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In my previous article I mentioned about one herb Kali Tulasi now I am writing about the next
AMARA Nirgundi. In Telugu it is well known as Vavili but divine herb nirgundi is something
different from the ordinary one. Nalla valily is rarest herb. It grows in remote places and tribal
people worship this plant as Maha Kali. I am one of the most fortunate human being to see this
plant and eat it. Ancient Tantra Grandhas say that Kali Nirgundi is rare and divine herb. Generally
it is used in Kaya Kalpa It is been sold at 4 crore rupees per K.G now film actors, rich people eat
that herb whether they benefit from it or not I do not know. whether they are being supplied with
the original one is also a mystery. But Krishna Vavili is somewhat available plant and it is not that
much expensive and can be grown in houses I am mentioning about this herb only. This herb also
is from the same family but carries less amount of the same chemicals which is carried by Nalla
vavily. People from the ages used this herb excessively and now they are at verge of extinction.

Nirgundi is best analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial.

Nirgundi is used for cleaning and healing wounds
Nirgundi is also used as a hair tonic
Nirgundi leaves after heated are tied over the affected part in headache, scrotal swelling,
arthritic pain.
Decoction prepared form Nirgundi leave powder is used for tub bath in endometritis, (Swelling
of inner layer of the uterus) the colitis (swelling of colon) and orchitis,(inflammation of the testis)
in these conditions it reduces the obstruction of blood and amakapha, increases perspiration,
reduces edema and also relieves pain.
Gargles with decoction of Nirgundi leaves powder are useful in pharyngitis,(swelling of
pharyngs) stomotitis, difficulty in deglutition and inflammation.
Nirgundi is an analgesic, brain tonic and alleviates vata, therefore useful in headache, sciatica,
rheumatic arthritis, sinusitis, improves memory.
Nirgundi Improves appetite and digestion. It is useful in loss of appetite, anorexia, ama-dosha,
(formation of acid in knees) hepatitis and is anthelmintic.
Nirgundi improves blood circulation process.
Nirgundi improves ventilation therefore used in Kapha dominant cough, asthma, pneumonia and
Nirgundi useful in diarrhoea and anuria(stoping of urine). In gonorrheal infection it helps in
passing urine smoothly.
Nirgundi improves menstrual flow therefore used in dysmenorrheal and obstetric conditions.
Nirgundi is used as a anupan(food supliment taken with medicine) or a main drug in typhoid and
malaria fever.
Nirgundi is stimulated every part of the body, therefore it acts as a rasayan(medicine) in body.
The above are some of the medical facts of the vetex negundo plant commonly known in samskrut
as nirgundi and in telugu Nalla Vavili. The Tantrik texts says that this very plant is capable of
arresting the aging process and giving the individual a new youth. It is the second plant in the
chronological order of the divine plants commonly known as PANCHA AMARAS. (Five plants which
give immortality). This plant has a unique property that if anybody takes the PANCHAGAVYAS
(EXTRACTS OF THE ROOT, LEAVE, BARK, STEM, AND NEW SHOOTS) the white hair will turns into
black. If one takes it for a lengthy period of one to two years then wrinkles and aging will
disappear. One of my friend Sri Sudarshan who is a illiterate but treats cancer uses this plans
extracts with the two other herbs which I will disclose with his permission. Nirgundi, Tulasi
Amalki, Haritaki are mixed and soaked in a herb called BRUMGARAJ to make a RASAYAN for the
longevity (which I have to use on myself but due to constraints I am unable to prepare medicine
and use it for myself). This nirgundi is supposed to have divine properties people who practice
Yakshini vidyas will sit under this plant and do their tapasya. This nirgundi extract should be taken
with cold mild and during the taking of medicine one is not permitted to expose to bright lights
and should not eat citrus fruits, curd, spicy food, and masalas. They should not touch women
during time of using this medicine time and should keep themselves in isolation. The extract of
the medicine should be first enriched with mantra called Amrutesha Murtyunjaya for ten days and
then we can use it. I cannot disclose every fact of this divine plant as this is a public post people
can contact me for further detail.