0 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR MS-Dos This file describes how to run the installation program for POV-Ray for MS-Dos. It is not the full documentation for the program. These procedures assume you have a basic knowledge of how to work with directories and files under dos. It assumes you know what the dos path is and how to edit your autoexec.bat file to change the path. The install program will offer to do it for you but if something goes wrong you may need to change it yourself. If you do not have knowledge about directories, paths, batch files or editors, your local bookstore has many tutorial books available that will help you. Don't be intimidated by the insulting titles of such books. The only true "dummies" are those who give up trying. If you have you can run you will be it directly obtained this program on CD-ROM, it may already be set up so it directly from the CD-ROM. These instructions assume that installing the full package on your hard drive and not running from the CD-ROM.

You should have obtained this file from a self-extracting archive called POVMSDOS.EXE or something very similar. If you followed its banner instructions, you created a temporary directory and ran the self-extraction there. It should have created at least the following files: POVMSDOS.ZIP FILE_ID.DIZ INSTALL.DOC INSTALL.EXE INSTALL.001 EXTERNAL.LNG

If any of these files are missing, you have received an incomplete package. Please notify the place where you obtained this package that distribution of an incomplete package is a violation of our license in the file POVLEGAL.DOC and makes them subject to litigation. If it created other files, that's probably no problem. Type the word INSTALL and press [ENTER]. This will run the program INSTALL.EXE which will ask you for the drive and directory where POV-Ray is actually to be installed. It will decompress the compressed files. It will offer to update your path in your autoexec.bat for you. You will have to re-boot your computer so the new path will take effect. If you do not want POV-Ray installed in your path then you have other options which are described in POVMSDOS.DOC which will appear in the installed directory. When installation is complete, please read POVMSDOS.DOC to learn how to run your first sample scene. The file includes important information about POV-Ray that is specific to the MS-Dos version of POV-Ray. It will explain display options, how to use the sample batch files, how to use other utilities with POV-Ray and other interesting information. If the sample scenes work with no problem, you may delete the all of the files in this temporary directory. Specifically these files are no longer needed:






You should probably keep POVMSDOS.EXE around in case you ever need to re-install the program.