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Dear all,

Below you will find some practical information about the completion and submission of your thesis.
Firstly, print your thesis and staple/bind it together. Submit one copy to me together with the
Application for assessment of ph.d. thesis and, if you have published papers together with other
researchers, the Statement from co-author-form.
These forms may be found at
Your main supervisor should suggest an assessment committee to me as I later am in charge of
proposing this suggestion to the Department. When I have received information about the
assessment committee I will notify you as you will then have to send your thesis to the committee for
assessment. It is NOT permitted to send your thesis to the members of the assessment committee
before they have been formally approved. This is done to prevent any former affiliation between PhD
candidates and committee members. The committee will consist of one member from a nonNorwegian university, one member representing the industry (preferably from Norway) and one
administrator from NTNU. At least one of the committee members must be a woman.
It is permitted to make some smaller changes to the thesis after you have submitted it. However,
these changes are to be conveyed in writing by the committee. You are always allowed to correct
spelling error.
The committee should submit their decision to me at least 5 weeks before the defence is to take
place. It usually takes 3 months from submission to thesis defence. You must submit your thesis in
June if you are going to do your disputation in September. Its not possible to have disputations
during summer.
The thesis should be ready printed at least 3.5 weeks before the defence. We recommend that you
print 60-70 copies of your thesis. 17 of these are to be submitted to me for archival purposes. Please
consider this when deciding on a number of printed copies of your thesis.
The department will cover printing expenses up to 18 000,- NOK. Any expenses exceeding this you
will have to pay for yourself. The thesis is also to be published on DIVA Fill in the contract and send it to the required address.
You are allowed to use the printing agency Skipnes Trykk or NTNU trykk.
To order printing of your PhD Thesis, log in here: and type in the password: DokE13.

If you need any help or have questions about the new websolution, contact our SupportCenter
at or phone +47 982 59 200.

14 days before your defence, you will receive the topic of the trial lecture by e-mail. If you will no
longer use your NTNU account, please make sure that we have your correct e-mail address.

For the celebratory dinner on the day of your disputation, you are free to choose the location of this
yourself. NTNU will cover expenses up to 12 000,- NOK for the dinner. You are free to invite anyone
you would like to attend, but your supervisors and the members of the assessment committee
should ALWAYS be invited. Please notify me about which restaurant you will choose.
We recommend the restaurant 1897 at Britannia. The price is approx. 1000,- NOK per person and can
take up to 20 people.
For a cheaper alternative, we recommend Ristorantino Italiano in Nordre Gate. The NTNU sum will
cover dinner for around 20 people at this restaurant.
There will be a small reception directly after the disputation and after the assessment committee is
finished with their work. This is usually held in either the lunch room at Strmningstekninsk or in the
cafeteria in the 5th floor of Varmeteknisk. Champagne and snacks.
The evaluation of the defence also needs to be formally approved by the board of PhD degrees
(Doktorgradsutvalget). The date of this approval is dependent on their scheduled meetings. The
approval will be sent to the address registered on your application for assessment of PhD-thesis.
Please notify us of any change in address. Doctoral Degree Awards Ceremonies are held twice a year
at campus . You will be invited there by the Faculty.
DIVA: All phd-thesis must be put in full-version-text at Diva. Fill in the form Phd-agreement on this
page: and send to the library.
Remember also to register your thesis in the system CRISTIN .
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Wenche Johansen
Higher Executive Officer

Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU

Department of Energy and Process Engineering - EPT
The Waterpowerlaboratory
N-7491 Trondheim
tel.: (+47) 73 59 38 57 - EPT