872 ================================= If you haven't already, I heartly suggest that you download MORIA from your favorite BBS!!! If you're into D & D type games, this one will hook you for sure. After you have played the game and conquered the infamous Balrog, use the technical info below to have some real fun with all those nasty Dragons and Wraiths!!! You'll need a binary file editor for this one. I used Norton's "NU" program as it is by far the best disk/file editor available. You may want to use the DOS debug or what ever you are comfortable with. Moria creates a save file when you exit. With a little snooping, I found the following file positions for most of the important game variables. This is by no means a complete list. I was able to find the following variables in about 30 minutes of searching. The important thing to remember when you are editting these locations is that all numbers are stored in Intel reverse format. For example, if you want to set the amount of gold you have to 100000 units, first convert it to hexidecimal, which would be $0186A0. The gold variable is a four byte value, so you would type in A0 86 01 starting at file offset 416. Now let's take a look at some important file offsets!!! File Offset =========== 408 - 411 412 - 415 416 - 419 420 - 421 422 - 423 424 - 425 426 - 427 438 - 439 440 - 441 892 893 894 895 896 897 898 899 900 901 902 903 Moria Variable Description ====================================================== Highest experience point value you have achieved. Current experience point value you are at. Number of gold units you have collected. Your age Your height Your weight Your current level Your maximum MANA level. Your maximum hit points. Your Your Your Your Your Your Your Your Your Your Your Your maximum current maximum current maximum current maximum current maximum current maximum current strength strength dexterity dexterity constitution constitution intelligence intelligence wisdom wisdom charisma charisma level. level. level. level. level. level. level. level. level. level. level. level.

When changing the strength, dexterity, etc. values, the maximum that you can have is 18/99 in any catagory. This is equal to the value $75 in hexidecimal (99 + 18 = 117 = $75). If you want to boost your armor or weapons, here's how. Page down thru the save file until you see your favorite weapon or armor. These items contain a description in the save file followed by the attribute

designations for that item. If you currently have a weapon with a +1 to hit and a +2 to damage, look past the weapon description for the bytes 01 00 02 00. Change these bytes to 63 00 63 00 and you now have a weapon with +99 to hit and +99 to damage!!!. Armor items are in the same format, but the location of the "+" locations is in a different location, but in the same format. I'll leave these locations up to you to find. (You can do it, it's easy!!!) Okay, now for the fun. First, start up MORIA and choose your favorite character and save the game before you do anything. Next, crank up Norton's "NU" or whatever else you use and change the following: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Set all maximum and current abilities to $75. Give yourself 500000 in gold ($07A120). Set your maximum MANA and hit points to 9999 ($270F). Set all your armor to +99 ($63). Set your weapon "to hit" and "to damage" to +99 ($63).

You are now ready to face Mr. Balrog!!! You can stock up on food and lamp oil and march directly to level 50 if you want. Nothing will even phase you!! If you want to be a sport, you can adjust any of these values to give the game a chance, but if you've played MORIA for three months like I have, it will feel good to wipe out 50 levels of nasties and knock off the Balrog!! Happy hacking..... # The Shadow Mage