Love is subject that has many different meanings.

One may say that love is respect, where another may say that it is trust. Then, of course, there are many people who would stand by the fact that love means both respect and trust, along with many other things. Love is both a burden and a blessing. It is both wonderful and terrifying. It makes sense, and can be confusing. In all of subjects that one may experience, love is the one that has the broadest scope of interpretation. Simply put, we each have our own perception of what love is, and what it means to us. Here, you will discover the reasons why it is important that each of us experience some degree of love in our lives. In the early 1950's, a psychologist of the time emerged. His name was Harry Harlow. This medical professional of the mind conducted many studies relating to the cause and effect of relationships and isolation in the lives of many people. He hoped to conclude that each of us had a need for basic companionship and certain "caring" relationships in the life. In his findings, he did conclude that some type of love is essential in order for a person to have a solid, stable life. In addition to this, Abraham Maslow, who worked closely with Harry Harlow was able to establish that all people, regardless of age, sex, location, and origin had a basic set of needs. This theory becomes widely known as "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs". In the basic structure of "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs", there is a core component that lays the foundation that we all have "social needs". It has been concluded that individuals must experience some level of an emotional relationship that involves friendship, physical and emotional intimacy, communication with others that is positive in nature, and basic love. Love allows us to feel as if we "belong" - that we have a special place in not only the world as a whole, but in the world of another and our own world. When we love, and that love is returned, we experience a sense of acceptance. Those that fail to experience love firsthand may suffer through many different negative consequences. As you can see, feeling loved, and actually loving someone else in return is a very important element when it comes to feeling good about who we are and the lives that we lead. What is love? Love is when you can feel good without harming another or yourself. It is about a two way street that involves trust and respect. It is about identifying the best in others, as well as ourselves.

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