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Gregory Youngblood The Complete Solution BBS Data/Fax: 9/14/93; Revision 2 9/13/93; Revision 1

707-489-7500 707-459-9058

************************* UPDATE for BG Fax 1.06 **************************** * BGFax 1.06 adds some new features. Make sure to read the docs for the * * new version along with these instructions to understand new options. The * * marked changes to this file to reflect new features in 1.06 with a double * * astericks ("**"). If you have version 1.05 then you can ignore those * * items, otherwise, make sure you include the updates for BGFax to work * * with Waffle BBS. * ***************************************************************************** This file explains how to set up BGFax to use with Waffle BBS. The config file and batch files are slightly edited versions of batchfiles in use at The Complete Solution BBS. This file covers BGFax 1.05. Thanks goes to for his configuration files from which I was able to expand upon. Those who use Waffle as a BBS are used to the one letter commands that are used while the BBS of "Awaiting Call.." such as P for POLL and C for Chrome and so on. Using BGFax to answer calls Waffle Sysops lose those letters. These instructions will maintain several of those functions while allowing your faxmodem to receive fax or data calls. Best of all, your existing users won't see the modifications. NOTE: The MODEM init strings used in these configurations are for a Practical Peripherals PM14400FXMT (Rockwell based) fax/modem. The base configuration has been stored in location 0 and can be retrieved with ATZ0 if I should want to. Instead I always init the modem starting with the factory defaults and make the needed changes for my tastes. This way I've always got the changes if another misbehaved program changes my settings. This works under OS/2 2.1 beta (3/93) and probably under 2.1 GA as well. I also use Ray Gwinn's SIO/VSIO/VX00 package, version 1.02. I found that adding the line RUN=C:\OS2\MODE.COM COM1:19200,N,8,1,,XON=OFF,IDSR=ON,ODSR=ON,OCTS=ON, RTS=HS,DTR=ON,BUFFER=AUTO to the end of the CONFIG.SYS file helps out. Note, this line should be on one line. I had to split the line to fit in 80 columns. I also recommend using BGFax in Front End mode since I had some problems getting Waffle to recognize the +FCON message that my modem returns. First, the BGFAX.CNF file: ;Start BGFAX.CNF file ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------;Basic Configuration ;COM1, set speed to 19200, choose QLII Fax documents, set incoming directory ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------po=1 ft=Q sp=19200 rp=d:\BGFAX\incoming

;** tc added in 1.06 tc=ATH0 ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------;Init ;Displays CONNECT xxx where xxx is speed of caller, and some extra stuff for ;data callers. Set FAX mode, set Fax Id to Data/Fax number, see BGFAX.DOC! ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------in=AT&F0e1l1m1w2&c1&d2&k3s0=0s11=70s46=2s95=3 in=AT+FCR=1;+FLID="707-459-9058";+FDCC=1,5,0,2,0,0,0,0 ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------;Front End configuration ;Answer first ring with adaptive answering enabled. If data call load BBS ;immediately. Display BBS name if it displays anything. Send /xxx in ;CONNECT 14400/xxx to batch file that calls BBS. Accept all calls 300 bps ;and faster, allow Waffle to display call not accepted message if too slow. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------ri=1 an=AT+FAA=1;A do=<load> lo=The Complete Solution BBS ec=<echo> sl=300 ts=Calls are not accepted below 300bps. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------;Keys (ALT + letter exits with errorlevel ;S for local login ;X for exit ;C for Chrome ;P for Poll ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------;**ky added in 1.06 ky=C,244 ky=S,245 ky=P,246 ky=X,0 ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------;Events (taken from Waffle's schedule) ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------ev=00:00,247 ev=07:00,246 ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------;Fax Send Setup ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------si=AT&f0e1l1m1w2&c1&d2&k3s0=0s11=70s46=2s95=3 si=AT+FLID="713 893 9124" ds=ATDT mb=3 mf=3 ;End BGFAX.CNF file Each setting is explained. If more info is needed see the BGFAX.CNF file in the distribution file for BGFAX. The port was set to 19,200 because I was having problems getting OS/2 to change port speeds from 57,600 down to 19,200 for faxes. I will play with some other settings and such later, but for now this configuration works fine. I've received several faxes using this configuration already.

The next file is what for Waffle. I used a known working RUN.BAT that is where you can

I've called BBS.BAT. This is what will replace RUN.BAT new batch file in case I needed to go back to a later on. Make sure to note the WAF_MENU section as put extra options.

@echo off CLS :TOP BGFAX.EXE If ERRORLEVEL == 247 goto MAINT If ERRORLEVEL == 246 goto POLL REM ** Errorlevels for 245 and 244 added for new ALT-Key codes in 1.06 IF ERRORLEVEL == 245 GOTO LOCAL IF ERRORLEVEL == 244 GOTO CHROME If ERRORLEVEL == 4 goto FAX If ERRORLEVEL == 3 goto WAF_MENU If ERRORLEVEL == 2 goto WAFFLE If ERRORLEVEL == 1 BBS.BAT Goto End :MAINT REM Run Door Maintenance call doormnt.bat REM Run ALLFILES listing call allfiles.bat REM Expire newsgroups call expire.bat REM Run VACATION call vacation.bat REM Run stats for term program to track LD costs call tmstats.bat 1 REM Delay for 60 seconds to make sure that event doesn't get run again be delay 1080 Goto TOP :POLL Rem Poll CCM for 10 minutes or until connection established call poll.bat ccm 10 REM Delay for 60 seconds to make sure that event doesn't get run again be delay 1080 Goto TOP :FAX call %BGFAX%\doprint.bat goto TOP :WAF_MENU REM USING a batch utility that allows single character input without pressing REM Return and then exits using ERRORLEVEL to determine choice. This example REM uses BE.EXE from Norton Utils 6. The options are virtually limitless, REM I personally have 12, this example just lists 4. C=Command.COM (my REM personal replacement for Chrome), P=POLL, S=Sysop Login, U=UUQ. type %BGFAX%\waf_menu.txt BE ASK "" CPSU Default=P IF ERRORLEVEL == 4 GOTO UUQ IF ERRORLEVEL == 3 GOTO LOCAL IF ERRORLEVEL == 2 GOTO POLL IF ERRORLEVEL == 1 GOTO CHROME Goto TOP :UUQ uuq.exe

pause goto TOP :LOCAL call %BGFAX%\dobbs.bat LOCAL goto TOP :CHROME goto TOP :WAFFLE call %BGFAX%\dobbs.bat :END Since BGFAX uses RETURN to start the local login, I have put a sort of menu system in that gives me back some of the functionality of Waffle when it is waiting for a call. Instead of starting the Waffle Local when RETURN is pressed I display a menu, such as: The Complete Solution BBS C S Command Shell Local Login P U Interactive MENU Poll Neighbor Query Outgoing

And then using some utility to read input and return an errorlevel I can launch any of these or anything else I might want to put in this menu. ************************* UPDATE for BG Fax 1.06 **************************** * BGFAX 1.06 now supports exiting with errorcodes for ALT-Key combinations. * * The above example has been updated to work with 1.06 and still maintains * * the use of the MENU system as described for 1.05. Since 1.06 has this * * new feature, then the RETURN key can be put back to local log in. To * * use the return key for local logins simply change the line which reads: * * If ERRORLEVEL == 3 goto WAF_MENU --to-* * If ERRORLEVEL == 3 goto LOCAL * ***************************************************************************** The next file, EXEBBS.BAT could go in the BGFAX directory, but I wanted it in my WAFFLE\BIN directory, so in BGFAX I put the folling as EXEBBS.BAT: @echo off call D:\BIN\EXEBBS.BAT %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 In EXEBBS.BAT (the real one) I have the following: @echo off IF "%1" == "LOCAL" WAFFLE LOCAL if not "%1" == "LOCAL" WAFFLE ONLINE %1 IF ERRORLEVEL == 99 GOTO POLL If ERRORLEVEL == 75 GOTO TELEMATE If ERRORLEVEL == 42 GOTO ANONYMOUS If ERRORLEVEL == 40 GOTO UUCICO Goto End :POLL call poll.bat ccm 10 goto End :TELEMATE C: cd \modem\telemate\tm tm.exe Goto END :Anonymous

call UUANON goto END :UUCICO call UUSHELL goto END :END if EXIST D:\SPOOL\COMPRESS\*.* batch.exe Since i have my WAFFLE system set up to allow me to run Telemate if I am logged in locally I have put the catch for that ERRORLEVEL in this batch file. Similarly, this is also the batch file that would catch errorlevels for UUCICO sessions. The key here is to make sure it terminates. This batch file should NOT start itself over or call itself. Control needs to be returned to BBS.BAT so that the modem can be answered and faxes or data calls received. The last little goody I've added is a mail notification batch file. I don't want to print incoming batch files automatically but I want a reminder that I've received a fax. In the BGFAX directory create a batch file called EXEPRINT.BAT, and in that batch file put the following: @echo off rmail.exe -fFax-Daemon "-s%1" System < D:\BGFAX\INCOMING.MSG and in INCOMING.MSG all I have is: This fax was received today. The subject line "-s%1" puts the fax filename in the subject of the message. This sends a message to System from the "fax-daemon" of your system telling your that your equipment received a fax. In case the modem setup is important to you, this is what my modem is set to, and other useful/important information: ati3 PM14400FXMT [6R1] Version 2.17 OK at&v ACTIVE PROFILE: DTE:57600 B16 B1 E1 L0 M0 N1 T Q0 V1 W2 X4 Y0 &A0 &T4 &U0 &X0 &Y0 S00:000 S01:000 S02:043 S03:013 S04:010 S10:014 S11:070 S12:050 S18:000 S25:005 S43:005 S46:002 S48:007 S49:064 S50:220 S108:001 S109:062 S110:002 STORED PROFILE 0: B16 B1 E1 L0 M0 N1 T Q0 V1 W2 X4 Y0 &A0 S00:000 S02:043 S06:002 S07:050 S08:002 S25:005 S26:001 S30:000 S36:007 S37:000 S95:003 S97:030 S108:1 S109:062 S110:2 STORED PROFILE 1: B16 B1 E1 L0 M1 N1 P Q0 V1 W0 X4 Y0 &A0 S00:000 S02:043 S06:002 S07:050 S08:002 DCE:1200 PARITY:NONE &B1 &C1 &D2 &G0 &J0 &K3 &L0 &Q9 &R0 &S0 S05:008 S06:002 S07:050 S08:002 S09:006 S26:001 S30:000 S36:007 S37:000 S38:002 S63:000 S82:128 S86:000 S95:003 S97:030 &C1 &D2 &G0 &J0 &K3 &L0 &Q9 &R0 &S0 &T4 S09:006 S10:014 S11:070 S12:050 S18:000 S38:002 S46:002 S48:007 S63:000 S82:128 &C1 &D3 &G0 &J0 &K3 &L0 &Q5 &R0 &S0 &T4 S09:006 S10:014 S11:095 S12:050 S18:000 (c) Practical Peripherals Inc., 1992, 1993.

S25:005 S26:001 S30:000 S36:007 S37:000 S38:020 S46:002 S48:007 S63:000 S82:128 S95:001 S97:030 S108:1 S109:062 S110:2 TELEPHONE NUMBERS: &Z0= &Z1= &Z2= &Z3= OK ati4 a097840F284C6703F bC60004000 r1001111171012000 r3000111010000000 OK at+fclass=? 0,1,2 OK If you have any questions or problems about this information, send e-mail to or call The Complete Solution BBS at 707-459-9058. If you REALLY get into a bind, you can call me at the first phone number listed at the start of the instructions for Waffle BBS. You may get a voice mailbox, if so, leave a message and I'll call you back. Please don't call me voice unless your having a problem with Waffle working with BGFAX. If you have problems with BGFAX contact the author using one of the methods in BGFAX.DOC.