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Rachel Charlip
Twitter: @RCharlipWVUNews

Government Reporter
- WVU News, Aug. 2014-Dec.2014
Report on the Morgantown and West Virginia government, based on information gathered about Morgantown City Council
proceedings and the 2014 West Virginia Senate and House races, for WVU News- an award-winning news broadcast produced
by West Virginia University students that airs on PBS as part of their Campus Connection segment.
Produce weekly news packages as a one-man band: film all video, conduct all interviews, edit video all video, and conduct
all research on my own.

Staff Writer
- Her Campus online magazine, Aug. 2014-Dec.2014
Write weekly blog posts and/or articles, based on the information collected from my own research and interviews for WVUs
chapter of Her Campus, an online publication that is geared toward collage-aged women.
Meet strict deadlines for submitting all written content to my editor for publication.
Remain current on campus trends among female students.

Content Creation/Media Production

- West Virginia Uncovered, Aug.2014-Dec.2014
Produce one full-length media piece for the website, including a 3 minute documentary-style film, photographs, interviews, and
written content for West Virginia Uncovered, an online news outpost that uses written, video, photo and visual design to tell
West Virginias stories.
Conduct numerous video interviews and perform daily research for media production.
Manage/generate content on a rotational basis for West Virginia Uncovereds twitter account, Facebook page, and WordPress
blog, by using data analysis to build and maintain audience.

- WBOY Channel 12 News-Morgantown, Aug. 2013-Dec. 2013
Shadow local reporter Krista Baker, by going with her to all stories that she covered during her evening shift and learn
effective reporting techniques while in the field.


Proficient in Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro, current
and previous versions of Microsoft Office on both Windows and Mac, and APA/MLA writing styles.
Strong and innovative video editing, filming, and production skills: very strong ability to take simple ideas and information and
translate them into fully researched, relevant, and coherent products that appeal to an audience, on a deadline.
Extremely detail oriented, and articulate in both written and oral communication.
Very strong interview skills, both on and off camera.
Self-motivated and persistent in finding information, while remaining very punctual and organized.
Very strong/innovative problem solving and quick decision making skills.
Works very well independently or on a team, and requires very little direction when working independently.
Can speak, understand, read, and write in French.


Member of the Radio, Television, Digital News Association (RTDNA), Apr. 2013-present
- Community Service Chairman , Jan. 2014-May 2014
Orchestrate RTDNAs involvement in the semi-annual Relay for Life event in Morgantown.
Ensure that all Relay For Life meeting information was communicated to all members of RTDNA.
Ensure that all members of RTDNA Relay participants paid their group fees on time.
Delegate tasks to group members to orchestrate the Relay days activities.
- Secretary, Aug. 2014-Dec. 2014
Create meeting minutes and ensure that all members are up to date on the clubs business.

West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, Fall 2010-December 2014
Major: Broadcast Journalism with a concentration in Television Journalism
Minor: French
Graduation date: December 19th, 2014

Gina Dahlia
WVU News creator/Television Journalism professor
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Jessica Rangel
Her Campus WVU Editor
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Victoria Licata
Producer at WVU News
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