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1. Name of Factory
: M/s Hardrock Fabrication Pvt. Ltd.
2. Location and Address of factory : A-33 & 34 (P) Phase-VI, Gamharia,
Jamshedpur- 832108
3. Distinctive No. & Description
a) Ref No.
B) Manufacturer

Strumech Pvt. Ltd

C) Capacity

5 Ton

D) Type & Its mast

EOT Crane with wire Rope and Hook

E) Max. Lift

6 Mts.

F) Travel Length

30 Mts.

G) Location

Inside Bucket Section.

H) Nature of process in which this Loading/ unloading

m/c is used
buckets etc.
I) Period of Installations
J) Date of last test/ examination




K) Date of annealing/heat treatment N.A

of chain/other lifting tackles
4. What parts (if any) were in-accessible:- Some internal components were in
accessible and so this EOT crane was examined in their external conditions as far as
5. What test/examination were made:- This EOT Crane was operated repeated in my
presence for lifting the loads ranging from their max. Safe working loads to their normal
operating loads. The operation of the EOT Crane was smooth and no mechanical
discrepancies were observed. Physical conditions of all mechanical and electrical
components were found in order including all safety systems. No defects affecting the
state working of this EOT crane was observed. However periodical maintenance has to be
carried out strictly.

6. Condition of this machine (state any defects were observed materially affecting
the safe working conditions of the machine: Good
7. Are the fittings and appliances provided in accordance with the rules specified for
the machine : Yes
8. Are the fittings and appliances maintained in good conditions : Yes
9. Repair (if any) required and period within which they should be executed and any
conditions which the person making the inspection/examination thinks it necessary to
specify for securing safe working without conditions: Since this EOT Crane was working
without any problem and defects/discrepancies at the time of inspection/examination, no
repairs were required on this EOT Crane.
10. Where repairs affecting the safe working load/pressure are required, state the
safe working load/pressure:
(a) Before expiration of period specified in 13
(b) After expiration of such period if the required repairs have not been completed.
(c) After completion of required parts.
11. Other Observation
(a) This mentioned EOT Crane was inspected/examined in their condition as
presented before me. If any alterations were made with respect to their
parts/components and working conditions, a changed situation could be arrived to
give rise discrepancies to the machines as well as to the working conditions. This
report in such case would have no validity and the changed situation thus could not
be compared with this inspection/examination nothings as stated above.
(b) Routine maintenance as well as safe operation as recommended by O.E.M
should be carried out and a log book should be maintained for the same.
I certify that on 12.01.2014, this EOT Crane described above were thoroughly
inspected and examined so far as their construction permitted and the
test/examination as were necessary made on the day and that the above is the true
report of my examination.
Note: next due date- 12.01.2015