Topic - Speech Subject - Effective Communication Skills Class – F.Y.BMM Roll no.

– 9 College – L S Raheja College of commerce and economics.


Definition of speech:A speech is like an essay containing an impressive beginning, a convincing and persuasive middle, a striking and dramatic end.

Speech is of two kinds:→ Informal
→ Formal


• Informal speech An informal speech should be like a good conversation-casual, purposeful, digression light gestures (jokes), and simple everyday language. Informal speeches can be extempore or on the shot at parties, family gatherings or other non-official social occasion.

• Formal speech A formal speech is usually carefully prepared and delivered on some formal or official occasion. It could be for the inauguration of the activities of associations, the lane of foundation stores, the launching of new projects, meetings of shareholders, press conferences, etc.


What care should be taken to write and deliver a speech effectively: Have a close look at the surroundings.  Prepare the speech in a written form.
 One should be properly dressed up and should take care about the

language which is to be used during the speech.
 The speaker should understand the crowd properly and should also

know about the venue and the guest during the occasion.  The speaker should practice the speech before delivering it to the audience.  The tone and style of ones speech is determined by the occasion.  The language of the speech is determined by the educational level of the audience.  It is important that the speaker should take care of the time allotted to him/her and should come on time to avoid the inconvenience to the audience.  The speaker should be familiar with the names of the important persons like the organizers, the name of the chairman, and the head or the president of the occasion.  The speaker should not cover all the points, only the important points should be mentioned and emphasize on them.  The voice should be loud and clear enough to be heard and understand by the audience.  Do not contradict your own point.  The speaker should modulate its voice to avoid boredom.


 The speaker should create humor in the speech so that the audience

becomes more attentive and the speech also becomes interesting.
 Address the audience as friends or ladies and gentlemen by taking the

occasion in mind. If it’s a party or a non official speech then start with friends and if its official and social then start with ladies and gentlemen or colleagues.
 The speaker should build a connection between himself and the

audience.  The conclusion should leave clear message. It should not be abrupt but understandable.
 The speaker should have a good posture, well dressed and should have

a confident look.  Too much movement and walking of the speaker may distract the audience.
 Pauses: - The speech should be delivered at a comfortable speed, a

short silence before making an important point helps to emphasis it.


A speech by the seniors of raheja college to the fresher’s batch who have joined the college: Welcome freshers to Raheja College of commerce and arts. You are here in this college for BMM (Bachelors in Mass Media). This is a field which requires its students to have excellent creativity and dedication to achieve your goals. You are lucky to be in this college which is among the best in Mumbai. This college has a reputation of creating excellent students who are intelligent, creative and hard working in this field. This college has an excellent staff and teachers who will help you out with your difficulties. Miss Smita Rawat is our coordinator. We are lucky to have a lovely coordinator like Smita miss who’s very helpful and kind but guys beware if you do any sort of mischief in her class then you’ll be punished. Trust me. Now it’s over to Miss Smita Rawat who would love to say some lines. Mam please……………

That was our coordinator Miss Smita Rawat. Now guys the person whom I am talking about now is an important person in this college and she is none other then the ever generous our principal Dr. Radhika shah. She’s the best principal a college can ever have. It will be our pleasure if you can say some lines and give some good advice to our F.Y.BMM students………………


Thank you mam for your lovely advice we all will keep this in our mind. So guys that’s it. Welcome to this college and I assure you that you guys are going to have great time with a great fun and a well as some serious studying. And please participate in intercollegiate events and make our college proud……………. Thank you guys for attending this auspicious event and you guys have a lecture at 1.30. Have a wonderful day ahead………..



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