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Subject: Introduction to Cybercraft, Mike Morgan

------------------------------------------------------(By: "Mike Morgan DTN 592-5565" <>)

WARNING: The Reality Master General has determined that this
manual may significantly alter your reality. Usage of the
knowledge in this manual may be perceived as dangerous and
subversive by those in authority. Proceed with caution. Don't be
alarmed when things start changing. Don't panic. The fun has just
My special thanks to:
Dr. Robert Anton Wilson
Dr. Timothy Leary
Dr. John Lilly
Dr. William Glasser
and Antero Alli.
These are the brave humans who offer us guidance through exciting
and troublesome times. They point to a better world for all humans
and especially for the Changelings.
Up to this point in human history WoMankind has taken itself
to the brink of doom and returned with most of our parts intact.
That is our physical members are somewhat healthy. But our minds,
our psyches have suffered. And we are racing toward the time of
mutation. Some of humanities minds are mutating already. These
minds and the resulting bodies will offer us a map into our
The future calls us. It calls us in a silent voice from the
primordial deeps of our genetics and minds. The very chemicals
which make up our minds and bodies are signaling a nearing of the
time of transition. It will be upon us soon and if we aren't
prepared for the Changelings to manifest some humans may well
start another series of witch hunts to eliminate these precious
few new humans. Indeed it is in the best interest of Four Circuit
humans to stifle the advantageous mutations. Otherwise Four
Circuit humans will be quickly overcome.
Already the Changelings may be about. Their wisdom has
alerted them to the possibility of persecution. The Hidden Ones
do well to keep their existence unknown until the time of Knowing
has been reached.
But we all won't mutate together or at the same time. We
have a responsibility to those that will follow us to create a
framework in which they may progress toward positive results. It
is to these ends that the authors are creating a framework to take
Eight Circuit humans into and beyond the time of transition.
With a small electro-chemical voice we are being urged to
communicate with you the possibilities of the current mind
mutation. From this brief amateurish work we will develop a
framework to help assist all inquiring Four Circuit humans on the

path to the next stage of transition. CyberCraft is a path toward

the transition. It is not the only path either. And indeed we
will probably discover competing organizations. Some may hinder,
others may assist the transition. From our pursers we ask only to
be left alone in peace. We are not going to harm, only progress.
Peace to you and yours.
Hence we present you with a viable framework to approach the
transition. That framework is CyberCraft. The craft of piloting
oneself through troubles to reach the point of transition.
This is the first printed introduction and explanation of
CyberCraft. In Colorado Springs on October 6th of 1987, I was
initiated into an eclectic coven of Witches. Previously I was an
ardent Born Again Christian from the Bible Belt of the South. Over
time I came to discover the Christian Belief System, the CBS,
didn't satisfy my personal needs. However after personal searching
and synchronous meetings I was accepted into an intimate group of
exciting and very wonderfully witchey people.
Two years later in 1989 I felt that the most important and
life changing aspects of Witchcraft were being misrepresented.
American Witchcraft, among many other things, is an adaptation of
a primitive form of group therapy, of extending one's immediate
family, of resource sharing and most importantly, a better way of
thinking. But even after many years of practice, longtime
initiates seem to not understand the basis of American Witchcraft.
Herein is the first publication of CyberCraft, an addition
and update to American Witchcraft. CyberCraft is not meant to
replace Wicca or the Craft. It is meant to interpret the metaphor
further and provide the needed time and energy for other deeply
needed works.
That's at least what this author perceives. I'm sure I'll
receive some criticism for trying to add to or improve American
Which brings up the very valid question. Why attempt to
update American Witchcraft when it seems to be doing so well?
There are many reasons. Some of them are:
o to provide a more expansive framework for the initiates to work
o to accelerate the trend toward some magikal social threshold,
o to emphasize the really interesting aspects of the craft,
o to further empower the individual,
o to streamline the philosophy,
o to bring it more in line with current psychology,
o to weld the cosmology with current and progressive astronomy and
physics and finally,
o to provide a more reasonable path of personal growth while
having fun.
These are just some of the reasons. We also have a
align ourselves with the future, to protect and nurture
arrivals. Among our children will come the Changelings.
gain the power to reincarnate purposefully we ourselves
become The Children of the Changeligs.

duty to
the new
And if we
may indeed

The first chapter is the proposal. This has been published in

draft form on several national computer networks as Cyber Wicca.
However after some lengthy discussion with my partner we came to
the conclusion that Cyber Wicca was too limiting and not
descriptive enough of our efforts. The real commodity is now in
your hands as CyberCraft.
The second chapter is a description of the lower four biocircuits as talked about by Robert Anton Wilson, a.k.a. RAW.
These bio-circuits are extremely important when considering
CyberCraft. I feel it of vital significance to begin to
understand how and why we think what we think, which of course,
causes us to do.
Chapter Three is Darkmoor. Previously written about as Chapel
Perilous we find it more interesting to call it Darkmoor.
Chapter Four is of the upper four circuits. These are the
modes or circuits which we are all progressing toward. For once I
feel we have an intelligent and useful map of our futures. History
will be written in reference of what Leary and Wilson have framed
it in. And because of the Semantic-Time Binding nature of the
written word, we'll all benefit.
There are other articles beyond these. Their purpose will be
apparent upon reading them.
Welcome to CyberCraft. We hope that the tradition will
solidify in a satisfying way, offering the participants many
advantages and insights for piloting their little ships through
chaotic seas.
------------CYBERCRAFT -- The Proposal
CyberCraft--An Interpretative Metaphor
Welcome to the CyberCraft Manual. We hope you will enjoy and
benefit from this little exploration into the majikal mind-body
complex. Our purpose is to help others operate at higher levels
on all planes of life. It isn't our purpose to help them just
feel better. Witchcraft has some very positive and life affirming
teachings. The authors of this document hope to interpret those
metaphors bringing them into a late 20th century framework from
which we can springboard into the 21st century.
However we have strong forces to compete against. The first
struggle we are involved with is one of the mind-body complex.
Who will control our mind-bodies? Will it be the Aspirant, the
one looking for a better life, or will it be the Controllers, the
ones with the power and monies to mold our minds to their
purposes? And will we nurture the emerging Changelings? Or do we
let the Persecutors administer the Last Rite to our offspring?
CyberCraft is not meant to be an end in itself. CyberCraft
is the art of living smart. We hope that it will offer the
Aspirant the options needed to create a better world to live in.
Additionally CyberCraft is a psycho- spiritual metaphor for the
21st century. This metaphor is based upon embodiment spirituality

whereas others are based upon disembodiment spirituality.

CyberCraft is the art of living that integrates rational and
irrational process through mythopoetic structures primarily from
Wicca, then neo-Paganism and other related religious belief
systems. It should incorporate knowledge from newer and emerging
humanistic sciences. Principles of ethical self-programming as
written of by Timothy Leary, John Lilly, Robert Anton Wilson,
Antero Alli, and Christopher Hyatt should be incorporated into the
relational processes; those setting between solar and lunar
knowledge. CyberCraft is a self-modifying tradition. It will
change as culture changes. CyberCraft is also a psycho-spiritual
metaphor which will generate, sanctify and venerate the necessary
tools for enjoying a healthy mind and body.
The above mentioned authors are helping to shed light upon
our thought processes. The terms and structures they use should be
considered metaphorical. But they provide a viable framework from
which to build a newer, more appropriate belief system for our
Humans seem to have a need to be both rational and irrational
at the same time. In doing so we generate quite a few problems and
reap some benefits. At this point in human time we are not able to
measure magik, nor are we able to measure or sense the so called
etheric or astral. Providing that we are given time and if the
interests are still mounted, we may be able to invent measuring or
sensing devices for such indeterminate quantities.
Further the practice of dividing the mind from the body has
broken sunder the human even further. For the purposes of
CyberCraft the mind-body is one complex, one swirl of energy. The
mind and body are one entity, undivided, inseparable, and
It is the opinion of this author that many featurs of the
powers are misunderstood. Over the centuries and in various
cultures humans have overlaid folk fables and their personal
expectations of what the powers are into the framework of human
abilities. And in doing so needless baggage has crept into the
consensus framework. It is time that we looked at our human
nature without the clouded and marred lens of binary, Christian,
Ceremonial and patriarchal expectations.
At the base of the concern humans are animal by definition.
Human magik should firstly be animal magik. But does that mean we
should be satisfied with an animal expectation of what our
abilities can be? Should we push back the normal or natural
boundaries? How far?
The first order of business is to know ourselves. Does this
mean know just our bodies? How about desires? How about hopes,
dreams and aspirations? How about our minds? Why should we remain
ignorant of why and how we think? Do we know now? Or do we think
we know without really knowing? What part do preconceived
concepts play in the formulation of that sentiment? How do our
respective cultures help us define our consciousness? Are these
definitions useful? What can be replaced? With what?
It is useful to frame these questions in the milieu of the

human mind. Everything we can think of is thought with the biocomputer we term the brain. How does the brain work? Research
effort is still in progress but at the core we find that the brain
is composed of billions of cell bundles called neurons. Each
neuron could have as many as 10,000 gateways to other neurons. We
know that information is transmitted electro-chemically at about
.07 volts. But we don't know everything yet. And least of all we
don't know why we think what we think.
CyberCraft should be a psychological-religious-political
thought system to meet and support the needs of individuals who
feel both a romantic and classical approach is needed in their
life. These needs should be formatted into solar and lunar
knowledge bases, ie., rational and irrational modes with
relational processes sitting midway betwixt them. These should be
used to a maximal degree.
Humans are discovering that there is pity poor little
difference between political and religious systems. In fact
religious systems replace the tribal chief or monarch with a
discarnate chief or monarch. This eases the task of governing the
populace through the revelations and commandments of the
discarnate and absent ruler from on high. Humans always fear most
what they cannot see, understand or comprehend. And we always fear
the invisible punisher; the inner punisher who knows our greatest
fears. Consequently religious systems are political systems of a
supplementary order. Political systems should be considered
metareligious systems in that political concerns lay at the base
of or stand behind religious concerns. Religious systems are
political systems of an inner nature.
Understanding our thoughts should become a little easier in
the solar (daylight consciousness) and lunar (twilight
consciousness) framework. Additionally many other modes of
consciousness could be mounted which straddle these tropes. These
should be termed the relational or relative processes.
Electronic and chemical assistance for modifying
consciousness might be useful in helping to determine how
individuals might drive ethically chosen programming deep into the
psyche. But once the message is received we should hang the phone
up on chemical boosters. A new generation of brain machine is on
the market today. Recently we have had the opportunity to test
drive a model of the audio-visual and suggestion type. The
experience was positive.
CyberCraft should incorporate many of the concepts contained
in Humanist Manifesto II.
Secular humanists have pioneered many valuable ideas needful
in today's ever evolving political and social environments.
CyberNauts should augment some humanistic concepts with high
technology answers to pressing personal questions. And in applying
technology to human service systems we might make a difference not
only in our little corner of the planet but elsewhere.
CyberCraft should foster a new class of technology termed
GreenTech. GreenTech should be those technologies which recycle
and/or conserve the Matrix's natural resources.

CyberCraft is a new psycho-spiritual system that is more

importantly a mode of thinking. Smart thinking usually leads to
smart living. Additionally the application of CyberCraft to
mundane life should be easy and seamless. Instead of taking the
individual out of the social complex it should enable them to
integrate easily with the socal composite.
All human structures spawn from the human mind. More
powerful modes of thinking are needed to help us along our way in
an ever increasingly propaganda polluted knowledge environment.
We should take into our own hands the facilities to make rational,
relative and irrational decisions void of fear of the outcome and
infatuation of the process.
CyberCraft should appeal to the atheist as well as the
religionist as it focuses upon mythopoetic stories and structures
and the mystical connections between what is and is not seen, as
opposed to dogmatic theoretical structures. CyberCraft emphasizes
relationship over religion. This author believes that most of the
world's religions are based upon self-deception. These selfdeceptions are usually meant to smooth difficult passages in life.
But we should be honest with ourselves. To know ourselves we have
to cope well with those human events that cause us much pain.
Instead of telling ourselves pretty fairytales we need to work in
harmony with our natures. But first we need to know what our
nature is. And then with greater understanding we can modify that
The archetypes of Wicca, paganism and other systems should be
thought of as patterns usefull for programming the human
experience and the relationships between the various existant
In Scott Peck's book A DIFFERENT DRUMMER he surmises the
following transitions for the religiously oriented.
First is a stage of naivete in which the human mind/body
complex is not programed.
Then follows a phase of organization in which the mind/body
complex is programed by an acceptable religious structure. Over
time the individual discovers that the religious structure is
focused in ways undesirable to the follower. Stick is mounted upon
stone until a way of escape is formulated which provides an
honorable withdrawal.
Sometime afterwards the individual discovers they are bitter
because of some single or multiple set of experiences. This stage
is marked by some form of agnosticism or atheism. It's a
rejection of the organized systems which tend to exploit the
seeker, the single, the separate and lonely for financial and
political gains.
Still the seeker needs to feel they are a part of something
greater than the individual alone. A mystic phase encroaches
whereupon a glimmer of hope is seen in the natural intricacies of
life. Generally the mystic phase has an eclectic twist as the biocomputer selectively compares, accepts and rejects concepts and
structures which are useful or not. This experience is intensely
personal. In many cases the experience is not expressible as

words to describe the framework are found wanting.

Theoretical structures should be included as long as they are
considered metaphorical structures or models existing within the
human mind first and foremost. These structures can then be used
to ferret out deep personal meaning.
The paragraph above is the patented anti-dogma catma. The
catma is needed to remind us the menu is not the meal; that mental
apprehensions of a reality are not the realities themselves. Meow!
A valuable demonstration of this is the simple exercise of saying
aloud the word pinch. Then give the your arm a good pinch. Think
about the difference.
------------External Faces--Public
Domains are used metaphorically. More properly they represent
areas of interest. Higher and lower relate to density more than
social, cultural or ethical placement. However higher and lower
still display some cultural heritage. Higher should normally
refer to more dense, and thus would usually be considered the
Lower Kingdoms in most disembodiment or spirit focused theoretical
structures. For the purposes of CyberCraft solar processes can be
considered High Domain Processes, the relational processes as the
Mid Domain processes and the lunar processes as Low Domain
This is a reversal of the usual spirit based structures which
drive the initiate into seclusion and poverty. CyberCraft need be
neither ascetic nor bothersome. If CyberCraft arrives at a
framework which is not enjoyable the CyberCraft needs to die and
be reborn.
Higher refers to the relative density of matter. The human
sciences are more appropriate for humans, the spirit sciences more
appropriate for spirits. In the high domains herbal lore and
self- help topics are more the rule than the exception.
Religious Aspects--Low Domain
The metaphorical Low Domain is the domain of Relationship.
It's the basis of the religious belief system should reflect
WoMankind's ethical relationship to their home planet and
humanity. Depending upon personal focus the Earth can be
personified or considered the Grandmother or Mother of WoMankind.
It should be called Gaea, Gaia, Mom, Mother or the Matrix, the
space enabling the existence of all physical and non-physical
local planetary lifeforms. The involved solar processes should
consider this a "self check" to prohibit WoMankind from polluting
their environment to the detriment of all lifeforms.
Other Matrixes may exist. CyberCraft should be concerned with
local planetary manifestations without denying the existences of
other Matrixes.
The Matrix is paired with Patrus, which is symbolic of

everything which has happened to and upon the Matrix. Included

phenomena are geologic events, meteorological events, intrusions
from outside the Matrix, meteor impacts, panspermia arrivals and
direct interventions of space faring races. In a sense the Patrus
can be thought of as the evolutional processes or history of all
life on the Matrix. Where the Matrix and Patrus overlap, intersect
or connect, life forms.
Other personified or romantic entities should exist within
the matrix. These should be the Lady and Lord and be more
important or of a relatively more immediate nature being seen as
doorways to other entities, other spaces, physical energetic
natures or psychic spaces. Frequently the Lady and Lord should be
celebrated as the perfect patterns of WoMankind. Matrix and Patrus
along with Lady and Lord should be remembered at every fullmoon
Working of the Craft--Mid Domain
The metaphorical Mid Domain should be the workings of the
Craft. At first the emphasis should be upon physical
representations of the Mid Domain. Special tools should be
selected for an individual or group. These tools may or may not
reflect traditional usage but should be more appropriate for a
culture and/or geographical locale than for a traditional usage.
Special robes may be appropriate. Nudity should be more
useful for metaprograming. The individual's background should be
considered before choosing tools or coverings. If the individual
were normally a naturist the metaprograming tool could be robes,
Tools and rituals should be used for immediate metaprograming
efforts. Dramatic ritual should be used to advantage for both
individual programming or group alignment.
Experiments in communication with non-physical or discarnate
entities should be a focus. New modes of relationship in sexual or
emotional life should be incorporated providing members feel
comfortable with the activities. Safety, both physical and
emotional, should be paramount. Training of individuals for
incorporation may be needed to assist them in their growth into
unknown areas.
An important focus of the Mid Domian is the creation and
maintainence of Will. Today's human has been robbed of Will.
Cybercraft hopes to generate and utilize appropriate ritual and
programming techniques to accomplish this goal.
Incorporated Physical Sciences--High Domain
The metaphorical High Domain should be the human and physical
knowledge systems, ie, health (birthing, child care and physical
health), nutritional, exercise, cosmetic and creative knowledge
systems, ie. sewing, cooking, building sciences, gardening and
organic farming techniques, and personal defense techniques.
CyberCraft should initially provide the framework for
immersion in a Domain. The individual or group should decide for
themselves what extent they need to go.

CyberCraft should attempt to incorporate proven techniques of
cell or smaller group management while retaining intimacy.
CyberCraft leaders could be of either sex, of any sexual
preference, bt must be emotionally sound. They may choose their
own names and titles. Or CyberCraft may assign a title in order
to establish a somewhat formalized but unrestricted tradition. We
suggest these classifications:

-- an inquiring mind of reasonably good

-- a human moving from Four to Eight
Circuits, an apprentice CyberPriest/ess,
CyberPriest/ess -- a fully functioning Eight Circuit human,
-- a young or eight circuit human showing
signs of physical metamorphosis,
New Human
-- a fully functioning transitioned human,
-- the total complex of those practicing
Group or cell size should be held to about 2 to 15. However
any number of cell members may be used providing genuine intimacy
is aintained.
CyberCraft should attempt to meet the economic and political
needs of its members. Resources are available that address
political activities in cells. An economic infrastructure must be
established in CyberCraft method. Should a social threat arise
individual members may need to support themselves in a strange or
difficult environment. Personal enrichment and empowerment as
opposed to personal aggrandizement should be the focus enabling
the member to live well in any difficult or strange economic or
political environment.
Emotional Requirements
What part does love play in CyberCraft? Love in its various
shades and flavors permeate CyberCraft. From love of Mother and
Father, to love of knowledge and wisdom, to the lust and love of
ones lover, on to love of pleasure of the mind-body complex, love
of the patterns one manifests through, including the love of
changing one's world to finally the love of navigating the nonlocal passages between the worlds. Yes love plays a vital part.
But we are not so naive to assume that only one type of love
exists. Many different shades and flavors make up this rainbow of
emotion. CyberCraft should experience and emphasize as many
different forms of love as possible.
------------Internal Faces
These are internal considerations not usually presentable to
the public at large. Pearls are delicate. We need not dirty them.
Internal faces can be determined at a later time.
CyberCraft is a game; the game of Life. Play it!

------------Thinkers and Provers:

the Care and Feeding
of the Human Bio-Computer
Editor's note: The following is a loosely paraphrased summary
of Robert Anton Wilson's first chapters in PROMETHEUS RISING,
(Falcon Press 1983)
The Circuits
The following model of human consciousness employs a metaphor
termed the bio-circuit and a psycho-stat. Each bio-circuit,
sometimes referred as circuits, and a psycho-stats functions much
the same as the channel selector and volume control on your home
stereo. In our electro-colloidal processor we call a brain we have
physical connections, the physical neurons that contains our
memories and processes our thoughts and the information
connections, the meaning that is stored in those connections. When
we think a thought or react to some stimulus we use these circuits
by default. We literally don't know things that we don't know and
cannot do things we haven't learned. The bio-circuits are the
programs which govern the thoughts and actions we employ in our
daily life. The psycho-stats are the controls which allow
acceleration or deceleration, the intensification and diminishing
of the bio-circuits. Via the use of a psycho-stat we can emerse
ourselves in a bio-circuit or turn the intensity down to just a
trickle. We have a choice in how deeply we experience a circuit.
It is our experience with others whom we share the CyberCraft
metaphor that just knowing where one is on the map enables the
CynerNaut to pilot their way to other circuits and manipulate the
psycho-stats to make their lives more enjoyable.
The Model
What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves. This was stated
emphatically by Dr. Lenard Orr. Because the human brain, like
other animal brains, acts as an electro-colloidal computer, not as
a solid state computer, it follows the same laws as other animal
brains. That is, organically driven programs get into the brain as
electro-chemical bonds, in discrete organic quantum stages.
This is not to say that the human brain is a computer, but only
that it acts something like a solid state computer. The computer
model best fits current knowledge. Let's review just briefly what
we know about solid state computers.
A solid state computer has two chief components, hardware and
software. Of these the hardware portion is the physical part. It
consists of five necessary parts: a device to process information,
the Central Processing Unit (CPU), an input device to send
instructions to the CPU, the keyboard, an output device for
receiving messages from the CPU, the display or printer, a
temporary storage area for the CPU, the memory, and a permanent
information storage device, the floppy or hard disk.
In this hardware model the brain acts like a computer in that
it receives, processes, transmits and files information. And like

the solid state computer the devices or individual parts of the

brain or computer are discrete and manipulatable either by
electro- chemical processes or mechanical force. The discrete
elements can be created, modified or destroyed easily in one place
and at one time.
The other component is software. These are the instructions
given to the computer to operate upon. They, (software is
generally plural in nature), exist both inside and outside the
computer simultaneously. While one can easily locate the hardware
in space- time, the software is more ephemeral; it can be in many
different places at one time. One can destroy the hardware while
the software(s) live on unhampered.
Of the softwares there are two basic types of software,
operating systems and applications. Operating systems, sometimes
called monitors or master control programs, are the backbones of
software. All applications travel through the backbones to their
appointed ends. Applications are the individual instructions that
cause the CPU to compute, to make decisions and move information
"What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves." Today we have a
better idea of how the brain works than ever before. I'll get to
the hardware aspects in a later section. First I'm mostly
concerned with the software aspects of the human brain.
The brain software, or brainware, has three basic parts:
IMPRINTS--These are the more-or-less hardwired (physically
present electro-chemical connected) programs which the brain is
genetically suited to accept ONLY at certain points in its
development. These points are known, in ethology, as times of
"imprint vulnerability." Imprinting is involuntary by nature.
CONDITIONING--These are programs built onto the imprints. They
are looser and fairly easy to change with counter- conditioning.
Conditioning is relatively more voluntary than imprinting.
LEARNING--This is even looser and "softer" than conditioning.
Learning is relatively more voluntary than conditioning.
Generally, the primordial imprint can always overrule any
subsequent conditioning and/or learning. An imprint is a type of
software that has become built in hardware, termed "firmware" in
computer jargon, being impressed upon tender neurons before they
were fully developed, or modified at some point when they are
singularly vulnerable. Imprinting is extremely difficult to change
once the imprint has been made. Some think that imprinting is
impossible to change, period.
Imprints are the non-negotiable aspects of our individuality.
Out of the infinite possibilities of programs existing as
potential brainware, the imprint establishes the limits,
parameters, perimeters within which all subsequent conditioning
and learning must occur.
Before imprinting the consciousness of the infant is a clean

slate, it's "formless and void". Another analogue is the exploded

or unconditioned consciousness the mystics call enlightenment.
When the first imprint is made structure begins to take form. The
emergent mind becomes trapped within this imprinting structure; it
identifies with the structure. And in a sense it becomes the
Each successive imprinting adds to and complicates the previous
imprintings. Through part of this "deep brainware" we experience
life events which are interpreted in light of the existing
Further, conditioning and learning add branches to this basic
framework of imprintings. The total structure of this brain
circuitry makes up our world map and our worldviews. In essence we
experience our realities in reference to and in accordance with
the software in our brains. The reality we know is one that is a
construction established and maintained in our brains, our minds.
In this mental-macrostructure the Thinker thinks and the Provers
proves mechanistically, fitting all the information into
previously existing frameworks.
Brainware Centers--The Bio-Circuits
RAW slightly modifies Dr. Timothy Leary's previous 8 biocircuits. It's rather important to remember that the following
descriptions are metaphors. They are something akin to the menu's
representation of the meal. It's apparent that the menu isn't very
tasty or nutritious. Please remember that each of the following
Circuits can be affected either positively or negatively for any
conceivable reason to any accidental or intended end.
Lower Four Circuits


Oral Bio-Survival Circuit.

Anal Emotional-Territorial Circuit.
Time Binding Semantic Circuit.
"Moral" Socio-Sexual Circuit.

Lower Four Circuit Map

I 3-4
II 500-1000
III 100,000
IV 30000


Names in other Psychologies

Freud Jung
Sensation Natural Reptile
Adapted Mammal
Left cortex Latency Reason
Left neoPhallic Ignored
Parent Ignored
Personality Modes:

Circuit I
Narcissistic Soft Narcissist
Relationship to Mom/Body/Food
Circuit II
Hard Militant
Relationship to Pop/Family/Society
Circuit III
Rationalistic Philosopher
Relationship to Abstract/Speech
Circuit IV
Relationship to Sex/Lover/Parent

Circuit One--Oral
Circuit One is the center which most closely approximates the
perspectives we have about our bodies. Should a bodily threat
occur we automatically and completely retreat into Circuit One
operations. "I didn't think about it, my body just moved," the
pugilist says. When such a retreat into Circuit One happens, all
other centers are bypassed instantly. Circuit One is the first and
oldest circuit to operate. Some call it the reptile brain. Its
earmarks are complete automatic movement and unthinking reaction
to a physical influence.
At birth the first imprinting is that of Mother. Anything can
be imprinted as Mother. Wild animals have been known to imprint
such things as animals of other species, Ping-pong balls and
Jeeps. Accidents, intrusions and intended events can all affect
imprinting at this level. Additional imprinting can occur later in
life when a bodily threat occurs. Areas of interest for Circuit
One are the health fields, martial arts and any interest which
stimulates or depresses the human body.
Sometimes this circuit gets out of control. We leave the
psycho-stat turned fully on or nearly off. Then it is possible to
imagine threats to the body that have no basis in reality. The
results can be quite tragic.
Circuit Two--Anal
Circuit Two is the next imprinting stage. Once the child
learns to move around it encounters others. The immediate Circuit
Two imprinting involves authority. Typically this is symbolized by
Father. The child first imprints its relationship with Mother,
sharing bodies and food. The second imprinting is of its
relationship to Father. Now there aren't two things in its
universe, there are three. Along with the imprinting of Father is
authority conditioning. If the child does something "good" or
"bad" it learns that Mom and Dad can do something. From this
triangle political situations arise. How quickly the child learns
family politics!
Authority effects personal elimination--potty training.
Personal elimination requires more precise control of the body.
Mom and Dad use their power and authority to condition the child's
personal elimination. This circuit is normally extended out into
the great big human world with rules, regulations, laws and
politics. Bodily excretion is replaced with ink and electronic
excretions. It's appropriate to refer to this as an anal stage.
And it's not surprising that military and political personel refer
to themselves with "shit" or "ass". "Gotta' get my ass outta'
here", "cover your ass, pal," "you asinine idiot," and "you shit
head" are typical references to the self and others. Where
authoritarian or political concerns arise the human mind retreats
into Circuit two for instruction. Areas of interest for Circuit
Two are of course authority structures, the family, the penal
system, the military and politics in general.
Generally Circuit Two social problems are dealt with by
threatening Circuit One, either with bodily incarceration or by
threatening removal of bio-survival tickets (money).

Circuit Three--Semantic Time Binding

Circuit Three takes us out of the physical world into the
abstract. Once the child learns to speak,it senses its
relationship to symbols. It must learn to symbolize, to describe
the abstract. Circuit Three is a center which utilizes and
manipulates ideas, concepts, facts and figures.
It's tempting to refer to Circuit Three as "the Mind". But it
isn't. The primary expressive organ for this circuit is the mouth,
the portal from which symbols, concepts and ideas tumble. In
consensus reality WoMankind uses the artificial distinction of
mind and body. The mind is the body and the body is the mind.
Korzybski said those who rule symbols rule us. Humans beings
(domesticated) primates are symbol-using creatures.
If Moses, Confucius, Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus and St. Paul can
be considered living influences, and they most certainly are for
many, then it is because their "signal", their meaning has been
transmitted across time and space to our little corner of the
world. Their meaning and purpose has been transmitted to us by
symbol systems. These systems include words, artworks, music,
rituals and unrecognized rituals, ie. "games" through which
culture i transmitted. Marx and Hitler, Newton and Socrates,
Shakespeare and Jefferson, etc, continue to rule parts of humanity
in the same way--through the semantic circuit. It then becomes
plainly obvious that the symbol system conditions the information
transmitted and thereby conditions the mind which receives
conditioned information.
We are ruled even more, and even less consciously, by the
inventors of the wheel, the plow, the alphabet(s), even the
various engineers of roads throughout history. The founders, the
religious engineers of the world religions rule us through their
creations, conditioning our minds to accept their message and
reject others.
Circuit Three is time binding in that it provides a reference
>from one point in time to another point. It is also used to
subdivide and reconnect things, at pleasure. There seems to be no
end of the busy analyze, synthesize, create, divide and rejoin,
labeling and packaging of experience. This is the internal
monologue which is then externalized into the continuum. On the
historical level this is the time-binding aspect as one generation
adds to or subtracts from the sum total of human knowledge and
Since words contain both denotations (referents in the sensoryexistential world) and connotations (emotional tones and poetic or
rhetorical hooks), humans can be moved to action even by words
which have no real meaning or reference in actuality. This is the
mechanism of demagoguery, advertising, and much of organized
Circuit Three can run away. The psy-stat turned way too high.
Persons involved with the higher circuits (V-VIII) tell us that
"reason is a whore", ie. the semantic circuit is notoriously
vulnerable to manipulation by the older, more primitive circuits.
However the rationalist may resent this, it is always true in the

short run. That is, it is always pragmatically true.

Circuit Three can become so idealistic, so revolutionary that a
society cannot cope with the rapid change. Generally a society
deals with such problems by a violent Circuit One or Circuit Four
threat. Whoever can scare people enough (produce sufficient biosurvival anxiety or sex guilt) can sell them quickly on any verbal
map that seems to provide the needed relief from the anxiety. Once
either threat is experienced Circuit Three is bypassed, and new
symbols can be plugged into the human computer.
More will be said later about Circuit Three and its
associations with what Richard Dawkins refers to as memes.
Circuit Four--Moral
Circuit Four is the next center of operation or mode of
thought. This center is approximated by the sex hormones
awakening in the teen's body. Once a sexual awakening occurs
society has a perceived duty to regulate sexual expression. This
circuit could be called the Guilt Circuit since it is mostly used
to control individuals, not enhance human life.
Imprint vulnerability is acute. The first sexual signals to
turn on the adolescent nervous system remain fixed for life,
defining the individual's sexuality. They lurch about, the
bewildered possessors of new bodies awakening to a new rhythm.
As any adult can tell, this time is delicate. Accidents do
happen which lend to the general imprinting which may or may not
contribute to a positive experience. Accidents which impinge upon
this imprint are just as effective as fully intended ones. Yet
time moves on. The individual's sexuality develops. Parents and
peers all have a say in the conditioning. Schools play a part in
the learning process with sex education. Society itself takes a
guiding role in Circuit Four defining what is and is not
acceptable in our activities.
Circuit Four can be used in two ways to regulate other
circuits. A Circuit Three social concern can be alleviated by
threatening Circuit Four. Take away a human's opportunity for sex
and they will consider their options. A still more useful way to
modify an individual's behavior is to threaten their children.
Circuit Four is the Parent stage. Society both enhances and
threatens the parent with beneficial social programs while hinting
at removal of benefits and children.
Circuit Tasking
The task of the CyberNaut is to employ a psycho-stat to
accelerate and decelerate all Circuits in such a way as to provide
optimal protection from outside influences, liberate the circuit
for newer, better working, and optimize the imprinting,
conditioning and learning to ethical ends chosen by the CyberNaut.
By using metaprogramming exercises for each circuit we can
willfully fine tune each circuit so that our perspectives and
actions closer match consensus reality. Or we may skillfully
explore those areas which interest us the most.

What the Thinker thinks the Prover proves. Whatever our
perspective of our bodies, our reputations, or our philosophical
stance and our sexuality we prove to ourselves that what we think
is accurate. Fortunately we now know what affects the internal
programming. That makes it much easier to modify our very beings
for a more optimal life, more enjoyable existience.
The above descriptions are of the lower four Circuits. The
intent of the article was to inform. Much work needs to be done
in the way of positively integrating these ancient centers for a
better life. It's time we took control of the reins of our lives.
Long have the medias, the political-religious propaganda machines,
our peers and loved ones manipulated us toward goals previously
selected. The task of the CyberNaut is to holistically and
positively reimprint, recondition and relearn toward a purpose of
their own.
Between the lower and upper circuits lays a period of doubt
which we term Darkmoor.
------------In the next article we will review the Upper Four Circuits.
They are:


Holistic Neurosomatic Circuit.

Collective Neurogenetic Circuit.
Metaprogramming Circuit.
Non-Local Quantum Circuit.

Between the lower and upper circuits lies a place of

uncertainty and fear. It has many names but the CyberNaut refers
to this place as Darkmoor. When the individual, through life's
events or dedicated study, learns of the existence of newer,
better states of mind there typically follows with a time of
Why do I feel this way? Am I crazy? Will I get in trouble?
What about my family and friends? Will they shun me? What if they
do? These are all typical questions we ask ourselves. Mine was "Am
I demon posessed?" Unfortuantely some 10 years ago I struggled
against the flow. I fought myself in Darkmoor. I became a victim
of my own fearful projections. I became obsessed with the fear of
demonic possession. I was trapped in Darkmoor for ten long years.
We feel comfortable in our four circuit lives. Yet some
internal pressure drives us onward toward newer lands. CyberCraft
teaches us that what drives us is into Darkmoor is our genetic
heritage. This is something we are completely unable to constrain
or withhold. Struggling against it is about as effective as the
young teen struggling against their awakening sexuality. And
indeed ignoring the arousal brings on increased states of
emotional dis- ease.

Many of the neo-Pagan aficionados have already experienced

this time of uncertainty and proceeded. Goddess religion helps us
to realize that circuit two and four religious establishments are
incomplete because they neglect the body and mind as one unified
entity. The universal processes of life reminds us of that unity.
Darkmoor is not a bad place really. It is a time of trying.
A time of using new mentaland emotional muscles; stretching old
ones to newer limits; and of growing new links to the Matrix,
Patrus, Lady and Lord. For some folks it is a time of joy and
discovery. For others Darkmoor is indeed very dark.
Depending upon one's previous programming a CyberNaut or
CyberPriest/ess can recommend some very simple exercises to help
the Aspirant to overcome previous mistakes. This author suggests
to the Aspirant that quality time while in this area helps to
engender quality experiences elsewhere.
Perhaps the best self-integrating rituals would be ones which
include teachings which bring awareness of the upper circuits. In
fact I can't envision a person who would experience harshness in
Darkmoor if they were aware of upper circuit material. However an
individual programmed to see advancement as evil or demonic would
have one hell of a time in Darkmoor.
Passage through Darkmoor can be fun and exciting. But one
must become aware of the upper circuits to navigate effectively
through Darkmoor.
Note: The following description of the circuits is a somewhat
paraphrased summary of Robert Anton Wilson's material on the upper
four circuits from his Prometheus Rising (Falcon Press, 1983).
Quotes from Lao Tsu are from the Vintage Books Tao Te Ching,
translated by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English; Zen parables are from
Paul Reps' Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. The day-to-day applications are
my own.
While Circuits One through Four are present and operative in
every adult human, activation of the next four circuits is not
nearl as widespread. In some, none of these circuits may have
ever been accessed, while others may occasionally have experiences
of one or more of the upper circuits. In any case, as Circuits
Five through Eight represent newly emerging evolutionary trends,
they are at present operative only in a relatively small
percentage of the population. The CyberNaut seeks to increase
that percentage.
Circuit Five: The Holistic Neurosomatic Circuit
This circuit is typified by ecstatic or blissful feelings,
sensory enhancement, sensual pleasure from even ordinary
experiences and activities, and a generally blissful, laid-back
"high" of contentment with the state of things in general.
Gurdjieff referred to this circuit as the True Magnetic Center.
Triggering devices include isolation tanks, the Hindu technique of
pranayama, or controlled breathing, zero-gravity environments,

and, for the adventurous, Cannabis drugs. Such experiences as

spontaneous regeneration or "faith healing," feelings of eternal
youthfulness, and rapturous acceptance of others/events involve at
least a temporary activation of this circuit. Circuit Five control
techniques have been employed by yogic and Tantric practices, Zen,
ancient Greek psychedelic drug-assisted rituals at Eleusis,
Dionysians, Mithraic cults, Christian Scientists, Sufis,and
probably early Christianity as well. Occasionally attempts to
activate Circuit Five will result in a temporary, although
disconcerting, period known as the "Dark Night of the Soul" or
"crossing the Abyss," characterized by painful ordinary physical
sensations, generalized bodily discomfort, distorted, nightmarish
perceptions, anxiety, and an aversion to or fear of light.
However difficult such a state may become, it does pass eventually
into the ecstatic bliss of positive Circuit Five experience.
The fifth circuit, centered largely in the right cortex,
"thinks in Gestalts" -- that is, fifth-circuit processes are not
linear progressions but holistic, simultaneous perceptions.
Neurologically wired to the genitals and the limbic system
(associated with the first circuit) and often working through
endorphins, the circuit is often triggered by relaxed, playful
sex. One who has activated and imprinted this circuit is radiant,
cheerful rather than depressed, energetic rather than sluggish, in
exceptional health, and almost seems to "sparkle." The various
complaints of the lower circuits --first-circuit physical
sickness, second-circuit aggressive power-over, submissive
no-power, and the associated turbulent emotions, third-circuit
bewilderment over how to improve the quality of life, and
fourth-circuit guilt -- are resolved quickly and dramatically by
the advent of fifth-circuit consciousness. An accurate
description of life by fifth-circuit adepts is "floating one foot
off the ground."
Circuit Five Application
It seems to me that one of the most effective ways to integrate
Circuit Five experience into daily life is to work on focusing the
consciousness intensely in space-time. Being "here-now"
transformseven the most mundane tasks into a set of hedonic
sensations and virtually wipes out boredom from the working
vocabulary. Paul Reps relates such an ancient tale in his Zen
Flesh, Zen Bones:
Zen students are with their masters at least ten years before
they presume to teach others. Nan-in was visited by Tenno,
who, having passed his apprenticeship, had become a teacher.
The day happened to be rainy, so Tenno wore wooden clogs and
carried an umbrella. After greeting him Nan-in remarked:
"I suppose you left your wooden clogs in the vestibule. I
want to know if your umbrella is on the right or left side of
the clogs." Tenno, confused, had no instant answer. He
realized that he was unable to carry his Zen every minute.
He became Nan- in's pupil, and he studied six more years to
accomplish his every-minute Zen.
When this Circuit Five "every-minute Zen" is achieved, one
can't help remembering where the umbrella is! At the moment that
he placed the umbrella, Tenno would have been so absorbed in the

interplay of colors and shapes between the umbrella, clogs, and

the decor of the vestibule, for instance, that those sensory
images would have been vividly stamped in his mind and readily
accessible to memory. In this state, the environment becomes a
whirling miasma of such vivid sense data that just walking down
the sidewalk becomes a "retinal circus": the texture of the
sidewalk is a profound sculpture of perfect randomness; the sprays
of grass coming up through the cracks are delightful explosions of
soft green against the tan concrete; wildflowers along the sides
smear their luscious pastels across the visual field, seeming to
blossom into the brain itself; trees a few feet away leap into the
mind with every gully and protrusion in the bark relieved in vast
detail; the blocks in the sidewalk seem crazily tilted and
hilariously three-dimensional; the sudden whooshing of a sprinkler
in the adjacent yard seems a delicately balanced symphony of
sound; the sky is impossibly blue against the wispy clouds -- the
whole body tingles and lightens, seeming about to lift off the
ground and fly! Needless to say, life becomes a fluid, hedonic
experience in which boredom is unheard of.
But what about when your bank screws you over, your camping
trip gets rained out, your car throws a rod, and your best friend
announces she is no longer speaking to you? No amount of cursing
the local deities and trying to force things into your elegantly
prepared scheme will do a bit of good. With that approach, you
stomp around the house muttering all day until you've muttered
yourself blue in the face. At such times the most expedient thing
to do is to stop in your tracks, screw your eyes tight shut
(assuming you're not driving), jump up and down, screaming madly a
few times, then do some deep breathing until you feel relatively
stable. Hopefully, during the course of the breathing your face
(and other muscles) will have relaxed somewhat. Now, you can open
your eyes to a calmer world and proceed to plan your next step.
First priority must be relieving any physical pain you may be
in, if the means are at hand, so that you can think more clearly.
Slow down, tense and relax all of your muscles in turn; breathe
deeply and slowly, filling your lungs and expanding your abdomen
with air; hold for a few moments, then release, still slowly,
pausing with all of the air released before inhaling again.
Meanwhile, slowly tell yourself "Calm, calm, calm," lingering on
each sound within the word as you breathe. Now, take stock of
your situation. Exactly what has changed, and what are the
immediate implications for you? Never mind futuring; many possible
complications may never develop. Accept complete responsibility
for your perceptions! The importance of the last sentence cannot
be emphasized enough. Through experience I have found that
usually a problem isn't a problem unless you perceive it as one.
If all else fails, a simple shrug and a decision to go with the
flow, to do whatever is necessary and try to learn from the
situation, seems to be the best approach. Struggling against the
reality bumping you in the nose accomplishes nothing and is
extremely frustrating, to say the least.
As Lao Tsu said,
It is not wise to rush about....
If too much energy is used, exhaustion follows.
The world is ruled by letting things take their course.
It cannot be ruled by interfering.

--Tao Te Ching
Finally, yet another hint from a Zen parable:
Buddha told a man in a sutra:
A man traveling across a field encountered a tiger He fled,
the tiger after him. Coming to a precipice, he caught hold
of the root of a wild vine and swung himself down over the
edge. The tiger sniffed at him from above. Trembling, the
man looked down to where, far below, another tiger was
waiting to eat him. Only the vine sustained him.
Two mice, one white and one black, little by little started
gnaw away the vine. The man saw a luscious strawberry near
him. Grasping the vine with one hand, he plucked the
strawberry with the other. How sweet it tasted!
Circuit Six: The Collective Neurogenetic Circuit
Circuit Six is operating when the information archived in our
DNA becomes consciously accessible in the waking state. The RNADNA "dialogue" begins broadcasting messages to the central nervous
system from within each neuron. Descriptions of experiences of
this circuit typically include "past-life memories,"
reincarnational themes, concepts of immortality, the idea of
akashic records, or a realization of something like the Gaia
hypothesis, which views our entire planet as a conscious organism,
with all life upon it inextricably linked. The music of Beethoven
paints quite an accurate picture of this realization; large doses
of LSD inevitably trigger a temporary similar awareness.
Gurdjieff called this circuit the True Emotional Center.
Various cultures have given different names to sixth-circuit
states throughout the ages -- Hindu "Atman consciousness," Greek
"vision of Pan," Chinese idea of the Tao, etc. When Circuit Six
is initially activated, personified archetypes usually arrive in
the personal philosophy, interpreted as "Gods," "Goddesses,"
and/or "Demons." Jung's theory of archetypes from the collective
unconscious describes this phenomenon well. These archetypes
commonly appear in the world of dreams; they become more immediate
still when Circuit Six is flipped on, often humanizing the circuit
as an image of the "Higher Self" such as the cosmic Fool, the Holy
Guardian Angel, dwarves, the Green Man, etc. If the circuit
remains activated, the perceptions usually move into more direct
visions of a consciously evolving, unfolding evolutionary scheme
of increasing self-awareness, including awareness of the entire
Gaia biosphere, past developments and future possibilities alike.
Death is no longer to be feared, since not a single life but a
continuous framework of lives and deaths becomes the operating
Circuit Six processes, probably operating from the right neocortex, use the many-layered language of endless associations and
connotations conjured up by each concept -- language similar to
that used by James Joyce in his Finnegans Wake. When a plethora
of synchronicities emerges in daily life, the sixth circuit is
definitely alive and well, mirroring this language of simultaneous
concepts in everyday events.

The basic experience of Circuit Six is communion or

conversation with the ancient genetic "architect" behind all
physical organisms. Whether personified as a divinely intoxicated
male or female archetype or defined as an impersonal, amorphous
force, the realization is that of a vast life force becoming
increasingly self-aware and exploring the infinite possibilities
that lie ahead.
Circuit Six Application
Enmeshing Circuit Six consciousness into your everyday format
can be quite an adventure! First of all, we'll consider working
with the genetic archetypes. The most useful application of these
archetypes, in an everyday sort of way, seems to be the practice
of "aspecting" or "drawing down," "invoking a god(dess)-form,"
etc. Let's say you're on your way to deliver a particularly
complex presentation, and you're understandably jittery. Take a
minute or two to select an appropriate archetype or assemble your
own from the genetic archives, then construct a brief, empowering
fantasy in which you, as the archetype, demonstrate your
eloquence, your balance, your unruffled assurance, or whatever
else it is you need for this particular occasion.
In this instance, you might select Connor MacLeod from the
movie Highlander to impress dynamic, determined poise and
confidence - - for the next few minutes, you might feel the
ancient sword in your hands like the touch of an old friend, feel
the power and excitement of the Quickening--feel the relaxed
alertness as you circle your foe, feel the empty space at the
center of the peace as you act effortlessly and fluidly, every
nerve tingling to the same pulse--feel the
quantum-leap-spiralling-upwards zoom as the power of
self-actualization explodes into you -- as you claim the Prize.
(Fade to black....) Now you speed on winged boots through memory
circuitry, tangled neural gardens, finding the best words, the
most effective gestures, just the right degree of enthusiasm to
come out shining.... Now you play the Concertmaster, bringing in
each element of a magnificent dawn just at the right time with the
perfect dance of your baton, while the sky lightens, animals stir,
buds open and the surface looks up in unison as the sun appears
over the horizon.... I bet you're a lot less jittery now. Good
In addition to archetypal fantasy, Circuit Six has other
advantageous uses--namely, peeping at the genetic blueprints for
"future" possibilities. At the very least, such excursions will
expand your perspective and serve to remind you that nothing is
static--that we are not at the end of an evolutionary trend but
are constantly designing new pathways into the "future." After
contemplating some of the eye-opening realities we can look
forward to cultivating, it's often a lot easier to appreciate our
current position in the Universing of our choice.
Circuit Seven: The Metaprogramming Circuit
The Metaprogramming Circuit is activated when the brain becomes
aware of itself as engineer of experience. When you think of your
mind as mind, then think of the mind that contemplates that mind
as mind, then think of the mind that thinks of the mind
contemplating mind as mind, you have discovered the path to

metaprogramming consciousness. Most methods of "enlightenment"

function by leading the student around and around in circles until
he is struck by the realization that he is himself responsible for
everything he experiences. With the aid of this circuit, one
becomes self-rogrammer, then programs the self-programming, then
programs the programming of the self-programming, etc.--cybernetic
consciousness has been attained. Suddenly one is struck by the
humorous, completely relative nature of all third-circuit reality
maps; rigid, dogmatic systems claiming to have the only "One True
Way" become cosmic jokes to be laughed at heartily. The Grand
Game becomes visible all at once; creating your own rules,
changing them at will, even manufacturing different gameboards for
entertainment and edification is what Circuit Seven is all about.
Apparently operating from the frontal lobes, the
metaprogramming circuit has been called the Gnostic "soul," the
Chinese "no-mind" (wu-hsin), the Tibetan Buddhist White Light of
the Void, the Hindu Shiva-darshana, Gurdjieff's True Intellectual
Center. When you ultimately realize that the "self" is not
constant but constantly shifting and that the "soul" (Circuit
Seven) has no form precisely because it dons all forms and sheds
them at will, playing every role conceivable--you find you have
entered a Strange Loop no less perplexing, dramatic, and funny as
a Zen koan. All that remains to be done is to constantly figure
out new ways to create reality- maps that are even funnier,
sexier, more inclusive, more delightful, and more entertaining
than the ones you were using yesterday!
Circuit Seven Application
There doesn't seem to be a whole lot one can say about applying
Circuit Seven day-to-day, due to the nature of the circuit itself;
the application in this case is discovering and remembering that
as you watch Universe Universing itself, you are seeing your own
circuitry in action. Once realized, this discovery frees you to
adopt any metaphors you wish or none at all, to drop them at will,
to pick useful elements from each reality-map and to discard nonfunctional ones immediately. The possibilities from this point
are endless. With the staggering realization of total selfresponsibility and self-determination comes the creative tension
needed to construct, edit, and destroy new worldviews for fun and
profit. There is much to be learned by dispensing with realitymaps entirely, if only for limited periods of time. As Lao Tsu
In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired.
In the pursuit of Tao, every day something is dropped.
And, from the Zen tradition:
Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era, received a
university professor who came to inquire about Zen.
Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor's cup
full, and then kept on pouring.
The professor watched the overflow until he no
longer could restrain himself. "It is overfull.
No more will go in!"
"Like this cup," Nan-in said, "you are full of

your own opinions and speculations. How can I

show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"
-- Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
Such a refresher course in objectivity can, of course, be quite
startling -- if there is one thing that can be reliably expected
from experimentation with this circuit, it is the element of
surprise. Situational ethics, relativity, and agnosticism are
useful tools indeed; the CyberNaut makes good use of them.
Circuit Eight: The Non-Local Quantum Circuit
Also called the Metaphysiological Circuit, this type of
consciousness involves recognizing the model as a model and
proceeding to escape the model itself. For instance, the circuits
we have been discussing theoretically are based in the brain;
however, in out-of-body experiences (OOBE's), consciousness
appears to escape the confines of the nervous system completely
and operate independently of it. The OOBE -- sometimes triggered
by very large doses of LSD or ketamine, various yogic practices,
shamanic techniques, and sometimes occuring spontaneously -- is
one of many liberation-of-consciousness phenomena which point
ultimately to the type of experience variously known as union with
all consciousness, communion with the Cosmic Mind, Oneness with
God, etc.
Circuit Eight experience may best be explained by Bell's
Theorem, which demonstrates the impossibility of isolated systems
in a universe where each and every particle is constantly in
"instantaneous" communication with every other. "The Whole System
is a Whole System," in other words. However, Special Relativity
says that energy cannot travel faster than light, so what medium
carries this "instantaneous" communication? Dr. Edward Harris
Walker says it is "consciousness"; Dr. Jack Sarfatti states that
it is "information" and explains his theory with the following
metaphor: If the whole universe can be likened to a mega-computer,
then the sub-quantum realm is composed of mini-mini-computers.
The hardware of each computer (universe, individual brain,
sub-quantum mechanisms, etc.) is local in space and time.
However, the software is non-local, both spatially and temporally.
Since information is not energy but is what orders energy, there
is no conflict with Special Relativity.
In any case, encounters of the Ultimate kind seem practically
beyond description. Words appear completely inadequate; in
Wilson's opinion, perhaps Beethoven said it best of all in the
fourth movement to his Ninth Symphony.
Circuit Eight Application
Language typically proves inadequate for describing non-local
phenomena, but there are some helpful methods of viewing Universe
through a non-local perspective. One most rewarding technique is
focusing first on one's own heartbeat, then expanding the focus to
include a similar heart or pulse beating in unison within every
human heart, every animal heart, then merging with the pulsings of
plant life, and so on down to the slow, thunderous pulse of the
earth itself and out as far into the cosmos as imaginable, linking
with other planets, stars, quasars, etc. The scope of the

imagination is the only limiting factor. This exercise, performed

often and vividly, is a great way to feel connectedness with
Universe. Empathy seems to be a vital key to opening up Circuit
Eight; therefore, exercises involving perceiving events/emotions
simultaneously from the vantage points of several different people
at once are highly useful. As links are forged more readily
between people who share an intimate bond, reverent sex is an
excellent opportunity for expanding the awareness to include
multiple sensations.
Since Circuit Eight is non-local in time as well as in space,
such time-bridging abilities as precognition and retrocognition
come into play. Often, precognition is a matter of trusting your
own perceptions more than anything else, rather than dismissing
them as "only" imagination or fantasy. Indeed, neither the future
nor the past can be described as fixed, since each person's
reality differs so widely, and many possibilities in the running
may or may not materialize at any given point. With activation of
this circuit, comes the increasing awareness that various
realities are more or less arbitrary and equally valid depending
on the framework being used, a logical progression from the
metaprogramming discoveries of Circuit Seven. Finally, the most
obvious indicator of Circuit Eight in operation is an expansive,
"cosmic" feeling that defies description but feels utterly
The CyberNaut's goal must be to permanently activate and
incorporate each of the upper four circuits into everyday life.
These expanded modes of consciousness can and should work with the
realization of interconnectedness and relativity of all
mindschemes to produce a greater satisfaction with life and a
greater sense of humor towards the playing of The Game. Once
these circuits are in healthy operation, every moment becomes a
dizzying spiral of intoxication with life and a creative endeavor
to conjure even more fun from the ever-unfolding processes at
Earth Mother--Matrix
The Matrix is a different order of entity. Matrix is the
planet, the planetary ecosystem; the primordial Earth Mother.
Mostly the Matrix is the grid of space in which all life lives.
Should an anthropomorphic term be needed it should be called
Sky Father--Patrus
Although not previously mentioned a primordial father figure in
the same order as Matrix exits. This entity is the Patrus, the Sky
Father and represents the external forces effecting the Matrix.
Additionally the Sky Father may be considered the original StarSky seed bearer. He may represent evolution, changes in weather,
space alien intrusions, extra-terrestrial biological experiments
and or accidental transmissions of life from meteors or comets.

Call him Grandfather.

The Lady is the divine archetypal neuro-genetic pattern of
all human women. She is the best that all women can ever hope to
be plus a little more. The authors will not name her. She is yours
to name and venerate.
The Lord is the divine archetypal neuro-genetic pattern of
all human men. He is the best that all men can hope for plus a
little added on the side to keep us guessing his next move. He
remains nameless as does the Lady.
Domain Relationships
Domain interests can and will occur in all circuits from all
domains. Each circuit has a high, mid and low domain focus.
However some circuits may be more suited to a particular domain.
Circuit Tasking
Again the task of the CyberNaut is to accelerate and decelerate
all circuits to provide optimal usage and operation of each
circuit toward personally chosen ethical ends.

Lower Circuit Relationships

Circuit One Relationships
Circuit one is the Goddess circuit. The Goddess is not to be
confused with the Matrix.
All the circuits can be moved to or from any other circuits.
This circuit can be moved to when personal physical needs arise.
Circuit One is an area of knowledge that relates to bodily
concerns and needs. Other circuits may be associated with Circuit
One. Most importantly for CyberNauts would be the combination of
circuits One, Six and Seven. In this mode of operation the
CyberNaut would be engaged in metaprogramming towards a happier,
healthier relationship with the Goddess. Additionally Circuit
Eight may be added in when involved in mid domain Craft efforts.
Acceleration of Circuit One includes all knowledge bases that
help the physical organism survive. This is a "do" circuit more
than a "know" circuit. Physical health and hygiene are integral to
this circuit as well as personal defense measures. Life extension
efforts originate in the high domain here.
Circuit Two Relationships
Circuit Two is the God circuit. Circuit Two is not to be
confused with the Patrus. This circuit represents all human
authority structures. By using circuits Two, Three, Six and Seven
CyberNauts can gain healing and instruction with respect to

social, familial and political authority structures.

Again this is a do circuit more than a know circuit.
Acceleration can be achieved by learning successful teamwork,
corporate and political structures. This circuit needs much
healing as most CyberNauts have an awful taste in their mouths
concerning authority structures and God in particular. Many an
individual fears not only external authority but their own
internal authority. Rituals should be written to enhance the
CyberCraft images of power within. We can and will trust ourselves
amidst all the chaos and confusion of a society run wild. Whereas
Circuit One is related to the body and emotions Circuit Two is
focused toward emotions and external relationships.
Circuit Three Relationships
Circuit Three is the Semantic Time Binding Circuit. It should
be associated with the Divine Son. In Wiccan thealogical
structures a Goddess and God exists. However nothing is said of
their progeny; a divine son and daughter. Most Wiccans know of the
Three Faced Goddess. Little know of the Three Faced God. According
to the neurogenetic teachings of CyberCraft the Three Faced God is
composed of Bright Youth, the Mad Prophet and the Wise Elder. See
R. J. Stewart's nicely written material on the Merlin Conferences
for more information.
This circuit represents the fiery nature of flowing information
and ideologies. It relates more to ideas and ideologies than
emotions. Fierce ideological ighting of both an external and
internal nature is indicative of this experience. Such shows the
immature nature of the circuit. Its mature aspects would be
manifest in the free and tolerant exchange of ideas and
technologies. Hidden, deceitful, false and inflexible
communications are abhorrent to the mature aspects of Circuit
Three. However such deceitful communications are pointers to its
immature nature.
Circuit Three should be combined with circuits Five and Seven
to create more humane and beneficial systems of communicating
ideas and technologies. Circuit Three has great promise when it
manifests itself in mature form. It should also be mated with
Circuit Eight to start processing new research into non-local
discarnate communications and information networks.
This is a know circuit which realizes the innate value of
knowing. Rituals need to be written to acknowledge and venerate
the Divine Son. At some point Circuit Three needs to be mated with
Circuit Four to produce the next series of circuits. Circuit Three
can be accelerated by exposure to new, different and seemingly
conflicting ideologies in a non-Aristotelian environment.
Circuit Four Relationships
Circuit Four is the Social-Sexual Circuit. It should be
associated with the Divine Daughter. In previous chapters it has
been called the guilt circuit. Typically guilt and shame have been
used to control the activities of women of all ages. In it's
immature aspects this circuit is heavily polarized being either
promiscuous or fearfully abstinent. A balance based upon knowledge
should be strived for. In essence this circuit is the doorway into

Circuit Four should be used with circuits Five, Six and Seven
to produce newer personal mythos replete with viable mythopoetic
structures ready to serve WoMankind.
Immature Circuit Four struggles indicate an unwillingness to
integrate ones nature within the Matrix. It suffers from guilt
tripping in Circuit Two. And is confused by the holistic
information in a mature Circuit Three. Circuit Five exists to
liberate Circuit Four but present conditions in American society
lend poorly to complete liberation.
Circuit Four can be accelerated by getting in touch with our
own emotions and bodies. Rituals should be written to liberate
Circuit Four for more integrated emotions and sexuality. Guilt and
shame must be jettisoned to make room for healthy, holistic
emotional and sexual lives. Circuits Three and Four compliment
each other. Some rituals are needed to integrate the airy and
Switching Gears into the Programming Circuits
Circuit Five Relationships
Circuit Five is the Holistic Neurosomatic circuit. Circuit Five
conflicts arise over what it takes for the individual to feel
good. This circuit is the first attempt at taking control of ones
own life. Knowledge based upon the holistic integration of the
previous circuits enable the CyberNaut to proceed smoothly through
times of personal and social stress. All lower and upper circuits
can be processed with this circuit. If it's not fun why do it?
Circuit Five is the springboard into the other upper circuits. And
through Circuit Five we can take that long first step toward
understanding and achieving our short and long term goals.
Rituals should be written that include Circuit Five inflections
for all other circuits.
Circuit Five is the most important of the upper circuits for
the novice CyberNaut. Antero Alli refers to Circuit Five as Chapel
Perilous. When the novice first ventures through the previous
Circuits they form stable relationships between themselves and
their world. However Circuit Five has the tendency to change
previous programming. This Circuit upsets the apple cart. A
seemingly instantaneous realization occurs that things aren't what
they really seem to be. Now everything is in doubt. Nothing is
sure. Only the brave and mature should venture into Chapel
Perilous. But as can readily be seen, life seems to propel us into
Circuit Five whether we are ready or not.
Circuit Six Relationships
Circuit Six is the Collective Neurogenetic Circuit. By way of
Circuit Six we can begin writing and integrating personal
mythologies concerning what we are and where we want to go. This
circuit allows us to explore the hidden spaces of our aspirations
while hinting at intelligent, ethical control of our psychicselves. This circuit should be combined with all other circuits in
ways that allow deep penetration of personally chosen data into

human psyches. Circuit Six will apply mostly to the mid and low
Priestesses we know tell us of the emotional and energetic
charge they receive when performing the Charge of the Goddess. In
Drawing Down the Moon Circuit Six is in full operation. Through
the Charge of the Goddess this Circuit offers a neurogenetic link
to Circuit One. In doing this we gain a mythopoetic view at our
pasts and futures.
For men we have a ritual called Drawing Down the Sun. Circuit
Six offers men access to neurogenetic links which offer the same
insights but from the God's aspect of Circuit One.
Circuit Seven Relationships
Circuit Seven is the Metaprogramming Circuit. This is the
second most important circuit for the novice CyberNaut. In Circuit
Seven operations the CyberNaut can and will discover, analyze and
repair all previous circuit disfunctionalities. As with Circuit
Five it should be associated with all other circuits. This circuit
is critical when accelerating and decelerating circuits.
Circuit Eight Relationships
Circuit Eight is the Metaphysiological or Non-Local Quantum
Circuit. Here circuit tasking is a little different. The goal of
Circuit Eight activities is to escape the model itself, freeing
the entity to experience as clearly as possible non-local
existence. Typically Eight is used with all circuits to step
outside the framework for new perspectives.
Circuit Eight is the walk way to higher states of being. As
life extension and personal research enable new personal and
common vistas this circuit becomes more important.
External and Internal Faces
All the Circuits involve open and hidden aspects. But what is a
hidden aspect? The hidden aspects are modes or techniques which
may be viewed as extremely negative by our culture. CyberCraft is
a continuation of knowledge which was not received well by our
contemporaries. Consequently any practice which may bring
prosecution or unusual persecution should be considered an
internal aspect. This is to protect the CyberCraft.
As examples--followers of Lyndan Larouche have already
penetrated certain neoPagan and Magickal computer networks, gained
information and published pamphlets publicly branding the
networkers as Satanic devil worshipers utilizing a nationwide
Satanic computer network designed to help facilitate the stealing
of innocent children from the Christian enclaves. Is it presently
rumored that some reportedly armed right-wing organizations are
collecting names and addresses for their databases. The South
Western Radio Church has long been on an anti-newage campaign and
can't be far behind. Some federal agencies have penetrated
networks of pedophiles and gathered names of suspects from the
owners and users of the network.
Under no circumstance is a public access computer network to be

considered secure. Use encryption programs that are DES based to

provide the needed security. Pass the keys by first class mail.
Code the keys in questions or stories that only CyberNauts would
The external face can be discussed freely in public
environments. The hidden face should be discussed only between
members or between members and trusted inquirers. And then only
the knowledge needed should be exposed.
For the internal faces written and electronic telephone line or
air radiated communications should be encrypted in such a way as
to provide a reasonable measure of security. Leave no unencrypted
internal face material open to accidental discovery by children or
This author's experience with government agencies is that some
1700 governmental agencies keep and maintain information on
individuals. Once these agencies acquire negative information much
time, money and effort is required to purge their records. Even
then one is never sure an agency has not simply refilled the
information in different areas to retain the disputed information.
Privacy is a vital practice. This may seem paranoid but a
general practice of privacy can only benefit us.
Sharing Bio-circuit Experiences
Bio-Circuit 5 Experiences
I have had some very wonderful experiences with the upper 4
circuits. Some of this may sound threatening but I hope not too
Between circuits 4 and 5 is a place I call Darkmoor. Antero
Alli terms it Chapel Perilous. (I'll see if I have info. on
Darkmoor on the E-Net.) Darkmoor is the region of doubt we
experience when we begin to notice the upper 4 circuits. Some,
perhaps most of us, start thinking that we are betraying our
parents, sometimes our peers, and perhaps ourselves when we modify
our lifestyles toward circuit 5. After all most of us were taught
from early on that we had to "work hard" to live. Circuit 5 lets
us know that we can enjoy ourselves, even be a little lazy when we
need, or when we want.
The uper circuits do somewhat parallel the lower circuits.
The bodily feel goodness of circuit 1 is paralleled and amplified
in circuit 5. For most people life can be good, for some it can be
great, yet others live fantastic lives. Generally when we learn
not to fight ourselves, our general need to feel good and be
happy, we learn to live well.
About a year ago I met the young wife of younger friend, who
through their own doings were coming to terms with an impending
divorce. In the months after we met she and I were synchronously
thrown into "things" together. We began to see and sleep with each
other during their separation. She moved in with me some months
before their divorce was final. Jim, her ex, has shown great
integrity throughout the process and now seems to have resolved

his concerns about the divorce. Both Jim and Alisandra made it
through their problems by using circuit 5, the holistic neurosomatic pleasure circuit. By indulging themselves in pleasure they
found that their previous relationship was pretty shaky from the
beginning. Since they both are fairly independent their new
lifestyles are much better than their old one.
For them, in their need, circuit 5 worked well. They had no
idea that circuit 5 existed. But they naturally used the processes
of this circuit to help them get through. Sure it was tough, but
not nearly as tough as others.
Alisandra is 14 years my junior. I tend to "worship" youth
and beauty. So I surround myself with people I think of as
youthful and beautiful. In my social intercourse my friends and I
deal with people our age down to college students. Since I have no
survivng family and Alisandra's fundamentalist parents in
Tennessee think she is "possessed by the Devil" (by me??) neither
of us have older, cranky parents to deal with.
Currently for us circuit 5 is the main circuit. We take our
pleasure any-when and where we desire. And with anyone we desire.
Sure we have our little spats but we both know the rules of
communication. We deal with the little stuff before it pile up.
She knows about my minor blood sugar problem so we don't get into
arguments when my body decides to do something different. (I've
been told by lovers "You're cranky in the morning." Isn't
Sometimes I wonder how the grasshopper felt. Did he really
think that winter wouldn't come?? If we take our pleasure
constantly will we miss some other important event? Yes. Tim Leary
writes that people _stuck_ in circuit 5 think having fun is too
important to be weighed down with commitments and progress. Those
stuck in circuit 5 find it extremely difficult to even notice the
upper 3 circuits.
The general warning is that there is always something else to
learn, to experience. Till things go "non-local", "exponential"
and/or "non-linear" in circuit 8 we always have another circuit to
One other important point. Infact it's a large consideration.
Health, no not just sexual health, but health in general.
Exploring circuits takes time. Without a healthy body and mind the
fun of exploration is diminished, perhaps even precluded.
In this model life extension is a vital part. Writer Paul
Bragg, who influenced Jack Lalane, made it to 96 with all his
teeth and normal vision, running 5 miles a day and swimming a mile
on occasion. Alas due to an unfortunate accident Paul Bragg is no
longer with us.
There is no reason why we can't live to 100 or 150. Health is
part and parcel of circuit 5. What does it benefit us to be kings
and queens if our health is failing? Yet with good health of mind
and body even paupers have the opportunity to become wealthy. With
the emergence of micro- and nano-technology in 50 years or so, we
may have the tools to extend life to 2-3 hundred years. Some
visionaries tell us that because technology is exploding

exponentially, in the coming century we may find ways to extend

life indefinitely. Or perhaps until the individual decides it's
time to die. It'd be a shame to die the day before immortality
machines are brought online.
Along with life extension comes greater ability to cope with
change. In a 150 year life cycle comes the ability to cross train
in several different fields of study. Then after they have been
assimilated a cross-discplinary approach to the tough problems can
be used to better solve those problems.
Of course a 150 year lifecycle also means about 120 years of
pleasure in circuit 5. That's quite a consideration.
Circuit 6 experiences
Circuit 6 experiences concern the Collective Neuro-genetic
Alisandra and I have been involved with neo-paganism for a
few years. While neither of u believes in a real Goddess or God
we do see the value in this for some people. However what appeals
to us are collective neuro-genetic archetypes. Please read Jung's
work on archetypes for established and accepted definitions of
To us archetypes are patterns in both the conscious and
unconscious that "program" windows of action or opportunity for
us. Archetypes can be either the individual's genetic coding
(programming) or a culturally determined way or mode of
experiencing life.
Alisandra likes Connor MacLeod from Highlander. In this story
a young immortal must confront his immortality, ignorance and
conflict with other immortals for a fabulous prize. Here is the
powerful story of the mythical Hero's Journey. It is the story of
all human life. Expanding consciousness can be substituted for
immortality and the story is much the same. (And as presented in
the previous reply consciousness may indeed bring to us practical
Circuit 6 helps us get in touch with our past, present and
future history. Some folks think that the current state of
humanity is the culminating state. I think not. In a million years
or so we may find as many different types of humans as we find in
other different but similar species.
Part of circuit 6 is aspecting a neuro-genetic archetype.
Some folks call this channeling; and while they think they are
channeling a discarnate entity from elsewhere I have my
suspicions. In my life I have noticed a semi-major personality
change about every 2-3 years. To me the current personality is a
variable composite of past personalities. It's variable in that it
is a changeable forum or quorum of memories, thoughts and feelings
that make up Mike. In this quorum there are stronger and weaker
individuals. Each play their own part in my psyche. If I allow a
change in the quorum these internal changes are evident to me and
close friends.

Aspecting (channeling) is changing the forum, rearranging the

quorum for a different perspective or view of reality. Modern
channelers then speak and act differently than normally. But we
don't need to be channelers to get in touch with the collective
neuro-genetic patterns.
I said I'd share. (But I didn't say I would lecture a bit
too. Along with aspecting is something similar I term virtual
personalities. I have a virtual personality named Ammond. He lives
in a somewhat different world than Mike. But he has much the same
Virtual personalities, sometimes called alter-egos, are
pretty much the same thing as a Fantasy Role Playing entity. Those
who have played Dungeons and Dragons are familiar with FRP games.
But what has gaming theory got to do with life? Almost everything.
Life has rules, regulations and consequences. Games have the
models of those very same things.
Tim Leary got into hot water with "games" in a time when life
was a serious matter. Early in Joseph Campbell's book PRIMITIVE
MYTHOLOGY Joe talks about different culture's approaches to life.
One approach is that life is a game to be played. I like that
approach myself. If we make ourselves perceive life as a game we
can have fun with the game. Sometimes we can even get away with
mucking with/the rules. Consequences are there though...
In Mike's life Ammond is part of the game of aspecting a
neuro-collective archetype we know of as witch or magician. Others
play this important game with him. Alisandra played for a while
too. Both of us got tired of that game so we have mucked the
rules, plotted a different course to the stars again. We are
starting in another direction. But the archetype(s) is deep within
our psyche. We can no more escape them than we can escape our own
An advantage of being able to muck the rules is that we can
determine what we can and cannot get away with. American culture
is very restrictive. Getting in touch with the genetic archetypes
enable us to experiment, to know, to be flexible enough to shapeshift into a new personality at whim. Our participants who are
actors can identify with this concept.
In current psychologies we have models including only three
entities--child, adult and parent. However these are a basic three
in many thousands. The collective neuro-genetic circuit gives us
the opportunity to emulate any of those thousands of internal,
genetically and culturally driven archetypes.
Just for fun, here are a few words from Ammond...
"The witch is a powerful person because they learn to turn,
bend, shape and condition reality. Life is a marvelous thing when
one realizes that magick does indeed work. Through magick I can
create, modify or condition anything in my life. That's fun and I
benefit greatly."
Thanx Ammond. And now a few words from another important
person-- Arthur C. Clarke... "Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic." Of which Ammond bends into "To

the culturally xenophobic any sufficiently different technology is

indistinguishable from magic, ie. pure garbage."
Circuit 7 experiences...
What can be said about circuit 7? Lots of things, but these
statements are almost in a different language. Something not in
English. In its most basic aspect circuit 7 is the point in the
individual's development where they begin to understand how they
program, influence, and condition their own minds. The programmer
takes control of the program to design in or erase out those
functions useful or not. This includes feelings and emotions.
[Glasser's Perception orders give us a hint as to how to use
circuit 7 better.]
Circuit 7 is the metaprogramming circuit. Dr. Lilly has a lot
to say on this subject in some of his books. I think Center Of The
Cyclone and Programmimg And Metaprogramming The Human Biocomputer
both address this topic. I haven't read the latter at this point.
It's on my list of a hundred or so.
In other topics I refer to the human mind/body complex as a
single somewhat mechanical entity. Robert Anton Wilson says the
brain is something like a silicon computer. Cyber-punks term the
brain "wetware". They even go as far as to distinguish between
minds, ie. "meat mind" and "machine mind".
In K. Eric Drexler's Engines Of Creation--The Coming Era Of
Nanotechnology, he starts his book off writing of the machines
that inhabit te human body. Each human cell is inhabited with
millions of tiny nanomachines. And today we have the beginning of
the capability of sensing, viewing, controlling and creating
newer, more useful nanomachines. Obviously our understanding of
the word machine is evolving. (Perhaps you have heard recently
that folks at IBM labs have the ability to manipulate individual
atoms. In 22 hours with a scanning tunneling microscope they moved
32 xenon atoms across a nickel surface to spell out IBM. It was
difficult and slow, but it was done. Additionally genetic
researchers on the East Coast are asking for children with genetic
conditions to volunteer for genetic manipulation and testing. They
think they can "fix" the bad chromosones.)
The human body and by extension the human brain (wetware) is
composed of individual micro and nano machines. So by extension we
can think of the human brain as a macro-machine (in light of the
littler machines that make its composition.) As time proceeds,
technology and human knowledge progress. Even the understanding of
"technology" and "knowledge" changes with new information. The
understanding of "human" and "mind" changes even as you read this
Today we are on the verge of a radical change. Additionally,
radical changes in our paradigms are happening now. Either our
individual worldviews keep up with existing useful knowledge or we
will grow "strange", alienating ourselves from the force of the
march of the race toward the stars.
One of these paradigm changes is one which considers the
human animal more machine and less a metaphysical entity. By

extension we can also say that the human mind is more machine than
metaphysical entity. A truly advanced, conscious and replicating,
self-modifying, amazing machine, but a machine it remains. This
disturbs many metaphysical minded folks because it has ominous
consequences, the most ominous being that if WoMankind is
basically a machine then what about an afterlife? According to
this model unless some vehicle is generated to contain human
consciousness there is no life after death.
Continuing on... Just like a computer we can program our
minds. School is the primary place of programming. Learning is
taught very little in schools. Students are supposed to open their
minds to let the teacher pour in the socially accepted, accredited
programs. It's no wonder our children hate school. They have the
genetically driven need to learn, but they perceive they are being
programmed. Programming and learning are not the same thing. Our
children perceive the hypocrisy. I rebel against the idea myself.
However ethical self-programming is a different item
altogether. Folks like Leary, Wilson, Alpert, and Lilly, tell us
that some techniques can indeed change our minds. Techniques like
focused meditation, positive visualization, brain machines and
chemical alteration are powerful tools for brain change.
Personally I've used positive visualization to some success.
Focused meditation is probably the best current legal technique.
More powerful techniques are brain machines which use a feature of
the brain to train the brain into semi-discrete states while
listening to motivational tapes. The most powerful and most
dangerous tools are psycho-active drugs. These are generally used
to demolish existing emotional structures which might compete with
the newly forming, more delicate emotional structures. This
wrecking crew is composed of any of the psycho-active drugs
available. The most popular are LSD, 'shrooms, XTC and pot. All of
these drugs tie back into circuit 5 so there is a double whammy
involved with their usage. For some people demolition of emotional
structures works well. Others would just freak.
Currently these drugs are illegal. Our society has some
difficult problems to face with respect to mind-altering
substances. The primitive (and now our contemporary) shaman has
used plant substances to alter brain chemistry for some 30,000
years. I have a fairly extensive reading list for these
metaprogramming substances. Perhaps this is subject matter for an
Brain machines and disciplined meditation seem to be the most
powerful legal tools. These are able to softly rearrange the minds
programming without demolishing whole structures. As time marches
on brain machines will progress. I presume that at some point, the
most powerful models will become illegal. Figures.
Circuit 8 experiences...
Circuit 8 is
difficult. I have
because Mike is a
person so maybe I

very mystical. Writing about circuit 8

a limited understanding of it. This is
7 circuit person. However Ammond is an
should let him take over for awhile...

Hey, Ammond. Wake up!

for me is
8 circuit
<tee hee>

"Uhhum, what? Oh, circuit 8 is the metaphysiological circuit.

This can be interpreted in two ways. [This is boring you know.
Mike doesn't really like this stuff so i think it's a great idea
to let the experts cover their fields. He can be such a stuffed
shirt at times. You fundamentalist! Get a clue Mike! Let go. Have
fun. Jeeze, it won't hurt your reputation too much. People won't
think you're crazy or nothin.]"
I dislike self-made, so-called experts turkey. Did you know
that an expert is a 'has-been drop of water under pressure??'
"Ok, let's get on with this... [i knew we weren't going to
get anywhere. He's supposed to be writing this stuff, not me.
Always leaving it to the little guy.] Ok, where did i leave my
magick book? Here it is under the pickled frogs. Jeeze i hate that
smell... This whole place has that horrid smell. Should open some
windows. It's springtime. I'm giving up pickling small animals.
The larger ones can stay in the yard...
Circuit 8, yes i'm familiar with that area. Any progressive
magician is, or rather should be. The term magick is a squirrely
thing. It's hard to pin down. It took me almost a year and a few
thousand pins to get it pinned down on my magicians viewing
matrix. Darn pins, kept backing out somehow. Magick. Hummpf!
It can been seen in two lights. One is the mystical view,
which i subscribe to. i couldn't be a real magician if i didn't.
Rules you know. Damn unions, always making impromptu
proclamations. Do this, do that. Believe this. I'm ready to quit
and become a customer service engineer. I can fix anything. At
least i could make some real money. Might even get a car...
Where was i? Oh yeah, two lights. Some folks like to believe
in mysterious metaphysical powers. It all works together you know.
Somehow. Like attracts like in contradiction to current physics.
So whatever you work for you somehow magickally get. Or at least
something like what you wanted. Hard to tell at times. It
generally depends upon how much you want something. And how hard
you work at it.
The other view is that natural laws haven't been fully
appreciated, uhh, understood yet. This revolves around strange
things like 'information' and 'consciousness', 'charm' and
'quarks' and such intellectual sillyness. Generally the idea is
that we are all linked in a network of sorts. When we find the
proper technologies and applications we should be able to slide
around on the net, doing and going to different places in a flash.
Sounds like hooey to me. i prefer magick, it's simpler."
Thanx for that helpful explanation Ammond, I'll take it from
here. Cranky this morning??
"Not a damn bit!"
Know what you're doing?
"Yep, it's all in this here magick book. Cernunnos on a
crutch! Where did it go? Magick book, hummph! Just about gotta'
keep it on a steel leash. Here it is under the pickled snakes.

I'll just mosey over and put it back where it belongs. Oh yeah,
the front door is open. Bye. Don't make a mess on the way out,
will ya'? This stuff is hard to replace. Where'd that infernal
book go?"
Ok, to continue from the previous paragraphs. Quantum physics
has been bringing us some strange information. Mostly it says that
our views of the universe affect our perception of the universe so
what we think we see is really something else. Or something like
that. You'll have to get the information yourself. There are some
good and bad books on this subject. Be careful of what you pick up
at the bookstore. Somehow those books jump right off the shelf at
you saying buy me, read me. You'd think there was something magic
about it all.
Experiencing good synchronicity is a good example of circuit
8 being active. Jane Roberts, another aspecter of fame, has a lot
to say on following one's impulses. Of course Jung is the one who
coined the term Synchronicity.
The Cyber Lord and Lady
The CyberLord
Since this article is being written in the late Fall we'll
start with the Lord first.
Who is the CyberLord? In Wicca the horned Lord is the Consort
of the Lady. His seasons are from Autumnal Equinox to the Vernal
Equinox. Typically He represents life cycles, birth through death.
But since CyberCraft is an interpretive metaphor we will try to
get a little closer to Him.
CyberCraft holds that the Lord is the divine natural pattern
of all men. His appearance and lifestyle would depend upon the
culture in which the CyberNaut lives. Skin color, language,
lifestyles are all dependent upon one's culture and need.
We are told by our predecessors that we don't create the
Gods, we name them. Yet some might pursue a natural manifestation
that is a little too far or distant for the individual to maintain
a solid psychic link with. Mireca Eliade tells us that supreme
Gods generally always are replaced with more local, more relative,
lesser Gods. Therefore we offer the Cyber Lord as that more
relative and personal deity.
His home is the homes of men, His loves the loves of men. He
is the complete and perfect pattern of all human males. He is the
best of all possible human male entities. His abilities are the
highest that mankind can ever hope for plus a little to keep us
guessing. And He is complete in his animalness. Raw viral power is
His to command. His keen, perceptive, piercing intelligence tracks
the quarry from birth to death. His building and engineering
skills are sufficient to take mankind from dank cave to reliable
inter- stellar, inter-galactic transportation systems.
He is the seed-bearer. His semen can fecundate while His
powers can decimate. Half the information codes that terra-form
new Gaias frolic within his divine form. His nature is of fire and

air- -of doing.

But He is not a goody-two-shoes. He knows the way of birth
and death, of creation and destruction. He knows that in open and
closed systems, placement and replacement both have a place in the
dance of whirling, living systems. He has a dark side but it's not
evil. His is a life-affirming darkness as opposed to life-denying
darkness. There is a life-denying darkness. It lies in the realm
of Patrus.
The CyberLady
She, like the Lord, is the divine pattern of all women. The
best they can ever be plus just a little to surprise us. She is
the Creatrix of the race, and with Her links to Gaia she is the
matrifocal property owner of the race. Hers is more a creating and
nurturing spirit where the Lord's is knowing and doing. From Her
breasts comes the multi-visceral ambrosia which sustains all human
life. Her Nature is of water and earth--of sustaining.
Her form is also relative to the race and culture of the
CyberNaut. She has a light and dark nature but again they are
life- affirming. The Matrix contains life-denying processes. Her
form is a evolutionary raised animal form reflecting both woman's
primitive and star nature. She will bear us across the wide
heavens to newer homes.
The Lord and Lady share many of the same powers. This is
reflected in our genetic heritage. Neither Lady nor Lord is
supreme. They are the powers of the species. And they do not serve
the other except in the genetically driven processes assigned by
the Matrix and Patrus. They are equal but completely perfect in
their separate abilities. Both serve the Matrix and Patrus, not
by Commandment, but by pattern and nature.
Each CyberNaut, CyberPriest and CyberPriestess has the power
and authority to create representations of the Lady and Lord. Were
it not so we would not have the power and authority to procreate
from Their genetic stocks.
This author envisions the Lord as younger, utterly handsome,
virile, with short hair and a strong energyform body. I see Him as
agile and adept at plumbing the sub-atomic depths and the
brilliant cores of galaxies.
The Lady is dark and divine. Her beauty stupefies and
exhilarates. Her cool touch electrifies and energizes. Her breath
animates. Her single glance can mortify and elevate a human to
seventh heavens.
Their powers spring from within and reach to the outermost
realms of matter and energy. Nothing is beyond their caress.

From the effects of the Lord and Lady come the progeny who we
call the Changelings. Those who are mutating the minds are the
mental Changelings of the Divine Couple. And as time progresses
our bodies will change as the Lord and Lady prune, shape and
nurture the human species. We are involved in a labor of love in
creating a framework to benefit our children and our future
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