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Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer

We are surrounded by them. You are talking to them, without even knowing, we are nice and
casual and we can trust them. We have communicated with a sociopath or psychopath at least once in
our lives. It's a scary thought really, to know that you are talking to a dangerous person. Or so you
think. Sociopaths and psychopaths are closely related in terms of symptoms and diagnosis. People view
these people negatively only because sociopaths and psychopaths are usually not diagnosed until they
are in prison. One famous sociopath that is thriving in the community is an author under the pen name
of M.E. Thomas. But, with all stereotypes comes truth behind them. Serial killers are indeed sociopaths
and psychopaths.
Ted Bundy was a very charismatic and charming man who was able to lure women into his car
where he then raped and murdered them. Bundy killed as many as thirty women before his capture in
August of 1975. Jeffery Dahmer was also very good at luring people into his home where he then
captured and murdered them. Not only did he just murder them, he was cannibalistic, he would cut out
the organs and store them in a fridge downstairs. Eating these people made him feel that they were a
part of him forever. He had a way with smooth talking his way out of the police searching his car and
actually returned an escaped hostage to him. Albert Fish was a child rapist and serial killer. The
kidnapping and murder of Grace Budd is the one crime that led to Fish's capture. Ed Gein was more of
a grave robber than a serial killer. It was his murder of two women that led to his capture. It was later in
his interrogations that police later learned of his grave robbing, human body parts as trophies and his
human taxidermy. Jack the Ripper was a serial killer in the 1800's leading to killings of prostitutes and
at large police chases. He would open up the bodies of his victims indeed giving him the name Jack the
Ripper. In the end, the case of Jack the Ripper became a cold case. Each serial killer has a trait of either
a sociopath or a psychopath, but every serial killer has their own signature to their killings
What is a sociopath? A sociopath is a person who can be charismatic, can calmly deal with
issues, and they are independent thinkers but what truly defines a sociopath is their lack of empathy,

lying tendencies, and they do not have a conscience: they do not feel guilt. A person can have the
greatest childhood of their lives but even positivity cannot stop a person from becoming a sociopath.
They can start having this mindset around the age of five and this can only continue. A person does not
have to have negativity in their lives to become a sociopath. In most cases though, a rough childhood
with abusive parents, a lack of love in a household and just not having any attention can cause
sociopaths. Sociopaths have a hard time keeping friendships and relationships as they can only really
view people as what the person can provide to the sociopath. If that person cannot provide anything to
the sociopath they are useless to them. Other sociopaths can still have love in their relationships but to
them, all love is, is just a mixture of smaller emotions. Believe it or not, everyone has come in contact
with a sociopath at some point. This can come by as a shocking thought because sociopaths as well as
psychopaths, are thought of negatively as most sociopaths are diagnosed after they have been sent to
Sociopaths are often diagnosed when the person seems narcissistic, have tendencies of
pathological lying, conduct disorder, lack of empathy, disregard for social norms, impulsive and failure
to plan, irritability, and finally, violent, emotional outbursts. Sociopathology is also known as anti
social personality disorder. The person will be ego centric, they will have an overwhelming personality
and they will have most of the symptoms described above. Sociopaths make up twenty five percent of
the prison population and the reoffending rate of sociopaths is double almost triple that of other
offenders for violent crimes. Sociopaths can also take advantage of people's credibility and goodwill,
often become the bullies in elementary, junior high, and high school.
Socio-Empath- Apath Triad, also known as Seat, is a triad made up of three separate people
involved with sociopathology. Socios, as you know are the sociopathic people who will cause harm
upon others. Apaths are a part of the sociopath's arsenal, often helping the sociopath and will contribute
to sociopathic abuse. These people will make poor judgments because they have lack of insight. They
can become jealous or angry at the victim and then they feel they may have something to gain from the

growing situation. The empath is the person that is targeted by the sociopath. Empaths are just ordinary
people who are highly perceptive and insightful. They belong to forty percent of humans who sense
when something's not right. These people will respond to their gut instinct. These people make the
perfect targets for sociopaths.
In reality, sociopaths and psychopaths are the same thing. But psychopaths can suffer from
impaired thinking like schizophrenia. They have issues determining what's real and what is not. They
do not have a conscience a lot like sociopaths. Psychopaths can have super egos and just as sociopaths
can, psychopaths' mindset can form around the age of five or six. They also have a higher tolerance of
physical pain and often want that pain to be felt. They really cannot get upset or excited either.
Psychopaths are withdrawn, emotionless characters who delight in violence. Specific personality types
of these individuals can lack the moral sense and concern for others whereas, normal people can feel
these things. Some of these people can be explorers, spies, gamblers, or just college students get bored
with routines of our daily lives and will resort to crime to switch life up a bit.
Pyschopaths can be emotionally disconnected that they can function as if other people are
objects to be manipulated and destroyed without any concern Tom Chivers. They can become
cunning and manipulative. Not a lot of psychopaths will go to a therapist unless they are in prison and
are required to visit a therapist. Most psychopaths are diagnosed as criminals and in prisons, that's what
makes these people viewed negatively. The signs of psychopathy is very similar with the signs of a
sociopath, lack of empathy, no conscience and they can definitely have a super ego.
Serial killers are very devient psychopaths and sociopaths. Charming people into their vehicles
and then taking on the lack of empathy by torturing and murdering their victims with no mercy. They
have a large ego that they want to get involved with the investigations or they will taunt the police into
searching for them. Ted Bundy was an active politics member and was sending in applications into law
schools for acceptance. Bundy seemed like he had a normal childhood. Bundy was born on November
24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont by the name of Theodore Bundy. Although his mother had Bundy

while she was unmarried and she was twenty two. Her parents did not approve of this so Ted was led to
believe that his grandparents were his actual parents and that his mother was his sister. At the age of
three Bundy grew a fascination for knives and was also found peering into other people's homes in the
neighborhood. He seemed to have quite the normal life and went to college. He then had met his
girlfriend there and Bundy grew madly in love but she no longer found him suitable for a relationship
which she then broke it off. Many of Bundy's victims resembled his ex girlfriend. Bundy was
heartbroken and in 1969 he learned that his sister was really his mother and that his parents were
really his grandparents. This let Ted to become dishonest and began petty theft as a hobby. His petty
thieving later grew into burglary inside homes stealing anywhere from something small to TVs.
Police are really unsure as to what truly set Bundy off on his killing spree, many say it was
finding out that his sister was his mother, but many also that that it was his ex girlfriend ending the
relationship. No one will truly know. Bundy killed at least thirty six women during his time. Many
believe that he has killed hundreds but he never confessed. Joni Lenz was one of the few victims to
survive an attack by Bundy.