When you’re a vampire part3

As promised here is another bit of the story, I don’t own any of Stephenie Meyer’s characters but I do own the others (and my characters are actually real people and the relationships are real as well e.g Kerstin and Sofia are sisters and Seth and Megan are brother and sister) Now the explaining is out of the way on with the story XD KPOV Once we were done unpacking my sister and Seth walked in, “oh so now you decide to show up” me and Megan said in unison, the two trouble makers just knocked us down in a big hug, in one swift movement, “everyone this is my sister Sofia, and Megan’s brother Seth” I said swiftly. “I'm still confused, I know Alice told us about the journalist stealing my diary but who are you?” Bella asked, earlier on Alice explained to Bella and Edward, but they didn’t tell them Megan’s gift “well I thought you knew who we are I'm Megan this is-“ she was cut off there, “yeah we know who you are but I mean tell us a bit about yourselves” she said in a gentle tone, awww she’s so motherly “well I think we all have gifts, but my gift would probably work on Bella because its no illusion” Sofia chirped, “and what would that be?” Carlisle asked curiously, “well I can make stuff grow or shrink” she replied happily, “could you demonstrate?” Carlisle was really curious now, “sure” was all she said before she looked at Emmett, she only blinked and then his hair grew, “wow” was all I could say, “awesome, look Jazzy now I can join your hippy group” Emmett boomed, “I'm not a hippy” Jasper replied annoyed.

after we explained Megan’s gift it was time to see what Seth’s gift was, which I had no idea about, “well it’s sort of mind control, you see I could make you do something without questioning it, but I think my gift’s the only one that won’t work on Bella” Seth sighed. We all decided t go hunting after our introductions, (A/N: yeah in my the other parts I made Bella seem a bit bitchy but honestly I only meant for her to be protective) I always had fun hunting, its fun how many pranks you can pull while hunting, Megan turned me into a grizzly, which was Emmett’s favourite, then she ran off I only had to roar to get Emmett to come over here, of course he liked playing with his food, so when it came to a fight he was surprised I knocked him into a tree, it was so funny. This continued for 10 minutes before everyone came to see what was taking Emmett so long, the others caught on quickly but Emmett being Emmett he still didn’t realise, after 30 minutes longer Megan changed me back, and I gave him an innocent smile as he stopped in his tracks from attacking ‘the bear’ –which was now me. “you really like playing with your food don’t you Emmett” I giggled, when I looked over his shoulder I could see everyone on the floor laughing, and I was too, until he slung me around his shoulder and started running, “did you forget something” I sighed at his stupidity, “no, what?” he replied confused, “I could stop you any day Emmett” and as soon as I said that I lifted him in the air and released myself, “gotta run” I chirped and with that I dropped him and ran past the others, which set them off again.

I know it’s short but I had to get this bit up, it’s fun messing around with Emmett XD

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