TIPS AND TRICKS FROM T&J SOFTWARE Revised: 10/03/1993 Remote Access v2.0 ================== * Using DOOR.

SYS may result in an OVERFLOW error -- try using a different caller drop file such as DORINFO1.DEF. This is currently being examined! Keyboard Timeouts ================= * If you are operating on a 486 computer and getting a "keyboard timeout", you will need to set the following environmental variable in your AUTOEXEC.BAT. NO87=ON This will turn off your co-processor and allow the door to function properly Overflow Errors =============== * Overflows can occur if you are running under DESQview and your tick counts are set too low -- try raising the tick counts. * If you're running Wildcat! v3.9+ and are getting OVERFLOW errors, make sure NONE of your security level definitions have the MAXIMUM DAILY DOWNLOADS set to more than 32,000 -- anything over that will cause an OVERFLOW ERROR in ANY door using DOORFRAME. Garbled Information on Remote ============================= * If the door seems to operate fine on the BBS end but the remote cannot receive or receives garbled information, check and make sure you are passing the correct IRQ to the door (if you are running a non standard IRQ). Graphic Cards (general) ======================= * ATI Graphics Ultra Pro card - do not use the ANSI.SYS driver that came with the card. Use the normal DOS ANSI.SYS for the screens to show correctly. * Trident SVGA Cards - You should have a utility disk with a file called TANSI.SYS, use this ansi driver instead of the standard ANSI.SYS. DESQview/X ========== * Make sure you have the MATH COPROCESSOR flagged ON even if you don't have a math coprocessor.

Lockups on certain COM PORTS ============================ * If you're running on a non-standard IRQ, be sure you are passing the IRQ on the command line!! Example: STUDS! STUDS!.CFG /5 Studs! will now run on IRQ 5. Upgrading to New Versions ========================= * When you purchase a KEY from T&J Software, that KEY is valid for all upgrades also! Wildcat! BBS's ============== * If you are running Studs!, Studette!, or Bordello!, you must use the caller drop file DOOR.SYS to make sure the callers remaining time is passed back to Wildcat! Spitfire BBS's ============== * If you're having trouble with the doors dropping carrier on exiting back to the BBS, switch to using DOOR.SYS instead of SFDOORS.DAT. On some Spitfire configurations this will happen when using SFDOORS.DAT. Using DESQview ============== * If you're running the doors under DV and you're getting ANSI character codes on the local monitor, be sure to load the file DVANSI.COM in the main batch file that starts your BBS! Bulletin PATHS and FILENAMES ============================ * When specifying the bulletin path, be sure to also select a name for the bulletin! This could cause lockups when using Bordello, Strip Poker, and Video Poker. If you don't want bulletins created, simply enter the word NONE for the path and filename. ERROR Codes (general) ===================== * ERROR #53 - This error means a file was not found. If this occurs right when the door is opened, please check the PATH to the caller drop file (i.e. DOOR.SYS), or make sure the caller drop file is being created properly! QuickBasic Error codes DoorFrame uses the QB error codes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------2 5 6 Syntax Error Ilegal Function Call Overflow 61 62 63 Disk full Input past end of File Bad record number

7 11 13 24 25 52 53 55 57 58 59

Out of memory Division by Zero type mismatch Device Timeout Device fault Bad filename or number File Not Found File Already open Device I/O error File already exists Bad Record length

64 67 68 69 70 71 72 74 75 76

Bad filename Too many files Device unavailable Comm-buffer overflow Permission denied Disk not ready Disk media error Rename across disk Path/File access error Path not found

The most common error that you will see is #62. This is usually caused by the CFG file not having enough lines. I have included this list so that you may be able to fix a problem that occurs with a T&J Software door. file. Error #75 is usually an incorrect path and/or filename in the CFG