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4 6 fn ) ; CHAPEL OF LOVE 7 PHIL SPECTOR, ILI oneEWacH >, and JEFF BARRY Moderate bright swing J=144 (JJ=0 2) ay BBW BB 2 2 nf Verse: Spring sere, and the sky is. so very blue. Bells will ring, and the sun is gon - na shine — oa a ait ty tee : T'm gon - na be his,. ‘he's gon - aa be ‘mine, to = day's the day well sy Le wert We're gon-na love un - tl te end of time ff - ss apd ofLove= 3-1 Cony © 1904 Renewed 19D MOTHER BERTHA MUSIC, INC. TRIO MUSIC CO. INC, STEEPLECHASE MUSIC ni ELLIE GREENWICIE IMOVIIER RERTin MUSIC-INC.ndmiiensby ABKCO MUSIC. INC acrid Cape cul" MaelwUSA, AL Rig Rescved cone: 2, Hal Wo) B fo = in to the chap-el, and we're gon = ona get mar ied * we in’ to the chap - el + 5 toh da Gee, real-ly love you, Chapt Love 3-2 Go = int to the chap - el of love. Go - in’ to the chap - et of B GD ci Fm BH Freely of (8 parts) love, ‘Shoo-bee -doo-wop, wal = dat___ (love. ) ove) (hapetorLane 3-3