MDZ Information File v1.01 ============================== General: ======== MDZ-files are files that describe modules.

They give the reader some general information about one or several modules and enables him to find the module he just wants to listen to quickly. They are meant to be spread along with modules (in archives, on cds), so everyone can easily find out who has made this piece of music or what style it is. The MDZ-format was designed to be accessible from every module related program, it is explicitly not limited to Cubic Player (see below for a description of the format). I'd like to encourage you to use these files in your own productions (modules as well as players or trackers). Format: ======= The MDZ-file is a standard ibm ascii file. Every MDZ-file has to start with the text "MODINFO1" (1 is the version number). The files currently may not be bigger than 64k. Then there may be one data field per line. Currently defined fields are: MODULE SIZE xxxx xxxx the filename of the module the filesize of the module MODULE and SIZE are used for indentifying the module! Together they start a new module block. All other information on this module must be below. TYPE FDATE TITLE COMPOSER CDATE STYLE PLAYTIME COMMENT ; xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx mmm:ss xxxx xxxx the type of the module (4 characters max) file date title of the module composer date when the module was finished style playtime comment for this module comment (ignore this line)

Other lines will be ignored. Valid and planned types are: MOD standard module (all types) MODd standard module with DMP-like panning MODt standard module where command Fxx is always tempo M15 15 instruments module without a signature M15t 15 instruments module, Fxx is tempo MID Midi file MIDd Midi file, channel 16 is a drum channel XM FastTracker II module STM ScreamTracker 2 Module S3M ScreamTracker 3 Module PTM PolyTracker module MTM MultiTracker module


Composer 669 module (also extended 669) X-Tracker module Oktalyser module Digitracker module Extreme's tracker module Farandole module Mod's Grave module UltraTracker module CD-Audio track (size is some kind of checksum on all tracks) DMP's internal format MED module Protracker Studio 16 (PSM�) Protracker Studio 16 newer version

If you have further questions, suggestions, ideas or comments to the MDZ-format please contact us. Example: ======== -------------------[schnibbel]------------------------MODINFO1 MODULE REFLECTR.XM SIZE 740554 TYPE XM TITLE Reflecter CHANNELS 12 PLAYTIME 3:34 CDATE 0.0.1994 COMPOSER Zodiak / Cascada COMMENT The Party 4 - 32 Channel Compo ( 1) -------------------[schnabbel]------------------------Cubic Player and MDZ-files: =========================== With Cubic Player you can load, edit and save MDZ-files. Cubic Player automatically reads all MDZ-files it finds, that are not bigger than 64k, and even ZIP packed MDZ files with a maximum size of 1k, and converts them into an internal format. To edit the information in the fileselector you must press shift-tab, select the field you want to edit, press return, edit the field, press return again and then shift-tab. To save the information of one module press alt-w and cp will write it to a with the same name, but with the extension .MDZ. You can also write a MDZ file of many modules: put the modules in the playlist, press tab to go to the playlist, press alt-a and enter the filename of the new MDZ file. (pressing alt-a in the directory will make a MDZ file of all modules in the current directory) Software that uses this format: =============================== ah... it's getting more and more...

- Cubic Player since 1.4 - Cross-View 1.70 from TWAiN PAiN Software Niklas Beisert / pascal