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Truth Enola Single: "Ain't Changed"

2004 Solid

Kool Keith feat. KutMasta Kurt single:"Break U Off" b/w "Takin' It Back"
2004 Funky Ass/Threshold

Awol One "Self Titled" Album: "Believe"

2004 Palladin

Fat Hed single:"What Do We Need Today"

2004 Dope Discs

Skhool Yard feat Planet Asia Remix Single: "Cigar Splitta's" b/w "Faded"
2004 Threshold Recordings

Planet Asia "The Grand Opening" Album: "Paper Up"

2004 Avatar

MOS DEF & Diverse Remix: "Wylin' Out"

2003 Chocolate Industries

Prozack Turner Remix: "Feelin' My Steelo"

2003 Dream Works

Back Yard Wrestling Video Game: "Loose Cannon" by Motion Man feat KutMasta Kurt, "Masters Of
Illusion" by KutMasta Kurt presents Masters Of Illusion
2003 Eidos

PMD SIngle: "Straight From Da Heart" (VIDEO)

2003 Solid Records

PMD "The Awakening" Album: "Straight From Da Heart"

2003 Solid Records

7L & Esoteric SIngle: "Rest In Peace"

2003 Brick Records

Resorte Remix: "Brota" feat DIE

2003 Warner Music Mexico

Motion Man Single: "C'Mon Ya'll", "Make It, and Sell It, R ecoup", "Show Up For Practice"
2003 Threshold Recordings

Planet Asia feat. KutMasta Kurt Single: "Golden Age" b/w "African Style"
2003 Threshold Recordings

Rasco Single: "Ready 2 Rock w/ Us"

2002 Threshold Recordings

7L & Esoteric "Dangerous Connection" Album : "Rest In Peace"

2002 Brick Records

Skhool Yard Double EP: "Rap Mogul's", "Cigar Splitta's", "Fashion Show" ,"Sit Back And Chill"
2002 Threshold Recordings

Motion Man Album: "Clearing The Field" Entire Album

2002 Threshold Recordings

Motion Man Single: "Hold Up Feat Biz Markie", "Play Dough", "Call The National Guard 2"
2002 Threshold Recordings

Linkin' Park "Reanimation" Album: "In The End" feat Motion Man
2002 Warner Bros Records

Skhool Yard Single: "Fashion Show" b/w "Sit Back And Chill"
2002 Threshold Recordings
Motion Man Single: "Loose Cannon", "Trounce", "We Work Styles"
2001 Threshold Recordings

Ultra "Big Time" Album: (entire album except 3 songs)

2001 Threshold Re-Release

Scapegoat Wax Remix: "Aisle 10"

2001 Grand Royal

Push Button Objects feat Del and Mr Lif Remix: "360 Degrees"
2001 Chocolate Industries

Boston Public Television Show: "Neighbors Next Door" instrumental version by DR. Dooom
2000 Fox Television

Kool Keith remix: "I Don?t Believe You"

2000 Funky Ass/Threshold

Masters Of Illusion Album: Entire album

2000 threshold recordings/K7 (europe)

Grand Agent Single: "Ev ery Five Minutes"

2000 Czar Casket Records

Copasetik Recordings comp album "The Definition Of Ill": "Partnas Confused" by Masters Of Illusion
2000 Copasetik Recordings

Kool Keith Album "Matthew": "Back Stage Passes"

2000 Funky Ass/Threshold

Dilated Peoples Remix: "No Retreat"

2000 ABB/Capitol Records

Dilated Peoples "The Platform" Album: "Work The Angles"

2000 Capitol Records

Blackalicious Remix: "Deception Part 3: Redemption"

2000 Quannum Projects

Pirate Fuckin? Radio 100 Album: "Keep It Real?Represent" by Kool Keith & Kut Masta Kurt
2000 Hip-Hop Slam Records

Ricky Watters "Eye Of A Hawk" Ep: "Eye Of A Hawk"

1999 Thorobred Entertainment

Grand Agent Single: "Mingling With Mayhem"

1999 Czar Casket/Landspeed

Styles Of Beyond Remix: "Spies Like Us" (Video)

1999 Ideal/Mamouth

Titan Remix: "1,2,3,4" feat Motion Man

1999 Virgin/EMI Mexico

"Defenders of the Underworld" Compilation Album: "Get Off My Elevator" by Kool Keith, "Work The
Angles RMX" by Dilated Peoples
1999 Battle Axe Records/Jazz Fudge U.K.

Strength Magazine Compilation Album "Subtext": "How Many X?s" by Rasco feat Planet
Asia,"Clearing The Field" by Kut Masta Kurt feat Motion Man
1999 London/FFRR Records

Kool Keith "Black Elvis" Album: "Super Galactic Lover", "Maxi-Curls", "Clifton"
1999 Ruff House/Columbia/Sony Records

Blackalicious Remix: "Deception"

1999 Mo Wax Records
Masters Of Illusion Single: "Partnas Confused" b/w "Magnum Be I"
1999 Threshold Recordings/Copasetik U.K.

Luscious Jackson Remi x: "Lady Fingers"

1999 Grand Royal/Capitol Records

Terranova Remix: "Turn Around"

1999 Copasetik Recordings

DR. Dooom Album: "First Come, First Served" (entire album except 3 songs)
1999 Funky Ass Records

Santessa Remix: "Phazed" feat. Kool Keith

1999 Disco Volante/Sony U.K.

Planet Asia & Eclipse 427 Remix: "Bringin? It Back"

1999 Blackberry/Caroline Records

Dilated Peoples Single: "Re-Work The Angles" feat. Xzibit, Defari,& A.G.
1999 ABB Records

DR. Dooom Single: "You Live At Home With Your Mom" b/w "Housing Authority"
1999 Funky Ass Records

Super Rappin? Album: "How Many X?s" by Rasco feat Planet Asia
1999 Groove Attack Records (Germany)

Office Space Soundtrack Album: "Get Off My Elevator" by Kool Keith

1999 Interscope Records

Trinity T.V. Show (NBC): "Sly We Fly" by Kool Keith feat Motion Man
NBC Television 1998

Cue?s Hip Hop Shop Album: "Me & My Crew" by Rasco

1998 Cue?s Records/Dog Day

Beastie Boys Remix: "Body Movin?"

1998 Grand Royal/Capitol Records

Rasco Singl e: "Take It Back Home" (Video)

1998 Stones Throw Records

Orgazmo Soundtrack Album: "Work The Angles" by Dilated Peoples

1998 Ideal Records

DJ Spooky Remix: "Object Unknown"

1998 Outpost/Geffen Records

Rasco Remix: "Unassisted"

1998 Copasetik/Universal U.K.

Masters Of Illusion Single: "Partnas Confused" b/w "Masters Of Illusion"

1998 Threshold Recordings

Buffalo Daughter Remix: "Great Five Lakes"

1998 Grand Royal Records

Dilated Peoples Single: "Work The Angles"

1998 ABB Records

Rasco Album: "Take It Back Home", "Me & My Crew"

1998 Stones Throw Records

Kool Keith Single: "Plastic World"(Video) b/w "Get Off My Elevator"

1997 Funky Ass Records
Chris Rock Two Remixes: "Champ agne"
1997 Dream Works Records

DR. Octagon Remix: "Blue Flowers"

1997 Bulk/Dream Works Records

Gooch Remix: "50 Ways" feat Kool G. Rap

1997 Geffen Records

Prodigy "Diesel Power" (produced and engineered Kool Keith vocal)

1997 XL/Maverick/Warner Bros

Chino XL Single: "Jesus"

1997 American Recordings/Warner Bros

Sprung Soundtrack Album:"Bounce" by the Noggin Nodders

1997 Qwest/Warner Bros

Kool Keith Album: "Sex Style" (entire album except 3 songs)

1997 Funky Ass Records

Mind Space Single: "Life Is Foul"

1997 Funky Ass Records

Noggin? Nodders: "Duck, Duck, Duck" and "Bounce"

Wake-Up Show Unreleased Project Album
1996 All City Records

Chino XL Remix: "Kreep" (Video)

1996 American Recording s/Warner Bros

Chino XL Album "Here To Save You All": "Deliver"

1996 American Recordings/Warner Bros

DR. Octagon Album: "DR. Octagon", "Technical Difficulties"

1996 Bulk/Dream Works

Ultra "Big Time" Album: (entire album except 3 songs)

1996 Our Turn Records

Hurricane Remix: "Commin? Off" (Video)

1995 Grand Royal/Capitol Records

Big Willie Smith Ep: "Keep It Real?Represent"

1995 Funky Ass Records

Mic Geronimo Remix: "It?s Real"

1994 Blunt/TVT Records

BuJu Banton Remixes: "Vigilantes", "Deportees"

1993 Mercury Records

Tung Twista Remix: "No Peace Sign" (Video)

1992 LOUD Records

Tim Dog Radio Remix: "Fuck Compton"

1991 Ruff House/Columbia

Red Black & Green: "Survival Of The Fittest"

O?Zone Noise Of A Sub Culture Compilation Album
1990 I.R.S. Records

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