Simply having common interests is not
enough to cause resonance. There must also be compatibility on
the soul level that you can feel.
This resonate definition of the Law of Attraction would be, like
attracts like. If my vibrating energy is positive, I will attract into
my life positive people, likewise if my vibrating energy is negative,
I will attract like-minded negative people.
The definition of the Law of Attraction could be perhaps more
easily explained as the Law of Vibration.
A simple definition of the Law of Attraction could be,
With syncronicity, we attract from the outside what you resonate
with, on the inside.

Another definition of the Law of Attraction says that,

I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, Energy and
Focus to. Whether wanted or unwanted.
To expand this definition of the Law of Attraction a little, we could
say that by having an optimistic attitude and focusing on success,
one attracts these, while having a cynical depressed attitude
attracts negative experiences.
If you focus on the fact that you have little money, bad health, or
poor relationships, the Law of Attraction will respond by giving you
more of what you are focusing on.
Of course, most people dont really want more of the things they
lack, but because they are putting focus and energy toward the
negative, more negativity happens.
So by using thought as intention and attention, in other words,
thinking will be the cause, observing will change the original
outcome and become the effect.


Captain and Crew

Another simplistic definition of the Law of Attraction is from Val
Smyth, founder of Mentors in Motion. For his definition of Law of
Attraction, Val refers to Captain and Crew Technology. He
describes the process as, be, do and have.
To draw his depiction of the human mind, you would draw a large
circular head resting on top of a stick body, if you divide the head
in two with a horizontal line, inserting the word Captain (conscious
mind) in the top half, and Crew (subconscious mind) in the bottom
On the top of the head you would insert two antennas, one with a
positive (+) sign, the other a negative (-) sign, and between the
antenna, an energy or frequency line.
Everything that takes place comes from energy, our thoughts to
situations, comments, conversation, indeed our life experience will
be received and transmitted from the positive or the negative
What the mind receives will be analysed by the captain, before
passing to the crew. So it is the captain (the conscious mind) who
is analytical, who will decide, what is true and what is untrue,
before giving the information to the crew. The crew (the
subconscious mind) cannot analyse, cannot reason and relies
100% on the captain to create its reality.
The captain is rather like the watchman at the gate protecting the
However, there is huge flaw in this arrangement, if the captain
experiences are predominately negative energy, the crew will have
no choice but to manifest predominately negative feelings.
If I tell you that you are ugly, then you can take that experience
as a positive and choose to ignore my worthless opinion, thus
protecting the crew, or you can experience it as a negative, telling
the crew that they are ugly and worthless.

The crew must manifest what the captain tells them, if the captain
responded in a negative way, telling the crew that they are ugly,
then the crew will have no choice but manifest the feelings of
ugliness, worthlessness and low esteem.
Similarly if I thank you for something, telling you how wonderful
you are, the captain experiences this as a positive, and tells the
crew the same thing, the crew has no choice but to manifest those
feelings of feeling good.
A good example that Val shares with us is one of his own
experiences, growing up with his father who continually verbally
abused him. A young life of being told that he was worthless,
unlovable, hated and useless, of course you can imagine the
The captains job was to collect the data and pass on to the crew
that which he believed to be true, so, if the captain believes the
abuse, then the crew must respond, manifesting shy, fearful and
introverted emotions, of course this child will grow up to be just
that, shy, introverted, and scared, withdrawing from relationships
and experiencing difficulty in handling themselves in society.
Such a person may dream of success, relationships, prosperity and
happiness but until those inner feelings and subconscious beliefs
are addressed, they will never find any of these things.
As soon as he accepted that his abuser wasnt directing his hate to
anything but his feelings towards himself, he could start to
disregard his fathers abusive nature, stop believing him and
manifest a different destiny for himself.
I am sure that you know that as you read this, your body
continues to function, your heart beats, kidneys clean, lungs
pump. You are a mass of energy, mending and replacing yourself.
This is your crew at work, creating your inner and outer world. Its
your subconscious and will bring into reality anything you desire.
Did rich people get rich by chance? No, they use the Captain and
Crew, manifesting abundance into reality.

Do people stay on benefits by chance? No, they use the Captain to

tell the Crew that they have low self-esteem, they are not worthy,
and that they need support, sure enough the crew will manifest
that reality to.
You must BE poverty, to DO poverty, to HAVE poverty
Similarly if you are of a middle class mindset, the Captain will
instruct the Crew that you need $40k, $50k or $60k annual income
to maintain your middle class lifestyle, every month there will be
enough money to pay your mortgage, your 2 cars and put enough
food on the table, nothing more and nothing less.
You must BE middle class, to DO middle class, to HAVE middle
If the Captain tells the Crew to do something, the Crew will
respond, never question it and never doubt it. If you doubt it then
what happens, the Captain is then telling the Crew dont believe
that order causing confusion and chaos.
Be specific in what you order, be specific with what you want, the
Captain and Crew will bring into reality whatever you desire. Your
house, your street, your partner, job and car are a result of the
Captain and Crew, you created these things, you attracted them to
Everything you see, everything that surrounds you, is the result of
your conscious mind, telling your subconscious mind, and your
subconscious mind manifesting it for you. This is the Law of
Attraction in action.
Whatever definition of the Law of Attraction you take on board,
you must learn to control your conscious mind, whether your using
meditation for abundance techniques, attracting abundance and
prosperity into your life or using Law of Attraction relationship


Its the power of positive thinking, combined with spiritual growth

that will give you the power of your conscious mind which will, in
turn, enable your subconscious mind to manifest your desires.


The Law of Attraction History

What is the history of the Law of Attraction and when did it start?
It started with the creation of the universe and the creation of
thought. The challenging question is, when did mankind first
become aware of this law?
The answer to that is unknown, although there is some evidence
to suggest that people knew about universal law at least 6000 or
7000 years ago.
Research on the history of the Law of Attraction provides us with
many inspirational quotes, which gives us plenty of evidence that
the laws were truly understood.
When studying the history of the Law of Attraction we see that
Buddha said,
All that we are is the result of what we have thought."
A powerful statement.
Buddha is telling us that, not only do we create the material things
in our lives by what we think, we also create ourselves.
Further evidence in the history of the Law of Attraction can be
found in the King James version of the Bible, In the Book of Job.
We see that Job may not have fully understood the workings of
attraction, however like many people today he suffered the
consequences of the law by not using it for his good.
In Job 3: 25, it reads,
For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me,
and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.


How many of us are creating what we do not desire in life? How

many of us are setting ourselves up as victims because we do not
understand, or are not consciously using the Law of Attraction?
Without knowing when the phrase was first coined, it is difficult to
document the first writings, however Law of attraction awareness
was certainly awakened in the last century or so, with many
authors and scientists writing, perhaps controversially, at the turn
of the last century.
Many of these books are now in the public domain and are
available in eBook format at the Law-of-Attraction-Guide Free
eBook Library.
James Allen (1864-1912)
James Allen is best known for his book As a Man Thinketh, which
is one of the most powerful law of attraction books written.
The forward states,
to stimulate men and women to the discovery and perception of
the truth that - they themselves are makers of themselves by
virtue of the thoughts which they choose and encourage; that
mind is the master-weaver, both of the inner garment of character
and the outer garment of circumstance, and that, as they may
have hitherto woven in ignorance and pain they may now weave
in enlightenment and happiness.
As you can see the style of writing is rather dated and needs to be
read carefully.
Wallace D. Wattles (1860 1911)
Wallace Wattles studied the various religious beliefs and
philosophies of the world including those of Descartes, Spinoza,
Leibnitz, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Swedenborg, Emerson, and others.
He translated those studies into several books including The
Science of Getting Rich. In this book he builds upon the following

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, which, in
its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces
of the universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing
that is imaged by the thought. I can form things in my thought,
and by impressing my thoughts upon formless substance, can
cause the thing I think about to be created.
In the past 30 years, this book has been used as the basis to
teach many people about the Law of Attraction, and was the
inspiration for the movie, The Secret.
Charles F. Haanel (1866 - 1943)
Charles Haanel was a noted American author and businessman
who belonged to the American Scientific League, The Authors
League of America, The American Society of Psychical Research,
the St. Louis Humane Society and the St. Louis Chamber of
Charles F. Haanel began his business career in St. Louis. He
resigned his position in order to start his own company and
eventually founded one of the largest conglomerates of his time.
He wrote several books that were published in St. Louis by
Psychology Publishing and by his Master Key Institute in New York.
Mr. Haanel put into books the ideas and methods he used to gain
his success. Besides the Master Key System, which he wrote in
1912, he also wrote Mental Chemistry and The New Psychology.
By 1933 The Master Key System had sold over 200,000 copies and
then seemingly disappeared.
The Master Key System has proved to be one of the finest studies
in self-improvement and higher consciousness ever written.
Covering everything from attracting abundance and prosperity, to
greater health and happiness.
This system teaches the principles and practise of the laws of
cause and effect.


One of the most inspirational quotations written in the introduction

of the book is,
Abundance, therefore, depends upon recognition of the laws of
Abundance, and the fact that Mind is not only the creator, but the
only creator of all there is.
Again the writing requires careful reading, but is well worth it.
The Master Key System was originally written as a 24 part
correspondence course and therefore is far more practical as a
step-by-step building process, with weekly Law of Attraction
exercises and lessons.
The Master Key System is the spine of our own training program
Unlock The Power of You
Napoleon Hill (1883 - 1970)
Napoleon Hill is considered to have influenced more people into
success than any other person in history. He has been perhaps the
most influential man in the area of personal success development.
As a reporter, Napoleon Hill was given an assignment to write a
series of success stories of famous men, and his big break came
when he was asked to interview steel-magnate Andrew Carnegie.
Mr. Carnegie commissioned Hill to interview over 500 millionaires
to find a success formula that could be used by the average
These included Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry
Ford, Elmer Gates, Charles M. Schwab, Theodore Roosevelt,
William Wrigley Jr, John Wanamaker, WIlliam Jennings Bryan,
George Eastman, Woodrow Wilson, William H. Taft, John D.
Rockefeller, F. W. Woolworth, Jennings Randolph, among others.
He became an advisor to Andrew Carnegie, and with Carnegie's
help he formulated a philosophy of success, drawing on the
thoughts and experience of a multitude of rags-to-riches tycoons.


It took Hill over 20 years to produce his book, a classic in the

Personal Development field called Think and Grow Rich.
This book has sold over 7 million copies and has helped thousands
achieve success. The secret to success is very simple but you'll
have to read the book to find out what it is!
The first copy of Think and Grow rich was sold in 1937. Eleven
years later, in February 1948, Coronet magazine polled 300
successful young men and women, asking, What books had most
influenced their lives and contributed to their success? Think and
Grow Rich was ranked fourth. Some 38 years later USA Today
published a list of the top 10 selling paperbacks about
investments, Think and Grow Rich ranked No.1. Incredibly in 2002,
some 65 years after it was published, Think and Grow Rich was
tenth in the Business Week bestsellers.
Napoleon Hills work stands as a monument to individual
achievement and is the cornerstone of modern motivation. His
book, Think and Grow Rich, is the all time best seller in the field.
The forerunner to Think and Grow Rich was called The Law of
Success, a far more in-depth book which is an integral part of the
Unlock The Power of You Training Program
Florence Scovel (1871 - 1940)
One of the first metaphysics teachers of this past century. In her
book The Game of Life and How to Play It, she states;
Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a
game. It is a game, however, which cannot be played successfully
without the knowledge of spiritual law, and the Old and the New
Testaments give the rules of the game with wonderful clearness.
Jesus Christ taught us that it was a great game of Giving and
Receiving. "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap"
This means that whatever man sends out, in word or deed, will
return to him; what he gives, he will receive. If he gives hate, he
will receive hate; if he gives love, he will receive love; if he gives

criticism, he will receive criticism; if he lies, he will be lied to; if he

cheats, he will be cheated.
Florence is also quoted as saying Infinite spirit opens the way for my great abundance. I am an
irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by divine right. My
supply is endless, inexhaustible and immediate and comes to me
under grace in perfect ways.
It is my belief, that at our very core, people want to have a
peaceful and harmonious world. I also believe that as people
become aware of the history of the Law of Attraction, they will
realize that they can influence the world by their belief and will be
an agent for positive change for the future.
It is important that more and more people become aware of and
use the Law of Attraction daily to create tremendous lives for
themselves and others.
The Game of Life and How to Play It, is another study program of
the Unlock The Power of You training program.


The Law of Cause and Effect

Everything Happens for a Reason
If we understand Cause and Effect, can we change the Cause and
change the Effect on our lives for the better?
For every effect in your life, there is a cause, or series of specific,
measurable, definable, identifiable causes.
We all know someone who seems to be a Law of Attraction
Someone who, seemingly understands the Law of Attraction
success principles and with ease appears to have everything they
Usually these are people who weve thought, much more fortunate
than we were.
As I have described, we attract to our life what we give our focus,
energy and attention to.
So are these people deliberately attracting a better lifestyle or not?
For those of us who have applied our attention, energy and focus
on without, we are still using Cause and Effect, its just that our
attention has been focused in the wrong direction.
The definition of Cause and Effect says that if there is anything
you want in life, an effect that you desire, you can find someone
else that has achieved the same result or effect, and that by doing
the same things that they have done, over and over you can
eventually enjoy the same results and rewards.
However, Cause and Effect cuts both ways. It also says that if
there is an unwanted effect in your life, whether its no money,
bad relationships, unsatisfying career, or any other difficulty, you
can trace that effect back to the things that you have done to


cause it and that by removing the causes you can begin to remove
the effects, sometimes as quickly as overnight.
From this moment on, using Cause and Effect to attract
abundance and prosperity, will be down to your knowledge, not be
down to luck.
As with any skill you will need to practise affirmations,
visualizations, and Law of Attraction exercises to attract those
things you desire. And I mean practise, I can tell you how to play
the piano, but I cant make you practise, I can not give you the
determination to keep trying this until you make it work.
Im reminded of a lesson I was once taught, "Intelligence is not
the secret of success, as I know many disillusioned intellects, skill
is not the secret of success, as I know many talented failures, but
persistence, is the only way to succeed"
Although some of us are better at certain skills, that doesn't mean
the rest of us, with practice, can't improve or even surpass the
talent expressed by another.
Grasping a better understanding of the process of Cause and
Effect and the Law of Attraction, is the first step in attracting
abundance and prosperity to manifest your dreams.
Success, however you define it, is not an accident. It is not a
result of good luck versus bad luck. Even if you have not taken the
time to clearly identify how you got from where you were to where
you are today, there have been a series of specific steps that you
have taken that have brought you to where you are at this minute.
And the fact is, they could have brought you to no other place.
You have used Cause and Effect to bring you to where, and what
you are now. It has been your choices and your decisions over the
months and years that have inevitably determined the condition of
your life at this moment.
The most wonderful part of this is, that at any time you can start
making different choices and different decisions, taking different

steps and you will inevitably arrive at a different place than where
you are today.
In its simplest terms, successful, happy, healthy, prosperous
people are those that have discovered the laws that govern our
lives and have designed their lives so that they are in harmony
with those laws. As a result, through Cause and Effect, they
experience far more joy and satisfaction, and accomplish far more
in a few years then the average person does in a lifetime.
The Law of Attraction is commonly associated with wealth
creation. This is a misconception. These laws are the defining
principles that govern every aspect of your life; relationships,
family, business and health.
Whenever you need to succeed, the Law of Attraction and your
mental attitude will define the level of your success, or indeed
The Law of Cause and Effect is this thoughts are causes and
conditions are effects. Your mind is the most powerful force in
your universe. A man becomes what he thinks about most of the
You are, where you are and what you are, because of your
habitual ways of thinking.
Your thoughts are creative, and they ultimately create your reality.
So if you change your thinking, you change your life.
The greatest thinkers of all time, have all emphasized the power of
positive thinking and the power of Cause and Effect to shape
individual destinies.
whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap
Whatever you are reaping today is a result of what you have sown
in the past.
You will see that every conceivable force or object or fact is the
result of mind in action.

Mind in action is thought, and thought is creative. Men are

thinking now, as they never thought before. Therefore, this is a
creative age, and the world is awarding its richest prizes to the
Matter is powerless, passive, and inert. Mind is force, energy, and
power. Mind shapes and controls matter. Every form which matter
takes is but the expression of some pre-existing thought.
But thought works no magic transformations; it obeys Natural
Laws; it sets in motion natural forces; it releases natural energies;
it manifests in your conduct and actions, and these in turn react
upon your friends and acquaintances, and eventually upon the
whole of your environment.
You can originate thought, and since thoughts are creative, you
can create for yourself the things you desire.
Whether it is called Cause and Effect, the Law of Attraction, the
Power of Positive Thinking or simply Sowing and Reaping, they all
follow universal principles that have existed since the beginning of
man on this earth.
All success, happiness and achievement comes from organizing
your life in conformance with these Cause and Effect principles.
When you do, you will achieve satisfaction and enjoyment at levels
seldom experienced by the average person and of course, people
will start to refer to you as lucky.
If we assume that the Law of Attraction or the Laws of Cause and
Effect, suggests that we should be aware, but never ever dwell on
the negative, as the principle of life and metaphysics that is
embodied in the law of attraction, that is that you get what you
think about; your thoughts determine your destiny.
To utilize the Law of Attraction you need to understand the
principle of Cause and Effect, the following is a short 3-step



Ask what you want in an object/scenario context


Maintain Focus; the universe will answer


Do not hesitate when the goal is manifested;

seize it without hesitation.

Sounds simple enough doesnt it?


What could be easier, however as we have already

discussed, this is not as simple as that. To ask will
involve positive visualisation techniques, possibly
words of affirmations, vision boards or meditation.
Whatever technique you use the art of asking is being
accurate and specific.


One of the hardest principles to get hold of, to believe,

not to doubt in any way whatsoever. When we look at
the possibility of Attracting the winning lottery
numbers, in principal thats fine, but can you submit
youre numbers and without any shadow of doubt
know, hand on heart, that you have the winning ticket?
Doubt Blocks.

Receive Now that must be simple? Mind you has opportunity

ever presented itself to you, which, in hindsight you
wish youd taken? Seize it without hesitation but with
Heres a short beginners exercise to help you utilise Cause and
Effect. Start with simple things, like a car park space, a phone call
being answered or maybe an out of the blue contact with a friend.
1. Find a quiet room and get into a comfortable position.
2. Think of something, anything that brings you strong positive
emotions of love, joy, or gratitude. (It can be the birth of a
child, a promotion, a new pet, a relationship, etc. just
remember it must be totally positive.) Re-live the experience
until you can feel the joy in your entire body with all your

senses. Got the idea? It is important to feel it, as this adds

emphasis (and speed) to you manifesting your desires. Make
sure all your senses are being used. What did it sound like,
smell like, feel like, etc?
3. When you're in a truly happy state, visualize what you want
to create and see it as if it has already happened -- that you
are driving that new car, living in that new home and
enjoying that relationship. Really get into the feeling and use
this experience to its fullest. Again use all your senses. Try
to hear those ocean breezes, smell the scent of the pine
trees, feel the touch of your fingers on the steering wheel of
that car, taste that kiss, and see yourself enjoying that new
car or relationship, etc. Got the idea?
4. When you are done, say it out loud or write on a piece of
paper, I am so happy and grateful that....... and fill in the
object of your desire. For example, I am so happy and
grateful that I have enough money to pay for anything I
want and to travel anywhere, anytime. Then write or say,
It is done. And so it is. Say this in a confident and
commanding tone and expect it to happen.
5. You have now released it to the Universe so go about your
day and forget about the how's. This is where you must
Let go and let God as the saying goes. This is the true Art
of Allowing because you have given it over to God (The
Universe). Remember this is the part where we often fail
because we question or we keep noticing that we dont have
it yet.
These methods are great for getting started but you really need to
gain full control over your subconscious, to really see the power of
positive thinking.
To develop your Cause and Effect skills, Unlock The Power of You
allows you to unleash your full potential faster than you ever
thought possible!


How Does The Law of Attraction Work?

This is not an easy question to answer, arguably the first selfimprovement guide that existed, which mentioned, or more
accurately referred to the Law of Attraction, was the First
Testament. We therefore have to take a Spiritual or Religious
So do I argue the existence of a God?
But then again, it is science that has put the Law of Attraction,
back on the modern day table.
So do I argue the fact of science?
You see, throughout history, it has been a battle of science and
religion, from astrology to evolution, you could not sit on the
fence, were you blinded by science or misguided by religion?
This is a dawn of a new age, where religion will need to embrace
its own evolution, and science its spirituality.
Our minds are like parachutes, only functioning properly when
fully open, and now is the time to Pull The Cord.
If you air on the side of science, I ask you to consider the spiritual
arguments and vice versa for religious readers, these theories
follow logical patterns.
Before we start, a word about God
I will not stand here to prove the existence of your or any God, I
do not stand on any side of religion, when I speak about God, I
do so for want of a better name.
To begin with, it will do us well to dispel all our visual ideas of
God, especially in human form, because that will seem to limit our
ideas of power and resource.


But before we embark on the principle of the Law of Attraction as

fact, we need to clear up the issue of proof. It has been said, and
strictly speaking its true, that, The Law of Attraction is only a
theory; it hasn't been proved.
So how can we prove the Law of Attraction?
Is the law Attraction, a theory?
Strictly speaking it is, but there is some confusion between what
theory means informally, compared to a theory of science.
In the scientific sense, a theory is a group of general propositions
used as principles to explain a condition or phenomena.
So does this mean that the Law, Attraction is uncertain?
Not at all, or more accurately speaking, as uncertain as electricity,
gravity and evolution.
Ah, I here you say, electricity and gravity are governed by laws!
True, and heres the difference, a theory does not imply lack of
certainty, but explains the reason for seeing a result, to our best
understanding, a law however, implies that the results we see can
be calculated in controlled conditions.
Yes but as a theory or law Attraction has no proof!
Ok, but does that make it weak?
Has anything in the physical world ever been proved? Or will it
ever be?
In the real world, we must deal with levels of certainty based on
The more and better evidence we have for something, the more
certainty we assign to it; when there is enough evidence, we label
the something a fact, even though it still isn't 100% certain, or
fully understood.

To use proof as an argument against the theory of the law

Attraction, is ridiculous ... you might as well argue that gravity is
a theory, and that we can't assume objects will always fall to the
ground, after all its far from being completely understood.
What the Law of Attraction has is what any good scientific claim,
or evidence, and lots of it. A wide range of observations
throughout history supports the Law of Attraction and to challenge
the theory, Attraction, you must address that evidence.
You must show that the evidence is either wrong or irrelevant, or
that it fits another theory better.
Of course, to do this, you must know both the theory and the
So what is the evidence of this Law of Attraction?
One of the most successful self-help books of all time was a 25
year study of success principles documented by Napoleon Hill in
his books Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich
Think and Grow Rich Hill refers to the Law of Attraction as The
Secret, which has made fortunes for more than five hundred
exceedingly wealthy men, whom he carefully analyzed over a long
period of years.
The secret Law of Attraction, was brought to Hills attention by
Andrew Carnegie, asking Hill if he would be willing to spend
twenty years or more, taking this principle to the world, to men
and women who, without the secret, might go through life as
This book contains the secret Law of Attraction, after having been
put to a practical test by thousands of people, in almost every
walk of life.
It was Mr. Carnegie's idea that the magic formula, which gave him
a stupendous fortune, ought to be placed within reach of people
who do not have time to investigate how men make money, and it
was his hope that Hill might test and demonstrate the soundness

of the formula through the experience of men and women in every

He believed the formula should be taught in all public schools and
colleges, and expressed the opinion that if it were properly taught,
it would so revolutionize the entire educational system that the
time spent in school, could be reduced to less than half.
In Hills words,
While I was performing the twenty year task of research,
which I had undertaken at Mr. Carnegie's request, I analyzed
hundreds of well known men, many of whom admitted that
they had accumulated their vast fortunes through the aid of
the Carnegie secret.
These names represent but a small fraction of the hundreds
of well known Americans whose achievements, financially
and otherwise, prove that those who understand and apply
the Carnegie secret, reach high stations in life. I have never
known anyone who was inspired to use the secret, who did
not achieve noteworthy success in his chosen calling. I have
never known any person to distinguish himself, or to
accumulate riches of any consequence, without possession
of the secret. From these two facts I draw the conclusion
that the secret is more important, as a part of the knowledge
essential for self-determination, than any which one receives
through what is popularly known as education.
I do suggest that you read Think and Grow Rich, which you can
download from our Free Law of Attraction Library.
However Hills preceding book, The Law of Success, is a much
clearer and concise version, but, an extremely rare book!
The Law of Success is one of our study books in the Law of
Attraction Guides Training Programme Master the Law of
Attraction, Unlock The Power of You


The Evolution of Our Thought

The following pages will give you an understanding of how the
Law of Attraction works, from both a religious, or spiritual angle,
and from the view of modern science.
These ideas follow a inductive reasoning pattern, so you will need
to read them quite carefully.
If we studied the evolution of Man we would see that, Intelligent
Man was preceded by Instinctive Man. An instinctive creature who
was unaware of himself and his surroundings.
Evolution was the creator of Instinctive Man, but at the time that
Instinctive Man made his first greatest discovery, I AM, the
evolutionary process stopped, and Intelligent Man took over.
So where did Instinctive Man go?
Instinctive Man relied purely on instinctive thought, there was no
reason for things, they just were, a kind of animal state. But
where is he? Well he is still there, we cannot see him, but we
know he is there, he is our subconscious, our un-objecting self,
the doer in you, or the God in Man.
So if nature through evolution created Instinctive Man, to a point
that he was intelligent, why is he not perfect?
To create a perfect being, it must have free will and choice, we
must have the freedom to be perfect and we must discover this
perfection for ourselves.
But throughout our growth and advancement our instinct keeps
telling us that there must be something more, the human race has
suffered greatly, throughout all history, as disease, hardship and
discord as proceeded the crowning tomb of death, to end all.


Why all the suffering, sorrow sickness and sin, only to be met by
an ultimate sinking into the soil?
It is the Instinctive Man who said that there must be something
more, Instinctive Man had spoken, Know Thyself, look within for
the answer of life.
This has been mans greatest discovery, and mans greatest
adventure, the discovery of mind.
But what of mind, Intelligent Man always new of mind, it told him
what he needed, when to eat, how to hunt and build, its just his
But can the brain think?
If it could then we could take it out of our body and it would go
right on thinking.
So the brain alone cannot think, as man in a physical form cannot
think without a brain, it follows that there must be a thinker in
man, a thinker that uses the brain of man to think.
But what is this thinker, who is he, we cannot see him so how can
we know that he exists.
There are many powers of nature we cannot see, but we do not
doubt their existence, we see the effect of electricity and gravity,
but we do not see the cause, we do not see electricity.
It is man who has discovered himself, it is man who has applied
this knowledge. His body has been produced by a process of
evolution, which took man to the realisation of himself, evolution
ceased when man discovered that he could think and reason.
But what of his thoughts? Where did his thoughts go?
Man had discovered that he could think and that his thoughts
returned to him as memory.


This led to the conclusion that memory was active, an inner

mental action. Our bodies are not conscious of life, but are
thought is conscious of our body, it must be that our body is
operated by thought.
If then our body is operated by thought, so it must be operated by
memory, as memory is active thought.
Therefore as memory is the collection of conscious thought and
operates the body, memory must be an unconscious operation of
what was once conscious thought.
This is the formation of habit, the way we learn. This is how we
run, walk and talk, seemingly without thinking.
The conclusion must be that we have 2 minds. One mind being
the seat of habit, our memory, what we call subjective or
subconscious mind. The other the seat of reason, our analytical,
objective or conscious mind. The conscious mind thinks and acts
while the subconscious mind builds and operates, the
subconscious body builder and maintainer
So as we think, we impress our thought on the subconscious, and
the subconscious must do as directed, the action of thought will
produce the reaction of that thought.
So any imperfection must be a result of imperfect thought. All
thoughts of disease, upset and discord must be a result of
imperfect thinking, it then follows that if we change the way we
think, so must the conditions we experience.
Mans next great discovery was that our thoughts reached others.
Feeling for others, feelings of love, harmony, comfort and vibes,
hatred and uneasiness are more than life experience, they are
instinctive thoughts, instinctive reactions to mental frequency. Our
thought has a measurable vibration, our personal wavelength and
nature has a way of lining compatible things up with each other,
or repelling the incompatible, just as oil repels water or north
attracts south


But our thought could do more than feel frequency, it could

influence and impress others, we see this in hypnosis and healing.
So man had discovered that our objective mind could not only
influence our own subjective mind, but could influence the
subjective mind of others. This being so, it must follow that
thought must act through a universal medium, a universal mind or
the Law of God.
So what of our physical world?
If we can help and heal ourselves and others by thinking into a
Universal Mind, surely we could affect our physical world.
Why were some people rich and some poor? Was it fate or luck?
How could some people be happy and prosperous while others
were unhappy and poor?
Some people succeed and some people fail, yet we all operate in
the same condition, everything is run by man himself, so the
difference must be from within.
Mans next great discovery was the realization that conditions are
controlled by thought, that changed thought changes affairs, that
right thinking produces right conditions.
So man discovered that he could control his affairs by right
thinking; he could bring into his experience the things he wished
to enjoy if he thought correctly; and since this was all in
accordance with law he could do so consciously.
He realized that the time would come when every one would think
correctly; and poverty, unhappiness, and all that goes with them,
would be swept from the face of the earth. They were never
intended to be, but man had misused his power; now that he
understood, he would change his whole manner of thinking and
consequently he would become happy and have plenty.
But every one did not believe this. Many said that it was a foolish
idea, while others said that it was too good to be true. However, it
was soon proven that whoever would believe and comply with the
Law could prove it to be true. If some did not wish to believe, that

was all right; there were plenty who would, and the direct proofs
of their lives would in time convince others.
In this way, eventually, all would be saved from unbearable
conditions. The thing to do was to teach the Law to those who did
We explore this further in the Evolution and Spirituality Chapters of
Unlock The Power of You, our very own Law of Attraction Training


The Nature of Being

Man is made of three parts, a self-conscious mind, a subconscious
mind and a body.
He is conscious mind or spirit.
He is subconscious mind or mental law.
He is body.
The conscious mind controls the subconscious; and in turn, the
subconscious controls the body.
We also know that man comes from God, Life or Nature,
whichever we choose to call it.
But it must be true that if we come from nature, nature must be
life, as there is no way of getting something from something,
unless it was there in the first place.
Because man is something, he must have been made from, or
come out of something, and that something must be what we call
We can also assume that what is true of us must be true of God
(What is true of the part, must be true of the whole). So God is
also made of three parts, God is Spirit (Conscious), Law in Action
(Sub-conscious) and God is result or body.
In other words God is Cause, Medium and Effect.
All things tend to be threefold in nature, a seed for instance is
cause, the medium is soil and the result the plant, or electricity as
cause, the laws of electricity being the way it works and its results
in light, heat or motion.
As Jesus said, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,
Heaven being cause, Gods Will being medium and Earth the effect.


There must always be a trinity of being, The Thing, What The

Thing Does and How it Does it.
But in God and Man there is a Self Conscious Spirit, a self-knowing
that knows itself; this sets Man and God aside.
There is still a trinity of being, The Thing, What The Thing Does
and How it Does it, but in God and Man The Thing knows itself.
This self-knowing nature of Man and God, allows us not to exist
above and independently of law, but to consciously use law for a
definite purpose.
Jesus told us that God and Man are One in Real Nature, this
understanding must be the source of his marvellous power.
There is no record of any Deep Thinker or Great Teacher, that has
taught Duality, Moses taught us that, That the Lord our God is
one Lord. The saying, I AM that I AM, was old before Moses
was born, as it had been inscribed over the temple entrances for
generations. We may go back much farther than Moses and find
the same teaching, for it crops out from the literatures and sayings
of the wise of all ages.
Jesus taught this when He said, I and the Father are One, and in
the saying, The Father that dwelleth in me.
This teaching of Unity is the cornerstone of religious teaching, East
and West, Ancient Scripture to New Age.
Science has found nothing to contradict this teaching, and it never
will, for the teaching is self-evident.
In the development of early Intelligent Man, his thought brought
him to an idea that there were many Gods. As Man experienced
different kinds of misfortune and difficulties, it was a natural
development to put blame on the Gods, and as Man has always
experienced many difficulties, he needed many Gods, Devils and
Evils to blame.


But as Intelligent Mans understanding grew, he realised that there

could not be many powers, as the Cause of Everything must begin
with one, Unity.
But to this day, Man has had a misguided idea of Unity. Were
taught and preached Unity, yet at the same time we are taught
Duality. We are taught that Good comes from one place and Evil
from another, a duality of Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil or God
and The Devil.
A Universe divided against itself.
The belief in duality has robbed theology of power and has
polluted philosophy with untruths; it has divided science against
itself and has made countless thousands go through life with
saddened hearts.
The belief in duality has given rise in theology to the idea of a God
and a devil, each with equal power to impose upon man a blessing
or a curse, and men have worshiped a devil just as they ever
worshiped God.
Many men and teachers of Scriptures have claimed to be teaching
the Word of God by preaching a fear of damnation.
A threatening chant of follow my word, the Word of God, or be
cast into the darkness, thrown to the fire and burn in Hell
This is an appalling thought, and an even more appalling way to
Yes it gets attention, but to what end?
To congregate a group of poor individuals to fall to their knees in
fear of destruction and condemnation is a desperate act, and a
desperate way to teach.
In their defence, such lessons must be taught from the belief that
they speak the truth.


But the time has come for a clearer understanding of the true
Nature of God. That there is a God is difficult to deny, but a God
of Vengeance and Hate? A God of Destruction and Rage?
Could we truly believe that such a God exists, and keep our
The most that we can believe about such a God, is that there is no
such being.
The belief in duality has also robbed science, in that it has created
Energy and Matter; i.e., a dual universe. However, modern science
is rapidly giving out a different idea of the universe; for with the
passing of matter into a hypothetical and theoretical ether there is
but little left on which to hang any belief in materialism. We now
are told that all matter is in a constant state of flow; that it all
comes from one source; and that it will eventually return to that
The world is waking up to the fact that things are not what they
appear to be, what is matter? What is form? What is life?
What this life is, science does not attempt to explain. This has
been left to theology, and whether or not it has been delegated to
those competent to handle the problem time alone will tell.
The difficulty of true philosophy has been the necessity of
explaining Creation with a single or Unitary Cause.
We live in a world of constant change. Things come and go
continuously; forms appear only to disappear; things happen only
to stop happening; and it is no wonder that we have believed that
there were many causes to these unexplained things.
The philosophers of all times have had great difficulty explaining
how just One Cause could manifest Itself in many forms without
dividing or breaking up the One.
This has not been easy, yet, when understood, the explanation
becomes very apparent.


Jesus taught us that, God Dwells Within Us.

How can everything be of One, First Cause? And how could God
be in Me, in You and in everyone and everything, and still be One
Everything we know will always go back to one. Of Man, if we
could trace our ancestors back through All Intelligent Man, we
would find the First, the One who said I AM. All life on earth
goes back to the First.
The First Cause of everything must then be One. If God created
everything, God or Life, as First Cause can only be One. Life
cannot be divided by itself, there can only be No Life or Life, there
cannot be Half a Life.
If it is one then it can have no shape or form, it must be infinite. If
it had sides, a top and bottom, it would have to be in something,
and if it was in something, it would have been created and then
not be, First Cause.
If it has no form, no outer shape then what we see, must be
within it. And any change we see, must be as a result of a
conscious change within it.
There is but one Principle or Consciousness pervading the entire
Universe, occupying all space, and being the same in kind at every
point of its presence.
It is all powerful, all wisdom and always present.
All thoughts and things are within Itself. It is all in all.


The Cosmic Mind

There is one consciousness in the universe able to think, and since
it is just one, we can say that it has complete or unlimited
knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things, it
is an Omniscient consciousness
When it thinks, its thoughts become objective things to it, its
subconscious acts upon the physical world, it is Word or Law. This
consciousness has great or unlimited authority, an almighty or
infinite power, we could say it is, as God or Omnipotent..
It has no form, no beginning and no end, all manifestation of
physical form are within it, all time and all space. This
consciousness is Omnipresent, all around us and ever present.
As this consciousness is omnipresent, it must be present within
every individual; each individual must be a manifestation of that
Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Consciousness.
As there is only one consciousness able to think, it follows that
your consciousness is identical to the Universal Consciousness, or,
in other words, All Mind is One Mind.
The consciousness that focuses in your brain is the same
consciousness, which focuses in the brains of every other
individual. Each individual is an individual part of the Universal, or
Cosmic Mind.
The Universal Mind is potential energy; and it can manifest only
through the individual, and the individual can manifest only
through the Universal. They are one.
The ability of the individual to think is his ability to act on the
Universal and bring it into manifestation.
Man consciousness consists only in the ability of man to think.


Mind in itself is believed to be a subtle form of static energy, from

which arises the activities called thought, which is the dynamic
phase of mind.
Mind is static energy, thought is dynamic energy, the two phases
of the same thing.
Thought vibration is formed by converting static mind into dynamic
All attributes of the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent
Universal Mind, or God, must be present at all times in their
potential form in every individual. So, when the individual thinks,
the thought is compelled by its nature to embody itself in a
condition, which will correspond with the thought.
Every thought therefore is a cause and every condition an effect;
for this reason it is absolutely essential that you control your
thoughts so as to bring forth only desirable conditions.
All power is from within, and is absolutely under your control; it
comes through exact knowledge and by the voluntary exercises of
exact principles.


Spirituality and Science

Can we have a belief in Spirituality and Science or do the two,
completely contradict each other?
If Spirituality is based on faith and belief alone, if it is
unchangeable and abides strict rules and can not grow, then it
would be a contradiction.
Religion however, is based on faith and belief alone, is
unchangeable and abides strict rules and cannot grow, it is religion
that contradicts science, and has always done so. It is Religion
that for thousands of years has kept scientific thinkers locked
away. It is Religion that has executed scholars because their
scientific findings were looked upon as heresy.
Spirituality is not a Religious believe, but is the seeking of higher
levels of experience, asking the deepest questions, and seeking
the true self.
Spirituality is in no way contrary to science. In fact, since science
is such a productive method of discovering new truths, it can be
used for spiritual exploration and discovery.
After all, there can only be one truth that explains creation and our
evolving universe, but there may be many pathways, to reveal one
So how does Science view Spirituality?
Historically science has been rejected, humiliated, persecuted and
ridiculed, but today it enjoys the freedom to discover and develop.
But as soon as scientific academic institutions were established
they rejected and ridiculed anything spiritual, if it could not be
proven by a mathematical formula it couldnt be true.
Science dealt with mass as mass, and ignored all spiritual matters,
but things are changing. Just as religion had to succumb to
scientific knowledge, so now, science is beginning to unravel the

mysteries of the universe with Quantum Physics and their latest

findings are stretching science into the realms of spirituality.
A Quantum View
Quantum Science is going beyond the probe of atoms, and
exploring the weird and wacky. New words are entering science,
new ideas, theories and dimensions, String Theory (dancing,
unobservable, vibrational waves of energy) and Membrane Theory
(Multiple universes, carved up into slices, living side by side, all
conduced by?) are giving room to explore what is known as the Mtheory which is undertaking to prove the unity of Gravity,
Electromagnetism, Weak and Strong nuclear forces.
The deeper Quantum Physicists explore, the closer they encircle
metaphysical philosophy. They are realizing there are higher
realities within infinite dimensions of intelligent vibrational energy.
Some theorists claim to have uncovered eleven dimensions to our
universe. Some Quantum Physicists even go so far as to state the
dimensions of the universe may be infinite. At the same time they
are theorizing on parallel universes that live side by side with our
universe. Perhaps an infinite number of universes?
If this is proven to be true it will explain why our world was not
formed by chance, for if there is an infinite number of universes,
then it stands to common sense at least one would contain
intelligent life as found here on earth. It can be no fluke, because
of the infinite variety of universes. The formula to create our
universe must differ from each and every other universe, in the
same manner as no two humans are identical and each has their
own free will to act within an inescapable framework.


The Wacky World of Quantum Science

Einstein was one of the first to go Quantum, here are some of his
ideas and theories, which have become Law.
Your body contains trillions of atoms, of many different elements.
There are atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, carbon and
nitrogen,...but your body also contains many atoms of calcium,
nickel, potassium, iron...even gold!
In all, there are 92 different types of atoms, most of which can be
found in the molecules that make up the tissues of your body.
Since we know that when the universe formed, the only elements
around were hydrogen and helium, where did all these other types
of atoms come from? The answer is quite startling...all of the
atoms in your body, other than helium and hydrogen, were
manufactured in the center of a supernova...a star that once
existed, but destroyed itself in a gigantic explosion!
To understand how this is possible, we need to look at what atoms
The simplest atom is hydrogen, which contains a nucleus
composed of one proton, circled by one moving electron. The next
simplest atom, helium, has a nucleus with 2 protons, and is circled
by 2 electrons.
The biggest naturally occurring atom is uranium, with 92 protons,
and 92 electrons. (For simplicity, we will ignore the fact that these
atoms also contain neutrons in their nuclei.)
It is possible for small atoms to combine to form bigger ones...but
only under intense heat and pressure...the millions of degrees
found in the center of a star. This process is called nuclear fusion.
Large stars will be so hot in their interior that hydrogen atoms are
forced together to form helium atoms, helium atoms are forced
together to form still larger atoms,...and so on. Eventually, large
stars will contain in their interior, shells of many different heavier
atoms, some as big as iron (57 protons).

If the star is large enough, when it runs out of fuel it will collapse
in on itself. The relatively cooler outer layers hit the incredibly hot
interior, and a massive explosion occurs, called a supernova. Stars
that do this don't live very long...while a smaller star like our sun
may burn for tens of billions of years, a massive star that is
destined to become a supernova may burn out and explode in a
matter of a few million years...a ten-thousandth of the lifetime of
our sun.
During this explosion, temperatures rise once again; coupled with
intense pressure, this is enough energy to force larger atoms to
combine, creating all of the heavier elements from iron to
This explosion is so large that it propels the contents of the star
out into space...including all the heavy elements it has made. Vast
clouds of atoms of all types remain, where once there was a star.
We know that at the beginning of the universe, there was only
hydrogen and helium. Massive stars formed from these gases,
burned out in a few million years, and spewed the heavy elements
they created into space around them.
This process has occurred over and over since the universe began
some 17 billion years ago. We can observe it still happening today,
in our large telescopes.
When our star (the sun) and its family of planets formed from
interstellar gases some 5 billion years ago, those gases were
already well seeded with heavy elements formed in supernovas
that occurred in our interstellar neighbourhood in the previous 12
billion years. All of the heavier elements that went into forming the
earth, the ground, the biosphere,... everything... came from this
interstellar gas cloud. And so did all the elements in your body!
Albert Einstein is perhaps the most famous scientist of this
century. One of his most well-known accomplishments is the
formula E=MC2

Despite its familiarity, many people don't really understand what it

One of Einstein's great insights was to realize that matter and
energy are really different forms of the same thing. Matter can be
turned into energy, and energy into matter.
For example, consider a simple hydrogen atom, basically
composed of a single proton. This subatomic particle has a mass
of 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001 672 kg. This is a tiny
mass indeed. But in everyday quantities of matter there are a lot
of atoms! For instance, in one kilogram of pure water, the mass of
hydrogen atoms amounts to just slightly more than 111 grams, or
0.111 kg.
Einstein's formula tells us the amount of energy this mass would
be equivalent to, if it were all suddenly turned into energy. It says
that to find the energy, you multiply the mass by the square of the
speed of light, this number being 300,000,000 meters per second
(a very large number): = 0.111 x 300,000,000 x 300,000,000 =
10,000,000,000,000,000 Joules
This is an incredible amount of energy! A Joule is not a large unit
of energy ... one Joule is about the energy released when you
drop a textbook to the floor. But the amount of energy in 30
grams of hydrogen atoms is equivalent to burning hundreds of
thousands of gallons of gasoline!
If you consider all the energy in the full kilogram of water, which
also contains oxygen atoms, the total energy equivalent is close to
10 million gallons of gasoline!
Can all this energy really be released? Has it ever been?
The only way for ALL this energy to be released is for the kilogram
of water to be totally annihilated. This process involves the
complete destruction of matter, and occurs only when that matter
meets an equal amount of antimatter ... a substance composed of
mass with a negative charge.


Antimatter does exist; it is observable as single subatomic particles

in radioactive decay, and has been created in the laboratory. But it
is rather short-lived (!), since it annihilates itself and an equal
quantity of ordinary matter as soon as it encounters anything. For
this reason, it has not yet been made in measurable quantities, so
our kilogram of water can't be turned into energy by mixing it with
antiwater. At least, not yet.
Another phenomenon peculiar to small elementary particles like
protons is that they combine. A single proton forms the nucleus of
a hydrogen atom. Two protons are found in the nucleus of a
helium atom. This is how the elements are formed ... all the way
up to the heaviest naturally occurring substance, uranium, which
has 92 protons in its nucleus.
It is possible to make two free protons (Hydrogen nuclei) come
together to make the beginnings of a helium nucleus. This requires
that the protons be hurled at each other at a very high speed. This
process occurs in the sun, but can also be replicated on earth with
lasers, magnets, or in the center of an atomic bomb. The process
is called nuclear fusion.
What makes it interesting is that when the two protons are forced
to combine, they don't need as much of their energy (or mass).
Two protons stuck together have less mass than two single
separate protons!
When the protons are forced together, this extra mass is released
... as energy! Typically this amounts to about 7% of the total
mass, converted to an amount of energy predictable using the
Elements heavier than iron are unstable. Some of them are very
This means that their nuclei, composed of many positively charged
protons, which want to repel from each other, are liable to fall
apart at any moment!
We call atoms like this radioactive.


Uranium, for example, is radioactive. Every second, many of the

atoms in a chunk of uranium are falling apart. When this happens,
the pieces, which are now new elements (with fewer protons) are
LESS massive in total than the original uranium atoms. The extra
mass disappears as energy ... again according to the formula! This
process is called nuclear fission.
Manhattan Project
Both these nuclear reactions release a small portion of the mass
involved as energy. Large amounts of energy! You are probably
more familiar with their uses. Nuclear fusion is what powers a
modern nuclear warhead. Nuclear fission (less powerful) is what
happens in an atomic bomb (like the ones used against Japan in
WWII), or in a nuclear power plant.
Albert Einstein was able to see where an understanding of this
formula would lead. Although peaceful by nature and politics, he
helped write a letter to the President of the United States, urging
him to fund research into the development of an atomic bomb ...
before the Nazis or Japan developed their own first. The result was
the Manhattan Project, which did in fact produce the first tangible
evidence of ... the atomic bomb!
Einstein's also came up with ideas about time, the Theory of
Strange things can happen when you move Fast...things you won't
learn about in high school courses, and won't experience while
driving down the road in your pick-up. But these things are still
very real, and definitely Weird!
Light rays travel very quickly...they cover about 300,000
kilometres every second.
This is as fast as anything can travel; nothing can move as fast as
light particles.
But if it were possible to build a very powerful vehicle that could
move almost as fast as light...perhaps 200,000 km every


second...then anyone observing this vehicle as it flashed past

would notice some extremely peculiar things happening to it.
The vehicle would appear shorter than normal, and in fact, it
would be shorter. If the vehicle were ordinarily 3 metres long, it
might now be only 2 metres in length. If you were able to weigh
the vehicle, you would discover that it weighed much more than
normal. Anybody riding in it would weigh many times their normal
weight.. However, the people in the vehicle would not feel any
heavier, or any thinner. They would feel and look normal to
themselves...but if they looked out the window, they would see
the rest of the world moving by, and it would appear to be shrunk.
If the vehicle were to move faster and faster, getting closer and
closer to the speed of light, it and the people in it would continue
to get thinner and thinner, while at the same time getting heavier
and heavier! These strange occurrences, as described by Albert
Einstein, can actually be observed.
It is not yet possible to build a vehicle that will go this fast, of
course...the fastest spacecraft only cover about 15-20 kilometres
in a second. But tiny particles called 'cosmic rays' that are given
off by the sun...the ones that cause the Northern Lights when they
hit earth's magnetic field...move almost as fast as light, and their
mass can be measured. When they move that fast, their mass IS
much heavier than normal.
A much more dramatic effect of moving fast is what happens to
time. It seems that the faster you move, the more slowly time
At normal, every-day speeds (airplane speed, for instance), the
effect of 'time slowing down' is just barely measurable. You could
fly non-stop around the world in an airplane, and because of your
increase in speed, time would run slower for you. Everyone on the
plane, all the watches and clocks, the plane itself...all would be a
small fraction of a second younger than if they had not gone
anywhere! That experiment has been done. Want to live longer?
Spend lots of time on high-speed planes, and time will move more
slowly for you. You might live 2 seconds longer than you would
have if you'd stayed on the ground.

Things get much more interesting if you fly off in a spacecraft that
can go really fast...perhaps 200.000 km per second. Now time is
really slowing down. Suppose you and a friend are both exactly 16
years old. He stays on earth, but you go off for a trip in our very
fast spacecraft. Fifty years go by on earth. (It's a long way to the
nearest stars!) You return to find your friend is now 65 years old.
You, however, have experienced a phenomenon known as time
dilation. Time has been running more slowly for you, in the fastmoving spacecraft. According to you, the trip took only ten
years...and you are just 26 years old!
This effect would seem impossible...yet it has been demonstrated
to be a fact. Once again, small particles can be observed and
measured. Many are radioactive, which means they disintegrate
with clockwork precision. The time it takes them to disintegrate
can be accurately measured. When these particles are accelerated
to high ('relativistic') speeds as in our example above, they live
longer before disintegrating!
It has been almost 100 years since these theories were first put
forward by Einstein and others, and since then they have become
accepted as fact by scientists world-wide. More evidence of their
validity is also apparent from studies of objects in far distant
Uncertainty Principle
Quantum Physics and their latest findings are stretching science
into the realms of metaphysical principles.
In ancient Greece there was a controversy about the nature of
light. Euclid, Ptolemy and others thought that "light" was some
sort of ray that travels from the eye to the observed object.
The atomists and Aristotle assumed the reverse. Nearly 800 years
after Ptolemy, circa 965 CE, in Basra in what is now Iraq, Abu Ali
al-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen) settled the controversy with a
clever argument. He said that if you look at the Sun for a long
time you will burn your eyes: this is only possible if the light is
coming from the Sun to our eyes, not vice versa.

In 1672 another controversy erupted over the nature of light:

Newton argued that light was some sort of a particle, so that light
from the sun reaches the earth because these particles could
travel through the vacuum.
Hooke and Huygens argued that light was some sort of wave. In
1801 Thomas Young put the matter to experimental test by doing
a double slit experiment for light.
The result was an interference pattern. Thus, Newton must have
been wrong: light had to be a wave.
The double-slit experiment contains a lot of the best aspects of the
weirdness of quantum physics, for example a light shining through
a small hole or slit (like in a pinhole camera) creates a spot of light
on the screen (or film, or detector). However, light shown through
two slits that are close together creates not two spots on the
screen, but rather a series of alternating bright and dark lines with
the brightest line in the exact middle of this interference pattern.
This shows that light is a wave since such a pattern results from
the interference of the waves coming from each slit.
However, in the year 1900 physicist Max Planck showed that
certain other effects in physics could only be explained by light
being a particle. Many experiments followed to also show that light
was indeed also a particle (a "photon") and Albert Einstein was
awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921 for his work showing
that the particle nature of light could explain the "photoelectric
This was an experiment whereby low energy (red) light, when
shining onto a photoelectric material, caused the material to emit
low energy (slow moving) electrons, while high energy (blue) light
caused the same material to emit high energy (fast moving)
However, lots of red light only ever produced more low energy
electrons, never any high-energy electrons.


In other words, the energy could not be "saved up" but rather
must be absorbed by the electrons in the photoelectric material
individually. The conclusion was that light came in packets, little
quantities, and behaved thus as a particle as well as a wave.
So light is both a particle and a wave. OK, kind of unexpected, but
perhaps not totally weird.
But the double slit experiment had another trick up its sleeve. One
could send one photon (or "quantum" of energy) through a single
slit at a time, with a sufficiently long interval in between, and
eventually a spot builds up that looks just like the one produced
when a very intense (many photons) light was sent through the
But then a strange thing happened. When one sends a single
photon at a time (waiting between each laser pulse, for example)
toward the screen when both slits are open, rather than two spots
eventually building up opposite the two slit openings, what
eventually builds up is the interference pattern of alternating
bright and dark lines!
Hmm... how can this be, if only one photon was sent through the
apparatus at a time?
The answer is that each individual photon must - in order to have
produced an interference pattern -- have gone through both slits!
This, the simplest of quantum weirdness experiments, has been
the basis of many of the unintuitive interpretations of quantum
We can see, perhaps, how physicists might conclude, for example,
that a particle of light is not a particle until it is measured at the
screen. It turns out that the particle of light is rather a wave
before it is measured. But it is not a wave in the ocean-wave
It is not a wave of matter but rather, it turns out that it is
apparently a wave of probability. That is, the elementary particles
making up the trees, people, and planets -- what we see around

us -- are apparently just distributions of likelihood until they are

measured (that is, measured or observed).
So much for the Victorian view of solid matter!
Matter Being Empty
The shock of matter being largely empty space may have been
extreme enough -- if an atom were the size of a huge cathedral,
then the electrons would be dust particles floating around at all
distances inside the building, while the nucleus, or center of the
atom, would be smaller than a sugar cube.
But with quantum physics, even this tenuous result would be
superseded by the atom itself not really being anything that exists
until it is measured.
One might rightly ask, then, what does it mean to measure
something? And this brings us to the Uncertainly Principle first
discovered by Werner Heisenberg.
Dr. Heisenberg wrote, "Some physicist would prefer to come back
to the idea of an objective real world whose smallest parts exist
objectively in the same sense as stones or trees exist
independently of whether we observe them. This however is
Entanglement is a strange feature of quantum physics, the science
of the very small.
Its possible to link together two quantum particles photons of
light or atoms, for example in a special way that makes them
effectively two parts of the same entity.
You can then separate them as far as you like, and a change in
one is instantly reflected in the other. This odd, faster than light
link, is a fundamental aspect of quantum science Erwin
Schrdinger, who came up with the name entanglement called it
the characteristic trait of quantum mechanics.

Entanglement is fascinating in its own right, but what makes it

really special are dramatic practical applications that have become
apparent in the last few years.
Is it possible that entangled particles are not actually in immediate
communication, but are simply programmed to behave in the
same way? Much like twins separated at birth who live eerily
similar lives - assume the same professions or marry similar
So what is Entanglement?
If you take some property of a particle, the equivalent of color, say
the spin of an electron, it doesnt have the value pre-programmed.
It has a range of probabilities as to what the answer might be, but
until you actually measure it, there is no fixed value.
What happens with a pair of entangled electrons is you measure
the spin of one. Until that moment, neither of them had a spin
with a fixed value. But the instant you take the measurement on
one, the other immediately fixes its spin (say to the opposite
These quantum bits were every possible color until you looked at
one. Only then did it become pink, and the other instantly took on
another color.
Einstein among other scientists could not accept quantum
entanglement. It seems to throw out the whole notion of cause
and effect, so how confident are physicists that quantum
entanglement exists and what are the implications for science and
the scientific method?
Einstein had problems with the whole of quantum physics which
is ironic, as it was based on his Nobel Prize winning paper on the
photoelectric effect. What he didnt like was the way quantum
particles dont have fixed values for their properties until they are
observed he couldnt relate to a universe where probability ruled.


Thats why he famously said that God doesnt play dice. I think an
even better quote, less well known, was when he wrote:
I find the idea quite intolerable that an electron exposed to
radiation should choose of its own free will, not only its moment to
jump off, but also its direction.
In that case, I would rather be a cobbler, or even an employee in
a gaming house, than a physicist.
Einstein believed that underneath these probabilities were fixed,
hidden realities we just couldnt see. That was why he dreamed up
the idea of entanglement in 1935.
It was to show that either quantum theory was incomplete,
because it said there was no hidden information, or it was possible
to instantly influence something at a distance. As that seemed
incredible, he thought it showed that quantum theory was wrong.
It did take a long time to prove that entanglement truly existed.
It wasnt until the 1980s that it was clearly demonstrated. But it
has been shown without doubt that this is the case.
Entanglement exists, and is being used in very practical ways.
Entanglement doesnt throw away the concept of cause and effect.
But it does underline the fact that quantum particles really do only
have a range of probabilities on the values of their properties
rather than fixed values. And while it seems to contradict Einsteins
special relativity, which says nothing can travel faster than light,
its more likely that entanglement challenges our ideas of what
distance and time really mean. Similarly, entanglement is no
challenge to the scientific method.
We need to use a different kind of math, but this is still the same


The Law of Attraction and Affirming

A simple definition of positive affirmation states,
An affirmation is a form of autosuggestion in which a statement
of a desirable intention or condition of the world or the mind is
deliberately meditated on and repeated in order to implant it in the
Is this just some New Age or Far Eastern idea of meditating and
planting seeds of reality disillusionment, or is the idea of
affirmation, backed by Neural Science?
Although the idea of the use of positive affirmation and meditation
is often associated to some New Age hocus pocus, nothing could
be farther from the truth.
These ideas are based on sound solid medical facts, and deal with
the science of your mind and neural biology. The joining or wiring
together of brain cells, is often referred to as, cells that fire
together, wire together, and the theory explains that, when we
learn, groups of cells that are activated together, grow a stronger
This grouping of common brain cells gives us our learned
behaviour, it allows us to walk, talk, run, write, sing, in fact any
learned activity we do, seemingly without thinking. But it goes
much deeper than that; every bodily function and every aspect of
our personality is in the wiring of these groups of brain cells.
Even before you were born your brain arranged cells or neurons in
particular orders, testing and rewiring its circuits, routing and
rerouting its electrical signals. The day you were born, you were
programmed to function, to pump and clean blood, control an
army of defence cells, feel hunger, digest and dare I see it, fill a
From this day on you started to make use of your senses,
collecting data, analysing and testing. You started to recognise


smell, sound, taste and sites and form Neuron Circuits to help you
identify these things again.
Was the smell good, how did I react to that taste, was this sound
pleasant and did this look nice. Whatever the reaction was the first
time around, will probably be the same again, the circuit is
formed, the cells are structured, the brain is wired.
You test reaction and response, thats why babies cry, you test
taste and texture, you learn about pain, fear, love and laughter,
and each action and re-action is wired in for future use.
So how does this process work?
The process of wiring habit, pattern or memory into your brain is
in two steps.
As I have already mentioned, At birth, you start to make use of
your senses, collecting data, analysing and testing, this is the first
process of learning. This is the action of the objective or conscious
mind, testing, retesting and programming data.
The second step takes place once all the data has been passed,
and all responses verified, this is then belief, we know the fact to
be true and the response to be appropriate and we then pass the
fact to the subjective or subconscious mind, to be programmed in
So why do we need a Positive Affirmation, if we are passing facts
to our subconscious?
Quite simply, to evolve our intellect, to achieve, to overcome and
to grow as a human race. Now thats quite a statement, but Ill go
Positive Affirmation is the key to all advancement and all
achievement, without exception.
You see there is quite a biological flaw with our outstandingly
clever bodies, wiring facts into our brain means that we can
achieve and remember almost anything. The analysis of data,

testing of response and the programming of our circuits seems a

flawless system, but there is one big, giant monster of a stumbling
What happens if the data was wrong and the response defective
or inappropriate?
So how do we overcome faulty facts? Well to coin a phrase, its
just like riding a bike!
But seriously it is, just like riding a bike, and how you learnt to
achieve this marvellous feat is the answer to the problem.
Riding a bike is one of the most unnatural things to do, your
subconscious is already in charge of your balance and speed, the
data has been tested, retested analysed and programmed as fact.
You know how to stand up, walk and run. But a bike? Balance on
a couple of square centimetres and propel yourself forward at
three times the speed? I dont think so!
But you know it can be done, you practise, you tell your body to
take the pain each time you fall, you are determined, you will
achieve, overcome, and ride this bike.
This is a Positive Affirmation at work!
To help you see this as a positive affirmation let me make the
statement personal lets go back to our time learning to ride a bike
and say the statement to ourselves, as if we were still learning.
But I know it can be done, I will practise, and tell my body to
take the pain each time I fall, I am determined, I will achieve, I
will overcome, and ride this bike.
A powerful Positive Affirmation!
Now lets imagine that you live in 1790 and a Frenchman gave you
his new invention The Celerifere, this was one of the earliest
bikes, with no steering.


Your beliefs and programming about balance and speed would be

the same as they were when you actually learnt to ride a bike, but
your experience would be different. You would never of seen one,
never have witnessed it work and Im sure you would believe, that
the idea of a bike seemed an outrageous way to move.
How then, would your Positive Affirmation read?
It would probably go something like this.
But Im not sure if this can be done, I dont know how much I can
practise, and take this pain each time I fall, I will never do this, I
cant achieve or overcome and ride this bike.
Hardly a Positive Affirmation, but an Affirmation all the same.
OK, so its easy to see how we can use a Positive Affirmation to
achieve a physical goal, but it surely cant make me earn more
money, find love or be happy.
Or can it?
This is the second flaw in our biological make up.
Your subconscious does not think, it only accepts, it cannot decide.
Your subconscious discharges chemicals into your bloodstream
every time certain circuits are activated, and you will perceive
these chemicals as emotion, but your subconscious doesnt feel, it
does not know whether these chemicals are good or bad, wanted
or unwanted
If youre in debt you will be all to familiar with the dread of the
arrival of the postman, the feeling of another bill, another demand
and then the bill arrives, the letter is opened, yet another demand
or final notice, and you experience the feelings of despair and
The event is anticipated and the relevant circuit is activated, the
corresponding chemical is released and you perceive the chemical
as emotion, as dread. The event happens and another circuit is

activated, the corresponding chemical is released, and you

perceive the chemical as emotion, as despair or depression.
But this then grows more powerfully as our bodies start to crave
this chemical rush, and just like the smoker, whos body crave the
rush of nicotine or the drinker the rush of alcohol, your body is
crying out for the rush of proteins that give you these emotions of
dread, despair and depression and you will keep moving towards
the things your body needs.
Our subconscious, does not analyse this, it does not know that you
do not want this result, why should it? After all, you are the
trainer, you set this in motion by practising the event every
morning, you analysed it, and passed it on, therefore it must be
This is why the abused, seems to move from one abuser to
another, or the failure to more failure and the broken heart to the
Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, if you cannot
see that like attracts like, surely you can see that what you think
you like, you will keep moving towards by default. By your very
own actions, you are what you think about.
You have today, built your destiny for tomorrow, and you will
continue to become the things you fear the most, that is, until you
respond, until you stand up and shout out.
I know it can be done, I will practise, and tell myself each time I
fall, I am determined, I will achieve, I will overcome and ride
towards my chosen destiny
I will be, what I will to be


Using Positive Affirmations

It is my understanding that most people are or have been, fully
able to make bad use of Negative Affirmations or Negative SelfScripts.
But before we can become self-affirming, we need to learn about
the effects of negativism in our lives.
Negative self-scripts are the:
Negative beliefs you have about yourself and of which you
remind yourself daily.
Negative statements about yourself, which sprinkle your
every-day conversation.
Self-deprecating remarks that influence your behaviour or
Negative descriptions given to you by members of your
family of origin or peer group when you were younger onto
which you hold even to this day.
Negative feedback you get from your spouse, boss, teacher,
colleagues, children, parents, relatives, or others that you
take personally and incorporate into your personal belief
Negative self-images you have of your body, looks, face,
weight, colouring, hair, feet, or other parts of your body,
which as you visualize, influence your presentation of self to
Negative assessment you or others have made of your
competency, skills, ability, knowledge, intelligence, creativity,
or common sense. You have agreed with this internally and,
thus, believe it true of you.


Negative stories about your past behaviour, failures, or

performances that you systematically run over in your mind
and which influence your current conduct.
Negative attitudes about the possibility of your achievement
of success in your life; these influence your motivation,
effort, and drive for attainment of goals.
Negative visualizations you have of your current status or
state in life to your personal detriment.
Feelings of anger, resentment, hostility or rage you feel
toward others for real or imagined mistreatment. This so
immobilizes you that your emotional growth gets stunted
and you feel negatively about both yourself and life in
Feelings of guilt for real or imagined debilitating wrongs you
have committed that prevent positive self-valuing thoughts.
Negative prophecies that you or others have made about
yourself, your future, your success, your relationships, your
family, or your health; these haunt you as you face a daily
struggle to "win'' in life.
Ways in which you deny yourself rewards for your goodness,
hard work and caring by: (1) not taking time to enjoy the
fruits of your labour, (2) living in a style of self denial and
austerity and (3) being afraid to let down your guard and
relax, lest you fail to achieve your Big Pay Off.
Feelings of over-responsibility with which you burden
yourself. This includes the feeling that others in your life will
never be able to fully take care of themselves and that you
are "responsible'' for them no matter what.
Dread and fear you have when facing your future; the belief
that you do not have what it takes to survive or to be
successful in whatever circumstances you face.


Feelings of failure you harbour about real or imagined

mistakes in the past and your "assured'' failures in the
Feelings of jealousy you harbour toward others whom you
perceive (real or imagined) to be more successful, prettier,
luckier, better liked, smarter, more talented, more creative,
and generally better off than you.
Feelings of inferiority you harbour about yourself and the
belief that no matter what you do in life, it will never be
``good enough.''
Feelings that there is someone in your life (e.g., your
spouse, one of your parents, a family member, a former
teacher, a peer, co-worker, a boss) from whom you are still
waiting to receive recognition of your worth, your goodness,
your competency, your beauty, and your overall qualities.
What I shall undertake here is to give you the Positive
Affirmation structure to help you to challenge and undermine
your subconscious negative self-scripts.
The importance of each structured positive affirmation is belief,
you must believe. The bigger the gap between the perceived
negative inner truth and the expressed positive affirmation, the
more challenging, and possibly the more damaging, this exercise
will be, therefore, start this exercise using small believable positive
affirmations and practise.
Repeat positive affirmations with passion and conviction and for as
long as you do so, you will consistently breakdown your
subconscious negative beliefs, no matter how set in concrete
they may seem.
If you are uncomfortable with an affirmation, take it down a step,
listen to your emotions, far better to chip away in small steps,
than fall at the foot of an Everest of a negative, and undermine
the whole process. Similarly, if you are experiences a sense of
exhilaration at an affirmation you are responding in a way that
your mind knows this to be true, the affirmation is working.

Starting this process is the first step, small steps are easier, but
finishing each step is the key.
What shapes can positive self-affirmations take?
I statements: which are one-line statements that can be repeated
to cover three areas:
I am: A statement of who you are
This is a positive affirmation of a real state of being that exists in
you. You can achieve a full list of I am statements by taking a
personal positive inventory of your attributes, strengths, talents,
and competencies.
Examples may include:
I am strong
I am intelligent

I am enthusiastic
I am relaxed

I can: A statement of your potential

This is a positive affirmation of your ability to accomplish goals. It
is a statement of your belief in your power to grow, to change,
and to help yourself. I can statements could be developed after
you have develop a set of short-term goals.
Examples may include:
I can lose weight
I can stop smoking

I can grow
I can heal

I will: A statement of positive change in your life

This is a positive affirmation of a change you want to achieve. It is
a positive statement of what you want to happen. It is a success
prophecy. I will statements are developed after you have set your
priorities for the short-term goals you have set.


Examples may include:

I will like myself better each day.
I will gain emotional strength each day.
I will lose weight each day.
This is a kind of reprogramming the hard drive, changes happen
quickly as you begin to think with a positive mental attitude, this
will then start to reflect in your external environment and
Self-affirmation statements
These forms of affirmation are words, phrases, or statements
written on index cards and placed where you can see them daily
and be reminded of positive aspects about yourself. Every time
you see these affirmation cards they will remind you to affirm
yourself about these positive qualities or attributes. State all
affirmations in a positive way.
Suggested places for affirmation cards:
mirror in bathroom
mirror on dresser

dashboard of car
desk at office

Affirmation word examples:



Affirmation phrase examples:

think happy
be calm
take action

take it easy
think wisely
work smart


Affirmation statement examples:


am a winner.
am the best friend I have.
have solved problems like this before.
have the ability to handle this.

Daily Affirmation Exercise

Write a single positive affirmation on thirty index cards. Take one
card a day for each day of the month. This card is your affirmation
for the day. When you get to the last card start again.
To make this daily affirmation process grow, write out thirty
different affirmations for each month of the year. Keep the 360
cards in a recipe box and continually use the collection year after
year, adding new affirmations, as you need them.
Seven Part Affirmation Course
Whatever your goals in life, the 7-part Affirmation course could
help you reach them. This 7-part eBook is packed with practical
lessons dealing with how affirmations work, writing and practising,
visualisation techniques and blocker stoppers.
Here you can download the Seven Part Affirmation Course
Affirmation Software
For anyone like me who spends a lot of time on the computer, this
affirmation software from Sculpter 3, is a great little program.
Jeff Staniforth, the creator of the Sculptor Method, who has been
involved in metaphysics for over 15 years, developed it.
Sculpter 3 combines 7 of the best results-amplifying technologies
that are tested and proven to increase the power and speed of


The Law of Attraction and Visualizing

Visualization is the process of making mental images, and the
image is the model, which will serve as a pattern from which all
future things will emerge.
Could an architect build a building without visualization, or the
engineer a machine?
It is the mental image, which is the seed of all ideas, all progress
and all future development; such is the importance of visualization
As it is for the architect or the engineer, we also need to create a
mental picture of our own goals and attainments.
In meeting our own goals and desires we will do well not to
underestimate the importance of visualization.
Our emotion plays a big part of any visualization exercise and it is
important to start with good positive thoughts and feelings. When
we feel good we can attract more feelings of feeling good.
Feelings of health, wealth, prosperity and happiness will bring to
you, health, wealth, prosperity and happiness, such is the power
of positive thinking.
In much the same way as feeling unwell, poor and unhappy will
bring you sickness, debt and sadness, such is the power of
negative thinking.
Our emotional guidance system is there to help us understand
what alignment we are in.
All emotions can be categorized into two areas;
Feelings of happiness, love, abundance, joy and health are
positive emotions.
Feelings of anger, fear, hatred, and poverty are feeling of
negative emotions.

When we are experiencing positive emotions, we are in alignment

with the universe and our visualizations become clear. However, if
we try to visualize when we are out of alignment, experiencing
negative emotions, our visualizations become clouded with doubt
and we end up attracting more negative circumstances.
The importance of visualization is clear, but so is the role of
Before beginning any visualization exercise, you should bring
yourself in alignment, you should be experiencing feelings of
happiness, love, abundance, joy and health.
A good way to do this is through feelings of gratitude.
Positive Affirmations of desires are more powerful when we use
gratitude, to reinforce them. So we should add to our affirmation
the words;
I am so happy and grateful for my life that I
So if I was using an affirmation to manifest my dream home, I
would state my affirmation like this;
I am so happy and grateful for my life that I have been provided
with the wealth and prosperity to buy my new home
Another way would be to write down the things that you have
now, that you are grateful for. By focusing on the things that we
are grateful for, the Law of Attraction has no alternative, but to
bring you more of the same.
And, as we begin to utilise the lessons we have learned thus far,
and show gratitude for the things we attract, again, the Laws of
Attraction will have no alternative, but to give us more of the
Its an ever growing circle of, gratitude, good things, dreams,
gratitude and even more good things, over and over.


The Master Key System, which has been at the forefront of Law of
Attraction teaching, is based on a 24 week correspondence course,
written by Charles Haanal.
The importance of visualization was understood by Mr Haanel, and
each of The Master Key Lessons is followed by a visualization
exercise, where by, the student would gain full control of their
conscious and sub-conscious mind.
It is the teachings of Charles Haanel that forms the spine of our
own Law of Attraction Training Program, Unlock The Power of You
The following is a quote from Charles Haanal, which I think sums
up visualization.
Visualization is the mechanism of the attachment, which
you require.
Visualization is a very different process from seeing; seeing
is physical, and is therefore related to the objective world,
the world without, but Visualization is a product of the
imagination, and is therefore a product of the subjective
mind, the world within.
It therefore possesses vitality; it will grow.
The thing visualized will manifest itself in form.
The mechanism is perfect; it was created by the Master
Architect who doeth all things well, but unfortunately
sometimes the operator is inexperienced or inefficient, but
practice and determination will overcome this defect.
As Haanel highlights, most of us tend to think about the reality we
are in, thus attracting more of that reality, rather than creating a
new reality that we desire.
The secret of any visualization exercise is to concentrate our mind
on a new reality, without thinking about our current


A beginners visualization exercise would involve these five simple

Find a quiet room and get into a comfortable position.
Think of something, anything that brings you strong positive
emotions of love, joy, or gratitude. (It can be the birth of a
child, a promotion, a new pet, a relationship, etc. just
remember it must be totally positive.)
Re-live the experience until you can feel the joy in your
entire body with all your senses. Got the idea? It is
important to feel it, as this adds emphasis (and speed) to
you manifesting your desires. Make sure all your senses are
being used. What did it sound like, smell like, feel like, etc?
When you're in a truly happy state, visualize what you want
to create and see it as if it has already happened -- that you
are driving that new car, living in that new home, enjoying
that relationship. Really get into the feeling and use this
experience to its fullest. Again use all your senses.
Try to hear those ocean breezes, smell the scent of the pine
trees, feel the touch of your fingers on the steering wheel of
that car, taste that kiss, and see yourself enjoying that new
car or relationship, etc. Got the idea?
When you are done, say it out loud or write on a piece of
paper, I am so happy and grateful that....... and fill in the
object of your desire.
For example, I am so happy and grateful that I have enough
money to pay for anything I want and to travel anywhere,
anytime. Then write or say, It is done. And so it is. Say this
in a confident and commanding tone and expect it to
You have now released it to the Universe so go about your
day and forget about the how's. This is where you must Let
go and let God as the saying goes. This is the true Art of


Allowing, the secret manifestation art, because you have

given it over to God (The Universe).
Remember this is the part where we often fail because we
question or we keep noticing that we dont have it yet.
While these steps are of value they go nowhere near the training
and practise that we find in Unlock The Power of You and I
strongly urge you to consider joining this training program.


Goal Setting
If you have something you wish to attract into your life, you must
learn to live in the spirit of the thing wanted. In other words, you
need to mentally experience it, and to do this; you need to be very
It was one of the greatest teachers of all who told us,
What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye
receive them, and ye shall have them. (Mark 11:24)
To put that in a more modern context, I would say, Whatever
things you wish to attract to your life, visualize yourself already
experiencing these things, and the Law of Attraction will bring
them to you
Therefore, in order to experience things before we have them, we
need to be very specific.
However, we need to exercise a little caution here.
Where as, it is important to be very specific about the things
desired, it is as important to be very unspecific about how it will
happen, this is the letting go bit.
Many people fail to grasp this, particularly when they are trying to
use the Law of Attraction to bring love to their lives. I get
countless emails from people trying to attract a relationship with
specific person, which is not the way the Law of Attraction works.
What do I mean when I say Live the spirit of a thing?
Charles Haanels teaches us to Live the spirit of these things, until
they become yours by right, what he is saying here is the true
secret to unlocking the Law of Attraction.
The expression, you must hold it in your head, before you hold it
in your hand, sums up quite well what Haanel means.


What he is telling us, is to visualize our goals to harness the power

of the Law of Attraction, but to live in the spirit of a thing, is the
true way of visualizing.
To understand this idea better, lets have a look at a simple goal
setting exercise, and see where many people go wrong.
For argument sake, lets say that the goal is attracting a new car.
Many people will have such a goal, and may try attracting a new
car in the following way.
In writing down such a goal, you could write the phrase, I want
to attract a new car into my life, however, this goal is not very
specific, so you would be better writing, I want to attract a new
____________ car into my life, (just fill in the blanks of the make
and model).
Many people would write their goals in this way and use all forms
of visual and non-visual methods to enforce it, but their goal
would never be reached!
You see the Law of Attraction is driven by emotion, and the
underlying emotion in this goal is wanting. Using a goal like this
fails to manifest the object, but manifests a stronger feeling of
To attract this new car into your life, you need to live the spirit
of already having it.
Your goal should read something like, I am enjoying cruising
around in my new ____________ car.
To enhance the feelings of having it now, I would take this much
I would visit my car, take it for a test drive and experience the
sensations of acceleration, comfort, sound, smell, music etc etc.
I would take pictures of my new car from many angles, and better
still with me in it.

I would make up affirmation statements and a vision board.

I would daily visualize driving my new car, remembering every
detail of the experience and live the spirit of already having it.
What is a vision board?
Vision Board, Dream Boards or Goal Boards is a very powerful way
to use visualisation.
A Vision Board is quite simply, a pin board, or large card with
pictures of your dreams and desires; it should be colourful, fun
and above all specific.
If you want to visualise your dream home, go to the estate agents,
view your dream property, take pictures and post them on your
Vision Board.
If you dream of a new car, be specific, what make?, what model?,
what colour?, how old?, take pictures and post them on your
Vision Board.
Vision Boards can be quite basic, just made with scissors, glue,
tons of magazines and online photos.
Even better, If you have got a digital camera, get snapping, go
and test drive your new convertible, get someone to take photos
of you in it and stick them up. Do the same with your dream
house, try on your new clothes, go sit in a new boat, bike,
caravan, plane or whatever you dream of.
Make it colourful and fun.
Look at your Board as often as possible with focused intent. You
will be surprised to see the things on your Vision Board show up in
your life sooner or later- providing you keep putting your
intention on them and stay positive.
By looking at your Vision Board on a consistent basis, you will
manifest the life you truly desire and deserve!


How about creating your own online Vision Board, one that you
could print, run as your screen saver or as your PC wallpaper.
MyMasterBoard is the perfect tool to put your dreams in front of
you every day; MyMasterBoard is one of the most effective tools to
help you stay focused on what you want. The pictures and
affirmations you select keep you on target with the areas that are
meaningful to you.


Overcoming Failure
The Law of Attraction says that we attract to our lives whatever
we give our attention, energy and focus to, whether wanted or
unwanted, that we attract from the outside what we resonate
with, on the inside.
In other words, we bring into our lives what we momentarily
strongly focus upon.
For many people when they first here about the Law of Attraction
the idea of bringing anything they desired into their lives sounds
quite exciting, I can be, do and have anything I desire, this is
great I have plenty of desires, and all I have to do is order them
with the universe.
Weeks go by and where are all my things? I placed my order and
havent got them yet!
What is it with this Law of Attraction, I order my stuff and it just
doesnt turn up, am I ordering to much or am I just not a good
If we read the definition of the Law of Attraction again, we can
see that we bring into our lives whatever we give our attention,
energy and focus to, whether wanted or unwanted!
But why would I give my attention, energy and focus on unwanted
things, that doesnt make sense.
Ah but it does, and we all do it. This is why your things arent
turning up.
When we look at Cause and Effect, we can see that the Cause is
our thought, and the Effect, our reality.
It is in this reality of now, possibly with debt, unhappiness, and
dissatisfaction that we focus on. If youre in debt you may know
what you want and what you want to change, but your energy and
focus is spent saving money, spending less and no more bills!!!

Your energy is debt and your focuses is on not enough, and guess
what, youre getting exactly what you ordered.
We tend to live in effects, we experience effects around us, we
think about the effects we see and when our focus and energy is
on effects, the Law of Attraction obliges us by bringing more of
the same, its a kind of cycle of reality attraction.
It is no coincidence that someone experiencing illness, thinks and
talks more of this experience, and seems to have more than his or
her fair share of illness dealt to them. In much the same way as
someone who has experienced an abusive relationship, seems to
attract the same kind of abuse in each relationship they end up in.
Similarly, a successful person dwells in the positive and enjoys
lifes abundance with passion, bringing more and more of same
experience into their lives.
It not that successful people are good at using the Law of
Attraction and unsuccessful people are not, anyone with the ability
to think uses these Laws equally. Its just that we tend to use
Attraction by default and to break it, we must learn how to apply
the Law of Attraction to bring us a more desired reality.
To change our current circumstances we must change our
thoughts, to succeed we must have the thought of success, the
idea of success, the intension to succeed. We must conceive.
This is great, all I have to do is think about being rich and Ill be
Not so fast! Thoughts alone will not be enough to make you rich,
you have move towards the things you want.
You want success, youve got to move towards it, you want love
youve got to move towards it, youve got to give your attention,
focus and energy on your desires so that the Law of Attraction can
line them up for you.


But if I focus my energy on a new business what happens if it all

goes wrong, what if I dont get the deal. In love what if Im
These are thoughts that stop us moving forward, there is nothing
wrong in being aware of the negative, but we mustnt let it define
us. We need to walk towards our desires regardless, and as we
move forward we may make mistakes and meet obstacles on the
way, but its the way that we handle that failure that will move us
ever forward.
So what of failure, can failure help us succeed?
To begin with we need to understand what failure really is.
Its interesting how we measure our own or other peoples
achievements. We use bank balances, property size, lifestyle,
power and evidences of abundance as a measure of success or
failure, but we dont really understand the difference between
Success and failure are not measures of have or have not, they
cannot be judged by the size or the amount of our possessions,
they are not destinations that we can look at and pass judgement
In Napoleon Hills book the Science of Getting Rich, he writes
about R.U. Darby and the Dig and Grow Rich story, Hill shares
with us the story of Darbys uncle who in the last century, was
caught by gold fever and went West to dig for gold.
He staked a claim and went to work with a pick and shovel.
The going was hard, but his lust for gold was definite.
After weeks of labor he was rewarded by the discovery of
the shining ore. He needed machinery to bring the ore to the
surface. Quietly he covered up the mine, retraced his
footsteps to his home in Williamsburg, Maryland, told his
relatives and a few neighbours of the strike They got
together money for the needed machinery and had it


shipped. The uncle and Darby went back to work in the

The first car of ore was mined, and shipped to a smelter.
The returns proved they had one of the richest mines in
Colorado! A few more cars of that ore would clear the debts.
Then would come the big killing in profits.
Down went the drills! Up went the hopes of the Darbys!
Then something happened! The vein of gold disappeared!
They had come to the end of the rainbow, and the pot of
gold was no longer there! They drilled on, desperately trying
to pick up the vein again, all to no avail.
Finally, they decided to quit.
They sold the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred
dollars, and took the train back home. Some junk men are
dumb, but not this one! He called in a mining engineer to
look at the mine and do a little calculating. The engineer
advised that the project had failed, because the owners were
not familiar with fault lines. His calculations showed that the
vein would be found just three feet from where the Darbys
had stopped drilling! That is exactly where it was found!
The junk man took millions of dollars in ore from the mine,
because he knew enough to seek expert counsel before
giving up.
So is this failure?
As a chapter of Darbys life, this project is a failure, as the Darbys
quit and gave up on their dreams, only to find that they were only
three feet from realising them. But in the contents of Darbys life it
is not failure.
You see Darby took the lesson of success through persistence that
he had so harshly learned in his short mining career and applied it
to everything he did. As a result Darby became one of a small
group of fewer than fifty men who, at that time, sold over a million
dollars in life insurance annually.

So what is failure?
Absolute failure is the habit of quitting, while failing with renewed
determination to achieve, is a stepping-stone to success.
Throughout history, in the world of commerce and science, we see
this pattern of failure, determination, persistence and success.
How many millionaires have a bankruptcy against their name?
How many experiments by the likes of Edison and Bell failed,
before they reached the conclusion they had been seeking?
It is with passion and faith that we will have the power of
persistence. It is with belief that the Law of Attraction will be
invoked and our journey of success will be realized.
Whether you understand the Law of Attraction or not, you must
get out of the habit of thinking in your reality (unless your reality
is where you want to be).
To make changes to your circumstances you must intend to, you
must visualize your dreams and desires and move towards them
with passion and faith.
To Achieve you must first Conceive and then Believe.


Law of Attraction Training

Can Law of Attraction training courses help you?
The film The Secret has been a good introduction to the Law of
Attraction, but for many, seeing the film has been a backward step
to utilizing the laws of attraction.
The film is a first class introduction to these principles, not a Law
of Attraction training manual. And while the visualization exercises
covered in The Secret are valuable, we need to look far deeper
into our emotions and feelings before we can fully utilise these
The Secret has done a fantastic job of communicated the
existence of the secret Law of Attraction, but it does not equip us
with the right tools to fully understand and take advantage these
In the Master Key System, Charles Haanel wrote;
If either of us were building a home for ourselves, how
careful we would be in regard to the plans; how we should
study every detail; how we should watch the material and
select only the best of everything; and yet how careless we
are when it comes to building our Mental Home, which is
infinitely more important than any physical home.
Our thoughts are the foundation of our reality, and all to often,
our thinking is out of control. We do not select and concentrate
our thoughts; they are like a jumble of ideas popping in and out of
Have you ever bought a self-improvement book or programme
that hasnt worked?
If you are like most of us, you have.
So why is it that a personal development programme will work for
some people but wont work for others?

Is it that Anthony Robbins doesnt know what hes talking about or

Zig Ziglar is full of hyped up baloney, or is it down to the student?
Many of us live in reaction to our environment, considering
ourselves to be victims or believing that we were dealt a bad
hand. Or worse, we simply do not believe we deserve the absolute
best that life has to offer.
As a result, we go through life in victim mode, perhaps buying
libraries of self-help books, hoping things will change.
For these people even the most effective self-help material will be
totally ineffective.
Is your desire of success greater than your fear of failure?
It is perfectly ok to be aware of the negative, but we must never
dwell on it.
It is our subconscious, negatives self script, our negative emotion,
low self esteem or our mental blocks that render any self help
material completely ineffective. It is only when these inner feelings
are addressed and the foundation laid that great people can
As Charles Haanel puts it;
If we have thrown any kind of negative thought on the
scrap pile, have refused to have anything to do with it, have
refused to associate with it or become identified with it in
any way, what then is the result? Our mental material is now
of the best kind, we have no fear and no anxiety concerning
the future.
You need to learn how to eliminate your mental blocks, to help
you to utilise the Law of Attraction in full, enabling you to reach
your full potential faster than you thought possible.
If you learn how to use the Law of Vibration and your vibrational
resonance you will attract anything and everything you wish. It
may seem abstract at the moment, but this is absolutely what

determines your experience of reality. So, to the extent that you

can modify what you are vibrating, creating the feeling of having
your desires, that you will create your reality around that
Law of Attraction training is the only way to fully utilise these
latent powers within you.
But however you gain the skills needed to control your
subconscious thought, practise is the key.
There is plenty of free information available to people who do not
have the financial support to invest money into a programme, but
investment of time and effort is paramount.
Mental fitness can cost you as little or as much as you want, just
as physical fitness.
To be physically fit we must take exercise, which cost nothing, yet
the health and fitness industry is worth billions, why?
We need speed, fast results, our desired reality, minimum time
and great results. Your fitness instructor gives you motivation,
mentorship and high self-esteem, which gives you results!
Could we get the same results doing push-ups, riding or walking to
work or maybe just running to the gym and back instead of using
it? Of course we could. But we are social creatures, we desire
motivating, pushing, supporting and mentoring.
So how much will Law of Attraction training cost?
As little or as much as you desire.
Dont disregard free information, the internet is full of useful,
public domain material.


This material is valuable, it was the inspiration to the film The

Secret, and the secret to success for countless millionaire
entrepreneurs, who are, after all, just like me and you.
Click Here To Join Our Free Law-of-Attraction-Guide Library
There is no guesswork about the Law of Attraction and these
thinking processes; there is nothing secret about them; in fact,
they are so simple that everyone can understand them.
We all need to perform a mental house-cleaning, and to have this
housecleaning every day.
Mental, moral and physical cleanliness are absolutely necessary for
us to progress.
When this mental house-cleaning process has been completed, the
material which is left will be suitable for the making of the kind of
ideals or mental images which we desire to realize.
Have No Doubt, that you are already Applying the Law of
You Are Today The Result of Your Past Thoughts
And You Shall Become, What You Are Thinking Today.
The Law of Attraction is bringing to You, not the things You would
like, or the things You wish for, or even the things that someone
else has, but it brings to You, Your Own.
The Law of Attraction brings the things, which You have created
by Your thought processes, whether Consciously or Unconsciously.
The Law-of-Attraction-Guide's training program Unlock The Power
of You teaches you how to apply your thought, how to master
your concentration and how to use the Law of Attraction to bring
to You, Your Dreams and Desires.
I have no doubt that The Law of Attraction brought you to this
book, but I am also aware that this Law is...

Waiting on You...
This is the way this Law works. It puts you in line with the things
you desire, so that you can Grasp these things as they come along
for you.
The question is... Do You Trust it?
So, Can You Master The Law of Attraction?
As Henry Ford put it....
Whether You Think You Can or Can't, Either Way You Are Right"
So How Do You Unlock This Power?
At least ninety per cent of our mental life is subconscious, so if
You fail to make use of this mental power, you will live within very
narrow limits.
Your subconscious can and will solve any problem for you, if you
know how to direct it, and the subconscious processes are always
at work.
The question is, will you have a vision of the destination to be
reached and the dangers to be avoided, or will you simply drift?
Attention or concentration is probably the most-important essential
in the development of mind, thought and Applying the Law of
The possibilities of concentration, when directed properly, seem
unbelievable, to those not possessing these skills.
And the development of this power is what sets every successful
man or woman, apart.
To try to demonstrate this power, think of a magnifying glass on a
hot sunny day, if the glass is moved about, there is no apparent
effect, but hold the glass perfectly still and focus the rays of sun
on one spot and you will notice the effect immediately.

This is the same for the power of thought, scatter your thoughts
from one subject to another, and no result is noticed, but focus
your thought on any single purpose for any length of time and all
thing become possible.
This may sound simplistic, a simple solution to a complex situation.
Possibly, but just give it a go; its not as easy as it sounds!
Choose any single object and concentrate your attention on it for
just ten minutes.
You cannot do it!
Your mind will wander off a dozen or so times and you will have to
bring it back to the original purpose, and each time the effect will
have been lost and at the end of the ten minutes nothing will have
been gained, because you have not been able to hold your
thought steadily.
It is, however, through instruction and practise that you will finally
be able to overcome obstacles and be able to control your mental
moods, your attitude, your consciousness and acquire this
wonderful power.
It is then that you will start applying The Law of Attraction for a
definite purpose, it is then that you will have Unlocked The Power
of You.
How Does This Training Work?
You will gain the knowledge from the most acclaimed books ever
written on the subject of Understanding and Applying the Law of
Attraction. Authors like Trine, Troward, Wattles and Allen. Courses
from Haanel, Holmes and Hill.
We will combine the most powerful lessons, from the most
powerful minds, to give you the key in Applying the Law of
Attraction and Unlock the Power of You


We will teach You to Master the Law of Attraction, with Daily and
weekly instructional and exercise pages.
To support this training you will use Books, Software, Audio and
You will learn;
How You can make life yield its fullest and best
How You can know the true secret of power
How You can attain to a true and lasting greatness
How You can fill the whole of life
You will discover exactly how you and your thoughts and
perceptions shape the world around you and how you can use
your mental faculties to control what happens in your life.
You will find out how you may become more capable in your
chosen field of work.
You will experience the finest studies in self-improvement, and
higher consciousness ever written. Covering everything from how
to get Wealthy to how to get Healthy.
Using Audio, Video and the Internet we deliver The finest
collection of Self Improvement Material Created
But Unlock The Power of You is so much more than unlocking the
Secrets of these Self Improvement Classics.
You will see how modern Quantum Physics is leading Science to
the same conclusions.
You will use Instructional Video, Visualization Video and Audio
Classes to bring these tried and tested methods into the 21st
Unlock The Power of You, Develops Mental Power.

Others instinctively recognize that you are a person of Force and

You will attract people and things to You.
You will become what some people call lucky, that things come
your way, that You have come into an understanding of the
fundamental laws of Nature, and have put Yourself in harmony
with them.
You become In Tune With The Infinite; You understand the Law of
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