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The enclosure shall be designed to practically eliminate the external electromagnetic field and
thereby electrodynamics stresses even under short circuit conditions.


The elbows, bends, cross and T-sections of interconnections shall include the insulators bearing
the conductor when the direction changes take place in order to ensure that live parts remain
perfectly centered and the electrical field is not increased at such points.


The Average Intensity of electromagnetic field shall not be more than 50 micro Tesla on the
surface of the enclosure. The contractor shall furnish all calculations and documents in support
of the above during detailed engineering.


The Contractor shall furnish the following information regarding the loosely distributed
metallic particles within the GIS encapsulation.

Calculations of critical field strength for specific particles of defined mass and geometry.

b) The methodology and all the equipment for electrical partial discharge (PD) detection
and/or acoustic detection methods, including that mentioned in the specification elsewhere.

The switchgear shall have provision for connection with ground mat risers. This provision shall
consist of grounding pads to be connected to the ground mat riser in the vicinity of the


The ladders and walkways shall be provided wherever necessary for access to the equipment.
A portable ladder with adjustable height may also be supplied to access to the equipment.


Wherever required, the heaters shall be provided for the equipment in order to ensure the
proper functioning of the switchgear at specified ambient temperatures. The heaters shall be
rated for 240V AC supply and shall be complete with thermostat, control switches and fuses,
connected as a balanced 3-phase, 4-wire load. The possibility of using heaters without
thermostats in order to achieve the higher reliability may be examined by the contractor and
accordingly included in the offer but it shall be ensured by the contractor that the temperature
rise of different enclosures where heating is provided should be within safe limits as per
relevant standards. One copy of the relevant extract of standard to which the above arrangement
conforms along with cost reduction in offer. If any, shall also be furnished along with the offer.
The heaters shall be so arranged and protected as to create no hazard to adjacent equipment
from the heat produced.


The enclosure & support structure shall be designed such that a mechanic 1780 mm in height
and 80 Kg in weight is able to climb on the equipment for maintenance.


The sealing provided between flanges of two modules / enclosures shall be such that long term
tightness is achieved.

VOL-II/SEC-1 (A): Technical Details of GIS Substation