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Interfield Economics & Political Science PhD program

Division of Politics and Economics (DPE)

School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation (SSSPE)
Claremont Graduate University (CGU)
Claremont University Consortium (CUC)
Claremont, CA, USA
Courses (80 credits)
Econ313 Microeconomics Analysis and Policy
Econ316 Consumer Theory and General Equilibrium
Econ317 Game Theory and Asymmetric Information
Econ302 Macroeconomics Analysis
Econ303 Dynamic General Equilibrium Modeling
Political Economy
SPE410 Foundations of Political Economy
SPE352 Comparative Political Economy
SPE411 International Political Economy
Econ320 Experimental Economics*
Econ381 Econometrics I
Econ381 Probability and Statistics for Econometrics
Econ383 Econometrics II (Longitudinal)
Econ384 Econometrics III (Time Series)
Econ392 Applied Microeconometrics*
SPE316 Seminar in Computational and Agent-Based Modeling
SPE317 Advanced Formal Models
SPE436 Dynamic Modeling
SPE486 Data Analytics & Visualization*
SPE488 Advanced Regression Methods*
Tndy401 Nature of Scientific Inquiry
Global Political Economy (Political Science Field)
SPE371 Globalization
SPE418 Seminar in International Political Economy
Political Economy and Public Economics (Economics Field)
PP331 Policy Evaluation
SPE318 Cost-Benefit Analysis
Econ301 Behavioral Neuroscience of Decision Making*
Econ318 Foundations of Psychology & Economics*
Econ322 Behavioral Economics & Institutions Seminar*
SPE351 Comparative Political Institutions
SPE472 Complexity Theory in Economics and Politics*
Preparing Future Faculty (PFF)
Junior Research Assistant @Center for Neuro-Economics (CNE)
Already completed or enrolled
Will be auditing*

Previous relevant courses:

Derivative Calculus
Integral Calculus [1]
Multivariate Calculus
Linear Algebra
Introduction to Statistics
Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Real Analysis
Differential Equations
Math Methods in Economics [2]
Political Science
American Politics
Comparative Politics
International Politics
Political Theory
PO382 French Foreign and European Policy (in French) [3]
SOCS260 Issues in Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture [4]
Principles of Economics
Intermediate Microeconomics Theory
Intermediate Macroeconomics Theory
History of Modern Economic Thought
International Economics
Development Economics
Intermediate Econometrics [2]
Game Theory [2]
Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX, US
[1] University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras, San Juan, PR
[2] AEA Summer Training Program @UNM, Albuquerque, NM, US
[3] Institute for the International Education of Students (IES Abroad), Paris, France
[4] Fudan University, Shanghai, China