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Being a demon prince ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Caught between the human world and the demon one, Tiny, part time bouncer at Moonlight & Magic lives by his own rules. Mainly these rules revolve around keeping his head down and making sure none of his kind find out where he is… because Tiny’s on the demon most wanted list. Not because he’s done anything but because of who he is. “…Ms. Carter has a knack for creating sex-on-a-stick paranormal bad Prince Seren Di Lakai Telosa to be exact, heir boys you can’t help but love… I love apparent to the Demon throne. And a hunted man. her take on the supernatural and the If his father’s men find him, he’ll be dragged back grittier undertones she usually adds to court to die of boredom. For the last three huninto the atmosphere.” dred years they’ve been grooming him to take
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Hello and welcome to January's
newsletter. Well, where to start off? The last months of 2009 were such a whirlwind of activity that I can’t believe the new year, indeed a new decade is upon us! For all that 2009 was busy, it’s all down to you guys, the readers, who make this possible and worth it. I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to read this and for buying my books. Seriously, you’re amazing and I am truly humbled that people actually want to read my mad ‘scribbles’ and venture into the world of my imagination So, thank you. And I promise, 2010 will be filled with more of the same fantastical stories filled with grittiness and sexy alpha heroes. Not forgetting of course, the women strong enough to tame them!

“Deception and Desire is a delightfully wicked story…Warm-blooded doesn’t even come close to the heat Tiny exudes, and you’ll keep coming back for more even as your fingertips blister.”
Fern, Reviewer for Whipped Cream.

over from dear old daddy. The only trouble is – the stubborn old git could last at least another millennia. So what’s a Demon Prince to do? Get a job at Moonlight & Magic of course and keep his head down. Unfortunately Tiny was never good at avoiding trouble and when delicate Vampiress Cassia storms into his life, Tiny finds himself tempted to break more than his personal rules…

―…is sexy and frequently amusing with just a touch of a dark underDemonkind and the undead don’t mix well, or tone. Ms. Carter writes bad boys oh, rather, they mix too well, with explosive results. so well...”
Bobby, reviewer for Bookwenches

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Character Profile: Jayce Vanir



Species: Werewolf/Demi-god Age: Mid-thirties (these boys aren’t telling) Hair: Blond, shaven to the scalp Eyes: Green Favourite clothing: Combat pants, vest. Battered leather jacket. Closest friend: Twin Brother Ryder Occupation: Paranormal Bounty Hunter

Yup, that’s it. You heard me right. We’re going Audio! The first two Kyn stories have been contracted by audio publisher, Audiolark, for release next year. Scheduled for a tentative release date of 1st March 2010 both stories will be voiced by non other than myself. So, if you’ve wondered what I sound like this is your chance! (And if I don’t suffer a huge attack of the nerves beforehand) I’ll keep you updated on how the recording’s going and hopefully soon there should be some demo’s linked up to the book pages on Audiolark. Vixen @ Audiolark Feral @ Audiolark

Meet Jayce in PlayingWolf, coming soon to Liquid Silver Books!!

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Wicked Wraiths: Tori’s Secret (Changeling Press) Dirty Dream w/ Evey Meyer (Cobblestone Press) Dragonkin: Siren’s Seduction (Changeling Press) Phoenix Prophecy: Playing Wolf (LSB) Audio: Vixen (Audiolark) Moonlight&Magic: Witchcraft & Wolves (Changeling Press) Audio: Feral (Audiolark)

Hawk’s Warden
What do you do when you’re magically inept in a world where your worth rests on your magical ability? This is the question that has haunted magic-less Warden Lyssa all her life. So when injured Warrior Hawk mistakes her for a full Warden and claims sanctuary she agrees, thinking she can hide the truth for just one night. Unfortunately it’s not so easy with a Warden execution squad on her tail and then a steamy encounter with her handsome warrior challenges everything Lyssa thought she knew about herself… Available now from Cobblestone Press!
Why are the hot ones always weird? Lyssa looked up from cleaning tables as the door opened. It was a slow night, and the diner was getting ready to close. They were just waiting for the normal stragglers from the clubs before they did. Like this one dressed head to toe in black. But with his short hair, he didn’t fit any of the normal stereotypes. Just about pale enough for a Goth...maybe. After finishing up her table, Lyssa stowed her cleaning gear and grabbed an order pad to head over. He was cute; tall, dark and handsome. Just Lyssa’s type. Yeah, yeah, who are you kidding? Like you’ve got a type. You need a love life to have a type! Ignoring the little voice jeering in the back of her mind, Lyssa let her gaze linger while his head was bent. Over six-foot tall, he had a heavy build, which dominated the booth. Broad shoulders filled the anklelength trench coat, and a black tee stretched over the muscles of his chest underneath. His long legs stretched out under the table and half into the walkway, the fabric of his tactical pants pulled tight over the muscled thighs. She cleared her throat and plastered a bright smiled over her face as she waited for him to notice her. ―Heya, I’m Lyssa. Can I take your order?‖

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Hawk’s heart sank at the chirpy tone. The last thing he needed was someone—a female someone—taking an interest in him at the moment. He was wearing illusion pendants and other charms, but magic could only do so much. Shifting in his seat, he wrapped his coat closer around himself and hoped to hell the blood hadn’t started to seep through. His jacket and shirt were black, so he might get away with it. Blood didn’t show so much on dark colors, a fact he knew from long experience. But he could do without her calling 911 and ending up having an indepth chat with the paramedics and cops to explain why he was carrying more weaponry than a small army. He should have checked the joint out more than he had, but the only person he’d seen through the window was the middle-aged guy behind the grill and, still leaking the red stuff, he’d needed to park his ass in a hurry. A case of sit down before he fell down. Hawk looked up straight into clear violet eyes, ones with a hint of amusement in them, as though she could read his thoughts and didn’t think much of them. He extended

his senses. Violet wasn’t a human color for eyes...more pixie or dryad. They weren’t that uncommon, but they didn’t generally wait tables. Pixies were too unstable, too given to practical jokes, to get employment on a long-term basis, and dryads...well, there weren’t many trees in this part of town. ―Ready to order, sir, or do you need more time?‖ Her patient voice brought him back to the present, her long-suffering tone telling him she was used to people ignoring her. ―Yeah, coffee. Black and strong,‖ he ordered dismissively. Hopefully she’d take the hint and leave him alone; he wasn’t in the mood for chit -chat. Well, wasn’t he the charmer? Face of an angel, manners of a warthog. Typical man. Lyssa stalked back to the counter to get his coffee, entertaining thoughts of dumping it over his head when she went back. ―No manners,‖ she grumbled as she poured coffee into one of the diner’s signature chunky mugs. Ignoring the cream on the

Hawk’s Warden Excerpt (Cont)

side next to the coffee machine, she loaded the single mug onto a tray and headed back to the table in the corner. Actually, it was a good thing he was a rat. The way he looked, if he had an ounce of charm in his body, he’d be lethal. Even with the touch-me-not attitude he exuded, Lyssa could feel herself reacting to him. Especially with him sitting the way he was, head leaned back against the wall. The strong line of his throat was just too inviting... He’d smell of warm man and that faint woodsy scent she’d caught when she took his order. ―Your coffee, sir,‖ she announced as she set the tray on the table. He didn’t move, and Lyssa frowned. Had he gone to sleep, or was he just ignoring her? Then he opened his eyes and reached forward to wrap his hand around the mug with a grunt. You’re welcome, she thought in irritation when no other reply seemed forthcoming. ―Would you like anything else with that?‖ she asked. Like maybe a personality transplant? ―No, thank you. I like my personality just fine, thanks,‖ he drawled, a sardonic tone in his deep voice. Lyssa’s heart stopped. Ohmigod, please tell me I didn’t say that out loud!

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“Mina Carter has a way with humor and world building like few I’ve read. And she has a very devious mind. Ash and Dev are beautifully developed characters, and the antics they get up to in that room at Last Call would make a tree blush.” Holly, reviewer for Whipped Cream Read the review Buy Link | Excerpt

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at one of his last fights, the one

Deleted Scene: Siren’s Seduction
Very often I write but then for some reason a scene just doesn’t work and gets cut. This is one such scene, taken from my current work in progress: Siren’s Seduction. Part of the Changeling Dragon Kin series, this scene occurs just after the hero, Edan, has rescued the heroine Dualla from some human fishermen. I say Edan did the rescuing, personally I believe Levi had far more to do with the rescue than any of us realise.... Ten minutes later the girl had been calmed down, dressed in Edan's shirt and both she and her lobster ally were walking beside their now-silent rescuer. "Who's a good boy then? Clever little Levi," she coo'ed at her crustacean friend holding it up in front of her and making little kissy sounds at it. Edan studiously ignored both her and the fact that her lips looked very inviting puckered up for a kiss like that. He was trying very hard to forget the feel of her curves against him and the purr his dragon had given. "Levi? It has a name?" "Yup, Levi...as in Leviathon. Master of the deep and all that. It suits him don't you think?" Edan came eyeball to eyeball with the Lobster as she held it up. It looked smug, it's beady little eyes twinkling at him as it's antenna waved as if it was saying 'ohhh yeah, I'm the daddy!' "Lunch would suit him better." He knew he was being a grouch but he couldn't help it. He didn't want to be here, not with her, not with any woman, but, despite all that had happened, he was still

just before his accident, and, although he hadn't gone there to rescue her, he had anyway. Suddenly it all made sense. What she had been doing on the boat, the odd lack of smell and the seaweed. In the blink of an eye Edan looked at her again, eyes roaming down the slender legs that emerged from under his shirt. A shirt that

too much of a gentleman to tell her to sling sheilded her nakedness from view and preserved her modesty. her hook. "Lunch?" Her gasp revealed her horror at his suggestion. "You would eat a poor defenceless Lobster like Levi? You monster!" She accused and cradled Levi against her ample bust. "Is that sea-weed in your hair?" You're a pervert, Edan told it in the Edan looked at her properly for the first time. She looked familiar although he didn't know why. He was sure he'd never seen her before. Edan never forgot a face, one of his 'things', and he'd never seen hers...just one like it. She was tall, for a woman, and slender "You're a mermaid." His tone was blunt and accusing. Totally un-necessary to be honest. He had no particular arguement with mermaids or any of the other paranormal creatures. He had no with a mass of braided black hair that hung problem with anyone, provided they all past her hips. Her skin was pale in contrast left him the hell alone to lick his wounds to her dark hair and, if he didn't know better, he'd say it had a blue tinge as though she didn't get out in the sun much. Her eyes were what gave her away. A peculiar green-grey-blue, a colour he'd seen before. Edan shifted through his memories. Through all the cage-fights and the people he'd saved. There...an image solidified in his mind. Frightened green-grey eyes staring at him from within a shock of white-blonde hair. The mermaid had been "Yeah..." She eyed him in what he assumed was trepidation. "Yeah, I'm a mermaid. How could you tell?" Edan shrugged. "Not exactly human myself. That and I ran into one of your kind not long ago. Skinny rake of a thing about so big—" He indicated about shoulder height. "Blonde though." "My aunt, Melody. I came to say—" in peace. privacy of his own head, all you think about is sex. Easy for a claw to rip away. His dragon decided now was as good a time as any to pipe up. Edan felt him stir lazily inside and peer out through his eyes to study the female. Good childbearing hips, nice tits. This one will be fun to bed.

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(Moonlight & Magic Series)
Conned by his workmates, Cy finds himself on the auction block as a date in aid of a local charity. Anticipating a dull evening with a bored housewife he's struck dumb when Teresa opens the door in downtown suburbia. Curvy and gorgeous, she's got a figure which makes his mouth water. Thing is...can she handle a bad boy looking for the most important thing in life: Love and family? Read it now on Scribd!

Thank you for reading! See you again next month!

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