draft changes in policy Obama

projets du changements dans la stratégie d'Obama Entwurf der Änderungen in der Politik Obama Проект изменений в политике Обамы el proyecto de cambios en la política de Obama perubahan rancangan kebijakan Obama 在奥巴马的政策变化草案
Obama runs a campaign of political skill. But that skill is in itself the most important indicator that Obama in the management of U.S. policy will not be much different from his predecessor, Democrat Bill Clinton The Obama campaign has from the beginning to advocate for change. He skilfully politician has recognized that broad sectors not only want change in policies but in the way of manufacture originally entrusted to seek to reduce the political struggle in Washington and the elimination of political polarization that paralyzes the country Accordingly, the use of the same methods that Obama raises profound questions about his ability to actually get out of control in the event of victory. And it seems the cultured, elegant look, but did not succeed in concealing the lack of political experience. But Obama, aware of this weakness was exploited by his opponents succeeded in converting them to gain by emphasizing that its general candidate «change» and «hope». Some do not hesitate to compare Obama is also the President of another John F. Kennedy. Said Theodore Sorensen, who was assistant to the late president that «there are many common points and the surprising between John Kennedy and Barack Obama», referring to their young people and their strength and their ability to rhetoric «and to impress the crowd of Americans are becoming larger and includes the largest number of young people». Obama occupies seats in the Senate since 2005, which did not vote for the war on Iraq. Obama turned the fate of July (July) 2004 when he delivered a speech at a conference of the Democratic Party in Boston as Vice locally «strange name», also echoed a laugh, trying to become a senator in the United States. After the speech, which lasted thirty minutes, left the stage amid loud applause by the delegates of the party who has impressed. He then «does not exist, America's leftist and other provinces. There the United States. There is no black America and a white or Latino or Asian, there is only the United States of America ... We are one ». Obama hopes to become the first black president of the United States, but stresses that he does not want to bet the color of his skin is a presidential election. There have been no protest racism during the campaign.

But Obama has the protection of unusual at this stage of the campaign by the secret Special Rapporteur for the security of the American presidency and its clearly seen in its meetings. The U.S. media that such protection due to a series of racist e-mails to e-mail sent to the Senate, but his campaign team refused to comment on this information. It takes some officials of the black community as «not black enough». Obama says «for some of America still living in the past. Black political discourse remains firmly in the sixties », but adds« I do not think these things are of concern to the majority of black voters in the majority of white voters ».


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