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Summer of My German Soldier begins at a train station in Jenkinsville, Arkansas during

World War II. A camp for German prisoners of war has just opened in the town. 12year-old Patty Bergen stands in a crowd of people, watching guards unload German
prisoners from a train. The prisoners are not handcuffed. They are wearing denim
outfits and carrying Army duffel bags. Patty thinks that they look like an ordinary crew
from the Public Works Department. An onlooker taunts them and Patty is surprised to
see one prisoner respond with a smile and wave. Patty starts to wave back, but a local
woman stops her. The prisoners are taken to the camp and the crowd disperses. Patty
feels disappointed that there was not more excitement and drama surrounding the
arrival of the Germans.
Patty goes home and sees Ruth, her black nanny and housekeeper. She tells Ruth...


Patty Bergen
Patty Bergen is the protagonist of Summer of My German Soldier. She is an outcast in many
ways: she is Jewish, part of a wealthy family, and she is perceived as a failure by her parents.
Patty is extremely lonely and longs for love. She meets Anton, a German POW, and shelters him
after he escapes the prison. She ends up being tried for treason. By the end of the story, Patty
has become an outcast, not only to her peers, but from her country as well.
Patty feels so isolated that she copes with her boredom and loneliness through exaggeration,
lying and living in her own world of make-believe. It is this boredom and isolation that
constantly gets her into trouble.
Throughout the story, Patty tells many lies and fictitious stories, especially to Sister Parker.
Patty feels that no one is interested in her, especially her parents. She thrives on trying to
please her parents by delivering them the news, being polite and telling stories. Pattys parents
treat her as if she is a failure and disappointment to them; since Patty longs for someone to love
her she expends extreme amounts of energy and time into trying to please them and capture
their attention.
Patty gets herself in the most trouble when she tells Sister Parker the make-believe story about
where she got Antons ring. Patty made up a story to have the attention and interest of Sister
Parker. Sister Parker asked Pattys father if he had heard her story and Patty got caught in the
middle having to tell the fake story once again to her father. Her father goes ballistic and calls
the sheriff. If Patty never felt the need to make up stories, she would not have gotten tried for
treason and sent to the reformatory school.
Pattys character is an example of how far one will go to feel love. Patty is truly and innocent
and genuine person that it is a shame she keeps getting in trouble. However, she feels so
neglected and isolated from her family and friends, that she would do anything to please
someone enough to love her.
At the end of the story Patty realizes that she is a person of value and that she is not a failure.
Ruth, the woman who acted as a mother to Patty, told her that she loved her and caused her to

understand that it is her parents who are the cruel people. Towards the end of the novel, we
know that Patty now has confidence and a realistic dream: she wants to attend high school and
then college to become a reporter. Patty has stopped imagining what her life would be like if her
parents loved her and is about to make something positive happen for herself.


The plot is fairly straight forward; however, it may be complicated at times with some of the
underlying historical information. It is important to remember how that the Jews were treated
differently in America during WWII. Pattys family was a wealthy, Jewish, family in the heart of a
small Protestant town. Her father tried desperately to make the family blend in to their society
and go along with the majority view. This is why he is so ill tempered and beats Patty every time
she strays from the norm of their town. Pearl and Harry do not want to be isolated, in any way,
from the society in which they live; since Patty deviates from their standers of this norm they
neglect her and treat her as a failure.
The book is divided into five parts, which makes it more convenient to distinguish the important
events in the novel and also the traditional plot elements: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax,
Falling Action and Resolution.
In the Exposition, introductory material is presented which gives the reader the setting, creates
the tone and presents the characters and other facts necessary to understanding the story.
Within the first couple chapters we learn all the necessary background information: the story
takes place during WWII, the Bergens are a Jewish family, and Patty is extremely lonely and
isolated due to poor treatment by her parents. This is all important information in understanding
Pattys character, which is the basis for the entire story.
Rising Action
The Rising Action is the events that build from the conflict. There are several conflicts in this
story happening simultaneously: Patty trying to be accepted by her parents, herself and society,
and also the fact that she befriends a German POW. The action of the story begins to rise as she
befriends Anton. When Patty meets Anton, in the store, she takes such a liking for him, that we
know something is bound to happen between the two. The action continues to rise when we see
how belligerent Pattys father is when he gets angry with her. Knowing this, Patty still risks her
safety as well as Antons by illegally sheltering him.
The climax is the high point of the story and also the point at which the outcome can be
predicted. The climax is prefaced when Pattys father questions her as to where she got her ring.
Here, we know her story is going to slip at some point. The action continues to rise as Patty gets
questioned by the FBI. The climax approaches when the FBI agent shows Patty a picture of
Anton, and his bloody shirt. From here on, the action begins to fall as Pattys story becomes
Falling Action
The Falling Action is the events after the Climax, which close the story and lead to the
resolution. After Patty sees Antons bloody shirt she knows he is dead. She tells her story to the
FBI agent and all goes downhill from there. The mood becomes even more somber when Patty
must hire a lawyer and go on trial.
Resolution (Denouement)

The resolution is the outcome of all the events in the story. There are two resolutions in this
story: one dealing with Patty physically and another dealing with her emotional well-being.
Because of Pattys loneliness and boredom, her lies, exaggerations and desire for attention
cause her to be punished in the reformatory school. Emotionally however, Patty now realizes
that she has been hindered by her parents.
At the end of the story Patty emotions change toward her parents and herself. She no longer
feels that her parents are superior to her, and she feels confidence in herself that she can begin
her new life, striving to be a reporter. We can assume that Patty will move back home, after her
stay at the reformatory school, but she will not spend her days bored and aiming to please her
parents. She will keep learning her words and attend school. Patty will also not allow her
disparaging parents affect her mentality.


Race and Ethnicity
This is one of the most prominent themes throughout the novel. Patty is a Jewish girl who loves
only two people in her life: Ruth, her African American housekeeper and Anton, a German POW.
The conflict between society and these races, during this time, all coincide with one another to
illustrate the racial problems throughout America and the southern culture, during WWII.
In the story, Jenkinsville is mainly a Protestant town. Patty and her family are automatically
isolated because of their religion. However, Patty becomes even more isolated from her family
and society when she is seen with Ruth, especially when walking her to Nigger Bottoms, and
when it is discovered that she has been sheltering Anton.
This theme overlaps the previous; however, Ruth exemplifies this theme. Ruth does not dwell on
the racial problems that divide Jenkinsville, but we still see a large difference in the way
Caucasians and African Americans were treated, in the south, during this time. The novel
portrays this very well by using different colloquial speech, between Ruth and Patty, differences
in living conditions and even jobs.

Another interesting view on this theme is Antons character. The Jenkinsville society is
automatically racist towards Anton because he is German. Patty does not see people for who
they are on the outside and this is why she grows to love Anton. Anton is not a typical soldier;
he is very well spoken, well rounded and educated. He does not seem interested in hurting
people and fighting for Hitler. But it is because of his German race, that he gets killed and why
Patty has to be tried and punished.
Beauty on the Inside
Patty goes against the norm, at the time, and only sees people for who they are on the inside.
The two people she loves are Anton, a German POW, and Ruth, her African American
housekeeper. During this time there was so much racism between these specific groups, and it
would have been unheard of for an American to befriend her housekeeper and a Nazi.
Longing for Love
Throughout the entire novel Patty is longing for someone to love her, especially her parents.
This recurrent theme is present to illustrate for us, how important love is between family,
friends, and especially the ability to find value and love within ourselves. Patty serves as an
inspiration to us. She was so poorly treated by her parents and peers; however, at the end of

the novel she realizes there is a better place for her and not everyone will treat her so poorly.
Patty has learned to love and also loves those with hearts as big as hers, no matter what race,
religion or ethnicity they are.

The story is told in the first person. This means that the narrator, Patty Bergen, is a character in
the story that reveals her personal thoughts and feelings, and what she sees and is told by other
characters. Patty does not tell us thoughts of other characters unless they tell her directly.


The novel opens, at a train station, with many of the Jenkinsville townspeople, including Patty,
awaiting the arrival of the German POWs. The crowd watches as the POWs depart the train and
file into the trucks, to be taken away to their prison camp. Patty is slightly disappointed in the
lack of action of the event. She walks home after her afternoon at the train station and has
lunch with Sharon, her younger sister, and Ruth, their housekeeper. Patty then makes a trip to
her parents department store. Pattys mother and father are rude and neglectful towards her.
One Sunday afternoon the Bergens decide to visit Pattys grandparents in Memphis. Pattys
parents neglect Patty, during the car ride, and show much interest and favoritism in Sharon.
When they arrive, Pattys grandmother makes plans to take Patty out the next week and she
gives her money with which to purchase books. As the rest of the family arrives, tension begins
to grow. Pattys mother, Pearl, is jealous of her sister-in-laws, and the attention her parents give
her brothers. Pearls parents had never been too fond of Harry Bergen.
A few days later Patty observes as a truckload of POWs enter her fathers store. Patty notices
Reiker, who is the only POW who can speak English. Patty decides to help Reiker pick out a
pocket pencil sharpener and the two strike up a conversation. Before Anton leaves the store he
purchases a faux diamond pin. Patty wishes that one day, the two will become friends.
During the summer most of Pattys acquaintances had gone away to camp; she was left to play
with Freddy Dowd one summer afternoon. They decided to play a game where they would throw
rocks at the hubcaps of passing by cars. However, when Patty throws a rock at a car riding by,
the rock goes out of control and breaks the car window. Patty asks Ruth to lend her the money
to repay the car owners; but before she can walk into town to repay them, her father finds out
what she did and beats Patty.
Throughout the lonely summer days, Patty had been working on setting up her hideout. One day
as she is gazing out the window of her hideout, she sees Anton running along the train tracks.
Anton had escaped prison camp and Patty offers him to stay in her hideout. Patty visits Anton
everyday and brings him food. They talk and spend the days together.
Eventually the news breaks out that a POW has escaped. The people of Jenkinsville become
apprehensive; the FBI goes to the department store to question Harry. Pattys father told the
FBI that he had a recollection of Anton but he did not remember too much about him. When
Sister Parker looked at the picture, she remembered that Anton was the boy who had been
talking with Patty. The FBI began questioning Patty; she told the FBI what she remembered
about her conversation with Anton. However, instead of telling them that Anton had purchased
the pin, she told them he purchased a straw hat like the rest of the prisoners.
Charlene Madlee entered the store in search of the Sheriff. Patty volunteered to show her to the
Sheriffs office. The two become friends and discuss their love of words. Patty notes that, oneday, she may want to be a reporter. The two decide to visit the prison camp and Charlene
invites Patty to take notes and act as a reporter.

When Patty and Charlene return, Patty takes food and clothes to Anton. She recalls a memory
from Fathers day the year earlier: She wanted to get her father something very nice for Fathers
day. She bought a nice, Egyptian cotton shirt, complete with her father initials embroidered on
it. She envisioned that when she gave him the shirt, he would love it and take her in his arms.
When Patty gave her father the shirt, he merely mumbled a thank you. She tried to emphasize
the essence of the shirt but he shunned her, seeming annoyed. Patty decides to give this shirt to
As Patty and Anton are talking, Patty suddenly becomes very self-conscious. She gets angry with
Anton because he has not asked her to come away with him after the war. Patty then feels that
Anton is just being nice to her because she is protecting him.
Freddy Dowd came over to play with Patty after she left the hideout. Her mother and father
come home and see Patty, far away from the house and with Freddy; her father beats her again
for disobeying him. Patty sees Anton run out of his hiding spot toward her and her father and
she screams for him to return.
Eventually Patty feels that she must chose between her father and Anton. She feels that if she
turns Anton in, her father will gain publicity and then love her. During dinner that evening, Patty
was asking her father about his day and he snapped at her, telling her to be quiet and stop
asking so many questions; her decision was made.
Later that night, Patty packed up some of her belongings and met Anton in the hideout. Anton
told Patty that it was impossible for her to go with him. Patty told Anton that she loved him; he
did the same. Before he left the hideout, to catch the train, he kissed Patty and gave her a
valuable ring that had been in his family for many generations. He leaves shortly after to catch
the train.

Patty misses Anton, after he leaves, but she religiously wears his ring around her neck. Patty
goes to the department store after school and Sharon is putting on a little show for some of the
Bergens friends. The spectators adore Sharon; Pattys father says that he has thought about
taking her straight to Hollywood.
Patty feels the ring has much beauty and power and decides to show it to Sister Parker. When
Sister Parker asked Patty where she got the ring, Patty made up a story about feeding an old,
hungry man. She claims that after the man was done eating, he gave Patty the ring because she
was obviously a person of value (161) and he wanted to reward her with his most valuable
Sister Parker called over to Pattys father asking him if the ring was really gold. He clearly had
never seen the ring before and asked Patty where she got it. She told him the same story that
she told Sister Parker. Pattys father becomes extremely angry, thinking that the man had
molested Patty. He calls her a dirty girl (165) and beats her in the middle of his department
store. Pattys father calls the sheriff to question her about the old man. She re-tells the same
story she told Sister Parker and her father. The sheriff believes Pattys innocent story.
One fall afternoon Pattys father comes home, bringing members of the FBI. Mr. Pierce, who had
questioned Patty earlier in the story, questions her again, about her encounter with the old,
hungry man. Patty retells her story. Mr. Pierces shows Patty a picture of Anton and asks if this is
the man to who she had given the food. Patty reports that the picture does not resemble the
man. Then Mr. Pierce shows Patty the shirt that she had given her father for Fathers Day, which
she had given to Anton. The shirt had a tiny tear surrounded by bloodstains. Upon seeing this,
Patty lost her composure and asked Mr. Pierce if he had hurt Anton. Patty told Mr. Pierce Antons
full name; he then reported that Anton had been shot, and killed, that morning while trying to
escape arrest in New York.

The FBI takes Patty away for a trial for housing a prisoner of war. Pattys father says that he
wants her taken to Memphis because he knows a lawyer there who he wants to handle the case.
Patty and her father have a fight and, as usual her father yells violently at her. Ruth becomes
upset and defends Patty. Mr. Bergen becomes furious at Ruths interjections and fires her.
Patty goes to stay at her grandmothers house, in Memphis. While she is there Charlene Madlee
calls and makes an appointment to come visit Patty. Charlene discussed the possible penalties
with Patty and her grandparents.
For her punishment, Patty must attend reformatory school between four and six months. One
morning, Patty awakes in the reformatory and daydreams about visiting Antons parents in
Germany. The morning bell sounds and she and her roommate, Mavis head down to eat
Patty returns to her room after breakfast and Miss Laud, notifies her that Ruth has come to visit.
Ruth brought Patty her ring, from Anton, some fried chicken and ginger snaps. Patty asks Ruth if
she knows what is wrong with her, since her parents do not love her and she always gets into
trouble. Ruth assures Patty that there is nothing wrong with her and that she loves her. She tells
Patty that her parents are not good people and that they are the problem, not Patty.
Patty and Ruth discuss Pattys future career as a reporter. Patty is interested in writing her first
article about the conditions at the Bolton Reformatory.
Miss Laud returns and tells Ruth that her visiting time is up and she must leave. Patty becomes
upset that she has nothing to give Ruth before she leaves. The book closes with Ruth leaving the
reformatory and closing the door in between her and Patty.

The novel opens in the small town of Jenkinsville, Arkansas during World War II (WWII). Most of
the townspeople, including Patty Bergen, are awaiting the arrival of German prisoners of war
(POW) at the local train station. When the POWs arrive, the GIs quickly escort them to a vehicle
and drive them away. Patty is disappointed in the lack of action and excitement. Patty walks
back to her house and eats lunch with her younger sister, Sharon, and her housekeeper, Ruth.
After lunch, Patty decides to walk down to her parents department store to update them on the
war news. She encounters her father first, who is talking with a salesman. Her father ignores her
so she continues on to her mother. Her mother is talking with one of the clerks. Immediately,
Pattys mother starts to disparage her by insulting her looks and comparing her to her to
Sharon. Patty tries to inform both her mother and her father about the arrival of the POWs, but
they both do not seem interested and ignore her. The chapter closes with Patty walking home.

The conflict between Patty and her parents is introduced in this chapter and also the concept of
racism within Jenkinsville. Harry and Pearl own and run a department store and it seems to take
up much of their time. They do not appear interested in being good parents to the two girls,
especially Patty. They have an African American housekeeper, Ruth, who seems like more of a
mother to the girls than their own.

Throughout the chapter Ruth has commented on Pattys sweetness (12). This indicates a
problem between Patty and her parents. Ruth sees this problem but still wants Patty to be

respectful to her parents. At this point in the novel, it appears that Ruth is the only one who
sees Pattys true sweetness (12).
Before Patty leaves to visit her parents at the store, Ruth wants Patty to change into a dress.
The reasoning behind this becomes apparent when Pattys mother insults her looks and her lack
of interest in dressing up.
Pattys father also ignores her when she tries to tell him about the current war news. Both of her
parents seem more interested with themselves and their business than with Patty. Bette Greene
is setting this up as one of the conflicts of the novel: Patty vs. her parents.
Another issue introduced in this chapter is racism. Greene presents a few references alluding to
the towns division by race. At the train station, in the beginning of the chapter, Patty mentions
a boy named Chester; she stated that he was the only Negro...standing in armtouching contact
with whites (5).
When Patty is talking with her mother in the department store, Mrs. Benn complains that Ruth
was rude to her at the market; she calls her a Nigra (19).
At the end of the chapter, Patty describes an area of her town called Nigger Bottoms (21). She
notes that she wishes that sometimes she was black so she could enter the other section of

Major Characters
Patty Bergen
The 12 yr old Jewish girl around who the story is centered. Patty is an intelligent girl and mature
for her age. She longs for love, parental support and for her dreams to come true. She illegally
houses a POW in her hideout.

Minor Characters
The Bergens African American housekeeper. Ruth is a religious, caring individual who is one of
the only people to see value in Patty. Ruth loves Patty and treats her as if she was her own
Sharon Bergen
Pattys five-year-old sister. Sharon is very pretty, outgoing, charming, and clearly favored by her
parents. Patty is jealous of all the attention and love that Sharon receives from her parents.
Harry Bergen
Pattys belligerent father. He owns a department store, which seems to be his only priority. He
beats Patty and often yells at her.
Pearl Bergen
Pattys extremely superficial mother. Pearl works in the department store as a saleswoman. She
always insults Patty about her looks and compares her to Sharon.
Grandpa Fried (Sam)
Pattys grandfather who is the head of a real-estate business in Memphis. He is a gentle man;
however, it is noted in the story that he does not like Harry Bergen.

Grandma Fried
Pattys grandmother who tries to compensate for Pearls coldness and negligence toward Patty.
She takes Patty out and gives her money to buy books.
Frederick Anton Reiker
Prisoner of War (POW) who Patty meets in the department store. Patty houses Anton in her
hideout after he has escaped. Anton is very intelligent and is Pattys true friend. He sees Patty as
a very amazing and valuable person.
Charlene Madlee
A journalist for the Memphis Commercial Appeal who becomes Pattys friend.

Verano de mi soldado alemn comienza en una estacin de tren en Jenkinsville , Arkansas durante
la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Un campo de prisioneros de guerra alemanes acaba de abrir en la
ciudad. 12 aos de edad, Patty Bergen se encuentra en una multitud de personas , viendo guardias
descargan prisioneros alemanes de un tren . Los presos no son esposados . Se trata de llevar trajes
de mezclilla y llevar bolsas de tela de lana basta del Ejrcito. Patty piensa que se ven como un
equipo ordinario del Departamento de Obras Pblicas. Un espectador que se burla y Patty se
sorprende al ver a un prisionero responde con una sonrisa y ola. Patty comienza a ser grande ,
pero una mujer de la localidad la detiene. Los prisioneros son llevados al campamento y la
multitud se dispersa . Patty se siente decepcionado de que no haba ms emocin y drama en
torno a la llegada de los alemanes.
Patty va a casa y ve a Ruth , su nana negro y ama de casa . Ella le dice a Ruth ...



Patty Bergen
Patty Bergen es el protagonista del verano de mi soldado alemn. Ella es una marginada en
muchos aspectos : es judo , que forma parte de una familia rica , y ella es percibida como un
fracaso por sus padres. Patty es muy solitaria y anhela el amor. Ella se encuentra con Anton , un
prisionero de guerra alemn, y lo cobija despus de escapar de la prisin. Ella acaba de ser juzgado
por traicin. Para el final de la historia , Patty se ha convertido en un paria, no slo a sus
compaeros , sino de su pas tambin.

Patty se siente tan aislado que ella hace frente a su aburrimiento y la soledad a travs de la
exageracin, la mentira y el que vive en su propio mundo de fantasa . Este es el aburrimiento y el
aislamiento que constantemente le mete en problemas .
A lo largo de la historia , Patty dice muchas mentiras e historias ficticias , sobre todo a la hermana
de Parker . Patty se siente que nadie est interesado en ella, especialmente a sus padres. Ella se
nutre de tratar de complacer a sus padres por la entrega de ellos las noticias, ser corts y
contando historias . Los padres de Patty la tratan como si fuera un fracaso y decepcin para ellos ;
ya Patty aora a alguien para amar que ella gasta cantidades extremas de energa y tiempo en
tratar de complacerlos y captar su atencin .
Patty se pone a s misma en la mayora de los problemas cuando le dice a la hermana de Parker la
historia de fantasa acerca de dnde sac el anillo de Anton . Patty inventado una historia para
tener la atencin y el inters de la hermana de Parker . Hermana Parker pregunt el padre de
Patty si hubiera odo su historia y Patty qued atrapado en el medio de tener que contar la historia
falsa , una vez ms a su padre. Su padre se enfurece y llama al sheriff. Si Patty nunca sinti la
necesidad de inventar historias , no habra conseguido juzgado por traicin y enviado al
reformatorio .
El personaje de Patty es un ejemplo de hasta dnde se ir a sentir el amor . Patty es verdadera y
persona inocente y genuina que es una vergenza que pone cada vez en problemas. Sin embargo,
ella se siente tan abandonado y aislado de su familia y amigos, que ella hara cualquier cosa para
complacer a alguien lo suficiente como para amarla.
Al final de la historia de Patty se da cuenta de que ella es una persona de valor y que no es un
fracaso. Ruth , la mujer que actuaba como una madre para Patty, le dijo que la amaba y le hizo
entender que se trata de sus padres que son las personas crueles. Hacia el final de la novela ,
sabemos que Patty tiene ahora confianza y un sueo realista : ella quiere asistir a la escuela
secundaria y luego la universidad para convertirse en un reportero . Patty ha dejado de imaginar
cmo su vida sera como si sus padres la amaban y se trata de hacer algo positivo ocurra por s
La trama es bastante sencillo ; sin embargo, puede ser complicado , a veces con algunos de la
informacin histrica subyacente . Es importante recordar lo que los Judios fueron tratados de
manera diferente en los Estados Unidos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial . La familia de Patty
era un rico judo , la familia en el corazn de un pequeo pueblo protestante. Su padre trat
desesperadamente de hacer la mezcla de la familia para la sociedad y estar de acuerdo con la
opinin de la mayora . Esto es por qu es tan malhumorado y late Patty cada vez que se aparta de
la norma de su ciudad. Perla y Harry no quieren estar aislados , de alguna manera, de la sociedad
en la que viven ; ya que Patty se desva de sus feligreses de esta norma se la descuida y la tratan
como un fracaso.

El libro est dividido en cinco partes , lo que hace que sea ms conveniente para distinguir los
eventos importantes de la novela y tambin los elementos tradicionales de la trama : la
exposicin, aumento de la accin , Climax , La cada de la accin y la Resolucin .
En la exposicin , el material introductorio se presenta lo que le da al lector la configuracin, crea
el tono y presenta los personajes y otros elementos necesarios para la comprensin de la historia.
Dentro de los primeros captulos par que aprendemos todos los antecedentes necesarios : la
historia se desarrolla durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial , los de Bergen son una familia juda , y
Patty es muy solo y aislado debido a maltrato por sus padres . Esta es toda la informacin
importante en la comprensin de carcter de Patty , que es la base para toda la historia .
El aumento de Accin
La accin de levantamiento son los acontecimientos que se acumulan desde el conflicto. Hay
varios conflictos en esta historia que suceden simultneamente : Patty tratando de ser aceptado
por sus padres, ella y la sociedad, y tambin el hecho de que se hace amiga de un prisionero de
guerra alemn. La accin de la historia comienza a aumentar a medida que se hace amiga de
Anton . Cuando Patty se rene Antn, en la tienda , ella tiene un gusto como para l, que sabemos
que algo tiene que suceder entre los dos. La accin contina en aumento cuando vemos cmo
beligerante padre de Patty es cuando se enoja con ella. Sabiendo esto, Patty todava arriesga su
seguridad, as como Antn por l refugio ilegalmente.
El punto culminante es el punto ms alto de la historia y tambin el punto en el que el resultado se
puede predecir. El clmax se prologa cuando el padre de Patty sus preguntas en cuanto a donde
ella consigui su anillo. Aqu , sabemos su historia va a caer en algn momento. La accin contina
aumentando a medida que Patty se interrogado por el FBI. El clmax se acerca cuando el agente
del FBI muestra Patty una foto de Anton , y su camisa ensangrentada . A partir de aqu , la accin
comienza a caer como la historia de Patty se convierte en pblica.
Accin Falling
La accin es Falling los hechos ocurridos despus del clmax , que cierran la historia y dar lugar a la
resolucin. Despus de Patty ve camisa ensangrentada de Anton ella sabe que l est muerto . Ella
cuenta su historia a la agente del FBI y todo va cuesta abajo desde all. El estado de nimo se
vuelve an ms sombro cuando Patty debe contratar a un abogado e ir a juicio.
Resolucin ( Desenlace )
La resolucin es el resultado de todos los acontecimientos de la historia. Hay dos resoluciones en
esta historia : una relativa a Patty fsicamente y otro frente a su bienestar emocional . Debido a la
soledad y el aburrimiento , sus mentiras , exageraciones de Patty y deseo de atencin causa que

ella sea castigado en el reformatorio . Emocionalmente , sin embargo , Patty ahora se da cuenta de
que ella se ha visto obstaculizado por sus padres .
Al final de la historia de Patty emociones cambian hacia sus padres y ella misma. Ya no se siente
que sus padres son superiores a ella, y ella se siente confianza en s misma que puede comenzar su
nueva vida , tratando de ser un reportero. Podemos suponer que Patty se trasladar de nuevo a
casa, despus de su estancia en el reformatorio , pero no vamos a pasar sus das aburridos y con el
objetivo de complacer a sus padres. Ella va a seguir aprendiendo sus palabras y asistir a la escuela .
Patty tambin no permitir que sus padres despectivos afectan a su mentalidad.

Raza y Etnicidad
Este es uno de los temas ms importantes a lo largo de la novela. Patty es una nia juda que ama
slo dos personas en su vida : Ruth , su ama de llaves afroamericana y Anton , un prisionero de
guerra alemn. El conflicto entre la sociedad y estas carreras , durante este tiempo, todos
coinciden entre s para ilustrar los problemas raciales en toda Amrica y la cultura del sur , durante
la Segunda Guerra Mundial .
En la historia, Jenkinsville es principalmente un pueblo protestante. Patty y su familia estn
aislados de forma automtica debido a su religin . Sin embargo , Patty se vuelve an ms aislado
de su familia y la sociedad , cuando se la ve con Ruth , especialmente al caminar ella Nigger
Bottoms, y cuando se descubre que ella ha estado protegiendo a Anton .
Este tema se superpone a la anterior ; Sin embargo , Ruth ejemplifica este tema . Ruth no se
detiene en los problemas raciales que dividen Jenkinsville , pero todava vemos una gran
diferencia en la forma en que los caucsicos y los afroamericanos eran tratados , en el sur, durante
este tiempo. La novela retrata muy bien mediante el uso de diferentes discurso familiar , entre
Ruth y Patty , las diferencias en las condiciones de vida e incluso los puestos de trabajo.

Otro punto de vista interesante sobre este tema es el personaje de Anton . La sociedad es racista
Jenkinsville automticamente hacia Anton porque l es el alemn. Patty no ver a las personas por
lo que son en el exterior y es por eso que crece a amar Anton . Anton no es un tpico soldado ; l
est muy bien hablado , bien redondeado y educado . l no parece interesado en dao a la gente y

luchar por Hitler. Pero es a causa de su raza alemana , que l se mat y por qu Patty tiene que ser
juzgados y castigados .
Belleza por dentro
Patty va en contra de la norma, en ese momento, y slo ve a las personas por lo que son en el
interior. Las dos personas que ama son Anton , un prisionero de guerra alemn, y Ruth , su ama de
llaves afroamericana. Durante este tiempo haba mucho racismo entre estos grupos especficos, y
que habra sido inaudito para un americano de hacerse amigo de su ama de llaves y un nazi .
Anhelo de Amor
A lo largo de toda la novela Patty es anhelo de alguien que la amaba, especialmente a sus padres.
Este tema recurrente est presente para ilustrar para nosotros, lo importante es el amor entre la
familia, los amigos , y sobre todo la capacidad de encontrar el valor y el amor dentro de nosotros
mismos . Patty sirve como una fuente de inspiracin para nosotros. Ella estaba tan mal tratado por
sus padres y compaeros ; Sin embargo , al final de la novela se da cuenta de que hay un lugar
mejor para ella y no todos van a tratarla tan mal . Patty ha aprendido a amar y ama a los que
tienen un corazn tan grande como el de ella , no importa la raza , la religin o el origen tnico

La historia es contada en primera persona . Esto significa que el narrador , Patty Bergen, es un
personaje de la historia que revela sus pensamientos y sentimientos personales, y lo que ve y le
dice a otros personajes. Patty no nos dice los pensamientos de otros personajes , a menos que le
dicen directamente .
BREVE RESUMEN ( Sinopsis )

Se abre la novela, en una estacin de tren, con muchos de los habitantes del pueblo Jenkinsville ,
incluyendo Patty, a la espera de la llegada de los prisioneros de guerra alemanes . La multitud
observa como los prisioneros de guerra salen del tren y archivo en los camiones , para ser llevado
a su campo de prisioneros . Patty est un poco decepcionado por la falta de accin del evento. Ella
camina a casa despus de su tarde en la estacin de tren y cuenta con un almuerzo con Sharon , su
hermana menor , y Ruth , su ama de llaves . Patty y despus hace un viaje a la tienda por
departamentos de sus padres. La madre y el padre de Patty son groseros y negligente hacia ella.
Un domingo por la tarde los de Bergen deciden visitar a los abuelos de Patty en Memphis. Los
padres de Patty Patty descuidan , durante el viaje en coche , y muestran mucho inters y el
favoritismo en Sharon. Cuando llegan, la abuela de Patty hace planes para llevar a cabo Patty la
semana siguiente y que ella le da dinero para comprar libros . Como el resto de la familia llega , la

tensin comienza a crecer . La madre de Patty , Pearl , tiene celos de su hermana -en-leyes , y la
atencin de sus padres dan a sus hermanos. Los padres de la perla nunca haban sido demasiado
aficionado a Harry Bergen.
Unos das ms tarde Patty observa como un camin cargado de prisioneros de guerra Introduce la
tienda de su padre. Patty nota Reiker , que es el nico prisionero de guerra que puede hablar
Ingls . Patty decide ayudar Reiker escoger un sacapuntas de bolsillo y los dos entablar una
conversacin . Antes de Anton sale de la tienda que compra un alfiler de diamantes de imitacin .
Patty desea que un da, los dos se convierten en amigos .
Durante el verano la mayora de los conocidos de Patty haban ido al campamento ; ella se qued
a jugar con Freddy Dowd una tarde de verano. Decidieron jugar un juego en el que iban a tirar
piedras a los tapacubos de pasar por los coches. Sin embargo, cuando Patty lanza una piedra a un
coche que monta por , la roca se sale de control y rompe la ventana del coche. Patty le pide a Rut
a prestarle el dinero para pagar a los propietarios de automviles ; pero antes de que pueda ir a la
ciudad para pagar ellos, su padre se entera de lo que hizo y gana a Patty.
A lo largo de los das de soledad verano , Patty haba estado trabajando en la creacin de su
escondite. Un da mientras ella est mirando por la ventana de su escondite, ella ve Anton
corriendo a lo largo de las vas del tren. Anton haba escapado campo de prisioneros y Patty le
ofrece quedarse en su escondite. Patty visita Anton todos los das y le trae la comida . Ellos hablan
y pasan los das juntos.
Finalmente la noticia estalla que un prisionero de guerra se ha librado . Los habitantes de
Jenkinsville vuelven aprensivos ; el FBI va a la tienda por departamentos a cuestionar Harry. El
padre de Patty le dijo al FBI que tena un recuerdo de Anton pero no recuerdo mucho de l .
Cuando la hermana Parker mir la foto , se acord de que Anton era el chico que haba estado
hablando con Patty. El FBI comenz a cuestionar Patty ; le dijo al FBI lo que ella recordaba de su
conversacin con Anton . Sin embargo , en lugar de decirles que Anton haba comprado el pin , les
dijo que l compr un sombrero de paja como el resto de los prisioneros .
Charlene MadleE entr en la tienda en busca del sheriff . Patty se ofreci a mostrarle a la oficina
del Sheriff . Los dos se hacen amigos y discutir su amor por las palabras . Patty toma nota de que ,
un da , ella puede querer ser un reportero. Los dos deciden a visitar el campo de prisioneros y
Charlene invita a Patty para tomar notas y actuar como un reportero.
Cuando Patty y Charlene regresan , Patty toma de alimentos y ropa a Anton . Ella recuerda una
memoria a partir del da del padre el ao anterior : Ella quera a su padre algo muy bonito para el
da del padre . Ella compr un bonito, camisa de algodn egipcio , con sus iniciales bordadas padre
en l. Ella imagin que cuando ella le dio la camiseta, a l le encantara y tomarla en sus brazos.
Cuando Patty dio a su padre la camisa, l simplemente murmur un "gracias" . Ella trat de hacer
hincapi en la esencia de la camisa, pero l la rechazaba , que pareca molesto . Patty decide dar
esta camiseta para Anton .

Como Patty y Anton estn hablando , Patty repente se vuelve muy consciente de s mismo . Ella se
enoja con Anton porque no le ha pedido que se fuera con l despus de la guerra. Patty entonces
siente que Anton es slo ser amable con ella porque ella lo est protegiendo.
Freddy Dowd vino a jugar con Patty despus de salir de la guarida . Su madre y su padre llegan a
casa y ver a Patty , muy lejos de la casa y con Freddy ; su padre la golpea de nuevo por
desobedecerlo . Patty ve Anton carrera fuera de su escondite hacia ella y su padre y ella grita para
l volver .
Finalmente Patty siente que ella debe elegir entre su padre y Anton . Ella siente que si ella se
convierte en Anton , su padre va a ganar publicidad y amarla. Durante la cena de esa noche, Patty
estaba pidiendo a su padre acerca de su da y le espet a ella, dicindole que se calle y deje de
hacer tantas preguntas ; Se tom una decisin.
Ms tarde esa noche , Patty empac algunas de sus pertenencias y se encontr con Anton en el
escondite . Anton dijo a Patty que era imposible que ella fuera con l . Patty dijo Anton que lo
amaba ; l hizo lo mismo . Antes de salir de la guarida , para coger el tren , bes Patty y le dio un
valioso anillo que haba pertenecido a su familia durante muchas generaciones. l deja poco
despus para tomar el tren .

Patty pierde Antn, despus de que l se vaya, pero ella religiosamente lleva su anillo alrededor de
su cuello. Patty va a la tienda por departamentos despus de la escuela y Sharon se est poniendo
un poco de espectculo para algunos de los amigos de los de Bergen . Los espectadores adoran
Sharon ; El padre de Patty dice que ha pensado en llevarla directamente a Hollywood.
Patty se siente el anillo tiene mucha belleza y el poder y decide mostrar a la hermana de Parker .
Cuando la hermana de Parker pidi a Patty de dnde sac el anillo , Patty invent una historia
sobre la alimentacin de un viejo hombre , hambriento . Afirma que despus de que el hombre fue
hecho para comer , dio Patty el anillo porque era " obviamente una persona de valor " (161 ) y
quiso recompensarla con su posesin ms valiosa.
Hermana Parker llam al padre de Patty preguntndole si el anillo era realmente de oro. Estaba
claro que no haba visto el anillo antes y pregunt Patty de dnde lo sac . Ella le cont la misma
historia que le dijo a la hermana de Parker . El padre de Patty se vuelve extremadamente enojado ,
pensando que el hombre haba abusado de Patty. l la llama " chica mala " (165 ) y la golpea en el
medio de su tienda por departamentos. El padre de Patty llama al sheriff para interrogarla sobre el
viejo. Ella re- cuenta la misma historia que le dijo a la hermana de Parker y su padre. El sheriff cree
inocente historia de Patty.

Una tarde de otoo padre de Patty llega a casa , con lo que los miembros del FBI. Sr. Pierce , quien
haba cuestionado Patty antes en la historia , cuestiona de nuevo, sobre su encuentro con el
anciano , hambrientos . Patty vuelve a contar su historia. Sr. Pierce muestra Patty una foto de
Anton y le pregunta si este es el hombre a quien ella haba dado a la comida. Patty informa que la
imagen no se parece al hombre. Entonces el seor Pierce muestra Patty la camisa que le haba
dado su padre para el Da del Padre , que ella haba dado a Anton . La camisa tiene un pequeo
desgarro rodeado de manchas de sangre . Al ver esto, Patty perdi la compostura y pregunt al
seor Pierce si se haba lastimado Anton . Patty dijo el nombre completo del Sr. Pierce Anton ;
luego inform que Anton le haban disparado , y mat , esa maana mientras trataba de escapar
de la detencin en Nueva York.
El FBI lleva a Patty de distancia para un ensayo para alojar a un prisionero de guerra. El padre de
Patty dice que l quiere que ella toma a Memphis porque sabe que hay un abogado que quiere
manejar el caso . Patty y su padre tienen una pelea y , como de costumbre, su padre le grita
violentamente hacia ella. Ruth se molesta y defiende Patty. El seor Bergen se enfurece al
interjecciones de Ruth y la despide .
Patty va a permanecer en la casa de su abuela, en Memphis. Mientras que ella est all llama
Charlene MadleE y hace una cita para venir a visitar a Patty . Charlene discuti las posibles
sanciones con Patty y sus abuelos .
Para su castigo , Patty debe asistir a la escuela reformatorio entre cuatro y seis meses. Una
maana , Patty se despierta en el reformatorio y soando con visitar a los padres de Anton en
Alemania. Suena la campana de la maana y ella y su compaero de piso , la cabeza de Mavis
abajo para desayunar .
Patty regresa a su habitacin despus del desayuno y la seorita Laud , su notifica que Ruth ha
venido a visitar . Ruth trajo Patty su anillo , de Anton , algunos broches de presin de pollo y
jengibre fritos. Patty le pregunta Ruth si ella sabe lo que est mal con ella , ya que sus padres no se
aman y ella siempre se mete en problemas . Ruth asegura Patty que no hay nada malo con ella y
que la ama. Ella le dice a Patty que sus padres no son buenas personas y que ellos son el
problema, no Patty.
Patty y Ruth discutir la futura carrera de Patty como reportero . Patty es interesado en escribir su
primer artculo acerca de las condiciones en el Reformatorio de Bolton .
Srta. Laud regresa y le dice a Ruth que su tiempo de visita est en marcha y que debe irse. Patty se
molesta de que ella no tiene nada que dar a Ruth antes de que se vaya. El libro se cierra con Ruth
salir del reformatorio y cerrar la puerta entre ella y Patty .


La novela comienza en el pequeo pueblo de Jenkinsville , Arkansas durante la Segunda Guerra

Mundial (WWII ) . La mayor parte de la gente del pueblo , incluyendo Patty Bergen, estn a la
espera de la llegada de los prisioneros de guerra alemanes (POW ) en la estacin de tren local.
Cuando los prisioneros de guerra llegan, los soldados les escoltan rpidamente a un vehculo y
conducir a la basura. Patty se siente decepcionado por la falta de accin y emocin. Patty camina
de vuelta a su casa y se come el almuerzo con su hermana menor , Sharon, y su ama de llaves ,
Despus del almuerzo , Patty decide caminar hasta almacenes de sus padres para ponerlos al da
en las noticias de la guerra. Ella se encuentra con su padre en primer lugar, que est hablando con
un vendedor. Su padre no le hace caso por lo que contina hasta su madre. Su madre est
hablando con uno de los empleados . Inmediatamente , la madre de Patty comienza a
menospreciar ella por insultar a su aspecto y compararla con la de Sharon. Patty trata de informar
a su madre ya su padre acerca de la llegada de los prisioneros de guerra , pero ambos no parecen
interesados y hacer caso omiso de ella. El captulo se cierra con Patty caminaba hacia su casa .

El conflicto entre Patty y sus padres se introduce en este captulo y tambin el concepto de
racismo dentro Jenkinsville . Harry y Pearl posee y dirige una tienda por departamentos y parece
que ocupan mucho de su tiempo . No parecen interesados en ser buenos padres a las dos nias,
especialmente Patty. Tienen una ama de llaves afroamericana , Ruth, que parece ms de una
madre a las nias que por su propia cuenta.

A lo largo del captulo Ruth ha comentado en " dulzura " de Patty ( 12 ) . Esto indica un problema
entre Patty y sus padres . Ruth ve este problema, pero todava quiere Patty ser respetuoso con sus
padres. En este punto de la novela , parece que Ruth es el nico que ve la verdadera " dulzura " de
Patty ( 12 ) .
Antes de Patty sale a visitar a sus padres en la tienda, Ruth quiere Patty para cambiar en un
vestido. El razonamiento detrs de esto se hace evidente cuando la madre de Patty insulta a su
aspecto y su falta de inters en vestirse .
El padre de Patty tambin le hace caso cuando trata de hablarle de la noticias de la guerra actual.
Sus padres parecen ms interesados en ellos mismos y sus negocios que con Patty. Bette Greene
est poniendo esto como uno de los conflictos de la novela: Patty vs sus padres.

Otro tema introducido en este captulo es el racismo. Greene presenta algunas referencias que
aluden a la divisin de la ciudad por la raza. En la estacin de tren, en el principio del captulo ,
Patty menciona a un muchacho llamado Chester ; ella dijo que l era " el nico Negro ... parado en
contacto armtouching con los blancos " ( 5 ) .
Cuando Patty est hablando con su madre en la tienda por departamentos , la Sra. Benn se queja
de que Ruth era grosero con ella en el mercado; se la llama " Nigra " ( 19 ) .
Al final del captulo, Patty describe un rea de la ciudad que se llama " Nigger Bottoms " (21). Ella
indica que ella desea que a veces ella era negro para que pudiera entrar en la otra seccin del
Jenkinsville .

Personajes Principales

Patty Bergen
La nia juda de 12 aos que se centra alrededor de la historia. Patty es una chica inteligente y
madura para su edad . Ella suspira por el amor, apoyo de los padres y por sus sueos se hagan
realidad . Ella alberga ilegalmente un prisionero de guerra en su escondite.
Personajes secundarios
Ama de llaves afroamericana del Bergen. Ruth es una persona religiosa , que cuida que es una de
las nicas personas que ven el valor de Patty. Ruth ama Patty y la trata como si fuera su propia
Sharon Bergen
Hermana de cinco aos de edad, de Patty. Sharon es muy bonita , extrovertido , encantador y
claramente favorecido por sus padres. Patty es celoso de toda la atencin y el amor que Sharon
recibe de sus padres.
Harry Bergen
Padre beligerante de Patty. Es dueo de una tienda por departamentos , lo que parece ser su
nica prioridad . Golpea Patty ya menudo le grita .
Perla Bergen

Madre extremadamente superficial de Patty. Perla trabaja en la tienda por departamentos como
vendedora . Ella siempre insulta a Patty por su apariencia y la compara con Sharon.
Abuelo Fried ( Sam)
El abuelo de Patty que es la cabeza de un negocio de bienes races en Memphis. l es un hombre
amable ; Sin embargo , cabe sealar que en la historia de que l no le gusta Harry Bergen.
abuela Fried
La abuela de Patty que trata de compensar Perlas frialdad y la negligencia hacia Patty. Ella toma
Patty y le da dinero para comprar libros .
Frederick Anton Reiker
El prisionero de guerra ( POW) que cumpla con Patty en la tienda por departamentos . Patty
alberga Anton en su escondite despus de haber escapado. Anton es muy inteligente y es
verdadero amigo de Patty. l ve a Patty como una persona muy increble y valiosa.
Charlene MadleE
Un periodista del Memphis Commercial Appeal que se convierte en amigo de Patty.