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Phry Code Pro v3.01 by The Exciter



Just a few comments on PC Pursuit before I go on. Hacking PCP is about the easiest thing to do EXCEPT it takes a LONG time. There is no easier way to do it. So, a suggestion is, leave it on all night. Even then, I will not guarentee you get a code. Well, that's about it, except I think phreaking is a lot easier! Oh well, this is safer. Also, make sure you set your modem to hangup when DTR is turned off. Some modems will not hangup properly. Throughout this documentation, Phry Code Pro will be abreviated PCP and PC Pursuit will be called that or Telenet! Don't get confused! >>> Problems

You have a problem with PCP v3.xx? Well, if you do, I can be reached on various boards around the US and Canada. I call the Minnesota boards the most so drop me a line on whatever you can find. The latest version can be found on Radio Waves (xxx) xxx-xxxx, in Minnesota. >>> Notes from The Exciter

Well, here it is, v3.xx of Phry Code Pro. I have been getting nagged because no one has codes. But, I still took my time, and it looks good. BUT, I still like to add more options to Phry Code Pro. Please, drop me a line on Radio Waves with suggestions. I would also like to thank the few people who gave me some suggestions. You know who you are and I thank you. By the way, I re-wrote v3.xx. Nothing from v2.xx was in here. I think this is a lot better. >>> Menus

These are new to v3.xx. Alot better than the old ones. Up and down arrows will move the bar up or down. Esc will choose the last option of the menu. (usually Exit or Abort) >>> What is PC Pursuit?

What is PC Pursuit? Well, PC Pursuit is a way of calling long distance via 2 other modems. First, you dial your local PC Pursuit (Telenet) number, then, you will be prompted a @. At the @, a few things can be typed, but only 1 will be documented. Here is the basic format of calling other cities via Telenet: @ C D/@@***/Baud,XXX######X PASSWORD = X#####X Where: @@ = Two letter postal abbreviation. *** = Telenet City Abbreviation. (i.e. MNMIN is Minneapolis, MN) Baud = 3,12,24 baud rate at which to connect at. You will only be able to connect to a system with this baud. (i.e. 12 would only

# X PCP##### XXXX####

= = = =

allow you to connect to a 1200 baud system. Any number from 0 to 9. Any letter from A to Z. ID Number, always preceded by PCP. Password, as far as I know, the current format is 4 letters, then 4 numbers. This has changed over the years.

For example: @ C D/MNMIN/24,ABC123456D PASSWORD=A12345B ...Would connect you to Minneapolis, Minnesota at 2400 baud. The ID number is 12345 and your password would be ABCD1234. A list of Telenet cities can be downloaded of of the PC Pursuit support BBS. This can be reached by typing C PURSUIT at the @ prompt. Once you connect to a city, (sometimes they can be busy) you have a few options, you can stay in MM, or term mode (TM). In MM, it is easier to use your term (i.e. Qmodem, Telix) with Telenet to autodial. The basic messages, CONNECT, BUSY, NO CARRIER, and NO DIAL TONE are used. In TM, ANSWER TONE is used instead of CONNECT, and FAILED CALL in place of NO CARRIER or NO ANSWER. BUSY! is returned in place of BUSY. To get into TM, type Ctrl-E and a Carriage Return (CR). In TM, a list of commands can be found by typing a "?". In MM, most of the basic commands of a 100% Hayes compatible modem can be used. To disconnect from a BBS system, type Ctrl-C and Ctrl-D. To exit back to your local Telenet, hit @ (Shift-2) and a CR. Then type "D" at the @ prompt. If you wish to recontinue to the BBS/System once your at the @ prompt, simply type 'cont'. >>> Hacking PC Pursuit

As stated before, hacking Telenet is easy. It just takes awhile. There are a lot of different possible passwords to use. Just be patient! *> Hacking Single Plate Style (SPS). SPS hacking is just using one plate (described below) and hacking with it until a valid password is found. Although, one plate can hack many ID's at a time. *> Hacking Flagged Plate Style (FPS). FPS hacking is taking more than 1 plate and hacking out passwords. Different plates can be flagged at different times. Once a password is found, the plate is unflagged and hacking goes on until all plates have been unflagged. This is useful for hacking multiple ID's at once. *> The Exciter's Notes When a valid code is found, it is written to a test file called PCPCODES. This text file can be viewed through the main menu of PCP (Phry Code Pro).


Plate Menu

This is a new feature as of v2.xx in PCP. Now, you can hack multiple ID's at one time. And, you can test to see if PCP really works! *> Adding a plate Once you select this, a screen of options will pop up. easy to understand. Most of them are

Short note - The name of the plate. (i.e. Plate #1) Password Plate - Plate for the password. This needs some explaining. You enter stuff like @@@@####, or %$### or whatever. @ # % $ * =,-,+ <,>,? = = = = = = = Letters from A to Numbers from 0 to Numbers from 1 to Numbers from 1 to Letters from A to Number constants Letter constants Z 9 4 2 Z and Numbers from 0 to 9

The basic format for a password plate is @@@######@. If none of these 11 characters are used, the letter or number is put in the code. For example: ABC######D would use passwords such as ABC123456D and ABC789012D, and so on. I added a new option to v3.xx, it is the ability to use a constant letter in a code. For example: ABC++++++D would give you ABC000000D and ABC111111D. ID Plate - Plate for the IDs. The same characters are used as above. The basic format for ID's goes @#####@. Flagged - Flag the plate for FPS Hacking. *> Deleting a Plate

This will erase the plate, and truncate the code file. *> Editing a plate

Edit or view a plate. What else would it be? I changed this part in 3.xx. Now, you can edit 1 part at a time, instead of redoing the WHOLE thing. *> Flagging a Plate

Flag a plate for FPS hacking. To see what plates are flagged, hit "?" at the prompt and it will list them. Flagged plates wil be marked with an '*'. >>> Configure Phry Code Pro You can have customized colors in

This is pretty easy to understand.

v3.xx now. Also, to find out your local Telenet node. Call the 1-800 telenet number and hit C MAIL. Then use "phones" for ID and password! *> Color Setup Heh, if you can't figure it out yourself, then you had better get some serious help. *> Modem Setup Pretty basic. needed. *> General Setup Well, I added a few options to this one. Number - Telenet Number. 341-2459 is the one for Minnesota. Format - This is another new option to v3.xx. Since Telenet may change there formats, I put this in there. The basic format for it is: C D/@C/@B,@I@R@P@R The @ commands go as follows: C B I P R City Baud ID Password Carriage Return If the last @R is not in the format, it will not work properly. 10 is standard. 7 is standard. 3, 12, 24 are the only MNMIN, ILCHI, WASEA are 0 means it will go until ~ is a 1/4 second pause and | is a CR. No ATZ is


ID Length - Length of ID. PW Length - Length of PW.

Baud - Baud to use for the @B option above. valid bauds. City - City to use for the @C option above. the ones that I use. Max Tries - Maximum tries it will hack or redial. you hit a key. >>> View Code File

Shows all valid codes. >>> Reset Program

These are also used to redial a city.


This can be used to change all colors on the screen if you changed them

in the config file. >>> Connect to City This

This will take a code and redial it until it connects or you abort. can be useful during prime time hours. >>> Exit

Quit, and exit to DOS. >>> Phry Code Pro History

10/06/88 - Phry Code Pro was just a REAL generic PCP Hacker used for myself and a few friends. It didn't have a name yet. 01/30/89 - Well, first official copy was released. I named it finally. All options have been enabled. And, then source was not included. The reason is, the 10/06/88 version was stupid and I didn't care. This one is a lot better. 02/02/89 - I fixed a few bugs in the source. 01/30/89 version. Pretty much the same as

02/07/89 - Fixed the repeating code bug. I also added the beeping when contacted, I forgot to put that one in there. 02/26/89 - PCP is now compiled in Turbo Pascal 5.0! It should be a little faster and will be a little more reliable. I also made a more detailed documentation. 03/19/89 - Well, Phry Code Pro has gone through some major changes! Well, first of all, I changed the formats of hacking a lot. Now, PCP (Phry Code Pro) is user friendly. You can hack multiple ID's and other neat stuff! The documentation is now full of all the things you need to know! 03/27/89 - I fixed a few minor bugs. No external differences. I also fixed the modem setup. It was locking up computers because the comport was not set right. It will now init the modem before hacking. 04/02/89 - Fixed the runtime error that people were receiving if the port was not open. Not really a big deal but it looks nicer! 04/03/89 - Ooops.. I really boofed.. I forgot to reopen the comport. You really received a lot of strange return from the modem. I think this is it for PCP v2.xx.. I think I finally got all the bugs out!! Hooray!! My next goal is v3.00.. This one will be totally awesome. (I hope!!) 06/11/89 - Well, the first realease of the v3.xx series. I hope you like the changes. I only changed a few things though. It is not really what I wanted to begin. But hey, there are no hackers

to hack the new formats. 07/04/89 - This version is just a fix of the bugs in v3.00. There is nothing new. The problem people were having was the equation I was using to select a plate with the menu bar was screwed. Understand?? I doubt it. Keep on CHOPin' guys.. >>> Whats next?

Coming in the near future, time limits, batch file calling, and a few more BBS compatibility things. Please send your suggestions to me! Phry Code Pro was written by The Exciter. PCP may not be modified in any way without permission from The Exciter. Phry Code Pro is constantly improving, changes can be made a lot. * Call Radio Waves, TSR BBS (612) 471-0060 * * Call High Seas (206) 630-8180 * * Thanks ts!! * # * C.H.O.P. *