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Dear members,

I would like to provide you with the model answers only

for the UNRWA 2006 English Examination

Question one
1. c. Three fourths
2. c. Its molten metal core
3. a. Magnetic field and atmosphere
4. b. containing
5. d. Earth's natural geologic activity has eliminated most
6. a. there are life supporting characteristics on Earth.
7. d. characteristics that set it apart from other planets
8. c. the earth's natural satellite the Moon
9. d. include.
10. b. Earth always gets hit by meteors

questions two
a) abstract
b) detainee

c) photographic
d) birdlike
e) Sudanese
B) second part
Answers only
1. No Paris and London are cities ( capitals )
2. No children learn to talk before they learn to read.
3. No young people can run faster than old people.
4. No it is important to study hard in school
5. No Honey is sweeter than lemons.

Question three
1. c. It was in
2. a. that he
3. b. a drought should occur
4. a. An eclipse
5. d. Most
6. Though remembered
7. c. will it learn how
8. a or
9. c. Unlike
10 d. is viewing

question four
1. B / Faulty parallelism is ( A) because is following
but a sentence.
2. A/ Faulty parallelism is (B) adjective water
repellent answer is not clear in the copy.
3. B/ faulty parallelism is (A)
4. A/ faulty parallelism is ( B)
5. A / faulty parallelism is ( B)

Question five

Question answer technique
Substitution drills
Application questions
Problem solving technique
Brain storming
Jigsaw - uniform the gap

Question six
Schematic cues are all previous knowledge and
experience of the leaner about the topic
Contextual clues ( cues ) ( listener's background
of the interactive situation and his / her
knowledge of the people involved in the verbal
exchange. ]

Systemic cues ( knowledge of lexical, syntactic

and phonological components of the language
Lexical cues
Syntactic cues
Phonological cues

Question seven
Mans = men - grammatical
Books = boxes - phonological
Byer - buyers - morphological ( spelling )
Him = them - syntactical ( grammar )
A big = an old - semantic / horphonological
Abou ahmed = Abu Ahmed - capitalization
Advice = advise - syntactical / morphological

Question eight
( A)
Repeating ( after teacher or cassette readers)
Words - phrases - and sentences
Transforming sentences with question - negative
Giving oral response
Describing pictures and givig a a .. about them
Reading a loud for pronounciation ( segments)
Retelling stories
Role play

- good readers are competent and decoding
and encoding texts with as high as 70 of
- vocabulary item
- knowledge of grammar. Syntax
- poor readers don't have such skills
- in depth practice on the above skills
- a loud and silent reading practices
- memorization of vocabulary items
- supplementary reading ( extensive reading )

question nine
major skills and sub skills included in the
duration of exposure to the target language
teacher's knowledge and professional competencies
teacher's talking times vs. students talking times
syllabus design
pedagogical and real world tasks students carry out.