A 14 year old meets a vampire.

~flashback ~ we were at Dali roads, heading back home I was against the dash board of the car while my mom was driving. Over the horizon was dawn, as I sat up I saw a boy in the middle of the road. “ mom!” I yelled but it was late she tried to dodge but it cause the car to flip over . It was over. ~end of flashback~ I woke up sweating, as I tried to calm myself . I kept having nightmares of the accident which caused my mom’s death. I lived with my ungrateful, drunk father. I was basically on my own, when he gets drunk he beats the crap out of me. I always use to tell myself that he doesn’t really now what he’s doing he just takes his anger on me. But after 7 years I learned to hate him with the passion of my heart every day I wish for his death. I got up and got ready for school , I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. I wore black skinny jeans , a black tank top and over a black hoodie jacket, and black on black converse . I grabbed my book bag and left, in school every one made fun of me cause of my drunk dad so I was the outcast. I had to go to a all grades school which sucked I’m in 8th grade yes I am 14 years old I have long black hair, my crystal blue eyes and my curvy body. As I got closer to Ridgway public school, located at Canada. I felt a nervous sensation come through me. I always felt like this when I turned 14 I never really paid attention but now I’m more aware . My 15th birthday was in 2 weeks I would probably spend it in my room or just looking at my dad get drunk. I entered and made my way to my favorite teacher Mrs. Lori she was a art instructor . And also my mom’s best friend but as I entered she wasn’t there I assumed she would come late so I sat and waited. But she never came that’s weird I thought, the day passed quickly like always lunch time came and I sat as usual to myself at a back table . As I was scanning the cafeteria I landed my eyes on those green eyes, they were so enchanting . As those eyes looked at me I turned away. The whole time I kept trying to look somewhere else but wouldn’t succeed he always would be staring at me. As the bell rang it was time for our last period, it was always for me the same routine as I entered Spanish class I scanned for an available seat but landed on those same green eyes. He was handsome alright but I proceeded to my usual desk and sat . when the bell rang I looked at the window and just daydream, this class contained high school grades and eight which was only like three students. “ Isabelle Julie “ Mr. Lorenzo called “ here” I replied then he went to the next names but as he called a new name I never heard it stood out” James elverez “ the teacher called I looked at the person and it was him of course “here” he replied with a very delightful voice it was breathtaking to hear. Everyone stared at him, but I looked awayas time passed by the bell finally rang. I stood up and was the first to leave, I got closer to my house and felt scared to enter but with all my guts I did. My dad was nowhere to be seen I sighed in relief I quickly did my chores and cook. Then worked on my homework . By now I was in my bedroom I heard the door opening I looked at my clock it said 9:15 pm I sat up and went downstairs. I stood in the stairway “hey Julie ,how you been sweat heart I ...burp… missed you” my drunk dad said “ you’re drunk again “ I said in frustration “ look don’t raise you’re voice so why don’t you make you’re self use full and get me some food!” he said I had enough of his bullshit “ no I wont , why don’t you go find a job you drunk, stupid , good for nothing you bastard !!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs ( big mistake) he came toward me and punch me across the face I fell and hit my back with the stairs. I covered my face with my hands and crouched he kept kicking me , it hurt so much I could feel him enjoying himself. He stopped and I heard him leave I ran back to my room and cried . After hours I locked the door and opened my window I got out and jumped I landed hard on the ground but I got up and ran toward the forest. I always come here it helps me forget my real nightmare it was really late but it didn’t matter . I came through

to this meadow and just sat there looking around me then the pain came through me and I started crying . I laid looking up at the sky , when I heard a soft velvet voice. “ are you well” it said I got up and saw I shadow I wiped away my tears “ yea I’m fine” I responded but my voice cracked that person came into view it was him James I still remember his name he was about 5’7 and had jet black hair , his green eyes, and had a very fit body. He stared at me gracefully, “ may I ask what are you doing here” James gently said I tried to find a good lie” I was just looking around for something that I had lost” I said but as I noticed his features more he was older disappointment washed through me . “ you’re new right?” I asked “ yea I came yesterday from Oregon, I believe I have you in Spanish class right” James questioned “ yea you’re right , so do you like this town” I tried to conversate “ indeed it’s peaceful” he answered I just snickered he raised his eyebrows “ you think this town is peaceful the schools are mostly on kids who do drugs and have sex, everyone is messed up “ I said truthfully “ wow that’s good to now I’ll be more careful” James said “ you should” I said simply “ how old are you” James suddenly asked “ uh 14 what about you” I asked “ I’m 17 , you know you shouldn’t be hanging around all alone there could be danger everywhere even when you least expect it “ James said harshly there was something about him that made him different from every other guy in this town he was certainly pale even paler than me. There was a certain attraction that made you want to follow him it was like if he could hypnotize you . “ you’re diffidently right and I also shouldn’t be here alone with a 17 year old “ I said harshly also I turned around and made my way out of the forest . He was insinuating that I shouldn’t talk to him I actually thought he could be someone I would able to trust or be decent . But I was wrong , I shouldn’t trust know one. I walk back home and continued on with my misery sometimes I just wished god would’ve also killed me when I had the chance right now I would be with my mom in heaven but in truth I was in hell.

chapter 2. today was finally Friday the week passed quickly I saw James but I would try to ignore him. One day in Spanish class he sat next me as I quickly turned around to sit in my usuall desk his eyes were pitch black at first I thought I was imaging but I glanced and his eyes were still black but he put some dark shades. After that it was only glancing at each other , as today he wasn’t here he was a no show I felt a little disappointed . Today I got detention for a stupid reason the teacher called my name but I didn’t answer cause I wasn’t there I asked to go to the restroom and when I came back he started humiliating me in front of the class the whole time I just glared at like I wanted to kill him. At least James wasn’t there to see that embarrassing scene. I got a 3 hour detention and we get out at 4 in the afternoon I used that time to take a nap when

time was done I started heading home. This time I took the long way. By now I was at the side road it was night time already and was freezing I only had a light jacket some blue jeans and a long red sleeve shirt . I was wearing gloves they were white, I started getting scared I usually would glance around. But I felt my heart slowing and I started to get dizzy I leaned against a cliff wall and sat down . Was my time finally here I saw someone in front of me I couldn’t catch there words ‘ Isabelle can you hear me don’t worry I help you “ I knew that voice “ James’ I said but I barely heard my voice I got swept of my feet and just stared at those green eyes. I closed my eyes and felt soft lips crashing into mines “ please don’t die “ I think that was what James said then fell into a deep sleep. you enjoyed this story if you want me to continue plz comment !!!!! I hope